Show NumberRelease DateWhen to find the Award in the showIssue(s) CoveredCo-hostCo-host's PickShag's PickWinning Character(s) / MomentWinner: Co-host or Shag?How was the award winner decided?Honorable mentions & Also-rans
13/20/20161h 10m 00sJustice League 1 (May 1987)Ryan Daly (sounding VERY tired and/or full of cold)Oberon jumping on Guy & mauling his faceGuy comparing J'onn to the Jolly Green GiantOberonCo-hostThere was a moment of mutual surrender, before Shag graciously allowed Ryan to win.The cover itself, the fight with the terorists, Batman parting the crowds like the Red Sea.
24/24/20161h 11m 47sJustice League 2 (June 1987)Michael BaileyDr Light's sarcasm at Batman saying "Please" after a request.Guy & Batman arguing. BatmanShagMichael Bailey agrees with Shag's choice.-
35/22/201659m 23sJustice League 3 (July 1987)Tim WallaceBatman calling back on a previous Star Trek referenceThe Blue Beetle Bug screeching to a halt in mid-air to avoid entering Soviet air-space. The Bug ShipShagShag allows Tim to make the call: he selects the air brake moment-
46/19/20161h 54m 03SJustice League 4 (August 1987)Mike GillisGuy, in the dark, mocking Batman by holding up Bat-ears to the side of his headBooster knocks out the Royal Flush Gang's TenBooster GoldShagIt was decided by Rock, Paper, Scissors. Yeah, really. -
57/17/20161h 49m 37s Justice League 5 (September 1987) aka "The One with the One Punch"Chris FranklinBlack Canary's reaction to the infamous "One Punch" incident....Shag concurs!Black CanaryBoth!Mutual agreement. Peace & Universal Harmony break out across the podcast.Creeper with the paint in the tree (possibly offered up ironically!)
Meanwhile: Annual #18/11/20161h 16m 07sJustice League Annual 1 (1987)Diabolu FrankUnder sufferance, Frank picks either the line about Southern Californian people being mindless drones, or Beetle's line about having monthly nervous breakdowns... but honestly, his heart isn't in it.Batman allowing a discussion that gives the illusion that the team members are contributing to the decision making process, when he's already decided what is going to happen next. BatmanShagAs Frank is "being such a dillweed", Shag awards himself the win. Shag also states that "usually, I'd give it to the guest". Results thus far prove this to be inaccurate.Star Trek/Twilight Zone confusion, Guy / Batman banter about monitor duty, Beetle talking about having nervous breakdowns, Booster failing to impress Black Canary, Dr Light kissing Batman, Mister Miracle comparing himself to Christ.
68/26/20161h 06m 20sJustice League 6 (October 1987)J. David WeterThe dialogue after J'onn knocks Captain Marvel against a wallBlack Canary disputing her rescue by Mister MiracleCaptain MarvelCo-hostShag is talked into relenting
710/2/20161h 07m 02sJustice League International 7 (November 1987) Doug ZawiszaMister Miracle interrupts his own eulogyScott Free on monitor duty taking phone abuse from Big Barda.Mister MiracleShagDoug folds like a cheap suit-
810/30/20161h 16m 28sJustice League International 8 (December 1987) aka "The One with the first Bwah-Ha-Ha"Patrick PenceThe actual, original "Bwah-Ha-Ha" explosion as Booster fails to close the deal with Catherine Colbert...Shag concurs!Booster Gold & Blue BeetleBoth!Mutual agreement. Peace & Universal Harmony might've broken out across the podcast, had Shag not called his co-host "obnoxious".-
912/4/20161h 3m 54sJustice League International 9 (January 1988)Chad BokelmanThe Manhunter taking Mister Miracle literally and repeating himself.Blue Beetle writing the word HELP in his breath on the glass of the BugThe Rocket Red Manhunter (Rocket Red #7)Co-hostChad challenges Shag's selection and Shag acknowledges that there's more laughs to be had from Chad's choice.The ship stopping in mid-air, but the Manhunter's momentum carryign him forward, Scott Free tinkering with the back of an oblivious Manhunter's head.
101/1/20171h 54m 47sJustice League International 10 (February 1988)Michel FiffeHawkman mocking Hawkwoman. G'nortt's introduction.The HawksCo-hostMichel tugs at Shag's heartstrings around Hawkwoman no longer being in the DCU. But Shag's so deferential to Michel throughout the show, this was only ever going to go one way.-
113/12/20171h 17m 16sJustice League International 11 (March 1988)Kyle BenningBooster throwing up and Beetle joking about Moby Dick... "Thar she blows!"Dinah and Dimitri meeting for the first time.Booster GoldCo-hostShag immediately relents to the more gut-busting humour of Blue & Gold-
124/16/20171h 26m 00sJustice League International 12 (April 1988)Thom ZahlerScott & Beetle chatting so much, the Bug nearly smashes into the side of a mountain. Martian Manhunter drily reminds them less chatter, more flyingGuy calling Metron "Metronome"Martian ManhunterCo-hostShag's moment is dismissed as a "Bwah", rather than a "Bwah Ha Ha"Star Trek references between Ted & Scott
137/9/20171h 23m 08sJustice League International 13 (May 1988)Aaron "Head" MossA mirrored joke between Oberon / Batman and then Rick Flagg / Amanda Waller : Oberon / Flagg talk about Bats/Waller needing a psychiatrist, then saying they misheard the word podiatrist. (It's a hard one to explain... you had to be there. Just read the damn book!)...Shag concurs!An Oberon / Rick Flagg tie!Both!Mutual Agreement. Peace and Universal Harmony breakout across the podcast. Shag says this is the second time consensus has happened... but it's actually the third time!-
148/20/20171h 06m 15sJustice League International 14 (June 1988)Xum YukinoriG'nort's line "Gosh, I ddn't know power rings could sigh"The omniscient narrator's hyperbole filled opening monologueThe Omniscient NarratorShagXum wriggles on the hook, even offering up an alternative moment, but Shag pulls rank and claims the win.Barda putting mayonaise in the lasagna
1510/22/201749m 07sJustice League International 15 (July 1988) ... and NOT March 1988 as Shag says in the show intro.Jay JonesExchange between Manga Kahn & his robot lackey, where Manga issues several rhetorical "WHAAAT?!" outbursts.The long set up of the missing Guy Gardner. The final reveal is that Guy is hanging out and bugging Batman.Guy Gardner & BatmanShagJay just rolls over and Shag is only to happy to claim victoryEl-Ron talking about warm milk.
Meanwhile: Annual #211/19/20171h 04m 16sJustice League Annual 2 (1988)Jarrod AlberichBatman showing up at the very end, seeing all the chaos, saying "No. Not today", and driving away....Shag concurs!BatmanBoth!Mutual Agreement. Peace and Universal Harmony breakout across the podcast. There's even a write in vote for this gag.The Emmett Kelley joke, Guy trying to help with the barbecue grill, The Embassy freezer exclusively for J'onn's Eskimo Pies, Fire talking to Ice about her faux air of insecurity. Ice's "Nordic Look" trumping Bea at the modelling agency. The Joker's mercurial description of his first kill at the restaurant
161/21/20181h 29m 33sJustice League International 16 (August 1988)Mike HarlowBooster & Beetle left behind in the hotel room. They want to be Bond, but they're really Abbott and Costello.Batman, Beetle & Booster arguing about air sickness, vomit on shoes and inappropriate use of codenames on undercover missions. (Booster vomiting is becoming a running theme...)Booster Gold & Blue BeetleCo-hostShag relents. A little reluctantly, but it's a relatively easy win for Mike, which he tries to milk for all it's worth.-
173/18/20181h 13m 23sJustice League International 17 (September 1988)Joe CaseyThe reveal of Wandjina in the alleyway. Fire in her underwear rescued by Booster who stares at her behindWandjinaCo-hostJoe plays the "But I make comics" card... and Shag has no defence.Beetle giving a story recap on Wandjina.
184/15/20181h 06m 59sJustice League International 18 (October 1988)Rob WilliamsThe cover : Guy's "Stan Laurel" look at the menace of Lobo.Lobo threatening to kill Rocket Red, and G'nortt commenting about the effect on Dimitri's family.G'norttShagCanadian Rob WIlliams demures to politeness and allows Shag's nominee to go throughThe narrator's introduction, G'nortt checking his handbook.
195/13/20181h 31m 15sJustice League International 19 (November 1988)David GallaherBooster & Beetle character-rich disussions as they try to draft new League members. Guy asleep in Booster's force bubble, butt in the air, drooling against the side of the forcefieldGuy GardnerShagDavid had already mentioned this moment as his runner up, so the decision was an easy one-
206/24/20181h 29m 30sJustice League International 20 (December 1988)Luke DaabHawkman being a blowhard after Blue Beetle curses... mildly.Argument between J'onn and BardaHawkmanCo-hostLuke's lengthy explanation of his gag fails to win over Shag, but he permits Hawkman through as his time in the book is limited. Luke recognises the halfhearted nature of the win.-
Summer Sampler7/7/20182h 41m 22sMister Miracle Special (1987)Chris FranklinBarda punches her husband off panelFunky Flashman's outrageously worded contractBig BardaCo-hostShag immediately grants the award to Chris' pick, perhaps because it's an abbreviated episode.-
217/29/20181h 09m 39sJustice League International 21 (No cover date - Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey?)SiskoidNo-one wants to hear about the forthcoming "Invasion".Oberon coming across Darkseid, who is relaxing in an easy chair.DarkseidShagShag protests wildly and Siskoid comes around, having previously identified the moment as one of his favourites in the issue.Batman commenting on Rocket Red's integration into US culture.
228/19/20181h 19m 22sJustice League International 22 (1988)Paul HixOberon running up the stairs as the tiny Khunds start shooting at up, yelling "Run Away!"Oberon dropping a bowling ball down the stairs at the tiny Khunds with an evil look of retribution on his faceOberonBoth!Amongst slim pickings in this issue, Paul suggests merging the two "Slight Smile" moments to form one Bwah-Ha-Ha moment. ...Shag concurs. Mutual Agreement. Peace and Universal Harmony... etc. etc.-
239/30/20181h 12m 08sJustice League International 23 (January 1989)Andrew Pottymouth LeylandAfter leading the team for many months, J'onn understands why Batman is the way he is. Guy tries to antagonize Mister Miracle, grinning a broad grin that celebrates his general dickishnessGuy GardnerShagAndy begrudgingly gives Shag the win. Shag rubs Andy's nose in it.-
2410/28/20181h 37m 33sJustice League International 24 (February 1989)Keith G. BakerBeetle & Ice chatting in the Bug. Ice reveals that in a former life, she was an Ice Goddess. After they rescue Max, Beetle reveals that he once dated an Ice Goddess... Janice from Hoboken.Guy Gardner's slow realisation that there are Khund's in the embassy.Guy Gardner ShagKeith negotiates the impossible (Shag to use the correct pronunciation of the word "Khund") by relinquishing the win.-
Meanwhile: Captain Atom12/30/20181h 17m 23sCaptain Atom: issues 10 thru 28 and Annual 2Martin GrayJack O'Lantern has Captain Atom in his power. Captain Atom gleefully shares his history... we know that he's sharing the false "Charlton" historyCaptain Atom & Jack O'LanternBoth!Shag realises that they've both kind of picked the same moment (out of a book with very few funny moments), so everybody wins. Mutual Agreement. Peace and Universal Harmony... yadda yadda yadda-
Meanwhile: Mister Miracle / Doctor Fate2/17/201949m 59sA] Mister Miracle: issues 6 thru 8Tim PriceIvo falling from the sky, wearing bunny slippers, flapping his arms in a vain attempt to increase his elevationBarda speaking to Scott on the phone about when a wouldbe kidnapper tried to threaten her. Scott is more concerned for the kidnapper's welfare.Big BardaShagTim had already identified the Barda moment as a favourite, so takes the moral high ground, and concedes to Shag.-
Meanwhile: Mister Miracle / Doctor Fate2/17/20191h 50m 55sB] Doctor Fate issues 14 & 15Mike HarlowPetey & Martian Manhunter in conversation. J'onn tells Petey that the strangeness he's witnessing from the JLI is nothing unusual... in fact, this is a Good Day.Conflict between Guy Gardner & Martian Manhunter. J'onn threatens to report Guys behaviour to Batman. Guy sulkily sits back down.Martian ManhunterTIE!Shag defers to Mike. Mike defers to Shag. A tie is declared, and J'onn - as the common link between the two jokes - is awarded the prize.-
254/14/201954m 23sA] Justice League 25Derek Crabbe (& his jacket)Booster & Beetle tit-for-tat checking on each other's welfare during a battle. (The Jacket's thought's on the Award nominee were not recorded)Beetle talking to the lab owner about "little green men from Mars", and the lab owner reminding him that J'onn J'onzz is from Mars.Booster & BeetleCo-hostShag doubts the wit of his own selection on reading it out aloudThe creepiness / jokiness o the theramin sound as they entre the sewer system. Booster referring to Beetle as "General Patton". Guy reassuring J'onn that its OK that he doesn't wear a mask.
254/14/20192h 07m 33sB] Justice League Europe 1Michael BaileyDimitri punking Animal Man by referencing classic Russian literature when telling Buddy the names of his sonsCatherine Colbert puts down Captain Atom with a solid burnCatherine ColbertShagDimitri's joke is dismissed for being too cerebral. Catherine's joke is more 'Bwah Ha Ha". And lust had nothing to do with the decision. Honest.
265/19/201930m 54s A] Justice League America 26Sean RossBeetle stabbing Max (which is apparently funny in a retroactive, schadenfreude "Screw You" to Countdown on Infinite Crisis - which NEVER. HAPPENED.)Beetle downplaying Oberon's anger at Beetle falling asleep on Monitor DutyBlue Beetle (Evil, Possessed, Creepy Beetle)Co-hostWell, it wasn't a terribly funny issue anyway. Sean is like a dog with a bone - he's not letting go of his dark, revengeful moment.
265/19/20191h 23m 21sB] Justice League Europe 2Matt EvAnimal Man puts down Captain Atom's attack against the Wild Huntsman, questioning why he hadn't done it before.Call & response gags of Elongated Man's nose-twitching and how Sue may or may not find it cute.Ralph & SueShagMatt graciously defers to ShagA visual gag of Metamorpho's hat being blown off & rescued during his fight.
276/23/1959m 27sA] Justice League America 27George O'ConnorBeetle feels impressed with himself for fighting Batman to a standstill when under the Queen Bee's hypnosis Murph, Oberon & Amanda Waller being mean to one another, then Oberon following up back at the office in his offensive description of Waller.Blue Beetle (Subdued, Unpossessed, Repentant Beetle)Co-hostGeorge proposes an arm-wrestle, but Shag LOLs at George's moment, and concedes defeat
276/23/191h 52m 41sB] Justice League Europe 3Greg AraujoThe startling & contradicting juxtaposition of Captain Atom's snarky suggestion about the team blowing up The Dome, followed by the actual destruction of The Dome in an explosion, seperated by the turn of a single comic book page. ...Shag concurs, and points out the importance of the page turn to add a vital beat to the gag.Captain Atom & Power GirlBoth!Although wanton property destruction is the theme of the joke, Mutual agreement. Peace & Universal Harmony break out.The cover gag, Ralph's gag about "Keeping his wife" and Sue's repost.
289/29/1945m 13sA] Justice League America 28Scott TiptonFinal splash page: Barda's "Holy Moley!" reaction to the mysterious green "FWASH!"...Ice reacts to the Black Hand's underwhelming, underperforming weapon.Black HandShagScott mounts no defense of his own pick and hands the win to Shag
289/29/191h 44m 13sB] Justice League Europe 4Dr AnjThe Flash hits Jack O'Lantern with a super-speed punch, Animal Man praises Wally with the running gag about how Ralph doesn't rate him as a Flash over Barry Allen. Wally interrupts, saying "Don't. Say. It!" The art & lettering really add to the pacing of this gag.Jack O'Lantern is renamed "Pumpkin Man" by Animal ManAnimal ManShagAnj advises that Shag's pick was his close runner up, so is happy to accept it as the overall winner. Also, we like that Animal Man gets a win during his short run on the JLE.
Meanwhile: Annual #310/20/1953m 55sJustice League Annual #3Al SedanoJ'Onn asks Oberon to "Write down his idea on a piece of paper, fold it up and I'll read it later."...Shag concurs!Martian ManhunterBoth!Shag says that both hosts picking the same moment happens rarely. It happens 21% of the time. Nevertheless, Mutual agreement. Peace & Universal Harmony break out across the podcast.The Man I Never Was' - Oberon seeing J'Onn in his true Martian form for the first time comments "I feel like I saw my mother naked". 'Around the World with the JLI" - The Chief wishes the plague-wrath of "Several Obnoxious Gods" down on both the US and Russia.
2911/24/1932m 40sA] Justice League America 29Bass LaBeque (?spelling of surname)Beetle wants to forget reality and return to his illusion filled with beautiful womenBeetle worries about his friend Booster Gold going through the same deprogramming from the Queen Bee's mental attack by Kent Nelson that he has been subjected to. When Beetle hears Booster crying out in anguish when he realises that he's switched bodies with the aged Kent, Beetle smirks, knowing that his friend is going to be alright.Blue BeetleCo-hostExplaining his own selected joke, Shag manages to bore even himself, and Bass steals the glory.-
2911/24/191h 29m 41sB] Justice League Europe 5Bob FisherMetamorpho's love for the Three Stooges. Captain Atom returns to the Paris Embassy from New York, to find Ralph & Buddy chilling out outside, whilst inside the Embassy Metamorph & Java are trashing the place.Animal ManShagBob picks the unexpected humour in Buddy & Ralph's casual banter. And the recurring Three Stooges jokes will make a return to fight for a Bwah-Ha-Ha award another time...Metamorpho's awkwardness as the wife he's completely forgotton gets all smoochy with him. Ralph winding Java up about "Mrs. Metamorpho".
301/26/2049m 38sA] Justice League America 30Jennifer Swartz-LevineMister Miracle reminds Barda she's dealing with an unpowered punk. She assures him that she's aware of the mismatch... then proceeds to terrify the snot out of the poor guy,...Shag concurs!Big BardaBoth!Mutual agreement. Peace & Universal Harmony break out across the podcast.Barda's line "With Darkseid, there is no right side"
301/26/201h 37m 31sB] Justice League Europe 6David Ace GutierrezPower Girl's pratfallEveryone's reaction to Miss Kessler reading out Major Disaster's 'secret' note.Miss Kessler ( and the entire JLE & Injustice League)ShagDavid agrees that an entire page beats out a single (problematic) panel. Not that Shag lauds it over him or anything...
313/22/2043m 15sA] Justice League America 31 (The Teasdale Imperative Pt. 1) Jose RiveraFire and Ice stand in their burned up appartment. Ice claims its a major disaster. Fire interprets that as the Injustice League guy.Guy insults J'onn who responds by pulling Guy's rollneck up over his head.Fire & IceCo-hostShag supports the clever word play, and feels the gag supports the issues overall Fire & Ice theme. Jose nearly throws the win away by appreciating the visual humour.
313/22/201h 41m 10sB] Justice League Europe 7 (The Teasdale Imperative Pt. 2)Scott XOut of an action-oriented issue, Booster demands a containment suit. Not that he's worried about becoming infected, more that he's going to smell bad after consorting with zombies. (Although... how fragrant is the inside of a hazmat suit anyway..?)Wally psychoanalyses the reasons why Power Girl threw him bodily at Martian Manhunter. JLA and JLETIE!Shag asks Scott to make an argument for his selection. Scott doesn't really have one, and a diplomatic Tie for both JLE and JLA is declared.
324/19/2046m 18sA] Justice League America 32 (The Teasdale Imperative Pt. 4)Jeff Messer Teasedale's self-aware monologue recognising that he's turning into a comic book villain.Captain Atom & Power Girl admonish each other for failing to catch a gas-canister projectile.Captain Atom & Power GirlShagShag nearly talks himself out of his pick, whilst talking Jeff into choosing it. Shag likes winning, and accepts Jeff's capitulation.
324/19/201h 40m 53sB] Justice League Europe 8 (The Teasdale Imperative Pt. 4)Podcasting virgin Tim PriceDimitri & Scott reminise about being home with their families... and commiserate about spening time with Oberon / in Moscow.Out of the blue, Teasdale gets gore-splattered by the giant foot of a Godzilla sized Gray Man. The splattered remains of TeasdaleShagShag cites this very Spreadsheet in erroneously claiming that he's lost a lot of these contests recently. (The Leaderboard shows that he's still in the lead.) Tim graciously conceeds.
Meanwhile: Justice League of America Unaired Pilot5/24/201h 26m 25sThat pinnacle of televisual artistry, the 1997 "Justice League of America" pilot TV show. Hoo Boy...Chris Franklin & Max Romero & Rob KellyBoth Max & Rob pick the interstitial interview with Barry, B.B. and Guy talk about J'onn and Guy mentions that he's green. Chris picks Tori's "Leonard Nemoy" response to J'onn's question about meeting an alien for the first time.Ray talking about how - on first getting his powers - different body parts grew at different rates. If his vocal cords remained small, he speaks in a helium-squeak.TV's Guy Gardner (who bears aboslutely no resemblance to the Guy in the comic books)Co-HostThankfully, having a genuine majority vote for the first time ever spares us from a lengthy debate & argument over this episodes' winning moment.Wally eating a seven course meal at superspeed leaving nothing for his new housemates, Ray failing to fix their TV, then showing up charred in the next scene, Ice's training montage, J'onn in the shape of B.B. asking if her costume chafes.
Meanwhile: Moments of VertigoAwardRenamed"TheOnePunchAward"See Seperate Sheet - tabBelow.
338/16/2057m 36sA] Justice League 33David Gallagher"The Loveboat Scene": The inhabitants of Kooey Kooey Kooey launch into the theme of The Loveboat at the mention of Gavin McCloud.Kilowog in the GLC Citadel all sad & alone. The moment is broken on the page turn by Guy Gardner socking him one in the jaw.Beetle & BoosterCo-HostDavid asserts that his moment is the best and Shag agrees without much in the way of argument.Puck explaining how the islanders call all visitors "Honoured Ones"... even deceased goats.
338/16/201h 38m 34sB] Justice League Europe 9Nicholas PromRalph & Wally sharing Barry Allen stories: Wally describes a comical moment of the incompetence of the Rogues whilst Ralph rolls on the floor laughing. Power Girl recovering from surgery, constantly interrupted by concerned heroes waking her up to tell her to save her strength.Posthumous award to Barry AllenCo-HostIn an issue with slim comedic pickings, even Shag doesn't really believe that PG has the best gag here. It's an easy win for Nicholas.-
349/20/2044m 47sA] Justice League America 34Rob KellyOn Kooey Kooey Kooey, Booster & Beetle don't think anything can get any worse... just as Aquaman shows up to give them a severe scolding.At the NY Embassy, a furious Max discovers that Beetle & Booster have embezzled JLI funds. Oberon tries to defend the duo, if only to avoid being seen as an accessory to murder. Beetle & BoosterCo-HostShag surrenders to Rob... which Rob appears to find strangely erotic.-
349/20/201h 27m 25sB] Justice League EuropeThe SutherlandsThe Honeymooners-esque "Hey, Ralphie-boy!" delivered by Power GirlPower Girl declaring war on Captain Atom after his power blasts embed her in the ceiling during a training exercise.Power Girl & Captain AtomTIE!Shag announces a tie, as he's overwhelmed by the legendary niceness of The Sutherlands.The Mattress delivery guy pours scorn on the powerful heroes making him lug a bulky mattress up to Captain Atom's bedroom.
3510/25/2037m 46sA] Justice League America 35Zaki HasanThe "Bwah Hurr Hurrrrm" moment where Booster describes the punishment Max will mete out on him & Beetle, specifically the chillingly prescient description of how Max will "put a bullet in his head"Beetle angry at Major Disaster, demanding his lost money back even though they are adrift in the middle of the Pacific.Beetle & BoosterCo-HostThe retrospective hand of history sits heavy on Shag's shoulders as - without argument or debate - he cedes the top spot to Zaki's fateful chilling pick.
3510/25/201h 35m 23sB] Justice League Europe 11Jimmy McGlincheyGuy overhears Oberon & Captain Atom talking about Simon Stagg. Oberon suggests sending a member of the team who is "discrete & diplomatic". Guy bawls "I'll do it!!" scaring the bejeezus out of Oberon.On the drive up to to Stagg's mansion, Rex promises to be the soul of discretion, but then immediately punches Java in the face, knocking him out with 'one punch'.MetamorphoShagShag is feeling like he's given up too many of these battles recently (although check out the leaderboard... HE'S STILL WINNING!). Jimmy is too generous to see a grown man brought down so low.
Meanwhile... Justice League International Special #111/22/2039m 10sJustice League International Special 1 (aka Mister Miracle #12 ½)Joe Phillipsa] Scott's incredible 90's shirts b] Booster & Beetle doing the butt-bumpShag puts up no opposing suggestionScott Free / Booster & Beetle get a win apieceCo-hostYeah, like Shag was gonna fight Joe Phillips for the win...Joe nominates Funky Flashman eating caviar off an Oreo cookie as his runner up,
3612/20/2054m 02sA] Justice League America 36Mike GillisThe final sequence of G'nort offering the Scarlet Skiier a sidekick position, and Skiier pushes G'nort into the Pacific.During their fight, G'nort advises the Skiier that his Uncle G'newman taught the class "Soliloquising whilst Getting Your Face Punched In" whilst forming a ring-energy fist with which to pound the Skiier into the subway system.G'nort & The Scarlet SkiierCo-hostThere's a mature moment of mutual appreciation for each other's pick, but Shag ultimately sides with Mike as the shove-into-the-ocean sets up the future Skiier/G'nort relationship.
3612/20/201h 56m 16sB] Justice League Europe 12Gus CasalsPlatinum quips "Watch your elements, pal" when Metamorpho grabs her during the fight with the Metal Men.When Metamorpho chastises Iron for grabbing him at the start of the fight by advising the Metal Man that he has assaulted a member of an International peace-keeping group, Gold reminds Metamorpho that he already punched Guy Gardner into unconsciousness.PlatinumCo-HostShag recognises that the convoluted nature of his moment diminishes how funny it is, and almost before he's finished explaining, he gives up the win to Gus.
371/24/2151m 40sA] Justice League America 37Nathaniel WayneBooster goes to lunch with Claire Montgomery. Booster's cool, flirty line is utterly dismissed by his new boss.Mister Miracle watching Guy & Fire fighting off panelFire, Guy & Mister Miracle.ShagNathaniel appreciates Shag's choice of the visual gag, to Shag's utter surprise.
371/24/211hr 47m 23sB] Justice League Europe 13Matt AndersonCaptain Atom's attempts to speak French and mangling the language to such an exent that his efforts make no sense. "Boys & Girls, Six Dwarves are eating my aunt's toenails"!The comedy of errors where the JLA smash into the Paris Embassy, the cat runs down the staircase, Captain Atom falls backwards down the stairs and the children in the tour party start screaming.Combined JLE & JLAShagMatt throws in the towel for the slow build up over two issues o the pay off of the Furballs saga.
Meanwhile... 2/28/2156m 14sA] Justice League America Annual 4Aaron BiasRalph, Sue & Rex Bwah-Ha-Ha as they review the membership of JLAntarcticaMax's memo to all embassies calling off the whole JLAnt episodeRalph, Sue & RexCo-HostShag sags under the weight of 4 actual Bwah-Ha-Has.
Meanwhile... 2/28/211hr 53m 33sB] Justice League Europe Annual 1Shawn MyersRex wishes "chaos & ineptitude" on the Doom Patrol or TitansRalph & Captain Atom wax metatextually about the group's hero shotThe whole of the JLE and Global Guardians teamsShagShawn flatters Shag to get another co-host spot and Shag can't help himself but claim the win.
Meanwhile…3/28/21"OnePunchAwards"issued:Seeseperatespreadsheet tab
385/23/2149m 49sA] Justice League America 38Carlin TrammelThe Spy Magazine article comparing Guy Gardner to a pineappleThe Spy Magazine article calling out Blue Beetle and the creditors of his recent bankruptcy.Blue BeetleShagCarlin just gives in, which is a shame as the pineapple thing was really funny!
For reasonsexplainedin theIntro, JLEissues willhenceforth have a"One Punch Award"rather than a"Bwah Ha Ha"award
396/20/2138m 49sA] Justice League America 39Michael BaileyAmidst a fairly serious issue, the woman with the rolling pin gets Michael's vote.Despero flying past the JLA shuttle, then Guy going past the shuttle in the opposite direction. You had to be there.Blue Beetle & Mr MiracleShagMichael can't quite bring himself to say Shag is right… but gives him the win.
407/18/2153m 10sA] Justice League America 40Dr G, (Man of Nerdology)Opening panel of Blue Beetle trying to talk his way out of trouble.… in the absence of any other options, Shag concurs!Blue BeetleBoth!It's an action packed, then tragic issue, so there's few options for the boys to choose. Mutual agreement. Peace & Universal Harmony break out across the podcast.
418/22/2134m 10sA] Justice League America 41Chris HattonMaximum Force flying into the Embassy on time so as to set a good example for America's Youth (despite murdering multiple victims)… Shag concurs!Maxwell LordBoth!Mutual agreement. Peace & Universal Harmony break out across the podcast.
429/19/2139m 00sA] Justice League America 42Doug ZawiszaFire & El Diablo natter away in Spanish to the incomprehension & boredom of Blue Beetle.… Shag concurs! (Which he says doesn't happen that often, but this is three in a row!)Blue Beetle, Fire & El DIabloBoth!Mutual agreement, Peace, Uinversal Harmony, yadda yadda yadda, buzz buzz buzz etc.
Meanwhile… 10/17/211h 00m 16sJustice League Quarterly 1Martin GrayFire tells Ted not to get upset about The Conglomerate's great publicity. Until Conglomerate member Gypsy is seen endorsing a clothing line previously represented by Bea, at which point she loses it.… guess what?! Shag concurs. Again!FireBoth!Mutual Agreement, Peace, Harmony all that jazz.L-Ron calling Maxwell Lord "Lord Maxwell" as a running gag.
4312/19/2143m 04sJustice League America 43Pat SampsonSonar thinks the JLA laugh at him behind his back. When he asks J'Onn, he's told that they never even talk about him.In the background of the bar scene, are Kiteman & Bug-Eyed Bandit. They go from disagreement, to argument, to knock-down fight about the result of a fight with Superman.Sonar & Bug-Eyed Bandit + Kiteman. TIEDoug wants to give the win to Shag, just as Shag was going to give it up for Doug's moment. An honourable draw is agreed.