Project NameFlyer Leader 2021-22Virtual/ OutsideDescriptionAgeOther RestrictionsWhenWhereFees and Materials
4-H 4 ServiceFlyer SlideshowStacy Wenzel
Amy Miller
Ellen Hohbach Scheetz

JTL Mikaela Wenzel and Nolan Scheetz
Volunteer activities in person/planning meetings on zoomHelp your community and have fun doing it through 5 volunteer activities.
Running a booth at the Night of Holiday Lights festival, serving hot chocolate and cider.
Harvesting fruits and vegetables. Planting and taking care of older plants in local school gardens with Each Green Corner. (two different Saturday mornings in two different locations and with different tasks)
Using special tools called "weed wrenches" to remove invasive plants from Arguello Park (one time). This helps the park's native plants and animals.
Co-designing a project that the group will implement together. Your input will help decide what the group will do.

9 years and up. Participants need to be able to participate without direct parental supervision. Participants need to be able to wear a mask for 1.5 hours at a time.
limit 12 members
Parent participation required for festival booth on Dec. 3rd at the Night of Holiday LIghts. Mostly on Saturday mornings with some weekday evening Zoom meetings.Various
Beginning 4-H Kelsey

Marcia Plavcan
Virtual and In-personMake friends and learn all about 4H! Members will be introduced to a variety of 4H projects including crafts, cooking, chickens, rabbits and more. We will visit the San Carlos-Eaton Hills Farm in the spring!5 to 8 years
First year in 4-H
Parent/guardian is requested to stay for in-person meetingsSaturday afternoons, 3-4:30: 11/13, 12/11, 1/8, 2/12, 3/12, 4/9SC Library Community Room, local parks
Kristiann Garrett
VirtualJoin fellow 4H’ers via Zoom as you learn to master cookie basics! We will choose recipes, bake together and enjoy baking in the comfort of your own kitchen. Meetings will typically be held on Sundays mid morning beginning in December (exact dates TBD).

All ages
Limit 15 members
Must be able to follow a recipe
Parent help is encouraged as needed!
Typically Sunday morningsParticipants will supply all materials and ingredients
Dungeons & Dragons Spinali

Caroline Spinali

Logan Spinali - JTL
Virtual and In-personDungeons and Dragons is a very popular role-playing game. In the D&D project, we will explain the mechanics of 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons, create characters, and play through a campaign. Members will be able to think creatively, interact with others, role-play (if they want to), but mostly just enjoy themselves. No experience required!
12 years and up
Limit 10 members
Sundays in Dec - May; approx. 2/month (see project doc. for details)Members will need access to a computer with headphones. Members may want a set of role-playing dice, but it is not required.
First AidHayley Houston

Danielle Grimsby
In person Learn all you need to know about first aid, from a trained instructor plus experts in the medical field as guest visits! Step away from this project with real certification in CPR and first aid! With the skills you’ll learn, you’ll be a perfect person to be with incase of an emergency! Project meetings will be held once a month October - June for an hour. (typically at the park. Some meetings may be field trips such as to the fire station, however this may change with covid)
Goats, Market and DairyDanielle Grimsby
Virtual and In PersonThe goat project will cover multiple aspects of goat husbandry including dairy, fiber, and pack animals with an emphasis on market goats and preparing animals for the show ring.
All my meetings will be hosted online with the exception of the live animal aspects of the project like going and picking out goats, field trips, etc.
There is no need to raise a goat to join the project.
Note: There will not be live dairy goat ownership offered this year due to logistical reasons. Anyone interested in actually raising a dairy goat should contact the Pacifica or Daly City clubs.
All ages
No need to own a goat.
However, to raise a goat on the farm, you must be 9 years or up and have raised market chickens or other large market anima AND exhibited them at the county fair. .
Must by physically able to control your goat by yourself by fair. Saturday afternoons. once a month. Standard pen and farm fees to raise a goat plus any other goat raising related expenses.
Intro to Farm Grimsby

Melissa Primiano
Virtual and In personThis project has been created for kids who intend to raise a large animal on farm next year that don’t want to raise a chicken, or are unable to get into the chicken project.
Get introduced to the farm and our farm community
Learn about all of the farm animals before you commit to raising one
Receive mentorship from other kids on the farm
Fulfills your requirement to raise a large animal for the following year*

9 years and up (by Jan 1, 2021)
Saturday afternoons. once a month. Entrance fees to any shows and fair enterance fees and parking.
Lamb, MarketRebecca Wihl

Kathleen Houston
Virtual and In personLearn everything you need to know to select, raise and show a market lamb. You do not need to raise a lamb for fair to join this project but we will prepare you for it! There will be a great deal of emphasis on lamb education, teamwork and farm responsibility. For those bringing a lamb to fair, you will need to market your lamb and find a buyer for the auction.10 years and up (by Jan 1, 2020)
Must have raised small livestock such as market poultry and exhibited at the county fair.
Be willing to commit A LOT of time.
LeadershipDan and Beth Enthoven
Lisa Demers - mentor
Maureen Becker - mentor
Jen Gorbet - special events
VirtualThe purpose of this project is to teach the importance of understanding yourself as a leader and how to apply leadership skills in a team setting. Our focus will be on community, teamwork, goal setting, and decision making. The leadership skills developed will be put into action as 4-H Junior and Teen Leaders assist both project and club leaders.13 years and up
AND are in 7th grade or above
Limited membership
1st Tuesday @ 7pm
Hiking with Nature Journaling!AkD7gOw5p5n0noJ-mM_0iCG8GyKxFA?e=ZYygINJen Gorbet
David Gorbet
Sam Gorbet (Teen Leader)
In-Person / OutdoorIn the Hiking with Nature Journaling Project, we will meet outdoors at various open spaces and preserves in the San Carlos area to observe the wonders of the natural world through the seasons. Games, short hikes, and other activities will provide opportunities for participants to hone close observation skills, recognize evidence of critter activity, identify native trees and plants at various times of the year, and appreciate how native people lived on and stewarded the land.

Using John Muir Laws' techniques for nature journaling, participants will have an opportunity to record their observations in their own nature journal.
7th Grade and Up
Masks and physical distance required at all times.
First Saturday except Jan:
Dec 4
Jan 8
Feb 5
Mar 5
Apr 2
May 7
Various locations
Digital camera recommended
Outside Art Damon
Happy to have another Leader/Co-Leader!
also hoping to have a JTL!
In-Person / OutdoorIn this project we will meet at local parks to spend time exploring and being inspired by our discoveries. The second part of each meeting will be creating an art or craft project influenced by our observations. We will include some mindfulness practice in each meeting.

Crafts will include disc weaving, pipe cleaner construction, chalk art, and more. Cost will be no more than $10/youth. We will probably not need to charge any fees as we'll be using a lot of materials that we already have around home.
All ages, Parent/guardian of primary members requested to stay on site during meeting. Limited to 15 youth members.15 membersSunday afternoons, once per month Nov - MayLocal parksNo more than $10, but most likely we'll re-use materials we already have around our homes.
Pen Pride (swine) -- county project
Anthony Riccardi
In-Person / OutdoorPen Pride has been a tradition at the San Mateo County Fair for over 30 years. This is an educational fundraiser for the 4-H County Council. Youth learn how to raise and care for large animals which includes feeding, pen cleaning, and exercising. A set schedule will be arranged for all participants. Sponsored by the Cañada Club using farm space at the San Carlos Eaton Hills farm.
Successful completion of the Pen Pride project allows youth to raise a large animal of their own the following year.
9 years and up.
Poultry, MarketFlyerRachel Winmill - To take over next year

Stacy Dent
In Person and Virtual This is the perfect project to tryout raising livestock, to spend time at the amazing San Carlos 4-H Farm, and also be a part of the San Mateo County Fair. Here's how it works:
We will have 5 project meetings between December and April.

During our meetings we will learn all about how to raise great market poultry.

In mid-April, your 3-5 just-hatched baby chicks will arrive and you get to raise them in your home for about a month (usually in a box in your garage)!

In mid-May, we’ll all move our chicks to the 4H Farm. 1-2 times a week, you will visit the farm and care for all of the farm’s chickens.

In mid-June, you’ll move your chicks to San Mateo County Fair (June 12-21). You will need to be at the Fair each day to care for your birds. You will also get to show them to judges, and then auction them off at the end of the fair to a buyer.

We will use Shutterfly to stay in touch.
9 years and up as of January 1, 2022
Limit 14 members
Dec 12,
Jan 23,
Feb 27,
Mar 20,
Apr 27
Virtual, Project Leader's House and 4-H FarmApprox. $60-80 (though you will likely make a profit when you sell your chicks at the fair)
PresentationsTaylor Meeks

Cristina Meeks
VirtualThis project is for people who want to grow in their presentation skills through practice and many presentations that will be given by each other. All of these presentations will be required to meet 4H presentation requirements which means that any presentations given in this project will count as a presentation in your record book.
No experience required for this project (less experience is even better)!
Ages 9 and up
Limit 10 members
Rabbit Husbandry
Rita Gould

Julie Anderson

Andrew Gould - JTL
Virtual and In-PersonAre you interested in what makes rabbits unique, and how to care for rabbits? We will be going over the basics of rabbit care as well as some introductory show rabbit curriculum. Some topics to be covered include diet, health, litter pan training, safety, the rabbit digestion system, breeds, body types and fur types. All ages welcome! Meetings will be held at 6:30 pm one Friday/month. Depending on the level of interest, we may need to hold some meetings virtually. If the meeting is held virtualy, there will be signups to visit with and pet the bunny ambassadors in their outdoor exercise pens over the weekend, weather permitting. Owning a rabbit is optional. All ages are welcome!All ages
Not necessary to own a rabbit to join.
6pm one Friday per month
plus weekend visits
Rabbit Socialization
Rita Gould

Andrew Gould - JTL
Virtual and In-PersonWe work as volunteers at the Lantos Center for Compassion, located at 1450 Rollins Road in Burlingame. Our current shift is from 9-11 am on Saturdays which is before the center opens. Training will be provided and parental supervision is required until the youth reaches 16 years of age. This is not a drop off project. We interact with rabbits to build trust and prepare them for adoption. Mentoring is provided for as long as necessary until participants feel comfortable doing a solo shift. Due to COVID, only one family will go in at a time and we must wear masks.
10 years and up.
Rabbit or guinea pig experience is preferred. Some exceptions may be considered.
Parents required to stay with members if under 16.
SteerRebecca Wihl
Virtual and In-PersonLearn everything you need to know to select, raise and show market cattle. You do not need to raise a steer for fair to join this project but we will prepare you for it! There will be a great deal of emphasis on cattle education, teamwork and farm responsibility. For those bringing a steer to fair, you will need to market your steer and find a buyer for the auction. 10 years and up (by Jan 1, 2020)
Must have raised A large animal to raise. Sign-ups as of October are mostly for an educational year not actually raising an animal.
STEM Explorations Larson
Tina Cole
OutsideLearn about science, engineering, and how things work through hands-on activities for 4-H youth of any age. We’ll build things like self-propelled cars or rockets, engineer something to stop a falling egg from breaking, and even make a microscope to look at what things are made of. Younger kids will need adult help with the activities.

Meetings: 2nd Saturdays of each month, 2:30-4 weather permitting. Location TBD and may be different parks around San Carlos.
All ages; 8-12 base2nd Sat 2:30-4 (may change to accomodate group needs)TBD
STEM Environmental Science Webb

Daniel Weaver
Virtual and In-PersonDo you want to explore the connections between science and agricultural science? Member led project will utilize the basics of enviornmental chemistry with a focus on collecting and analyzing samples. Project will include the opportunity to use unique x-ray microscope capabilities at the SLAC National Accelerator Labortory. 9th grade and upA strong interest in enviromental sciences
Limit 12
TBDVirtual and Project Leader's home weather permitting$20 or less depending on project focus
SwineKathleen Murray
Virtual and In-PersonLearn everything you need to know about selecting, raising, and showing a swine at fair. You can join without taking a swine to fair.9 years and up.
Must have raised a small animal (chicken, turkey, rabbit).and be willing to commit a LOT of time.
Equine -- County ProjectJennifer Ott Cameron jottcameron@yahoo.comVirtual and In-Person / OutdoorThis County-Wide project is intended to educate the participants as well as the broader equine community using the 4-H curriculum. There will also be a focus on ethology, mental and physical welfare, the latest research, equine issues around the world, and more. We will start online but may progress to some in-person meetings at Webb Ranch per the current recommendations. For a final project, we can have a service-learning/grass-roots campaign built around a current equine welfare issue (local or national). This could be posters and flyers all the way to trying to effect legislative change.