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Relating Brenau's Mission and Portals of Learning
Liberal Education Learning Outcomes and Undergraduate Major Field Core Competencies
Brenau University Mission Statement: Brenau University challenges students to live extraordinary lives of personal and professional fulfillment. As students pursue undergraduate and graduate degrees or non-degree programs at Brenau campuses and online, each prepares for a lifetime of intellectual accomplishment and appreciation of artistic expression through a curriculum enriched by the liberal arts, scientific inquiry and global awareness.
LE Mission Statement: Brenau University and its faculty are dedicated to the goal of providing students with a thorough background in the liberal arts, as well as academic and professional skills which will help them become enlightened and productive members of society. To that end, the faculty have developed a liberal education curriculum divided into four learning portals: World Understanding, Scientific and Analytic Curiosity, Artistic and Creative Imagination, and Communication and Language Fluency. Specific expected learning Outcomes are defined under each of the four portals and are outlined below.
PortalRelated Liberal Education (LE) ELOs*Related Core Competency (CC) ELOs*
Assessed in lower division courses
"General Education"
Assessed in upper division undergraduate courses,
in context of majors
Artistic and Creative ImaginationFine ArtsLiteratureLifetime FitnessArtistic/Creative Imagination
Understand artistic concepts and traditions through the experience of artistic endeavors.Read and understand literature in its historical context.Appreciate one’s health status and implement a plan for health and fitness.Students will appreciate artistry and be able to express themselves creatively.
Communication &
Language Fluency
WritingWritten Communication
Compose effective and logical written communication.Modern LanguageCommunication Students will be able to express themselves with written communication.
SpeakingCommunicate in a modern language other than English. Apply communication skills in a given context.Oral Communication
Demonstrate effective oral communication.Students will be able to express themselves with oral communication.
Scientific & Analytic
MathematicsScienceReasoningReasoning/Critical Thinking
Demonstrate quantitative reasoning through numeric, symbolic, or geometric means. Demonstrate competency in a specific curriculum and appraise the impact of that science in one’s life.Be able to think critically and solve problems effectively.Students will be able to think critically, analyzing issues and situations to arrive at reasonable conclusions.
World UnderstandingCivic EngagementGlobal AwarenessHistorical PerspectiveGlobal Perspective
Demonstrate an appreciation of the importance of civic engagement in a global society.Demonstrate an understanding of global issues and their implications for local communities.Demonstrate knowledge of major events and movements in history and use this knowledge to generate a more sophisticated understanding of current events.Students will be aware of global issues and their significance.
*ELO: Expected Learning Outcome
Office of Academic AssessmentUpdated 9/2/2016
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