List of ipad tricks and tipsLowton's List of Tips and Tricks for the iPadupdated for iOS 5.1 and iCloud!
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multi-taskingto switch between programs you're working in, double tap home button and the multi-tasking bar appears with any app that is running in the background. Just tap on an app to choose a different running program/app.L IItool
See what's running in the background or switch between apps without double tapping the Home buttonTake Four fingers and hold and slide up on any screen. Slide back down with all four fingers to close the mulit-tasking bar.iOS 5.1 +
multitasking gestures
Switch between programs without the multi-tasking barTake Four fingers and hold and slide across on any screen. The next running app will appear just like sliding between pictures in a slide show. Slide back across with all four fingers to go back to the original app.iOS 5.1 +
multitasking gestures
turn off Apps running in the background4-fingers and slide up on the screen to see the multi-tasking bar (or double click the Home button). Next hold your finger down on any app until they shake and a red circle appears with a white line. let go of the app and tap on the red circle of any app you would like to turn off.
Get back to the Home screen without using the Home Buttonpinch the screen with all five fingers inward and "up off of the screen" (can work with 4) and whatever app you are in will shrink down until it disappears and you are back on the home screeniOS 5.1 +
multitasking gestures
iPod controls when you need themwhen playing a song, you can double tap the Home button and swipe right to get the iPod controlstool
taking screenshots on the iPad click both the sleep/wake (power) and home buttons at the same time for just a second until you hear a click or see the screen do a quick flash. The picture is then sent to your Photos app.L IItool
Split the keyboard and Merge againtake one finger from each hand and swipe from the middle of the keyboard outwards in each direction. This will split the keyboard. To Merge again swipe back toward the middle with the two separate fingers. You can also hold down on the keyboard button which will bring up a menu with these options.iOS 5.1 +
Force "badly behaving" or frozen apps to closepress and hold the SLEEP/AWAKE button until the "slide to power off" appears. Then hold down the HOME button for six seconds. This will close the open app and return you to the home screentool
"find on this Page" in SafariIn the Google Search box at the top right, click the word you want to find on the website, in addition to suggested keywords, there will also be a "find on this page area at the bottom. Once clicked, it will indicate how many instances the word was found and then open a FIND tool bar at the bottom of the screen to navigate between each instanceI Safari
Creating a "Find on this Page" bookmarkletCreate a book mark in the Safari app and name it Find On Page and save it to the Bookmarks Bar. Open up your bookmarks Bar and choose EDIT and then click on your FIND ON PAGE bookmark. In the second bar below your title where an address would be paste in this javascript from

javascript:void(s=prompt('Find text:',''));s='('+s+')';x=new RegExp(s,'gi');rn=Math.floor(Math.random()*100);rid='z' + rn;b = document.body.innerHTML;b=b.replace(x,'<span name=' + rid + ' id=' + rid + ' style=\'color:#000;background-color:yellow; font-weight:bold;\'>$1</span>');void(document.body.innerHTML=b);alert('Found ' + document.getElementsByName(rid).length + ' matches.');window.scrollTo(0,document.getElementsByName(rid)[0].offsetTop);
Setting up iCloudDepends on Mac, PC or device software. Instructions can be found here.
Type with the Emoji or "Emoticons" keyboardIn the Settings app, go to General and Keyboard. Choose International keyboards and then add new a keyboard. Emoji will be in the list. Switch to the app where you want to type and now the World or "international" keyboard button will appear on the keyboard and you can switch back and forth between the regular keyboard and the emoticon keyboard at any time within any app. (Same for other language keyboards.)iOS 5.1 +
notifications from top or main screenIn the Settings app, go to notifications. Within each app you can decide if you want the notifications to be a hidden slider (banner) that you can pull down from the top or to appear in the middle of your screen (alert). You can also turn off the notifications here from showing up on the lock screen so others can not see your alerts without unlocking the iPad.iOS 5.1+
Make a "Read Later" list in Safariin the Safari app, when you come to a site you want to read later but not necessarily put in your favorites, go the the add bookmarks button (the box with a right pointing arrow jumping out of it at the top near the web address box) and drop down to "Add to Reading list". To see the reading list and "check it as read", go to your bookmarks button (the open book icon), and you will see Reading List as an option. Click on the list and then click on the site and it will open that site and clear it from your reading list.iOS 5.1+
To view Flash content on the iPadFor this, I have gone through several apps and two are still on the top of my list. Puffin is a .99 app that allows you to view flash movies and play some flash content but with a limited keyboard as some online games utilize arrow keys and other controls. If you need to play flash and Java content, there is Cloud Browse but note that this is an app that actually connects to a Firefox browser on a remote server so it is not actually browsing on the device and you will not be able to bookmark any sites. It can also time out every 15 minutes if traffic is heavy.flash content
grab quotes without switching keyboard screenshold the question mark for 2 seconds and the quotations appearkeyboard
grab apostrophe without switching keyboard screenshold the exclamation mark for 2 seconds and the quotations appearkeyboard
extra charactersfor some keys on the keyboard, you can hold down and more options will appear such as letters with accent markskeyboard
Quickly Insert a perioddouble tap space bar or tap the space bar with two fingerskeyboard
Fast Way to Top of pagetap the status bar where the clock or current time is and it will auto scroll to the topweb browsing
Each folder can hold up to 12 appsHold down any app icon on any screen until they quiver and shake. Slide one app onto another and they end up in a folder that you are instantly asked to name.L ITool
You can lock the rotation at any time Double tap the Home button and sweep or slide to the right to iPod controls and click the rotation button. You do not have to leave an app to do this.tool
More than just .comhold down the .com button and the keyboard brings up other options such as .org, .net or .eduL IIkeyboard
save an image in SafariTap an hold an image on a site and a menu appears with the option to "save image"L Iweb browsing
Create an App icon for a favorite sitewhile on the website, click and hold the + button and choose "add to home screen"L Iweb browsing
2-fingered scrollto scroll within a box on a site, use two fingers to move up and down within the box without sliding the entire websiteL Iweb browsing
bookmarks barif you like to have quick access to your favorite websites, go to settings and Safari and turn on"always show bookmarks bar". Now each site is a quick click at the top of the browserweb browsing
punctuate quicklytap and hold the button and then drag a finger to the number or punctuation mark desired and when you let go, the keyboard returns to the letters again.keyboard
choosing a send from in the unified boxIn the unified mailbox, if you want to choose which account to send from, click the "Mailboxes" button and choose the account you wish to reply fromemail
options beyond the dotif typing in email in the Mail app, hold down the period and additional options appearL IIemail
highlight what you want to forward or reply toIf you want to reply to or forward a long email that has more in it than you wish to send, highlight the part that you want and when you hit reply/forward ipad pulls out just that selectionemail
mobileMe and find your ipadIf you create a MobileMe account, you can enable a feature to "Find My Ipad" which will not only locate it on a map but also allows you to lock it, wipe all data or send it a message and make it play a persistent sound for up to two minutes to help you locate it.L Isecurity
drop a pinwhen viewing maps, you can drop a pin to save a location by tapping the page curl at the bottom right and choosing "drop pin" this will save to the iPad's memory in case you lose your internet connection and want to remember an unfamiliar place or where you parked your carmaps
clear cookiesIn Safari, data is stored as you surf called cookies, this can be handy to remember you next time you come to a website but you can clear this as well. Go to settings and Safari and choose "clear cookies". You can also clear history here if you want Safari to forget websites you have visited
Turn on multi-gesturingGo to the Settings App and choose General on the left and then scroll down on the right and check On for multi-gesturing. You will find directions here on the different ways to use multi-gesturing
Street view in mapsDrop a red pin then click red and white icon
Hexadecimal longer passwordsSettings-passcode turn off simple password and also choose amount of time before it locks
Bluetooth keyboard more keyboard commandsYou can pair the regular Apple Bluetooth keyboard and most others which also allows for more keyboard shortcuts and commands most computer users are accustomed to.LIKeyboard
Change number of preview lines in email and add CC BC address linesSettings-email, contactsLIEmail
Turn of badgesSettings-notifications-choose each app and decide what types of notifications if any you would like to receive for eachLISettings
More on the dockWith the newest iOS for iPads, you are not limited to the regular four icons on the dock, you can add2 more by dragging either apps or folders onto the dockLITool
More screens and appsIn the new iOS you can now have 11 home screens and a total of 4460 appsLITip
Zoom anywhere any screenSettings-general-accessibility-zoom. You tap with three fingers then slide up or down to zoom in or outSettings
Make a custom web clip for your site or blogChoose a jpeg that's 72x72pixels and then put the following code into your site's HTML header. <link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="" /> Change the value of the href attribute to reflect the URL to your site‘s icon. Be sure to change to your own domain name.
UndoIf editing, in some programs giving the iPad a quick shake will either bring up an undo option or automatically delete/undo what you just typed Tip
Scrolling in a frame on a websiteTo scroll within a frame instead of the entire page, use a two finger dragTip
turn off email (without deleting your account or settings!)Go to Settings app and Mail, click on the mail account that you wish to turn off when someone else is using your iPad/iPod (ex GMAIL) and choose "Mail" and slide to offLIEmail
Voice over "on-demand"go to settings app and choose "Accessibility" and then choose "Triple Click Home" button. Set the action to Voice Over and now if there is a book or other reading selection a student or user would like read to them they can just triple-click the Home button and then click the item they want read. To turn off, triple-click the button againLIItool
Turn off Voice OVer when you can't scroll down to get to the Accessibility featureI love the Voice Over feature and usually set my Home button to Triple click to turn it on. IF instead you turned it on by going to the Settings App- General- and scroll down on the right to Accessibility, you suddenly find it hard to scroll back down to turn it off. Tap once on Settings App to select it and double tap Settings App to open, Tap once on General and then double tap to open it. Tap once on the top of the right-hand menu to select that MENU and then 2-finger scroll down the right hand menu until you find Accessibility. Double tap it and then you will see the slide off to to turn off Voice Over. Whew!
Turn off Voice OVer when you can't scroll down to get to the Accessibility featureI love the Voice Over feature and usually set my Home button to Triple click to turn it on. IF instead you turned it on by going to the Settings App- General- and scroll down on the right to Accessibility, you suddenly find it hard to scroll back down to turn it off. Tap once on Settings App to select it and double tap Settings App to open, Tap once on General and then double tap to open it. Tap once on the top of the right-hand menu to select that MENU and then 2-finger scroll down the right hand menu until you find Accessibility. Double tap it and then you will see the slide off to to turn off Voice Over. Whew!
projector stops projecting the iPadunplug the SVGA cord (dongle) from the projector cord and iPad and then plug back in. Sometimes you also have to hit "source" or computer on the projector or its remote as well but that usually does it. Another tip is to take a rubber band to hold the dongle firmly onto the SVGA cord from the projector.
Turn on or off Automatic downloading of apps for devices sharing the same Apple IDGo to the Settings App and choose the App store and then turn on or off the auto download of either apps, music or books. An example is my son and daughter each have ipods on my same Apple ID. If I download "beautiful bride" for my daughter on her iPod, it will auto download on my son's ipod (who really doesn't want "girly" apps) so I would turn off the auto download for them to prevent auto download of one child's apps and music on to the other child's device that share my same Apple ID. For the devices I use to teach or present that all share the same Apple ID, I would turn ON this feature (at least for apps) so if I install an app on one device, it will download to the others as well. (You will still be prompted to type in your password on each device.)iOS 5 +
Turn you iPad into a Document Camera Using an old science O-ring. Here is a link; for use
Your Home Button stops respondingYes, this does happen and I have run into this on more than one iPad. If you have the iPad warranty, you can contact Apple and they'll just take it back and issue you a new one. If you are not in that lucky group, here are some steps I found on a few forums and tried (although not perfect) that seems to work.
Take the iPad out of whatever case its in and hold it in Landscape mode
Hold it between your hand firmly pressing inward (but not too firmly!) pressing in slightly with your thumbs.
Hold down the Sleep/Walke button and slide the red arrow to turn off the iPad. Give a sec and turn it back on.
Once its back on, follow the steps to unfreeze an app: hold the sleep/wake for 6 seconds but do not touch the arrow on the screen this time. Instead now press down on the circle Home button firmly in the center of the button to "re-align" it. This seemed to work a couple of times but I suggest trying to have Apple replace it if possible first and only doing this last resort. Use Multi-gesturing to reduce wear on the Home button.
Guided AccessTo keep students or children in an app, go to Settings-General-Accessibility and then choose Guided Access at the bottom left. Turn it on and set a passcode. Next time a student is in an app and you want them to stay until finished, Triple click the home buttom fast and click on Guided Access. Choose Start and Behold! They can only get out by triple clicking and you putting in that password
Read Selected text outloudFor that struggling reader go to Settings-General-Accessibility and click on Speak Selection. Turn it to ON and slide the speed closer to the turtle than the Hare. Also turn on "highlight each word as read". Next time you select text, a SPEAK button will appear and that website or eText can be read outloud by your iPad.