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Extension AFNR Specialists and Educators Reference Guide
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Extension ANFR Specialists (Updated: March 4, 2015)
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AppointmentLast nameFirst nameEMUDescrWork titleLocationSpecialtyAdditional contact
MinorAngellWilliamDepartment of Design, Housing, and ApparelExtension specialist St. PaulIndoor air quality, indoor environments, indoor environmental health, radon, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
MinorBaidooSamuelAnimal Science-Southern ROCExtension Animal Scientist-SwineWasecaNutrition and management factors to enhance economic and environmentally sustainable swine production, energy and amino acids nutrition of sows and impact on sow productivity and longevity, evaluation of alternative feeds and feeding and management strategies to improve economic efficiency in swine production.
MajorBeckerRogerAgronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension Agronomist-Weed ScienceSt. PaulWeed management including purple loosestrife, garlic mustard, common buckthorn, Canada thistle, commercial processing sweet corn and peas, biological control of weeds, and the environmental impacts of herbicides.
MajorBlairRobertFisheries, Wildlife and Conservation BiologyExtension Specialist-Wildlife/FisheriesSt. PaulEcology of human-dominated landscapes, birds as indicators of ecological integrity, conservation of native species, environmental education.
MajorBlinnCharlesForest ResourcesExtension Specialist-Forest ResourcesSt. PaulForest management. Specific research areas include: assessing the impacts of applying forest management guidelines on timber harvesting productivity, evaluating the effectiveness of forest management guidelines to mitigate impacts within forested riparian areas, evaluating stream and wetland crossings options to assess their ability to support equipment without impacting the environment, and the influence of timber sale policies on bidding behavior.
MinorBradeenJamesPlant PathologyDepartment Head-Plant PathologySt. PaulResearch focuses on the genetics and genomics of plant resistance to major pathogens in the Solanaceae (potato, tomato, tobacco) and Rosaceae (apple, peach, strawberry, rose) families.
MajorBreitenbachFritzEntomology-Regional Extension OfficeIntegrated Pest Management SpecialistRochesterIntegrated pest management specialist, agronomy, pest identification, corn and soybean research.
MajorBridgesAllenAnimal Science-North Central ROCExtension Animal Scientist-BeefGrand RapidsDeveloping a greater understanding of the mechanisms controlling reproductive function and incorporating this knowledge into practical applications to increase the reproductive efficiency of beef cattle operations.
MinorChandaAshokPlant PathologyExtension Plant PathologistCrookstonDiseases and disease management affecting sugarbeet production.
MajorCoulterJeffreyAgronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension AgronomistSt. PaulHelp corn producers increase productivity and profitability while protecting our natural resources. Solving current and future issues in corn production through field experiments conducted at University Research and Outreach Centers and in production fields throughout the state. 
MajorCoxRyanAnimal ScienceExtension Meats SpecialistSt. PaulValue-added animal product processing and safety, feeding biofuel by-products to livestock and effect on meat quality and safety, pre-harvest effects on meat quality; the effect of alternative finishing systems on the consumer perception of quality, processed meat technology; alternative methods to providing safe and wholesome products to the consumer.
MinorCravenRobertCenter for Farm Financial ManagementExtension Economist-Farm ManagementSt. PaulFarm financial management and crop marketing.
MinorDaytonBillAnimal ScienceDepartment Head-Animal ScienceSt. PaulUtilizing molecular biology and muscle cell culture methodologies to study the regulation of muscle growth during embryonic and postnatal growth of economically-important animals, currently focusing on the two research areas: mechanism of action of anabolic steroid growth promoters, role of insulin-like growth factor binding proteins in growth and differentiation of pig muscle cells.
MajorDiCostanzoAlfredoAnimal ScienceExtension Animal Science-Beef St. PaulNutrition and management factors affecting the biologic and economic efficiency of cow-calf and feedlot operations, evaluation of alternative feeds and feeding and management strategies to improve economic efficiency, determination of nutrient requirements to enhance economic and environmentally sustainable beef production.
MinorDiez-GonzalezFranciscoFood Science and NutritionDepartment Head-Food Science and NutritionSt. PaulResearch is focused on study and control of food-borne pathogens.
MinorEhlkeNancyAgronomy and Plant GeneticsDepartment Head-AgronomySt. PaulHead of the Department of Agronomy and Plant Genetics. Research on the genetics and breeding methodologies of turf grasses and native legumes and develop management strategies which maximize the profitability and sustainability of grass and legume seed production in northern Minnesota.
MajorEndresMarciaAnimal ScienceExtension Dairy ScientistSt. PaulDairy cattle well-being, management, and behavior.
MinorErwinJohnHorticultural ScienceExtension Horticulturist-FloricultureSt. PaulUnderstanding of temperature effects on flowering and photosynthesis to increase high and/or low temperature tolerance.
MajorFeirtagJoellenFood Science and NutritionExtension Specialist-Food ScienceSt. PaulFood safety, food processing, food microbiology, hazard analysis, and HAACP.
MajorFernández Fabián Soil, Water and ClimateExtension SpecialistSt. PaulSoil nutrient (especially nitrogen) management from the agronomic production side and the water quality/ environmental issues side.
MinorFritzVincentHorticultural Science-Southern ROC and North Central ROCExtension Horticulturist-VegetablesWaseca and Grand RapidsProcessing and fresh market vegetable production, enhancing health benefits in vegetable crops.
MajorFruinJeremiahApplied Economics Extension Economist-Marketing/TransportationSt. PaulNational and international logistics and transportation requirements for agricultural commodities, financing of transportation infrastructures, the management of rural road systems, grain transportation and marketing, the economics of biomass energy systems, and the economics of solid waste disposal.
MinorGalatowitschSusanFisheries, Wildlife and Conservation BiologyDepartment Head-Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation BiologySt. PaulEcological restoration of wetlands, rivers, lakeshores, prairies; land use impacts to wetland biodiversity; climate change adaptation.
MinorGarcia y GarciaAxelAgronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension AgronomistLambertonResearch and extension education programs in cropping systems including the corn-soybean rotation that focus on using innovative approaches to enhance Minnesota cropping systems for improving productivity and profitability while delivering ecosystem services.
MajorGunsolusJeffreyAgronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension Agronomist-Weed ScienceSt. PaulDevelop more sustainable corn and soybean production systems by addressing the principles of safe, effective, cost-efficient and diversified weed management.
MajorHahnJeffreyEntomologyExtension EntomologistSt. PaulUrban entomology (household, landscape, garden insects).
MajorHalbachThomasSoil, Water and ClimateExtension Specialist-Waste ManagementSt. PaulCompost, land application, solid waste, and waste use.
MajorHeinsBradleyAnimal Science-West Central ROCExtension Animal Science-Organic Dairy ManagementMorrisOrganic dairy production and crossbreeding in dairy cattle.
MajorHerzfeldDeanPlant PathologyCoordinator-Pesticide Safety and Environmental EducationSt. PaulOccupational, health, environmental, and community concerns of pesticide use. Environmental risk communication. Public ethics of educational program development.
MinorHooverEmilyHorticultural ScienceDepartment Head-Horticulture Science, Extension HorticulturalistSt. PaulEvaluation of winter hardiness and winter protection/adaptation to enhance profitability, efficiency, and sustainability of fruit cropping systems. Areas of emphasis include using apple rootstocks to increase efficiency of apple cropping systems, and weed control strategies for strawberry cropping systems.
MajorHorganBrianHorticultural ScienceExtension Horticulturalist-TurfgrassSt. PaulNutrient fate and general turfgrass management. Specifically, he works to improve our nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizer recommendations, gain a better understanding of the fate of phosphorus in our environment, and use organic nitrogen fractions in the soil to create an N-credit program.
MajorHuelmanPatrickBioproducts and Biosystems EngineeringExtension Specialist-Building and Energy SystemsSt. PaulThermal and moisture performance of residential building systems, components, and materials. Heavily involved with energy efficient design, foundation systems, and innovative building technologies.
MinorHurleyTerranceApplied Economics Extension Educator-Farm ManagementSt. PaulProduction and risk with an emphasis on the adoption and regulation of emerging technologies.
MinorHutchisonWilliamEntomologyDepartment Head-Entomology St. PaulDevelopment of biologically-based integrated pest management programs.
MajorJacobsonLarryBioproducts and Biosystems EngineeringExtension EngineerSt. PaulAlternative housing systems for pigs, development of manure management practices for the Minnesota pork industry, evaluation of the indoor air quality concerns, energy conservation and lighting efficiencies in dairy and pig facilities, and evaluation of odor control technologies and the development of an odor ratings systems.
MinorJanniKevinBioproducts and Biosystems EngineeringExtension EngineerSt. PaulLivestock housing systems, gas phase biofilters, air quality mitigation, environmental control and ventilating system design for livestock and poultry buildings, milk house wastewater treatment. Agricultural odor and gas sources, emissions and their control.
MinorJohnsonGaryForest ResourcesExtension Specialist-Urban and Community ForestrySt. PaulTree failure due to loading events; stem girdling root syndrome: causes, effects, prevention, treatment; effects of construction activities on tree and urban forest health: early detection, prevention and treatment; production of nursery grown trees and shrubs: gravel bed systems, pot-in-pot production, producing quality root systems; effects of deep planting on the health and condition of trees.
MinorJohnstonLeeAnimal Science-West Central ROCExtension Animal Science-SwineMorrisEnergy and protein nutrition of sows, management of reproducing sows, nutrition/environment interactions, nutrition of the newly weaned pigs, feedstuff evaluation, and gilt development.
MajorKaiserDanielSoil, Water and ClimateExtension Soil Scientist-Soil/Plant Nutrition ManagementSt. PaulNutrition management and crops.
MajorKellsStephenEntomologyExtension EntomologistSt. PaulThe behavioral ecology of bed bugs and stored product pests, including mold mites, leading toward sustainable integrated pest management (IPM) solutions.
MajorKhanMohamed Agronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension Sugarbeet SpecialistFargo (NDSU)Research is aimed at improving management of diseases such as Cercospora leaf spot, Rhizoctonia crown and root rot, Rhizomania and Fusarium yellows, and agronomic practices such as optimum plant populations and nitrogen management.
MinorKlairKevinCenter for Farm Financial ManagementExtension Economist-Farm ManagementSt. PaulFINPACK farm financial planning and analysis software, as well as Marketeer market planning software and the FINPACK Business Plan software programs.
MajorKochRobertEntomologyExtension EntomologistSt. PaulApplied ecology and integrated pest management of arthropods associated with soybean.
MajorKrischikVeraEntomologyExtension EntomologistSt. PaulIncrease the use of integrated pest management (IPM) tactics, including the use of scouting programs and the application of biorationals, to reduce insect problems in the Twin Cities.
MinorLambJohnSoil, Water and ClimateExtension Soil Scientist-Nutrient ManagementSt. PaulDeveloping nutrient management systems to improve sugar beet quality while preserving or improving environmental quality; investigating how agronomic production principles, such as soil testing, are affected across the landscape and by the concept of precision farming; determine the effect of harvesting biomass on soil fertility.
MajorLazarusWilliamApplied Economics Extension Economist-Farm ManagementSt. PaulFarm business and financial management.
MinorLoegeringJohnForest Resources-UMN, CrookstonExtension SpecialistCrookstonAvian ecology, wildlife-habitat relationships, wildlife-human interactions, riparian and wetland ecosystems, quantitative ecology, curator, UMC wildlife museum.
MajorMac RaeIanEntomology-Northwest ROCExtension EntomologistCrookstonSite-specific integrated pest management (IPM) ; landscape ecology and population dynamics; geographic information systems (GIS), spatial statistics and computer applications in entomology; use of interactive information systems in technology transfer and extension; spatial aspects of pesticide resistance.
MajorMalvickDeanPlant PathologyExtension Plant PathologistSt. PaulBiology and management of fungal and oomycete plant pathogens and their interactions with plants.
MajorMartinsonKrishonaAnimal ScienceEquine Extension SpecialistSt. PaulEquine forage utilization and management, forage related equine health issues, poisonous plants and weed control, equine industry impacts and trends.
MinorMeyerMaryHorticultural ScienceExtension HorticulturistChaskaDevelopment and coordination of statewide multi-media educational programs in environmental and consumer horticulture, including sustainable home landscapes.
MajorNaeveSethAgronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension Agronomist-SoybeansSt. PaulApplied soybean production and physiology research focused yield and seed quality enhancement, Soybean production Extension program, International market expansion of bulk commodity and food grade soybean and soybean products.
MinorNefsteadWardApplied Economics Extension Economist-MarketingSt. PaulMarketing information prioritization for agricultural producers, alternative instructional approaches for agribusiness accounting, and the influence of psychographic typology as an indicator of farm management/marketing information needs.
MajorNollSallyAnimal ScienceExtension Animal Scientist-TurkeysSt. PaulNutrition and feeding of market turkeys, management, health and stress interactions in market turkeys, improving poultry waste utilization production.
MinorNordquistDaleCenter for Farm Financial ManagementExtension Economist-Farm ManagementSt. PaulFarm business analysis, farm planning, and software development.
MinorOberhauserKarenFisheries, Wildlife and Conservation BiologyExtension Specialist-Fish, Wildlife and Conservation BiologySt. PaulInvertebrate conservation and ecology, with particular interest in monarch butterflies; citizen science and ecological monitoring; promoting a citizenry with a high degree of scientific and environmental literacy.
MajorOrshinskyAngelaPlant PathologyExtension Plant Pathologist - HorticultureSt. PaulProgram focuses on development and application of integrated pest management (IPM) practices for horticultural crop production and the horticultural industries. Research interests include biological control of plant pathogens and plant disease diagnostics. Integrated Extension education activities serve Minnesota fruit and vegetable growers, the Minnesota Turf and Grounds Foundation, and the Minnesota Nursery and Landscape Association.
MajorOstlieKennethEntomologyExtension EntomologistSt. PaulAgricultural entomology; contemporary management challenges posed by changing insect risks, evolving technologies and dynamic production needs.
MajorPagliariPauloSoil, Water and Climate-Southwest ROCExtension Soil Scientist-Nutrient ManagementLambertonUnderstanding relationship between soil fertility status and soil biological processes and how this interaction affects crop yield on both conventional and organic cropping systems.
MajorPetersThomasAgronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension Sugarbeet SpecialistFargo (NDSU)Sugarbeet and weed science.
MajorPotterBruceEntomology-Southwest ROCIntegrated Pest Management SpecialistLambertonIntegrated pest management specialist in crops.
MinorRamaswamySridharanBioproducts and Biosystems EngineeringDepartment Head-Bioproducts and Biosystems EngineeringSt. PaulTransport processes including fluid flow, heat transfer and mass transfer in porous media; process engineering and product development in the areas of bio-energy and bioproducts.
MajorRobinsonAndrewAgronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension Potato AgronomistFargo (NDSU)Potato production in North Dakota and Minnesota; research and extension is concentrated on the exposure of potatoes to herbicides, the effect of row spacing and nutrient management, and developing educational materials for potato producers and professionals.
MinorRosenCarlSoil, Water and ClimateDepartment Head-Soil, Water and Climate, Extension Soil ScientistSt. PaulVegetable and fruit crops commercially grown in Minnesota.
MajorRussellMatthewForest ResourcesExtension SpecialistSt. PaulResearch interests focus on examining how changing environmental conditions influence the structure and function of forests. Specifically, I examine how disturbances alter forest conditions, assess how indicators can be used to assess forest health ranging from individual trees to landscape scales, and develop natural resource management tools using our scientific knowledge on forest responses to various threats.
MajorSandsGaryBioproducts and Biosystems EngineeringExtension Engineer-Water Resources St. PaulLand and water resources including: environmental impacts and sustainability of agricultural systems, measuring and modeling the impacts of water management systems, nutrient losses from artificially drained lands, water resource utilization, GIS applications in water resources, water quality.
MajorSeeleyMarkSoil, Water and ClimateExtension Agricultural ClimatologistSt. PaulUtilization of meteorological and climatological data for agricultural production systems and management of natural resources.
MinorShursonGeraldAnimal ScienceExtension Animal Scientist-Swine NutritionistSt. PaulApplied swine nutrition and management, pork quality and safety, manure management and odor reduction in swine facilities, dried distillers grains with solubles (DDGS).
MajorSleeperFayeWater Resources CenterCo-Director Water Resources CenterSt. PaulSocial aspects of water management, and the outreach and extension activities, including the on site sewage treatment program.
MajorSmithMadeleinePlant Pathology - Northwest ROCExtension Plant Pathologist - Small Grains and CanolaCrookstonEfficient ways to control and manage diseases of small-grained cereals and canola. Understand pathogen populations, the selection pressures driving pathogen evolution, and when these might pose a threat to crop production.
MinorSpivakMarlaEntomologyExtension EntomologistSt. PaulBasic research on mechanisms of social behaviors to practical collaborations and courses to help beekeepers to improve bee breeding and management practices.
MajorStamperJoshuaSoil, Water and Climate, Bioproducts and Biosystems EngineeringExtension Irrigation SpecialistSt. PaulExtension programs are focused on irrigation and nutrient management to protect groundwater. Current work is around developing and refining decision tools to allow growers to profitably meet crop water needs while protecting ground water.
MajorTongCindyHorticultural ScienceExtension Post-Harvest HorticulturistSt. PaulPostharvest physiology. Helps fresh market fruit and vegetable growers with their harvest, handling, and storage problems. Determining how fruit of some apple genotypes maintain their crispness and limitations to anthocyanin accumulation related to the color of red potatoes.
MinorUssetEdwardCenter for Farm Financial ManagementResearch Fellow-Farm ManagementSt. PaulGrain marketing.
MajorWellsScottyAgronomy and Plant GeneticsExtension AgronomistSt. PaulIncorporating forages, perennial crops, and/or cover crops into existing Minnesota cropping systems to increase crop diversity, control pests, improve soil and water quality, and enhance nutrient cycling.
MajorWiersmaJochumAgronomy and Plant Genetics - Northwest ROCSmall Grains SpecialistCrookstonSmall grains specialist--wheat, barley, etc.
MajorTBAForest Ecology
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