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TimestampIssue Name:Reported By:Map NameIssue Description:PriorityTags:Status:Resolution/Comments:Version change will Appear inDate:
3/3/2013 22:16:58Rahi NameThe MagicianEpisode_10-8, XX.4AThe Rahi that Matoro is trying to catch is a Muaka, not a Kane-Ra.MediumErrorCompletedChanged Kane-Ra to Muka wherever it appeared.1.23/7/2013
3/3/2013 22:59:562nd Letter to MatauThe MagicianXVIII.11AWhen giving Vakama's letter to Matau for the second time, if done too quickly or while he is speaking, Matau's dialog box becomes blank and the "next" arrow disappears.HighGlitchCompletedModified the Text-Engine so that it actually handles swapping text files, instead of the workaround I was using before. Fixed Issue with Matau's dialog.1.23/8/2013
3/3/2013 23:33:41Comic SansThe Spectral MaskTitle Screen, XX.6, VIII.5-EComic Sans should be changed to Arial font.LowErrorCompletedFixed for speech bubbles. Decided to leave Comic Sans on title screen, because it looks cool, will change if errors arise.1.23/8/2013
3/12/2013 23:37:17Sundial GlitchDual MatrixXII.10-EThe gnomon appears for half a sec when looking at the sundial.LowGlitchCompletedSet Property to invisible, will need to modify this if door is used in the future1.23/13/2013
3/12/2013 23:40:03Vakama LetterDual MatrixIV.6AThe game crashes when handing Vakama the letter.HighGlitchCompletedDeleted old "drag and drop" from previous game. Fixed the problem.1.23/13/2013
3/13/2013 1:03:57Ta-Koro ApartmentsClick, TahraauIV.11-E, IV.13-WTa-Koro inn / apartments area is confusing and needs to be made more intuitive for navigating.MediumGlitch, OtherCompletedI made it better for the 2.1.1 update, we'll see if what I did was enough.2.1.18/22/2013
3/13/2013 1:19:36Meeting JallerNuparuLots of placesJaller should meet back up with you in the village which you deliver the last letter to. Reports indicate that Jaller does not show up when ending with Ko-Koro, and possibly other villages.MediumGlitchCompletedPo-Koro and Onu-Koro were working, Fixed Ko-Koro and Le-koro.1.23/13/2013
3/14/2013 0:10:51Ta-Koro Room GlitchTakua Dragonstar7IV.13-WWhen you enter some rooms in Ta-Koro the game crashes. Like, the screen goes blank.HighGlitchCompletedFixed, some of the rooms were missing from the game files. This error only occurs when entering from map IV.13-W1.23/13/2013
3/15/2013 0:24:22Flute OverlapThe Spectral MaskDebug MenuWhen trying to put away the Flute with the debug menu it overlaps the lightstone.LowGlitchCompletedFixed, had to edit the inventory / backpack engine.1.23/14/2013
3/15/2013 0:32:00Snowboard MinigameThe Spectral MaskGame_SnowboardSnowboard minigame could be made a little harder or more challenging.MediumOtherCompletedMade game more difficult. Also fixed continue button text from being cut off.1.23/15/2013
3/28/2013 0:18:32New GameToatapio NuvaTitle ScreenWhen starting a new game (without restarting the player) some events are not reset. Hafu's scene is over and already have Vakama's note in backpack.MediumGlitchCompletedFixed, then Broke, then Fixed again for REAL! :)1.23/28/2013
4/14/2013 22:53:58Ta-Koro RoomThunder on the MountainIV.12-4.swfTa-Koro room number 4 crashes upon entry from opposite side (not side from which Takua starts, but entering hall from other direction.HighGlitchCompletedFixed, some of the rooms were missing from the game files.1.23/13/2013
4/15/2013 4:26:36Ta-koro inn 4Vox The Shadow of RealityIV.12-4.swfWell i entered in from the opposite side of the ta-koro in where room 4 is the closest i found that it had Gone black screen on me. I could still access the the bag but i could not go out of the room or anything.HighGlitchCompletedFixed, some of the rooms were missing from the game files.1.23/13/2013
4/15/2013 4:32:34Wrong nameVox The Shadow of RealityEpisode_10-0Well in the little cutscene at the very beginning jaller calls Takua by the wrong name. The whole quote goes as follows
Takuya! what about those monsters you saw?
I am not sure if that is suppose to be his accent or what but just thought i would point it out.
Oh also the w in what should be capitalized
LowSpelling, ErrorCompletedFixed, its not his accent, its just me rushing while creating the dialogue.1.24/15/2013
4/15/2013 4:54:07Spelling ErrorsFriend of FireEpisode_10-8There are some minor spelling and grammar issues in the first episode.
The first one is the is an ( ' ) in "cant".
Second, the onu- in Onu-Koro is backwards.
Third, Sentences need to be capitalized at there beginnings. Not all, but sometimes when it switches between Takua and Jaller they are capitalized.
MediumSpellingCompletedFixed, I think...2.1.14/15/2013
4/15/2013 5:00:01Name UsageFriend of FireEpisode_10-3I was just wondering that since the Bohrok have yet to appear, and by that the Borhok-Kal haven't happened, shouldn't Jaller be called "Jala," given the time frame.LowOtherUnder ConsiderationI was unsure of when his name changed... if its incorrect for my game's timeframe I will change this in the 2.1.1 Update.
4/15/2013 5:07:29Spelling ErrorsFriend of FireEpisode_10-3Bohrok misspelt as Borak.LowSpellingCompleted1.24/15/2013
4/15/2013 5:09:08Telescope GlitchFriend of FireII.4A.swfYou can't get out of the telescope when you are looking through it.MediumGlitchCompletedAdded an Exit button, but you could exit by clicking on the edges of the scope.1.24/15/2013
4/15/2013 5:16:21Charred ForestFriend of FireIII.3.swfKapura still acts like before the events of Kini-Nui happened.LowErrorCompletedFixed1.24/15/2013
4/15/2013 5:24:13Ga-Koro GateFriend of FireV.2-s.swfThe circles of the Ga-Koro gate are not aligned and the gate is opened. Shouldn't the circles and rocks match what happened in the first game? LowError, OtherUnder ConsiderationGate changes after you leave GaKoro and return and stays this way for the rest of the game. so I'll fix this if I have time.
4/15/2013 5:39:41Spelling ErrorsFriend of FireXI.6A.swfOnepu is misspelt as Una.LowSpelling, ErrorCompletedFixed1.24/15/2013
4/15/2013 6:01:51Vakama GlitchFriend of FireIV.6A.swfIf you try to give the note to Vakama, the game will freeze.LowGlitch, ErrorCompletedFixed1.24/15/2013
4/15/2013 6:52:28Spelling ErrorsFriend of FireXI.4A.swfWhen in the Engineering lab, Koronans is misspelt as "Korians"
Ko-Matorans is also misspelt with an "i" in it.
LowSpelling, ErrorCompletedFixed1.24/15/2013
4/15/2013 16:44:32Matau GlitchAndrewnuva199XVIII.11A.swfAfter giving the message to Onewa & Whenua, Matau seems to register as already having been given the Letter from Vakama, even if you haven't actually given it. Trying to give the letter to him anyway causes the dialouge box to freeze.HighGlitchCompletedI believe that this is fixed.1.24/15/2013
4/15/2013 20:19:00Mis-spelling - 'Uno-Koro'glaziosEpisode_10-0b.swfIn the first conversation between Takua and Jaller, Onu-Koro is mis-spelt 'Uno-Koro'.

Also - and this is just a minor nitpick - there's lots of capital letters and general punctuation missing from the text/subtitles of the conversation.
LowSpellingCompletedI have fixed some of the problems with this. Hopefully I will fix the rest in the 2.1 update.2.1.14/15/2013
4/16/2013 17:52:28DOUBLE MATOROAndrewnuva199XX.4-N.swf, XX.5-N.swf, XXI.9-N.swfUpon completion of the Snowboarading Mini-Game, Matoro is spawned next to Nuju in the Hall of Prophecy, but he can still be found in the snowdriffs through the passageway, still able to trigger the cutscenes that lead into the mini-game in standard gameplay.MediumGlitchCompletedFixed. found a bug in the code2.1.14/17/2013
4/16/2013 21:44:46Locked conversationDeep_ThoughtIV.6A.swfAfter visiting all 6 Turaga, I returned to Vakama and began a conversation with him. One, I don't have a prompt on what to do. Two, (real problem) I gave Vakama the "Letter From Vakama" and the entire conversation box went blank. No next arrow. Can't do the turn around action to exit. No way to get out other than restarting the game.HighGlitch, OtherCompletedThis should be fixed as of version 1.2, and the reson you don't know where to go I'm guessing is because Jaller has not joined back up with you? This is another Bug in v1.1 that was fixed v1.2 Go to Po-koro or Onu-koro and Jaller should join back up with you and tell you where to go next. Post on the forum if you still have problems.2.1.14/17/2013
4/17/2013 18:02:31Rahi capitalizationJaller speaking to Takua at beginningRahi should be capitalizedLowSpelling, ErrorCompletedFixed.2.1.14/17/2013
4/17/2013 19:50:13DOUBLE TAIPUX.17A, XVIII.4-STaipu appears both in Le-Koro and in the Ga-Koro tunnelMediumGlitchCompletedFixed.2.1.14/17/2013
4/17/2013 20:26:51Charred ForestLiopleurodonIII.3.swfWhen I go into the Charred Forest, I never end up finding Kapura. No matter which way I go, it always redirects me to the tree marked '2.' I can't get out unless I use the flute.HighGlitch, ErrorCompletedFixed with Cartesian-based forest instead of original MNOLG1 random maze.2.1.14/17/2013
4/17/2013 21:40:19Mispelling "Ta-Matoran"Shadow DestroyerIV.5-N.swfIf you click on the Ta-Matoran scrubbing the rocks, he says "A Ta-Matorian's work is never done!" Should be changed to "Ta-Matoran's"LowSpellingCompletedWow, thats original text from the first game... you guys are good.2.1.14/17/2013
4/17/2013 21:44:03Vakama MispellingsShadow DestroyerIV.6-N.swfVakama says "Uno-koro" and captitalizes "Luck"LowSpellingCompletedFixed. Also changed "Korians" to "Koronans"2.1.14/17/2013
4/18/2013 10:59:47Jala-in-a-box speechJedi Knight KrazyAfter Jala meets back up with youJaller says to find Maku, after he joins back up with you. This is out-of-date dialogue, and should be corrected.MediumGlitchCompletedI believe that this is fixed.2.1.14/17/2013
4/18/2013 17:20:31Whenua GrammarShadow DestroyerXI.6A.swfWhenua says "Is there so anything else you need?" The "so" should be removed.LowSpellingCompletedFixed2.1.18/22/2013
4/18/2013 17:22:54Nuparu SpellingShadow DestroyerXI.98.swfNuparu says "marn tunnel" instead of "main tunnel"LowSpellingUnder ConsiderationMarn is what Nuparu says in the 3rd Bionicle Animation... not sure if that is a misspelling.
4/18/2013 17:26:39Hafu GrammarShadow DestroyerVIII.2-N.swfMousing over Hafu in Po-koro causes him to say "Haftu origenals for sale!" Should be "Hafu originals"LowSpellingCompletedFixed2.1.18/22/2013
4/18/2013 17:29:14Onewa SentencesShadow DestroyerVIII.7A.swfNone of the sentences you can pick when talking to Onewa are capitalized.LowSpellingCompletedFixed2.1.18/22/2013
4/19/2013 11:57:02Something that should be removedI don't have oneIV.5-N.swfIf you click on the two matoran chatting, sometimes say "The rahi have taken the Tren Krom Break" which is from the original MNOG.LowOtherCompletedFixed, Thanks for catching that.2.1.17/9/2013
4/19/2013 12:01:54Disappearing lightstoneI don't have oneIV.12-1.swfI left without picking up the lightstone, and when I came back it had gone.LowGlitchCompletedinteresting, I don't know how that happened. I refined some code so that it is less likely to happen again, and made a way to fix any problem like this if it were to happen again.2.1.17/9/2013
4/20/2013 18:45:09Choppy rockelectrodudeVIII.9-S.swfThe rock is chopped off at the left. Kind of a nitpick, but still :PLowOtherCompletedFixed, Thanks for catching that.2.1.17/9/2013
8/12/2013 21:46:55real #sLoganto, er... Cloudspark CrowfieldTakua's hall room place :PThe room #s should probably be in matoran, not in English. I just am such a worry wart. LowSpelling, OtherCompletedFixed, I made it so that these change with the debug menu language button. lol, and you're not a worry wart, Thanks for reporting this.2.1.18/22/2013
8/27/2013 1:10:06Kotu speechToatapio NuvaV.12-NKotu says "I'm gunna catch a big one!, I can feel it."

So, an unneeded comma. Very low priority, very small issue.
LowSpellingCompletedFixed, Thanks for reportingnext release8/27/2013
8/29/2013 13:27:56Mechanical SoundsShadow DestroyerAll cutscenesThe mechanical sounds when the characters move are much too loud. Is there any way you can turn those sounds down so they will be quieter like all the other sounds?LowOtherCompletedI have this fixed for the next relase, Thanks for reporting!next release?
8/29/2013 13:31:29Kapura Capital LettersShadow DestroyerIII.3ALots of random words are capitalized for no reason during your conversation with Kapura. Not too big of an issue, but still.LowSpellingCompletedFixednext release9/12/2013
8/29/2013 13:37:34Village SpellingShadow DestroyerEpisode_10-4.swf"Villiges" should be changed to "villages"LowSpellingCompletedWow, Chapter 1 stuff! Thanks for going back and finding this!next release9/12/2013
8/29/2013 13:46:38Whenua TypoShadow DestroyerXI.6A.swfWhenua says "He is helps with the tunnels." There shouldn't be an "is."LowSpellingCompletedFixednext release9/12/2013
8/29/2013 14:47:56Takua TypoShadow DestroyerEpisode_11-5.swf"Ment" should be changed to "meant"LowSpellingCompletedFixednext release9/12/2013
8/29/2013 14:58:05Ahkmou TypoShadow DestroyerIV.12-4C.swf"Akamu" should be changed to "Ahkmou." To be honest, I'm surprised he's still walking around after that whole Kohlii ball incident...LowSpellingCompleted"Akamu" is correct, "Ahkmou" is the Po-Matoran (with the same type of mask) who was selling infected Kohlii balls. "Akamu" is a random Onu matoran who I found on the Bionicle wiki. :)next release9/12/2013
8/29/2013 15:01:24Uno-koroN/AIV.12-1A.swfOnu-koro is spelled Uno-koroLowSpellingCompletedFixednext release9/12/2013
8/29/2013 15:06:39Matoran WritingShadow DestroyerXIV.8-W.swfAll the writing on the walls here in Ta-koro are in English instead of Matoran...MediumErrorUnder ConsiderationIf the language is set to "MataNui" in the debug panel this should not happen.
9/22/2013 12:35:33No SavingAllSaving games does not work in version 2.1.1. This is for both in-browser mode and standalone flash player mode.HighErrorUnder ConsiderationBecause there are a lot of people who the saving feature works for I'm assumeing that it is a hardware / computer situation. I'll be looking into how this can be fixed.
11/1/2013 15:46:56forest in Ta-wahiIII.3.swfWhen you enter to forest through the entrance closer Ta-koro, you can not leave and meet Kapura.MediumGlitchUnder Consideration
11/1/2013 15:51:59Unu-koroIV.12-1.swfJaller ( Jala ) in chapter 2 says Unu-koro.LowSpellingUnder Consideration
11/1/2013 17:22:39Jala mistakeall
In chapter 1 after delivery of letters and meeting, Jala ( Jaller ) talks about finding Macku instead about beach.
MediumErrorUnder Consideration
1/22/2014 18:38:49Huki's name is spelled "Hewkii"Bohrok attack Ta-Koro (AKA Templar 2002 Flash Episode I)Like a previous issue on your change log, (when Jala was spelled Jaller), Huki's name is spelled Hewkii, as in the post-name-change. However, the naming day (when the matoran's names were changed) happened after the Bohrok and Bohrok-Kal invasions. Here's the Biosector01 wiki article about it:

It's not a big issue at all, I just thought you'd probably like to know about it. For the record, the Bionicle Media Project's copy of the original flash episode also contains this error, for some reason.
1/22/2014 18:49:14Vakama Cutscene not triggering (Chapter I)IV.5-N.swfIn the first cutscene, Jala tells Takua to meet him in Vakama's hut. After this, players are supposed to go "downstairs" to the entrance of Ta-Koro and go to Vakama's hut. When I am at XIV.8-E.swf and click the door to Vakama's hut, the game progresses and the cutscene occurs. If I go forward to IV.5-S.swf, turn around to IV.5-N.swf, and then click Vakama's hut the cutscene doesn't play and the game goes right to IV.6A.swf. Most players will likely click on the door as soon as they can, but some players (like me) prefer to explore the area before going into a cutscene, so it could become a problem.HighGlitchUnder Consideration
1/22/2014 18:55:43Small Punctuation ErrorsIn general (specifically things like Episode_10-3.swf)I've noticed a lot of pieces of dialogue have some small punctuation errors. For instance, many sentences have no period (or other punctuation mark) at the end of them (for instance, Vakama in Episode_10-3.swf). Characters also occasionally use commas where there shouldn't be. Also, sometimes the first words of a sentence aren't capitalized.

Not a big deal at all, I assume it will fixed with future releases.
1/30/2014 0:47:08Spelling/grammar/syntaxOmiChronSome cutscenes/dialogueSome of the spelling, grammar and sentence syntax is a little off. I would be happy to help with edits, if it would save you time. I did send you a PM. Whilst this does not impede gameplay, I am an avid fanatic of the English language's intricacies.

There are a few too many little things - such as comma absences or sentence structure - for me to be able to list them all.

Again, I'm happy to edit if you so require.
2/5/2014 20:12:46ContinuityAnonymous playerChapter 2 Coversation Outside Ta Koro (which is under attack)In conversation with Jala (before heading into Charred Jungle), Takua mentions Bohrok by name. Should Takua even know the Bohrok BY NAME yet? Or should he just refer to them as "creatures"?MediumError
2/5/2014 20:14:45Proper ContinuityAnonymous playerChapter 2 Coversation Outside Ta Koro (which is under attack)In conversation with Jala (before heading into Charred Jungle), Takua mentions the Bohrok by name. Should Takua even know the Bohrok BY NAME yet? Or should he just refer to them as "CREATURES"?MediumError
2/5/2014 20:28:44ContinuityAnonymous playerChapter 2 Coversation Outside Ta Koro (which is under attack)relevant to episode_11-1.swf and the cutscene following it:

In conversation with Jala (before heading into Charred Jungle), Takua mentions Bohrok by name. Should Takua even know the Bohrok BY NAME yet? Or should he just refer to them as "creatures"?

The same thing applies to Jala's dialogue after they drove the Pahrak away.

Avoid informalites like "I GUESS" in Takua's "every village has a different style," and "ANYWAYS" in Jala's response.
2/5/2014 20:34:45Language/GrammarAnonymous PlayerChapter 1 inside the hut; map-name: episode_10-0b.swlTakua's dream and conversation:

No informal words or human slang (like "AHHH!", "YEAH", "UM", etc.).
More examples: "HEH" is unnecessary in "It was just a dream." The phrase "UHH…HEH" is unnecessary.
The text "*SIGH*" is unnecessary - animation of Takua hanging his head is sufficient.

Jala's response: "WHATEVER" is an unnecessary informality in "well, they're stuck under that impassable rock layer".
MediumSpelling, Other
2/8/2014 16:28:18Mispelling of "Minute" in one of Jala's LinesArtakha's NephewEpisode_10-0b.sfwIn Jala's eleventh dialogue box during his conversation with Takua at the start of Chapter One, "minute" is spelled "miniute". Only a small spelling error.LowSpelling
2/8/2014 18:01:37Incorrect Word Used by Hahli in Hahli-Takua ConversationArtakha's NephewV.12B.swfIn Takua's conversation with Hahli, and after one asks "How has Ga Koro been recently?", Hahli's third dialogue box reads "I hear the you are partially responsible for the Toa's safe return...", where it should read "I hear that your are partially responsible for the Toa's safe return..." Only a small spelling issue.LowError
2/11/2014 21:02:57Prologue sequence additionBiomechanicalBepisode_10-0a.swl Takua's nightmare sequenceNot a member of BZP, but I had to get this to you for consideration somehow. It's a short little prologue that I believe can fit into the beginning of the game, right before Takua's nightmare. It's not a huge addition - just a nice "What Has Gone Before" - to add a certain legitimate-feel, right off the bat. The makeshift script:
Setting: somewhere around Mangaia. Premise: a Makuta monologue. Frame: a pitch black screen. An animalistic scream (not too shrill) immediately sounds - Makuta "shrieking" as he retreats after his defeat. Only his glowing yellow eyes are seen plunging away into the blackness, as if in a tunnel.
Speech (accompanying a pitch black screen again): "Makuta defeated?"
His glowing eyes are revealed again: "Defeated?!"
Scornful laughter, a truly terrible sound in that place.
Speech: "I shall indulge their delusions but a while."
Speech: "I must recover."
A circular doorway emitting orange light approaches, with speech: "O why do I bother with this insolent, defiant people?"
Close-up of eyes: "Let them be cleansed from the surface."
"Let them be destroyed -- them with their Toa!"
"Little difference will it make."
"My will cannot be reversed. The signal has already been sent."
MediumOtherUnder ConsiderationI like this idea, if I chose to do this then I'll somehow need to make a distiction between this scene from Makuta's point of view, and the dream that Takua is having.
5/23/2014 10:43:07savedarkeluimtitle screen i save the progresse of the game, then i close the MNOLG and when i re-open MNOLG the save slot is vanish.MediumOther
6/6/2014 19:00:02Ghost GlitchesAnonymousviii.5-e.swf and xviii.4-s.swfHuki appeared sick when I entered his house, I clicked on him and game crashed. Turaga Matau appeared by the dancing Le Koroans. When I clicked on him to give him letter game crashed. After restarting game Huki was better and Matau was in his house.MediumGlitch
6/17/2014 16:06:41Charred ForestFriend of FameCharred Forest Chapter 1I entered the Charred Forest to get the map from Kapura, but I end up in an area that only has the directions on the trees. I kept facing south, but I couldn't go anywhere. Marking the trees worked, but the area would refreash to the way it was before whenever I head down a path. I had entered the forest by facing the Gate House of Ta-Koro (i.e. the two guards where going back and forth).

I don't know if it's just my version of the game, but I thought I would let you guys know.
HighGlitchUnder ConsiderationI've seen this error before. Thought I had fixed it in the most recent release. maybe not thoough, looking into this.
8/26/2014 21:09:46Ussal CrabBiological ChroniclerOnu-KoroWell, when playing the Onu-Koro part, I can click on a ussal crab, but then I get stuck there. Can't do anything about it. I have to restart the game because I cannot get out of it. And when I go back to the title screen, you can still hear the Ussal Crab sounds.UrgentError
2/14/2015 11:58:11Ga-Koro IssueAisonV.1-S and V.2-SAfter warning Nokama, "wooden poles" (I don't know how to describe them) are surrounding village, but in map V.1-S they are not present. Also, on map V.2-S it says "Ga-Koro" in english, not in matoran. LowError
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