Transformus 2011 Census
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TimestampAgePrimary Reason For Attending TransformusDid you volunteer this year?If you answered no to the previous question, why not?Did you camp with a Theme Camp this year?What would you like to see more of at Transformus?Did you have any difficulties using the website?What was your favorite aspect of Transformus 2011?What was your least favorite aspect of Transformus 2011?Finally, how would you rate your overall Transformus experience?How would you rate the overall gate/parking/shuttle experience?How did you like the effigy burn?How about the temple burn?
7/19/2011 14:00:3226-30CommunityYesYesSpiritual Presence/Yoga5434
7/19/2011 14:01:1226-30Personal QuestYesYesFire Art/Performance, Musical VarietyEverthing!! I was in the right place at the right time and it was absolutely incredible! If I had to choose a favorite aspect I think it'd have to be all the amazing lightshows and people!!walking everywhere *laughs*555
7/19/2011 14:01:3021-25CommunityNoI had trouble signing upYesFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme Camps, Volunteering/ParticipationEnvironmentMud5554
7/19/2011 14:01:5631-35Personal QuestYesYesMeals, Wild DebaucheryEscaping from life for a bit.The rain was annoying, but not unbearable.4434
7/19/2011 14:03:5226-30Art, Music and Theme CampsNoVolunteer shifts are too longNoFire Art/Performance, Musical VarietyThe plethora of sound camps.All the mooping that was happening and the lack of space for a tent. That place was packed!443
7/19/2011 14:04:5636-40Art, Music and Theme CampsNoVolunteer shifts are too longNoInteractive Theme Camps4452
7/19/2011 14:06:0821-25Art, Music and Theme CampsNoVolunteer shifts are too longYesVolunteering/Participationnothe physical location and the placement of theme campsthe shuttling from the parking lot5343
7/19/2011 14:07:1931-35CommunityYesNoSpiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/Participation555
7/19/2011 14:08:1641-50CommunityYesYesVolunteering/ParticipationNoEscape from RealitySparkling Ponys434
7/19/2011 14:08:2236-40Art, Music and Theme CampsNoVolunteer shifts are too longNoMusical Variety, Wild DebaucheryThe music.All the cars that weren't art cars that were just parked in Mysteria. 5443
7/19/2011 14:08:4536-40CommunityYesYesWild Debauchery, Volunteering/ParticipationNopeHelping my virgin friend have a wonderful time, and I am happy to say she really had a great expirience. Mine sucked, but at least one of us had fun.Working too much354
7/19/2011 14:08:4841-50CommunityYesNoInteractive Theme CampsThe sense of communityCarrying my stuff up to Avalon without any help343
7/19/2011 14:08:5626-30CommunityYesNoSpiritual Presence/Yoganolaying low with 'landing pad' crewvalhalla, too many cars, dirt, too many sound systems way too close together, couldnt even really be there, it was too chaotic, gave me headaches.. witnessing disrespect/ inconsideration for the land. it was so pristine a week ago!3443
7/19/2011 14:10:1831-35CommunityYesYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme Camps, Volunteering/ParticipationI really hate the tab bar on the left side of the screen. It's very user-unfriendly.Being a part of the community.I over-extended myself volunteering a bit. Didn't get to explore Mysteria as much as I would have liked to.4542
7/19/2011 14:13:5750+CommunityYesYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme Campsbecause of buying someone else's ticket, it woouldn't let me download BurnThisBookletthe whole package!chigger bites (my fault for wandering through high grasses)5554
7/19/2011 14:14:5926-30Personal QuestNomeant toNoFire Art/Performance, Musical Variety, Meals, Interactive Theme Camps, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/Participationfollow the unicornload out5355
7/19/2011 14:15:4521-25Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme CampsI'm not very good with unfolding menus, but it's probably a personal problem and not your sitecan't pick a favorite, probably just being thereit'd be cool if there were more golf carts to shuttle people like a taxi system, but i understand why that's not feasible or doable in any way4455
7/19/2011 14:18:3021-25Fire!YesNoMusical Variety, Interactive Theme Campsthe spirit of the burnleaving!!!5544
7/19/2011 14:19:1241-50CommunityYesNoFire Art/Performance, Musical Variety, Meals, Interactive Theme Camps, Wild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/ParticipationNoSaturday morning smiles!Friday night grumpies....5355
7/19/2011 14:20:3531-35Personal QuestYesNoInteractive Theme Campsthe kindness of strangersnothing!!4555
7/19/2011 14:29:5726-30CommunityYesYesMusical VarietyWatching and being part of some of the best fire performances I've ever seen,Far Too little live music and drumming, absolutely terrible DJing during temple burn. Like half an hour straight of 'ring of fire' remixes totally killed the beauty of the moment.4543
7/19/2011 14:33:4631-35CommunityYesYesFire Art/Performance, Volunteering/Participationcommunitynon-burners who don't get it5544
7/19/2011 14:33:5631-35Art, Music and Theme CampsNoI was busting asssss maintaining our camp but we did send some of our camp memebers to volenteer for several shiftsYesMealseverythingwalking too much - super sore feet4433
7/19/2011 14:35:5621-25CommunityYesYesFire Art/Performance, Meals, Volunteering/ParticipationNo.Spinning fire at various camps.Volunteering so damn much. I love T'fus and wanted to make it work, but never again am I volunteering over 30 hours.3444
7/19/2011 14:42:3536-40Personal QuestYesYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme Camps, Volunteering/ParticipationEpic firing of the clay lady. *That* was my temple burn this year.Too many douches. Seriously. Rethink the 2000 tickets. Perhaps 1750 would be better.3532
7/19/2011 14:50:1731-35Wild debaucheryYesYesWild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/YogaMeeting new people and dancing until I could dance no more... then dancing some more.Having to sleep.5445
7/19/2011 14:56:2036-40Personal QuestYesYesFire Art/Performance, Spiritual Presence/YogaCommunity, Creativity, JOY!chilly!5
7/19/2011 14:57:3136-40Personal QuestYesYesFire Art/Performance, Spiritual Presence/YogaCommunity, Creativity, JOY!chilly, but you guys have no control over that!5555
7/19/2011 14:58:4026-30Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesMusical Variety5555
7/19/2011 14:59:3021-25Fire!Novery socially awkward, so gate/social isnt a good place for me. did the conclave last year and wanted to watch this year, or would have done that. and idk im better at just being a helping hand, but there really isnt a spot to volunteer for stuff like that... would have volunteered to be an extra hand like a tool fetcher for building stuff, or what not. so i basically decided not to volunteer this way, but instead to just help people when and where i could.
7/19/2011 15:02:0226-30Personal QuestYesNoMusical Variety, MealsGetting to experience participation in the kind of community that I wish default society was patterned after; being a participant in the formation of a new consciousness; getting laid with a super hottie; how many other polyamorous people attend!That it ended. Ha! Really though, the only thing that felt inconsistent with the awesomeness of Tfus was the occasional surprisingly unfriendly person. VERY occasional. Usually people in well-established theme camps. Also, while I enjoy dubstep and house muic (yay Boom and PLF!), it would be nice if one of the Valhalla dj camps would play other sorts of danceable music. Like, how about a rap hour? Or a swing hour? Or a Latin hour? Oh and I almost forgot: the lack of racial and economic diversity is bothersome, but nobody's fault I suppose.5434
7/19/2011 15:02:2026-30CommunityYesNoInteractive Theme Camps, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/ParticipationGreater participation on the part of individuals.Gross, exploitative men who were clearly there for titties. I'd feel more comfortable if there was a less sexually exploitative culture. Also, too many cameras. ... and... A lot of trash. It felt like there were a lot of folks not "pulling their weight" in terms of LNT & MOOP control.5353
7/19/2011 15:02:4731-35CommunityYesYesMeals, Wild DebaucheryNosharing it w/my virginsmelly portajohns on Sunday morning5444
7/19/2011 15:06:5721-25Fire!Novery socially awkward, so gate/social isnt a good place for me. did the conclave last year and wanted to watch this year, or would have done that. and idk im better at just being a helping hand, but there really isnt a spot to volunteer for stuff like that... would have volunteered to be an extra hand like a tool fetcher for building stuff, or what not. so i basically decided not to volunteer this way, but instead to just help people when and where i could. NoFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme Campsnoas a high level tech spinner, i have never seen so much skill in one spot, from poi, staves, to fans, glowstickers to whatever, such a broad range, of extreme talent!too much dubstep and house (need more breaks/psy[trance/bient]/dnb/ others...). also the effigy was too slow, drawn out, and unexciting (tho well contained, but thats kinda what wasnt exciting)5424
7/19/2011 15:07:1426-30Fire!YesYesMusical Variety, Spiritual Presence/YoganoCostumes and friendly burnersWaiting very long for a shuttle on Friday, and the effigy takes too long to burn!!4233
7/19/2011 15:10:3526-30CommunityYesYesVolunteering/ParticipationNoThe Beautiful PeopleNothing5555
7/19/2011 15:15:1326-30Fire!YesYesFire Art/Performance, Musical Variety, Meals, Interactive Theme Camps, Wild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/Participation5434
7/19/2011 15:16:5321-25Personal QuestNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyYesInteractive Theme Camps, Wild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/YogaNo difficultiesDowntown Mysteria!The real world crossed over too heavily into Mysteria for my liking in a not so good way3531
7/19/2011 15:19:1641-50Wild debaucheryNo
7/19/2011 15:22:19It was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyYesMusical Varietythe wild partiesattitude at the gate5155
7/19/2011 15:30:1931-35Wild debaucheryNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyNoWild DebaucheryMusic5455
7/19/2011 15:39:4936-40CommunityYesYesInteractive Theme Camps, Wild DebaucheryIncorrect use of POST for navigation. You can't bookmark anything. Use GET instead (or just a link).5344
7/19/2011 15:39:5126-30CommunityYesYesFire Art/Performance, Spiritual Presence/Yogaconclavewaiting sooooo long to run5434
7/19/2011 15:48:4721-25Art, Music and Theme CampsNoFirst Burn, Wanted to see what it was before I went and volunteered for something I didnt know about.YesInteractive Theme Camps, Spiritual Presence/YogaLinks on left hard to use (mouseover sucks on mobile)loveticket price5455
7/19/2011 15:51:2126-30Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme CampsThe effigy was extremely well done, and I enjoyed my volunteer shifts.The music was incoherent and terrible most of the time.3454
7/19/2011 16:14:5318-20CommunityNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyNoMealsThe Art, PEX, Various fire cannons.Dirty southern burners camp. Very rude folk.5544
7/19/2011 16:27:2926-30CommunityYesYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme CampsEMT's are great and qualified and sober people :)A lot of volunteers bitch about how much they have to work to people that only volunteered for a couple slots. It was a real turn off. It would be nice for them to appreciate all that help, which would prevent people from NOT volunteering because they don't want to the guilt trip. It's the only time at transformus where I felt people were judging me.... and I DID VOLUNTEER!5442
7/19/2011 16:27:2931-35Wild debaucheryNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyYesFire Art/Performance, Wild Debaucherythe burn!too much safety5454
7/19/2011 16:35:3321-25Fire!NoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyNoFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme CampsEverythingThat I had to leave5545
7/19/2011 16:41:4826-30Personal QuestNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyNoFire Art/Performance, Meals, Interactive Theme Camps, Wild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/ParticipationSeeing the full moon pop over the ridge at the burnI felt like a lot of theme camps were "cliquish" & not very welcoming to everyone5153
7/19/2011 16:43:3721-25Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesMeals, Interactive Theme CampsTHE LANDING PAD THEME CAMP AND GREAT EFFING4553
7/19/2011 17:13:1726-30Personal QuestYesYesMeals, Wild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/YogaThe nudityPeople in clothes, and the rain5545
7/19/2011 17:15:1831-35Wild debaucheryNosigned up but slept in... :(YesWild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/YoganoDeerfieldsonly once a year5544
7/19/2011 17:24:0336-40CommunityNoTheme Camp Lead - InfrastructureYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme CampsAmazing Talent in performance and camp setupsMinor Self Righteous drama4534
7/19/2011 17:29:2431-35Personal QuestNoI injured myself pretty badly and couldn't make my shift.YesMusical Variety, Wild DebaucheryThe people, of courseThe injury5335
7/19/2011 17:34:3650+CommunityNorunning 2 theme camps, no spare time or energy.YesFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme CampsYou have a website?Creative people and the stuff they doweather, could you make it hot and sunny, but no too hot next year?4554
7/19/2011 17:39:2926-30CommunityYesYesInteractive Theme Camps, Volunteering/ParticipationI can't say that I can pick just one. Being a 2nd year team lead was awesome. Everything is easier the 2nd time around. And it's fun to have a radio. Also, realizing how much I really have contributed over the years feels fulfilling.other than the wet, nothing.5444
7/19/2011 17:41:2618-20CommunityYesYesInteractive Theme Camps, Volunteering/ParticipationEverything. Leaving...5453
7/19/2011 17:46:2441-50CommunityYesYesVolunteering/Participationno thanks for all the workFireworking 24/75345
7/19/2011 17:47:2436-40CommunityYesYesFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme Camps, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/Participationlack of digital media *laugh*// connecting with new people/ seeing dear friends I would like to see more buffer between sound camps - bleed is painful at times. 434
7/19/2011 17:48:1026-30Personal QuestYesYesFire Art/Performanceteam leads could not create their own slots for hours. Location of volunteer shifts that people signed up for was not completely clear.Love everywheretrying to get everyone in without enough shuttles/trailers5234
7/19/2011 17:50:2431-35CommunityNoVolunteer shifts are too longYesInteractive Theme Campsall the people!rain... but that can't be helped :)5455
7/19/2011 18:03:4041-50CommunityYesYesMusical Variety, Volunteering/ParticipationNo. It was incredible!RangeringHahahaha!5455
7/19/2011 18:31:0826-30Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme Camps, Wild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/Yogabutterfly tentmeat spinning in the dome4233
7/19/2011 18:43:1241-50Art, Music and Theme CampsNoI volunteered on the arts jury and when I got around to the on site volunteer site, the shits were terrible and the jobs did not suit me. So it was my first year also, so it was mix of taking it easy and not planning well. NoFire Art/Performance, Musical Variety, Volunteering/ParticipationYes, the website is mostly inaccessible from iPads and other mobile devices that don't support the scrolling in frames. I love the content and the effort to get info online, but you may consider moving to a wordpress theme like the folks at Element 11 use (the Utah regional burn).Introducing friends who were virgins to the burn experience.Having to help friends leave early because they got ill.545
7/19/2011 18:48:2336-40CommunityYesYesVolunteering/ParticipationNo, but if possible a mobile version would rock since I spend most of my internet time on my phone...Rejoining with my inner-self, and remembering those people who are important to me.The security guard who stood directly in front of us for the entire temple burn. I suggest assigning each guard a section of the perimiter to watch and have them slowly pace that 10 feet or so. This would mean they didn't block any one group for the entire time but could still make sure everyone is safe.5554
7/19/2011 19:38:1326-30Personal QuestYesYesInteractive Theme Camps, Volunteering/ParticipationFinding out there were way more of 'us' than I really knew. And the dedication people had to make it fantastic for everyone.I really loved everything. I guess it could use a few more large fun structures spread out through out Mysteria.555
7/19/2011 19:53:5921-25CommunityYesYesFire Art/Performance, Musical Variety, Interactive Theme Camps, Volunteering/Participationno!my new making-out friendI spent too much time volunteering, next time I'll just devote one day instead of 3.5545
7/19/2011 19:56:1526-30Art, Music and Theme CampsNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyYesMeals, Interactive Theme Campsthe temple burnno real showers5455
7/19/2011 20:31:0436-40Personal QuestYesNoFire Art/Performance, Mealsdrumming at the effigy burn !the tent being at a 30 degree angle and the bed sliding to the other end at night5555
7/19/2011 20:32:4826-30Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesFire Art/Performance, Musical Variety, Meals, Interactive Theme Camps, Wild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/ParticipationNot able to open the links from the sidebar in a new tab in Firefox.Discovering more about myself. Challenging myself. Being accepted. Accepting others.It's too short. Needs two more days, at least.5355
7/19/2011 21:11:5226-30CommunityNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyYesMusical Variety, Meals, Interactive Theme Camps, Wild Debauchery, Spiritual Presence/YogaCommunity.Going home.555
7/19/2011 21:18:4841-50CommunityYesNoVolunteering/ParticipationCorey and Tigs' work on conclave. Ther was also a moment in Avalon with the song "Blister in the sun", but it's only cool if you were there.I was the only person to show up for monday parking lot duty.5455
7/19/2011 21:25:1536-40CommunityYesYesInteractive Theme Camps, Volunteering/Participationnoeverything. It was PERFECT.Nothing. It was PERFECT! I already said that.5455
7/19/2011 21:42:2521-25Personal QuestNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyYesInteractive Theme Campsthe sense of community i didnt have any5455
7/19/2011 21:54:1541-50Wild debaucheryYesYesMeals, Wild Debaucheryburnrain wet and cold5455
7/19/2011 22:23:0131-35CommunityYesYesInteractive Theme Camps, Spiritual Presence/Yogameeting people and working with themtoo much to see5555
7/19/2011 22:25:0926-30Personal QuestYesNoFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme Campsnopegetting to meet so many beautiful people and the property more art instlations maybe5455
7/19/2011 22:44:2126-30CommunityYesYesMeals, Interactive Theme CampsMeeting new people, introducing virgins to the burnThe staggering wait before the perimeter was dropped around both burns4444
7/20/2011 7:48:2021-25CommunityYesYesSpiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/ParticipationSeeing my friends.Hard to describe, the event had a different energy. Not the same as my normal burn experience.3443
7/20/2011 7:49:4031-35Art, Music and Theme CampsNoIt was my first year, so I thought I'd take it easyNoFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme CampsScrolling text/message boxes are not iPad friendlyThe participants Did notice some people that were there just to party and didn't grasp radical self expression. But I don't know how you can avoid this completely4255
7/20/2011 9:37:4941-50Being challenged by radical self-relianceYesNoSpiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/ParticipationI had a GREAT co-lead.I still worked too hard and didn't play hard enough5454
7/20/2011 10:12:2126-30CommunityYesYesVolunteering/ParticipationThe Beautiful PeopleThe Rain4545
7/20/2011 11:44:5431-35Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesFire Art/Performance, Wild Debaucherydancing through the night at the dance camps/floating on the lake Sundaythe constant dampness the first few days442
7/20/2011 12:47:2931-35Personal QuestYesYesMusical Variety, Spiritual Presence/Yogaradical self expressionconstant techno music, little variety of music532
7/20/2011 12:47:3321-25Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesSpiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/ParticipationThe simplicity of getting in and out (I got there on wednesday)people stealing the Ranger T-shirts5445
7/20/2011 12:47:4521-25Personal QuestYesYesMeals, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/Participationit was hard to dinf the principles on it. and the ticket [urchasing was a bit of a is always nature and deerfields itself. it is magical.the fact that people were so foreign to the princilples. especially civic duty and loving other people. there was not enough spirituality at the burn this year. three should be a BIG SIGN at the gate and greeters that states the principles "for dummies" and encourages people to love eachother more in a spiritual way and care for one another. and EVERYONE should be REQUIRED to read it before entering. 4355
7/20/2011 14:05:4721-25Personal QuestYesNoInteractive Theme Camps, Spiritual Presence/YogaChocolate covered frozen bananas...Awesome! But also the friendly people. Most importantly, the freedom and self expression.A lot of people who seemed pretty useless just floating around.4244
7/20/2011 14:13:3518-20Fire!YesYesMeals, Volunteering/Participation3433
7/20/2011 15:17:4831-35Personal QuestYesYesMusical Variety, Spiritual Presence/YogaGreat burn and peopleseemed muted from previous years in some areas, kind of calm.4442
7/20/2011 15:27:2931-35Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme Campsdiversity of music and the art was incrediblei hear the parking situation friday night was nightmarish,but not much can be done with the weather and accident5543
7/20/2011 17:34:1050+CommunityYesNoMusical Variety, Interactive Theme Campsthe palpable lovethe noise and smell of generators5444
7/20/2011 18:36:5531-35Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesMusical Variety, Interactive Theme Camps, Volunteering/ParticipationEverythingWed. Rain Storm5553
7/20/2011 18:48:1226-30Art, Music and Theme CampsYesYesFire Art/Performancepraising LORD ACIDONIOUSSSSAAAAHHHfriday wakng up d.m.t. co-leads..5455
7/20/2011 19:06:4731-35Personal QuestYesNoInteractive Theme Camps3555
7/20/2011 19:11:2841-50Art, Music and Theme CampsYesNoInteractive Theme Camps, Spiritual Presence/Yoga, Volunteering/ParticipationThe peoplePeople MOOPing4455
7/20/2011 19:31:4341-50Personal QuestYesIt was my first year. I did informal volunteering. I want to do more next year.NoInteractive Theme Camps, Volunteering/ParticipationI liked that two thousand people made an effort to be kind to each other.Making the mistake of expecting authority figures to trump my self-reliance. 'security' running the carts at full spped werever they went seemed unsafe and unneccessary. Who or what were they protecting?4343
7/20/2011 19:37:4426-30Fire!YesYesFire Art/Performance, Interactive Theme CampsThe variety of art projects and theme camp projects. Also, I loved the climbable effigy design.Light the effigy faster please. I like when they go up quickly with a big "whoosh!" 3543
7/20/2011 20:26:0731-35CommunityYesYesFire Art/Performance, Volunteering/Participationseeing people i missedpeople asking if i had a trash bag they could use!! then bitching when i said no!5544
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