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Stanford Dingley
TWTW Stanford Dingley strategy
Determine location of ingress to sewer network in Stanford Dingley.
24/10/2018In progressDepth logger data has been reviewed but  not conclusive for points of ingresss. TW have confirmed they will now be trying smoke testing.

24/01/2017 work to line a sewer to be completed by 02/2017. However there remain problems in SD that require regular tanker visits and thus TW are carrying out further investigations via manhole lifting. 2 of 4 loggers are still working.

18/5/2017 Meeting held in SD with BC, MH, KL and Andrew Hagger TW, Denise Kinsella TW and James Hoar TW.Maps of sewage pipework discussed and it was agreed that two flow monitors near Frilsham that were key to locating point of ingress were not working properly and possibly needed replacing. One data logger on Jennetts Hill to be moved up to Frilsham area to triangulate location of ingress. Some manholes still needing to be replaced on Jennetts Hill. An impermeable area survey was due to be done in Frilsham in approx 2-3 weeks time. It was noted that it may still take some time to locate point of ingress and it may not be possible to do so until next winter and return of wetter weather. TW were keen to get to bottom of problem as SD was one of only two areas that had confounded them.

23/05/2017 TW to carry out an IAS survey when we have a wet winter. New Flygt pumps to be implement this summer in SD station.

26/09/2017 Flygt pumps installed July 2017 (and a 2nd in Nov 2017) but damage done to 'ducks foot' base during installation. Repair due to start 26th Oct and due to take two days. All manhole covers on Jennetts Hill have been replaced and the impermeable survey has been completed showing no misconnections in the Frilsham area, which further narrows the area of search. The data logger is still to be moved around but there is a wider programme of depth monitoring in the Thames Valley area so we are looking to move these but also see if we can install some flow monitors/data loggers that feed directly into our modelling software. We have also completed flow monitoring on the rising main in June which gave us information on the pump rate through the rising main.

23/01/2018 Ducks foot (bases for the pumps) have been replaced and the second Flygt pump installed. Still trying to narrow where the ingress is happening. Data loggers are still to be moved. Track to sewer pumping station needs attention

22/04/2018 The data loggers were moved at the end of February and the information from the recent heavy rainfall events in March/early April is being looked at to see what any next steps may be. Map with location of manholes where loggers employed sent to SD PC/FW.

24/10/2018 Data from Frilsham loggers sent to BC.
Ground Control have logged requirement for track maintenance and are programming in work required. Completion date as yet unknown.
TW Field Operations Specialist, Mark Dolby, has reviewed the footage of the sewer cleaning completed in July 2018. TW removed silt from the line, which will help to improve the capacity of the network and are satisfied that the pipework is in a satisfactory operational condition and no further action is required.
However, KL has reiterated that as point of ingress has not been found, this is not a closed action. Is there any useful information from the data loggers post the March/April heavy rainfall?

30/10/2018 TW need more rain to progress this work.

All Parishes
PVFF01/10/2015Devise a village-centric account of causes, consequences and escalating risk levels. Mapping stage 212/01/2016On holdThis activity should be phase 2 of the Pang Valley flood risk mapping exercise
4815/09/2015West IlsleyWBCS Clark01/03/201631/03/2016West Ilsley to East Ilsley Road - investigate new road crossing at EA pump station.30/10/2018In progressTo be investigated in the 15/16 FY. No progress yet as of 12/01/2016.

20/09/2016 update: A pipe has been found. WBC to investigate opening up the pipe, liaising with the landowner on either side. This could not be done in FY16/17 as budget is committed.

24/01/2017 SC aims to look for funds in 17/18. PVFF Tech group will include this area in their slow sections.

23/05/2017 Pending suitable funds and staff availability.

26/09/2017 Currently on hold

13/4/2018 WBC Aim to complete this year (FY 18/19) subject to staffing (Graduates are being interviewed).

30/10/2018 SC reported no progress
5015/09/2015West IlsleyWBCS Clark01/03/201631/03/2016WBC West Ilsley drainage scheme.
Capital investigation into the upgrade of the surface water system through West Ilsley (Defra funded feasibility)
30/10/2018In progressSite meeting held with consultant on 24th November. Feasibility has been completed. Level survey to be completed. To progress further SC must meet consultant on the cost of feasibility.

24/01/2017 This study is in progress and study should complete by end of 03/2017.

23/05/2017 Feasibility study in progress.

26/09/2017 Business case submitted to the EA. It is likely that the recommendation will be for property level protection.
13/04/2018 The business case was submitted to the EA, which concluded that the scheme is not financially viable. The only option is for Property Level Protection (PLP), for which funding is available. FW to establish how many properties are eligible for PLP, but do not have it.

30/10/2018 Mel Cook to check if Sobell cottages have had PLP fitted.
51.15112/01/2016West IlsleyTW01/01/2017TW West Ilsley strategy.
TW to create a whole drainage strategy for West Ilsley
24/10/2018In progressWest Ilsley Drainage strategy is within East Ilsley Drainage Strategy as the name is based on the location of the sewage treatment works. Stage 1 is on the TW website. Stage 2 due 1/9/2016

23/05/2017 Survey conducted in Compton but then it was dry. Not the best data. Awaiting wetter weather.

26/09/2017 Groundwater remains low. No progress.

23/01/2018 With regards to the update / holding reports, these have been delayed, the aim is now to have them published in February 2018 Apologies for the delay.

22/04/2018 The reports are still with TW communications team finalising the last bits around tone etc. They are hopeful these will be available before the meeting on 26th April, or very soon after.

The updated reports for the Drainage Strategy were prepared in December 2017, but were not published online at the time.

Due to the amount of time that has elapsed since these reports were prepared, these are now out of date and will need to be updated to reflect the activities and findings from winter 2017-2018 before they can be published online. It was noted that ideally more rainfall data would be required for meaningful results to be seen.

Hampstead Norreys
WBCS Clark01/03/2016WBC Hampstead Norreys scheme.
Investigate a permanent overflow channel around Hampstead Norreys as provided during the flooding.
26/02/2019On hold1. Overflow swale in field
2. Blockage on bridge on B4009(underground channel to water meadow) – this wasn’t part of the WBC bid and there is a restriction below the B4009
3. Sewage ingress was missed. WBC resubmitted a project mandate for the works - pending a response.

23/05/2017 Preliminary Design and Business Case 2017/18, Detailed design 2018/19, construction 2019/20

26/9/2017 Preminary design and Business Case in progress

23/01/2018 Still in progress.
08/04/2018 Business Case submitted. EA now checking. Grant allocation for detailed design submitted this year. EA have given funds to the detailed design phase which will be done this year.

24/10/2018 update awaited from EA

30/10/2018 Business case has been approved by the EA. SC to confirm date for work to be done which might incorporate environmental enhancements.

26/2/2019 Business case approved but work pushed out to 2020/2021 due to internal resource constraints at WBC. EA say that Business case will need to be revised in order to update costs nearer time. Further work requested of WBC by EA on biodiversity as this is main river scheme.
Stanford Dingley
WBCS Clark01/03/2016WBC Stanford Dingley bypass scheme.
Bid submitted to Defra (RFCC Grant Funding) for permanent bypass channel around Stanford Dingley.
30/10/2018In progressBid submitted through EA, awaiting confirmation of RFCC programme. Funding awarded for the investigation and feasibility in the 2015/16 financial year. UPDATE - The estimated cost of the study is higher than the grant allocation. Application for additional grant money submitted to the EA. It is Surface Water flooding. WBC have found money to conduct the study, design and create the PAR (aka the business case). PAR work has started with consultant working on this.

20/09/2016: when the consultants have a design and a model, SC to share with Stanford Dingley (Mark) by end of 03/2017

23/05/2017 PAR would allow 75 year protection. Business case stacks up.

26/09/2017 Detailed design in progress.

23/01/2018 WBC agents (Dalcour Maclaren) have visited the village. Next steps should involve a topographical survey. Indicated that diggers might arrive this year (2018).
08/04/2018 Current cost/benefit ratio in Business Case is not sufficient to take the scheme forward. SC is trying to tweek the design in order to improve the ratio. A lot depends on the cost of diverting utilities under the road so he plans to do a trial hole next month to determine what needs doing and how much it will cost.

24/10/2018 Trial hole has been dug and unfortunately it is not looking good in terms of having to lower utilities. SC is looking at doing an additional trial hole.

30/10/2018 More trial hole work needs to be done to establish location of services (esp BT).
6612/01/2016ComptonTW01/01/2017TW Compton strategy.
TW to create a whole drainage strategy for Compton
24/10/2018In progressCompton Drainage Strategy Stage 1 on TW website

20/09/2016: TW will implement flow monitors in Compton to see if there is infiltration. Also planning to do CCTV work. Depth monitors in place, also in Hampstead Norreys.

24/01/2017 Update is the same for 20/09/2016 - current low water levels prevent data gathering. TW to share trigger level for groundwater level when leaks might start into the sewer system. Installing rising main monitors East Ilsley pumping station and HN pumping station (budget is committed).

23/05/2017 CCTV surveys scheduled, but need more groundwater for the work to succeed.

26/09/2017 CCTV surveys scheduled, but need more groundwater for the work to succeed. TW will create a holding document update for WI, EI, Co, HN assessments.

23/01/2018 3 Flow Monitors were installed in Compton from the 24/03/2017 to the 08/05/2017 (that have now been removed), during a fairly dry period, as such no signs of infiltration were seen / expected. This is now available as a good baseline for when the higher ground water levels return. With regards to the update / holding reports, these have been delayed, the aim is now to have them published in February 2018. TW to send link when reports are published to PVFF.

22/04/2018 The reports are still with TW communications team finalising the last bits around tone etc They are hopeful these will be available before the next meeting on the 26th April , or very soon after.

The updated reports for the Drainage Strategy were prepared in December 2017, but were not published online at the time..

Due to the amount of time that has elapsed since these reports were prepared, these are now out of date and will need to be updated to reflect the activities and findings from winter 2017-2018 before they can be published online.

EADMcGPangbourne and Tidmarsh flood modelling.
EA to share results of the CH2M modelling for the Pang and Sulham Brook in the Pangbourne and Tidmarsh areas.
25/02/2019In progressMeeting to be arranged with Pangbourne project team re modelling CH2M

26/09/2017 Meeting held on 7th July in Pangbourne with site visit including Moor Copse and Tidmarsh. Notes from meeting are on website. Further photos and information subsequesntly sent to CH2M to assist with their modelling. Update awaited. Phase 1 modelling by Ch2m has been updated with new information provided by PVFF people - this now matches what happened in 2007 and 2014. This means that EA will fund further modelling.
Option then to be considered:
1. Home Farm bypass
2. Flood Storage area
3. Raise banks along the Pang

Review meeting to be arranged after stage 2 modelling is complete.

23/01/2018 Rashmi Krishnan is new Project manager for this. CH2M have successfully managed to create a flood model that represents what happened in 2007. This took longer than expected. A non-technical reason for this delay is because they couldn’t adjust one of the gauging stations to reflect what happened in 2007. I think this was the Tidmarsh gauge. This has now been resolved. The next step is to update the hydrology to show the changes that have happened since 2007. These are the things such as the flood wall, channel maintenance and the other improvements that were shared with us at the site meeting back in the Summer. The consultants are going to inform us how they plan to do this in January. We can then identify if anything has been missed.

23/01/2018 EA to invite PVFF Pangbourne and Tidmarsh reps to review the model and options for a scheme.

22/4/2018 Since the last meeting, the Environment Agency received the outputs from the updated modelling. This modelling is now correctly representing the 2007 and 2014 events.
• The modelling shows that there are now much fewer properties at risk because of the works done between 2007 and 2014. Therefore, out of the flood alleviation options considered, there were no economically viable options to tackle the remaining risk.
• However ,there are still a significant number of residual properties at risk. Therefore, the Environment Agency have asked CH2M to consider if any smaller scale options could reduce the risk, even if they could not eradicate the risk. We are still waiting for a response on this.
• KL requested a meeting to review the research to date, understand which properties are still at risk, see what is still being considered. DM has spoken to Rashmi and she is going to contact CH2M to ask them for their availability to meet with representatives of the PVFF. She expects to hear back from them very soon and schedule in the meeting in the near future.

24/10/2018 Meeting held in Pangbourne with EA,CH2M, WBC,TW, PVFF,UoR and Pangbourne Flood Group to review project. Apparently project shelved. PVFF had not been informed and were not made aware of this decision. No updated modelling information had been sent out as requested and no information on revised options to reduce flood risk. EA confirmed that they had been aware of this since last Sept but were too short of resources to be able to forward the information on to the PVFF. KL has requested that information is forwarded asap so that it can be reviewed locally.

5/11/2018 Jacobs/CH2M revised project information now received. However, many questions still unanswered and a further review will be needed in order to under stand whch houses are still showing as at risk of flooding , plus which potential interventions could make a difference. SC has asked the EA for the model so that he can interrogate it to help with the above. The report mentions that there may be some options such as NFM and clearing of strategic grips and drains etc, however the report fails to identify where these exact locations are.

25/2/2019 Email response received from Richard Hancock: EA will provide SC with a copy of the model and the model files this week (w/c 25/2) via Sharefile or hard drive although they are unable to produce it in an Avi format. Still awaiting clarification of other queries regarrding this report as sent to EA via an email to Scott Salmon on the 8th Nov 2018.
WBC/EA/TWPangbourne mill clearing.25/02/2019Pending SignOffThe build up of slit downstream of the mill has been removed. A budget estimate to clear and remove silt immediately upstream of the mill would be about £5k, plus another £4k to replace the trash screen.

23/05/2017 It may be that further work is not needed. Initial clearing may have helped. Pangbourne PC to observe.

26/09/2017 WBC to show Thames Water (mill owners) where extra silt removal should be done upstream.

23/01/2018 No progress.

22/04/2018 SB and KL are happy that in the recnt Flood Alert over Easter the river was able to manage with the amount of silt in situ. The current operation of the mill sluices is allowing more water down the mill side and this will be encouraging the silt to be drawn downstream anyway. Current decision is to leave until further works planned on TW site, possible to look at reducing obstruction to fish passge, when this may be re-evaluated.

24/10/2018 Meeting held in Pangbourne 16/10/2018 to review progress of Pangbourne Project. The possible lowering or removing of the weirs in the Pangbourne TW site was one potential option mentioned by CH2M in the original Pangbourne Project assessment, as it was thought a possible means to improve conveyance and fish passage. Revised options resulting from the improved modelling currently unknown as documentation has not been forwarded to the Pangbourne Flood Group by the EA. EA have done a site visit to review options for improving fish passage but no detailed design put forward. TW's draft Business Plan, which includes funding to make ecological improvements to various sites, has to be accepted by Ofwat before any further action can be mooted. TW confirmed that the Mill Cottage is now privately owned. KL will contact new owner to see if property has access to culvert underneath that exits from wall behind Cross Keys. All to be followed up after the Pangbourne Flood Group has reviewed the new Jacobs report.

25/2/2019 KL visited Mill Cottage Dec 2018 when builders in situ. Penstock seen in middle of property but no winding gear. New owner is covering back up and has threatened to pour concrete down. As has not been in use for many years and would not be feasible to operate due to location in property and reticence of new owner, it has been decided to forget it. Adam Hilliard (EA Fisheries also said the culvert is not suitable for fish passage as too dark.

Thames are looking at stream behind Moors as possible route for improved fish passage, including improvements to step weir at top of Thames Water site. This will be AMP 7 (onwards from April 2020 if expenditure approved by Ofwat)
The revised Pangbourne Project report makes no mention of the original CH2M suggestion of lowering or removing weirs.
All Parishes
WBCJacobs report - impact of climate change.
WBC to investigate if the Jacobs report might change if the rain levels were increased by 30%
30/10/2018On hold18/05/2017 No progress yet.
23/05/2017 Put on hold until National Goundwater study is published.
23/01/2018. Peter to check if this has been published

30/10/2018 SC to follow up and check if report published.
All Parishes
PVFFG DavidsonPVFF Flood Warden leaflet.
Draft a flood warden role document to circulate across the forum
24/10/2018On hold26/09/2017 GD has created a draft. Now all PVFF reps should review.

21/03/2018 WBC have been included and the updated document is now published on the PVFF website (and linked to from the homepage). Kay and Stephen to tweak and make extra user friendly.

22/04/2018 No further work done at present
8424/01/2017TidmarshPVFFTidmarsh bank strengthening.
Bank strengthening work was done. The work was not done well and needs to be completed and to be fenced off. Kay to raise with them.
26/02/2019Pending SignOffCL has checked the re-instated bank 20/5/2017 and happy that it is now re-vegetating and it also appears to be partly fenced off by BBOWT staff. However at the lasher weir the trash screen is still missing.  CL to follow up with BBOWT.  The logs on the bank also need to be secured with hoops of rebar.  GD and CL will do this.

23/01/2018 GD and CL still to complete.

26/04/2018 Both have booked to do this over weekend of 12/13th May

30/10/2018 Rebar not fitted as yet. CL and GD to rearrange date to do work.

26/2/2019 Much more planting of bank edge done by BBOWT on main section down from footbridge and on left corner bank immediately above the bridge. Access for dogs etc now only available at designated section where logs are. Much improved. Rebar not fitted but CL advised close action as he is happy that logs are not moving. BBOWT advised that alders growing in to river also along this stretch and of concern to PVFF are in their work programme March/April/May 19
All Parishes
PVFFPeter McGeehinGroundwater project.
PM to seek written confirmation on whether WBC, TW will commit funding to assist further research beyond the MSC (as EA (DB) confirmed that they would if the others did).
24/10/2018In progressMSC is due to finish on 23/08/2017. PM to receive the MSC thesis that can then be shared.

21/01/2018 MSc Thesis complete. Copy sent to PMcG and Tech Sub Group.

22/04/2018 Meeting held early 2018 with EA, TW and PVFF. Support for taking project further. Decision made that a further 2 MScs are justified. PM has approached a number of Universities with two project briefs. Much interest shown However, we are too late for some institutions as their students will have already chosen their projects. We have heard that Birmigham have a student who will take the project. We are well placed with the other Universities for our second project to be selected later in the year.

24/10/2018 MSc completed by Oliver Dodds from BHam Uni. Meeting arranged 30/10/2018 with TW, EA, PVFF and WBC to review results and decide next steps.

30/10/2018 Simon Lewis (EA) is completing a part time MSc through Brunel and is taking the second project brief. Vicky Fry (EA) is reviewing the modelling data produced by Oliver Dodds.
9426/09/2017PVFFAll parishes2007 and 2014 reports.
Each PVFF rep to look at the 2007 and 2014 reports for their parish to see what was recommended.
24/10/2018In progress23/01/2018 KL provided spreadsheets for each parish, with their recommendations and a request for comments and notes as to whether completed. Stuart and Carolyn will now review and revert to the Flood Forum with an update as to why recommendations not completed, whether they have been superceded or whether they can be added to the Action Plan.

22/04/2018 New member of team (Helen) at WBC updating notes on recommendations. Hope to receive prior to meeting on 26/4/2018

24/10/2018 Updated comments received from WBC and sent out to parishes for further review.

30/10/2018 Reviews of all parishes recommendations bar East and West Ilsley(reps were not present) completed at meeting. Certain new actions to be added to plan as a result.
9623/01/2018EAD. DukesSluice management in emergencies.
Does the EA have contact details for sluice / water management structures on the Pang which might be needed in emergency? EA to confirm with its emergency control room what information it needs and how it would access it.
26/02/2019Pending SignOff22/4/2018 The Environment Agency do have contact details for key features on the Pang, which they have procedures to contact in emergencies.
These are:
o Tidmarsh Mill and Sluice – Requested to open sluice gate on Flood Alert
o Purley Hall Penstock – Requested to open outlet sluice on Flood Alert when lake reaches 300mm freeboard
o Pangbourne Mill and Sluice and Thames Water Site Pangbourne – Thames Water are automatically alerted when Flood Alert is reached. EA have a specific contact in case of issues.
o Bucklebury FAS – Specific contact in case of issues
o Compton Debris Screen – Specific contact in case of issues
o Briars Close area, Pangbourne – Specific contact in case of issues

30/10/2018 All information requested has been recived apart from the maintenance requirements and inspection regime for the sluices/weirs. EA to forward this information prior to the next meeting in Feb 2019.

25/2/2019 Nothing as yet.
9723/01/2018PVFFP AllisonUpdate the sluice operating procedures to ensure they are in a consistent form, based on triggers23/01/2018New
9923/01/2018EARiver maintenance results.
Each year (in Jan) EA to present what maintenance was actually done in the previous year (with a MAP)
25/02/2019Pending SignOff22/4/2018 Apologies for the delay, caused by EA staff changes. This should be provided soon, hopefully prior to the meeting on 26th April.

30/10/2018 EA confirmed that maintenance information would be sent to KL in Jan 2019 and well prior to the next PVFF meeting. GD asked the EA to detail what maintenance is done on the Pang in the Tidmarsh area as it would appear that none was done this year.

25/2/2019 Interactive asset map provided which provides detail on where maintenance completed and what planned for next 5 years. Little actually in Tidmarsh other than r Pang near the Mill. Sulham Brook maintenance starts much lower down nearer to Pangbourne. KB advised that flood wardens can report concerns and request additional maintenance via the National Incident Reporting Service 0800 80 70 60
10223/01/2018ComptonEAEA to investigate possible further watercourse improvements downstream of Aldworth Road25/02/2019On hold22/04/2018 Environment Agency has been talking with Dr Peter McGeehin, however, unfortunately, the issues were not able to be solved this way. Therefore, the Environment Agency has contacted the riparian owners directly.

30/10/2018 KB to ask asset team to contact PM direct to progress this further. Linked to Action 104. KL has forwarded PM contact details to SS

25/2/2019 P McG provided a NIRS report on 7th Dec to EA. SC has completed a level surevy. He is not planning to do any dredging as this is main river, but believes section downstream of Aldworth Rd would benefit from localised regrading. EA Asset team have received survey plans and NIRS report and in contrast do not believe that current state of Pang in this section is a flood risk. If flows increase they are confident that the channel would allow for clear conveyance. They recognise the concern that silt is building up but feel this is due to exceptionally dry year and low flows not representative of how watercourse would react in high flow event. APT will continue to monitor. Request that if P McG thinks there is a risk of blockage, to contact the contact centre.
10423/01/2018ComptonEAPeter McGeehinCompton Channel Maintenance.
Peter to contact to Yattendon Estate re riparian responsibilities.
26/02/2019On hold22/04/2018 The Environment Agency has contacted the riparian owners directly.

30/10/2018 See Action 102

26/2/2019 EA response as per 102
Hampstead Norreys
EAEA to inspect downstream of the B4009 bridge to ensure that the river channel is not being restricted by garden extensions.26/02/2019In progressSD is to give access to the EA asset team to inspect private bridges over the river. KL has forwarded SD contact details to SS

26/2/2019 EA request that F/W provide details/photographs to show that there is flood risk. Alternatively it is requested that they provide an NIRS report which will initiate an audit trail.
4.5.7 from Section 19 reports
25/02/2019H NorreysTWLaurence RalphRecommendation that TW look at undertaking repairs and upgrading works to sewer system to prevent g/w ingress to reduce risk of sewer floodingNew25/2/2019 WBC have made TW aware. PVFF is free to contact Laurence Ralph at TW
2.5.5 from Sec 19 report.
E IlsleyPVFFTech Sub GrpPossible future NFM project? Formalisation of temporary retention area in fields downstream of E Ilsley to delay flow of water to ComptonNew
18.5.3 from Sec 19 report
WBCS ClarkStudy of ditches and ord watercourses in Pangbourne and Tidmarsh parishes needed to ascertain which need to be regularly cleared of silt etc and which best leftNew25/2/2019 In Capital Programme
18.5.6 and 18.5.8 from Sec 19 reports
11018.5.10PBournePVFF/WBCBoathouse Surgery to produce Contingency plan for Flood events to ensure access able to be maintained for able and less able residentsNew
1.5.3 and 1.5.4
West IlsleyPVFF/W I PCFirst and Second ponds and surrounding ditches that feed in should be regularly maintained to clear excess silt and vegetation. Outfal to the first pond shouls be regualarly maintained to ensure water flowing out of the ditch is not restrictedNew25/2/2019 Parish Council should have ongoing maintenance plan - this is the responsibility of the riparian owner not H and T (who have already desilted once)
1121.5.7West IlsleyPVFFAn investigation should be undertaken into the options for holding up the runoff flowing down Catmore Road.New17/1/2019 Soakaway in place. Ongoing maintenance for WBC but prone to getting blocked. Possible PVFF NFM project? Silt traps, line of logs, hedges?
1131.5.8West IlsleyWBCAn investigation should be undertaken to understand consequences of formalising temporary channel along side of Downs View. Constructing a permanent channel would allow flood water to effectively drain from the field to the west of Downs View to the culvert beneath Main St, reducing flooding risk to Downs View, although poss resulting in increased flood risk downstream.NewTemporary channel back filled after 2014 flood,25/02/2019 Included in 2018/2019 Capital Land Drainage programme
1141.5.10West IlsleyWBCAn investigation should be undertaken to establish a permanent solution for dealing with rising water in field behind the Veterinary SurgeryNew25/02/2019 Included in 2018/2019 Capital Land Drainage programme
1151.5.11West IlsleyWBC