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TimestampNameWhat things did you like about the binders you looked at?What things did you not like and why?
7/14/2014 20:40:35Sarah IversonI like the uniqueness of each binder. I like the different colors and different set ups. I like the variety of types of resources that people used on their pages from uploads to text to charts, etc. I believe that each of the binders did seem to show what their overall intent was. As a whole there was not much that I did not dislike. It was a bit difficult to actually view a couple of the binders (not known if it was the link or my computer). I think what I probably disliked the most was the tabs on the side. I did not think that those links flowed in a way that was comfortable for me. I know that seems strange as many of the sites out there that I use on a regular basis have a similar set up but that is what I feel. Also I do believe that especially the ESL binder could have utilized cover pages much better.
7/15/2014 21:05:14Jessica NormanWhat I really like about the binders is the sense of organization throughout them (I am an organizational freak!). I think that students are able to share their knowledge quite easily. Additionally, I think that an instructor is able to fully develop their expectations. This was quite obvious in the learning portfolio template. By asking students to complete the template provided I think it is a very hands on and exciting project for middle and high school leveled students to share their understanding. I think this would be a wonderful end of the year project to for students to complete which would be cross curricular and could be reflected on from year to year. Honestly, there wasn't a lot that I did not like about the portfolios I viewed. If having to choose one thing, is that sometimes backgrounds and graphics seem boring. Some of them really struggled to grab my attention. Knowing the various interactive ways to share information on the web, I would like for it to be a little more exciting. That being said, I do think that other portfolios have this segment and it was obvious that the important information (shared knowledge of particular topics) was available, which is generally the point of the project.
7/21/2014 18:56:41Tracie HendersonI liked the way they used the tabs with subtabs on lessons to be done. It was nice that most of them had a tab which was about the person who made the binder. I can see that I have a lot to learn yet in navigating the portfolios, putting in pictures, links and how to make things work. I'm afraid if you have too many tabs and subtabs it might make people tend to not use your binder. Maybe making binders for each separate thing, if you had to would be a better way to go about it.
7/22/2014 13:00:52Carlene BurkeThere were many different types to look at and it was easy to see what makes a "clean" one vs. one that is cluttered. The possibilities for what you want in your personal one seem to be endless. You are able to set it up to reflect your own personality and what you want people to understand about you. Heidi Raki's was really well done as far as getting her students into the assignments, etc. Easy to follow and students would not struggle because of her well written directions. Nice to be able to view a wide variety!While some were plain and could use a little more emphasis to detail, it is not good to over pack it either. I felt that Shelly Terrell's was a little too cluttered and way too much information put on each page. As I looked through hers, it started to actually turn me off as far as looking at it further. I felt like I was reading a huge novel. This was good for me to look at this particular one though, as I can see what not to do with mine.
7/28/2014 17:07:39Pam KollerI liked the variety of tabs that are used. You can use binders for anything. I liked the use of colors and the variety of items you can upload, like wordle, pictures, documents.The Dean Mantz eportfolio kept trying to take me to a different website. It was a little confusing.
I also think it is confusing to have 2 scroll bars after you open a tab with an embedded document. It takes trial and error to know with scroll bar to use to read the document.
8/10/2014 15:30:43Darcie Dee LoneHillIt saved me a lot of time seeing what tools, web pages, RRS feeds, information, and FREEE stuff I could use for my classroom.Some of the links were not current and did not work.
8/18/2014 13:09:07JENNIFER STOFFERAHNSome were well organized and attractive. They combined pictures and written information in an interesting way. Our school district requires us to keep a Professional Binder. I could transfer everything into a LiveBinder.Some were really plain and boring. It was hard to flip though tabs and continue reading if it was just black and white. Variety is good.
9/13/2014 22:16:03Shannon SchmelzI really liked the first portfolio by Dean. I enjoyed how incorporated more of the technology that jazzed it up. I think adding the linked in portfolio was a smart choice. Some of the others were rather dull, but they did give me ideas for adding standards and such.One aspect of Dean's that I did not like is the fact that while on my iPad it launched into another program and I was no longer on the livebinder site. I also did not like that it listed his Facebook friends. The others I found to be very dull. They lacked color and technology especially the English template portfolio.
10/6/2014 13:04:22Brenda Boyd I like the variety of options and formats for the live binder protfolios. They can be very visual or very text oriented. Samples of all kinds and formats can be added to reflect and individuals talents. You have to be fairly tech savy to add and navigate.. some felt very impersonal and i think i could become very time consuming to have an e portfolio that helps and not hinders the process of selling your talents
10/10/2014 10:35:59Kelsey LovsethA few of the eportfolio's did not work. I really like the idea of having students complete an online portfolio in my Senior Government class because it prepares them for college. When I completed my masters degree in 2012 our online portfolio process was very difficult and time consuming. A LiveBinder ePortfolio appears to be an effective way to introduce them to this concept. I am struggling to see the difference between a "binder" and a "ePortfolio". I have not upgraded to the Livebinders that requires a fee so I am not sure what additional features are available.
10/10/2014 10:36:14Kelsey LovsethA few of the eportfolio's did not work. I really like the idea of having students complete an online portfolio in my Senior Government class because it prepares them for college. When I completed my masters degree in 2012 our online portfolio process was very difficult and time consuming. A LiveBinder ePortfolio appears to be an effective way to introduce them to this concept. I am struggling to see the difference between a "binder" and a "ePortfolio". I have not upgraded to the Livebinders that requires a fee so I am not sure what additional features are available.
12/18/2014 13:09:32Christine SiebenSome of the things I liked about the binders was the format. I like the different tabs for various categories. I like that you can click on exactly what you are looking for. I liked the graphics or pictures that some of these binders had uploaded. I also liked the different colored tabs on one to really set each tab apart from the rest. One thing I did not like was having to download various content. I want to see what the document looks like without having to download it first. In the era of technology, getting things quickly is important. I didn't like that some of the content was like reading a book. People aren't going to take the time to read all of that information. They want quick snip-its of information, not long reports.
2/11/2015 18:57:48Jason GaultVery easy to scroll through and get to the specific information if needed. Not overwhelming even though lots of resources are provided. This would be a great way to organize for a job interview.Some of the pages took a long time to load, some of them didn't load at all and required an additional link that took you to a separate web site.
2/14/2015 12:04:27Michelle HodneThe binders had a wide variety of ideas. I not only got ideas for myself and my LiveBinders, I also found many new resources for my classroom! There was a wide range of examples. These helped me to create different tabs for my portfolio.Some of the LiveBinders had so many tabs and subtabs that I didn't look at all of them. I just need more time to sit down and explore these! The only other dislike is that I wish that there were more ways in designing the binders. I guess that is the graphic design artist coming out in me. That dislike is more about the set up and design of LiveBinders and not the individual binders.

These dislikes are minimal compared to all of the likes and benefits that are there with LiveBinders.
3/1/2015 20:59:11Carrie BarnesI liked that you can add Microsoft files, pdf’s and links to websites. Eportfolios can be used in many different ways. They aren’t just for teachers. Students can use portfolios for any class project no matter what subject area it is in. Eportfolios are very versatile for the user. They can be modified for almost anything. I also enjoyed seeing how each person’s portfolio looked completely different. While looking through other portfolios I didn’t find anything that I disliked about them. The way some of them were created were a bit more confusing than others. Almost like some of them didn't flow from one thing to the next. I think each one was unique to the person who made it. I thought that it was easy to navigate and figure out how to make your own portfolio also.
3/9/2015 15:42:48Patricia SeligI loved how some of the students had a picture of themselves; that made it more personal. I loved how they had multiple sub tabs of their writing like sample poems under the poetry tab. I liked that everything was organized and easy to find. I loved everything about them except for the fact that reading them online can be risky. What if there were technology problems or if the work disappeared from the site. What if someone took their information and used it in a negative way? Reading online can also be hard on the eyes. All in all, there are way more positives than negatives when it comes to LiveBinders.
3/17/2015 12:52:39Tracy PerdueI looked at all the binders presented and I liked how much information can be offered in so many different ways. I liked how straightforward the Foundations of English Portfolio Template was presented. It was easy to find everything and to be able to guide oneself around. It is a great way for students to keep track of their progress. The Buhler High School Electronic Portfolio Template was a tremendous idea for students to be able to showcase and share their best works. The directions for making the ePortfolio were very clear and concise and should make creating the site fairly easy.While looking through the binders, I found some to be quite overwhelming with tons of information. So, while the Shelly Sanchez Terrell ePortfolio was packed with information and helped her to be a good self promoter, it could make my eyes swim at times. I thought Dean Mantz's was also jammed with lots of information, though his seemed a bit "neater" than, Shelly's. What I found quite odd about his is the names of two of his tabs: Visualize Me and Social Me. They seemed more suggestive in a different adult genre (if you catch my drift) than they did in the education of education field. I think if one's binder is going to be public, one should be very aware of these things.
I find that I definitely function better in a neat and tidy binder than one that is jam packed full with information that isn't tied up in a neat little bundle.
3/18/2015 13:29:10Andrew SteffensenI liked the idea of having students have work binders digitally. This would make an excellent tool for end of the year or for parents to see at conferences. It is also a way to present information for all to access. I could see a teacher doing this for classes to allow students to access syllabus, deadlines, test dates, etc. I used it to show off some past projects for our middle school students to see what exactly my high school classes are all about.I did not like how some binders just represented a mini website, but lacked the ability to put multiple items on same page, or the ability to create a long running screen. Instead it relied on making way to many tabs for the user to shift through.
3/28/2015 13:30:47Lori BouzaI liked the way they were easily accessible and the ability to transfer from school to school . That is a nice feature. :-) It easy to work the program and easy to add the things you choose. I can't say there are things I really didn't like. This is so much more convenient than having a actual 3 ring binder per child! We are trying to use technology and this seems like a valid use!
3/29/2015 15:55:44Jodi SternhagenI looked at a lot of the student binders in the ePortfolio section of the activity and was very impressed by what I saw. It was interesting to see the layouts as well as the many student work samples (the contents of some were fabulous). I also looked at several of the professional examples. I like the different layouts - with tabs on the sides rather than just on the top. I also liked when the tabs had photos or interesting pictures on the page - this really increases attractiveness. Everything is easily accessed - this is a strong point of LiveBinders.
It seems that web content has to have a high level of attractiveness in order for people to want to spend much time on a site. I realize this is a application to be used for content rather than creativity, but, having a few other options with visuals, fonts, and arrangements of tabs would be nice features. I am not familiar enough yet with LiveBinders to know all the of the options so, I am may be able to add more in the future.

4/3/2015 10:54:29Shannon UtterI liked the personalization and creativity that the students used to showcase themselves and their work.

I liked the organization. It was clean and concise. This looked very neat and was great for organizing all the writing pieces.

I really didn't see anything I didn't like. However, in the back of my mind, I didn't like the fact that my first graders couldn't do much of this independently and that it would require a load of my time to assist each student. It would be really neat to show parents but I'd have to have a volunteer help.
4/6/2015 14:41:26Tom MattinglyThe most beneficial part of using LiveBinders for an ePortfolio is how it would allow someone to navigate in an easy manner a great deal of material in short amount of time. Looking at some of the ePortfolios for potential job applicants, one really gets a more personal approach to someone who is applying for a job. It's one thing to read the college that the recent grad received his or her degree from on sheet of paper; it adds an extra element to see the actual institution's website.For the LiveBinders that were done well, there is very little to be critical about concerning the use of this resource tool. One has to make sure that their LiveBinder is complete, as the biggest thing that I did not like were the LiveBinders that had main tabs with no content information or sub tabs.
4/9/2015 9:34:27Cara DennertI was really impressed with the amount of work that students posted on their livebinders. The binders were very organized - some almost webpage like (with the links down the left margin). The material posted was very easy for anyone to access - if they were made public. It is a great way to have students take ownership of their work!My only problem overall with Livebinders is that it looks rather clinical - all the tabs/fonts - look the same. There doesn't seem to be a lot of creativity in the "look" of the sight - other than changing tab colors - changing bindercover pictures.
4/22/2015 19:18:18Tammy RichardsAll of the portfolios had a lot of information on them. I thought that the Buhler Crusaders portfolio had great graphics that help explain how to put a portfolio together. I think this is important to have in an instructional portfolio.

Organization is also very important and I thought Tamara Rodney's portfolio did this very well. She also added graphics that were helpful.

As a music teacher I really liked the Music Tech Portfolio. It had some great examples of the students work through sound clips. She did have a couple of capitalization issues that she should have double checked.

The engineering portfolio had a PDF file on its last tab to give an example, for the person using it, of how to create a "My Future Life" document.

I did not like Dean Mantz's portfolio as much because almost every tab had a link that you had to go to before you could see his information. He had good information but I didn't want to have to go to another link to see it.

The Foundations of English portfolio was well organized but not very interesting to look at. I would have liked to see more graphics and color.

Shelly Sanchez Terrell had a lot of information in it. She used video clips, and had many links to different things. I couldn't get over her bio page that had one big paragraph with many links underlined. It was overwhelming and made me not want to read it.

4/26/2015 15:24:38Katie PetersonI like how it is so organized. I also like how you can put a ton of information in the binder.

In the first link of portfolios, I like when the teachers put their tabs on the left hand side. It made the page easier to read. I also liked when they had the subtabs as drop downs instead.

I like how Mrs. Raki used her portfolio. It was easy to follow. The tabs or subtabs didn’t look so intense.
I am not sure I like having all the tabs and sub tabs within various portfolio views. It looks like a cluttered mess to me. (I am weird that way)

The teachers that had a ton of information on their portfolio were too overwhelming to continue to look through. Simple and to the point is what I like best.
5/12/2015 11:38:42sthorson1The variety of which portfolios cover. Personal, professional, to educational you can put almost anything in these binders. Also very easy to add content to the portfolio's in the binders. I just like the ability to be creative which adds to the excitement of trying something new. I haven't felt like this in a few years!!Two things I didn't like initially; 1) Video didn't work so I had a difficult time understanding the directions and had to fly by the seat of my pants in some parts of the assignment. 2) I did have some problems with downloading from my files on my personal computer to the LiveBinder. Once I understood how to add content it was very easy to apply to the tabs in each folder. Overall small problems which were solved.
5/14/2015 10:43:21dianekurtz1The variety of which portfolios cover. Personal, professional, to educational you can put almost anything in these binders. Also very easy to add content to the portfolio's in the binders. I just like the ability to be creative which adds to the excitement of trying something new. I haven't felt like this in a few years!!

Two things I didn't like initially; 1) Video didn't work so I had a difficult time understanding the directions. 2) I did have some problems with downloading from my files on my personal computer to the LiveBinder. I don't think that was the websites fault but our local network. Just frustrating on my end. Once I understood how to add content it was very easy to apply to the tabs in each folder. Overall small, local problems.
5/19/2015 10:23:15Shannon KortanI really like the organization of them. It is very easy to see what is available and easy to navigate to the tabs/information I wish to see.About the only thing I did not like was the amount of information included in the professional portfolio of Dean Mantz. It was easy to navigate but it was a LOT of information to navigate. I can see where it would be useful if to have that much if he were applying for a job or award but too much for me to just browse it.
5/29/2015 12:55:10Jamie PortraI liked that some of the fonts and colors were varied, as well as the tabs moved to the side of the page. It made the LiveBinder look more personal.
I also liked the student portfolios and the idea of setting up the binder and tabs to add information to throughout the year.
Some of the professional ePortfolios included so much information and content, that I found it a little overwhelming to navigate.
5/31/2015 14:51:26Carolie TautkusI liked how there were separate tabs for each category. I like that the portfolios were visual. Most had a page up front that visualized their overall credentials. The binders seemed very streamlined. One could easily find what information they were searching for.I did not like how I had to keep clicking on tabs to get multiple pieces of information. Sometimes it is nice to just scroll down one page to see all related information. The visual appearance is limited which can be a positive or negative depending on the personal preferences. For this, it would be nice to have more color and customization to make each portfolio stand out a bit more.
6/4/2015 14:56:14Susan FjeldheimI liked the different options of some of the ePortfolios that I looked at. It keeps all of the information very organized and it is easy to find what you are looking for. I also liked the different themes that the ePortfolios had.Some of the ePortfolios were too busy. Some used too many colors and made it distracting. Others had too many tabs, where some of their information could have been combined with other tabs.
6/14/2015 19:09:40Jennifer LesherI really liked the music tech portfolio and that it was a culmination of her projects throughout the semester/year. It was very simple and not overwhelming either. With young students, however, I feel like it may be important to help them by starting with a template. I think there were quite a few good examples of a template for various educational purposes. I really liked when the files/videos/music clips/websites opened within the LiveBinders site. (Which makes me wonder why my website didn't open that way on my Investigations binder! I'll have to figure that out!)Sometimes I felt that the information became cumbersome. I really don't like scrolling up and down and left to right when reading a document (like within the ESL Portfolio). As much as I liked the templates, I also feel that kills the creativity of our students. I think it may be better to provide examples and/or an expectation rubric to help them understand what a LiveBinder is and ways they can make it their own. So often it is hard for me to give up that control, however!
6/18/2015 10:49:17Debbie HepperVariety of styles that were used.
Functionality of the content.
A person's individual personalities were easily identified.
Colorful and inviting.
I don't know if there really was any one thing that I did not like, I just have a different idea of layout and colors than what were shown.
6/24/2015 12:49:20Malerie YeatonI liked how some of them had the tabs on the left side of the screen. I feel that gives it a more professional look.

Dean Mantz's eportfolio was very thorough and had lots of information. Sally Sanchez's was also full of information, but featured it in different ways. Both are excellent professional eportfolios.

The student-created portfolios and the templates were really neat. In college I always had to put portfolios in a 3-ring binder. I like that this is all online so, as a teacher, I wouldn't have to take anything home to correct. All I would need is my computer! Eportfolios give students another reason to learn about and use technology. I thought the Music Technology eportfolio was really neat! I was impressed that the student could upload the songs to LiveBinders.
It's hard for me to think of things that I did not like. Dean Mantz and Sally Sanchez had so much information that it was a little overwhelming. That's the only negative I can really think of!!
6/30/2015 12:19:27Shannon UtterI liked that they were very easy to read and organized. I also liked that they had examples from an upper elementary teacher and secondary teacher to give you more ideas of how you could implement portfolios in your classroom.I didn't see anything that I didn't like. I think having a couple of examples helped. I do think it wouldn't be something my young kids could do independently but something I could use at my centers for their computer time. It would contain things that were safe and followed our curriculum.
6/30/2015 15:42:26Kimarie SheppardThere were many things that I thought were especially professional looking in the binder examples. One thing I like was that they all had a Table of Contents. Not only did this look professional, it made it easy to navigate.

I was impressed by how fully developed the LiveBinder examples were. Just a couple of thoughts came to mind concerning this observation. First, I'm sure completing these binders took lots of time and second, these LiveBinders are probably in a state of constant update and revision.

Some of the LiveBinders gave me ideas of how I could use them with my 6th grade Language Arts students. It seems that we're always looking for a way for students to organize their writing. I think a LiveBinder would be a great way for my students to be able to see how much their writing is improving throughout the year because their essays could actually be easily stored in one place.
As I stated above, I really like that the examples had Table of Contents. This isn't available with the free membership, so I probably won't include a Table of Contents with my LiveBinders.

There were a couple of times that I found tabs with content that was difficult to read due to font color and background color. Maybe simpler is better in some cases.

Also, I was somewhat intimidated and overwhelmed at how complete these LiveBinders are, knowing that the ones I've created so far seem inferior. I realize that updating and revising a binder as you go is a must!
6/30/2015 16:56:12Joanne KallhoffI liked how some were organized and were very thorough. I also got some ideas for projects to do with students from looking at the binders. The high school portfolio was great where students uploaded examples of their work throughout highschool for each subject.Most of them I liked, but a couple had layouts or text that was hard to read or a different layout may have worked better. But overall, I thought they were well done.
8/13/2015 16:01:26Carmen TooleI liked that it didn't have to be too formal and it was very simple looking. It really showcased student writing pieces in one that I looked at. I also liked the idea of making my professional portfolio with examples of work that I've done which I stole the idea from a couple that I looked at. I liked that you can put more than one tab under a specific category.I don't like that with the free version, you can only go to the sub tab and I would have liked to go to the base tab in a couple of sections if I was going to use this in the future, but wasn't sure if I wanted to upgrade at this point. I also don't like that when I added a text option, I couldn't easily figure out how to get rid of it.
8/17/2015 5:31:52Kelly VasquezI am liking the binders that have the tabs on the left hand side. For me, they seem easier to navigate. We used to do Student-Led conferences at Southwest and I liked how the one teacher used Live Binders to have students gather information and present it to their parents. I think a Language Arts teacher could really use a ePotfolio to show growth in students' writing throughout their school year(s).I did not like the binders that had a lot of information in them. When I would see numerous tabs, with many sub-tabs, I felt overwhelmed and didn't even want to look at anything.
9/28/2015 19:20:57Stephanie SchoellermanI really liked the way they were set up. I can see so many ways to use them to get organized I also see the benefit of using them for my second grade classroom.I didn't really see anything that I didn't like.
12/16/2015 13:57:37Darla McKernanThey were preplanned with specific tabs to address the goal of the portfolio. There were opportunities to customize the portfolio, but keep the structure. The ones that were short, kept my interest. I did not like the ones that had several tabs because I just wanted a snapshot of what they do. I do not like the ones that identified too much personal information, just enough to be relevant to the topic.
Some had tabs that I felt were redundant.
12/19/2015 19:51:01Joni BushfieldThe information was well organized and easy to find. Most of the binders were aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Some binders had way too much information crammed onto on a tab or sub tab. If it seemed like information overload to me, I would quickly move on to a different binder.
1/12/2016 20:55:27Lyndsay DeyoI liked how some of the binders were very appealing with their color format. Also, I liked how some of the people organized the information they wanted to share.In all honesty, there was hardly anything I did not like about their Binders. I guess, some of their color pallets and links within links were confusing.
1/17/2016 18:36:03Diana TimsThere were multiple things that I liked about the binders used as examples. I love that teachers can create a template binder, and assign students to create their own portfolio. I foresee the world becoming more and more digitized. This would be an incredible item to show parents at a parent-teacher conference. I also like that job applicants can design e-portfolios to demonstrate and show-off their skills. I actually preferred the designs that had the tabs on the sidebar better than above. I liked that it seemed easier to get around the binder. The sub tabs were easier to spot. I liked the binders that incorporated colored backgrounds. They are very appealing to the viewer. I also loved the one about the music student. I liked that she had videos, songs, and other things attached to her portfolio. It is a great way to show viewers what her talents and capabilities are. I love that they provide great organization and a wonderful way to present a personal portfolio. I like the reference and activity included in one of the binders. It would show how an applicant views themselves. I also really like the practicum portfolio. It demonstrates a great way to organize lesson plans.I don't like the tabs and sub tabs at the top. The sub tabs are less noticeable. I don't like the binders without a cover-page. A good cover page catches the eye of the viewer quickly and establishes a first impression. They should all have one. There really isn't much that I did not like about the binders. I see the potential in using live binders, and I really love the capabilities.
2/7/2016 13:38:32Kristi HertingI found it interesting to see the student portfolios, especially those that had movies or music included, but was most interested in the high school template portfolio. Our school is looking at updating some of our Exit Interview procedures, and I will be presenting at the next Professional Development day on Live Binders, and how they might be used. I think the template portfolio included will be great to show the staff, as we would need to create something similar for our students to access and refer to if we decide to require them to create a LiveBinder eportfolio.I felt that in the video the teacher made to help the 5th graders "fancy up" the portfolios they would be using the following year, the teacher could/should have included some tips for kids that might run into diffuculties in the process. When I was attempting to change my binder cover, I had trouble with the pop-up blocker preventing me from seeing some of the options. I think it would have been good if the teacher had added some trouble-shooting information for the kids, in case they had similar problems.
3/4/2016 12:55:11Lori JensenI really liked the binders used as eportfolios that I looked at. I thought they would be great to use in a language arts class or as a students portfolio for the year. Also, I would be fun for the students to create a binder to use for their school career. I didn't find things I did not like. However, I would like my students to set up LiveBinders and see if they are as easy for them to use as was shown in the video.
3/5/2016 14:08:55Matthew BakerI really liked the layout of Dean Mantz's portfolio. It looked quite professional. I also used left-side tabs and changed their colors. I must have overlooked this feature earlier, but as I was looking at Foundations of English portfolio, I realized you can input text directly into a page without having to upload a document. That's nice, although I can's say I'm overly impressed with the formatting options.I haven't yet been convinced of the usefulness of LiveBinders for my purposes. For my position, it's unlikely I would use LiveBinders for student portfolios. There's a possibility I might use it to organize a group of resources for a specific project to be used in class. The idea of using it for a professional portfolio isn't bad, but I think an actual website provides more options.
3/9/2016 10:48:08Linda IrickI like the idea of kids creating their own live binders about what they have learned in a given year and then having the opportunity to share that learning with their parents at a conference. This gives the students some ownership of learning and it gives them the idea that it is not just what they have done that is important, but what they have learned. I also like that this portfolio can be shared with anyone who has the code, thereby giving grandparents and other important people in the child's life an opportunity to view important learning. In the video, I would have liked for the students to have a tab where they had control of what to include after they had included all of the material that the teacher felt was important.
3/15/2016 13:37:22Natasha GaultE-portfolios provide students with the ability to connect all of their learning into a single location. With the ability to link to videos, Prezi, Google Docs, etc., LiveBinders offers continuity to unite a student's learning. The LiveBinder titled, My Learning Portfolio (template), seemed to be a great starting point for organizing student portfolios. It could be adapted to any course or content.Formatting seems to be an important consideration for establishing an e-portfolio. The lack of pull down menus is perhaps the only part of LiveBinders that disappoints me. Rather than a pull down menu, the sub-tabs are listed directly under the tab. This does not seem to be a modern technological method.
3/15/2016 14:43:53Melissa GoodI really like the idea of using the binders to have each student showcase their own work during the school year in each subject area. How fun to be able to prefect their work and submit it to their portfolio to share with others. There are so many different ways to set it up and upload various types of work to it. It is interesting to look through and see how they are formatted differently and see how things are utilized differently based on the subject they are covering. It really seemed geared toward classroom teachers, who I assume make up the majority of students enrolled in this class, but I really can see a lot of value in using LiveBinders as a counselor. I guess I touched a little on this in the pervious question. Most of the eportfolios are developed to be used in the classroom setting with students. I don't work in that environment and when I do, a tool like this is not helpful in many ways. I see myself using LiveBinders as a counselor in different ways, like in ways to organize and disseminate information to students and their parents in a way that can be helpful to them, mostly in regard to post high school planning, which I do a lot of in my position as a high school counselor. So the binders we looked at for class aren't really how I plan to use LiveBinders in the work I do in the education system.
3/15/2016 15:40:33Julie HickeyThey were of such variety that I think I would be able to get information and ideas about nearly any topic I was interested in.Most were not at the level I teach. I would have to adjust many sheets.
3/15/2016 15:59:45Lisa Jensenstyles varied
inviting and colorful
easily organized and attractive to look at
appear quite professional
Not a lot of variety
when teaching special education, not a lot of resources
nothing to do with direct instruction
3/15/2016 16:04:49Julie HickeyThey were of such variety that I think I would be able to get information and ideas about nearly any topic I was interested in.Most were not at the level I teach. I would have to adjust many sheets.
3/15/2016 22:02:18Shari HerringtonI like how you can personalize the binders and make them as in-depth as you want. I particularly liked one about an ESL teaching experience. She highlighted every aspect of her experience from teaching logs to sample work from students. It was very detailed and impressive.

I had to create an electronic portfolio on CD as a requirement for graduation with my education degree. This format is SO much easier to do! Technology has come a long way.
To be honest, I have not seen many things that I haven't liked. Each portfolio is unique in it's own way. The creators of the binders/portfolios can make them how they want. I like that it is not cookie cutter - room for creativity is fantastic.
3/16/2016 16:20:35James E. HickeyI not only looked over the portfolio LiveBinders but also many of the featured ones. I was very impressed by how organized the binders were by using tabs, sub tabs and base tabs. By using the tabs it follows a systematic pattern that was easy to understand. By also using the tabs some of the binders have a tremendous amount of information.
I also liked the appearance of the featured binders. The covers are colorful and have a picture that communicates the topic. Some of the authors changed the colors of all the tabs and that also improved the appearance.
I liked the variety of media in some of the binders. Some had colorful PDF. They also had pictures and short Youtube videos.
There really wasn't anything I didn't like about the binders. There were some I didn't explore in depth because I was not interested in the topic or it was not at the grade level I teach.
3/21/2016 22:53:36Lynn GraumanI liked how many of the binders were organized. One of the binders included the teacher's lesson plans, unit plans, and daily reflections. Many of the binders had tabs that were easy to understand and allowed me to navigate though the them easily. Some of the binders were organized poorly. The tabs were unclear and often times led to little or no information (or links that were no longer working).
3/29/2016 15:22:33janel loneYou can make it as simple or complex as you want. You can let your creative juices flow or make it simple and straight forward.I like the variety and ease of doing it. I don't have a lot of time to add things.
3/29/2016 15:24:02Shelby HendricksonWhat I really like about the binders is the sense of organization. I love for everything to be organized so this is a great way to stay organized. I also fee that it is very easy for students to put together and share their own knowledge. It is very easy to look through and find the things that you need to by looking at the links. Honestly, there wasn't a lot that I did not like about the portfolios I viewed. If I had to choose one thing, I would say some of the portfolios look somewhat boring and don't grad my attention.
3/29/2016 18:58:20Jason SaveyThe organization of the binders stood out to me the most. Even with some of them being filled with A LOT of information, it was still easy to navigate through. I also liked all the creative and different ways that the binders can be used; from personal use, to professional use, and most important to me...student use.I really can't say there was anything that I didn't like about the binders. Each one had a specific purpose and they were all effective in conveying information about their topic. Some binders were more attractive than others though.
4/3/2016 15:11:14Sarah SeverI looked at a Template for a learning portfolio. I liked this LiveBinder because I think this would be a great starting place for students to create their own ePortfolio. It included some of the following tabs: About Me, Writing, Reading, and other subject areas. Students would easily be able to edit and change this template to suit their needs. I believe parents would love to see students work through LiveBinders and it would be great to see the amount of growth students have had throughout their third grade year. I love the idea of an ePortfolio for students. There isn't much I didn't like. One question I have though is whether or not students can access them after they leave my class. I assume that they can, but this would be important because I would want them to take what they did in my class and be able to use it and access it in later years. One thing I saw on one of the ePortfolios were the tabs and sub tabs organized along the side. I definitely think that I like them along the top better, but that is just a personal preference.
4/14/2016 6:48:18Genevieve KlinkhammerI liked the binders that used top tabs and utilized color. Bullet points, I use them always! So - I love that this is a feature that can be used. The more pictures incorporated the more ownership was present. The assignment upload is just as easy as using Google. I don't like scrolling from side to side. It drives me nuts that a picture has to be scrolled side to side to see everyone! I also didn't like the very formal setting, but I also understand the importance of professionalism, and what pulls in the upper grades is not what always works for the primary grades.

*Be careful of overload.
4/15/2016 12:52:36Amy BrooksThis was a nice collection of binders showing a wide variety of ways that LiveBinders can be used. I tend to be more drawn to the ones that are more colorful and have more visual interest. I liked how Dean Mantz used a variety of colors for his tabs. My favorite binder was definitely the Music Tech Portfolio! I thought it was really neat that Emily was able to upload her commercial, original song recording, etc.
I like that this platform is so versatile and can be used in so many different ways. It's very user friendly and that makes a it great option to use with students. I'm feeling inspired to find a way to incorporate LiveBinders into my classroom!
I can't say that there was much that I didn't like about the portfolios. I guess if I had to say something, it would be that a few of them were visually dull and could have been "jazzed up" a little more. The color and layout options are fairly basic in the free mode.
4/19/2016 13:24:10Sarah Weber It is very interesting to see all the different ways people organize their binders. Its giving me more ideas on how to organize mine. I feel like the more organized it is, the more I will use it. I also liked being able to navigate thru other's binders easily - it made me want to keep looking! The ones that did not have interest to me where of course hard to look thru, simply because they didn't pertain to me. Some of the links were old which happens too. The ones that stuck out were colorful, organized, and full of information that I am interested in such as differentiation and technology!
4/27/2016 20:43:27Nicole AhlbergSome of the things I liked was the set up of the different binders. I liked when the tabs were on the top and color coded. I also liked when there was brief description of the activity under the tab. It gave a quick overview of what I was going to look at. Some of the binders had some nice pictures to go with their information and that was also helpful to look at. I also like sample work incorporated into the directions to help guide students in what is expected of them.I do not like it when the information in the binder tabs gets too wordy. When the LiveBinder spends too much time in describing the activity the directions get confusing. I prefer short explanations with various idea marked for easy recognition.
5/11/2016 9:12:46Lynsay GranbergI liked that it looked like there were many different options to use. Being an Art teacher I like the capability of creating and designing a binder that is truly yours and not just generic.I do like that there are different options to design and create your binder your own way, but I wish there was more to pick from. A lot of the binders seemed really boring to me. That may just be the user but they did not hold my attention for very long before I wanted to move on.
5/23/2016 20:44:43Jennifer DoyleI really enjoyed the uniqueness of each binder. The fact that most of the examples had an About Me Tab to tell a little about each of the creators of the binders was also neat. I really liked the Music Tech Binder and how it was set up. It was very simple, yet highlighted important aspects of that student's particular class. It felt authentic to me and seemed like a student actually set it up and implemented the binder. It didn't have too much information, but just enough to paint a picture of that particular student. I love the Wordle idea to create a unique cover for your binder portfolio in the Engineering Portfolio.I felt that some of the binders were a little too busy and confusing. For instance the Dean Mantz Binder had lots of neat information, but it was a little overwhelming. I think you can create an adequate snapshot of yourself while keeping it simple. There wasn't anything I really dislike majorly. Each example gave a different approach to what may be included in a portfolio that I can take and manipulate for my own needs in my classroom.
6/3/2016 10:49:48Tammy LaPorteThere is a lot of great content out there. I have found a new resource for finding materials for my classroom and other areas of my life. Some are constructed very well and some are just pieced together. We have to remember that these sites are created by humans and you have to with all resources verify its content and validate. After all isn't that what we teach our students.

I didn't really come across anything directly that I didn't like, just varying degrees of quality.
6/9/2016 15:49:43Shanon ManleyI liked some of the different organization techniques people used. I also like the differing ideas I saw within. I think it could be a useful idea of my students to keep for different things in their classes - I am going to teach a freshmen class this year, maybe they can build a binder for each year and put important documents in there, also see how my creative writing kids could create the online portfolio instead of printing and placing in a hard cover binder.I thought much of it was impersonal. There are a lot of things that could be added to make it much more appealing and maybe with time, I could figure all of that out as well. I like the binder to be representative of the person involved when we do the ones in Creative Writing.
6/11/2016 8:43:59Lila MoellerBeing able to put all my professional documents in an ePortfolio is wonderful. I like that I can have all the various parts (resume, references, transcripts, etc) in different tabs making it easier to locate the information when needed.
I also saw there were templates for various LiveBinders. What a great tool to help a newbie get started.
Some of the ePortfolios were extremely complicated. There was an index of Tabs down the left side to take you to the item but then there was another link on that page to take you to the actual item you wanted. That made it somewhat cumbersome to use. The ePortfolios with the tabs and sub tabs across the top were easier to navigate.
6/18/2016 9:52:56Lisa HuntThese binders all had some great qualities! I really liked the ones that included sample lessons that they have had success with and were willing to share. By including those, they are highlighting the work that they have come up and allowing other teachers to share in their success. I also really liked the layout and organization of these binders. The tabs were appropriately named and the subtabs were easy to navigate through.While it is great to add subtabs and include a lot of information, one of the binders I was looking at seemed to almost have too many subtabs. When I first saw the page, it was intimidating to see all of the information they wanted to include. Just like in a physical binder, we don't always want to include everything, otherwise our organization system can't keep up. If I had a tab that had too many subtabs I think I would try to create more main tabs, but make them each more specific. That way, there hopefully wouldn't be so many subtabs underneath them.
6/26/2016 15:31:12Nicole Anderson-Gappa*How some used pictures to enhance the content
*How some tabs had an explanation of the content listed in each tab
*How some e-portfolios had links to their professional blogs
*How some of the text does not appear on my screen (it would run off the side of my screen instead of formatted to fit)
*Some e-portfolios used to much color and it appeared to be visually chaotic while viewing
7/2/2016 19:12:31Jeremy WrightI really liked the ability to collect and include examples of learning. I also really appreciate the opportunity for students to self-evaluate and reflect on learning. I think that as a teacher, the amount of time saved in putting together an ePortfolio that each student can then work on independently and collaborate with both teacher and peers seems very engaging.
I also feel like compiling a Portfolio is a skill that will benefit students as they are encouraged to become more analytical and critical.
I am struggling with something I haven't really been able to identify. Something about the LiveBinders doesn't seem user-friendly and I think that students will struggle. As I reflect on this feeling, I begin to wonder if it has more to do with a type of person. What I mean to say is that I feel like my brain wants something more tangible.
Other than this elusive fear, I really like the overall idea and method.
7/13/2016 20:17:23Sadie BossertI really liked how some people set up their personal portfolios. Some of them looked very professional, and most of them were easy to navigate. I enjoyed seeing the personalities of each individual, from the color choices to the pictures they used. The only thing I did not like was the way some people set their portfolios up. Some looked very sloppy, like the creator did not put time into developing it. I think if you plan to use this as a resume or resource for your professional development, you need to work hard to make everything look polished.
7/25/2016 11:15:16Kayla KrauseI enjoyed navigating through a binder that was completed. It was interesting to see that simple changes can really show individuals personality. The tabs, for the most part, were easy to navigate. I also enjoyed seeing the different uses. My favorite, however, was the My Learning Portfolio template. It made it easy to visualize how my own could be set up.As with any website, powerpoint, or even printed material, some pages seemed to be a bit overwhelming with content. Some also seems to have colors that were not appealing to my eye. To each their own :)!
8/4/2016 10:55:54Sara CulverI liked the Music Tech binder because it was set up in simpler way. I'm a person that feels like less is more. Simple descriptions are clearer than overly wordy ones.
I also liked Tamara Rodney's practicum binder. She did a good job of pairing visual aids with written descriptions.
The Buhler High School binder is a great set up for students to follow and complete their own binder.
I did not like Dean Mantz's binder. It felt claustrophobic when I looked at it. There seemed to be too much going on. Some of the pages had so much happening that they were very slow loading.

I also did not like Shelly Sanchez's portfolio. I was turned off immediately by her bio page. When I read a bio page I don't want to see half of it in a different color as links. That is what the tabs and sub tabs are for. The links make it very messy for reading and unprofessional in my opinion.
8/8/2016 23:22:51Lynne BrownI liked the organization of the student portfolios. The instructions were there for students to follow. The professional binders with resumes and such were very complete. There were the right amount of sub tabs to go with each main tab so that it didn't look cluttered. Liked that the one was an ongoing portfolio over the years. Think that would be a true eportfolio that would show progress especially in my area.i think some of the binders for promoting themselves were a little busy. There was one binder that seemed more concerned with the technology and playing with the live binder itself than with the content of the eportfolio.
8/11/2016 12:11:03Candee CloosI like the fact that you can share things that are important to you. You can have a place to store the work that you do. I also like the fact that this gives students a way to show off how they have worked throughout the year.This might now go with this question, but as I worked on my portfolio and added conI think that the eportfolio is a a great idea as my own children could have used this device to share projects. I didn't really find anything that I disliked with the idea of the eportfolio or others that I reviewed.
8/31/2016 15:43:33Kelley GruneichThe binders that I looked at were very organzied and a great way for people seeking employment to have their possible employers see some great information about them. I can also see how this would be a great resource for any student teacher as they are looking for that first teaching position. I see this as something that you could give to the principal and hopefully they would be able to see all of your accomplishments.

I can also see this as a great resource for parents. A teacher can give out the URL to the homeroom parents and they can link all of the important classroom information and upcoming events to it so parents are more aware of what is happening in the classroom.
At this point I really liked the binders that I looked at. One thing I did notice is that it would take some time getting used to the program and learning how to be proficient at it so that you could successfully integrate it into a classroom, however once that was done, I think it would be a great resource for parents, administration, and other teachers.
10/27/2016 16:08:57Agapito (Pete) CabreraI found that there were as many styles out there as there are personalities.
I really appreciated that there were a good variety of different ones. This way I could choose the one(s) that fit me the best. In some cases I borrowed ideas from several until mine was what I wanted it to reflect.
I really can't say that I didn't like any portion of Unit 3. On the contrary. I think that it was just a logical conclusion that businesses would eventually like web-based portfolios. I really appreciated this aspect of LiveBinders.
I'm not the type that likes to be left behind in regards to technology. So anything that helps make me more marketable for future job is much appreciated. Thank you!
11/18/2016 9:43:23Traci MooreI liked that there were such a wide variety of ways to use the Livebinder. I was honestly thinking this was a very complex resume of sorts before I opened some of them and realized what a great way it is to organize resources. I remember preparing years ago to be on maternity leave and trying to provide not just lesson plans, but resources, files, and all sorts of things (that I eventually just left my computer with all of my passwords-which I was not comfortable with) and this would have been able to provide all of those things-yet limit exactly what was available.The only thing that I am not liking right now is that I am not sure if I would use this resource enough to pay for the updgrade to have more binders and the option of the basetabs.
11/19/2016 21:12:07Stacie BiggerstaffI really liked several aspects of the binders. First of all, I think it is a great idea to use these binders at conferences. The students could explain to their parents what kinds of things they are doing. This is what several of the teachers did in the examples. I especially liked the Foundations of English Portfolio where the teacher had the students comment about their fluency, comprehension, writing, etc. They could then upload their work to show examples. I liked the portfolio where the students had to pick their best pieces of work to showcase over their four years of high school too. I would even like my kindergartners to do this with some of their work. It would be a great way for students to be active participants. I really like the idea of having a privacy key. This way the students can give access to only the people they really want to see it.

In addition, I like how these portfolios can be used for personal resumes, professional development, student teaching, practicums, future employment, colleges, etc. I also liked how Emily Waller made a Music Technology Portfolio. This would be a great thing to include when filling out scholarships for college in my opinion. It would be nice for every Senior to make one and include things like volunteer work, jobs, grades, extracurricular activities, etc.

I did not find very many things I disliked. I think it really depends on the grade level as to how you would create these portfolios and binders. For example, I would not be able to use a brainstorming sheet for my kindergartners because this would be too difficult for them to accomplish. This would be great for older students though. For me, the time management piece is what worries me. It seems as if there is not enough time in the school day to get everything done, and this would take a lot of time for me to implement. I would need to come up with a simpler way if I was going to have my kindergartners create portfolios or I would need to get someone to assist me. On a final note, if these portfolios are going to be shared, the students would want to make sure everything was polished and free of errors especially if potential employers are going to be looking at them.

12/1/2016 19:18:06Christy RandallI really liked how someone had links to all their social media. They had their facebook, twitter, email, etc. I thought was really neat. I also like how some had their resume on there along with presentations that they might want to share with others.I didn't like how some had all their curriculum on the same binder as their bio and about me information. I know they were on seperate tabs but I think that maybe some of that information needs to be in its own binder. I think sometimes we can get too much in our binders and it gets too cluttered. Not quite sure how to go about making sure my binder doesn't look like this and includes too much information.
12/1/2016 21:02:53Jenny LundYou can tell that some people had spent a lot of time with the personalization of the binders. Using colored tabs and setting up using graphics on the binders made each on interesting. I like the whole idea of the organization of it. Its nice to navigate through websites all from one binder.There were a few portfolios that I looked at that did not have any sites or information attached to the tabs, and were apparently not completed. It is a little frustrating to hit dead links or empty tabs.
1/4/2017 14:07:24Jackie Jessop RisingThe last binder I looked at, Tamar Rodney's ESL Practicum looked more like a regular website than a LiveBinder (the same with Tori Lewis's creative writing binder). I like the formatting options that LiveBinder has so that users can personalize the binders. These binders were also good examples of using the sub-tab. I had been having difficulty coming up with how one would use a tab and a sub-tap. The creative writing portfolios were good examples.There was nothing in the way of the LiveBinders tool that I did not like. Some of the binders may not have appealed to be because of grammar errors or colors, but nothing regarding the content.
1/11/2017 19:29:26Jennifer AldrenI like that the binders have a simplified organizational format that would be easily used for colleagues who are not as "tech savvy". This truly makes navigation easy. I like the idea of being able to save sites and resources in an organized manner, rather than just adding it to my hundreds of bookmarked sites on my browser.I wish there were more ways to visually customize the binders. I would like to see more binders with unique text and photo placement, as well as a variety of fonts and sizes, to make it more visually attractive and appealing.
2/8/2017 13:57:58Marie SteckelbergThe various ways in which to organize the tabs, able to upload artifacts, able to personalize it. It range from simple to complex.I don't think there was really anything I absolutely did not like.
2/13/2017 7:45:43Jessica PapkeIt was nice to see examples of an e-Portfolio of an educator and to see examples of student e-Portfolio. It was great to see how a teacher one would like versus how a student one would like. I liked out how the e-Portfolios were organized with tabs and sub tabs and they were easy to access and navigate. I also liked how the examples had personal tabs and about me tabs which would allow an educator/student to tell about him/her and personalize his/her own e-Portfolio that themselves and is meaningful to them. The examples of the e-Portfolios had great instructions and details about what the teacher wants the student to put in his/her e-Portfolio as well as student expectations. It gave me a lot of great ideas and tips on how to set up my own student e-Portfolio and personal e-Portfolio.There honestly wasn’t anything that I disliked. I thought the e-Portfolios were set up well and were very well organized. When I clicked on a few examples, I noticed there was text, but not much for graphics. To make them more appealing, I felt they could use a little more graphics and color, otherwise, they all seemed set up in a way that would fit their students and their classes. Some of the binders could use a cover to make them more appealing as well. The tabs and sub tabs were easy to navigate, but it felt like a couple of the binders had a few too many sub tabs which could be overwhelming when looking through them. On the other hand a few of the examples of the student e-Portfolios that I looked at didn’t have too many tabs and sub tabs and seemed that they wouldn’t be too hard or overwhelming for a student to use.
2/14/2017 8:42:24Erin CoxI liked how you could tailor a binder to what exactly you wanted. I enjoyed that some schools put up templates of portfolios that they wanted students to use for classes. I was impressed with the portfolios that had color, pictures, and videos embedded in the livebinders. Some of the binders seems plain and unexciting. The binders without color schemes did not appear to be as eye catching as those that had color themes to them.
2/17/2017 11:26:51Matt OsborneWOW!!!! There are so many cool binders out there. I really liked how easy it was to navigate though each of the binders. I also liked how visual all the binders are. Since I teach kindergarten I wish it was a little more kid friendly for 5 and 6 year old kids.
3/6/2017 14:33:20Lisa DanforthI loved that students can divide their work into categories. I'm a very organized person, so that really appealed to me. I like that they could do a portfolio and show friends and family exactly what they did in school. They can also discuss with them what they really liked the best while they were learning new things. I feel that to do this with my students, they need to be more computer savvy. We only get 30 minutes per week in the computer lab. It would be very time consuming for my students to make an eportfolio.
3/7/2017 14:07:57Skye BrucklacherI like that all of them are creative and can be customized however the individual wants. The options are really endless with an eportfolio.They are a little time consuming to construct. They would definitely be a task for older students, but great to keep all your activities and projects in one space as you get older. With an ePortfolio things have a chance to get overlooked and unclicked. I like to look at a traditional portfolio.
3/13/2017 15:23:50Lindsey TietzMost of the binders were easy to navigate, colorful, and a great way to organize. I really like the binder that lends itself to being a student project (or an idea for one). The variety of uses of the binders is great! I liked the tabs that went vertically down the left hand side, they appeared very professional. The things that I did not care for on some of the binders were tabs that were lots of different colors, they appeared messy and inconsistent. Some binders seemed incomplete. Overall, they all seemed useful in their own way.
3/13/2017 15:33:20Sarah HantenI found many of the binders to be full of valuable information, some of which could be very applicable to my courses. Of course some were much more visually appealing than others. They are all extremely user friendly with the various tabs and subtabs to click on and immediately we see the information. Some were very personalized with various pictures and other personal information, which was neat to relate the whole person to his/her creation.It was frustrating to go to one of the binders that I thought might be interesting to view and find that there were no subtabs or links showing. Otherwise there really was not anything I did not like; they all seemed to have valuable information and resources, depending on the unit/task/assignment at hand.
3/17/2017 15:57:20Mike O'ConnellI liked how this could be an organization piece. So many great features to all of these binders. Very user friendly and my students would really enjoy incorporating livebinders into our learning.I just think with tabs and subtabs I would have difficulties keeping all the information organized in the right place. Some were way overboard with the information.
3/19/2017 11:41:43Kendra BenedettoI enjoyed the variety and differences in each binder I viewed. Many of them were very organized and visually appealing. Viewing the various binders gave me ideas of what I'd like to try with my own binder. One of my favorite features that I stumbled upon in one of the binders was the use of embedded video. I thought that added some unique flair.Some of the binders I viewed appeared disorganized and were not visually appealing. I feel that if I were to use my LiveBinder as an ePortfolio I would try my best to make it appear organized and visually appealing. I will keep my tab labels simple and not too wordy. I think my students would find some of the features a little to picky or difficult to use.
3/20/2017 16:53:18Samantha FosterI loved how organized these binders could be! Having everything at easy access is appealing to me. Rather than having bookmarks all over the place, this is a great way to put all info in one spot.Not all the binders were particularly organized or seemingly finished. Not all the tabs seemed consistent on some of them; I would like a more organized fashion when building my own.
3/27/2017 6:40:14Ashlie JacobsI liked how it easily organized all the the info that was needed to be in the binder. You could easily see what was all included in the portfolios. I liked how they used images to dress it up. It is very easy to get to the material you are looking for. I definitely like the binders with images for the portfolio, probably because I am a visual person. I personally prefer the tabs at the top. Some of the words in different tabs were cut off and not sure why that was. Wondering if the user used to big of a font.
4/10/2017 19:32:15Carly LoganI liked that an ePortfolio could be a place to keep all relevant, professional information in one place. The ePortfolios that I looked at were organized and would be beneficial if sharing your professional information with someone.

In college, we were required to make a portfolio. Mine looked more like a scrapbook, with photos and student work samples. I feel as though the ePortfolio would be much more up to date as well as professional.
I do not currently feel the need for a professional ePortfolio, but like the potential to build one in the future!
4/14/2017 20:49:09Jeremy SchultzDean Mantz had a very colorful and organized binder, showing off a lot of the features in LiveBinders.
I liked the use of fonts and text-sizes. Playing around with my own binders, I haven't tried these functions yet.
I appreciated the organization and the flow of the binders. It reminds me that I will need to focus on my own organization when creating binders.
I loved how each binder is unique. The binders are customizable and allow each creator to be as creative as they can.
One thing that I didn't see but will probably see in the future is that these binders can always be updated and added to. They aren't final.
I liked seeing that you can make your livebinder pages come to life by adding a simple webpage. There were times that I forgot I was looking at webpage and thought it was all custom content.
There are a few things I don't like at the moment. I wish that the pages scrolled better and weren't confined to a small box. Some of the images that people posted were too large and you had to scroll around to view the image, rather than being able to see it all at once. I wish that we had the option to add more pages to a sub-tab than creating a sub-tab for every single page that you want to create. For example: if I wanted to upload 3 pages, I would have to upload each page under 3 separate sub-tabs; unless there is a way to do this, I would like to know.