The DGL Rule Amendments for Season 4 (Responses)
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Cross Region Players (Go to the following link!)
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VAC Ban Policy Change (Go to the following link!)
What issues, if any, do you have with the DGL and how can the DGL solve those issues?
Are there any circumstances that would cause you to change your answer?
Are there any circumstances that would cause you to change your answer?
4/22/2015 20:26:02
Based upon principle, I believe a player should only be on one team, and if they want to play cross region, they should be considered/treated as a ringer. This way the opposing team has to approve.

That being said, if we were to allow cross region play, I think these amendments outline and restrict the best way possible. I can go either way between not at all and this amendment
People can simply make a new account and circumvent our policy. The zero tolerance only works when we happen to find something after hours of research.

As long as restrictions are put in place to these VAC ban "parolees" or people allowed to play with ONE VAC ban, I am in support.
In Favor of Amendment
4/24/2015 9:52:23
In Favor of Cross Region Players
I don't see any problems with the rules listed in the link above, it seems fair to me.
I agreed that someone should get a second chance for mistake that was probably made years ago, as long as they aren't an ass along with it. I agree that more than one vac is no bueno.
In Favor of Amendment
Past issues I've had with DGL is the concentration of power, many issues have felt handled solely by Link & Torix. You know I love you guys, but the decisions need to be majority. Though to be honest, I have felt like a lot of issues have been discussed among a range of members since mid-season 2. This survey is a prime example.

Current issues? Quite a lot of the DGL rules have been word of mouth. Rather than literally all rules being displayed in a TOS type fashion. Even though theres almost always an admin available to talk to, often times there are rules that aren't readily available.

Although this probably doesn't effect Div 1 players much, lower div teams are more prone to running into issues that they didn't know about.

TL;DR? OVERHAUL the rules page on the website please.

A division 1 player playing for a lower div team, but obviously that wouldn't happen.
4/24/2015 10:25:45
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
Not a fan (at work this has been explained to link)
I think we should with the possibility of AC
In Favor of AmendmentNoneNO ACNot really
4/24/2015 11:21:09
In Favor of Cross Region Players
I think this should be allowed, I have nothing against it, if people are good and want to play more, and like to play both NA and EU leagues, why not.
I fully agree with this! Nothing more to say.
Also for the people that are being under suspicion, if admins call them out but they dont have any proof of them actually hacking, it would be amazing if they would do the same. Because there is so many suspicious people and we will never know are they hacking or not without anticheat.
So i think you should discuss about this too. No hackers needed! Not in my team, not in any team!
In Favor of Amendment
I just want rules to be written nicely and easy to understand, nothing complicated or too long, simple and short so you can know what are your rights, what can you do and what you cant do. People get lost when they read a massive rule text and they wont focus on important stuff written in it, it would be much easier like that .And one more thing, make a rule about behaviour during the matches, i want every team, just like mine, playing without talking sh*t during the match, and i dont want people to abuse over times and time outs or whatever to put another team off like happened to us. If you use a time out after it ends say "LIVE" so other team can know, i think its fair and nice, its not all about saying "pay attention" , because during the match there is so many things to focus on, as you can guys know. Play the match by the rules, be fair and decent. After match i dont care who is going to talk sh*t. I just want things to be fair. And you guys should involve more team captains into discussing stuff about DGL, or any other stuff, about map changes, make a survey where people can vote for maps, or something like that, i think that would make more people want to play. Most of the time people feel like they are forced to play something they didnt want to, just because they didnt have a right to vote. Thats it, thank you! :)
no, hackers must be gone.
If you would use more than one person in your team like this, then yes I would be against this rule. Basically entire EU team could play NA league in that case.
4/24/2015 14:15:46
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
Our team hates playing in high ping servers.
I think it would be a great way to track down cheaters and bar them from playing in a very fair tournament. A potential cheater needs to be watched just like you said to make sure no one has an advantage.
In Favor of Amendment
The sub system is a little flawed. We played against a team where the sub was a DEV of the game and we we're allowed to play with boop because he was "too good." The DEV ended up getting the most kills and OBJ caps on their team. I have no ideas on how to fix it but that's the only problem I have had and that seems like a very isolated incident as well. Other than that, I think it's great!
Pretty much no. A cheater is a cheater, no other way of saying it.
I think it would cause way to much anger between teams when one looses due to high ping. If you could further explain or create an argument that's awesome, you may change my mind.
4/24/2015 15:34:37
In Favor of Cross Region Players5/7 veritas yes6/7 veritas yesIn Favor of Amendment<3nana
4/25/2015 19:38:47
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
I don't want to play with people lagging and skipping across the screen because they play half way across the world. Hit registration/boxes/headglitching are already annoying as it is.
Don't like all the vac ban stuff people have to do in when they have a 3 year ban. I think vac bans should only be Insurgency to be banned from playing.
4. The DGL reserves all rights to bar anyone, at any time, from participation in the DGL for any reason. = retarded? dafuq does this mean. sounds like it can just play in DGL favor.... but if they doesn't let dempsey play then I will allow it. fuck that guy.
Not in Favor of Amendment
I would like people to run the DGL not to be able to compete. I feel that if they run it and choose the maps for rotation for the season they can put it in their favor. I think maps to be played on should be random. I think admins/co admins should not be able to participate in matches since it causes conflict between owners/participants for the matches. I think matches should be tiered round robin in order to increase season length and diversity.
4/25/2015 19:59:39
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
I really don't see why only div1 and div2 players can be registered on multiple teams. Can't this same thing be applied overall?
This is a good idea because there are some people that were VAC banned and aren't hackers anymore, or weren't hackers in Insurgency at all and they shouldn't be punished. Also the people that ARE hackers shouldn't get leniency (which makes the new restrictions very fair).
In Favor of Amendment
Station should NOT be in the map rotation. XD Terrible map.
If the same rule was applied to divisions other than 1 and 2 I would definitely change it.
4/25/2015 22:21:06
In Favor of Cross Region Players
Team agrees with the majority of things in this amendment. with some objections to restricting Cross region players to Div 1 and 2.
My team agrees with this as long as these rules are kept scrictly
In Favor of Amendment
One issue I have come across is some teams not abiding by roster rules Such as S3 having no roster on DGL yet are still registered for Season play. To solve this problem you could hold on rules for every team whether they are new or not

4/27/2015 10:05:00
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
You have 1 team. Being able to play on more than one team can outmatch other teams only having 1 main team. Just like any other sport you shouldn't be able to play on more teams.
Since there is very little security at the moment for Insurgency a harsh VAC ban policy is needed. I am in favor but 3 years is a long time. People do dumb stuff when they are younger but might have learned from their mistakes. 1-2 years is MORE than enough time.
In Favor of Amendment
Get more involved with the community. Join the teamspeaks and get to know people and let people know you. Do cups as well as seasons in order to keep people playing and give them something to fight for besides a title. I am not talking money but some kind of prize or recognition for their efforts. Make a dedicated streaming team or get the community to do it for you and with you.
For the purpose of subbing in for "sister" teams.
4/27/2015 11:19:58
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
I dislike shooting at teleporting enemies.
The old policy screwed a lot of legit players without actually providing any protection. The amendment is still too harsh but is at least a step in the right direction.
In Favor of Amendment
A changelog must be maintained for all rules and theatres. It would make it much easier to keep up with changes made in NA that affect us Euros.
The introduction of a DGL anticheat.
4/27/2015 13:04:32
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
1 player should play in 1 team....and work with his team

also to arrange matches will be harder if one player is playing in 2 teams and then need to adjust to both and so on
we agree that there are some shitty VAC bans like CoD wich are 2 years ago or something like that, so its ok if they get a chance but under control
In Favor of Amendment
-server config file is messy...the master file (server .cfg) shouldnt do the firefight work...

-in a season, teams should face each other at leaste 2 times, or even more, like in a soccer or basketball season

-stealing players, we got like robbed 3 players from other teams... there should be like a rule for that. They joined like our TS and transfered them xD

Best regards

Gamers Without Borders (EU)
Nate Dogg [GwB] / AJ Richo [GwB]
well if it gets out of hand and there is like a full team wich vac-banned players beating the shit out of everyone xD
nope....we dont like people playing in multiple team or switching every week

for example a guy called "TrainStation" he switched from TM to DGS and back again and joined again other clans and so on
4/27/2015 14:12:29
In Favor of Cross Region Players
We agree with everything in the document linked except the first point. Division 3 players not being allowed to play in one team for each region. If a div 1 or 2 player is allowed then a div 3 should be aswell. We might be missing something crucial here, but as of right now we can't see any argument strong enought why div 3 players shouldn't be allowed to play cross region.

We also want to make clear that when it comes to subbing in for a sister team in the same region, we belive it should be allowed but only if the sub is already playing in the same division or lower.
We agree on every stance.
In Favor of Amendment
None really. But we know that some of you in charge of the DGL has contact with the developers and if possible it would be nice if you could push the public competitive 5vs5 firefight theater to become more like the DGL. Or just in general more open and not as restricted with attachment and such.
We trust the DGL to handle the special circumstances that might show up.
Can't think of any as of right now.
4/27/2015 15:26:37
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
Cross region players hurt scheduling and cause ping related issues. We have recently had an issue with this in our game versus sA!
If someone has a VAC ban then they are a cheater and deserve to be treated as such. This means losing certain liberties such as competing on a competitive level.
Not in Favor of Amendment
I wish that theDGL could take a stronger role in administrating the matches but other than that you guys are awesome! More small tourneys!
If the ping veto was lowered to 150 and they played within normal NA times.
4/27/2015 18:40:14
In Favor of Cross Region PlayersPing equalitypeople change
Not in Favor of Amendment
Needs a client asap if dgl wants to grow
if an individual still cheats, shame on them
4/28/2015 3:42:16
In Favor of Cross Region PlayersN/AN/AIn Favor of AmendmentN/AN/AN/A
4/28/2015 9:33:17
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
the huge time differences make it very hard to schedule matches at suitable times
cheaters should be punished, this policy gets our massive support
In Favor of Amendment
the newbloods tournament was a mess. the website went down, there were no servers available at the start, the admins were hard to contact (as they were busy shorting shit out). therefore my clan has been playing in the ESL which is much better. i hope you can become a professionally run league like the ESL so that we can return to you soon?
4/28/2015 11:38:44
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
Even in a limited allowance, I believe allowing players to play on multiple teams creates issues long term.

Too many problems can potentially arise.

These players should be used as subs, Meaning teams can contest, but not as roster.

Eu can play in NA and NA can play in EU if both teams agree to those conditions. IE sub/ringer rules.

The sub/ring policy correctly addresses all these issues and puts the responsibility on both TEAMS instead of rules or DGL.
No issues as long as these rules are enforced. I could maybe see 2 years or 2.5 years. But it depends on who this rule is being meant for.

Their are some good guys that can't play with 2 year old vacs, there are others with 5 years.
In Favor of Amendmentn/a
If too much abuse happens. Or players are not obeying the rules in place.
or DGL loses its ability to remove players based on rules.
Not really,

2 regions for a reason.
4/28/2015 13:27:41
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
The entire "sister team" idea is silly. It locks down an entire team to allegiance to one team. In europe there is a large skill gap between teams in division one. Anyone who locks down bromance will win... aka veritas.

Besides, bromance is technically Vas'Avi's European team... this will cause conflict of interest when Vas'Avi gets to Division 2 or higher.

Rule 4 is an end all be all which puts all the power into bias.

The entire point of rules is to protect the league.
This rule in particular puts the league at risk to criticism of bais...
Not in Favor of Amendment
Done.Destroy rule number 4.
Changing the entire "sister team" idea could possibly sway my opinion. This would allow an entire team roster to play for different teams in the opposite region.

Even still though, there are teams in Div1 EU that would lose to teams in Div3 US (and not just Vas'Avi). I think the skill gap is too far spread.
4/28/2015 20:05:44
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
I think you should only have one team to play on no matter what division you are in.
I think if you are banned for cheating/hacking then you should not be able to play competitive gaming period.
In Favor of Amendment
Please fix your "players" + "Team players" tabs on the website. Its confusing asf.
>3 years ago+Not FPS related
4/28/2015 21:05:15
In Favor of Cross Region Players
Having a player from another region is no problem. As long as most of the team is comprised of cross region players
Players who have VAC bans from over 3 years ago are probably not still hacking but should still be monitored with desktop recording software.
In Favor of AmendmentNo issuesno
If a player is in another region for a short period time they can play if they are able to
5/1/2015 14:32:10
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
its pointless because of the ping and time zones
once a hacker allways a hacker
Not in Favor of Amendment
all seems good soo farnopebetter ping on servers
5/12/2015 4:32:42
Not in Favor of Cross Region Players
• We found this very unbalanced that's D2 can take some players of the D1.
• it's a weird concept.
• if we do this, the divisions are not necessary.
• there is no merit to win because you have some "strong player(s)" with you.
• It's a good move against cheaters (but why the screen monitor ?)
In Favor of Amendment
issues with the website
lack of players / team
inactivity of some teams
not enought advertising (for insurgency)
a fixed theater
not the same rules that ESL (some issues with the server)
• we wouldn't change our answer cause we need a politic for cheat/cheater
• if we are really hungry player, to help out.
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