2022 LaSalle Municipal Election - Council Candidate Comparison
Sept 29th I emailed candidates with a Survey Monkey survey to ask their opinions about these issues. Below are their responses and additional info gleaned from their websites.
(Elect 5) * = incumbent
All survey responses:
CandidateWebsiteCompleted Survey?Favourite Thing About LaSalleBudget, Debt & SpendingOpinion on Bouffard RealignmentEssex PowerPublic TransitTraffic And RoadsParks, Events & BeautificationWhat is needed to support local businesses?Your LaSalle Dream? What's one all-important change you would make?
The sense of friendliness exhibited by all the residents of Lasalle, the beautiful greenery and peaceful walking trails. All these aspects make Lasalle a phenomenal place to start and raise a family. (Source: Emailed Survey)We need to identify capital projects and budgets based on the needs of the town and the residents. If elected, I want transparency and input from the residents on any new capital projects priority based. Ensuring that all future projects will be made with the town’s residents as the highest priority. (Source: Emailed Survey)The Bouffard realignment plan is not in favour of the residents; we need to reconsider other options for the betterment of the town and residents. (Source: Emailed Survey)We had some incidents where we had unscheduled outages, and there was always room for improvement. We can support Essex power lines action plan for better servicing the town. (Source: Emailed Survey)Public transit in town is a great service connecting LaSalle to Windsor; if elected, I suggest expanding the transit service connecting to Amherstburg and Essex. (Source: Emailed Survey)The traffic situation is dire, it needs a lot of attention. if elected I will be working on the main road (arteries) expansion plan with all levels of government for funding and implementing the plan along with the rest of the council team. (Source: Emailed Survey)Lasalle is known as a beautiful town and wonderful trails through conservation areas. Lasalle only has two dedicated conservation areas, however I believe that we should strive to preserve more of Lasalle’s natural beauty rather than tearing down the woods to create a park that would only benefit the town aesthetically. (Source: Emailed Survey)Small business is the backbone of the community. we need to engage business owners and work with them for the expansion of their business. Aware business owners of different opportunities that may be able to expand either their reach or inventory that would better impact the residents of Lasalle. For new rising businesses I believe the town of LaSalle should hold business seminars that discuss how to hold your budget. (Source: Emailed Survey)Lasalle is already an extremely beautiful and safe town, however it is still growing so there is always room for improvement. Once elected I will advocate for more safety programs for the youth and push for more conservation areas in LaSalle. If there is excess developmental space, it will be converted into parks for the community to utilize and come together once again. (Source: Emailed Survey)
It is just a great community to raise a family. There are countless activities to do outdoors and many amenities. It is also one of the safest communities in Ontario. (Source: Emailed Survey)We need to plan for capital projects, make sure to place money into reserve and above all, be fiscally responsible. We need to keep the tax rate in mind and make sure that the cost of living is affordable for our constituents. (Source: Emailed Survey)The decision has been made by the current council and I do not have all the facts that have been disclosed to them. If I am elected, I would like to review all the documents to make an informed decision. (Source: Emailed Survey)LaSalle is the largest community serviced by the Essex Power group. Our representatives on the Essex Power Board should have reviewed the current issues and made the necessary changes to alleviate the problem. This cannot continue and clearly something needs to be done. (Source: Emailed Survey)Public Transit should keep the current routes and initiate a survey to shed light on the needs of the current community and then expand as needed. (Source: Emailed Survey)A Malden Rd. survey has been completed and I believe the current council will be dealing with this soon. I am for adding turning lanes on all side roads leading to Malden Road (ie, Bouffard, Stewart, Reaume). Finally, we need to look at synchronizing the lights from Normandy to Todd Lane in order to alleviate traffic congestion. At the corner of Matchette and Sprucewood, we need to consider a roundabout or a light to deal with the traffic congestion during peak hours. We must work with the city of Windsor and Coco Construction so that this matter is dealt with sooner rather then later. This initiative is my number one priority. We need to address this problem! (Source: Emailed Survey)We must maintain the wonderful parks of our community with an emphasis on updating the older ones, making them accessible to all. In terms of beautification, we need a qualified horticulturist and an arborist on staff to make sure that when we plant flowers and trees, we have access to the expertise to maintain them properly. There is no use spending money on trees and flowers if we don't have money in the budget to care for them properly. We need to plan more events in the summer months to draw tourists to the town which will, in turn, support local businesses. (Source: Emailed Survey)We need to establish a B.I.A. in the town to support local business. The B.I.A. can then advise the town on how we can support them and grow their businesses. We also need to encourage our residents to shop and dine locally. (Source: Emailed Survey)I would like to see sidewalks on both sides of our main streets as well as bike lanes. Furthermore, I am for the filling of ditches for better drainage on our main streets. I would like to work toward increasing commercial development along Laurier Parkway (ie. hotels, restaurants, specialty shops). (Source: Emailed Survey)
Carrick, Mark *
I am proud that LaSalle is a great place to raise a family. Our Carrick family has owned and operated Carrick Garden Centre on since 1963. I understand how valuable neighbourhood spirit, minor sports and grassroots events keep the Town of LaSalle community vibrant. (Source: Emailed Survey)I will always keep the Town's fiscal responsibility in mind at all times. I have always been committed to fiscal responsibility at every budget session, watching out for the best interest of the Town and it's rate payers. (Source: Emailed Survey)This question is a conflict of interest to me because it affects my family business. (Source: Emailed Survey)Essex Power is a very good service. I will encourage infrastructure and service improvements by Essex Power for the Town of LaSalle. (Source: Emailed Survey)I support the service, but the schedule needs to be adjusted to accommodate expanded routes. (Source: Emailed Survey)I will encourage greater traffic calming measures throughout the Town of LaSalle. (Source: Emailed Survey)I think the town has done an excellent job in promoting our events and the beautification of LaSalle and our parks. (Source: Emailed Survey)I brought forward that we form a LaSalle business improvement association (discussion is coming up in 2023 budget deliberations). The town is doing a great job providing infrastructure improvements and services to its residents. (Source: Emailed Survey)I would like to see as many trees planted as possible throughout our fair town. (Source: Emailed Survey)
Desjarlais, Sue *
We are a friendly, generous, welcoming community. We work hard, play hard and respect each other. (Source: Emailed Survey)Tax increases are inevitable and need to be a manageable level while maintaining the excellent services our community expects. Looking to continue with the waterfront project so that it becomes a destination for residents and tourists. (Source: Emailed Survey)Parts to the plan include work from Normandy south and those changes need to be made. Traffic will flow more smoothly and safely. I'm not 100% convinced that the realignment is the best way to fix other traffic issues. (Source: Emailed Survey)Essex Power needs a better commitment from Ontario Hydro to handle emergencies. Often EPL employees have to wait for Ontario Hydro employees to be on site before repairs can be made. Slows things down and frustrates residents. (Source: Emailed Survey)We work with Transit Windsor for issues concerning public transit. The route coming from Amherstburg will help because of stops in town. Open to hearing what Transit Windsor will offer. (Source: Emailed Survey)Traffic on Malden is frustrating to say the least. We need to continue to work with the County for some of the work and it needs to be done in the prescribed time frames. Speeding is an issue and our Police Service is constantly monitoring and trying to get drivers to slow down. (Source: Emailed Survey)Keep the waterfront project moving forward to be a destination for residents and tourists alike. Make it accessible for everyone to share the green space, river views, walking trails, future restaurant(s). (Source: Emailed Survey)Try to shopped local for as much as you can, especially in summer with fresh food all around us. Work on Front Rd. will possibly draw people to the riverfront. Local businesses need to put an effort into providing services people want at a reasonable price point. (Source: Emailed Survey)Maintain our excellent levels of service and create the waterfront as a place to visit and enjoy. (Source: Emailed Survey)
Kovacsi, Brian
Sense of community and belonging. Access to everything needed with the town feeling. (Source: Emailed Survey)I believe that some of the needed projects are not being addressed for the higher profile one. This should be back to the needs and not the wants project list. (Source: Emailed Survey)There are traffic problem on Malden road at Bouffard. Not because of the road structure. There are many options to deal with the traffic congestion and safety, I have seen these problems dealt with while I was a resident of Toronto. The plans for development of the area East of Malden road and the access / traffic of this development can be dealt with through an extention at Reaume rd. It seem this fight has different agendas to it and needs an outside, unbias and binding opinion. (Source: Emailed Survey)While the service is does the job the issue of stability of supply is there. We do need to address the stability. (Source: Emailed survey)We have a few big buses driving around that carry only a few people at at time. Ideas of having more and smaller buses with a redisigned more inclusive routes need to be address to get ridership up and the public transit viable for the residents. (Source: Emailed Survey)I experience the same congestion on Malden road and the intersection of Machett and Spricewood as everyone else. If finances are an issue, there are many economical options available to us. Even research into other cities and how it has been handled before, we should not be waiting until the LaSalle 'master' plan can be worked on. (Source: Emailed Survey)Pedestrian pathway, bike lanes, sidewalks. Make the town connected with out a car. There is a lot that the town has but I worry that development will pave over too much of it. (Source: Emailed Survey)We need to get away from this push of centraliztion of everything to the town center. So much has closed on Front road, we need to bring the sense of community and service back to all areas and not just by Town Hall. (Source: Emailed Survey)Transparancy and out reach to the community. People deserve to know and be informed without having to dig for information and have things held behind closed door meetings. (Source: Emailed Survey)
Krewench, Bradwww.BradKrewench.comYes
LaSalle is a family friendly town with a lot of the amenities you would see in a larger city. It has a small town charm that is very attractive in my opinion. I feel safe here, I feel my family is safe here, and that is important to me. The town offers so much to everyone by means of beautiful parks and trails, events and attractions, with more coming. I do love living here, and I just want to help make it be the best possible town it can be. (Source: Emailed Survey)I believe growth has to happen but at a slow pace to ensure we aren’t asking taxpayers to fork out money for things they may not even want to use. For larger scale projects (ie. waterfront) It would have been nice to seek out corporate sponsorship for naming rights etc., allowing projects to move forward but keep the cost lower to the taxpayers. It would be a win win as the corporations get recognition and the community has new amenities to enjoy. (Source: Emailed Survey)I believe there are other options that could have been explored here. I don’t believe in taking anyone’s land unless it’s absolutely necessary and the very last option. As the EA was being done, the town should have asked to find alternate ways to make things work without having to uproot people. I personally believe this is all to make some developers happy. Instead of doing that, we should be making the residents (who pay our taxes) happy. Any large-scale project should be discussed with the residents directly impacted as well as the community as a whole. Having a “digital board” up telling people to visit a website is just a way to make things happen without having the public involved. I feel they were banking on now one really looking into the plans this way. Flyers should have been sent out, open houses, and question and answer sessions should have been set up (at least a few times) allowing everyone to come and learn about what’s happening, go home and digest it, then come forward and ask questions as well as voice their opinion. Multiple options should have been made, and the feedback of those impacted directly should have been used to make this decision. Council has made the comment “we are looking for what is good for the town 10-15 years from now”. Well what 7 people think is good for the town might not be what the 35000 people think is good for the town. We need more interaction between the councillors and the community allowing complete transparency. Can council make everyone happy all the time? No. But they can give clear explanations as to why things were decided. With the Bouffard road plan the reasons given do not make sense, and there has to be other options. (Source: Emailed Survey)After discussing in depth with them at their open house, I learned quite a bit. If you look at the amount of overhead lines we have compared to Amherstburg for instance, we are 3 times as much. That number directly relates to the number of outages we experience. The issue we have is all of our power is above ground, so more things touch the feeder lines. They have been working on ways to avoid animal issues in areas that seem to encounter those issues more often also. I believe working closely with the power company to help provide feedback to the community on things that are being done is important to show the community that council is still on top of the issue. In talking to Essex Power the “fix” is to redo power and move it underground, but that comes at a HUGE expense. (Source: Emailed Survey)Public transit is a great addition to LaSalle. With the price of gas on the rise a lot of families only have a single vehicle and don’t have the ability to travel when they need things. Transit allows everyone some options to get around, and to get into the city if they need something. I haven’t been hearing much personally with regards to public transit issues in my talking with the community. The only issues I have heard are with regards to the university and college and the schedule the busses currently run on (should be able to find a fix for this). If there are some issues a lot of people are having, I believe it should be a pretty simple fix in the overall grand scheme of things, we just need to work closely with the parties involved. (Source: Emailed Survey)Obviously there are some major traffic congested areas in LaSalle. I believe we should be working with Windsor to find a way to fix the Matchette/Sprucewood intersection ASAP. Malden rd. has issues to, but to my understanding that is still in the plans to be widened allowing better traffic flow. I personally believe all the widening of roads should have been done before the town decided to pop up condos on every corner. We will have an additional 1000 cars now on Malden rd. and we have bumper to bumper traffic currently. Things are going to get far worse before they get better unfortunately. (Source: Emailed Survey)Parks to me should be accessible to everyone. Currently the parks are meeting the “requirement” to be called accessible, but to me just because the minimum requirement is met that is not the direction we should always go. I would like to see two parks 100% accessible, and meaning roll on swings and sensory activities, and all the other parks should have at least one fully accessible feature. The ground on all the parks should never have been made to be rubber chips in my opinion. To roll a wheelchair on rubber chips pushing a 200lbs person is virtually impossible despite people saying otherwise. Not to mention when you get the wheelchair to a swing, they need to lift the person out trying not to roll their ankle on rubber chips. Sure, it meets the minimum requirement, but this town should not be a minimum requirement town, we should be the town all the others strive to be like. If we are going to spend the money, I’d rather fix one park at a time the correct way as opposed to spreading the money that was budgeted to all parks only fixing them to the “minimum” requirement. In addition to accessibility, safety is an issue. The parks at night (a lot of them) are pitch black. I would like to see some solar lights at the parks allowing some illumination. Of course we should be talking to all the residents around the parks and make sure it’s not going to be impending on them or shining in any windows, etc. I would also love to see the city create some kind of neighbourhood watch program that is active and involved. It’s too bad we couldn’t have an auxiliary unit of the Police Dept that would patrol the parks (and events) as volunteers, hoping to deter some of the mischievous activities that have been happening. Who knows maybe one day. (Source: Emailed Survey)I believe councillors should be splitting up the list of businesses in LaSalle and visiting them on a regular basis. They should have open communication with the business owners, and the business owners should have a very easy avenue to discuss things directly with the councillors. I know they can always go to the towns website and submit issues, but people like talking face to face with a person. All the businesses in the community should be recognized after years of providing to the community also, they contribute to the success of our town and we do not recognize them. I have spoken to a few business owners who said they spoke to a councillor before opening and never have talked to anyone since. In addition, we should be looking to bring in new entrepreneurs to LaSalle and help us build more than just our “downtown” Town Hall area. We have amazing land in LaSalle that could be built up making it attractive for people to not only come and live but start up their businesses here. This also could help traffic flow as well because we could have attractions closer to river canard or the further South-East by Howard and County Rd 8. (Source: Emailed Survey)To bring back trust between the town and its residents. Having a divide between the community and the town is not good and we need to change that. Having happy residents should always be very high priority. For growth, I would dream to have more options for people outside of the downtown (Town Hall) area, allowing our residents that live on the south side to not have to drive all the way into town to get groceries, gas, or have a bite to eat. I would like LaSalle to be a town that all others strive to be like. (Source: Emailed Survey)
LaSalle is continuously voted as one of the safest communities in Canada. It’s the people of LaSalle that make it the wonderful community it is. Not only do my wife and I live in Lasalle, we also work at a local school here and we see the young people in this community and see that we have a bright future ahead of us. (Source: Emailed Survey)Capital projects are integral in continuing to move LaSalle forward. However, it is equally important to recognize, maintain and protect our greenspace while doing so, something that I have addressed in my platform. The budget needs to remain transparent, as well, council must remain cautious on spending or overbudgeting major projects. There is definitely a delicate balance but one that can be achieved with patience, understanding and research. The town can also continue to seek out government grants and funding to ease the burden on taxpayers while successfully meeting the needs of its citizens. (Source: Emailed Survey)The current council has already determined that the Bouffard realignment project is proceeding. It’s unfortunate that this seems to be a contentious topic which I believe is a result of a lack of transparency and communication. Throughout my campaign lines of communication are open and if elected I have every intention of keeping it that way. (Source: Emailed Survey)The power concerns in Lasalle are legitimist and should be heard. There is clearly an issue with the constant flickering and outages. Residence losing major appliances and costly equipment is a complete shame and simply should not be happening. On this issue communication is key. It is the responsibility of council to communicate with Essex Power, of which LaSalle is a shareholder. This situation needs to be rectified. (Source: Emailed Survey)Public transit is a necessity to any community. Better transit means less congestion, convince and lower emissions. It is a more reliable and cost-effective mode of transportation. In addition, it provides an opportunity for people to connect with one another, as well as being an essential service for students and seniors. The current route system needs to be reviewed and expanded. (Source: Emailed Survey)LaSalle is rapidly growing. More people means more traffic. However, any changes to roads and traffic, including lights and signs ect. come from traffic studies and surveys. Although as resident of a particular area may feel that it is more congested and even dangerous at times, not much can be done without the studies supporting those concerns. If elected, I would continue to bring concerns forward and monitor the changes and communicate back to residence why changes are or are not being implemented. (Source: Emailed Survey)The more greenspace we keep, the better off we will be. Festivals, events, tournaments should be commonplace in LaSalle. It brings the community together, brings tourists to our beautiful town and therefore creating revenue for our businesses. We al want our parks to be well maintained and safe, as well as accessible. If elected, these are things I will strive to maintain and improve upon going forward. (Source: Emailed Survey)The last couple of years has been hard on everyone. Going through a pandemic is something none of us were prepared for. With government regulations in place, we also recognized the hardships this placed on local businesses. Independently owned businesses are the heart of any community. Members come to appreciate and trust the services provided and offered directly to them by one of their own. Small businesses alone provide 70% of all jobs in Canada. 9 out of 10 Canadians have jobs in the private sector because of small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of the Canadian economy. Small businesses bring growth and innovation to a community. Small businesses foster local economics and keep money close to home supporting neighbourhoods and communities. Discussions and policies made at a local level must keep the independent business owner in mind. (Source: Emailed Survey)Why dream when in reality LaSalle IS a great place to live. It’s not perfect, and there will be growing pains along the way, but if we continue to work together as a community the possibilities are endless. It is a safe and vibrant community, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment. Whether you have lived here for generations or are new to the area, everyone in LaSalle feels welcomed and at home. (Source: Emailed Survey)

Healthy environment and a safe place to live. (Source: Emailed Survey)Slow down on major projects. With inflation costs rising these projects will cost a lot more. We need to tighten expenses and plan for the future at a reasonable cost. (Source: Emailed Survey)No. I lived on Bouffard for 25 years the intersections are safe. Fix the issue at Reaume Road and the traffic will flow well. (Source: Emailed Survey)We should have never switched to Essex Power. LaSalle power was so much better. (Source: Emailed Survey)Depends on demand. If the numbers go up then decrease the route times. (Source: Emailed Survey)Matchette and Sprucewood needs to be addressed with either a traffic light or a round about. Malden Road at Reaume needs the same, the traffic back up is terrible. (Source: Emailed Survey)We need to protect all current green space and add more. Plant new trees on all existing Town property. The conditions of our parks has suffered since contracting out to private companies. (Emailed Survey)We need to attract more commercial growth. Amherstburg and Tecumseh have it all. We are the pizza capital so we need a variety to encourage residents to spend local and stop spending money in Windsor. A small mark version of Remark farms, a few big chain restaurants with different choices. (Source: Emailed Survey)Accessibility for everyone. (Source: Emailed Survey)
The best thing about LaSalle is our comprehensive trail system. I’m an avid cyclist and being able to bike through much of town without competing with vehicle traffic makes the experience safe and fun. It’s a great place to live because we can enjoy the ambiance of a small town and still be close to big city attractions (concerts, museums, major league sports) and amenities like Metro Airport in nearby Michigan. When the Gordie Howe bridge is complete, it will only take a few minutes to drive from LaSalle to the border. This makes LaSalle an attractive place to live and raise families for automotive and health care professionals who work in Michigan. (Source: Emailed Survey)We have the 2nd highest rate of capital debt among all communities in Windsor and Essex County at $1170 per person, or about $37M. This is your children’s and grandchildren’s debt; at present rate, it won’t be paid off until 2048. We cannot continue to borrow to support megaprojects; this is not sustainable for a small town. Capital debt should be used as a last resort for must-haves like our contribution to Windsor’s sewage treatment plant. The Town must adopt a growth-pays-for-growth strategy so that nice-to-haves can be financed by an increasing tax base. Current council borrowed $10M in capital debt to build the new waterfront park, despite the fact that we are still paying off the sewage treatment plant, town hall and the Vollmer Complex. The park could have been built in stages as the town grows. (Source: Emailed Survey)

If elected, I will advocate for lower spending and less debt. (Source: Facebook post Sept 23)

LaSalle needs a back-to-basics budget with a robust plan to pay off existing debt, and a freeze on megaprojects. (Source: Facebook post Sept 12)
Planners and consultants look at maps and aerial photographs and do their best to connect the dots. But sometimes they misread the room. That’s when council needs to step up. There’s nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board when something like an intersection threatens to divide friends and neighbours. If current council doesn’t agree, perhaps it’s time for some changes. If elected, I will always ask administration to demonstrate how public input was used to make any proposal better, and I won’t be afraid to ask that divisive issues be given a second look. (Source: Emailed Survey)

There’s nothing wrong with going back to the drawing board when something like an intersection threatens to divide friends and neighbours. If current council doesn’t agree, perhaps it’s time for some changes. If elected, I will always ask administration to demonstrate how public input was used to make any proposal better, and I won’t be afraid to ask that divisive issues be given a second look. (Source: Facebook post Sept 18)
One of their biggest challenges is that they often have to wait on Hydro One crews to arrive and complete work necessary for a service restoration. I would advocate for greater co-operation between Essex Power and Hydro One to take care of large and small emergencies by allowing them to work on each other’s properties. I would lobby the province to change the rules that govern who does what in an emergency, large or small, and advocate for the creation of a shared emergency response team staffed by Hydro One and all 3 local utilities. (Source: Emailed Survey)

Advocate for greater cooperation between Essex Power and Hydro One to take care of large and small emergencies. Lobby the province to change the rules that govern who does what in an emergency, large or small. (Source Facebook post Sept 20)
We can do better! If elected, I will challenge council to revisit the original consultant’s findings, explore a service that easily reaches the destinations people want to visit (University of Windsor, Devonshire Mall), and negotiate a full exemption (not an opt out) for UW students until a reasonable service is provided. LaSalle would be better served by an on-demand (dial-a-bus) service, or straight-line extensions of other city routes to provide more direct routes to popular destinations. Riding a bus in a circle around LaSalle for 45 minutes in order to make a connection to city services at St. Clair College is not practical. (Source: Emailed Survey)

We can do better! If elected, I will challenge council to revisit the original consultant’s findings, explore a service that easily reaches the destinations people want to visit, and negotiate a full exemption (not an opt out) for UW students until a reasonable service is provided. (Source: Facebook post Sept 7)
Building more roads for the exclusive use of cars and trucks does not solve a transportation problem. Enabling other forms of transportation reduces traffic congestion and the need for more roads. That’s why we need viable public transit and the continued expansion of our trail system. The more ways people have to get around means less congestion on our roads. ….. When the Gordie Howe bridge opens, border traffic will divert from Matchette and Malden to Front Road. We need to be ready for that shift. (Source: Emailed Survey)We have an excellent park system, most people in the urbanized parts of town live within walking distance of a neighbourhood park, and most of our parks have multiple amenities. Council must ensure that we can maintain our parks in a state of good repair. I’d like to see LaSalle Police dedicate more directed patrols to our parks to discourage vandalism, including more bicycle patrols. Other municipalities have community vegetable gardens adjacent to some parks and I’m curious if this is something that would be of interest in LaSalle. (Source: Emailed Survey)The best things any town can do to support local businesses is to ensure that they have sufficient commercially zoned land, and streamline bureaucracy (permits, etc.) so business owners can focus on serving their customers rather than dealing with paperwork. With that said, people don’t want to live with shopping plazas in their front and back yards. By designating Malden Road and Laurier Parkway as “mixed use corridors”, the Town has opened up the potential for conflict between businesses who choose to locate on Malden Road and residents who live on abutting and adjacent side streets. This will have to be carefully managed. I’ve often heard that LaSalle needs this type of store or that type of store, and that the Town should do something about it. Determining the viability of a particular type of store in a specific market is best left to the private sector, not government. (Source: Emailed Survey)Adopt a "growth pays for growth" strategy that attracts clean, green, high-tech industries to our designated industrial and employment lands to increase our commercial tax base and use the additional tax revenue to fund higher cost nice-to-haves. (Source: Emailed Survey)
Renaud, Jeff *
Great recreational opportunities, friendly and supportive community. (Source: Emailed Survey)Spending needs to be managed to balance wants vs needs to ensure we continue to offer premium services we have come to expect while maintaining below inflation increases. (Source: Emailed Survey)

By supporting a new vision of the LaSalle waterfront we will be able to offer our residents MORE events, MORE recreation and MORE reasons to be welcoming and proud.

Budgets need to be reviewed to ensure that the premium services we have built in the early days of the municipality are not only maintained - but grown. Current budgets are not keeping up with inflation, meaning fewer roads are rehabilitated, trails extended and trees planted.

(Source: website)
The Bouffard realignment is part of a larger road to improve Malden Road. It is something people have been asking for now for over 10 years. Bouffard road is not the priority and needs to be dealt with ONLY when phase 1 is completed. We have great data and predictions, but only time will tell if it will actually be necessary. Council has already co.mitted to revisiting closer to 2030. (Source: Emailed Survey)

If you have any concerns about this issue, I ask that you read the entire report (attached agenda item I(1) If you would like to reach out to me, I am willing to listen or I can offer instruction on how to register to speak to this issue at the upcoming meeting. (Source: Facebook post Sept 16)
I believe they continue to work in the background to improve reliability, but there is still work to be done. Older unburried infrastructure needs more attention, trimming, inspections and eventual burying would go a long way in improving reliability. (Source: Emailed Survey)I would like to see the routes expanded within our town to include more stops. I believe the connections to outer systems (Windsor/Aburg) are good, but as growth occurs, plans need to be revisited. Should be a "once every three year" exercise. (Source: Emailed Survey)

Great news article about regional transit. Not only will the LaSalle 25 bus resume it's normal "pre-pandemic" model with two busses running weekdays with service to St. Clair College...but we are also getting a transfer point for the Amherstburg 605. This means that students from LaSalle will now be able to get to the University of Windsor by leaving Laurier and Front at 7:14am. (Source: Facebook post Aug 24)
With growth comes traffic. With modern scheduling demands come speeding. We need to continue with the traffic calming program, but need to take it up a notch by exploring new changes in provincial legislation that include photo radar stations. People need warnings, yes, but sometimes the only way to change behavior is through penalty. Modern policing takes our officers off the street, there is no reason we can't put eyes back out there. (Source: Emailed Survey)I believe our parks are well maintained and the Town offers great events, within their control. We need to be more willing to work with outside organizations to bring more external events that offer opportunities to keep activity local without the taxing costs that internally run festivals can cause. The event centre needs to be utilized and the current plans for pricing should keep it competitive. We need to continue to enhance our spaces and take that "extra munute" to ensure they are the best they can be. (Source: Emailed Survey)The town needs to use its established strategies and place themselves in more conversations with major players. There are developers with land and residents with desire to keep things near let's work together to land some quality tenants. This will be more important as the waterfront commercial district moves towards a reality. If we can't attract quality let's work with someone who can. (Source: Emailed Survey)Expansion of trails through natural corridors. We still have road allowances and "once planned" neighborhoods that are now shielded by natural heritage designations. We need to explore opportunities to safely and legally access these areas to expand our natural footprint. (Source: Emailed Survey)
Riccio-Spagnuolo, Anita *
LaSalle is a wonderful town that I have called home since 2005. It's where we decided to raise our family. Why? Its one of Canada's safest communities. Wonderful parks and trails sprinkled around town. Great schools. Highly respected sports organizations such as LMHA, LaSalle Stompers, Turtle Club amongst others. Finally, the residents of LaSalle...kind, courteous and willing to help others in need (as a volunteer for Miracle Day events, the generosity was tremendous). With all the great attributes listed above, it's no wonder that there is so much residential construction taking place in the Town of LaSalle. The secret is out-LaSalle is a sought after town that people want to call home! (Source: Emailed Survey)I believe town council has done a great job this past term. We have kept our service standards high, continually added to the needs and wants of our residents while keeping the budget in mind. Our capital projects follow this approach as well as they are completed in phases so a large strain isn't placed on the towns finances. (Source: Emailed Survey)The pandemic has shown that things can change quickly. With that being said, I will take an open approach by reviewing reports, listening to constituents and make a decision based on all the gathered information at the time a decision is required. The decision will be based on what is best for our town as a whole. (Source: Emailed Survey)We have had loss of power and blips at our residence so I understand the frustration Essex Power did recently come to town for an open house and listened to the concerns of residents. The loss of power and blips has decreased significantly at our residence in the last few months. Hopefully this is the case with others as well but if concerns arise again then town council should be open again to trying to help find a resolution. (Source: Emailed Survey)I think public transit is important not only in LaSalle but regionally as well. It's nice to see the region coming together so people using transit have the ability to go to different areas of Essex County if they desire. (Source: Emailed Survey)The town has been working at improving roads and traffic concerns and if re-elected, I would like to continue to see this through. Constituents have provided feedback that they would like to see more bike trails along roads as well as sidewalks. This is part of my campaign platform that also ties in with another of my campaign platforms of maintaining safety in our community. (Source: Emailed Survey)The Strawberry Festival had one of its most successful events this past year. During this term, I have had the privilege of volunteering for Play For A Cure, a highly respected hockey pro-am in support of cancer research that the Vollmer has hosted since inception. The Vollmer also hosted Rogers Hometown Hockey in 2020 that was widely embraced by our community. The Event Centre that will open in the near future will give us the opportunity to host more events while also showcasing our waterfront. The majority of residents that I have spoken to are excited with the waterfront plans and the revitalization of Front Road. (Source: Emailed Survey)I am a huge champion and try and promote the businesses in LaSalle whenever an opportunity arises. With that being said, I am open to listen to current and prospective business owners on any questions or concerns they may have. (Source: Emailed Survey)N/A
Note: Former councillor Michael Akpata, has been acclaimed as Deputy Mayor.

Former Deputy Mayor Crystal Meloche has been acclaimed as Mayor.