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Favorite DriverLeast Favorite DriverOn the Up and UpMost Straight-up driverThe driver you'd go gay forCoolest Team PrincipalFavorite TeamLeast Favorite TeamFavorite Old School (no longer around) teamLikely WCC 2014Likely WDC 2014Favorite Current F1 CircuitLeast Favorite CircuitRalf/Michael?Pirelli/Michelin/Avon?PitwallManliest driver of all timeDriver most likely to come out of the closetBernie - Evil/SaintUSGP locationbest SAF1 posterworst SAF1 posterSprinklers?USF1 OpinionOvertaking? Or Double Diffusers?Which is 'better', KERS or DRS?Best current driver without WDCDriver you'd most like to gain a race seatDriver you'd least like to gain a race seatshirt size, ya fattyseason reviews you own, you pedantic nerdFavorite F1 season
A Pipe Smoking DogKOBAYASHISutilKobayashi againOur Jense...Our JenseFernandesToro Rosso (GB2GP2)Red BullVettelTurkeyBore-ainStirling MossSutil (thats not why I hate him though)Evil, not actually a geniusMexicothat canadian guy who is on methalso shortcutsOur Karun. In Good lotus. With our HeikkiSutilLarge (big boned)
aequalisAlonsoThe FingerRich-yar-dohAlonso?Fernandes cos I'm a lemmingFerrariRed BullBenettonRed bullVettelMonzababydaddy, when someone (not a ferrari) crashes in the pit exit tunnel then i might rethink itRalf, he seems like a really sweet guyPirelli = FIArrari, one day the Italians will rule the grid...that got put on hold with the 'no drivers' thingI never got what this was about :(GillesSutilOne eyedTimes Squareanyone that posts fantabulous photos!Anyone who doesn't follow the light of awesomeness emanating from a FerrariOil slicks and speed up strips. Banana peels tooUSA!USA!USA!overtakingDRSKobayashiAlesiYamomotorolaThe Schumacher Dominance years and the Alonso Dominance years.
AgentJotunAlonso/SchumiHamiltonRosbergFerrariMclarenRed BullVettelValencia Love the PersonalitySpaMichaelMichelinOnly if its 12 feet tallRosberg by a country mileEvilIndy??Hamilton lovers!NahJokeOvertakingVettel but that will change very soonBring Monty backEither Red Bull tester
AqualungVettel/SchumacherAlonso/WebberHulk.FerrariMcLarenArrowsRed BullVettelInterlagosMonacoMPVettelRalfSaintfuck youme youfuck youovertaking!DRSHulkHulkMaldonados or mall of them2000 or 2007 or 2010
AyemJenson, Hulk, LewisVettelHulk!BLMWObviously BrittanyCaterham/McLarenRed BullFuckin' Red BullFingerboySpa, MontrealBahrain/Abu DrabbyThey both suckWho the fuck cares about tires? I'm sorry...tyres.why notSutilEvilLaguna SecaDo I have to?All of usNo. Bernie should never get anything he wantsYeah this is so last yearJust kill Tilke, then we don't need to decideKERS has electronsBobby KRobert Wickens (or any Canadian except Jacques Villeneuve)Mnone!I only started watching in 2009 so anything before then?
BabyArmLewisMassaKobayashiMcLaren/Red BullFerrariMcLarenLewisAustin :)BorerhainneitherBFGoodrichOnly on the first dateSutilEvil Greedy Fucker(see fave track)NicktheNorsemeOn donuts they're deliciousproof that America fucks shit upOvertakingSato-sanAny badass Amur-uh-kun driverDanica
bigladsour JenseMost of themMcRestaButtonGood LotusVirgin/MarussiaHeskethMcLarenVettelSpaValenc ... zzzzzzCross-Plys pleaseJoss Ackland's spunky backpack LaudaMassaEvilnot youit's youofcnot as good as Stefan F1 :srb:more acronyms for next year plzOur KarunOur KarunTrulli
BMB5150HamiltonAlonsoKobayahiMcLarenNoneRed Bull (no shit sherlock)VettelNurburgringValenciaDick DastardlyMichelinTo trip onAlguersuariEvil but not as evil as MosleyLaguna SecaBrainwrongSince it's the worst thread (or was) everyoneFor shits and giggilesWell apparently they didn't make itOvertakingWebbahChandhok or SennaSakon
BossTweedKarunAlonsoSutilMcLarenFerrariMcLarenButtonBahrainRalfround rubber and rollssureWebberEvil, but in a good wayRoad Atlanta
BrainwrongOur JensonKubicaPetrovNo teamFerrariJaguar (Red Bull)BLMWOur SilverstoneHungaryMichaelI don't careGayAdrianThe greatest human aliveAmerica. LOLMeMeHells yeahYou are missed. Shine onOvertaking. Jos VerstappenJos VerstappenKimi
Buch MuncherButtonAlonsoKobayashiMcLarenFerrariRed BullJensonMontrealBahrainRalfwhatpit walls are for pussiesSchumievil but seemingly lost when on cameraAnywhere but jerseybrainwrong posts those hi-res pics so yeahBush MuncherYes, sprinklers everywhere all over the trackSad to see that they didn't make it, but they were being cunts about it anywayDouble overtaking?Webber
ByolanteKobayashiVettelPetrovForce IndiaFerrariMcLarenOur JensonSpaBorerhainBoth have np personality or reason to be likedAvon, the lady from, ding dongonly if it saves the poor pit crewHamiltonSaintSan Quinten Prison (deathrace)the most recent person to burn hefehefeonly if they are controlled by Brundlehilariousdouble diffusersKobayashiReanimated Giles Villeneuve
CactrotKoba san ^^;Trulli, Ralfwha?Buh?HRTSuper best friends!Red BullVettelSuzukaValnciaHoosierno plzKeke rosbergSutilPrince of darknessthey're all terribleWickogunnerongMandatorybetter as a parody website than a teamNeitherKobayashiKubica with cybernetic armTrulliMedium20072007
clandestine cactusbutton / kobayashivettel / alonsopereznone reallyferarrinonehehhehspa, turkeybahrainneitherpirellis have been funno wayalonsogenius...---->shogunnerhell yea:911:overtaking is bestpoor barichello...chandhokliuzzi :|none
CuahtemocHakkinen, then WebberAlonsoKobayashiRed BullFerrariRed BullWebberInterlagosBahrainYour MotherRound onesOnly if they explodeFrank Williams / Patrick HeadEvilToo far away from me, who caresAll of the ones.Any TifosiFire sprinklers.Good excuse to visit and eat bbq meatKobayashi once overtook a double diffuser in a Toyota YarisWebberRicciardoAnyone who wears spectacles in a race car
Cyberpopeall of themTrulliKobayashiAnyone who sucks in an entertaining wayFerrariFerrariMassaNurburgring NordschleifeAnything with sandall of themtiresMove pits to main straightAll of themOld lesbianI-20All of themAll of themSnow BlowersWCC '11Double OverakingVilleneuveSatoTrulli
DaduziHamiltonTrulliSutilWhoever's the best British teamFerrariMcLarenButtonMontreal/ShanghaiHungaryMichaelWhat he saidOnly if it is extended along the entire circuitRosbergChaotic EvilNowhereBrainwrong ooh and Nickthenorse if he ever posteddjssnipergod yesworse than hormone replacement therapyweaponised KERSDavid Coulthard (lol)Jeremy ClarksonThe lesser Piquet
DavehButtonTrulliRosbergRed BullWilliamsMcLarenButtonSpaValenciaMichaelMichelinNoBritneyVolcano-Lair EvilIndianapolisClearly meEveryoneAt the shit trackslolOvertakingMossHeidfeld
DirtyfrogSutilMassaPetrovMcLarenVirginRed BullButtonSpaBahrainMichaelAll of them, tyre wars wooDon't be fucking stupidRosbergEvil but a fucking legendNew York streetsbrainwrongeveryone elseYes, controlled by public vote on the red buttonWish they'd made it to see just how stunningly bad they'd beovertaking obviouslyPaffett or Di RestaJacques Villeneuve or Nick Heifeld
djssniperOur JensonTrulliRosbergNo teamNo teamFerrariAlonsoSpaBahrainMichaelMichelinGo to hellRosbergSaviourNew YorkNone.. it's a terrible threadXenoidtake a hikePonzi schemeOvertakingGilles VilleneuveVilleneuvePiquet Jnr
Drunk CanuckKubicaTrulliSennaRenaultWilliamsFerrariButtonMontrealCatalunyaRalfPirelliFuck NascarHammyEvilscrapyardNicktheNorseCyngiOnly when the track is dryWE WANT HYUNDAI F1KERSHeidfeldLoebjimmy johnson
ecstaticJenson/RicciardoAlonsoDi RestaRed BullWilliamsBrawnduhduhSpaValencianeitherPirelliNever got this joke poor me :(Who else, NicoEvil, old, not as clever as everyone thinksAustin seems as good as anyKushgroove for organisingThe Vettel loverpointlessthe team, when did we get a chance to judge?overtakingCoulthardNow that Ricciardo has got a seat, the hulkBarichelloMediumnone
Edmund HondaWebberHamiltonBritneyRenaultFerrariMcLarenHamiltonMonzaMagny-CoursRalfMichelinNoSutilEvilThe MoonXausF1Pocket ChompNoA jokeDouble deckersDCValentino RossiSakon Yamamoto
El HefeguessMassaVettelwhichever Alonso drives forMcLarenMcLarenAlonsoSuzukaValencianoneMichellinyes pleaseHammySaintMiaminoneallyeslolno in my F1TrulliKimiRalfXXXL because im a big colombian fatty
el_topoButtonTrulliRosbergMcLarenFerrariMcLarenButtonSpaBahrainMichaelAvonSeriously?JaimeNecessary evilWatkins Glen!tsaedje (sp?)Xenoidonly in the pit lanewho?OvertakingGilles of course!JV, to have old-man races with MSPK Jr
enriButtonVettelRosbergMclarenToro RossoMclarenJEN-SON BUT-TONSpaValenciaRalf gives good head I hearMichelinwill no one think of the pit crews?!Sutildevil incarnate but funny with itmexico is in the US right? I don't knowhahaha, seriously?Xenoidfuck yeayea go on then, it'll mean no 2 week break between races when they slap the Canadian GP the week beforerockets and gunsWebberPaffettPiquet Jnr
FalkenLewisVettelKobayashiMcLarenRed Bull/FerrariMcLarenAlonsoSpaBahrainMichaelAvonThe fuck is thatLewisEvil yet a bloody geniusRoad AmericaBrainwrongOutsiders who try to fit in!No, oil dispensersWho? What?Overtakin'JOSS THE BOSSGerhard Berger. He can still race!Sakon Yamamoto. Wait oh goddamn it fuck!XL2012
Fists UpJack BrabhamAnyone who isn't Jack BrabhamMy PenisWhoevere has an AustralianEveryone elseRed BullAlonsoSpaAnything that has the words middle eastWho?Who gives a shitOnly if it has sprinklersWebber
FroistButtonTrulliKobayashiMcLarenWilliamsRed BullButtonSpaBahrainMichaelMichelinNoSutilEvilJFK InternationalBrainwrongXenoidCopiousEntertainingOvertakingMeRaikkonenPiquet JnrM, probably S in American sizes0
front wing flexingVettel/Hamilton/Button MaldonadoDi RestaKyleRB/McLarenPresent Day WilliamsBenetton RBRVETTELSpakoreaMSCMaxxisVettelDon't careV.I.R.lolmenoI wishovertakingWebberLNone
GozinbulxNakajimaPiquezinhoRosbergForce IndiaVirginMclarenVettelSpa/SuzukaValenciaMikeyque whatel cholo locoBuemitrollStreets of Miami!mei love you allnohope they do somethingdoesnt need to be one or the other, plenty of overtaking this seasonVettelLoebPiquezinho
gretLewisVettelHunklebertMercedesFerrariJordanRed BullVettelSuzukaAbu DhabiRetarded brotherMichelinbuild itSutilRosbergEvil San Jose ChampCar street circuitmeLewis hatersnoahahahahahahahared turtle shelldeathRosbertJustin Wilson or MontoyaDanica Danica DaniaMnone2008
GutBombGrosjeanrosberggrosjeanWebberbrawnLotusmercedesMcLaren (heh)Red BullVettel (ugh)Suzukanurburgring gpneitheri don't careno walls!vettelrosbergbothalabamamewickaeverywhere:(can't it be both?get rid of both pleasewebberrossidanicaM1995-20002012
HAIL LORD ZLATANMSC/KOBVettleAlgayButtownsno one deserves itFernandes obvCaterham i guessReb DullMINARDIMcLarenBUTinterlagosabbaybaddyRalf has the best poodlesblack and roundwhats that?Ralf/RossburgSootilf1 kingtalladegaeveryone sucksshogunnersafety cars should be substituted by water truckshahahahahahahablue turtle shellsboth are awfulboobenshmm... dunno. bring ralf back i guessdanny-ca pad-trickLgrand total of zero1986
HJBSchu mk.IIWhiny Hamilton/Winny VettelAlguersuariFerrariMcLarenProstRed BullVettel (just to be different)Interlagos/MonzaModern Hockenheim because I hate changeMSCYupumCoulthard by jawmetricCould be a marketable angle for Lewis:)FranceShogunnerwickaYES138th time's the charmI like it when the cars go vroomKERS is more tactical, Brundle said soKubicaGaston Mazzacane, F1 needs more ZsI'm easyMind your own1997, foreword by Panis don't you know
identikitButtonWebberRosbergRed BullWilliamsRed BullButtonSpaValenciaMichaelDunlopyesSutilEvilLaguna SecanobodyGozinbulxnoamerrikkaovertaking
incurkimi / buttonmassa / maldonaldoperez / ricciardowebber / fast heikkialonsobrawn / bouillerred bull / lotusHRT / Marrusia / Force IndiaBrawnred bullvettelmonza / spa / montrealbahrain / dhabi / valenciamichaelpirellishaking footHuntbothaustinthey're all into F1 so everyone wins!neverhell yeahKERSwebbahreubensmarcus ericcsonXLall (dl'd)2009 brawn forever
ionnButtonSchumacher (M)WebberLotusFerrariRed BullWebberSpaBarcelonaRalf 4 lyffHoosierBuild pit moatAlguersuariEvil supergeniusLaguna SecaLove allHate allup the rear endNah.Overtaking!The Rubens ManHeidfeltAnyone pretty
JazzyhattrickOur LewisnandoBrunoMcLarenFaggots from marinelloMcLarenOur LewisSpaValenciaTyre WarsNoBritneySatanRalfBrainwrong (mainly because of the avatar)Pocket Chumponly for karun's gardenBetter the US than some oil barron's sand pitOvertakingNow: MAAHK WIBBAH, Ever: Gilles Villneuve or Sir SKimmi, Loeb might be interestingpiquinho
JingleBellsVettelLewisSutilRed BullMcLarenRed BullVettelMonzaBarcelonaMichaelPirelliNoSutilTrollCleveland airportTsaedjeEl HefeDamn straightlolovertakingAlesiMontoyaTwat Neal
Jonny NoxYour LewisTrulliLewisWhoever Lewis drives forFerrariMcLarenButtonValenciaNo thank youwhateverHa HaHammyEvil - yet awesome!Rte 66 rally specialEl Hefe I mean Brainwrong (no I mean El Hefe)XenoidDepends on circuitHope so, Hope they blow everyone away, will never happenBAN FRONT WINGS!KubicaHeidfeldMicheal Shumacher
keevokubitzatrulymcrestawebbahbritneyfernandesgood lotus or force curryred bullred bullvettelspaevery tilkedromegoodyearwhat?romain grosjeanevil geniusbristoltheyre all the worstshogunnerusing water designated by the un for africacould have battled it out with hrtnosdrsrosbergmemassaMediumnone2007
Keyser S0ZEVettelVettelKobayashiRed BullForce IndiaMcLarenWebberSpaBahrainRalfHoosierDon't careLewisEvilReno Fernley Racewaysome funny bastards in herewho caresRandomlyYESTriple DiffusersMontoyaHeidfeldKarun
Kill me nowButtonVettelRosbergForce India RedbullMclarenButtonSpaValenciaRalfMichelinYesAlgayHilariousRoad AtlantaBrainwrongCygniNo2012OvertakingKubica
KilonumCurrent: Kobayashi / All Time: Mario Andretti :patriot:Alonso/VettelPetrovSauberFerrariMcLarenWebberSpaValenciaRalf for entertainment valueGoodyearOnly at the USGPJames "Fucking in the garage 10 minutes before a race" HuntNicoHitler was less evilBoston Streets or Lime Rock ParkEveryone but ->The Tifosi Contingent (Aqualung, POCKET CHOMP, et al)As long as the water comes from the Gulf of MexicoCloser to BostonBothWebberMario Andretti's cloneDanicaXXXLT
KorwenKimi RaikkonenFelipe MassaLewis/GrosjeanWebbahBritneyThat Sauber LadyLotus RenaultRed Bull RacingHondaRed BullVettelSpaAbu DahbiHorsesDunlopMaria De VIllotaStewartBritney, See F84Fucked Satan in the Ass:smug:We are all terribleShitgunnergod pleaseNASCARNewey's DickDRSWebbahKubica easilyMaldonadoMNone2007
krushgrooveButton/WebberMaldonadoHulkenbergWebber and KimiKimiTeddy Bear RossRed Bull and McLaren, I guessFerrari, for all-Italian fuckupsHeskethRed BullVettelSuzukaBahrainMichaelMichelinno, keep it deadlyHuntRosbergEvil saintDetroit suburb streets (gotta bring in money somehow)ShogunnerGozinbulxyes w/ random computer programmingdoomed from the startovertakingDRSRosbergHeidfeld...Villeneuve close secondPiq JrL2007, 2008, 20092009 I think
LOSSSchumi/MassaTrulli/HeidfeldKobayashiFucking Faggots from MaranelloMcLarenFerrariKubicaSpaSuzuka...ValenciaRalfBacardiYesWebber (look at his life-partner)AntiheroNuclear wastelandcygnicygniPrefer artificial sandstormsAt least they triedStalling on front gridAlesiVilleneuveHeidfeld
lotharrwebber / buttonrosbergricciardowebberbuttonross brawnred bullforce indiahondamclarenbuttonspabahrainmichaelmichelinnfwmmm sterling mossbritney rosbergfucked hahahnew york!one armed manshogunnermaybe!rubbishovertakingdrswebberchandokthat chick testing for williamsL2010, 20112010
MaberMKWebberMassaLewisMercedesRenaultMcLarenButtonSpaAbby DabbyMichaelMichelinYesSutilEvilIndianapolis you fucking idiotslolXenoidNoKen Anderson laffo*sigh*Satoru NakajimaHeidfeldDanica Patrick
madruganKubicaAlonso/TrulliRosbergRed BullMcLarenSpaBahrainRalfPirelliYesHamiltonSaintIndianapolisSectionallyDouches for failing.Sato
MannyOur LewisSeb 'Fingers' VettelKobayashiBrawnHRT (RIP Chanders)HRTChandhokInterlagosValenciaMFalkenwhatRosbergEvilNew YorkEveryoneEveryoneokwho?overtaking!Our SterlingHakkinenPiquet
marsisolRosbergBuemiSutilMclarenFerrari duhMclarenOur JensonSpaValenciaRalfAvonNORosbergEvilRoad AmericazeroXenoidSometimesSuckovertakingVettelHeidfeldVilleneuve
Need No InstructionMcLaren #1AlonsoKubicaMcLarenUSF1 (for not happening)McLarenHamiltonSpa / Monaco
nervanano one yet. no one yet?none yetnone yetnone yetkorea, just because i live here + italy since the 09?race is the one that got me into F1none yet?just gonna pick michelin, no reason:(?massaadds character to F1? :(pacific coast highwaykrushgroove since he organizes F1 SSme cuz i know jack shitflames out the back of the cars would be sweetyes i hope it becomes a regular thingovertaking?largenone
NoArmedManRicciardoVettelRicciardoRed BullMercedesBARRed BullVettelMelbourneBahrainMichalfMichelinnoNico RosbergHamiltonevilOhiowickawickayeslolovertakingWebberSatoPiquet Jnr
PhoneKobayashiAlonsoKobayashiLotusVirginMcLarenWebberSuzukaBahrainMichelleHankooklolKubicaEvilyesnone of themall of themthere are water restrictions in LAtheir office was near lowes motorspeedway. i should have visitedYESSSKobayashithe ghost of aryton sennaDanica
pik_dOur LewisVettel/MassaThe HulkMcLarenRed BullSuzukaBahrain/ValenciaNoSutilHeidfeld
Poops McGeeKimiWebberKobayashiFerrariVirginSuzukaValencia but it is fun to driveRalfMichelinHow do we not have them?HamiltonEvil geniusAtlantaFagboy JimBrainwronghell yesforeverKobayashiRalfKimimassa
PopehoistHakkinenRalfM.SchumacherMcLarenWilliamsRed BullAlonsoMontrealabbydabbyNeitherwho caresshut the fuck upRosbergSaint (haters gonna hate)Sebring (set ride height to like half a metre)all of themit's youNoamericans can't do anything rightrear-loaded spring dispensersSatoVilleneuveKimi
potyAlonsoVettelHamiltonHamiltonSauber's indian MILFMcLarenHRT and Virgin I guessRenaultRed BullVettelMontrealabbydabbyMSCYour momMassaGeniusThat SF street that's really steepEl Hefeeveryone elseyes^^^^hahaOvertaking due to crashes and mechanical failuresKubicaKarun and PDLRValentino RossiLNone2010, 2007. Also, summer.
Pvt. PublicKamikaze KamuiThe AdmiralWebbahLotus (Super Best Friends :( )HRTFerrariAlonsoSpaValencia but Kamui-san proved it can be made interestingMichael, only because I choose to believe everything Sniff Petrol puts in those pictures of him and Ralf is trueHoosierPsh, more like shit wall, amirite? Nuck Fascar! BuemiEvilishSebringNo one, they are all equally worst.To the left, jerkfaceNapalm sprinklersIt'd be nice, but is unrealistic and unsustainableDouble diffusers are the specialty on the menu at Buemi's gay bar. If you have to ask the price, you can't afford it.MossKarun "Nice garden" ChandhokAny woman that gets attention for being a woman and not for being good.
Rated PG-34ButtonVettelRosbergAlonsoMcLarenRed BullHRTRed BullVettelSpaBahrainHamchopsMe (I don't post)ShogunnerIt was greatDRSRosbergM
relative_qButtonMassaRosbergMcLarenWilliamsMcLarenVettelSuzukaBahrainRalf is my heroAvondon't we already have one of those?RosbergHilariously evilBarbermeXenoidgonna go with "fuck yea"lolafterburnersVettelFREE YUJI IDEAnthony Davidson
RhaegarOur JensonAlonsoRosbergMcLarenFerrariMcLarenVettelMontrealValenciaMichaelMichelinYesHamiltonWhere's my HD you troll?Watkins GlenI don't pay attention to names.I don't pay attention to names.Aren't Alonso's tears enough?Very very low.OvertakingRubens, he beat the stig!HeidfeldDanica Patrick
RhopunzelHamiltonVettelHulkenburgWebberMcLarenRed BullMarlboro McLarenRIPRIPMontrealBahrainMichaelMichelinNo!!!HuntSutilEvilidkEl HefeAqualungNolmaoOvertakingKERSHulkenburgKovalainenRussian pay driversS/MNone2008
RideTheSpiralKobayashiVettelPetrovRed BullFerrariRed BullLewis HamiltonSpaAbu GhraibRalfI don't knowNothing is of a higher priorityPetrovwho are you? it is a mystery; buttsUhThey're all terrible.XenoidMicrocosmicOvertakingPetrovPetrovVettel
rpopRäikkönenM. SchumacherWebberMcLaren/WilliamsFerrariMcLarenWebberSpaBahrainKobayashiEvilWatkins GlenBrawnwrongEl Hefe/XenoidsureGilles VilleneuveRäikkönenMaldonado
SashimiG. Villeneuve or ClarkVettel and shitty pay driversGrosjean and CrashtorWebber and KimiBritneyRoss Fucking BrawnFerrariFerrari, if they win a lotBrawn GP or Super AguriMcLarenButtonSuzukaAnything in SpainOverratedMehEat shit and dieThe whole Rosberg-Hamilton-Sutil love triangleEvil in a senile wayCanadafag boy jimEveryoneYes, pleaselolJust make F-Zero cars alreadyDrinking bleach is betterRosberg
Kobayashi, or Frijns12 year old Russian boysLNone yet2009
scheissmachtnonenoneKobayashinonenoneSuzukanoneelvishoh that? It's down there by the airport. Yep.30 minute drive, yes pleaseBrundle LOLBrundle
ShogunnerYour 2010 and 2011 World Champion, Sebastian Vettel! ♥ ♥ ♥HamiltonKobayashiFernando brodefo SutilHorner makes me hornyRed BullFucking Faggots from WokingZakspeed ofcRed BullVettel WDC 2010-20ForeverMontrealBahrainMichael ownsMichelinput some barbed wire on that bitchHuntSutilTrollLaguna Seca/Road Americayou can all go fuck yourselvessee "best SAF1 poster"Neg.Las Vegas Street Circuit pleaseOvertakingDRSRobert KubicaSutilDanicaM (but don't send me a shirt, I probably won't wear it :()none2010 was amazing
SkarsnikOur JensonVettelBrunoWibbahJenny ButtsDoes not computeMcLarenFerrariRed BullVettelMontrealValenciaNoYesaw dont go thereHuntSutilEvil little manha hanopeDRSBobby KChandersM2009 2010 20112008
syndexWebberMassaKobayashiLotusFerrariRed BullVettelSpaValenciaRalfMichelin, but only the ones from the 2005 US GPMandatoryBritneyEvilSpaTrick questionEvery single oneSprinklers are for pussies. Open fire hydrants on every corner.gaydouble overtaking!MossKarunDanica
The Dewanee RakshaWebberTrulli
The Sweet HereafterJenson ButtonSchumacherHulkenburgWebberToo late, I'm already gay (And Nico. Or Nico.)Definitely N/AOld Williams/Sauber/Caterham. I follow McLaren due to our Jense but they're hard to actually likeI'm too nice, I don't hate anyone.Good WilliamsMercedesLewis or NicoSpa/Monza/SuzukaBahrainBack to back in a suicide pactDon't careDon't careKekeBritneyFuck BernieThere's one in Canada that's pretty goodLiterally none of usIt's like a big warm hug in hereForever and everDon't care.OvertakingKERSEither of the Nicos.Kubica, some day, please godAny fully-funded corporate/ government whore who can't drive for shitXS or SI've seen most of them but own none1982-99, 2000, 2003, 2005-10, 2012
TsaedjeButtonSchumacherRosbergForce IndiaFerrariMcLarenVettelSuzukaBahrainNecrotising FacisitisPirellinoHamiltonEvilStreets of AnchorageBrainwrong if I had to chooseXenoidafter 20 boring lapsThe best joke in F1 in a long timeJust give everyone BGP001s they managed to overtake DD cars fineBergerHeidfeldVilleneuve
TUBALLINATORKobayashi, GrosjeanMassaRicciardoWebboButtonCOLIN KOLLESWilliamsFerrariMinardiMcLarenHamiltonSpaValenciaNatural rubberWeather radarResourcefulNahPeter WindsorNatural rubberRosbergWickensGiedo van der DollarM or L0
TylerAlonsoHamiltonRosbergFerrariVirginMcLarenButtonSuzuka or SpaThe Middle EastMichaelPirelliSureSutil (We've seen the man run, Jesus Christ)Hopefully dead and gone forever soon (Evil)Indianapolis (Likely) or Long Beach (Wishful thinking)Trick questionEveryoneYes, but with random chance. Have the polesitter flip a coin to determine its use in every raceSo very disappointingOvertakingVettelAlexander Rossi (Again, wishful thinking)Villeneuve
ukleAnyone but Vettel / AlonsoVettel / AlonsoKobayashiNoneFerrari (largely due to their fans)McLarenLewisMonacoTilkedrome mk 58Neither they are both cocksAs long as it rips apart after 20 laps thats all that mattersNah Pit trench is the way forward. Preferably crocodile filledBritneySaintAnywhere that tilke's not been let nearEveryoneEveryoneDuh, surprised they haven't already tested it outInevitableOvertakingClarkAnyone FemaleTrulli
uXsVettelOur LewisRosberg's hairFerrariMcLarenRed BullVettelSpaValenciaMichaelNoSutil
vinyl3125buttonschumacherhulkkimiwebzcaterhamferraribenettonrbvettelspabahreinRIP ElisabethNankangchronometers + earplugsJos VerstappenRico NosbergSenileAsianoobie here, so I'm gonna go with "they're all terrible"noobie here, so I'm gonna go with "they're all terrible"this is not golfShould be made into a Disney movie, something like Mighty Ducks or Cool RunningsovertakingballsRico NosbergKyle BuschbarrichelloL??2005 (the end of the schumi dictatorship)
WarariesKobayashi / AlonsoTrulli / MaldonadoMcRestaAlonsoButtonFernandesCaterhamRed BullWilliams. ;)McLarenVettel, like KettleCanadaKoreaMichaelPirelliNoSennaRosbergSaint evilWhatever doesn't steal Canada from meTerrible, all of you!MeOvertakingKERSKobayashiThe HulkTrulliXLnone
Whitey FordRosbergMassaRosbergRed BullFerrariRed BullVettelSpaBahrainMikePirelli (calendars)djssniper is rightAll GayEvil Geniusbonneville salt flatseveryone terrible by defaultcygni/xenoidnot in malaysiaWE WANT STEFAN GPOvertakingLarry PerkinsRaikkonenPiquet Jnr
wickaHeidfeldVettelBuemiMcLarenFerrariMcLarenHamiltonSuzukaCatalunyaRalfAvonNoRosbergSaintIndianapolisfag boy jimXenoid (atm)Yesleast american teamovertakingMossHeidfeldVilleneuve
XausF1KubicaAlguersuariRosbergWilliamsVirginRed BullAlonsoMontrealAnything in the Middle EastRalfPirelliderp derp da herpy derpSutilEvilRoad Atlantahii'm newno, this isn't NASCAR. there isn't a script to follow.not even face transplants can hide their incompetencenon-gimmicky overtakingRonnie PetersonAlex BrundleGrosjean. "waah, i can't adapt waah"
CancercakesJenseChiltonGrosjeanEl LoboAussie GritThe lady who does the sauber team seems pretty coolMcLarenRed BullToo young for this shitAnyone but Red Bull FFSAlonsoSuzukaMonaco, I always fall asleepRalf/Michael?PirelliNoMassa took a spring to brain and is goingNico (both of them, together)Evil troll with illigitamate daughtersMexicoThat guy who is actually in the biz (NicktheNotse maybe) and who actually knows what he is talking about is pretty coolEveryone above me in the spreadsheetHa noOnly if they run double wide cars, because fatDRS is ok in the right placeKERSGrosjeanMeAnother baby russianS02010
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