#TimestampVersionWhat platform are you on?Please describe what is working incorrectly.Please describe how to reproduce the bug.Developer NotesPriority
1673/30/2019 8:28:36v2.5.0SD2SNESIf you double grab items and go into a pipe, then restart the level while in the second room, one of the items will disappear but the other will take the palette of the newly disappeared item.In the green switch palace, do a double grab with the red shell and the p-switch. Go into the pipe at the end with both still grabbed, then reload the level. You'll end up with a red p-switch OR a blue shell, depending on which order you grab them in.
This is probably doable in other situations, but this was easiest.
implement holding multiple items through pipehigh
1932/6/2022 21:51:43v3.-.5 (prerelease)checked on both SNES9x and SNES ClassicSome issues with L+R resets turned off. Minor: Turning off L+R resets with either the default or custom HUD makes the HUD disappear. Also, if you make a save state before turning off L+R, then reload it after, the item box graphics glitch out a bit. Somewhere between minor and major: If you have L+R resets off and bring up the menu to customize your custom HUD, everything is replaced with YS THE NUMBER. Major: If you have L+R resets off and use either the lag calibration or the empty HUD option, the gam crashes upon entering a level. have fixed all of the crashes and major stuff (one line fix, oops). Still need to deal with loading state into a different HUD showing up properlymid
18311/27/2020 14:06:44v3.-.5 (prerelease)SD2SNESCoins reappear on room reset even if they were already collected upon entering the room. e.g. in the valley ghost house cape heading for the key room you fly across room 2 to the left collecting the coins. If you get hit in the key and exit the key room back to room to (intending to reenter the key room to use the default boo positions to spin jump up riding on the boo) then after activating the p-switch you only get brown blocks to stand on where you didn't collect coins. But if you reset that room all the coins come backlinked to (172)mid
1722/16/2020 13:18:57v3.-.4 (prerelease)SD2SNESdragon coins can respawn if you reset the roomgo to VGH, enter the second room. collect the coin above mario, reenter the door and come back. the coin should be gone, but if you room reset it will return.mid
1619/17/2018 17:41:25v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESValid time icon is not showing up until the level is L+R reset
8510/8/2016 21:42:11v2.4.0Super EverdriveThe screen starts too far to the left in VoB GH second room when you reset.Reset in room 2 of VoB GH and notice the coins on the left hand side of the advance is also messed up. this also happens in many levelsmid
1883/17/2021 12:05:03v2.5.0SNES9xIt's possible to die from time up in hoco island 5 and go to a very slightly glitched title screen, instead of returning to the map. And once any button is pressed, the powerup and the yoshi are restored, like if the person never entered in the stage.I recorded 2 videos of me doing the glitch, the first one about the time up glitch, and the second about the item restore thing:
18211/18/2020 17:02:22v3.-.4 (prerelease)SD2SNESSpecial effects are inconsistent across savestatesenter a level with koopas which change colour post-special (eg vs1) and make a savestate. Then, on the overworld menu, toggle special effects. Going into that level and reloading the savestate will preserve the colour of the koopa from the savestate but the sprite will be the same as the second time you enteredlinked to (100)low
1742/27/2020 21:27:19v3.-.4 (prerelease)SD2SNESAutoloading of a save state after crashing the game trying to perform orb glitch causes most of the graphics to become corrupted. Go to the pipe in YI2 where you perform orb glitch, make a save state, crash the game, and wait for your savestate to autoload. (Can provide video if needed.)linked to (147)low
1478/18/2018 13:54:22v3.-.2 (prerelease)Super EverdriveReloading a savestate after crashing messes up the background and some objects in yi2. Maybe other levelssavestate, crash on cloud, wait for blue screen to reloadgotta reupload graphics
UPDATE: mostly fixed, just have to deal with animated tiles not updating right away
1361/31/2018 22:04:06v2.5.0Super EverdriveMovie doesn't save switch palace settingsVD1 movie in the database.low
1001/3/2017 17:51:15v2.5.0SNES9xReloaded savestates after crashing load some enemies improperly.Perform a state save in YI2 in the first set of many koopas with the special palette on. Then, leave the level, turn off special palette, reenter YI2 and crash the game. Once the game tries to recover the savestate, the game will load up the YI2 savestate with the special palette on. Go right to notice that the koopas that you perform cloud with have red and green shells, even though they are supposed to have blue and yellow shells if special palette is don't need to blue screenlow
16211/16/2018 19:23:38v3.-.2 (prerelease)SD2SNESVery rarely the timer doesn't stop on the whistle
Note! v3.-2 prerelease - though I believe this is also present (albeit rare) all the way back on v2.x the only time I've recorded it, haven't been able to deliberately reproduce itI can't reproduce it myself, and have no idea how it would even happen, lolhold
1246/11/2017 7:03:18v2.5.0SD2SNESthe game crashes on title screenpress start looked into this crash and I can't find a cause. Calling it a fluke for nowhold
819/24/2016 23:19:40v2.4.0Super Everdrivelevel resets don't work during end of level fanfares or the keyhole animation (probably not a bug, but it'd be nice if they did work :P )Press L+R, L+R+A+B or L+R+X+Y during an end of level fanfare or keyhole animation.maaaaaybe. I'd have to rearrange some code for that to work properlyhold
698/25/2016 4:31:55v2.4.0Super EverdriveThe lag meter always counts up when slowdown is activeenter a level, press start+r, watch the lag meterit will be "hard" to fix this. If I can accurately fix the lag meter, I'll be able to have the timers tick up in slo mo as well.hold
1977/23/2022 19:21:53v3.-.7 (prerelease)SNES Classicgame crashed when trying to get on sandbar in VD1(room2),CS(room3),VoD(room3).Trying to get on the sandbar. No setup required.linked to (195)fixed
1963/27/2022 7:27:38v3.-.7 (prerelease)SNES Classic
When I enter the third room of 7-2, I get an exception at $ 740005.
Enter the third room of VoB2linked to (195)fixed
1953/22/2022 19:17:53v3.-.7 (prerelease)SNES ClassicGame crashed when coming out of the pipe in VoB 2 room 3 and touching layer 2
19010/6/2021 3:39:25v3.-.5 (prerelease)SD2SNESDiscrepancy between level timer and overworld timeUse default status bar. Level timer uses decimals, but overworld times use frames (but use a decimal point graphic).fixed
1897/6/2021 1:33:25v2.5.0SNES9xMoving to a certain item in the menu and cliking it crashes the gameIn the menu selecting "memory viewer low byte" and pressing right appears a icon in the top left and selecting it with a or b button crashes the gamelinked to (166)fixed
1862/2/2021 9:51:30v3.-.4 (prerelease)Super EverdriveThe item in the item box does not render in the Morton, Ludwig, and Roy fights.Fight one of those three bosses with an item in the box. It does not render.fixed
18412/7/2020 16:11:55v3.-.5 (prerelease)SNES9xAble to load a too large movieIf you try to record a movie that is too large to be saved, then exit the level and press Y for loading the movie, the game will crash (note that it doesn't work on v2.5.0 where it justs open the level normally)..fixed
1732/16/2020 13:19:41v3.-.4 (prerelease)SD2SNESpipe exit timer is messed uphave yoshi coming out of a vertical pipe. then dismount and room reset. mario will exit the pipe faster.fixed
1711/20/2020 16:29:20v2.5.0SNES9xYou can access to some buggy tiles in the overworld menu to (96)fixed
1708/2/2019 9:01:03v2.5.0bSNES/Higan/Bizhawk (Performance Core) This screen is shown, then the save state is loaded.Stand on a brown platform with a null sprite in Yoshi's mouth, then jump and spit on the same frame. (probably not worth fixing/hard to fix - see cell G15 on the responses table) but no harm in reportinglinked to (13)fixed
1662/14/2019 9:12:09v3.-.4 (prerelease)SD2SNESweird memory viewer address middle byte boundsapparently depending on which slot you put the memory viewer in, the middle byte of the address has different bounds that are allowed, sometimes you can only go one way, for example on the first slot of the 2nd column i could decrease all the way, but it'd get stuck when increasing at 1E, 3E, 5E etc.fixed
16512/25/2018 14:46:45v3.-.3 (prerelease)Super EverdriveMovie playbackTried recording a movie in #6C that skipped to room 2 at the start, but when I played it back Mario was starting at the midtape instead of the start of room 1, and the LRYX didn't get replayed.XYLR does roomadvance for movie recording, but midwayadvance for movie playbackfixed
1609/15/2018 21:35:32v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESDeleting save data deletes custom status bar layout.fixed
1599/15/2018 15:38:05v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESMashing Y after exiting movie can glitch out movie during reenter
This bug affects the name, and can cause a desync of the original movie.
linked to (117)fixed
1589/15/2018 15:05:31v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESThere are almost no limitations to when you can Start+Select in a movieYou can even start+select during the start+select fadeout. One issue about fixing this is that an earlier issue where you were frozen on the overworld (related to movies, fixable with start+select) will be a complete softlock..fixed
1579/15/2018 14:54:10v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESExiting a movie during a mosaic transition causes persistent mosaic effect in OW + levels.fixed
1569/15/2018 14:48:52v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESBad record limit tile properties
1559/15/2018 14:29:45v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESSeathorne crashed my gameYI2 demo movie 2 crashes the game (didn't in 3.-.1)side effect of enabling fastrom. I'll have to do some hijacking for thisfixed
1549/15/2018 14:21:46v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESVisual record limit is all red during level fade-in.fixed
1539/14/2018 17:44:33v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESp-meter is no longer yellow but greenthis is so sadcan we get 50 likesfixed
1529/14/2018 17:42:13v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESmemory viewer ($7E) isn't displaying what it's supposed toi'm not quite sure what it's displaying, but some examples are $14 and $19 always being 00, and $E4 always being 25.fixed
1519/14/2018 17:28:02v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESoverworld record displaylevel times on the overworld are displayed using cents regardless of how the timer is displayed in-levelwipfixed
1509/14/2018 17:26:34v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNESRTC tile propertiesif you put something under the RTC, e.g. the record limit display, it'll affect its tile properties, by coloring and flipping digits. doesn't apply to other objects that are coloredremoved RTC so this is mootfixed
1499/14/2018 17:24:29v3.-.3 (prerelease)SD2SNES24-hour RTC is 12-hour and vice versa..fixed
1488/21/2018 6:37:15v3.-.2 (prerelease)SD2SNESThe background in the bowser fight (including bowser) gets slightly hecked after saving/loading a savestate in the fight the bowser fight, save state, load statelinked to (146)fixed
1468/18/2018 13:39:12v3.-.2 (prerelease)Super EverdriveSavestating in the bowser fight then loading it glitches the graphics in the fight.Simply savestate in bowser then load statewipfixed
1458/2/2018 5:53:10v3.-.2 (prerelease)Super Everdriveroom 2 of ludwig has a very jittery background when you move aroundenter the room, advancing to the room also works. move fast.apparently this bug fixed itself; tagging this in case it comes back. im thinking it has to do with irq timing being messed up due to vblank lagfixed
1448/1/2018 14:34:37v3.-.2 (prerelease)SD2SNESMore info on weird green times in YSPSo i'd just done YSP cape in 22.33 and got green time as per prev bug. Now I started recording (not in cart just obs) entered with 22.33 time as "pb" and a got 22.43 and now that is my "pb" again in green. (fitz in case recording useful)linked to (87)fixed
1438/1/2018 14:29:29v3.-.2 (prerelease)SD2SNESRandom green time appearingYellow SP cape, as normal got 22.33 inbetween pink and yellow times and it shows as green. Haven't ever got orb on this rom.linked to (87)fixed
1417/29/2018 9:37:24v3.-.1 (prerelease)SD2SNESHeavy levels of lag in laggy conditions vs plain smw and vs v2.5 practice romGo to YI4 shell jump area, lag is really noticeable (and apparent with the lag counter) Obviously there are now a lot of timers etc so may be unavoidable, if I'm not missing something the red/yellow times may need updating on levels with unavoidable extra lag like this .fixed
1407/21/2018 21:45:08v3.-.1SD2SNESGraphical glitch entering from midway [version 3.0.0]Start from midway in a level. CI5 always seems to do it, I'm not sure about other levelsbizarrefixed
1396/26/2018 12:24:09v2.5.0Snes Classic MiniIn YI2 after doing the Yoshi clip and swimming under the level carrying the blue block and then the key, often the goal tape will despawn.
1351/27/2018 14:46:52v2.5.0Super EverdriveSometimes when I press start to open the menu where you can change powerup and stuff, the game crashes. If you press start in the map. I dont know if its just my everdrive or console or something. I have seen this happen to stephen a long time ago.this bug happens less frequently or not at all in the current beta so maybe its fixed??fixed
1321/10/2018 22:47:55v2.5.0Super EverdriveSavestates and room resets don't work using controller 2Attempt to reset a room or create/load a savestate on a controller plugged into port 2a lot of stuff doesn't work with controller 2fixed
13012/5/2017 18:22:05v2.5.0OpenEmu (Mac)Graphical bug, most likely useless. I don't know if it originated from SMW or from this rom, but it happened on your practice ROM. So when I got done with Yellow Switch Palace, it showed red blocks instead no clue how to reproduce it, I just ran it how I normally would.dunno how that happened, but this animation has been removed entirely so who knows!fixed
12911/11/2017 20:04:03v2.5.0SD2SNESGraphical glitch when getting pointsMake a savestate with sprite slots on, exit and turn them off then reload the savestate. Now get points by jumping on an enemy etclinked to (74)fixed
12710/7/2017 14:39:07v2.5.0Super EverdriveRom won't load super everdrive v1 - FIX Found!!Hi Thanks so much for this awesome rom, I noticed a bug report for super everdrive where a user says it won't load and you respond "get a better flashcart" but I may have a solution (worked for me) I have an old super everdrive (v1 you can tell visually because the sdcard sticks out quite a lot, no spring load) and I had the same issue. To fix I updated to the latest v1 os (can get it then you have the option to adjust rom settings after loading rom - so adjust rom size from 512kb to 1mb and sram from 0 to 32kb and it works, save states and all! Hurray! Anyway this probably doesn't effect too many people so don't know if it's worth your while sharing this info but there it is anyway, thanks again for the rom - Fitzlinked to (97) who would'a thought that you have to make the settings match the rom you're playing? glad you figured it outfixed
1268/2/2017 14:52:16v2.5.0SNES9xOption menu (when you press start at the overworld map)Press right when "MEMORY VIEWER LOW BYTE" is selected.linked to (96)fixed
1256/16/2017 22:48:06v2.5.0Super EverdriveIn CI2, the room 1 coin count does not reset on a room-reset, so collecting enough coins to where Mario will enter the cape room, then resetting the room and going straight to the pipe will still bring Mario to the cape room 2.Collect lots of coins, press L+R, enter pipe without collecting coins..fixed
1234/29/2017 14:54:59v2.5.0bSNES/Higan/Bizhawk (Performance Core)The yellow times on Star Road 3 are bigged, causing the low% and nocape to be pink, even though the other times are yellow.Go to Star Road 3 and press L and R at the same time.linked to (108)fixed
1224/2/2017 18:47:23v2.5.0Super Everdrivesaving a movie to slot #2 doesn't work sometimesget into the menu with a movie loaded, preferably belonging to the level you're standing on so you can see the effects immediately. in the menu, select slot #2 on the movie load option but don't load from it, then select slot #2 on the movie save option and save to it, and exit the menu. after that, there will be no movie saved on slot #2 (any previous movie also gets deleted)..fixed
1214/1/2017 23:02:35v2.5.0Super EverdriveReport #113 applies to Reznorlinked to (113)fixed
1183/25/2017 22:26:41v2.5.0no$snsAdding on to my previous bug report, this is probably happening because the game is trying to play a movie, since Y is bound to the movie play function. Since there is no movie for tile 000, the game still prevents inputs since it thinks it's playing a movie. It also explains why Start+Select can return normal inputs.linked to (117)fixed
1173/25/2017 22:21:56v2.5.0no$snspressing Y when walking between levels on the overworld blocks mario from moving to other levelspress Y when walking in between levels (like the path from CI4 to VD fort) and notice that mario is unable to move to other tiles. you can unlock mario's movement by hitting start+selectI don't think this is actually fixed, but it is harder to trigger now; UPDATE nvm; UPDATE hopefully fixedfixed
1142/21/2017 14:32:33v2.5.0SNES9xthere is a crash when the room reloaded. I dont think thats intendedidk. restart rooms. nothing were special in that case video:
1132/15/2017 23:38:20v2.5.0SD2SNESNickname is cut off in Iggy/Larry BossfightHappens any time I enter Iggy/Larry.fixed
1122/5/2017 20:37:19v2.5.0Super EverdriveIn the over world Start menu, when you press right on the Memory Viewer Low Byte option you go to extra options, and when you click on them it crashes.Press right 3 times on the memory viewer low byte and enjoy.linked to (96)fixed
1091/28/2017 4:06:55v2.5.0SNES9xtriggerd the credits and pressed start out of the part which you overwrote with the overworldmenuget big boo and go to room 3 of bowsers castle and defeat hin with the mecha koopasdisable creditsfixed
1081/26/2017 22:39:08v2.5.0no$snscertain gold times are displayed in pinkwhen you check the gold times in game for some levels, the gold time will be in pink (the time is still the correct gold time, only the color is wrong) the only 2 levels affected are SW3 normal exit small only and no cape, along with VOBGH lunar dragon secret.fixed
1071/22/2017 15:29:03v2.5.0SD2SNESLoading a state that was during a movieRecord a movie with a save state in it, then exit the level. Replay the recording up to the point where it makes a save state. Then re enter a level normally, and load state. The game will be stuck in movie playback mode with no movie and glitched graphics..fixed
1021/6/2017 20:09:42v2.5.0SNES9xTimer wrongly adds 22 frames to screen transition under some precise (but reproducable) conditions - watch for the 17'10 pipe entry and compare to other times. Frame-counting my video, there is no 22 frame loss but the timer adds 22 frames in room 2. I've also reproduced in 2.5.0 but didn't bother to record it again. I was able to reproduce this from 2 different savestates but not with a third one so I don't really know what the conditions are, only that it happens when you enter the pipe on a particular frame.I need an emulator save state of this to figure out what is going on. An emulator that has a tracelog function - update: holy crap fixed!!!fixed
991/3/2017 17:27:29v2.5.0no$snsCrashing using the invalid menu glitch that was submitted earlier can load a regular savestate if you have one, but sound is broken and the game will black screen if you leave.Crash the menu by pressing B on the invalid options with a savestate available in a level. The sound will be not there and when you leave, the game will be an eternal black screen.linked to (96)fixed
981/3/2017 17:03:52v2.5.0no$snsWhen trying to load a savestate from a crash without a savestate ever being made, screen goes black and crashes again.Crash the game without a rom without a savestate..fixed
971/3/2017 16:58:21v2.5.0Super EverdriveRom won't work.I just open the rom on my super everdrive and it crashes, It works on my emulatorsolution: get a better flashcartfixed
961/3/2017 16:51:26v2.5.0no$snsmenu wrapping is broken in some places: right on the "memory viewer low byte" option and it will send the cursor to faraway places. pressing right again and again can mess it up even morethis one's funfixed
951/3/2017 16:35:52v2.5.0no$snsX icon no longer exists the points calculator in the ending fanfare: a level (I only tried YI2 and I don't think if it matters if it is recording/replaying/regular playing)need to remove score cacluation entirely anyway since score doesn't existfixed
9312/30/2016 8:53:13v2.4.1SD2SNESFGH and DGH times are reversedTechnically they are correct, but generally TSA and FoI1 exits are considered the secret exitsmaking exceptions BabyRagefixed
9212/30/2016 6:26:31v2.4.1SD2SNESWings rooms don't display the adjusted time.Get wings and leave the level. The timer doesn't update with the extra time that is added to account for the fadeout..fixed
9112/3/2016 20:26:11v2.4.0SNES9xThere is a glitch in the original game that messes up the colors. On the practice cart, it softlocks you.Go to CI3 and at the normal exit, activate it while mario is on the top, by jumping off of yoshi.linked to (72)fixed
9011/13/2016 14:07:02v2.4.0SNES9xLinked to 70Same thing also happens with Big Boo, thought I'd mention itlinked to (70)fixed
8910/19/2016 12:10:38v2.4.0SNES9xIf you hit the goaltape and die from falling off, the room reset will cause the fanfare to play at the beginning of the room.Hit the goaltape at the lowest point and fall off (I did this in CBA normal exit but the same happens in other levels), reset room with L+R, fanfare should play.linked to (70)fixed
8710/13/2016 17:41:06v2.4.0bSNES/Higan/Bizhawk (Performance Core)you can get green times in switch palaces without actually using an orb from the item boxgo fast in a switch palace. seems to happen if you're small, didn't find anything weird while using cape.I'll fix this once I can get it to happen again. I did it once but it won't do it againfixed
8610/9/2016 14:38:10v2.4.0Super Everdrive state in bowser fightlinked to (71)fixed
8410/8/2016 15:56:42v2.4.0Super EverdriveYou are allowed to reset the room after you hear a boss whistle if you die.Fall into lava after beat iggy or reznor.linked to (70)fixed
8310/8/2016 8:39:58v2.4.0Super EverdriveNot really a bug as such, but music doesn't come back when loading a savestate after dying, during the keyhole animation, or during a fanfare.Create a savestate somewhere in a level, load that state during the death animation, keyhole animation, or an end of level fanfarelinked to (82)fixed
8210/8/2016 8:39:57v2.4.0Super EverdriveNot really a bug as such, but music doesn't come back when loading a savestate after dying, during the keyhole animation, or during a fanfare.Create a savestate somewhere in a level, load that state during the death animation, keyhole animation, or an end of level fanfareokayfixed
809/24/2016 23:16:48v2.4.0Super Everdrivestart+select doesn't work during the death animationenter a level, die, press start+selectsurefixed
789/19/2016 5:30:22v2.4.0Super EverdrivePowerups, yoshi, and settings aren't preserved over a resetChange mario's powerup/yoshi and switch block settings then reset..fixed
779/6/2016 19:43:11v2.4.0bSNES/Higan/Bizhawk (Performance Core)wings don't care if you used room advancego to vob2 with yoshi, press y+x+l+r, get wings and you'll get a ridicously low pink time.fixed
749/1/2016 19:40:40v2.4.0bSNES/Higan/Bizhawk (Performance Core)graphics for the carriable sprite dynamic meter aren't always loadedmake a savestate while holding a shell or whatever, start+select out, enable either of the dynamic meters for carriable items, then reload the savestate.half fixed; dynmeter graphics are now always loaded, but score graphics are not if you disable themfixed
738/31/2016 16:04:49v2.4.0Super EverdriveVery very minor: moving on the overworld off of a level on the first frame does not update the times board.Move between two levels on the overworld, and a first frame movement will leave the previous level's time board up.reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealyfixed
728/31/2016 14:44:38v2.4.0SNES9xCompleting a Level while being halfway offscreen crashes the game instead of chaning overworld pallets can only get this to happen on console so idk what's going on here - update: seems to be fixed???? I don't know what I did to fix it tho - update: this crash is also possible in the original game so that resolves this issuefixed
718/30/2016 14:53:20v2.4.0Super EverdriveLoading a Savestate in bowser causes mario to go through the floor.Just create a savestate in bowser and load it.checked all the mode7 bosses but bowser for this one BrokeBackfixed
708/30/2016 9:46:16v2.4.0bSNES/Higan/Bizhawk (Performance Core)If you use the L+R to restart the level as you hit the keyhole for a secret exit, it will send you back to the start, but immediately end the level and give you ridiculous time ( a keyhole, pick up the key, and run up to put in the key. The timing is a little hard to describe but I have replicated it. You have to hit L+R just about the frame before the keyhole animation begins, if you get it you will spawn at start of level and immediately finish. The way I was able to get it decently consistently is in starworld 1. If you are on the right edge of the platform that holds the key, hold Y and run right towards the keyhole. If you press L+R at the correct time the short "freeze-frame" should have the key about a pixel to the right of the left edge of the keyhole. If this description still doesn't help PM me and I'll make a video :).fixed
688/25/2016 0:42:29v2.4.0SD2SNESEnemies still spawn facing the wrong direction after resetting the room.Check the spike tops in Choco Secret room 3fixed for room advances, still borked for room resets; update - should be fixed maybe hopefully possiblyfixed
678/24/2016 21:25:23v2.4.0SD2SNESThe background in some boss fights is broken.Turn on sprite slots and/or the dynmeter and go to Morton, Ludwig, or Roy's boss room.figuring out what to do with this (disable background altogether?)fixed
668/13/2016 0:50:17v2.3.2SD2SNESthe special/switch palace selectors break sometimesi am told to remind dots.fixed
658/13/2016 0:41:04v2.3.2Super EverdriveThe overworld shadow is solid blackLook at the overworldfuck youfixed
648/12/2016 15:36:44v2.3.2SNES9xEntering a door or pipe with 9'59'59 overflows to 9'01'14enter a door with 9'59'59 timer
608/11/2016 21:18:01v2.3.2Super EverdriveOverworld is a jumble after using save states in a level.Create a save state, then exit a level..fixed
588/11/2016 7:56:41v2.3.1Super EverdriveStart+Select in a coin heaven still saves the completion timeCollect wings in a level, start+select before leaving the coin heaven. If the time is faster than the previous best, it will be recorded.fixed
568/10/2016 18:34:55v2.3.1bSNES/Higan/Bizhawk (Compatibility/Performance Core)savestating in a room without layer 3, going into a room with layer 3, then loading state keeps the layer 3 effects on the non layer 3 roomsavestate in room 2 of morton's, go into room 3 of mortons, and then load state.fixed
558/9/2016 14:19:16v2.3.1SD2SNESEnemy direction spawning is still brokenExit the FoI3 key room and reset; the bubbles should all be going left..fixed