Science Communication and Outreach Organizations
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WashingtonDCUSAAAAS Center for Public Engagement with Science & TechnologyResourcesPublic EngagementProviding scientists and scientific institutions with resources for having meaningful conversations with the public
AAAS Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion
Non-profitPublic EngagementScience and ReligionFacilitate constructive dialogue on science topics with religious publics
WashingtonDCUSAAAS NovaBlogMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceShort, accessible summaries of recent astronomy research articles.
WashingtonDCUSAACS ReactionsVideo seriesMaking Science AccessibleChemistryReactions is a show from the American Chemical Society and PBS Digital Studios that uncovers the chemistry in everyday
The AdaptorsPodcastMaking Science AccessibleEcologyAdaptors are all around us: from the farmers and coastal-dwellers finding new ways to work and live, to the scientists thinking outside the box about energy, to the corporate leaders bringing new technologies to market, to the garage tinkerers and DIY inventors dreaming up the next big thing in green living. We want to introduce you to them, one story at a time.
ZurichSwitzerlandAdvances in Biological SciencesBlogMaking Science AccessibleBiologyOur main goal is to empower readers and allow them to be passionate and knowledgeable about biological sciences.
Stony BrookNew YorkUSAAlda-Kavli Learning Center for Science CommunicationResourcesCommunications TrainingEmpowers scientists and health professionals to communicate complex topics in clear, vivid, and engaging
ChicagoIllinoisUSAThe Alien Adventures of Finn CaspianPodcastSTEM EducationAstronomy/AstrophysicsThe Alien Adventures of Finn Caspian is a serialized science-fiction story for kids, told in 15-20 minute episodes for parents to put on when driving around town, or to marathon on road trips, or to bond over before
WinnipegManitobaCanadaAll This SciencePodcastMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceEntertaining Science Explanations in Just Five Minutes!
Dallas/HoustonTexasUSAAmoeba SistersWebcomic
Video Series
ComedyGeneral ScienceWe are two sisters on a mission to demystify science with humor and relevance by creating videos, GIFs, handouts, and
AdelaideAustraliaAndy MatterBlogDistilling Science NewsGeneral ScienceCombining science topics and news with
Angry BeaniePodcastWomen in STEMGeneral ScienceTwo shows: "Women in STEMM" (interviews of women in STEM) and "For Science!" (musings on general STEM topics)
TucsonArizonaUSAArizona Geology BlogDistilling Science NewsGeoscienceGeoscience news, stories, and commentary focusing on the Southwestern USA.
CanadaArt the ScienceNon-profitScience ArtGeneral ScienceWe are a Canadian science-art nonprofit organization, dedicated to advancing scientific knowledge communication to better inform and benefit the public. We facilitate cross-disciplinary relationships between artists and scientists to foster Canadian science-art culture.
UKAsk A ScientistNon-profitAnswering Science QuestionsGeneral ScienceThe best science facts, stories and pics, and answers to your science questions
KnoxvilleTennesseeUSAAsk A Scientist at UTKNon-profitAnswering Science QuestionsGeneral ScienceScience communication and outreach on a local community level
Ask an EntomologistBlogAnswering Science QuestionsEntymologyA group of entomologists will answer any question you have about insects
AstrobitesBlogMaking Science AccessibleAstronomy/AstrophysicsA daily reader's digest of astronomy research literature, written by grad students for undergrad science majors.
MelbourneVictoriaAustraliaAstrophiz PodcastInterviewing ScientistsAstronomy/AstrophysicsOn iTunes & Soundcloud, each fortnight an extended interview with an eminent astrophysicist. This ongoing series takes us through the history, theory and practice of astrophysics, optical and radio astronomy, including the latest astro news. Each ep has tips for naked eye observers and astrophotographers with 'What's up in the night sky this week' by Astroblogger Dr Ian Musgrave Group
PanjimGoaIndiaAstroprojectVideo SeriesMaking Science AccessibleAstronomy/AstrophysicsAstroproject is a documentary series on astronomy and space science research undertaken in India. The project is supported by International Astronomical unions Office of Astronomy for Development(OAD). The film is in public domain and can be downloaded and distributed /screened for free. ; @astroproject14
LondonUKA View To SeaBlog Making Science AccessibleMarine BiologyCommunicating marine conservation and sharing reasons to be cheerful about the state of the A View To Sea Conservation
Babes of SciencePodcastWomen in STEMGeneral ScienceBabes of Science is a podcast about women who made an impact in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. Poncie Rutsch;
San JoseCaliforniaUSABackpack Full of QuestionsBlogPublic EngagementGeneral ScienceCombining science and travel to show that science need not be confined to labs; it is a part of our daily, even fun, activities. We only need to ask more questions.
Bad Background ScienceBlogMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceCovering science as portrayed in comic books (& other media, occasionally)
CanadaBeakerheadConferenceMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceBeakerhead is an annual program that brings together the arts, sciences, and engineering sectors to build, engage, compete, and exhibit interactive works of art, engineered creativity and
The Bench WarmersPodcastThe Life as a ScientistGeneral ScienceStories from Life in the Sciences
UKBio DetectivesBlogMaking Science AccessibleBiologyTracking life science stories around the world, while making different topics accessible and (hopefully) engaging.
GhentFlandersBelgiumBioVoxNon-profitDistilling Science NewsBiotechnologyBringing news from the biotech sector to the biotechsector
ColumbiaMissouriUSAThe Big ElectronRadio show/podcastDistilling Science NewsGeneral ScienceCommunicating science news and highlighting guest researchers
Bird and MoonWebcomicMaking Science AccessibleEcologyWeb comic about
San FransiscoCaliforniaUSABlue Streak SciencePodcastDistilling Science NewsGeneral ScienceA weekly conversation on the latest science news, opinion, and the A$$#*(! of the Week"
Bold SignalsPodcastInterviewing ScientistsGeneral ScienceFrom students, teachers, and professors of science, to technicians, administrators, and research assistants, to science researchers, communicators, and educators, to people who produce, consume, or apply science outside the laboratory- Bold Signals features interviews with the people involved in this wonderful, messy, awe-inspiring thing we call science.
British Columbia
CanadaBones, Stones, and BooksBlogMaking Science AccessibleArchaeologyA blog exploring osteoarchaeology (bioarchaeology) and archaeology, and advice/shared tips for being a graduate student
New BrunswickNew JerseyUSABones, Stones, and MonkeysBlogMaking Science AccessibleArchaeologyNew evolutionary anthropology journal club (Rutgers U.) blog, discussing what's hot/current in biological anthropology
ChicagoIllinoisUSAThe Brain ScoopVideo seriesMaking Science AccessibleEcologyExploring the collection at the Field Museum of Natural History with Emily Graslie
St. PaulMinnesotaUSABrains On!PodcastMaking Science AccessibleGeneral Sciencea podcast featuring science for kids and curious adults. We're serious about being
CanadaBrainWhyVideosMaking Science AccessibleNeuroscienceTo Learn about the brain and neuroscience phenomena
GhentEast FlandersBelgiumBreak it DownNon-profitPublic EngagementGeneral ScienceBREAK IT DOWN is a science communication collective of rebel scientists, storytellers and designers, each with their own field of
But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids
PodcastAnswering Science QuestionsGeneral ScienceBut Why is a show led by kids! Kids ask the questions and we find the answers. It’s a big interesting world out there. On But Why, we tackle topics large and small, about nature, words, even the end of the world.
French speakers everywhereCafe des SciencesBlog
Making Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceCommunity and aggregator of science blogs, video channels (Videosciences), podcasts and comic strips (stripsciences); organises events such as Lyon Science
Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE)
Non-profitPublic Engagement
Marine Biology
CaNOE believes in promoting ocean literacy, the understanding of the ocean and our relationship with it, across
San FranciscoCaliforniaUSACarry The One Radio (CTOR)PodcastInterviewing ScientistsGeneral ScienceCTOR's mission is to ignite scientific curiosity by bringing cutting edge science from the bench to the public. This podcast is run by early career researchers at UCSF.
LausanneSwitzerlandThe CatalystResourcesCommunications TrainingGeneral ScienceTeaching scientists communication skills by building new science media for the public
WalesUKCATion+Non-profitPublic EngagementGeneral ScienceCATion+ is an association founded by three Italian PhD students. We perform science demonstrations in school and at festivals all over Europe, bringing knowledge at your doorsteps, in an easily accessible way!
IndianapolisIndianaUSACentral Indiana Science OutreachNon-profitMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceCentral Indiana Science Outreach connects science enthusiasts of all ages by promoting accessible science events and activities from around the Central Indiana region. Our growing network joins scientists, educators, and organizations in a collaborative atmosphere to foster science communication, appreciation, and
BostonMassachusettsUSAClarafiResourcesSTEM EducationData ScienceClarafi is a community of scientists, graphics professionals, students and educators interested in scientific visualization and communication. We aim to transform our understanding and teaching of science through our community resources and facilitate the creation of accurate visualizations through intuitive software tools and high quality instruction. The 'Showcase' section provides students, teachers and scientists with a curated list of high-quality biovisualizations organized by ‏
BerkeleyCaliforniaUSACLEAR (Communication, Literacy, & Education in Agricultural Research)Non-profitPublic EngagementAgricultureAgricultural research. Our goal is communicating fact-based information grounded in scientific evidence to feed the growing world population, address the new demands of the changing climate, and decrease our environmental footprint.
Coalition on the Public Understanding of ScienceNon-profitPublic EngagementGeneral ScienceCOPUS is a diverse trans-disciplinary network of individuals and organizations dedicated to public engagement with science. Members represent a wide range of stakeholders and constituencies who work together to articulate a shared vision and accelerate our collective impact. COPUS is a grassroots movement to achieve a national, cultural shift toward increased understanding of what science is, who scientists are, what they do, and why science matters.copusproject@gmail.com
The Collapsed WavefunctionPodcastMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceIf someone can read what I write about and understand some principle they didn't understand before that's great. If I can dispel some myths and expose some quacks along the way even better. Let's take a look at some science and collapse the
The Common Decent PodcastPodcastMaking Science AccessibleEvolutionary BiologyCommon Descent is a podcast about the fascinating diversity of life, past and present!
PortlandOregonUSACOMPASSResourcesCommunications TrainingEnvironmental ScienceOur vision is to see more scientists engage effectively in the public discourse about the environment. Through communication trainings, coaching and real-world connections, we empower researchers to build the communication skills, networks, and relationships they need to realize this vision. We are a non-profit, non-advocacy organization.
BostonMassachusettsUSAComSciConConferenceCommunications TrainingGeneral ScienceAn annual 3-day science communication workshop for STEM graduate students in the US. Additional local ComSciCon workshops exist in many regions.
BangaloreIndiaContradictionBlogMaking Science AccessibleHigh-Energy PhysicsCommunicating ideas from high-energy physics
Multiple counties
AllUSACooperative Extension SystemNon-profitMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceEmphasizes taking knowledge gained through research and education and bringing it directly to the people, rural and urban, to create positive changes.
The Fab LabVideo seriesMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceWelcome to The Fab Lab! This is only place on earth that takes everyday science concepts and turns them into FABULOUS DIY projects. Hang out with your Crazy Aunt Lindsey and she takes the magic of everyday life and connects it to the scientific process.
LondonUKCS4FN (Computer Science For Fun)Non-profitSTEM EducationComputer ScienceEnthusing school-age pupils and teachers about fun side of computing, printed magazines for UK schools ‏
The Cult of PedagogyNon-profitCommunications TrainingPedagogyCult of Pedagogy is run by a team of people committed to making you more awesome in the classroom.
GreensboroNorth CarolinaGlobalData and Donuts (Data Talks, People Mumble)BlogMaking Science AccessibleData Science
A datapreneur shares data stories from the intersection of health policy, health economics, and medicine
@graphemeconsult or @dataanddonuts
North WestUKDelight Through Logical MiseryBlogComedyGeneral ScienceComedy blog about science and the application of science. Taking the sayings,thoughts and themes that make us happy and ruining them with science and logic and then …um…happiness might come from that. Or at least some sort of smugness that's very similiar. ‏
BrazilDragões de GaragemPodcastMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceThe Garage Dragons is a podcast of scientific discovery created in 2012. We speak about natural science, incentivizing critical thinking and curiosity. Mission: to share science and to show the importance of that body of knowledge in our social and professional day-to-day.
AtlantaGeorgiaUSADragoncon ConferencePublic EngagementGeneral ScienceScience presentations, live discussions, and hands-on experiments at the Dragon Con science fiction convention.
OxfordUKDraw CuriosityVideo SeriesMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceFun and entertaining videos about the bits of science you never thought about!
CalgaryAlbertaCanadaEarth Science for SocietyNon-profitPublic Engagement
Environmental Science
The Earth Science for Society committee believes that increased science literacy is essential for the students of today as they are the decision-makers of tomorrow and the future caretakers of the Earth.
USAEarthzineNon-ProfitMaking Science AccessibleOceanographyAn online OES, IEEE newsletter on Earth observation, with special interest in oceans, organized by monthly theme and Quartly topics (which are peer reviewed). Anyone is welcome to send a query to share their work with a broader audience! ‏
LondonUKEastern BlotBlogScience ArtGeneral ScienceScience in art, music, and daily life. Plus: posts about science communication. ‏
MuncieIndianaUSAEco-TroublemakersBlogMaking Science AccessibleEcology
A blog about all the organisms that alter, mess up, and cause trouble in their environments. I explore the ways different creatures change ecosystem dynamics, and why those changes are positive or negative. I also explore topics of science communication and other fun stuff about nature
UKThe ED FilesPodcastSTEM EducationPedagogyA fortnightly podcast about UK education for and about teachers, teaching, government policy and other
EuropeEGU - Solar-Terrestrial SciencesBlogMaking Science AccessibleAstronomy/AstrophysicsUnderstanding the processes on the Sun and to learn about the intimate connection betrween the Sun and the Earth. How the Earth's magnetosphere protects us and the responses of our atmosphere
SeattleWashingtonUSAEngageResourcesCommunications TrainingGeneral ScienceTraining graduate students and other scientists in speaking about their research to the public
USAEnvirobitesBlogMaking Science AccessibleEnvironemental ScienceWe provide easy-to-read, compelling summaries of recent, cutting-edge research papers in environmental science to make them accessible to non-experts. As scientists, we want to share our passion for research with all non-scientists who are interested to learn more about the
MelbourneAustraliaEspresso ScienceBlogMaking Science AccessibleGeneral SciencePopular science (accompanies science radio segments I do)
BristolUKEurekaNerd!PodcastDistilling Science NewsGeneral ScienceWe're Leah and Will, bringing you the finest from science news around the
StrasbourgFranceEuroScientistWebsiteScience PolicyGeneral Science
EuroScientist is the official journal of EuroScience, a grassroots association of scientists and people with an interest in science-related matters in Europe. We mainly focus on issues arising at the interface with society in Europe, including science policy.
GainesvilleFloridaUSAEveryday EngineerBlogMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceShowing the creativity and fun in engineering and STEM as a whole through making, engineering, fahsion and more.
CambridgeUKEwan's Blog: Bioinformatician at LargeBlogLife as a ScientistData ScienceMusings on life science research and
LausanneSwitzerlandExposureConferenceScience ArtGeneral ScienceBringing together scientists and artists to make short science films
Flint (moving soon)MIchiganUSAFemSTEMBlogWomen in STEMGeneral is a new news site/blog dedicated to and aimed at women of all ages to get them interested in STEM! @OfficialFemSTEM
The Field GuidesPodcastMaking Science AccessibleEcologyNature nerds rejoice! The Field Guides is a monthly podcast that will bring you out on the trail, focusing on the science of our North American wildlife.
AustraliaFish ThinkersNon-profitPublic EngagementMarine BiologySpread the word on Marine Research | Sustainable Fishing | Conservation | Natural History | SciComm
Flash ForwardPodcastMaking Science AccessibleTechnologyFlash Forward is a podcast about the future. Each month we take on a possible future scenario — everything from the existence of artificial wombs, to what would happen if space pirates dragged a second moon to Earth.
East LansingMichigcanUSAThe Food FixPodcastInterviewing ScientistsAgricultureWe talk with innovators figuring out how to better feed the world
UKFutSciResourcesSupport for ScientistsGeneral ScienceThe 'Science Spotlight' invites all scientists to share their passion for science in any form they would like! Crowdfunding at FutSci allows everyone to make a contribution (small or big!) and support Life Science research, innovation or technology projects.
DublinIrelandFutureproofPodcastMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceA science show and podcast on NewsTalkFM and supported by Science Foundation Ireland
Generation AnthropocenePodcastMaking Science AccessibleEnvironmental ScienceA science podcast: stories and conversations about planetary change.
British Columbia
CanadaGeoscience BCNon-profitPublic EngagementGeoscienceGeoscience BC is an independent earth science non-profit that works in collaboration with Indigenous groups, local communities, governments, academia and the resource sector. Our independent earth science enables informed resource management decisions in British
Gil Wizen: Entymologist and Photograper
Making Science Accessible
I am a naturalist with a great affection for small creatures. This is what led me to study biology and later to focus on entomology (the study of insects) as my main field of research. I created this website to present my inspirations and work in greater detail, as well as to educate and ignite a similar passion in others. Small organisms, and arthropods in particular, display a huge diversity of interesting behaviors and adaptations for survival but they are often overlooked or worse – feared of for no good reason. I hope this website will help to show their true beauty.
CarlsbadCaliforniaUSAGirls Love STEAMNon-profitWomen in STEMGeneral ScienceHelping young girls explore and find interest in STEAM related activities. Website and children's ‏
St. PaulMinnesotaUSAGreen World HypothesisBlogMaking Science AccessibleEcologyI’m a plant ecologist making the transition from graduate school to some form of the “real world”. Right now that is looking like a post-doc, but I’m exploring a range of ‏
San FranciscoCaliforniaUSAiBiologyResourcesSTEM EducationPedagogyiBiology provides professionally produced science seminars and educational courses that can be used by teachers and students worldwide for
ChicagoIllinoisUSAIllinois Science CouncilNon-profitPublic EngagementGeneral ScienceGives an outlet to Chicagoans to explore their scientific curiosity through live events where the general public is exposed to science demos and engaging talks from local
WashingtonDCUSAInformal ScienceResourcesSTEM EducationGeneral is a digital collection of project, research, and evaluation resources designed to support the informal STEM education and science communication communities in a variety of learning environments.
In Scientio, VeritasBlogMaking Science AccessibleGeneral Science
At the intersection of science and life. Inchoate ruminations, eternal inquisitiveness
ISU Space CafeNon-profitInterviewing ScientistsAstronomy/AstrophysicsInterdisciplinary space communication through monthly talks in DC & Tokyo, organized by alumni of the International Space University, open to public, "bringing space professionals together"
San Francisco
USAJKX ComicsWebcomicMaking Science AccessibleGeneral ScienceIncreasing science literacy, access, and exposure to youths and the general population through comics!
CincinnatiOhioUSAKayleen Schreiber's BlogBlogMaking Science AccessibleNeuroscienceArticles, infographpics, and animations describing neuroscience concepts and facts so that anyone can understand and enjoy.
Kids Invent StuffVideo seriesPublic EngagementGeneral ScienceWe take kids inventions and make them a reality
Knowing NeuronsNon-profitMaking Science AccessibleNeuroscienceKnowing Neurons is an award winning website by young neuroscientists. We make neuroscience accessible to anyone interested in learning about the brain. Delve into the mind via stories, infographics, interviews, and more!
The Learning ScientistsBlogSTEM EducationGeneral ScienceTo make scientific research on learning more accessible to students, teachers, and other
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