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TimestampWhat do you consider yourself?What is your first name?What is your age?How do you prefer to communicate with your mentor/mentee?What does your typical weekday look like?What is it that you really want to be and do?What are you doing really well that is helping you get there?What are you not doing well that is preventing you from getting there?What will you do differently tomorrow to meet those challenges?How can a mentor/mentee help?What does mentorship mean to you?What is your current employment status?
12/5/2018 15:17:41MenteeEmma25-34 years oldGchatI work from 8am to 4pm and then I typically have either a dinner with friends, a writing group, book club, or a meeting with my mentor at 7pm. I also write a blog post for my mentor's coaching and consulting company I post every Wednesday so I work on that after work as well.My dream is to be a full time novelist I'm spending more time on my writing than I ever have before. I overcommit myself during the week so I don't have as much time to write as I would like, and then I'm so burnout on the weekends that I don't get as much done then either. Say no to more things, I supposeA mentor could help me prioritize betterA mentorship is a relationship that's both friendly and formal. My mentor is a person I can go to with any question and without any self consciousness, ask her for the answer or her opinion.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:18:57BothStefanie25-34 years oldVideo ChatsM-F, 9-5 ESTI want to be someone who has the power to impact people's lives positively, through experience and guidance. I enjoy working as in the tech space because it provides a challenging and rewarding work environment. Plus, females are not strongly represented, so I like that I am setting an example and possibly paving a path for future generations. Building connections - I have spent a lot of time learning about body language and psychology, so that I can create genuine connections with people. This creates a safe space and a solid foundation for sharing and development. I am still growing as a person and sometimes get caught-up in interactions. I am working on not making assumptions. Take time to think before I react. I love learning through other people's experiences and tips and tricks. I live by a philosophy of, if you have the means to be a good a human, you should be. There are a lot of bad things in the world and if you can make a positive impact on someone - even if it's small - it has the power to domino create a much larger impact. Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:21:11MentorAlisha25-34 years oldPhoneJam packed. Wake-up at 5:45am, get ready and head to the office. I manage a team, so lots of 1:1 meetings, performance management, strategy planning, and coaching. Head to either yoga, and event night, or spend time with my husband in the evening. Catch up on my side-hustle for an hour or two, bed around 11pm. Rinse, repeat.I'm open on my career trajectory as I know there's very little we can actually predict. However, I'm motivated by people management and coaching, and organizations that are making a positive impact in the world (both nonprofit and for-profit with a social mission). I plan to continue to climb the ladder in that world, eventually likely pivoting to have my own small business.I'm motivated by variety and learning, so I'm constantly taking on new challenges, gaining experience in a variety of fields, and investing time and money into my personal development.I could take more time to map my personal objectives and key results over the course of a 5-10 year plan, rather than taking things year-by-year.Well now I'm inspired to revisit my 2018 Personal OKRs and make a 5 year plan with a coach in early 2019!Having mentees has helped me practice the skills I want to develop for my career in another venue, as well as reinforce for myself what I'm good at which helps battle imposter syndrome.It has been invaluable for myself as both a mentor and mentee at different points in my career.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:22:01MentorPaige35-44 years oldSlack or in personI typically am joining 3-4 sales demos to help speak to our products and services.I'm not sure what all the middle parts of my career will look like but I know I want to end by serving on different Boards of DirectorsTwo things, I've almost graduated from my evening MBA program. And I've also very intentionally been making job choices around giving me the skillsets I think I need to head in the BOD direction.I think I'm a little too attached to my current company and location and I worry that will hold me back in the long-run.I've actually already started sketching out some preliminary conversations with folks at a company that I believe would be a good next step for me.One thing is that by working with my mentees on their career goals, it's a good mental nudge for myself to remember to work on my own and not become complacent. I really like the concept of mentorship not being enough, it also has to be sponsorship where you're actively advocating for an individual. I also think it's a two way street where both the mentor and the mentee have the ability to grow from the relationship.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:23:42MenteeDiana18-24 years oldVideo conferencing softwareMorning - light tasks
Afternoon - more difficult tasks and meetings
I want to be a UX writerI'm starting to be more active in slack groups and engaging in conversationsI haven't pursued any concrete projects :(Ask more questions and stop being so shyProviding resources, feedback, a different perspective and info on the state of the industryIt's a two way street. It means giving back and helping others reach their goals!Employed part time (up to 39 hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:30:17BothGianna25-34 years oldIn person if possible, otherwise via chatMeetings, working at my desk, walking over to developers/product stakeholders to get answers/talk about productsUX designer. Going through the UX design process from initial conception to journey mapping, whiteboarding, wireframing, prototyping, etc.Asking questions when I have them, taking lead in meetings, taking initiative on projectsCould be better at speaking up at timesI am constantly trying to force myself to speak up more oftenBy positively encouraging me, giving me tips, and if we're in the same meeting, opening the floor up to me in a way that makes me feel comfortableI think of my mentors as people who are ahead of me in my career, possibly down the same path that I am interested in going, with lots of experience and wisdom; they are also someone who I feel very close and comfortable to, so we have a very open and honest relationship; they want to see me succeed.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:43:15BothElan25-34 years oldInstagram DMwork, run errands, come home and work on side projectssomeone who is really good at whatever I'm doing whether that's professionally or with my personal projects. reassessing what kind of projects make me excited and following those, looking for new approaches to my art, looking for opportunities to help othersbeing more strict about working on said projectscontinue diligently chipping away and practicing mentor can show me new ideas or approaches I havent thought of before, mentee can help by causing me to think very systematically about something that has become pretty automatic by now in order to explain to a newbieshifting focus from working on a specific project to thinking more about the practice itself in order to share that practice. it takes some pressure off of yourself and allows you to refocus your energy on shaping someone else.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:43:36BothLeslie25-34 years oldIn personI'd say 70% packed with client and/or internal meetings surrounding collaborative work, small dedicated slot for design time, team management, and finally dog/family time, very little personal time (maybe 2hrs/day) reading up on design or listening to podcasts. On slower days -- more design time and helping out with side organizations.I really find fulfillment in helping people creatively and feel that UX and visual design allow me to do that.I help run the AIGA Chicago Chapter specifically on the mentor program so I'm always learning from people and am able to help others if they need it.Working to much to realize what is in front of me. Not taking care of myself due to work. Putting client needs before my own.Take more breaks, meditate, physically move.Probably with some headspace love. Just talking through things, finding ways to story tell better, ways to improve certain ways of doing things, etc.To me it means lovable guidance and the passion to see other succeed. Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:55:19MentorCody25-34 years oldText MessageWorking 9-5 then usually a networking event, show or run club after workMy interests are varied so I don't have a definite desire to become a specific thing but I would like to be somewhere I can exercise my creativity and help folks simultaneously.I network a lot and try to put my all in to keeping relationships healthy.I think I could be better at advocating for what I want and using inquiry skills to my advantage more.Ask more questions and speak up!A mentor could validate my concerns and support me as I advocate better.I think it's a knowledge share and being able to give back in that way is invaluable so I'm happy to help when I able.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:57:16BothLucy45-54 years oldEmailFull time job, freelance work, volunteer work, and some time for funHave a career with purpose - whatever that might be!Learning constantly, talking to others, trying to networkI cut myself down too much sometimesStay optimistic, be patient, and think bigSometimes all you need is someone to tell you what you already know to help you get somewhere, and sometimes, it really helps to help others so you can see the changes you need to make in yourself!It is a great resource to help others, and also to be helped - receiving guidance from someone who's been there, or who is even going through the same things I am is empowering!Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 15:58:56MenteeShelly25-34 years oldText MessageWork 9-5; other activities after workProduct designerHelp me set goals and action items to reach goals; provide feedbackA way to impart knowledge and insight; a two-way relationshipEmployed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 16:02:00BothRui Min25-34 years oldEmailCurrently unemployedSoftware engineeringMeeting people for coffee chats and learning from themHaving more self-discipline to finish online classesActually scheduling more meetups with others who are also on the same path so that we can finish projects togethera mentor helps by giving guidance and mentee helps to hold me accountable to what I'm currently doingmentorship means to help each other get out of their own ways and moving each other forwardUnemployed and currently looking for work
12/5/2018 16:20:29MentorAnnie45-54 years oldVideo chat (Google Hangout, Uberconference, Skype)I work in AdTech so I have lots of meetings with internal & vendors, data management & creating insightsSet strategies to solve problems with dataBe more connected with people in different areas (HR, finance, products) and in different experience level that will help me understand their goalsI'm doing too much actual hands-on work and not able to assign to othersHire more people in the team that can do the workI have several mentees already so I know talking to them really helps me understand what they're looking for in a career and how might if I was their manager help them.Giving back and paying forward. I had a great mentor when I was right out of college that helped me build my confidence. I also want to see more women in technology and in leadership roles so I want to help in building that vision.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 16:39:22BothKristen18-24 years oldIn person or SlackI work full-time for a pretty flexible company so some days I work from home (usually twice weekly)I want to be a Director of Product Design at some point. I work with my Director of Product Design at my company very closely (she's also my mentor) and help her with any directorial duties such as Design Ops, Culture building, Process building, etcI don' think theres anything.Continue to stay driven and observe those who's ideals and work ethics I'd like to adopt. They have experience that can be shared with you and help you practice with guidance. Feedback is the best way to learn and become aware of strengths/weaknessesWorking closely with a person or small team and helping to grow a person through various exercises and rapport. Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 16:57:37BothRena25-34 years oldEmailI work remote, so schedule is pretty flexible!A design lead!Made the transition from Product Management to UXNot going to enough networking eventsBe more involved in UX communitiesMake me feel comfortable going to more eventsProviding advice and an outlet to listen. To help guide you to achieve your goals.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 17:16:54Menteeyannu18-24 years oldText Messagego to class at 9 am, finish at 2:30 pm, group project meeting till 6pm, work from homeproduct designercommunication skill...?lack of experience talk about the cases they have worked on and how they dealt with different situationssharing experience with newbiesStudent
12/5/2018 17:40:50MenteeJoanne25-34 years oldSkypeI'm a freelancer so it really depends on what projects I'm working on at any given moment! I guess I don't have a typical weekday, in that sense.I'd love to head up a creative studio/consultancy that specializes in storytelling (both brand and personal) through sound and music.I'm currently consulting on a weekly basis with a fellow LGP member, who's helping me with brand positioning! My freelance work pays the bills, and I sometimes find myself in an endless hustle just to get from one project to the next - leaving myself without time or much energy to move forward in my own direction. This is exacerbated by the fact that paying the bills is necessary and immediate, whereas starting up a small business is a long term (and somewhat nebulous) venture.Start working towards my goal with intention! In small steps, of course, otherwise it's rather daunting. Finding projects that will not only support me financially, but are also closer to home in terms of what I *want* to be doing, rather than whatever's available.A mentor can help me talk through my hangups and insecurities about striking out on my own. A mentor can also help with visualizing alternate paths to realizing my vision. People generally get stuck in their own patterns of thought, and I see mentorship as a way to help someone like me get un-stuck and brainstorm other paths and opportunities to reach the same ultimate destination.Mentorship is, to me, a coming together of like-minded people at different stages in life, helping each other to grow professionally but also as individuals. The dynamic is one of generosity, openness, mutual reciprocity.Self-employed
12/5/2018 19:10:05BothMeghan25-34 years oldEmailWork and then homeI want to be an art director at a great company with cool coworkersnot surepessimism try to be more positive They can help me learn from their journey, help me figure out what the heck i'm doing a friend and confidant that you admire (professionally and/or personally) who can be your cheerleader and also your coach. Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 20:51:25BothElizabeth25-34 years oldIn person8-6 workingGreat question. I want to own my own business. I’m getting my MBATaking risks Start a business plan Mentors can give advice but generally I like imparting wisdom when I can.Sharing wisdom and ideas. Investing in someone else’s success because it feels good to help. Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/5/2018 22:29:34BothCarly25-34 years oldin person or slack (to coordinate)Working from 9-6ish, attending a meetup, applying for a few jobs, checking linkedin, watching netflix, sleepUX Designer in a full-time positionAssisting instructors in a full time UX bootcamp, mentoring other students, feeling supported with others in my positionprocrastination, working hard (sending out 100s of resumes) not necessary smart, forgetting to follow up with peoplecarve out time to play catch up on my tasks, limiting engagements and following throughMentor: getting guidance by limiting options, having a sounding board
Mentee: being able to clarify ideas and explaining them to others
Mentorship means supporting both creatively and emotionally the growth of a person into their career pathEmployed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/6/2018 0:32:49MenteeLauren18-24 years oldIn personClasses, Homework, SleepI just want to be happy wherever I end up. My dream would be to end up in a higher up designer role in a tech company or create my own app. I am extremely motivated and determined to end up with my dream job which I think is what is helping me get ahead of the game.Stressing myself out by thinking of the future and overthinking in general.Try to take things one step at a time, take a deep breath, and create a list to stay on track.Mentors can help by:
-Give advice
-help with stuff we dont learn in school
-just being someone to listen to your crazy ideas
-share knowledge (things some may have yet to experience)
-just being a cool person/friend

I believe that the mentor and mentee relationship is also even because sometime both members have things to share or ways to help.
Mentorship is a friendship or partnership where two people help and motivate each other no matter what age they are or point in there life they are. It's getting a chance to actually sit down and talk and share experiences face to face and hopefully be someone you can have as a contact or friend for years to come.Student
12/6/2018 0:34:53MenteeEmily18-24 years oldEmailhectic but also the typical life of a design student. Lots of work between school and working and then coming home and working but with friends to spice it upI'd really love to get my foot wet with studio work at a design firm, small or big. I love designing, communicating, and problem solving very much. I'd like to continue being a practicing designer I'd consider myself a pretty optimistic individual. Times are tough and life is weird but even when I feel like I don't know what I'm doing - at the end of the day I know what I love and I kind of just cling to that feeling and roll with the punchesSometimes I don't realize my full potential. I tend to doubt myself in times of stress when I know full well I'll be alright. At the end of the day It's all a mental game as I always say, I'll remind myself to keep going and that these feelings aren't permanent. Stay persistent and don't be so hard on yourselfGives you insight into working life outside of school and where you're currently working. As well as basically show you the ropes and different aspects of a job you'd possibly like to be involved in!I love meeting new people and just talking! We all tend to forget sometimes that there's so many of us out there and it's always so interesting to live and learn from one another - especially when you're able to find common ground about a job or just general things in life that relate to one another. Student
12/6/2018 1:12:32BothRuben35-44 years oldFace to face meetingA mix of information gathering and research, planning, active design work, collaboration and communication.I'm looking to develop stronger UI skills.I'm doing critical reading relating to the subject matter. I'm getting professional training. I'm attending talks and professional networking meetings to gathering experience from peers.I don't know what I don't know. Not setting aside time to practice. Not having opportunities to flex my skills.Find opportunities. Gather perspective. Recommit and allocate time.Perspective. Help me understand where to invest, how to approach things.Someone who can offer perspective. Someone who understands my context and can think of me as a whole person. Someone who has expertise.Unemployed and currently looking for work
12/6/2018 8:31:25BothAnna25-34 years oldIn personWork come home and relaxExperience designer for all experiences not just digitalMy current job, attending meetups and talking to people about what I doA mentor can help by just listening and gut checking how I think about getting to my goal and the problems i’m facing at work today. SupportEmployed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/6/2018 9:09:04MentorIsla25-34 years oldEmailClient work. Emails. Project work.Build my agency bigger to allow less hands on design workWorking with great peopleSelling my self badly. Not good at details Have confidence. Hire right detail oriented people.Advice on how to scale my business Someone to check in with along the waySelf-employed
12/6/2018 9:25:08MenteeBrooke18-24 years oldEmailWork fro 9-5ishCreative StrategyNetworkingCommitting enough timeGuidance, feedback, encouragementHaving someone in your cornerEmployed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/6/2018 9:46:02BothRosie25-34 years oldText Message9-5 work, gym and occasional activities after work Infographic and Data Visualization designer and storytellerGetting my masters in Data visualization Learning to codeKeep working at my portfolio Helping me to learn to code and be an art director to my work (needing a mentor), can provide feedback and guidance (mentee)A safe, constructive, positive relationship that helps you grow but most importantly challenges you to do better work for yourself Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/6/2018 10:12:22MenteeMegan25-34 years oldPhone10-6 (sometimes later) Mon-Fri . UX research and UI work.UX Director - or managing a small amount of designersAbsorbing knowledge from my directors and senior designers, having open conversations about future goals.Imposter syndrom.Ask the right questions, to learn and develop.Continue to guide and provide challenging tasks to better my skills and help become more confident in my work.Guidance through knowledge and experience.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/6/2018 10:36:25BothKristy35-44 years oldText MessageMeetings, collaborations, time for growing, etc.UX with niche user flow and processMapping out user flows and finding issues we can improveIn a position where I am not privy to most conversations that would benefit from my talentsTalk to my leader to express my needsUnderstanding what that next step is in order to progress in a strategic position.Learning and growing Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/6/2018 11:20:41BothKate25-34 years oldText MessageMeetings! Sketching! More meetings! Trying to solve problemsLeading a small team of designers solving problems for people without furthering evil causes.Advocating for user-focused design, leaving marketing lolHaving advocates in leadership, aligning with business goals.Quit my current jobHelp me with communication and team building so that I can get non-designers on board with a process.Knowing how to deal with blockers and when I should fight or back down. Someone who has been where I am and has successfully navigated forward.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/6/2018 12:08:23BothAleia25-34 years oldZoomA typical Tuesday = Gym 9-10, Whole Foods & then home to get ready for the day 10-11, morning meetings 11-1p, 1-2p lunch/emails, 3-6p client work, 6-8p break, 8-10p personal content work, 10-11p journaling & bedWhat I'm doing as an email marketer. I am planning on expanding and offering Shopify development (I do it on a small scale) to offer full service e-commerce solutions.I'm doing really well connecting with clients and offering them fast solutions. Having quick turnarounds is one of the cornerstones of what I offer and will continue to do so.Making excuses for myself and not focusing on working on my business (as opposed to just working in my business).Finish my goal planning and find an accountability partner to hold me t it. A mentor can help you see the bigger picture a few steps out and make it easier for you to focus on your why! And hold you to your promises to yourself.Mentorship is the opportunity to help someone see the picture it took you a while to see and help them get to their next step quicker than they would alone.Self-employed
12/6/2018 23:10:03MenteeDylan25-34 years oldSkype Instant Message for General, Skype Video Chat for in-depth.Get up, coffee/breakfast, commute (drive) to work, work, commute (drive) home, groceries/cook dinner, passion project (design of some sort), netflix, bed.UX Designer - A role within the be determined, at a small tech start up.Being a sponge for information via: articles, tutorials and other people, and signing up for a 3-month intensive UX Design program.Life. Being an adult and having every day distractions. It's sometimes hard with other priorities/chores to fit in time to expand my UX knowledge.Nothing, it's pretty routine. Besides going to bed and getting a good amount of sleep, so I can focus after work on the little bit of time I have to study ux design, the routine remains the same.Provides accountability and can steer focus and help keep you focused.Having someone guide you along a specific path, helping you navigate your journey and also points out pitfalls they fell into, so you can avoid them or at least minimize their affect on your journey.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/7/2018 9:52:22MentorNoreen45-54 years oldSkypeI am an entrepreneur so my typical day can vary. Generally I spend the morning reading news/design blogs and responding to email and the afternoons meeting clients, doing user tests or demos or working on my product design. I attend a design or startup related Meetup 2-3 evenings a week.I’m doing it. I’d like to have more time for writing. As our business grows I feel I’ll have less and less time for that.Focusing on design, studying bootstrap success storiesI need to improve my follow up.Make a better effort to follow up quickly and frequently rather than let things slide.I mentor a lot. It helps to remind me of the important things I need to do myself. Practice what you preach.It’s like having a guide, a cheerleader, a light and a path. It helps build confidence and encouragement.Self-employed
12/7/2018 11:06:11Bothcarolina 18-24 years oldIn person, but also via emailWork 9:30 - 5:30 with occasional meetups or panels in the evening I would love to be the digital strategist for a political campaign I'm taking a deep dive into non-profit digital products right now, and learning how to influence users into doing things they might not want to do (get their first mammogram, examine their own implicit biases, fight against bullying, etc.)I'm not getting an intersectional perspective to the digital experience. I mainly focus in on the product side, and less on social, for example. Try to find external projects I can flex those skills on.Mentor - Give me perspective on how to get that career growth when my company doesn't necessarily provide it. It means being a building block others behind me can build upon. "If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/7/2018 12:55:46MenteeShannon25-34 years oldPhoneWork from 8-5pm to job in SF as an admin assistant in finance, commute 1 hr both ways, try to work out for 1 hr either during lunch or after work. I spend 1-2 hours in the evening working on developing UX skills - studying, practicing in Sketch, reading blogsUX Researcher or DesignerI've been seeing areas of weakness in my current company and have been implementing process improvements using design thinking with my colleagues as my users. I'm also very perceptive and empathetic. I've been taking online classes at IDF and taking advantage of ALLL of the free UX resources online. I don't have any professional experience in design or UX, so I'm learning on my own right now. All of my study has been theoretical, so I just started on my first case study - website redesign.I'm trying to network more and working harder on my first case study.Give me advice on what job I should seek next, as a middle ground transition to help me move in the UX field. Give feedback on my case study, since I'm trying it on my own, with no formal training. Give interview advice, maybe practice design challenges.Guidance from a experienced professional to an aspiring younger person; Passing knowledge between two people because the mentor can also learn from the menteeEmployed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/7/2018 14:18:12BothCaitlin25-34 years oldIn person In the office mostly with out of office meetings/cocktails/lunches. I really want to grow and then lead a business through strategic marketing and partnerships, in a senior leadership role. I LOVE mentoring and managing teams, and not having had a "traditional" mentor, I want to give back and be that person for the people I work with, like I've done in past roles.Being extremely thoughtful about what I like and what I'm good at, and where that intersection is. I've challenged myself to find a role to run TO instead of FROM, and doing the hard work of asking those questions and being honest with myself. Having conversations with friends, family, and my broader network have helped, as has up-skilling myself and taking more formal educational courses so I really can be an expert in the marketing space.I despise networking, and of all the events I've been to, none are doing it the right way. There should be some kind of pre-match with someone else who's also attending that you can get to know over email, so it's like you're meeting up with an old friend when you get to the event. You're already primed to be open. Seek out networking opps that are organic, authentic and frankly just ask for intros or tag along at events where I know a few people that can make warm intros. I would love a mentor who can help me think long term about my goals -- to be a CMO or CRO -- and what the right steps are to get there.A friend, confidante and advocate who lends you their experience and advice, is never judgmental and always supportive. Someone you can speak to once a month or once a year whose perspective you deeply value, and when big life moments come around, someone you can trust to give you their honest take and guidance.Employed full time (40 or more hours per week)
12/7/2018 15:57:25Mentorerin35-44 years oldEmailI freelance so it varies a lota badass creative making a positive impact on societybuilding my network of creatives and learning new skillsets to stay relevanttime management - freelance is very different from agency life.make a more detailed list of goals for the daya mentee helps focus on what has helped me get to the level i have reachedhelping someone fulfill their potentialSelf-employed