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10 Questions You Can Answer
to Create a Better Product Review
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What made you want to try this product? Was there something cool, cute, funny, exciting, inspiring, practical, romantic, unique or weird about the product that caught your eye?Your combined answers from Column D will display here.
What was your honest reaction when you first held and opened the package? What did you see, feel, smell, hear, taste?
What problem were you expecting the product to solve for you personally? How well did it solve the problem?
Do you have pictures to prove how well this product helped you? Snap photos of you using the product in the wild.
What were your likes/dislikes? For example: How effective was it, ease of use, customer support, value for the price etc..?
Who do you think this product is a perfect fit for? How do you think they will benefit from it?
What are some unique or unusual ways you used the product in your everyday life?
Would you recommend this product to a friend?
Now that you have made your product review more personable, tell your audience what the name of the product is and give them a link to where they can buy it.
Summarize the main points of your product review in one or two sentences. This will help readers quickly recap the good stuff and will serve nicely as your tweet.
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