Date Posted (Last Updated 7/10/24)Prior PostingAFNRB&MFCSHSET&ICTE Area(s)ConsortiumRegionSchool/City LocationTypeFTEStartDescriptionFormer TeacherContact NameContact InfoJob Announcement LinkPrior Links
7/9/24xAFNRAlbert Lea1.002024-20251.0 FTE Secondary Careers & Agriculture Teacher
7/2/245/22/24; 5/28/24; 6/11/24; 6/17/24; 6/26/24xFCSAlbert Lea1.002024-2025FACS (Family and Consumer Science) Teacher;;;;
7/9/24xFCSAlbert Lea0.302024-2025FACS (Family and Consumer Science) Teacher
7/5/246/28/24xFCSAlbert LeaLong Term Sub1.002024-2025FACS (Family & Consumer Science) Teacher - Long Term Replacement
Anticipated Date: 8/15/2024 - 11/11/2024
6/11/245/10/24xTrade & IndustryAlbert LeaMiddle and High School1.002024-2025Engineering/Computer PLTW Teacher
7/9/245/22/24; 5/28/24; 6/11/24; 6/26/24; 7/2/24xTrade & Industry: CommunicationAlbert LeaMiddle and High School1.002024-2025Communications Technology Career;;;;
7/9/245/22/24; 5/28/24; 6/11/24; 6/26/24; 7/2/24xTrade & Industry: ConstructionAlbert LeaMiddle and High School1.002024-2025Construction Careers Teacher;;;;
7/9/245/22/24; 5/28/24; 6/11/24; 6/26/24; 7/2/24xTrade & Industry: ManufacturingAlbert LeaMiddle and High School1.002024-2025Manufacturing Careers;;;;
5/29/244/12/24; 4/22/24; 4/30/24xTrade & IndustryRunestone3AlexandriaHigh School1.002024-2025Industrial Technology Teacher;;
5/2/24xBusinessGreat RiverAnnandaleHigh School0.102024-2025Business Teacher
Part- Time - 2024-25 school year
5/2/24xFCSGreat RiverAnnandaleHigh School0.202024-2025Family & Consumer Science Teacher
Part-Time - 2024-25 school year
5/16/243/28/24; 4/4/24; 4/11/24; 4/24/24; 5/2/24; 5/9/24xFCSGreat RiverAnnandaleHigh School0.672024-2025Family & Consumer Science Teacher - Grades 9-12 - Annandale High School;;;;;
5/29/24xFCSOak Land4Anoka HennepinHigh School1.002024-2025Family and Consumer Science Teacher 2024-25
4/24/24xTrade & IndustryOak Land4Anoka HennepinHigh SchoolPart Time2024-2025Industrial Technology Teacher 2024-25 - #17166 OakView Middle
5/30/245/20/24xBusinessRiverland8AustinHigh School1.002024-2025Austin Public School District is seeking to hire a 1.0 FTE Business Teacher. The person selected for this position may teach courses in Personal Finance, Marketing and Sales, Introduction to Marketing, and Accounting.
5/6/244/25/24; 5/3/24xFCSRiverland8AustinHigh School1.002024-2025The Austin Public School District is hiring a Family & Consumer Science teacher at Austin High School starting in the 2024-2025 school year. The teacher hired for this position may teach courses in child development, working with young children, life skills, interior design, and or foods. We also continue to explore opportunities that would allow us to offer concurrently taught classes with our local community college.;
6/13/244/9/24; 4/25/24; 5/6/24; 5/14/24; 5/22/24; 5/30/24xTrade & IndustryRiverland8AustinHigh School1.002024-2025The Austin Public School District is hiring a Career and Technical Education Teacher at Austin High School starting the 2024-2025 school year. Courses taught may include construction, woodworking, power systems, automotive, and or welding.;;;;;
5/6/244/8/24; 4/30/24xTrade & IndustryAvalon SchoolMiddle and High School0.402024-2025Avalon School, a small secondary charter school located in St. Paul,
is hiring a licensed Industrial Arts teacher 15 hours per week/school year position. Come join an innovative learning community with a project-based curriculum and teacher ownership. See link for details;
6/11/24xBusinessGreat RiverBecker1.002024-2025Business Teacher, 2 Positions
4/30/244/11/24; 4/19/24xFCSGreat RiverBecker1.002024-2025Family Consumer Science Teacher;
5/15/242/14/24; 5/3/24xFCSMid-Minnesota3Belgrade Brooten ElrosaMiddle and High School1.002024-2025Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Public School District is seeking a full-time 6-12 Family and Consumer Science Instructor for the Fall of 2024 and beyond. We have a newly renovated FACS lab and classroom that meets our students' needs.shagen@bbejaguars.org;
5/15/24xTrade & IndustryBemidjiHigh School1.002024-2025Industrial Technology Teacher - Bemidji Area Schools
5/9/24xBusinessBertha Hewitt1.002024-2025Bertha-Hewitt School is seeking a Business/ComputerTech Instructor for the 2024-25 school year. This position will be responsible for classroom instruction in grades 7-12 as decided by strengths and passions of the instructor. This position will allow for the instructor to plan and choose curriculum! We also have opportunities for extra curricular coaching/advising!
5/27/244/3/24; 4/11/24; 4/19/24; 5/2/24; 5/8/24; 5/17/24xBusinessRochester - ZEDBlooming Prairie0.602024-2025Applications are being accepted for a .6 FTE Business Education (CTE) Teacher for the 2024-2025 school year. This role is to plan, prepare, implement, monitor, and evaluate a quality competency-based Business and Technology Program that develops students’ skills sufficient for post-secondary education or qualifying for entry-level employment through effective instructions for all students.;;;;;
5/22/24xFCSBloomington0.802024-2025High School FACS Teacher - 0.8 FTE
7/2/246/7/24xFCSBloomington1.002024-2025Family & Consumer Science Teacher - 1.0 FTE
7/10/246/17/24xAFNRBlue Earth1.002024-2025Join our growing Ag Ed program in a very supportive agricultural based community. Class offerings range from animal science, plant science and ag technologies to work-based learning, metals, and woods. Candidates will get the opportunity to match course offerings to their strengths. Additional PositionBlue Earth Area High School Principal Conan Shaffer
4/30/24xBusinessPine Technical4Braham1.002024-2025Braham Area Schools has the following immediate opening: 1.0 FTE - 0.33 Chemistry Teacher & 0.67 Business Teacher
4/19/243/4/24; 3/28/24xTrade & IndustryCentral Lakes2BrainerdHigh School1.002024-2025Industrial/ Applied Tech Ed Teacher;
6/28/245/22/24; 5/30/24; 6/11/24; 6/17/24xTrade & Industry: ManufacturingCentral Lakes2BrainerdHigh School1.002024-20252024-25 Industrial/ Applied Tech Ed - Welding Teacher;;;
4/26/24xBusinessBrooklyn CenterHigh School2024-2025The Brooklyn Center Community School (BCCS) District is seeking Business Education Teacher, Online School applicants to join our team for the 2024-2025 school year. BCCS is looking for positive, energetic applicants with a deep belief that all students can learn, and having the commitment and passion to provide these learning opportunities.
5/2/244/29/24xBusinessGreat River4Buffalo Hanover MontroseHigh School1.002024-2025Business Teacher with focus on Personal Finance;
7/9/24xTechnologyBurnsville Eagan SavageMiddle School0.762024-2025Position Overview: Middle School Teacher - Technology Education 24/25 school year
Hours/Day: 6.1 hrs/day
Days/Year: 0.76 FTE
6/27/244/4/24; 4/11/24; 4/24/24; 5/2/24; 5/9/24; 5/16/24; 5/23/24; 5/30/24; 6/13/24xFCSOak LandCambridge IsantiHigh School1.002024-2025FCS TeacherDr. Steve Gibbssgibbs@c-ischools.org;;;;;;;;
6/17/24xTrade & Industry: ConstructionCannon FallsHigh School0.602024-2025This posting is for a 0.6 FTE Residential Construction position for the 24-25 school year.
4/30/24xTrade & IndustryCass Lake - Bena2024-2025GATEWAY TO TECHNOLOGY/S.T.E.M TEACHER
4/29/24xTrade & Industry: CommunicationChikio Alberta0.752024-2025C-A has a .75 F.T.E. Communication Technology, etc. Teacher available for the 2023-24 school year. Principal Tate
6/13/244/2/24; 4/19/24; 5/6/24; 5/16/24xBusinessNortheast Metro4Chisago Lakes2024-2025BUSINESS TEACHER;;;
7/8/246/27/24xBusinessCloquetHigh School1.002024-2025The Cloquet High School has a vacancy a 1.0 FTE Business teacher.
5/24/24xTrade & IndustryColumbia Heights1.002024-2025Engineering Teacher (Columbia Academy)Duane Berkas, CA
6/27/246/13/24xAFNRCrookstonMiddle & High School1.002024-2025Crookston Public Schools is seeking a 1.0 FTE Agriculture Educator for grades 6-12 at Crookston Secondary starting Fall 2024. Current classes that have been offered: Intro to Ag I & II, Global Foods, Food Creations, Fish & Wildlife, Companion Animals, Floral Design, Landscape Design, Leadership, and Work Experience. Ideal candidates will be strong in foods, natural resources, and horticulture.Additional
6/27/246/13/24xBusinessCrookstonMiddle & High School1.002024-2025Crookston Public Schools is seeking a 1.0 FTE Media Technology/Business Instructor for grades 7-12 at Crookston High School starting Fall 2024. The applicant should have a background in video production, web page design, Google Drive and computer applications as well as a business background.
6/13/24xBusinessCrookstonMiddle & High School1.002024-2025High School Business Education and Computer Instructor, 1.0 FTE. Must have valid Minnesota teaching license for 6-12 Business Education.
6/27/246/13/24xFCSCrookstonMiddle & High School1.002024-2025Crookston Public Schools is seeking a 1.0 FTE Family and Consumer Science Teacher for grades 6-12 at Crookston Secondary starting Fall 2024.
4/30/24xTrade & IndustryDakota County Secondary Technical Center (Rosemount)High School1.002024-2025Intermediate School District 917 is seeking a student-centered individual to support our Career and Technical Education Construction program for the 2022-2023 school year. This position is involved in the build, planning, and coordination with contractors.
5/24/245/17/24xTrade & IndustryDassel CokatoHigh School1.002024-2025This particular position would work primarily out of our wood shop. The department has several elective courses, including but not limited to: Several different levels of Machine Tools, Welding, Home Construction, Woods, Cabinets & Furniture, and Exploration of Industrial Technology.
6/11/20245/7/2024; 5/21/2024; 5/28/2024xFCSLakes Country1Dilworth Glyndon FeltonMiddle School1.002024-2025The DGF School District is currently taking applications for a full-time FACS position for the 2024-25 school year.;;
6/12/20243/15/2024; 5/31/2024xBusinessLake Superior2Duluth1.002024-2025Business Education Teacher;
7/1/2024xBusinessLake Superior2Duluth1.002024-2025CTE Business and Marketing-Computer Science Teacher- 1.0 FTE
6/12/2024xHealth ScienceLake Superior2Duluth0.402024-2025CTE Forensic Science Teacher- 0.4 FTE
6/10/2024xHealth ScienceLake Superior2Duluth0.502024-2025CTE Medical/Health Care Teacher- 0.5 FTE - Duluth Public Schools
6/12/2024xLAWLake Superior2Duluth1.002024-2025CTE Introduction to Law Enforcement- 0.1 FTE
5/3/2024xTrade & IndustryLake Superior2Duluth0.902024-2025Industrial Arts Technology Teacher
6/10/20245/31/2024xTrade & IndustryLake Superior2Duluth0.502024-2025Industrial Arts Technology Teacher - 0.5 FTE - Duluth Public Schools
6/14/2024xTrade & IndustryLake Superior2Duluth0.802024-2025CTE Transportation-Aviation and Aerospace Physics- 0.8 FTE
6/14/2024xTrade & IndustryLake Superior2Duluth0.802024-2025CTE Engineering, Design and Manufacturing Teacher- 0.8 FTE
6/12/20246/7/2024xTrade & IndustryLake Superior2Duluth1.002024-2025Industrial Arts Technology Teacher- 1.0 FTE - Duluth Public Schools
5/30/2024xFCSSouthwest MetroEastern Carver County 0.702024-2025Family and Consumer Science (FACS) Teacher (0.70 ) - Eastern Carver County SchoolsGreg MartinMartinG@district112.org
5/14/20245/9/2024xTechnologySouthwest MetroEastern Carver County 1.002024-2025Technology Education Teacher (1.0 FTE)
5/2/2024xFCSHennepin WestEden Prairie (ISD 287)High School1.002024-2025Intermediate District 287 is looking for qualified Family Consumer Science teachers for a full time position with Northern Star Online (NSO)!
6/17/20244/16/2024; 5/16/2024; 6/7/2024xBusinessEdinaHigh School0.402024-2025We are currently seeking candidates for a Business Teacher, 0.4 FTE at Edina High School beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.;;
6/7/2024xBusinessEdinaHigh School0.802024-2025We are currently seeking candidates for a Business Teacher, 0.8 FTE at Edina High School beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.
5/31/2024xBusinessEdinaHigh School1.002024-2025Business Teacher, 1.0 FTE - Edina Public Schools
6/7/20245/31/2024xTrade & Industry: CommunicationsEdinaHigh School0.402024-2025We are currently seeking candidates for a Communications Technology Careers Teacher, 0.4 FTE at Edina High School beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.
6/7/2024xTrade & Industry: CommunicationsEdinaHigh School0.202024-2025We are currently seeking candidates for a Communications Technology Careers Teacher, 0.2 FTE at Edina High School beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.
6/7/20245/31/2024xTrade & Industry: CommunicationsEdinaHigh School0.602024-2025We are currently seeking candidates for a Communications Technology Careers Teacher, 0.6 FTE at Edina High School beginning in the 2024-2025 school year.
6/12/20245/9/2024xAFNREllsworthHigh School1.002024-2025Ellsworth Public School is seeking an Agriculture instructor for the 2024-2025 school year.
6/12/20245/9/2024xTrade & IndustryEllsworthHigh School1.002024-2025Ellsworth Public School is seeking an Industrial Arts instructor for the 2024-2025 school year.;
7/9/20243/18/2024; 5/14/2024; 5/21/2024; 6/26/24; 7/2/2024xxAFNR or Trade & IndustryMinnesota West7FairmontMiddle & High School1.002024-2025Fairmont Area Schools is seeking passionate, student-centered candidates for a welding and manufacturing teaching position at the Jr./Sr. High School for the upcoming 2024-2025 school year.;;;;;
4/17/2024xAFNR8FarmingtonHigh School1.002024-20251.0 FTE Agriculture Teacher
5/28/20243/11/2024; 4/22/2024; 5/20/2024xAFNRPine to Prairie1Fertile BeltramiHigh School1.002024-2025The Fertile-Beltrami School District is seeking applicants for an Agricultural Education Teacher and FFA advisor for the 2024-2025 school year. Interested applicants must possess or be eligible to possess a Minnesota Agricultural Education Teaching License - alternative licensure options available with a 4 year degree. Possibility of online instruction.Nathaniel Messick
4/23/2024xFCSNortheast Metro4Forest LakeMiddle & High School1.002024-2025Forest Lake Area Schools is seeking a Full time (1.0) Family and Consumer Science Teacher for the coming 2024-25 school year. The program serves students in grades 7-12 at the Middle School, High School, and Community School. Courses related to food preparation, textiles, human development, and personal finance are offered by teh FCS department. The High School program has a fully equipped culinary lab kitchen and offers a successful "Playschool" experience as part of the Psychology of Childhood class.
6/28/20245/24/2024; 5/31/2024; 6/7/2024; 6/17/2024xTrade & Industry: Construction1Fosston1.002024-2025Construction Careers Teacher;;;
5/14/20242/25/2024; 4/30/2024; 5/6/2024xBusinessMid-Minnesota7GFW, Gibbon-Fairfax-WinthropHigh School1.002024-2025Under the general supervision of the School Principal, to develop students’ business academics (e.g. reading, math, writing, etc.) and business skills (e.g. word processing, typing, bookkeeping, record keeping, office procedures, business communications, etc.), as well as an understanding of our American business system and its place in the nation’s and world’s economy; to provide knowledge needed for intelligent consumption of business services; to develop practical business skills for personal use or for use in business occupations; and to encourage students to develop work and personal habits essential for success in business.;;
5/23/20245/10/2024xBusiness5Glencoe Silver LakeHigh School0.802024-2025Glencoe-Silver Lake School District #2859 has an opening starting the 2024-2025 school year for a Business Education Teacher at 0.80 FTE at Glencoe-Silver Lake High School in Glencoe (grades 7-12).
5/14/20244/30/2024xAFNRSoutheast8GoodhueHigh School1.002024-2025Goodhue Public Schools is seeking applicants for a full time, (1.0 FTE) High School Agriculture Education Teacher for the 2024-2025 school year.
4/22/2024xxAFNR or Trade & IndustrySoutheast8GoodhueHigh School1.002024-2025Goodhue Public Schools is seeking a (1.0 FTE) full time Industrial Technology Teacher for the 2024-2025 School year. MN teaching license in Construction and Trade or other CTE licenses, such as Agriculture will be considered if candiate hs experience in hands on carpentry skills. All interested candidates should apply.
6/12/20245/3/2024; 5/14/2024; 5/28/2024xTrade & IndustrySoutheast8GoodhueHigh School1.002024-2025Industrial Technology Teacher;;
4/22/20243/22/2024xTrade & Industry - ConstructionSoutheast8GoodhueHigh School1.002024-2025The position includes teaching introductory and advanced construction and welding skills to Middle and mostly High School students. Courses include Woods, Construction and Trade, Welding, Manufacturing and Robotics.
4/29/20242/12/2024xBusinessTrue North Stars2GreenwayHigh School1.002024-2025Greenway HS is accepting applications for a 1.0 CTE Business teacher. We offer a strong business program with community support & engagement. Local businesses offer guest speakers, field trips and intern placements. Classic classes include business introduction, marketing, personal finance, accounting & entrepreneurship for grades 9-12.
7/9/2024xBusinessHastingsHigh School0.702024-2025.7 FTE Vocational Business- Hastings High School
7/9/2024xBusinessHastingsHigh School0.402024-2025.4 FTE Vocational Business- Hastings High School
7/9/2024xTrade & IndustryHastingsHigh School0.602024-2025.6 FTE Vocational Industrial Technology-Hastings High School
5/10/20244/8/2024; 4/25/2024xAFNRMinnesota West6Hills Beaver CreekHigh School1.002024-2025Agriculture Teacher FFA AdvisorAndrew Kellenberger, Principal a.kellenberger@isd671.net;
7/8/20246/10/2024; 7/1/2024xxBusinessHmong College Prep AcademyHigh School1.002024-2025High School Business/Technology Teacher - Hmong College Prep Academy 1.0 2024-25;
5/14/20244/24/2024xBusinessGreat River3HoldingfordMiddle & High School1.002024-2025Holdingford Public School is accepting applications for a 7-12 CTE-Business Teacher to join our family of talented teachers and hard-working students. The successful candidate will have experience teaching a variety of business courses; including computer skills, planning your future, introduction to business, career exploration, and marketing.Kevin Beehler HS Principalkevin.beehler@isd738.org
6/10/20245/16/2024xFCSHouston2024-2025MNVA is seeking a dedicated and passionate Family and Consumer Sciences (FACS) Teacher for the 2024-2025 school year. The FACS Teacher will deliver high-quality instruction in areas such as nutrition, culinary arts, hospitality and tourism, and other life skills essential for students' future success.
6/12/2024xAFNR4Howard Lake Waverly WinstedHigh School1.002024-20251.0 FTE High School Vocational Agriculture Teacher Position available at ISD #2687 for the 2024-25 school year. Opportunity for summer employment and FFA advising.
5/13/2024xBusiness5HutchinsonMiddle School0.552024-2025Hutchinson Public Schools is seeking a part time time Business Teacher at our Middle School building beginning with the 2024-2025 school year and beyond.
4/24/2024xFCSIntermediate School District 287 (Plymouth)Online2024-2025Intermediate District 287 is looking for qualified Family Consumer Science teachers for a full time position with Northern Star Online (NSO)!
6/27/20244/30/2024; 5/7/2024; 5/16/2024; 5/22/2024; 5/29/2024; 6/12/2024xTrade & IndustryInternational FallsHigh School0.272024-2025Part-Time (.27 FTE) Industrial Technology Teacher for school year 2024-2025;;;;;
5/13/20244/30/2024xTrade & IndustryIsleHigh School1.002024-2025This position is responsible for teaching a variety of Industrial Technology classes in the areas of Construction, Repair/Maintenance, welding, and Manufacturing. CTE licensure is preferred but not required.
6/17/20245/27/2024; 6/10/2024xBusinessJackson County Central0.502024-2025Business Teacher .5 FTE;
7/4/20246/13/2024; 6/27/2024xTrade & Industry: ManufacturingKasson MantorvilleHigh School0.252024-2025Kasson-Mantorville High School is seeking to hire a 0.25 FTE Welding teacher.
Principal Trent;
7/4/20246/13/2024; 6/27/2024xTrade & Industry: ConstructionKasson MantorvilleHigh School0.752024-2025Kasson-Mantorville High School is seeking to hire a 0.75 FTE Woods teacher. Principal Trent;
7/4/20246/13/2024xTrade & Industry: ConstructionKasson MantorvilleHigh School0.252024-2025Kasson-Mantorville High School is seeking to hire a 0.25 FTE Woods teacher. Principal Trent
7/8/20245/2/2024; 5/9/2024; 5/16/2024; 5/24/2024; 5/30/2024; 6/10/2024; 6/27/2024xTrade & Industry2Kelliher1.002024-2025Kelliher has an opening for a full-time CTE position in Construction, Manufacturing and Communication for the 2024-25 school year. Paul Grams
5/30/20243/12/2024; 4/29/2024; 5/8/2024; 5/15/2024; 5/22/2024xxAFNR or Trade & IndustryGreat River5KimballMiddle & High School1.002024-2025Kimball Area Public Schools is seeking applicants for a full-time (1 FTE) High School Agriculture Education or Technology Education Teacher for the 2024-2025 school year. Kimball Schools and the Kimball community strongly support the Ag and Tech Ed departments. This can be seen in a strong FFA program with alumni support, a healthy Tech Ed student project budget, recent awarding of a $25,000 grant to purchase a CNC plasma table, and an updated woodshop.Courses to teach in the two person department include Tech 7, Woods, Welding, CAD, Small Engines and Intro to Engineering Design which is a capstone STEM class. Salary is based on experience. Out-of-field licensure permissions will be considered. Kimball has a strong FFA program and an assistant FFA advisor position is available.Ms. Ashley Eisenbraun - ACGCNancy;;;;
6/27/20245/1/2024; 5/8/2024; 5/15/2024; 5/22/2024; 5/30/2024; 6/13/2024xBusinessGreat River5KimballHigh School0.602024-2025Kimball Area Public Schools is seeking applicants for a .6 High School Business Education Teacher for the 2024-2025 school year.;;;;;