Database of Knight News Challenge funded projects - April 2011
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Project nameOrganizationOrg. typeProject lead(s)ContactedRespondedYearAmount AnnouncedCategoryVenture typeKnight URLProject descriptionProject URLLocationWufoo #Still Active(Opt.) End DateStarted BeforeAmount SpentSufficient AmountKNC Apps Submitted
Center for Future Civic MediaMIT Media Lab Comparative Media Studies Dept.SchoolChris Csikszentmihályi, Mitchel Resnick, Henry JenkinsEmailed ^DB 4/12No response yet2007$5,000,000EducationStartup create the Center for Future Civic Media, a leadership project designed to encourage community news experiments and new technologies and practices., Massachusetts
Open-Source Community NewsVillageSoupFor-profitRichard AndersonEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$885,000SoftwareExpansion create an open-source version of VillageSoup’s successful community news software, combining professional journalism, blogs, citizen journalism, online advertising and “reverse publishing” from online to print. Harbor, Maine5YesN/AYes$885,000Yes1
EveryblockEveryblock, LLCFor-profitAdrian HolovatyEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$1,100,000SoftwareStartup create, test and release open-source software that links databases to allow citizens of a large city to learn (and act on) civic information about their neighborhood or block., Illinois4YesYesNo$1,100,000Yes1
Mobile Youth Journalism (08 Election)MTVFor-profitIan V. RoweFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2007$700,000ContentExpansion will cover the 2008 presidential election with a Knight Mobile Youth Journalist in every state and the District of Columbia who will create video news reports specifically for distribution on cell phones. The weekly reports will be voted on by the public, and the best will be rebroadcast on the MTV television network. By enabling young adults to report on issues that interest them and distribute those reports on their most commonly used digital medium, the cell phone, MTV hopes to compel leading presidential candidates to address issues important to this demographic and to mobilize you adults to register and vote.?New York, New York
Digital News Academic ProgramMedill School of Journalism, Northwestern UniversitySchoolRich GordonEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$639,000EducationExpansion an academic program blending computer science and journalism, designed to fill a staffing void at many digital news sites. By offering scholarships to Medill's graduate journalism program to people with education and/or expertise in computer programming, the goal is to turn out students who understand both journalism and technology, connect one to another in ways that build audiences and also enhance and protect the civic functions of journalism in a democratic society.?Evanston, Illinois2YesN/ANo$550,000Yes4
Taking Radio 'Out of the Box'WYNCNon-profitAlex VillariFollowed up ^DB 4/14Waiting on survey2007$600,000ContentExpansion improve a city’s awareness of its arts and culture by bringing more diverse voices to WNYC public radio using a new type of interactive web site. WNYC will use social networking and social engagement tools to “take radio out of the box” and change it from a one-way to a multi-directional conversation. WNYC will create a new portal for cultural news, trends and events, using the tools of e-mail, audio, video, live events, user-initiated meet-ups and social networking. It will create an interactive, noncommercial, social networking platform built around users’ interest in cultural events. It will give listeners an ownership stake in the development of content, while also sharing its expertise with the audience. WNYC will partner with several dozen cultural organizations in NYC, including The New York Philharmonic, Lincoln Center, The Met Opera Guild, the Museum of Modern Art, the New York Public Library, Carnegie Hall, Studio Museum of Harlem, Queens Museum, Museo del Barrio, Asia Society, and Harlem Chamber of Commerce. WNYC will work with many smaller community-based arts and cultural groups such as Asian American Arts Alliance, Flamenco Latino, Thalia Spanish Theater and Women's Studio Center to aggregate and organize the city’s cultural events and conversations. WNYC will become the credible center of cultural conversations in NYC. It will help listeners find people with common interests and connect them to local geographic communities by “geo-tagging” its content so that people in specific areas can quickly find what is happening near them and what conversations are occurring about those nearby events.New York, New York
Knight-Kauffman Center (ASU)Arizona State UniversitySchoolChristopher CallahanFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2007$552,000EducationExpansion support the development of media entrepreneurship and the creation of new digital media products through the establishment of the Knight-Kauffman Center for Digital Media Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University.Arizona
Chi-Town Daily NewsChi-Town Daily NewsFor-profitGeoff DoughertyFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2007$340,000ContentStartup Chi-Town Daily News will recruit and train a network of 75 citizen journalists – one in each Chicago neighborhood. The journalists will work with editors to produce a professional, comprehensive daily local news report., Illinois
Citizen Journalist ResourcesCitizen Media Law Project, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law School, and the Center for Citizen MediaSchoolDavid ArdiaFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2007$250,000ContentSide project Citizen Media Law Project, a joint venture between Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and the Center for Citizen Media, is creating a set of online resources for citizen journalists. This will include state and federal legal guides; advice on business formation; and a database of lawsuits, subpoenas and legal threats involving citizen media., Massachusetts22YesN/AYes$250,000No1
NY News GamesGotham GazetteNon-profitGail RobinsonEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$250,000ContentExpansion Gazette will develop games to inform and engage players about key issues confronting New York City. Gotham Gazette will hold forums on the games’ issues, report on what solutions the players developed and relay those ideas to city officials. York, New York19No11/1/2009Yes$250,000Yes6
Playing the NewsSchool of Journalism and Mass Communication, University of MinnesotaSchoolNora Paul, Kathleen HansenEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$250,000EducationExpansion the News is a news simulation environment which lets citizens play through a complex, evolving news story through interaction with the newsmakers.Minnesota8YesN/AYes$230,000Still Working4
Rising VoicesGlobal Voices, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard Law SchoolSchoolEthan ZuckermanEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$244,000ContentExpansion the past two years, Global Voices has introduced readers around the world to the brilliant, funny, insightful and touching voices of bloggers from developing nations. Rising Voices is our new effort to introduce thousands of new developing world bloggers to the world, helping students, journalists, activists and people from rural areas to the blogosphere., Massachusetts12YesN/ANo$242,000No1
Digital News 'Incubators'Seven U.S. UniversitiesSchoolJane Briggs-Bunting, Ann Brill, Diane Lynch, Pam McAllister Johnson, Angela Powers, Ardyth Broadrick Sohn, Kimberly SultzeEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$230,000EducationExpansion ‘incubators’ at seven academic institutions to foster creative thinking about solutions to digital news problems. The schools are: Michigan State, University of Kansas, Kansas State, Western Kentucky University, Ithaca College, University of Nevada-Las Vegas and St. Michael’s College.Various14No8/15/2009No?Yes6
PlacebloggerPlacebloggerFor-profitLisa WilliamsFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2007$222,000SoftwareStartup make it easier for people to find hyperlocal news and information about their city or neighborhood through promotion of “universal geotagging” in blogs., Massachusetts32YesN/AYes$200,000Yes1
Media Mobilizing Project of PhiladelphiaMedia Mobilizing Project of PhiladelphiaNon-profitTodd WolfsonFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2007$150,000ContentExpansion develop online digital newscasts for Philadelphia’s immigrant community and to distribute them via the new citywide wireless platform., Pennsylvania21YesN/AYes$140,000Yes2
Boulder Carbon Tax TrackerI, ReporterNon-profitAmy Gahran, Adam GlennEmailed ^DB 4/11Survey complete!2007$90,000ContentStartup a citizen/professional journalism project using innovative web tools and citizen journalism practices to track Boulder, Colo.’s, implementation of a carbon tax., Colorado3No9/1/2008No$90,000No3
Oakland Jazz Scene GameUC BerkeleySchoolPaul GrabowiczEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$60,000ContentSide project Oakland’s once vibrant jazz and blues club scene as an online video game and virtual world. The game will allow players to experience the club scene as it was in its heyday in the 1940s and 1950s, before it fell victim to redevelopment schemes and urban decay., California6No5/30/2009No$50,000No2
NextNewsroomThe Duke ChronicleNon-profitChris O'BrienEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2007$60,000EducationSide project plan an “ideal newsroom” for the digital news era and create an online resource for student newspapers and other news organizations looking to bring their facilities up to date with new media trends, North Carolina39No6/1/2008No$40,000Yes1
Related Items??Benjamin MelançonFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2007$15,000ContentSide project “Related Items,” a module for the community-oriented and open-source content management system, Drupal, which enables people to quickly and easily connect any item (news, idea, group, event) to any other content they consider related.Natick, Massachusetts?
Connecting People, Content and Community Carnegie Mellon UniversitySchoolDan SchultzFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2007$15,000ContentSide project giving all individuals a voice within their local and global communities through a centralized, user-maintained news system. The idea currently combines GPS (Global Positioning System) tagging, Internet technology, and community-oriented design to allow news media consumers to see the information that matters most to them.Elkins Park, Pennsylvania41YesN/AYes$15,000Yes6
Interactive Community SpacesMan on a Mission Consulting, Center for Locative Media?Leslie Rule, Paul LambEmailed ^ML 4/12Survey complete!2007$15,000ContentSide project about the Interactive Community Spaces project, the use of GPS tracking to inform people through mobile media.?13No12/31/2008No$0No1
The Ideas FactoryN/AFor-profitSteven CliftFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2007$15,000ContentSide project The Ideas Factory, which will generate and share big ideas from the world of citizen engagement online via the Knight Foundation blog for innovators in online news and citizen media.$15,000Still Working11
Beat Reporters & Social Networks New York UniversitySchoolJay RosenFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2007$15,000ContentSide project how beat reporters can work with social networks to improve their reporting. York, New York?
Creating and Maintaining Diversity Robert C. Maynard Institute for Journalism EducationSchoolDori J. MaynardFollowed up ^DB 4/14Declined2007$15,000ContentSide project creating and maintaining diversity in digital media.Oakland, California?
Paulding.comNeomaxcom, LLCFor-profitG. Patton HughesFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2007$15,000ContentSide project making a financial success, from discussing practical aspects of building its revenue base from advertising and paid subscriptions, to sharing prior (and future) technical and strategic successes, failures, objections and issues.$15,000Yes5
Community Media Toolset Ourmedia.orgNon-profitJ.D. LasicaFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2007$15,000ContentSide project a Community Media Toolset that will provide publishers, editors and developers at citizen media sites with easy-to-use social media tools – plug-ins, scripts, guides and tutorials – to expand public participation.San Francisco, California?
Freedom FoneKubatanaNon-profitBev ClarkFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2008$876,000SoftwareSide project Fone will provide a voice database where users can access news and public-interest information via land, mobile or Internet phones. In a concept similar to a telephone tree employed by many private companies, users will call in and then dial specific numbers to find the information they need. Independent radio station content will be broadcast, along with frequently updated audio reports created specifically for Freedom Fone. Users will be able to pose questions and leave answers on a voicemail system. The concept, which employs both new and old technologies, will allow the poor to receive and contribute information in a practical and economical way. It will be tested in Zimbabwe.
PrintcastingPrintcastingFor-profitDan PachecoFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2008$837,000SoftwareStartup will allow individuals to easily create ad-supported, customized publications with a mix of local news and information. The software will help aggregate feeds from news organizations, bloggers or newsletters, for example, so that would-be publishers can pick and choose among them to create a niche publication. The Printcasting model then will guide users through placing articles, photos and ads onto a template that either could be delivered by e-mail or printed at home and distributed. For example, a publication for reef-diving photographers could include ads for nearby dive shops or underwater cameras. The idea is to pair localized ads and content to create targeted publications.$837,000Yes1
The News is ComingRhodes UniversitySchoolProf. Guy BergerEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2008$630,400ContentExpansion news reports disseminated through cell phones will help connect an all-black township in South Africa with the white population living in the urban center – giving everyone in Grahamstown equal access to news and information. Articles from the community newspaper, Grocott’s Mail, will be delivered to mobile phones, the only modern communications system available in the rural township. In a partnership with a local university, journalism students will create audio and video feeds for distribution. Meanwhile, masters-level students will study the project’s design and impact, while post-graduate students develop a sustainable business model for the technology. The project will create open-source software so that small town newspapers around the globe will be able to send mobile reports., South Africa11YesN/AYes$500,000Yes1
Sochi Olympics ProjectCity University of New York Graduate School of JournalismSchoolAlexander ZolotarevEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2008$600,000ContentSide project people of Sochi, the Russian resort city hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics, will be able to use the latest online tools to both discuss and influence the impact of the games. A web site and database will allow the community to track and debate how the plans are changing life there over a five-year period. The idea is to help residents better prepare for the Olympics, to inform the media about the city’s issues and to use discussions about the games as a way to improve life in Sochi.$600,000Yes1
Tools for Public Access TVDenver Open MediaNon-profitTony ShawcrossEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2008$380,000SoftwareExpansion, Colorado9YesN/AYes$380,000No3
Transparent JournalismMedia Standards TrustNon-profitSir Tim Berners-Lee, Martin MooreEmailed ^DB 4/12No response yet2008$350,000EducationExpansion the copious amounts of information – and misinformation – on the Internet, the public needs more help finding fair, accurate and contextual news. This project will create a system to do just that. The plan: to design a way for content creators to add information on their sources to their reports, as a form of “source tagging.” For instance, a reporter could note that an article was based on personal observations, interviews with eyewitnesses or specific, original documents. Filters would then use this data - the “story behind the story” - to help find high-quality articles. A reader searching the phrase “Pakistan riots” for example, might find 9,000 articles. But filtering by “eyewitness accounts” would yield a more selective list. Berners-Lee, Moore and the Web Science Research Initiative are working with the BBC and Reuters on how to best integrate the tagging into journalists’ normal workflow.England?
34 (Spot Journalism)Spot.usNon-profitDavid CohnEmailed ^DB 4/11Survey complete!2008$340,000SoftwareStartup Journalism will provide a new way to pay for local investigative reporting by soliciting financial support from the public. Through this project, independent journalists and residents will propose stories, while Spot Journalism uses the Web to seek “micro-payments” to cover the costs. If enough donors contribute the amount needed, a journalist will be hired to do the reporting. The money has to come from a variety of sources, though. Each project will need many small contributions before being approved in order to avoid personal crusades. In addition to offering a new model for investigative work, Spot Journalism will provide a way to discover the issues important to a community while giving a voice to those who wonder why a given problem is not being investigated.http://spot.usSan Francisco, California1YesN/ANo$340,000Yes5
RadioEngage (RadioDrupal)Quiddities Development, Inc.For-profitMargaret RosasEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2008$327,000SoftwareExpansion, one of the popular open-source software platforms that publish web sites, will be used to create a turnkey web site for radio news organizations. This content management and publishing system will address the needs of radio news sites, such as creating and archiving audio and text, producing podcasts and playlists and streaming live audio and video. KUSP, a public radio station on California’s Central Coast, will test the project. Francisco, California34NoNo$327,000No1
News on Cell PhonesDatadyneNon-profitJoel SelanikioEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2008$325,000SoftwareSide project computers can readily access news feeds through the Internet, only the more expensive cell phones have the same capability. This project will make it easy for significantly cheaper models to select and receive news feeds, expanding the news universe for those whose only digital device is a cell phone. Users, particularly in areas where Internet access isn’t affordable, will be able to receive news via text messaging. They also will be able to rate top stories in lists to be shared with friends. The project will be tested in the rural area of a developing country. D.C.15YesN/ANo$335,000Still Working1
Video VolunteersVideo VolunteersNon-profitJessica MayberryFollowed up ^DB 4/14Waiting on survey2008$275,000EducationExpansion Volunteers, a New York-based nonprofit, will train 100 people in rural India as Community Video Producers. These citizen journalists will produce magazine- style video news reports, typically on local social issues, and show them on widescreen projectors in poor communities. The idea is to distribute public interest information to the poor – without having to provide the entire population with digital tools. To date, Video Volunteers’ screenings in India have reached 140,000 people in 150 communities. The video technology is not new. The innovation is to do citizen journalism on a significant scale in a poor, rural area.
Community News Network (Populous Project)UCLA Daily BruinNon-profitAnthony Pesce, Dharmista RoodFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2008$275,000SoftwareSide project editors at the UCLA Bruin will create online publishing software geared to mobile editing. College journalists then will be able to use the content management system to remotely assign and edit stories, videos and photos for online college sites. Also, readers will use it to submit their own content and communicate with one another. Angeles, California?
Community Radio in IndiaUniversity of WaterlooSchoolAaditeshwar SethFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2008$200,000SoftwareSide project project will connect rural radio stations to the Internet by using new software and computer-based FM transmitters. The innovations will significantly reduce the cost of creating the stations in India - from an estimated $50,000 to $2,500. India is issuing a new round of community radio station licenses, so the proposal is timely. The effort will start by helping nonprofits already operating in India launch radio stations.?Waterloo, Canada?
Beanstock'dThe Beanstock'd ProjectFor-profitAngela Antony, Sandra EkongFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2008$40,000SoftwareSide project is a developing idea to encourage green living through an interactive game. Using social networking tools and real-time news and information, players would be able to track their environmental impact, discover how they stack up against neighbors and team up in a friendly competition to leave the smallest imprint on their community. The game revolves around a virtual stock market, where each player receives an amount of personal stock based on their environmental footprint. Players can increase their stock value by reducing their footprint, or invest in other teams who are predicted to do the same. The project is tailored for a small community, such as a university campus, and aims to unite its members around reducing the area’s demand on natural resources., Massachusetts?
Reporting OnN/AIndividualRyan SholinFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2008$15,000SoftwareSide project working on similar topics will be able to communicate and share ideas using a social networking tool and a web site created through this project. The site will indicate how many journalists across the country are working on the same issue, such as declining tax bases or water problems. Reporters then could exchange resources and approaches, or use one another’s communities as examples in their own stories. Journalists in small newsrooms often feel isolated. Given the opportunity to communicate with others, a reporter can add context to articles and, perhaps most importantly, know when a seemingly small local story is part of a larger regional, or national, trend. York18No1/1/2011No$15,000Yes3
SigncastsSign Language Community Journalism InitiativeNon-profitBrein McNamaraFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2008$15,000ContentExpansion McNamara will blog about ways to empower deaf people to become citizen journalists. He will write about the digital information needs of deaf people, including his own proposal to integrate a web-based video capture system with the videophones popular among the hearing-impaired. The blog also will highlight the gaps not being filled by current technology.$8,000No1
The IncluderMinciu SodasNon-profitAndrius KulikauskasFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2008$15,000ContentSide project Kulikauskas will blog about different methods of getting digital information to rural areas that don’t have Internet access. He will discuss using a “reader,” or a device for writing and reviewing text files stored on any USB flash drive. The device is meant for people in rural areas with marginal online access so that messages can be physically transported to and from places connected to the Internet. In this system, an individual would load a USB drive at an Internet café, then travel to a village where the information could be read with another device. This method will be discussed in contrast to the pros and cons of using the $100 wireless laptop.
DocumentCloudDocumentCloudNon-profitEric Umansky, Scott Klein, Aron Pilhofer, Ben KoskiFollowed up ^DB 4/14Waiting on survey2009$719,500SoftwareStartup is a web site that will enhance investigative reporting by making source documents easy to find, share and read. While rich source documents are the foundation of investigative journalism, too often reporters throw or tuck them away after a story fades, never to be used again. DocumentCloud will provide an online database of documents contributed by a consortium of news organizations, watchdog groups and bloggers, and shared with the public at large. Users will be able to search by topic, agency or location. Reporters will benefit from the wisdom of the crowd, which will be able to collaboratively examine large document sets. York, New York?
MediaBugsMediaBugsNon-profitScott RosenbergEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2009$335,000SoftwareStartup journalists make mistakes, but they sometimes view admitting errors as a mark of shame. MediaBugs aims to change this climate, by promoting transparency and providing recognition for those who admit and fix their mistakes. MediaBugs will create a public test web site in a U.S. city for people to report errors in any news report – online or off-line. Comments will be tracked to see if they create a conversation between the reporter and the error submitter, and then show whether corrections or changes resulted. Based on a system that technology teams use when releasing software, this aggregation process will display trends in errors and show which news organizations are responsible to public questions and comments., California31YesN/ANo$225,000Still Working1
CouncilpediaCitizens Union FoundationNon-profitGail RobinsonEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2009$250,000ContentExpansion online Gotham Gazette, which focuses on New York City issues, will use this grant to expand its City Council coverage with a wiki devoted to local legislators. With Gotham Gazette providing coverage and context about campaign contributions and voting records, the public will be able to share what it knows about legislators through scrutinizing records and its own reporting and knowledge. The project strives to create a better- informed, more engaged citizenry and a new era of greater government transparency. York, New York20YesN/ANo$245,000Still Working6
Data VisualizationThe Jefferson InstituteNon-profitAaron PresnallEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2009$243,600SoftwareSide project more information becomes available online, the challenge is to easily find, use and make sense of huge amounts of complicated data. Data visualizations are powerful depictions of abstract information that can reach millions of people by creating clear pictures that effectively communicate what the numbers actually mean. Unfortunately, the tools to create these visual representations are usually too expensive and difficult for smaller news organizations and everyday citizens to use, creating a gap for the future of community journalism. This grant will create a suite of easy-to-use tools for anyone to use on any standard set of data ranging from government databases to demographics and statistics., D.C.35YesN/ANo$243,600Yes3
Mobile Media ToolkitMobileActiveNon-profitKatrin VerclasEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2009$200,000ContentSide project more than half the world owning a mobile device, the media industry, civil society groups and citizens yearn to use the technology to create and distribute news and information. Yet they often lack the knowledge and tools necessary. The Mobile Media Toolkit will offer media production tool sets for download and use on a variety of phones across regions of the world. The toolkit will include applications for video and audio recording, a distribution tool for mobile content to social media sites and detailed how-to information that outlines what users can do with the phones they have.Coming May 7thNew York, New York7YesN/AYesDeclinedStill Working48
The Daily Phoenix (CityCircles)CityCirclesFor-profitAleksandra Chojnacka, Adam KlawonnFollowed up ^DB 4/14Waiting on survey2009$95,000ContentStartup city of Phoenix debuted a new light rail transit system last winter, changing the physical and social fabric of the city. Now The Daily Phoenix will use print, web and mobile technology to cater to these new commuters, offering news and information, games, social networking features and promotions on a stop-by-stop basis so that they can interact with the city on a more meaningful level., Arizona?
Crowdsourcing Crisis InformationUshahidiNon-profitOry OkollohFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2009$70,000SoftwareExpansion mainstream press is not big enough to be everywhere news breaks out. During crises, there rarely is a centralized point for reporting and searching for data about a particular situation. Ushahidi can help fill the gap by creating a free web map and timeline that journalists and citizens can use to contribute multiple reports of large news events. Contributed by web, e-mail or mobile phone, the reports will be displayed as locations on the map, as well as on the timeline. The visual display of the source and type of information will help with trend analysis. The map has been tested in Kenya and will be rebuilt so that it can be used worldwide.Orlando, Florida30YesN/AYes$20,000Still Working1
Virtual Street Corners?Non-profitJohn EwingFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2009$40,000ContentSide project Greater Boston neighborhoods of Brookline and Roxbury are 2.4 miles apart, yet there is little interaction between them because of divisions of race and class. This project will connect them through citizen journalists’ video newscasts that will be projected on life-size screens to enable real-time interaction between citizens. Organizers hope the broadcasts spur crowds and discussion about their shared region, and engage citizens to think beyond their social circles. Reporters could then mine those crowds for further stories., Massachusetts25No9/1/2010Yes$40,000No1
CMS Upload UtilityMcNaughton Newspaper GroupFor-profitJoe BoydstonEmailed ^DB 4/11Survey complete!2009$10,000SoftwareSide project files on the Web that were originally created for print publications has always been a challenge, especially for small community newspapers. News organizations have typically solved the problem by creating proprietary publishing systems for their sole benefit. This grant will create new and easy to use tools that will allow news organizations to essentially drag and drop articles onto an online news site. The process will save news organizations, particularly small community newspapers, significant time, money and manpower, allowing them to direct their resources to bring their community the news and information it needs., California16YesN/AYes$10,000Yes21
CityTrackingStamenFor-profitEric RodenbeckFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2010$400,000SoftwareSide project make municipal data easy to understand, CityTracking will allow users to create embeddable data visualizations that are appealing enough to spread virally and that are as easy to share as photos and videos. The dynamic interfaces will be appropriate to each data type, starting with crime and working through 311 calls for service, among others. The creators will use high design standards, making the visuals beautiful as well as useful.San Francisco, California29YesN/ANo$150,000Still Working1
The Cartoonist??Ian Bogost, Michael MateasFollowed up ^DB 4/14Declined2010$378,000SoftwareSide project engage readers in the news, this project will create a free tool that produces cartoon-like current event games – the game equivalent of editorial cartoons. The simplified tools will be created with busy journalists and editors in mind, people who have the pulse of their community but don’t have a background in game development. By answering a series of questions about the major actors in a news event, and value judgments about their actions, The Cartoonist will automatically proposes game rules and images. The games aim to help the sites draw readers and inspire them to explore the news.Atlanta, Georgia?
Local WikiLocal WikiNon-profitPhilip Neustrom, Mike IvanovFollowed up ^DB 4/14Waiting on survey2010$350,000SoftwareExpansion on the successful in Davis, Calif., this project will create enhanced tools for local wikis, a new form of media that makes it easy for people to learn — and share — their own unique community knowledge. Members will be able to post articles about anything they like, edit others and upload photos and files. This grant will help create the specialized open-source software that makes the wiki possible and help communities develop, launch and sustain local wiki projects.Davis, California?
WindyCitizen's Real Time AdsWindyCitizenFor-profitBrad FloraFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2010$250,000SoftwareExpansion a way to help online startups become sustainable, this project will develop an improved software interface to help sites create and sell what are known as "real-time ads." These ads are designed to be engaging as they constantly change -- showing the latest message or post from the advertiser's Twitter account, Facebook page or blog. Challenge winner Brad Flora helped pioneer the idea on his Chicago news site, Illinois36YesN/AYesDeclinedYes3
GoMap Riga??Marcis Rubenis, Kristofs BlausFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2010$250,000SoftwareStartup inspire people to get involved in their community, this project will create a live, online map with local news and activities. GoMap Riga will pull some content from the web and place it automatically on the map. Residents also will be able to add their own news, pictures and videos while also discussing what is happening around them. GoMap Riga will be integrated with the major existing social networks and allow civic participation through mobile technology. The project will be tested in Riga, Latvia, and ultimately be applicable in other cities., Latvia42YesN/AYes$19,990Still Working
Order in the Court 2.0WBUR Public RadioNon-profitJohn DavidowFollowed up ^DB 4/14No response yet2010$250,000EducationSide project foster greater access to the judicial process, this project will create a laboratory in a Boston courtroom to help establish best practices for digital coverage that can be replicated and adopted throughout the nation. While the legislative and executive branches have incorporated new technologies and social media, the courts still operate under the video and audio recording standards established in the 1970s and 80s. The courtroom will have a designated area for live blogging via a wifi network and the ability to live-stream court proceedings to the public. Working in conjunction with the Massachusetts court system, the project will publish the daily docket on the web and build a knowledge wiki for the public with common legal terms.?Boston, Massachusetts?
Front Porch ForumFront Porch ForumFor-profitMichael Wood-LewisEmailed ^DB 4/12Survey complete!2010$220,000SoftwareExpansion help residents connect with others and their community, this grant will help rebuild and enhance a successful community news site, expand it to more towns and release the software so other organizations, anywhere can use it. The Front Porch Forum, a virtual town hall space, helps residents share and discuss local news, build community and increase engagement. The site, currently serving 25 Vermont towns, will expand to 250., Vermont10YesN/AYes$100,000Still Working5
One-EightNovember ElevenNon-profitTeru KuwayamaFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2010$202,000ContentStartup the perspectives that surround military operations in Afghanistan, this project will chronicle the deployment of a battalion of U.S. Marines by using an online journal and the social web to report on America's longest war. The troops and their families have the potential to be interactive audiences for the journal -- challenging and augmenting coverage, and distributing content through their own social media channels. The approach will directly serve the stakeholders and inform the wider public by bringing in on-the-ground views on military issues and the execution of U.S. foreign policy. U.S. Marines were recently authorized to use social media on military networks, and this project will also examine the impact of that policy shift., Illinois37YesN/ANo$100,000Still Working2
StroomeStroomeFor-profitTom Grasty, Nonny de la PenaFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2010$200,000SoftwareStartup simplify the production of news video, Stroome will create a virtual video-editing studio. There, correspondents, editors and producers will be able to upload and share content, edit and remix with friends and colleagues – all without using expensive satellite truck technology. The site will launch as eyewitness video – often captured by mobile phones or web cams – is becoming a key component of news coverage, generating demand for supporting tools. Angeles, California40YesN/AYes$180,000Still Working2
CitySeedArizona State UniversitySchoolRetha Hill, Cody ShotwellFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2010$90,000SoftwareStartup inform and engage communities, CitySeed will be a mobile application that allows users to plant the "seed" of an idea and share it with others. For example, a person might come across a great spot for a community garden. At that moment, the person can use the CitySeed app to “geotag” the idea, which links it to an exact location. Others can look at the place-based ideas, debate and hopefully act on them. The project aims to increase the number of people informed about and engaged with their communities by breaking down community issues into bite-sized settings., Arizona23YesN/ANo$33,000Yes2
PRX StoryMarket (PRX Story Exchange)Public Radio ExchangeNon-profitJake ShapiroFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2010$75,000SoftwareExpansion on the software created by 2008 challenge winner, this project will allow anyone to pitch and help pay to produce a story for a local public radio station. When the amount is raised (in small contributions), the station will hire a professional journalist to do the report. The project provides a new way for public radio stations to raise money, produce more local content and engage listeners.http://storymarket.orgBoston, Massachusetts38YesN/ANo$60,000Still Working
TilemappingDevelopment SeedFor-profitEric Gundersen, Ian CairnsFollowed up ^DB 4/14Survey complete!2010$74,000SoftwareSide project inspire residents to learn about local issues, Tilemapping will help local media create hyper-local, data-filled maps for their websites and blogs. Journalists will be able to tell more textured stories, while residents will be able to draw connections to their physical communities in new ways. The tools will be tested in Washington, D.C. Ushahidi, a 2009 Knight News Challenge winner, used a prototype after the earthquake in Haiti to create maps used to crowdsource reports on places needing aid.Washington, D.C.33YesN/AYes$52,270No2
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