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14/07/2013TestThank you for ....
03/08/2013KaiHelperCan participate in permaculture's life is a new experience.
Both host (Dylan) and Hostess (Evita) are kind and generous.

Every day Dylan will teach you the works about mulch garden ,
trim trees or grass ,plant the plants and fruit trees and do work efficiency in permaculture.
And Evita will teach you survival English including speaking skill,
knowing the foreign culture and if you want, you can even learn IELTS.

One of the experience is very healthy eating.
Now for them is impossible to grow their own food because
it's just begun but even most of the food from outside is organic.
The work in here most are labor so it needs a lot of physical power
but it can make you stronger and also a good practice for someone
who wants to work in the farm when after leave here.

They will very happy teach you anything you want to learn
and also welcome one day you can come back to see the trees you plant.
If you like the life close to the nature, join them it will be a smart choose.
Thanks for your feedback Kai. You are welcome and glad you learnt a lot.

You worked well and I would call you a "good worker". I liked the fact that you collected the tools at the end of each day! Responsible and helpful.

I do hope you will come and 'taste' the fruits of your labour sometime soon when we have fruit on the trees or vegetables producing.

Good luck for the future, best regards
24/08/2013Andrew WengHelperHey Dylan,

Are you aiming to be self- sustaining?
Yes, as much as possible.
13/09/2013KentonHelperHi there

My name is Kenton. I have stayed in Australia for one and a half of year. The reason I went to join Evita and Dylan's permaculture club was a coincidence. I just came to Brisbane to look for a job and it was no working at that moment. After two weeks I just scanned Evita's information was posted on facebook. I was hesitated when I got a job at the same time. Originally I would prepare to study master after 2013. I need to pass the Ielts exam but I don't have enough strength. According to my plan in the future, Money and English skill are the both more important things for me. But I choose to enhance my English skill finally because I think I need to get the permission first. By the way, if I want to stay here for a long time, I can't live without English.

Therefore, I get a turning point of my life because I make this decision. In the beginning, I just want to learn English but I lean more and more. Otherwise I still want to say "This is a fucking hard but interesting job" Every job give me a new experience. Dylan always give us strange duties. Because in Taiwan I don't have this kind of opportunity to touch this. Now I know how to build a wall with cement and rock, operate the chain saw, grow the strawberry and the knowledge about plant and earth science. Especially I know the concept of permaculture is how to be self sufficient. Maybe one day we can't afford the bill of government any more because the resource shortage. But permaculture teach me don't need to rely on government. I can have my own water, power and food. Maybe food is quite difficult in urban. But at least, I can save a lot of resources means a lot of money. Everything is just beginning in Evita and Dylan's house. I expect to see the scene after 2 or 3 years here.

This month is my most happy life in Australia. Even I need to study hard, work hard and seldom eat meat. I can try special style of dish from Evita and Dylan like Wagamoli (some kinds of source include avocado), banana pie and home made cookie. During this month, sometime I forget how to speak Chinese because we need to describe everything in English. Though the class then I know how weak I am. Thanks Evita and Dylan for giving me a lot.
Hi Kenton,

Thanks for your feedback to us, except for the swearing part, haha.

Glad you got so much more than just an English course. You are a strong guy and it was great having you and Vincent around to lift logs, remove large rocks from the ground, and pull down trees. Thanks for your hard work!

I do hope you get to do something in life that you really enjoy and remember life is not just about earning money. If you do one day build your own house, please be in touch and show us!

Good to see you have continued looking after your body in the couple of months since you left Sugarloaf. Keep it up!

Best of luck, Dylan and Evita
31/10/2013IanHelperLife in Sugarloaf is very simple. Thinking back the first night I arrived everywhere seemed quiet; stars were round me, I’ve never felt like this before.

Thereafter, I started my permaculture and life English classes. Everything was brand-new to me; like sorting meadow, painting reservoir, cutting down trees and building rock walls and I was mostly impressed about the compost toilet . Compost toilet means you don’t need water to clean your po, but every time you finish, you have to spray sawdust on the excrement, after several months, the excrement will decompose, then we can use the compost to plant fruits, vegetables or some plants we like.

I think permaculture’s main purpose is “everything is getting from the nature, using nature and giving feedback to nature”, even your poo can be composted in a few months, and then it can be the mulch to protect and enrich plants.

People also are friendly here, Dylan, Evita, Vincent and Aurora. Dylan always taught us professional nouns for tools before we started working, and also words for life skills. For example, I still remember how to use sticks and newspapers to make a fire, and identify whether the kangaroo steak is cooked or not. I also enjoyed the taste of the food that Evita cooked. I missed all the life with laughing and sweating in 403 Sugarloaf of Stanthorpe.
Hi Ian

Thank you for writing feedback for us. We are very happy that you came and learnt with us. Good to hear you appreciated the Permaculture ethics of giving back to nature.

Well, we hope to see you back one day to see how things are growing and what's happening. Good luck and thanks for your help.

18/12/2013AuroraHelperWhen I come here from Darwin. My purpose is to learn English and herb plant. I'm surprised  that it's the most wonderful time for me. I like here. There are many trees, gresses,and flowers. The sky is blue and very noisy birds.The weather is very comfortable, not too hot. It's better then Darwin. It's important that Dylan and Evita are very friendly, easygoing, and nice.My classmates Vincent, Ian are very funny.It's full of joyful and laughter in the house. So I'm very happy and joyful in these days.
When I stayed here, I learn many knowledge about Permaculture. Dylan taught us about papercrete,painting....etc. Not only I know the benifit of mulch,but also  pile the branch of tea tree in order to prevent bush fire. Evita taught me how to transplant the plant. One of them, I can use the mulch and kitchen waste for the plants give me deep impression. I know they provide nutrition for the soil, stop weeds growing, recover the soil, and keep warm, moist. It's really a good stuff.
Every day we get up early and work hard. Manual work is tiring, but when my classmates and I finish work, we are small talk or ride the bike cycling to the town in the afernoon. At night, we review English toghther after dinner. What a wonderful day. And It's very happiness thing of the day to enjoy very delicious food.Evita always cook very yummy food and cookies. mouth is watering. I miss a lot.I have many beautiful memories in Stanthorpe.
The other word,I feel happy that I learned more vocabularies than pasted for 4 months in Darwin. And I found that it is not hard to speak English always. Besides speaking, I have learned the newspaper or menu how to read. It's very useful. Therefore, I also develop reading habits. Thanks my classmates, Vincent and lan, they often correct my pronunciation. It is good to ask any question for Evita anytime. So I believe my English is getting better.

So everything is very wonderful experience for me. I passed very fun holidays in Stanthorpe.
Hello Aurora,

Thank you for your comments about your time at Sugarloaf. We enjoyed having you. Thank you for all your help on the property and for the massages you gave Evita and I. They were much needed and appreciated.

Of course, we are happy that your English improved so much in just two weeks, quite incredible. I hope when you come back you still remember everything and have been practicing! haha

See you soon, best
Dylan and Evita
26/03/2014AndyHelperI stayed with Dylan and Evita for 10 days in February 2014 and was my first time using Helpx as opposed to Wwoofing. I wanted to learn and experience permaculture and I am so happy to have chosen this place! They are both very knowledgable on p/c and they are happy to share and explain ways of working and concepts. My work was varied and meaningful, which meant I managed to pick up a lot in a relatively short period of time. I would have definitively stayed longer if I hadn't already made other plans.

The food was indeed excellent, the accommodation suited me just fine (a small room a few metres from the house), and the location is suitably placed within a short bike ride of town but far enough out to attract lots of colourful wild life.

I was also lucky enough to visit and meet with various local groups in town, and to eat and spend time with their friends which made for a rich experience :)

All in all, it was time and effort well spent. Dylan and Evita offer a chance to be in an environment that does not just talk to talk, but also walk the walk, as they say :D
Hey Andy, it was a pleasure to have you. Great that you wanted to learn as much as you could and were open to try many new things. Glad that you did learn many things in your time with us.

You are welcome to return any time to visit or stay again!

I also hope you are inspired to get right into Permaculture and live the Permaculture life :)

I stayed one week in Dylan and Evita's demonstration site and although I came from a 2.5 months internship in permaculture I learnt a lot of new things, we shared interesting points of view, the food was very good and I was able to meet other people in the community activities that took place that week.

I had to work, of course, but I felt more as a guest than a volunteer.

Thanks for everything!!!
Hi Henry, glad you got back to Spain alright. Nice to know you learnt more things here. I enjoyed our chats and your hard work.

You are most welcome to return if you come back to Australia. It would be nice to meet your wife too!

Best of luck in your Permaculture future and development of your property and whatever may happen. Saludos!
27/08/2014GarethHelperHi Dylan and Evita,

Great to see your regular updates. It is amazing what you are achieving. I think it is at least a year since you visited. Keep up the good work :)
Thanks Gareth! Yeah, will be a year in Oct I think since we were in NZ.. Have been in Stanthorpe a year in late June..
16/10/2014AlexHelperSorry I m more than late for this feedback… (Like you ve seen I m not always a good student !! ahah)

Welcome new Woofeur, in this new place who will change you forever !
For my experience, I ve spent 2 months with Dylan and Evita but at the beginning I was just planning to stay 10 days ! I want to say to people who will come to Sugarloaf that this place changed my life ! I realize this now after 2 months back to my country. Thanks to you, I ve changed my future project and you were right, it s the good choice ! I m not the same, I am trying to change people around me, and for now it works ! =)
About this place, Helper, you will be welcome in the cozy house of a charming couple. Dylan and Evita are 2 amazing people. You will share a lot with them. If you are ready to work hard and learn a lot about permaculture, you are in the right place ! It was intensive but it was worth it ! I ve learnt more in 2 months than in my 6 months internship ! A lot of pictures come to my mind right now : giving food to the pigs, holding a chicken (for me it was the first time !), building the green house with Dylan, Making cake with Evita and speaking about everything, eat healthy, lunch in front of chicken, painting ! (more in myself than on materials ahah), collect horse poo, the permaculture course, making tofu, share, laugh-laugh, durty hands, diner in front of Bill’s video, planting seeds, doing beds, taking picture of kangaroo and koala etc.

I want to say thank you to both of you ! You ve helpt me more than I ve helpt you lol, you were like my family in Australia, you bring me a lot ! For sure I will not forget this beautiful experience !
I really hope to come back one day to your place. I miss you guys !

The first and I hope, not the last French girl ! ;)
Hi Alex, it was worth waiting for! Very nice feedback for us and excellent to hear you have changed and not gone back to your normal life and forgotton what you learned.

We hope you find your passion soon and go after it! Keep in touch and let us know.

You are welcome back any time to see the prgress of what you helped create :)

Miss you too. Bonjour!

Dylan and Evita are my family now. I feel very intimate with their place after staying there for one and half month. i care for it as if it was my home - which is by all means is! i learned so much staying in their place, and i feel very lucky for all the good things they have given me in that time. the wonderful nature, with koalas and kangaroos, the permaculture course that i was very lucky to take part in, the conversations, the constant connections with the plants, and garden and this amazing atmosphere of cultivating and responsibility for the environment. it's a demanding place and will be best for people who have the values of cultivating and permaculture and nature and gardening and sustainability in their blood! i can't start to describe the good food the Evita is making, which is truly a blessing! made with the best ingredients and with love. thank you brother and sister for all the time you spent with me, all the places you took me too, all your patience and enthusiasm to teach me and share with me your wisdom and knowledge. i love you truly, and always here for you, where ever i am.
Hi Shai, nice to receive feedback from you! And delightful comments at that. It was great to have you stay in Sept and Oct and expand our friendship since meeting a year before in Taiwan.

Thanks for your postive work ethic and support for our way of living. You fitted in well and we got so much work done with you around. Those things will endure here for many many years. It will be nice when you return one day to see them and further progress!! You are always welcome here and I hope it will not be too long before you can return. Much peace and friendship to you too!! Cheers :)
06/05/2015BrennanHelperI really appreciate the opportunity to come learn and stay at your permaculture farm. From the very start I was warmly welcomed and that mood was constant throughout my stay. I thoroughly enjoyed every experience from the routine task of feeding the animals to building the rocket stove to after dinner conversation.
I would also like to thank you for the introduction into the surrounding community.
All the best,
Thanks Brennan - you are welcome! We thank you for all your help too - many tasks that I was daunted by were possible because of you, your height, and positive attitude. I hope you have learnt a bit of Permaculture and will continue to do so. Cheers!
31/07/2015Richard & MarionClientHi Dylan. Thanks for drawing up an excellent design for our 5 acre backyard in downtown Stanthorpe. The design is easy to follow and takes advantage of the natural terrain beautifully. As a consulting service you listened to our ideas and "listened" to the land. We were pleaed with every aspect of the design. Thanks to your input we have started on the road to a permaculture informed life. We recommend your services to all.
Richard and Marion
You are most welcome. Look forward to seeing the eathworks in action and following and helping your design implementation.

All the best!
23/08/2015 11:30:26Monica FernandesHelperHey :)
I just spent 6 weeks at Sugarloaf!! It was my first permaculture experience and I LOVED it!! If you are truly interested in Permaculture, I highly recommend you spend some time at Sugarloaf. The site is totally off the grid, which will help you understand and learn everything about energy systems, water harvesting, compost toilets and grey water system. They also have animals, which will help you understand the true value of having animals on a farm. It is Wonderful to see animals so well treated and you can tell how happy they are. There is always lots to do, I helped out in the nursery, vegetable patch, restoring a fire oven, building a new caravan area and more and then the every day to day farm chores.
The true value of this farm are Dylan and Evita!! They are both very knowledgeable regarding the permaculture techniques.
Dylan is a great teacher and has loads of experience and is a great handy man, its all about recycling and working with what you have!!
Evita is an Exceptional cook, she taught me how to make homemade tofu and also how to ferment vegetables "Taiwanese style".
Our days off were always Awesome!! I got to visit the Girraween National Park, a Mushroom Farm, a Cheese Farm. Also got to meet some of their friends and their farms! Helped out on a Earthship, got to go to a grafting workshop, and went to talks. It was truly a Fantastic Learning experience!!
I hope to visit them again and if not, I hope they will come one day to my farm so they can see how much they taught and influenced me!!
Thank You Heaps!!! :)
Thanks alot Monica for you lovely feedback. We are greatful for your help too. It was nice to not have to do all the animal chores everyday while you were here. Also, nice to share info about Permaculture and answering some questions made me think a lot too. Always good.

We enjoyed your company and cheerfulness. Thank you for coming to share in our lives and contributing to our site development. You are welcome back, of course.

All the best for your Permaculture project back home. Look forward to see it progress. Cheers!
12/05/2016 16:39:31JohanHelperIf you know nothing about permaculture, but want to find out what it is and try out to live the permaculture way, go and visit Dylan and Evita at Sugarloaf. I spent just over two weeks with them at their farm and had an amazing time. I learned about collecting of rainwater, using solar power, growing your own food and how you can have nice life out in the wild when you at the same time are saving the environment. You always work together as a team, and it is important for them that you don´t work too much. This is the place to go if you are up for a good laugh, learning about permaculture or just sit down a whole day to enjoy the silence and watch the pigs wandering around.
"All you have to do is stop, and take a look around"
Hi Johan, nice to hear from you after a few months of travel for you has passed. Thanks for the kind words - it means a lot that you learnt many things and enjoyed your time here. Of course your help was appreciated - some things like fencing just cannot be done alone! So, thank you very much. Cheerio
18/06/2016 20:07:16MattHelperHad an amazing week with Evita and Dylan. Thank you so much for having me guys.

Learnt a lot about permaculture which was fantastic. Evitas cooking is outstanding as well. The homemade ochra cookies were delicious :)

Highly recommended for all who want to work hard and learn about permaculture!!
Great to hear you enjoyed your experience here. It was pleasant to have someone so well mannered and appreciative here, so you are welcome back any time! Thanks for your help on the fencing and other tasks and sharing your take on life. I hope you do continue your permaculture journey (it's difficult not to ;))
15/07/2016 19:32:20CamilaHelperI am so grateful to Dylan and Evita for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with them in their permaculture homestead. It was so good to learn about permaculture from people who are truly passionate about it. Seedling, fencing, composting, building a chicken dome and a swale were some of the activities that I could experience during my stay.
Evita is a beautiful, positive thinker and cheerful woman. She cooks amazing 100% organic meals and she always has some interesting stories to share about her country and her family. I enjoyed a lot helping her in the greenhouse and the garden.
Dylan is very focused and dedicated. He loves to share what he knows about permaculture and it is impossible not to be bitten by the permaculture bug when you listen to him! On our day off he drove us to the Queen Mary Falls and we had a great time. It was very nice of him to show us some beautiful places near Stanthorpe. He shared with me many videos about permaculture so now I have a lot of resources to study.
At the end of the day we always sat together near the fire, watched videos and had a good chat. The sky there is amazing, I have never seen so many stars in my whole life.
Thank you very much guys!
Camila was a very polite, helpful, and smiley helper.. We like it when someone just clears away the dishes after eating for example without been asked to. She approached all tasks with enthusiasm and really tried hard to ensure the end result was what we wanted. This is a great trait. I am sure that Camila learnt a lot about Permaculture and will add to this when she helps on more Permaculture projects. She certainly is keen!
Thanks for your lovely reference Camila and I do hope you will come and stay again later in the year (when it's a bit warmer ;) ) You are most welcome.
24/08/2016 11:35:10AlexHelperIf you're looking for an experience that will open your eyes to the potential and reality of creating your own homestead or Permaculture site then look no further!

Dylan and Evita are the real deal in terms of adhering to Permaculture's ethics and principles and are a wealth of knowledge on a multitude of homestead related topics. Here you will learn about rearing animals, planting vegetables and trees, pruning and grafting, brewing your own kombucha, how to collect rainwater and use it wisely as well as tonnes of Permaculture concepts and how they work practically.

Each night was filled with good conversation, amazing food (seriously SO good Evita!) and permaculture/environmental related videos to further your understanding of the amazingly broad subject of Permaculture! They also have a whole heap of books on the topic too, use them while you can!

When working you will almost always be working with at least one or both of them, depending on the size of the task. Whilst there I did heaps of different stuff; making fences, slaughtering ducks, splitting firewood, making biochar, pruning trees, digging Swales and creating a chicken coop to use with their future earthworks plans (I hope it's still standing!) but there really is no limit to the variety that the work provides.

Thankyou both so much for being warm and generous hosts with tonnes of knowledge and experience to share, I wish you all the luck with the future and look forward to seeing the pictures of the place in Spring!
You are most welcome Alex. Always a pleasure to share our Permaculture life with you. We thought you ask great questions and therefore are sure you learnt a lot and are thinking well.

Thanks for your help and coming to stay with us. We look forward to hear about your life journey!

04/11/2016 06:37:56Hélène and DamienHelperWe helped Evita and Dylan before (for 2 weeks), during (for 6 days) and after (for 2 days) a natural building workshop. Helping with the preparation (collecting recycling materials and building structures out of them : solar outside shower, wooden door with its frame, wooden signs etc. + preparation of the menus and food) and helping with the daily tasks of the permaculture homestead as well (watering, planting, weeding, painting, maintenance, water management, animals etc.).

In 3 weeks, we learnt more with them than in the very expensive course in Djanbung Gardens (a famous permaculture farm) where we had stayed for more than 1 month.

We enjoyed very much most of the moments with Evita and Dylan, the excellent quality of everything they shared with us : not only the knowledges, the very pleasant discussions and the key skills we learnt from them, but also their amazing place and the awesome healthy and tasty meals ;-)

Also, we appreciated they had us involved in the organisation and the preparation, looking very interested in our viewpoints, advices, feelings and well-being.

In a few words : a great and inspiring experience. What could be better than being inspired?
Hey guys, we couldn't have done the course without your help. By the way, I love that outdoor shower. Yes, Helene your help in the kitchen was great and Damien we did some amzing work together. Thank you again.

We are so glad it was a great experience for you guys - look forward to hear of your future adventures in implementing Permaculture wherever you are.
11/12/2016 12:35:18PaulHelperHad such a great time at Dylan, Evita, and Les's superadobe workshop. Incredibly well organised, catered for, and of course, completed. Amazed by how much we learned and achieved in just one week.

Thanks again!
Thanks for the feedback Paul. Thanks so much for all your hard work and dedication to the project.

See you more often in the future!

11/01/2017 14:34:05CarolineHelperDylan and Evita live and breathe permaculture ethics, and provide an inspiring environment to learn and experiment. Both teachers, they have an incredible knack for supporting each individual on their own learning journey.

They provide diverse tasks and encourage everyone to get in and try it. During my stay I had the chance to get my hands dirty with a whole range of things - finalising the flooring in an adobe brick building, fixing fences and animal enclosures, mulching the gardens, slaughtering and dressing ducks, growing wheat and rice, seed saving, pruning tomatoes, building terrace gardens and much more.

They live off-grid - harvesting their own solar power and water. Together, they provide up to 60% of their food from their homestead (dairy and grains are currently the few exceptions). It's simply incredible to have the chance to experience a lifestyle of such integrity and self-sufficiency.

If you have the opportunity to stay with and work alongside Dylan and Evita, take it!!
Thanks so much Caroline for the feedback and also your help while here. You worked hard and asked many excellent questions. Was good to hear about all the positive things you are doing in Sydney. I hope we can help in some way too!

I think we will see you again at some point in the future, look forward to it.

Glad it was worthwhile coming here!


11/04/2017 20:53:00SaraHelperWhen I was come back Sugarloaf I'm very surprised because I joined Superadobe earthbag workshop it was 4 month ago but the dome looks same! But I'm happy I can keep going to do the dome, I learn more about the dome inside and outside especially we made the Parallel quadrilateral bed that is so cool! and I also learn a lot about the permaculture I never thought that is interesting, but I was scared to kill the ducks that is so terrible.. when I was finish the day and go back the room i'm cried...that experience it's so terrible.. but i really need to know about the life and Food chain..when I leave sugarloaf i still have 2 weeks in Australia i just become vegetarian for two weeks...
i really learn a lot in your garden thanks Dylan and Evita
Thanks for coming back Sara to help and learn with us - it was nice to share more of our Permaculture life with you. With your help we have now got the dome finished!! very happy about it and we like it a lot!
Yes, killing animals for meat is taking responsibility for eating meat - very important.
Glad to hear you learnt a lot!! :)
22/06/2017 11:20:59Dave Holbrook Superadobe courseExcellent course and we were extremely well looked after. Although we were building a small superadobe storeroom, we also had time to look around, and the permaculture projects are very interesting, lots to learn and great to see knowledge being successfully applied and shared. Hi Dave, thanks for the lovely comments. Glad you found it interesting and learnt a lot. Thank you for your help in the creation of the dome - we love it now that it's finished. Cheers
22/06/2017 12:23:46RosIntroduction to Permaculture workshop, You Can Grow Food workshop, Client (consult, design)Dylan & Evita's workshops are very well organized and set out in an easy to understand way, I have enjoyed them and the food is always great.Thank you Ros - I will pass on the food compliment to Evita!
22/06/2017 12:26:18SuchiPDC courseI am happy to joined this course before, which help my vision more widely on any side.

In my country , due to the resource, I will need to put lots of effort to have this kind of quality life, but it is worthy to set a goal for myself and my family in future.

For me, It is easy to be attracted by fancy things , like manga, art exhibition and top rank movies on IMDB. Until I found the most amazing thing is in the soil, to anything helping the cycle of life.
I hold my breathe many times on the course while hearing some theory that crazy but really make sense to me. It is not like New age things, it work on my body and anywhere.

I can't spoil to much, just hope anyone can join and enjoy the journey of discovery.
(not sure it is a pun or not, pun is too hard for a Asian~)
Suchi! Nice to hear from you!

Glad the course changed your perspective some more :)

All the best dude.
22/06/2017 18:13:50Rebecca GreggPDC courseDylan and Evita are very passionate teachers and role models. Within the local community, they bring like-minded people together to celebrate all things permaculture and share ideas. Dylan is a thorough and very well researched teacher and presents the information in an interesting and interactive manner. He prioritises the practical elements of the teachings; making compost, no-dig gardens, insect houses, rocket stoves, excursions to other properties etc. I came away from the PDC course feeling confident and excited to apply the theory and practical elements of permaculture to my whole life. Thanks for your feedback Bec - it means a lot that you appreciated the efforts we put in for the course and continue to do so for networking the local community.

It's great to see you applying the principles to your life. We are here if you ever need any help!

Cheers, Dylan
25/06/2017 12:40:56Paul KnoxSuperadobe courseThe superadobe course in 2016 was fantastic from start to finish. Our teacher was a wealth of information, both theoretical and practical, and Dylan and Evita were amazing in making sure that everything ran smoothly and everyone was incredibly well-fed with three delicious meals a day (plus tea tea-breaks and very tasty treats). It's amazing to see the finished building now, and knowing through the doing that coordinated effort using traditional building techniques can create something so strong and beautiful. CheersHey Paul, thanks for the feedback and compliments - I will pass on to Les and Evita! Yes, the dome turned out great and we are very happy with it. It was amazing to have a community effort help build this structure.

Thanks for your help, cheers,
15/11/2017 15:55:28LouHelperSometimes you meet the right people in the right place and your life change. It's exactly what happened when I met Dylan and Evita.

I didn't know nothing about permaculture but I really wanted to learn, and I really wanted to help them and work hard. In one month I learned a lot about nature system, sustainable living ressources, polyculture and permaculture design.

Evita is a beautiful and brilliant woman who makes people dream with her food. She is the best cooker I have ever met and she knew how to put me at ease right away. Dylan is an ingenious person, never run out of ideas. He knows how to encourage someone to give the best of oneself. He is an amazing teacher and the work was always accompanied by a permaculture courses. It was very interesting to practice with them, that I learned by books, videos, talks. They opened my eyes to many subjects (medicine, policy, lifestyle, money) and now, I know how I want to live.

For you, new helper : You have to work hard but the days pass very quickly and the tasks are very varied. My main tasks were : gardening, cutting mulch, planting seeds and vegetables, digging (of course!), weeding, looking after the goats (Milky & Choky)... I also repaired a solar panel with Dylan, I started to built a tree house and a secret project with a trailer. You will discover the morning tea and the afternoon tea, always a comfort after work. The working days are punctuated by day off (1 or 2 times a week). Even during the day off, Dylan and Evita will take care of you. I visited an other farm and an other permaculture garden, I met their friends (all amazing), went in a beautiful national park, I rested watching a movie with the cat...

Dylan and Evita are an amazing couple and an example for everybody. They accepted me in their daily life with a great generosity, like a family. I will never forget them, and I miss them already. I will come back soon !

Thanks for your kind words Lou. We loved having you here and appreciate all your help and keeness to learn with us.

Good luck with your permaculture journey - the world needs more young, intelligent people pursuing the right way to live.

Cheers, Dylan and Evita
02/02/2018 16:24:42MickHelperI had an absolutely amazing time with Dylan and Evita. They truely understand permaculture and i think its the best place to learn and get hands on experience. Thanks Mick for all your hard work - we achieved a lot. The garden beds we created after digging the rocks out will produce food for many decades! Cheers!
27/03/2018 11:09:49Elisa and LeoHelperWe stayed 4 months in sugarloaf property. We learned a lot about permaculture from Dylan and Evita. It's the greatest place to learn gardening, building, animals, and Life. They changed our way of thinking about life. Evita is one of the best cooker we ever meet. They are an amazing couple and their way of life should be an example for everyone.

That was a realy good experience for us. We will remember all of those times.

Leo & Elisa
Thanks Leo and Eliza - you guys were awesome guests too. Nice to be able to trust two well mannered, young people!

All the best for your travels. Our paths will cross again in the future, see you then! Cheers Dylan and Evita
16/12/2018 17:11:43DanaHelperJust spent an absolutely fantastic 10 days with Dylan and Evita at Sugarloaf Permaculture. You were both so friendly and generous and made my stay comfortable and exciting. During my stay, I participated in a huge range of activities, including: fruit picking, weeding, wiring fences, goat care (milking, feeding and moving), mulching, making potting mix, distributing coffee grounds, making cuttings, pruning, planting trees, watering, getting things from the tip, sawing/cutting wood, potting plants, fixing bikes, digging and removing stones, moving the water tank, processing honey, feeding the chickens, soil preparation/enhancement, making fertilisers, planting seeds and much more!

I had an amazing time when you took me to the fantastic Bald Rock National Park one day, showed me another Tom's farm and bee processing area, and took me to a wildlife care home.

I learnt so many new skills and enhanced my gardening and especially permaculture knowledge immensely during my stay. These new skills and knowledge will help me hugely with my community garden, home garden and lifestyle choices!

Thanks for one of the best week and a half's in my life. It was a pleasure to spend so much time with such wonderful people (including Justine, a fellow helper) and to learn so much. I was sad I could only stay 10 days and hope to return in the future!
Thank you Dana - such positive and appreciative feedback like yours is why we keep hosting people!

And it's great that we took a chance with someone so young! It is so good to see a young person who cares for the Earth so much and is open to learning everyday. We look forward to hearing of your endevours, so please do keep in touch.

Thank you for your hard work and enthusiasm to help. We appreciate your polite manners too!

Cheers, Dylan and Evita
02/06/2019 09:49:12Carola and MazinHelperSugarloaf permaculture is a beautiful place in the nature. We stayed with Evita and Dylan for two months. When we lived there, it was a very dry period and we learned how important water is and to be aware when we use it.
We had different tasks: building with different materials, making compost, digging out rocks (very meditative and teamwork), pruning trees, creating a path in the forest, making new soil using sawdust, building a bench with cob,...
We learned a lot from the work and even more from the interesting conversations with Dylan and Evita and the constructive criticism we received, which made us think about new viewpoints and new ways to be more ‘eco-friendly’ than we were.
Evita is a very energetic, positive and empathetic person. She is a very good teacher and a wonderful chef. We made soy milk, tofu and okara together and she revealed some recipes and cooking secrets to us.
Dylan is very passionate about the ecological issue, he is critical and open to exchange of opinions. He is a really good teacher too.
Both are making a difference on this world and, through their lifestyle and sharing, they are helping other people to get a wider perspective and to become more aware.
We are very thankful to them and we highly recommend you stay there.
Carola and Mazin
Thanks guys! It was great to have you here for so long and get to know you both.

Thanks for your hard work and willingness to help with the cob bench!

We enjoyed the social time together and learning about agroyoga - really cool, so thank you!

All the best, I feel like we will see you again at some time in the future!

Dylan and Dylan
23/07/2019 04:47:59WilliamHelperThese two weeks with Evita and Dylan were such a rewarding experience. It's not all about work exchange, it's also about human exchange and taking care of each other.
I had a few knowledge about permaculture, I came there to learn more and get practical skills and this is exactly what I got.
You can work hard sometimes but with all the amazing organic and healthy food you eat, the knowledge you get and the nice talks you have, I think it's a fair exchange and it worth it.
If your purpose is to learn it's the perfect place to stay.
Living and working with them show you what permaculture is about and it gives good exemples what you could easily do to reduce your environment impact and live more simply and happier.
Thank you very much for this wonderful time with you.
Take care,
Thanks for the feedback William - much appreciated.

Thank you for your hard work, endurance on a couple of the longer days, attention to detail, and keeness to get the jobs done well.

We enjoyed your company and were glad to answer all your good questions. All the best on your permaculture journey.
TeresaHelpersee handwritten below
Thanks Teresa! You were welcome to learn with us. Enjoyed the chats about the youth green movement in Hong Kong and sustainability.. Good luck for the rest of your adventure in Aus and return home. Bye bye :)