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Remember to come celebrate Padorufest with everyone in Reddit discord and tune into streamer communities for the next two weeks (some streamers are degenning all day and all night for the next two weeks; it's also SUBtember on Twitch)! Good luck farming!Nerofest is over. Christmas Lotto is next!!!
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Roulette FarmingIntroduction to this Document
Nerofest has three sets of timegated quests. The sets are often referred to as "Rotations". Each set of quests is open for a few days before they close and the next set of quests open. The rotations, in order, are referred to as "Qualifiers", "Main Event", and "Finals" in this spreadsheet.

We want to hardcore farm the *highest difficulty* node of each rotation for petal drops. Load your farming team with as many [Cheer for Master] CEs as you can to increase petal drops. If you need, use the [2 Goddesses 3 Legs] powermod event CE on a servant to greatly increase their damage output. The petals will then be turned in to earn the rewards from the roulette. Once you "clear out a box" (earn all of the rewards in the roulette lineup), you can reset the roulette and continue to re-earn the rewards.

Note that the items in the 1st to 5th boxes, 6th box, 7th to 10th boxes, and 11th+ boxes are slightly different (notably, there are some unique, limited rewards for the first few boxes). There is no limit to the number of total boxes you can clear. Keep refilling AP and farming as much as you can handle in order to take advantage of the *insane* AP efficiency!

The 3-turn farming setups in this guide are for the highest difficulty petal farming nodes of each rotation. Each farming node has three rooms ("battles"), and thus the fewest number of turns to finish one run is 3-turns. The rooms are denoted as W1, W2, and W3 here.

A setup is called a "N-slot setup" if the party holds N increased-currency-drop CEs where N∈{0,1,2,3,4,5,6}. For example, a "5-slot" setup here would use five [Cheer for Master] CEs.
This spreadsheet has been in the works since December 2018. There is a lot of information here, and I hope you find the tips here useful. I recommend reading the notes for all of the setups in order to gain insight into all the different ways to farm these nodes. Understanding the differences in mechanics and damage outputs among all the different choices will allow you to better choose and refine your personal farming team.

No setup is perfect. There are numerous buttons to press and many facecards to hit. You will need to judge what kind of setup best fits your preferences. You may choose to come up with your own variation; for example:
- Maybe you decide fit in an extra [CFM] by facecarding W1 or even W2 and accept taking more than 3-turns per run.
- Maybe you decide to avoid plugsuit double waver by using an extra kaleidoscope or choosing a setup where more facecards are required.
- Maybe you decide to avoid plugsuit by dropping a [CFM] and using a scoped Arash instead.
- Maybe you decide the smoothest way to farm is to to drop a [CFM] and instead significantly boost your damage output with a [2G3L].

Knowledge allows you to adapt as necessary! Think about what servants you have and consider what servants you can take from your friends list. Very carefully consider what servant skills you need to level in preparation for Nerofest lotto farming. Determine the numerical thresholds you need to meet in order to smoothly farm by your personal standards.

- Remember this document is still evolving; currently ~400 hours in as of May 5, 2019 (SoA) update
Event Craft Essences for Roulette FarmingAbout the 3-Turn Setups Presented Here
We first note that there are essentially limitless ways to assemble 4xCFM 3-Turn setups for Nerofest Qualifiers and Nerofest Main, and 5xCFM 3-Turn setups for Nerofest Finals.
For Qualifiers and Main, the options become numerically much more limited if we try to 3-turn with 5xCFMs.

Secondly, note that there are numerous possible setups where you can simply facecard an entire room with facecards for the 4/5-turn or sometimes even possibly 3-turn with some good RNG. These setups allow you to carry more CFMs than otherwise. For example:
- There are RNG setups where we use a star-generating AoE NP for Room 1(e.g. Zerkerlot, Drake) and then use the stars to crit facecard clear the enemies in Room 2 in a single turn. See examples:

- There are RNG "see-red-hit-red" setups where we run double berserkers (e.g. Hijikata/Zertoki/Penth + Raikou) and hope we can triple facecard one-turn clear Room 1 or even Room 2.

August 2019 Update: Hong has provided more information on a variety of setups, including facecard setups, in his guide:
The guide also includes setups for the Challenge Quests!

In this document, we focus solely on setups where we NP once in each room.
This spreadsheet therefore focuses on trying to find 5x Cheer for Master, min-turn setups involving 3 noble phantasms.
We also provide some tips on assembling 4xCFM setups and budget 3-turn setups.
The table shows the NP damage output range of servants with appropriate buffs. Remember that the damage output of NPs will always vary within a range of values (it's RNG).

If you feel you cannot replicate the setups in this spreadsheet, do not feel hopeless. You may still be able to farm smoothly with 4-turn/5-turn setups. Take a look at the spreadsheet and the NP damage output of various servants with appropriate buffs, and then think about how you can adapt the setups to fit what you have. Facecarding for an extra turn or two is generally fine. Remember Hong and others will provide guides on more generalized and lenient multi-turn setups.

We make the following assumptions in the calculations:
- MLB Cheer for Master is level 15 (355 attack)
- MLB Two Goddesses Three Legs is level 15 (711 attack)
- Non-MLB Kaleidoscope is level 20 (786 attack)
- MLB Kaleidoscope, MLB Holy Night Supper, and MLB Golden Sumo are level 100 (2000 attack)
- Waver and Merlin are 10/10/10
- All servants are 990 or 1000 fou'd and max level without grails
- All available servant interludes and strengthenings are complete

The calculations here use max-level skills. In practice, you may need to cut corners depending on the resources available. Battery skills are obviously pivotal. Other skills are also crucial, but you will need to find where your personal thresholds are. If you are a player who can't afford to level every skill to max, we recommend farming all of the materials required to level skills beforehand, but wait until the actual event to level the skills to see where your comfort level is. Setups can often be effective in practice even with skill levels lower than the levels used here for theorycrafting.

Many of the setups in this spreadsheet are my own whimsical formulations. Some setups are modifications of setups used by JP players when they had this event two years ago. Other setups are novel and currently purely theoretical.
Craft EssenceCheer for Master ("CFM")JP: 2 Gods 3 Legs ("2G3L")
NA: Divine 3-Legged Race
General EffectsIncrease Quick, Arts, Buster by 6% (8% MLB)Increase NP strength by 15% (20% MLB)
Gain 3 stars per turn (4 MLB)One time guts for 1 HP
Event Effects"Petals" CE
(increase Crimson Petals drop by 1 when non-MLB or 2 when MLB; still effective when backlined)
"Powermod" CE
(increase event attack power by 100% when non-MLB or 200% when MLB for equipped servant)
Roulette Boxes (total item count per box)
Boxes 1 to 5Box 6Boxes 7 to 10Box 11 and Beyond
(5 total)
Nero Olympian Bloomers Costume
Gold Solar (Atk) Fou (4 total)
Forbidden Page
Great Knight Medal
Hero Proof
Chain of Fools
3333Thanks Everyone and Happy Farming!
Gold Fruit
111-Thanks so very much to Lyinne, Ingo, and Hong for their assistance with analysis & tweaking setups!
Many thanks to the awesome Atlas Academy community for everything related to NA FGO statistics & data!
More credits can be found in the Change Log tab. Thank you.
Silver Fruit
222-© SaberofAvalon (2019). Content in this Google Spreadsheet may not be reproduced in whole or in part, without prior written permission. Directly linking to this spreadsheet is permitted via the URLs below. FGO visual assets are property of Type-Moon, FGO Project, Aniplex Inc and utilized here for non-commercial use.
Bronze Fruit
3333This Document
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