Replacement Ideas (Responses)
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Describe the ideas you're having about replacing something in your curriculum.
In order for your replacement idea to work, what do you need to do as soon as you are back in your classroom?
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3/4/2015 16:30:58
I am curious to pursue the Digital Portfolio and film trailers. I think working on showcasing student work in more unique and personalized way will improve their overall engagement in the topic.
I need to become familiar and comfortable with the program(s) that I think will best fit the needs of my classroom and the assignment.
What roadblocks exist in upgrading your work?
Unfortunately, we do not have constant access to computers for all students at all times. This often presents challenges with creating material because students do not have access at home, and are not motivated to continue their work outside of the classroom.
3/4/2015 16:40:39
I am thinking about using Today's Meet site in my classroom to open up more conversation abilities. I am leery of doing so in that I do not want to hinder any (hard earned) progress of vocal participation in the classroom. I wonder if it will enhance the verbal discussions in the future, or if they will shut down and want to only have the text chats. It will help students who are apprehensive about verbal participation, but this is a necessary skill they need. Essentially I will have to insist on both forms, and perhaps not introduce the text based chat until we are more fluid with the verbal.
Figure out which lessons will benefit most from these critiques and analysis, and which type of text or verbal is more beneficial.
What is your biggest takeaway from today?
The ability to apply it directly to my area of content, often I have to stretch a bit to be able to efficiently apply what is learned in class.
3/4/2015 16:43:26
We have been talking a lot about authentic assessment at the elementary level (K-2). Teacher representatives have been working with BOCES to brainstorm and create assessments. I had a conversation today with a colleague who is an integral part of this process She was telling me about how we may be videotaping students (in first grade) re-telling a story that they read. This use of technology would be replacing the paper/pencil task of having the students draw a picture, or write a sentence to demonstrate their comprehension of what they had read. This workshop made me think about this process. The questions that are going through my head are how can we incorporate choice? (Non-fiction/fiction texts). Will the videotaping process promote the children to demonstrate their thinking process (think alouds? ). Can we use the recording to assess their use of vocabulary and use this as a tool to inform our vocabulary instruction? I know that I cannot fully record how students re-tell stories. I write a lot, but I think that having a recording of their thoughts would provide insight into their reactions/thoughts/questions. I am excited about the idea.
Write down ideas and thoughts. How will this work? What will it look like in September? What will the other children be doing when children are doing their recordings? Should they do their recording in a quiet classroom with limited distractions (ex. the AIS reading room). How will we use the information? Will we use consistent prompts? Is there a time limit? What kind of re-direction prompts do we use if we find that it is necessary to bring their attention back to the task at hand? How do we assess their recording? Do we use a rubric? How well do we know students when we have them do the recording? (Comfort level).
When did you feel the spark of creativity today?
I felt a spark of creativity when you shared Caroline's Prezi project. I am looking for an innovative, fun way to present at my son's 8th grade career day. I want to think outside of the power point. I also felt a spark of creativity when I thought about creating a webpage. I have learned so much about technology in the past two years. I still feel like a dinosaur, but I am becoming more proficient. I am feeling more confident and finding ways to integrate technology into my daily teaching.
3/4/2015 16:44:09
instead of a traditional research report give the students options to do something more creative such as the video documentary that was used in class as an example. Students can be given he choice of completing a traditional typed paper, a video documentary, etc. Special incentives could be given to encourage students to choose the more creative options
More specific ideas. I am not the most tech savvy person. I would likely need a lot of help from others who have done things like this before.
What roadblocks exist in upgrading your work?
Creative ideas often times die as they encounter roadblocks such as time, money, cooperation, and the limitations of technology or access thereof. The biggest hurdle is often times overcoming these roadblocks. The individual teacher also needs to posses the will to fight and persevere through these challenges. Over time more teachers will be incorporating more technology and pairing it with the creativity that is already part of the fabric of the teaching profession.
3/4/2015 16:46:41
- Use to create review presentations/products at the end of a unit/year
-Romeo and Juliet Soundtrack project now presented through Mixbook/Animoto
-Poll Anywhere used to send a "Tweet" from characters in a text
-Wix as an alternate to student PowerPoint assignments
-Use GoAnimate for creating Hinduism vs. Buddhism children's books
-Alternate research assignments using film like Anatomy of a Snow Day...perhaps turn research project into a year-long endeavor to accommodate time requirement
-Adjust current assignments and modify to incorporate technological updates
-Create model projects or find examples to enhance student understanding
-Grow more familiar and comfortable with variety of new digital media
What is your biggest takeaway from today?
Today we saw that there were many different opportunities in how students demonstrate learning. We now know many avenues students can take to showing evidence of fundamental learning. Students can find the method of presentation that works best for them; teachers can differentiate instruction to cater to student needs.
3/4/2015 16:48:31
I would like to use these technologies that are becoming commonly used tools but I want the focus to remain on the academic outcome. Although our kids are able to use various technologies, basic analysis skills and collaborative skills are severely lacking. Every kid can google a topic but very few can read, analyse and weigh the validity of the information. Basic reading and analysis skills are often lost when "tech" assignments are implemented.

I think the implementation of a digital binder filled with images and primary sources on the other hand could be exceptionally useful while exploring our next unit that is based in the Second World War.
I will begin to sift through multiple sources to pull images and documents that would be beneficial to increase understanding and give them a document library of approved and valid sources to use as sources for writing assignments as well.
If you were to share something you learned today with a peer, what would you share?
I would share the digital binder
3/4/2015 16:50:56
We would like to have smart boards in our classroom for elementary students to learn letters, phonics, sentence structure, number awareness, writing, reading, authentic pictures for vocabulary, and youtube intros for new units. The interaction level that it provides will increase motivation and possibly decrease behaviors. It lends itself to increase participation and increase learning. It aids in visual awareness for struggling learners.
Research websites that have common core standards that are integrated into their programs. Look into possible grant opportunities as a district for needed devices. Add in weblinks into our curriculum maps where appropriate for these devices to be integrated.
What roadblocks exist in upgrading your work?
Access to smartboards. Common planning time to share resources that would enhance curriculum. Additional times for those who do not have smartboards to be able to sign out rooms that do. Multiple rooms with added technology available.
3/4/2015 16:52:48
Seriously, I have been changing up so much lately that I am running out of ideas of what to change. So I guess it will have to be my next environmental project since change is inevitable. I am thinking about having students creating something to demonstrate what changes have/will/could occur to our planet or their environment and how they could adapt to it. What would their community look like?
Check out what platform will work for this idea.
What roadblocks exist in upgrading your work?
Trying to decide what to use since there are so many options to use.
3/4/2015 16:54:31
In any Social Studies unit, ideas include Colonial Life, American Revolution, Native American..., students could write and illustrate a narrative non-fiction story on or ipad app storykit. This will allow children to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their understanding of the content.
Pick an app/website to use.
What roadblocks exist in upgrading your work?
I have little experience with technology and I feel like I could use more ideas for evaluative uses of technology in my classroom.
3/4/2015 16:56:11
One of the audio programs may be useful for student speaking tasks and grading.
I need more time to explore and it probably can't be done in the classroom. Recording should be done in a quiet environment
What is your biggest takeaway from today?
There are a million resources. I need time to explore and digest what I discover in order to be able to apply it.
3/4/2015 16:56:25
As I teach a poetry unit to my elementary students, we used to ask them to create poetry. However, students are asked to analyze poetry and write written responses about their analysis on state assessments. Interpreting poetry is a very difficult skill for students. On the LiveBinder, I found the comic life app and the idea to have students take complex poems and illustrate their analysis.
Access chromebooks or ipads for students to use. Poems that will stimulate students engagement.
When did you feel the spark of creativity today?
When I started to see tools I can use with elementary age students.
3/4/2015 16:58:25
Looking at either prezi, smore, or animoto for teacher/students to use to present their work, rather than a traditional poster.
Having used PowerPoint extensively, I need to preview the software and see what looks the best. I also want a few select students to assess the software to see what their preference is.
What is your biggest takeaway from today?
Reminded, again, that their is an incredible amount of quality technological resources to help deliver instruction and engage student.
3/4/2015 16:58:55
In order to enhance the comprehension of vocabulary, I would like to incorporate Brainigami in which students create three dimensional graphic organizers.
Identify vocabulary students need to learn, collect a variety of colorful paper, practice creating various organizers on my own to see which ones would be most appropriate for the class.
What is your biggest takeaway from today?
Taking a paper/ pencil task and replacing it with an engaging activity that allows students choice, creativity and collaboration!
3/4/2015 16:59:25
To enhance the MHS Library book club, I would like to create a blogspot. We could create questions for upcoming discussions, pose questions while reading, post articles relating to the book.
investigate blogspot
What is your biggest takeaway from today?
Mikes wonderful links! Great work!
3/4/2015 17:00:54
I would like to further incorporate movie-making tech into my research projects
I need the time to really learn the technology so that I can work collaboratively with the kids
What is your biggest takeaway from today?
The ways in which our students learn is changing, so our teaching must change to engage our learners
3/4/2015 17:05:45
I teach math. It is difficult to figure out what curriculum I would shelve. However, I was very impressed with the 8th grade girl who did the prezi. I think it reflected more thought than a normal assignment. videos withmath vocabulary and fluencies would enhance learning. I believe fluencies would be beneficial to our student learning.
I need the time how to learn and be able to present prezi to my students.
What is your biggest takeaway from today?
I was so impressed with the 12 year old student whopresented anatomy of a snow day. The creativity was unbelievable.
3/4/2015 17:11:36Katie Bartone
I have started using chrome books to replace a lab that is a NYS mandated lab. Students have to create their own experiment and then carry it out, collect the data, and write a report about it. I am having students work collaboratively through google docs so that they are both able to work on the same document at the same time with live updates.

I also think using the SMORE website would be a fun way to have students make an flyer or a poster of some sort.
I need time to fiddle and play with all of these ideas. I have been trying to integrate new things little by little and my students have responded well. They are patient with me, because sometimes I have to fiddle in class. They are happy to be guinea pigs and let me try different things out with them.
When did you feel the spark of creativity today?
I have had the spark of creativity for quite some time, but I'm really excited about the live binder. I feel like there are always so many things out there and it so hard to find time to find, research, and play with all of these new things. Having an easy place to go to find some ideas when I do have some time will really help to focus my time more productively.
3/14/2015 19:23:44
I am thinking about replacing some paper pencil reading responses with video responses. I teach Kindregarten and paper pencil tasks are often frustrating for some of the kids.
Grab a bunch of iPads and show my kids how to use the video camara.
When did you feel the spark of creativity today?
I felt the spark of creativity when I watched the "Anatomy of a Snow Day" documentary.