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clinical stage / pipeline (as of Jun'22)Tx or DxAging Biotech
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of aging
SENS damage categoriesdiseases / indicationsspecies (humans implied)clin. trials (as of Jun'22)modalitiesregulatory categoryteam/principals
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1E Therapeutics
(was Hanako)
(see notes)
operatingRNA-targeting therapeutics for oncology, agingDs, more; antisense oligonucleotide–based senolyticspre-clinicalTxsenescencesenescencesenescence, cancercanceroligonucleotidespharmaIdo Bacheletinfo@1etx.comIsraelno342020SeedMarius Nacht$1202022-06-062019-11-13Launched as Hanako bio w/ a focus on senescent cells. Now renamed 1E. Website currently unclear on focus area, but seems to qualify here based on: (1) listed as "Antisense oligonucleotide–based senolytics" in 2020 Nature "Send in the Senolytics" article & (2) seed funding article notes focus on "oncology, age-related diseases, immunology" among others.
5 Alarm Bioyesoperatingdrugs to boost natural cell defenses against damaging chemicals that arise naturally & accumulate w/ agepre-clinicalTxproteostasisproteostasisex-cell aggregates?chronic would healingsmall moleculespharmaJanette Thomas, William BainsJoão Pedro de Magalhães ,
Barry Bentley
william@fivealarmbio.comCambridge, UKno220162022-06-17Won £360,000 Biomedical Catalyst grant from InnovateUK (Feb'22).
712 North Incyesoperatingpersonalized mitochondrial medicines by drugging proteases of mito inner membranepre-clinicalTxmitochondriamitochondriamitochondriaAD, cancer, glaucoma,
CVD, unspecificed orphan pediatric disease
pharmaMarcel AlaviSan Franciscono22016QB3papers2019-09-04
ADx Neurosciencesonly brainoperatingB2B antibodies for biomarkers of neuroDs: Aβ, tau, synuclein; for use in therapeutics development & trialscommercialDxproteostasisproteostasisex-cell aggregatesAD, PD, TBIn/an/aKoen Dewaele, Paul Appermont, Eugeen VanmechelenformBelgiumno242011$43listpapers2022-06-192022-06-19Being acquired by Fujirebio Holdings for 40M euros.
Aelan Cell Technologiesyesoperatingstem cell technology for health & longevitypre-clinicalTxstem cellsstem cellscell losscancer, cosmeticslinklink
San Francisco
several papers
(was Aeonian)
yesoperatingselective mTORC1 inhibitionpre-clinicalTxmetabolism / mTORnutri-sensesmall moleculepharma
Stelios Tzannis, Curtis Scribner
Ian Massey, David Lowe, Dudley Lamming, Mustafa Sahin, Jacqueline French
San Francisco
no112012raised A
Apollo, venBio, Sofinnova
Age LabsyesoperatingML on epigenetic datasets f/ biobanks for biomarkers & reports on epigenetic drug effects in clinical trials.commercialDxepigenetic, clockepigeneticblood testunreg testEspen Riskedal, Arne Soraas, Karl KallebergOslo, Norwayno62017Norwaypapers2019-09-04
AgeX Ther. / Reverse Bioyesoperatingallogeneic stem cells w/ tech for stable engraftment & low immunogenicity; tissue regeneration drugspre-clinicalTxstem cells, epigeneticstem cells, epigeneticcell lossIHD, T2D, CHF, scarless healingcell therapy, small moleculespharmaMike West, Aubrey de GreySan FranciscoyesAGE$2312132017Juvenescence, Jim Mellon, John Mauldin, KizooJuvenescenceVASC1, BAT1, iTR1547, Renelon2020-01-29AgeX has spun its iTR (reprogramming) work into a subsidiary called Reverse Bioengineering.
Amazentisyesoperatingnutraceutical Urolithin A for mitochondria health (triggers mitophagy)commercialTxmitochondriamitochondriamitochondria11nutraceuticalssupplementChris Rinsch, Anurag Singh, Pénélope AndreuxPatrick Aebischer, Johan Auwerx, Carmen Sandi, Navindra Seeram, Michel Aguet, Eric Verdin
Alchemab Therapeuticsyesoperatingdrug discovery based on sequencing antibodies of immune individuals, for cancer, neuroDs & infectionspre-clinicalTxAD, cancer, Covidlinklink
Londonno562019raised A
RA Cap Man, SV Health Investors, Dementia Discovery Fund
$832021-05-112021-05-11See this piece for discussion of the platform's relationship to longevity.
operatingimmuno-neurology: modulate immune system to cure dementias w/ based on insights from geneticsph.3 trialsTxproteostasisproteostasisex-cell aggregatesAD, FTD, cancer8biologicspharmaArnon Rosenthal, Robert PaulAdam Boxer, Marco Colonna, Stephen Hauser, Michael Heneka, Lewis Lanier, Liqun Luo, Richard Scheller, Thomas Christian Südhof, Robert Vassar, Berislav ZlokovicSan FranciscoyesALEC$6411012462013Orbimed, Polaris, GV, Merck, MBC, AbbVie, AmgenAbbVieAL001, AL101, AL002, AL003many papers2019-09-18
(reboot of Guided Clarity?)
(see notes)
operatingdisrupt metabolic microenvironment of cancer & quasi-cancer cells for "multiple age-related diseases"pre-clinicalTxDNA, metabolism?DNA, nutri-sense?cancercancer, neuroDs, inflammationHelen Chen, Olof MollstedtformSan Franciscono22022YC, StartX2022-06-02Appears to be a new company from the same team rather than just a re-naming of former company Guided Clarity based on founders LinkedIn pages, though redirects to now. Big cancer focus on homepage but claims to be able to address multilpe aging diseases. Also, Guided Clarity involved mitochondria & mitophagy---is any of the science the same?
Alkahestyesoperatingleads from blood proteins that go up or down with age, eg young blood fractionsph.2 trialsTxsignals / factorscell commAD, PD, (wet) AMD, ESRD MCI13drugs, biologics,
blood fractions
pharmaKaroly Nikolich, Steven BraithwaiteTony Wyss-Coray, Jeffrey Cummings, Lennart Mucke, Thomas Rando, Eric Reiman, Lee Rubin, Elia Stupka, Saul Villeda
San Franciscono912014acquiredGrifols, MJFox Found$50GrifolsAKST4290, AKST/GRF6019/6021, AKST1210papers2020-09-10Aquired by Grifols (remaining 55% for $146M) Sep'20, but website still operating indepedently.
operatingaugmented reality & AI mobile app 10min cognitive test, FDA cleared & covered by MedicarecommercialDxproteostasis?proteostasis?ex-cell aggregates?AD, other MCI5mobile appreg Dx (SaMD)Richard Fischer, Ioannis TarnanasWalter Greenleaf, Jon VanLeeuwen, Phil Polakoffcontact@altoida.comHoustonno302016raised AM Ventures (Merck), Fyrfly$25NMI (Neuro Motor Index)peer reviewed paper2019-07-22
Altos Labsyesoperatingcell rejuvenation by partial/epigenetic reprogramming; big & academic-like: aiming to be "Bell Labs" of biopre-clinicalTx, DxepigeneticepigeneticpharmaHal Barron, Rick Klausner, Hans Bishop, Ann Lee-Karlon, Juan Carlos Belmonte, Wolf Reik, Peter Walter, Thore GraepelShinya Yamanaka
San Diego, San Francisco, Cambridge, UK
big special raise
Jeff Bezos, ARCH$3,0002022-06-192022-06-19Roughly 20 senior professor / PI level investigators/researchers, listed on home page.
operatingamplification of misfolded proteins for sensitive detection in CSF & blood, for αS (1st), Aβ, taucommercialDxproteostasisproteostasisex-cell aggregatesPD, ADCSFreg test? device?
Russ Lebovitz, Claudio Soto, Luis Concha
San Diego, San Francisco
no2220072019-09-30Breakthrough device designation from FDA in May 2019 for alpha-Synuclein. Not to be confused with the Germany electrical grid company of the same name.
Animal Biosciencesyesoperatinghealthy longevity for dogs focused on cell senescence & NADpre-vet-clinicalTxsenescence,
mitochondria / NAD+
senescence, mitochondriasenescence, mitochondriadogssmall molecules, supplemensveterinaryDoug Korn, Nick SinclairformBostonno22017Life Bio2019-10-08
Aspen Neuroscienceyesoperatingpersonalized cell therapies: autologous iPSCs, 1st for neuron replacement for PDpre-clinicalTxstem cellsstem cellscell lossPDcell therapypharmaDamien Mcdevitt, Edward Wirth, Andres, Bratt-Leal, Xiaokui Zhanglistform
San Diego
no532018raised BGV$2242022-06-192022-06-19
Athersys Incyesoperatingallogeneic stem cells for neuro, inflammatory, immune, & CV diseasesph.3 trialsTxstem cellsstem cellscell lossneuroDs, CVD, others11cell therapypharmaGil Van Bokkelen, John Harrington, William (BJ) Lehmann, Robert (Willie) Mays, Anthony Tinginfo@athersys.comCleveland, OHyesATHX$8751031995MultiStem2019-07-11
Atropos Therapeuticsyesoperatingdrug platform for modulators of entering senescence, for aging (suppress) & cancer (stimulate) pre-clinicalTxsenescencesenescencesenescencecancer, progeroidDs,
undecided agingDs
small molecules?pharmaAndrew Koff, Nathanie TrisnadiJan Vijg, John Sedivy, William Tap, John Petrini, Oliver Stauch, Teresa Calarcoinfo@atroposthera.comSan Franciscono52018QB3,
some relevant papers2020-02-04Sept'19 announced partnership with Atomwise to do AI for drug discovery for cancer via senescence modulation.
Beiwe Healthyesoperatingnon-rapalog mTORC1 inhibitors using new site on mTOR, for aging & cancer (esp. glioblastoma) ph.1 trialsTxmetabolism / mTORnutri-sensecancerpharmaSonia Allen, Alexey Tomilov, Gino Cortopassiform
Sacramento, CA
no120182020-03-022020-03-02Not to be confused with a digital phenotyping app (see also
BHB Therapeuticsyesoperatingbeta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB)commercial?
TxEric Verdin? John Newman?no02018raised seedJuvenescence$3Juvenescence2020-03-022020-03-02Does BHB power Juvenescence's supplement(s)? Or is it a pre-clinical program?
BioAge Labsyesoperatinghuman 20+yr biobanks + multiomics + AI drug platform; leads: HIF signaling, PGD2 DP1 for immune agingph.2 trialsTx
immuneDs, COVID-19
3drugspharmaKristen Fortney, Eric Morgen, Paul Rubin, Klaus Klumpp, Robert Hughes, Justin ReboGeorge Hartman, Elad Gil, Joe Betts-Lacroix, Eric Verdin, Peter Dilaura, Franciscono662015raised CFelicis, Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla, AME Cloud, Pear, Redpoint, Caffeinated Captial, Elad Gil$124BGE117,
paper (not core)2020-08-30
BioChange ltdyesoperatingECM-mimicing injectable scaffold for tissue regenerationpet commercial,
TxECM or AGEscell lossinfo@biochange.lifeIsraelno920172021-05-02
Biophytisyesoperatingdrug discovery platform for aging based on plant secondary metabolitesph.2 trialsTxsarcopenia, AMD, MD3small moleculespharmaStanislas Veillet, Rene Lafont, Samuel Agus, Pierre Dilda, Waly DiohJean Mariani, Roger Fielding, Thomas Voit, Jose-Alain Sahel, Ivana KimformParisyesALBPS.PA$1030252006Sarconeos (BIO101), Macuneos (BIO201)several papers & posters2019-07-11
Bioquarkyesoperating?biologics for regeneration, repair, degenerative diseases w/ leads from regenerative animalsph.1 trialsTxcancer, kidneyDs,
neuroDs, brain death
1biologics, cell therapypharmaIra Pastor, Sergei PaylianCalixto Machado, Melisa Cooper, Alejandro Mesples, Nikolai SkibaformPhiladelphia, Tampano72007BQ-Atwo (see bottom)2019-07-28Website not responding as of 2022-06-01 but Ira & Sergei still list this as active in LinkedIn.
Biosensyesoperatingtargeting muscle/bone, cognition, & cell senescence with a variety of paths to marketpre-commercial,
cosmetic, ?
Dennis Cortez, Francesca Greccoform
Germany; Manchester, UK
raising seed
2021-05-112021-05-11Why is the website a .org?
Biosplice (was Samumed)yesoperatingsmall molecule Wnt pathway modulation to target root causes of varied diseases, many age-relatedph.3 trialsTxstem cells?stem cells?cell loss?OA, IPF, cancer, AD, others21small moleculespharmaOsman Kibar, Yusuf Yazici, Mark Fineman, Sunil KCJohn Bergfeld, Wilma Bergfeld, Allan Gibofsky, Morgan Jones, Nancy Lane, Rik Lories, Toby Maher, Timothy McAlindon, William Mobley, Daniel Von Hoffinfo@samumed.comSan Diegono852008Starling, Vickers$799
lorecivivint (SM04690)
several inc. peer reviewed2019-07-22
BioVivayesoperatingplatform for health tests & treatments (via partners) w/ focus on gene & cell therapies, also counselingcommercialElizabeth Parrish, Jason Williams, Anca Selariu, Mitch Fernandez, David KekichGeorge Church, Bill Zheng, Anders Sandberg, John Schloendorn, Ali Fallah, Aubrey de Grey, Matthew Scholz, Hernando Ramirez LlinasformSeattleno112015Integrated Health Systems2019-08-13CEO Parrish underwent out-of-USA gene therapy to extend her telomeres w/ hTERT and for myostatin inhibition then claimed positive results, back when company focus was more directly telomere extension therapy. See also
Blue Rock Therapeuticsyesoperatinguniversal pluripotent stem cell lines for allogeneic cell therapies for neuro-/cardio-/immunologyph.1 trialsTxstem cellsstem cellscell lossPD, neuroDs, HF2cell therapy, gene therapypharmaEmile Nuwaysir, Robert Deans, Joachim FruebisGordon Keller, Michael Laflamme, Lorenz Studer, Viviane Tabar, Bruce BlazarformBoston, New York, Torontono2972016acquiredBayer$225Bayer2020-01-052020-01-05Acquired by Bayer (remaining 59% for $600M) Aug'2019, but website still operating independently.
Brainstorm Cell Therapeuticsonly brainoperatingautologous stem cells for neuroDs: MSCs differentiated to secret more neurotrophic factors (NTFs)ph.3 trialsTxstem cellsstem cellscell lossALS, MS, AD, PD, HD, ARDS6cell therapypharma
Chaim Lebovits, Ralph Kern
Jerold Chun, Stanley Appel, Amit Bar-Or
formIsraelyesBCLI$6243312004$522022-06-202022-06-20Phase 3 trials for ALS completed.
BYOMass Therapeuticsyesoperatingcontrol of metabolism for aging / age-related diseasespre-clinicalTxmetabolismnutri-sensepharmaMargaret Jackson
Massachusettsno22017raised seedJuvenescence$6.5Juvenescence2020-04-29
Calicoyesoperatingbroad mission to improve health and longevity using technology to advance biological scienceph.1 trialsTx3pharmaArthur Levinson, David Botstein, Cynthia Kenyon, Daniel Gottschlingpress@calicolabs.comSan Franciscono24620132 roundsGoogle, Abbvie$2,500Google, AbbVieseveral2019-08-19Initially funded/created within Google/Alphabet.
Cambrian Biopharmayesoperatingbiopharma umbrella company focused on agingpre-clinicalTxumbrellalink (to-do: expand here)no402019raised C$160to be completed2020-05-03
CellVieyesoperatingmitochondria transplantation 1st for ischemia-reperfusion injury then broader agingpre-clinicalTxmitochondriamitochondriamitochondriaAlex Schueller, James McCully, Pedro del Nido, Sitaram Emani
Zurich, Switzerland
raised seed
Centaurayesoperatingreverse aging by affecting core biological mechanisms at the cellular level using multi-omics dataTxBrian Kennedy, Joao Pedro De Magalhaes, Vadim Gladyshev, Vera Gorbunova, Andrei Seluanov, Jerry Shay
Centers for Age Controlyesoperatingsells AgeMeter multimodal test of biological age (successor to H-SCAN test)commercialDxclockmultimodal testunreg testElliot Smallinfo@agemeter.comLas Vegasno22005crowdfundedAgeMeter2019-08-22
operatingdrug discovery platform by analyzing brain cell transcriptome diffs by age, cell type, region, & diseaseph.1 trialsTxPD, AD, ALS, neuroDs6small molecules, mAbspharmaBrad Margus, Mark Carlton, David Margolin, Lee Dawson, Roland BurliNathaniel Heintz, William Ray, Robert Malenka, James Summers, Jeremy Nathans, Rudolph Tanziinfo@cerevance.comBostonno492016raised BTakeda Pharm, Dementia Discovery Fund, Lightstone$92CVN424paper2020-03-04
ChromaDexyesoperatingnutraceuticals for aging, esp. flagship product Niagen w/ nicotinamide riboside (NR), an NAD+ precursorcommercial,
ph.4 trials
Txmitochondria / NAD+mitochondriamitochondriacancer, MCI, HF,
mitoDs, more...
35nutraceuticalssupplementRob Fried, Frank Jaksch Jr., Matthew RobertsRoger Kornberg, John Walker, Rudolph Tanzi, Charles Brenner, Rob Beudeker, Bruce Germanmultiple emails & formLos AngelesyesCDXC$1271001151999Niagen2019-08-0513 clinical trials mentioning Chromadex, but fewer sponsored by Chromadex and 23 trials using Niagen (some just not mentioning Chromadex by name).
ChronomicsyesoperatingDTC saliva methylation clock, plus software to improve healthcommercialDxepigenetic, clockepigeneticsaliva sampleunreg testTom Stubbs, Robin Thompson, Daniel HerranzJanet Thornton, Paolo seed
SOSV, Anthemis, RebelBio
Cleara Biotechyesoperatingsenolytics, initially based on FOXO4-p53 interfering peptidepre-clinicalTxsenescencesenescencesenescencepeptide or small molecules?pharmaPeter De Keizer, Tobias Madl, Marco DemariaBoudewijn BurgeringformNetherlandsno92018raised seedApolloseveral, esp. Cell 20172019-07-11
CohBar Incyesoperatingfind mtDNA peptides (eg that decrease w/ age) & optimized analogs to treat metabolic dysfunctionph.1 trialsTxmitochondriamitochondriamitochondriaNASH, obesity, T2D,
cancer, other ageDs
1peptidespharmaSteven Engle, Kenneth Cundy, Nir Barzilai, ...Amir Lerman, David Sinclair, Ronald Kahn, James Livingston, Frank Calzoneinfo@cohbar.comSan FranciscoyesCWBR$511142007CB4211papers & posters2019-10-16
Covalent Bioscienceyesoperatingplatform for catalytic antibodies (w/ advantages over mAbs) 1st for ATTR & Aβ, electrophilic vaccinespre-clinicalTx,
proteostasisproteostasisex-cell aggregatesCVD, AD, HIVpharmaRichard Massey, Sudhir Paul, Stephanie PlanqueRobert Friedland, Joel Buxbaum, Miguel Escobar, Carl Hanson, Seth PincusformHouston, New Yorkno32011several peer reviewed2019-08-03
Cyclarity (was Underdog)yesoperatingcyclodextrin derivatives to remove 7-ketocholesterol to remove arterial plaquespre-clinicalTxin-cell aggregatesin-cell aggregatesatherosclerosis, HCL, HF, AMDdrugspharmaMichael Kope, Matthew O'ConnorAubrey de Grey, Lajos Szenteinfo@underdogpharma.comSan Franciscono112019raised seedKizoo$17.52021 paper 2020 paper2019-11-23Video presentation of the science behind the company from Undoing Aging 2019 conference.
Cyclo Therapeutics
(see notes)
operatinghydroxypropyl beta cyclodextrin for cholesterol transport for Alzheimer’s & Niemann-Pick Disease Type C1 (NPC)ph.3 trialsTx5yesCYTH$1291719902022-06-012022-06-01Considering aging tentatively based on likely breadth of platform applicability based on Underdog's indications.
Cytegenyesoperatingexercise mimetic biologics to treat mitochondria dysfunctionpre-clinicalTxmitochondria, metabolismmitochondria, nutri-sensemitochondriaAD, Parkinson'sbiologicspharmaGeorge Ugras, Blake HillSan Franciscono32015Breakout$2.12019-12-19
Deciduous Therapeuticsyesoperatingactivate endogenous immune cells to clear senescent cellspre-clinicalTxsenescencesenescencesenescencepharmaRobin MansukhaniSan Franciscono122018raised seed
JLABS, MBC, Longevity Fund, CRV
$6.5QB3, Age1key 2021 paper2020-02-20May 2021 news article:
Denali Therapeuticsonly
operatingdrug discovery for neurodegeneration, optimized for brain delivery, guided by genetics & biomarkersph.2 trialsTxPD, ALS, AD, FTD, MS, neuroDs17small molecules, biologicspharmaRyan Watts, Carole Ho, Zach SweeneyScott Biller, David Holtzman, Eric Reiman, Kevan Shokat, Henrik Zetterberg, Huda Zoghbi, Marc Tessier-LavigneformSan FranciscoyesDNLI$4,0702303932015DNL201, DNL151, DNL7472019-08-22
Dorian Therapeuticsyesoperatingblock cellular senescencepre-clinicalTxsenescencesenescencesenescencepharmaMaddalena Adorno, Benedetta di RobilantformSan Franciscono122018Longevity Fund, YC, BlumbergMBC2019-08-06
Edifice Health (was iuve)yesoperatingDTC biomarkers of systemic chronic inflammation based on Stanford 1000 immunomes project & AIcommercialDxclock1blood testunreg testWolfgang Daum, Zuzana Krejciova-RajaniemiMark Davis, David Furman, Joseph Wuinfo@iuvebio.comSan Franciscono162018$13.5Age1iAgeseveral2019-08-02
Eidos Therapeuticsyesoperatingsmall molecule to make TTR stable to prevent ATTR: mimics bonds from a natural gene variantph.3 trialsTxproteostasis,proteostasisex-cell aggregatesATTR9small moleculespharmaNeil Kumar, Jonathan Fox, Uma Sinha
San Francisco
no622016BridgeBio$64BridgeBioacoramidis (AG10)
papers on trials
2022-06-202022-06-20ATTR is implicted in the deaths of the majority of super-centenarians and involved in neurodegeneration. Was public, but then fully acquired by BridgeBio.
Elastrin Therapeuticsyesoperatingdrug plattform for damaged elestin: particle design + elastin targeting for arterial diseasespre-clinicalTxECM or AGEsECMarterialDsDouglas Mulhall, Naren Vyavahare, Charles Rice, Mirko Stange, Valentin Busch, Mattias Breugelmans
Charles O'Neill, Elena Aikawa, Frank Rutsch, Klaus-Dieter Langner, Linda Hands, Yuri Martina
Greenville, SC
raised seed
Elevianyesoperatingrecombinant GDF11, first for strokepre-clinicalTxsignals / factorscell commstroke, metabolic disease, TBIpharmaMark Allen, Jeff Imbaro, Tony Sandrasagra, James Paskavitz, Amanda McEwen, Christopher Dale, Yongting Wang, Manisha SinhaLee Rubin, Rich Lee, Amy Wagers, Ryan Walkerinfo@elevian.comBostonno222017raised APrime Movers, Kizoo, Longevity Fund, Bold$64several2022-05-26
Elysium Healthyesoperatingsupplement called Basis: NR + pterostilbene for boosting NAD+; plus DTC epigenetic clockcommercial, ph.1 trialsTx, Dxmitochondria / NAD+,
mitochondria, epigeneticmitochondria14nutraceuticals, saliva samplesupplement,
unreg test
Eric Marcotulli, Leonard Guarente, Mark Morris, Morgan Levine25+ inc. George Church, Ana Maria Cuervo, Vera Gorbunova, Jim Kirklandcare@elysiumhealth.comNew Yorkno662014raised BSV Bank, General Catalyst$71Basis, Indexpaper2020-01-06To launch epigenetic age clock in Jan 2020 based on work by new head of bioinformatics Morgan Levine.
Enclear Therapiesonly
operatingdevices to access & filter toxic proteins from CSF, 1st for ALSpre-clinicalTxproteostasisproteostasisex-cell aggregatesALS, neuroDsCSF accessdeviceAnthony DePasqua, Kevin Kalish, Kasper Roet, William GormleyKevin Eggan, Clifford Woolf, Manuel Navia, Bernhardt TroutformBostonno122018raised A20/20 HealthCare, Thiel Capital, Amgen Ventures, Bioverge, Sanford Biosciences, Presight Capital$12LabCentral2020-02-20Mostly a therapeutic company, but various company summaries also mention monitoring of CSF.
Endogena Therapeuticsyesoperatingendogenous regenerative medicine via drug discovery for regulation of endogenous stem/progenitor cellspre-clinicalTxstem cellsstem cellscell losseyeDs, AMD, IPFsmall moleculespharmalink (to-do: expand here)link (to-do: expand here)
Zurichno142016Rejuveron, DEFTARejuveron2021-05-062021-05-06
Epimorphy LLC (MyDNAge)yesoperatingDTC Horvath methylation clockcommercialDxepigenetic, clockepigeneticblood test, urine testunreg testLarry Jiainfo@myDNAge.comLos Angelesno42016Zymo ResearchmyDNAge2019-08-02
Equator Therapeuticsyesoperatingpre-clinicalno72019to be completed2021-04-03
Eterlyyes?AI based anti-aging health & fitness monitoring and recs app w/ blockchain coins for incentivespre-commercialrecssoftware/systemunreg app/adviceAndrew AhachinskyformVancouver, BCno42016raised seedDeep Knowledge VenturesLongevity Token?2019-08-22Still going? This page says removed from app store. 2019 note: What's the relationship to Longevity Token (LTY) / Longevity United [, which as of 2022-06-01 is no longer live]?
Eternansyesoperatingsenolytics, peptide (see patent)pre-clinicalTxsenescencesenescencesenescencepharmaYavuz A.formUKno220172019-08-22
Fauna Biomaybeoperatingcomparative animal genomics & multi-omics for drug discovery to improve human healthpre-clinicalTxformSan Franciscono172018raised seedLongevity Fund, True Ventures (lead)$13.3Age12019-07-15Appears more committed to idea of using insights f/ non-model non-human organisms for human health broadly, not specifically for aging. In favor of categorizing as aging: Hibernation is a focus & relevant for age-related diseases. Aging is mentioned as a (distant) future area. Investment by Longevity Fund. Conclusion: Include but re-evaluate after seeing what indications, targets, pathways they go after.
Fountain Therapeuticsyesoperatingunbiased screening platform for new aging targets using AI, vision, & cellular model of aging hallmarkspre-clinicalTxsignals? / factors?cell comm?link (to-do: expand here)info@fountaintx.comSan Franciscono172018Bold$26QB32019-07-24
FoxBio (was Antoxerene)yesoperatingdrug platform using protein manufacturing tech, senolytics targeting p53 pathways (eg p53/FOXO4)pre-clinicalTxsenescencesenescencesenescencesmall moleculespharmaKelsey Moody, Adam Blanden, Cees Wortelinfo@ichortherapeutics.comSyracuse, NYno22016raised seedJuvenescence, Kizoo$11.5Ichor, Juvenescence2019-08-09Ichor spun out Antoxerene. Antoxerene & Juvenescence created FoxBio as a 50-50 joint venture. Considering them (A & FB) as one here for now since FB has no website nor LIn employees.
FOXO Technologies
(was Life Epigenetics)
yesoperatingB2B epigenetic tests as a service (for pharma & nutraceutical clients, research, insurance)pre-commercialDxepigenetic, clockepigeneticlife insurancesaliva sampleunreg testJon Sabes, Brian Chen, Randy OlsonMichael Curran, Morgan Levine, Raymond McCuley, Andreas Mullerinfo@lifeegx.comMinneapolisyesFOXO$1982602016raised Csubsidiary of GWG Holdings (a public company)$63GWG Holdings2019-07-30[Company name updated 4/28/2020, but rest of row needs update, including rest of this cell.] Sister company YouSurance (also a subsidiary of GWG) in beta beginning to sell DTC life insurance (using Life Epigenetics service?)
GEn1E Lifesciencesyesoperatingdrug discovery platform for inflammatory & aging diseases; lead is p38α kinase inhibitorph.1 trialsTxacute lung injury, agingD?1pharmaRitu Lal, Clint Webb, Wendy LuoDavid Young, Alan Levy, Robert Booth, Leonard HayflickInfo (@) GEn1Elifesci.comSan Franciscono1520182019-07-30Some profiles on 3rd party sites (older material?) omit mention of aging, instead saying a pipeline for rare diseases. No explanation p38 kinase inhibition's larger role in aging. Giving benefit of doubt for now for putting aging front and center and pledging age-related disease indications coming.
Genescientyesoperatingplatform using naturally selected long-lived flies (drosophila) & genomicspre-clinicalno32006to be completed2020-05-04
GenFlow Biosciencesyesoperatinggene therapies for aging in dogs & humans, especially relating to SIRT6pre-clinicalTxDNADNAdogs, humansgene therapypharmaEric Leire, Tongtis TongyaiEric Verdin, Matthew Hirschey, Vera Gorbunova, Aubrey de Grey, Manlio Vinciguerraeric@genflowbio.comBelgiumno52020
SIRT6 related
Genome Protectionyesoperatingentolimod & other drugs for anti-aging & cancer, esp. by protecting genome, esp. against transposonsph.2 trialsTxDNADNAcancervarious cancers3small moleculespharmaAndrei Gudkov, Yakov Kogan, Katerina Andrianovainfo@genomeprotection.comBuffalo, NYno72018seedNorma Investments$10.5Everon, Cleveland Biolabsentolimod (drug)several inc. peer-reviewed2019-07-17also started with a portfolio of other anti-aging and anti-cancer drugs from parent Everon Biosciences
GenSight Biologicsyesoperatingallotopic expression w/ targeting to deliver mRNA to mitochondria, for retinal & neuro mito diseasesph.3 trialsTxmitochondriamitochondriamitochondriaNA eyeDs, AMD8viral gene therapypharmaBernard Gilly, Magali Taiel, Catherine CancianBotond Roska, Jose-Alain Sahel, Jean Bennett, Ernst Bamberg, Connie Cepko, Serge Picaud, Luk VandebergheformParis, New YorkyesSIGHT.PA$168284820122020-01-06allotopic expression of mtDNA w/ targeting to deliver the mRNA to mitochondria could rescue mito aging; also in pre-clinical development for age-related dementias
Geroyesoperatingphysics based data/AI biomarkers for licensing & therapy developmentpre-clinicalDx, TXclocklife insurance, ?unreg testPeter Fedichev, Maxim Kholininfo@gero.aiMoscow, Singaporeno372015several, inc. peer reviewed2020-01-15
Gerostate Alphayesoperatingpharmaceutical scerening platform to treat agingpre-clinicalTxlifespan screenspharmaSimon Melov, Gordon Lithgow, Mark LucanicSMELOV@GEROSTATEALPHA.COMSan Franciscono12018YC, CRCM$0.152019-09-12
GlycanAgeyesoperatingDTC aging clockcommercialDxNikolina Laucno122019to be completed2020-05-04
Gordian Biotechnologyyesoperatingunbiased, high-throughput, in-vivo screening platform for aging w/ gene therapy & single-cell RNAseqpre-clinicalTxgene therapypharmaFrancisco LePort, Martin Borch Jensen, Daniel Fuentes, Chris TowneTom Rando, Randy Platt, David Schaffer, Laura Deming, Edward Lanphier, Thomas Ebelinginfo@gordian.bioSan Franciscono142018Longevity Fund, NJFQB3, Age12019-08-06Not to be confused with several other companies named Gordian, in IT, investment banking, & staffing/recruiting.
Humanity Incyesoperatingaging-focused health/wellness platform using biomarkers & self-experimentationcommercialrecssoftware/systemunreg app/adviceMichael Geer, Peter Ward
Ichor Life Sciences
(was Therapeutics)
yesoperatingbiopharma that spins off subsidiaries inc. senolytics, enzymes for lipofuscin, a CRO, & oral mAb mimeticscommercialTxAMD, other undisclosedsmall molecules, biologicspharmaKelsey Moody, Aaron Wolfe, Cornelis Wortel
Syracuse, NYno292013raised seedKizoo$4.5FoxBio, LysoClear, Auctus Biologicsseveral2019-08-242021: shifted to focus on service (CRO) offerings rather than being an umbrella development company, but still seems to have an aging emphasis. 2019 notes: LysoClear doesn't qualify for this list due narrow 1-body-part (eye) & 1-disease focus, but the platform approach it came from does & lives in Ichor. Auctus could qualify w/ similarities to Longevity Biotech, but too little info avail publicly on indications.
IHS (Integrated
Health Systems)
yesoperatingmedical tourism to access gene & cell therapies for aging esp. telomeres & myostatin; BioViva partnercommercialTxtelomerestelomeresAD, cancer, kidneyDshumansviral gene therapymedical tourisma team of doctorsinfo@integrated-health-systems.comno0?BioViva, IHS Pets2019-08-14Ex-USA travel not mentioned explicitly but apply-for-study link leads to which mentions travel to Mexico. Not to be confused with the other Integrated Health System (same exact name) at which does IT for senior living and related care facilities.
IHS Petsyesoperatingmedical tourism for pets esp. telomerase, follistatin, & klotho gene therapy & stem cells for dogs, cats, horsescommercialTxtelomerestelomeresdogs,
cats, horses
Virgin Islands
no1?IHS2022-06-062022-06-06Not clear if this is part of IHS or a sister company. Creating separate row until that uncertainty is resolved.
InSilico MedicineyesoperatingAI for drug discovery, biomarkers, & agingph.1 trialsclock?1Alex Zhavoronkov, Marine Bozdaganyan, Ivan Ozerov, Jimmy Yen-Chu Lin, Polina MamoshinaCharles Cantor, Michael Levitt, Bud Mishra, Donald Small, Yuri Nikolsky, Kristen Fortney, Alexey Moskalev, Ulrich Muehlnerzhu@insilicomedicine.comHong Kong, Moscowno1612014raised DQiming, Wuxi AppTec, Deep Knowledge Ventures, Juvenescence, Bold, Jim Mellon$366sevenal2019-09-10Mostly AI for drug discovery (like many others not focused on aging) but also consistently focused on aging, publishing on aging, launching aging-focused sites, creating aging-related partnerships, etc. Recent post on Medium suggests shifting focus away from aging. If that happens, Insilico will move to the peripherally aging subsheet.
IntraClear Biologicsyesoperatinggene or enzyme therapy to remove lipofuscin, then another for 7KC, then panel of aging biomarkerspre-clinicalTx, Dxin-cell aggregatesin-cell aggregatesAriel Feinerman, Ilia Mazunin, Yevgen HaletskyiAubrey de Grey, James Clement, Gary Hudson, Nicolas DeLateur
Intervene Immuneyesoperatingreverse thymus involution & (immune) aging w/ HGH+DHEA+more; provide thru collaborating trialsTxstem cellsstem cellscell loss1Greg Fahy, Bobby Brookeinfo@interveneimmune.comLos Angelesno42011Aging Cell, 20192019-09-12TRIIM trial results published in 2019 showed Horvath clock reversal of 2.5yrs over 1yr of study.
Juvena Therapeuticsyesoperatingdiscovery platform for proteins promoting tissue regeneration, using proteomics, vision, MLpre-clinicalTxstem cells, signals / factorsstem cells, cell commcell lossbiologicspharmaHanadie Yousef, Jeremy O'ConnellMike Nohaile, David Schaffer, Joe Wu, Peter Jackson, Irina ConboyformSan Franciscono152017raised seedFelicis, Compound, Front Seat, Barney Pell$8.22019-09-13
Juvenescenceyesoperatingbiopharma umbrella company that creates/invests-in other companies for aging therapeuticscommercial, pre-clinicalTxumbrellaGreg Bailey, Declan Doogan, Colin Watts, Alexander Pickett, Margaret Jackson, Nafees MalikAnnalisa Jenkins, Steve Felstead, Howard Federoff, Sef Kurstjens, Charlie Roberts, Jeff SprouseformLondonno382016raised BForesite, Grok, IPGL, Jim Mellon$219
Tx portfolio,
consumer portfolio
Juvifyyesoperatingweight loss supplement against aging based on the science of Advanced Glycation End products (AGEs)commercialTxECM or AGEsECMnutraceuticalssupplementPankaj Kapahino120212021-05-122021-05-04
Khondrianyesoperatingmitochondrial drug platform focused on countering abnormal architecture & redox issuesph.2 trialsTxmitochondriamitochondriamitochondriaMELAS5small moleculespharma
Netherlandsno72012Sonlicromanol (prev KH176)
several papers
Lento Bioyesoperatingsmall molecules to treat molecular damage, 1st for AGEs, 1st for presbyopiapre-clinicalTxECM or AGEsECMpresbyopiasmall moleculespharmaKris BarnesKelsey Moody, Aaron WolfeformNY
Life Biosciencesyesoperatingbiopharma umbrella company that creates/invests-in other companies for aging therapeuticspre-clinicalTxumbrellaMehmood Khan, Tristan Edwards, John Amatruda, Jennifer Cermak, William AveryNir Barzilai, Lindsay Wuinfo@lifebiosciences.comBostonno212017raised B$2072019-08-26
Life Lengthyesoperatingtelomere testing DTC & for drs & as contract research, also for cancer diagnosticscommercialDxtelomerestelomerescancerunreg testStephen Matlin, Pilar Najarro, Lissette Otero, Nuria De PedroBill Andrews, Sandy Chang, Inderjeet Dokal, Mark Rosenberg, Jerry Shay, Takuji
Madrid, Spain
Lineage Cell Therapeuticsyesoperatingallogeneic transpalntation of cells terminally differentiated f/ reproducible pluripotent stem cellsph.2 trialsTxstem cellsstem cellscell lossdry AMD, SCI, cancer, hearing loss2cell therapypharmaBrian Culley,
San Diego
yesLCTX$24157311990OpRegen, OPC12022-09-232022-09-23Targeting replacing cells lost to degenerative conditions or injury plus boosting immune function (to fight cancer) but this latter probably counts as replacing cells lost to degeneration too.
Longevicayesoperatingpre-commercialno92021$2.5to be completed2021-05-08
Longeveronyesoperatingallogeneic mesenchymal stem cells f/ bone marrowph.2 trialsTxstem cellsstem cellscell losspre-clinicalph.2 ready10cell therapypharmaGeoff Green, Joshua Hare, Anthony OlivaJeremy Walston, Laura Dugan, Elena Volpi, Hidenori AraiformMiamiyesLGVN$9018202014$92019-08-23
Longevity Biotechyes
(see notes)
operatingplatform peptides long-lived w/ oral administration, 1st or neurodegeneration (via VIP receptors) & T2Dclinical trialsTxPD, neuroDs, T2D, cancer1peptidespharmaScott Shandler, Samuel Gellman, Uma sinhaWilliam Degrado, Howard Gendelman, Soumitra Ghosh, Chris Rhodes, James WaschekInfo@LongevityBiotech.comPhiladelphiano42010NMSS, Thiel/Breakout, MJF$1.9LBT-3627, LBT-6030several2019-08-23Longevity in the name appears to refer to the stability of the peptides, not longevity of the patient. Nonetheless, the platform's early pipeline indications include a variety of age-related diseases, and mostly age-related diseases, even though aging/longevity doesn't seem to be a company mission or criterion, eg based on interview here:
Loyal (was Celevityyesoperatingdrug(s) to treat aging in dogspre-vet-clinicalTxmetabolismnutri-sensedogsdrugsveterinaryCeline Haliouano502019raised ALongevity Fund, Collaborative Fund, Bedrock, Village$382019-12-192019-12-19
Lyceum Pharmaceuticalsyesoperatingplatform based on drosophila outbread to improve aging and robustness, based on research of Michael R. Rosepre-clinicalno22015to be completed2021-05-04
LyGenesisyesoperatingregrow organs in lymph nodes f/ donor cells, 1st for liver diseases, later thymus, pancreas, & kidneysph.2 trialsTxstem cellsstem cellscell lossliverDs1pharmaMichael Hufford, Paulo Fontes, Eric LagasseformPittsburghno62017Juvenescence,
Longevity Vision Fund
2 on liver, 2 on kidney2020-08-30
Mesoblastyesoperatingallogeneic mesenchymal stem cells for inflammatory conditionsph.3 trials,
EU JP approved
Txstem cellsstem cellscell lossGVHD, HF, chronic back pain,
OA, diabetic nephropathy
41cell therapypharmaSilviu Itescu, Fred Grossman, Roger Browninfo@mesoblast.comMelbourneyesMESO$50481842004Revascor, Remestemcel-L, MPC-06-IDmany2019-08-23A lot of focus on non-age-related conditions, but stem-cell tech clearly applicable to aging too with several aging-related indications. Claimed first allogeneic stem-cell therapy approved in Japan & first in Europe.
Methuselah Healthyesoperatingprotein post-translational modification analysis for drug discovery for proteostasispre-clinicalTxproteostasisproteostasisex-cell aggregatesdrugspharmaDavid Grainger, David Mosedale, Mary
Cambridge, UK
no22015Medicxi, Index Ventures2019-11-142019-11-14
Minovia Therapeuticsyesoperatingautologous stem cells enriched w/ mitochondria to transfer to other cells, for mitochondria dysfunctionph.2 trialsTx
mitochondria / mito-transfusion,
stem cells
mitochondria, stem cells?mitochondriaNA mitoDs, AD, PD, AMD3cell therapypharmaNatalie Yivgi-Ohana, Noa Sher, Eyal Shoshaniinfo@minoviatx.comIsraelno3820112020-01-06Approval in Japan (see pipeline). Other company details at &
Mitobridgeyesoperatingtherapeutics to improve mitochondria, lead programs target modulation of PPARδph.2 trialsTxmitochondriamitochondriamitochondriaAKI, DMD9 (2 + 7)small moleculespharmaMike Patane, David Williams, Bharat Lagu
Johan Auwerx, Andrew Dillin, Ron Evans, H. Robert Horvitz, Jodi Nunnari, Mason Freeman
Bostonno232013acquiredMPM Capital, Longwood Fund, and Astellas Pharma
Astellas Pharma
ASP1128, ASP0367
several papers
2021-05-052021-05-05Acquired by Astellas
Mitotechyesoperatingmito-targeted antioxidants via small molecules, 1st for (mostly age-related) eye diseasesph.3 trialsTxmitochondriamitochondriamitochondriaDryEye, dryAMD,
3small moleculespharmaNatalia Perekhvatova, Lawrence Friedhoff, Maxim SkulachevPenny Asbell, Robert Ritch, James T. RosenbaumformRussiano132009Visomitin2022-06-202022-06-20