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TimestampProblem or Request:Your Name:Notes/Resolution
1/3/2017 12:45:26The Elem parking lot camera says it has video loss. Noticed it last week at the end of the day. It happened over christmas break.Nathan MaschingCameras came in - Bryan will start the installation for those -- Camera purchase was approved 3/15/2017. Will await arrival of cameras so they can be installed --- Update on two hallway cameras at the Elem. Cabling was cut at some point during construction. No idea who might have done that. Both cameras affected are the analog type, so instead of doing a patch on the coax cable, will install IP cameras in their place instead. PO 18986 on March 10 put in the system for these replacements -- Note from Nathan: There are other issues that need to be fixed. About 5 cameras were set to continous recording. Space was filling up so quickly you could only go back a few days at most. Changed some of them over but some have issues with setting the motion recording. Update - did a reset of some of the cameras, and now a different camera has video loss. We might be over-drawing power from a POE switch, or we have some kind of a licensing issue. Bryan is waiting to hear back from Custom Alarm (bill Wood) to get info on the licensing as well as the power needs for the cameras. --- I noticed this as well. Will be checking that this week.
6/2/2017 8:31:56In the Career Center please remove the old TV. Please install the flat screen above the 2 off white cabinets I will ask the custodial staff to remove that bulletin board. Thanks - the flat screen tv is in the spare office in our areaKatie JohnsonWe can't remove that TV if it's a part of the Channel One group of TVs. Would be great if these things could get discussed before purchases are made!
8/28/2017 15:28:34Please mount new speaker about SMART Board. Thanks!Brooke BernardBrooke added this to do when we have time. She can use the speaker where it's at for the time-being. When we have time, Brooke decided that she'd like the speaker for the RedCat system mounted above her SMARTBoard (similar to the installations in Karen Schultz's room and Brian Hasleit's room)
8/30/2017 14:43:36Smartboard Install in Speech room at the elementary. Please install smartboard as per discussion with Bryan Berg on 8-30-2017. Thank you.Bobbi HarrisHad a delay because of the schedule for the electricians. They should be in during MEA break to install power outlets where needed -- Looks like I can start the process this afternoon. Realized I'm missing a couple of items that we have in storage so will grab those and get as much done today as possible --- Working with Bobbi to find a time (or a couple of time-frames) that might work to do the installation -- We have a SMARTBoard ready to go for her. Bryan making sure we have necessary mounting hardare for the projector, and the install can be completed. Probably will be done after the Alli Kittleson Board is moved
9/26/2017 9:35:06Please reset the timers on all of the computers in my room so I'm not having to turn them on and log in several times during the day, please download the primary font and look to see if my Math Expressions disc will workJulie BushmanUpdate from Nick on 10-17-17: Tech Support had no luck getting the CDs to work, apparently there is now a web-based option for using the Math Expression materials. Nick is working with the company to get that option working for us. Nick is hopeful that he will have the info we need shortly after MEA break -- Most recent update from Nick (10-5-17) is that Math Expressions support has upped the level again, but still don't have a solution for us. Apparently we have two years remaining on our contract, so they are telling Nick that a solution has to be dtermined for us, but we don't know what that'll be yet --- Now waiting to find out what info Nick received talking with the Account Representative, Nick found out other schools are experiencing similar issues -- In Conference Call on 9-29-17, HMH Support confirmed that their Tier 2 team has not been able to find a solution since they began working on it on Wed Sept 27. They were hopeful that one would be determined. Nick was then going to contact our Account Manager and discuss the upgrade. --- Nick talked to HMH about our contract with them for materials. Sounds like it is possible for them to "upgrade" us in some fashion. Bryan and Nick talking more with them on Friday morning - As of Thursday, Sept 28, haven't heard more from HMH support --- Heard from HMH - gave some things to try. None worked. Let HMH Support know, and provided ISBN Nunber of the software/eBook as they requested, waiting to hear back --- Even with the disc being used for the files, and pop-ups off, and making sure flash is enabled, didn't matter what web browser I tried (Chrome, Firefox, Edge and even Internet Explorer v11) things didn't work. even tried accessing different files in the disc's common folder. Bryan sent in a tech support request to Houghlin-Mifflin (the makers of eMath Expressions) to find out if there is a proper way to make it work with Win 10 -- Bryan can schedule a time for this with Julie and see if her disc works - Did a quick check of our notes - IE and Firefox were the only two browsers trhat worked last year, and it had to run from the disc, it wouldn't work copying files to the computer like it once did many moons ago when we first got the software. have to go to common/startup/launch.html to start it, which is what I'm seeing as shortcuts on Paula's old computer. The issue for Paula now is that her disc doesn't seem to work either. Will see what options we have. - I'm sort of doubtful that Math Expressions will work. I had to do something weird last year where I would directly copy the files off the disc and then one of the html files needed to be opened with Internet Explorer. Chrome and Firefox would not work with it.
10/10/2017 14:41:40the el sped printer Color LJ 2025 is low on the blue, the red and the yellow toner.Rachel HoehnePrinter is now in Alli's old room now that Alli is in the Green Room where the printer used to be -- Bryan will move the toner so it's next to the printer --- Nathan dropped the toner off at the Elem tech office. The printer is moved and I don't know where. It probably doesn't need to be replaced just yet. I would put a note on the printer saying we have toner and that they can let us know when one runs out and we can replace it. - Toner arrived. Can be brought over to the Elem. - Nathan placed the order for cyan, magenta, and yellow toner. - Nathan will order the toner.
10/11/2017 9:00:19I continue to have problems watching CNN Student News between 1:30-1:40. I've never had the problem to this extent. Jill DavisMathan and Jill have been working more with SMARTLabs for options that Jill has liked. --- Bryan sent Jill an email. Will see if Juill would like to get together and discuss more - Bryan will schedule a time with Jill --- Bryan can talk to her about this. I've already tested with Wanda's and Jill's computer that they aren't losing the interent connection when the buffering issue occurs. I'm fairly certain CNN limits the amount of bandwidth per connection. For example I tested watching the video and also did a speed test at the same time and I have additional bandwidth to spare while the video is playing. I also offered her the solution of being able to download the video and watch it offline but she didn't want to do that. All you have to do is go here: and right click on the play now button for the day you want and choose to save the link. That downloads the video file allowing you to play it offline. That would avoid any and all buffering issues.
10/11/2017 16:57:55Can I get a dummy account to house the new iObservation forms? If not, can I share them with one of you -- there is a limit of 100 conversions from Google Form to Google Doc per month on the free account, so I want to split the elementary and high school.Nick TruxalShouldn't be a problem. Bryan will ask Nick for details
10/12/2017 11:09:59Someday soon could you please stop by and set up my projector thingamajig? I'm not having much luck with it.Rosann Eisenman10:00 on Wednesday - Bryan sent Rosann an email to schedule a time -- Bryan can schedule a time to set up her document camera
10/13/2017 7:38:31Demote ED4 as a server over MCA break.Nathan MaschingUpdate: 10/18/17 It is demoted and no longer an active directory domain server. Next step is to disable/remove the dns role. - Everything should be ready to go. Will demote it either today or tomorrow. - I've started on this by enabling DNS logging to see which devices still use ED4 as a DNS server. Each time a device uses it I figure out what device it was and update the configuration to point towards ED8 and ED7. Once I'm certain no devices appear to be using it for DNS I will demote it as a domain controller and remove it's other roles such as DNS.
10/13/2017 7:39:28Try and find where the gym cameras are running to and get the west camera working over MCA break.Nathan MaschingUpdate: 10/19/17 Bryan and I used the toner and probe to find where the camera went to. The camera was good. Turned out to be a bad patch cable. It's working again and both the east and west Gym cameras have been labeled on the patch panel. - 10/18/17 I found where the Gym East Camera is. It is going to the closet above the locker rooms. Still can't locate the other camera. It might be dead. Harry is going to help Thursday morning to use the lift and take down the camera in the Gym so I can test if it works or not. - Will have to test by unplugging cables that are unknown where they go in the tech closets. If they can't be found via this method may need to try and see where the cable is running to by looking at the cameras.
10/13/2017 9:26:38Could we get the elementary SpEd email list updated? We checked with three teachers there, and it doesn't seem to deliver to them. While we are at it, can we get Jane Johnson and Penny Garity added to the elementary staff list?Nick TruxalNick didn't think a special ed group was needed, but Bryan will change the name of the Google account to help eliminate future confusion -- Bryan will communicate more with Nick, and a SpEd Group can be created if one is needed - Additional Info: The email - as noted in the D-E Staff account list - isn't random, it's the account used for the Elem Sped iPads used by Rachael. The Google account is connected to the Apple ID account for those iPads. -- it's possible that folks have mistaken that for a group. Penny is already in the Elem Staff group since she is listed under the Elem Teachers group. Jane's email is in the District Office group, which isn't included in the Elem Staff group. We'd like to keep the groups as they are and not blurr lines. If folks are thinking that Jane is a part of the "Elem Staff" when they send out emails, we can include her as an individual member of that group, or include Jane in the Elem Office Staff group, which would include her in Elem Staff emails. Nathan talked with Nick. There is some confusion. There isn't an Elem Sped email list. There is however a random email called I have no idea what it's purpose is or why it was created. Bryan reset the password for it recently and the last login was Oct 6. Nick said he is fine without an email group as he can make his own contact group. When he asked the Elem Sped whether they should have the email list updated or not they did want it updated though meaning there might be a use for an Elem Sped group. The Elem has most likely been sending emails to it thinking it is a group. If the email is needed then the Elem teachers should be made aware that the email is not a group (note - we could change the name to, or we could create that account, and possibly reconnect it with the Apple ID we use for the iPads. The reason for the confusion in the name traces back to the fact that the account was set-up before we started using gmail exclusively and began setting up the groups). If it isn't needed then we should remove it to avoid confusion.
10/13/2017 13:10:53VCR/DVD in 3rd grade hall quit mid movie. Tried several other discs with no luck. Can we get it replaced?dan lechelerThe 3rd grade team is checking VHS titles and will discuss more with Bryan about how best to move forward -- Canned Air didn't fix the issue. DVD player still doing as Nathan described when he tested it yesterday. Bryan checking with 3rd grade teachers to see if we can eliminate the VHS part --- Bryan will talk with the 3rd grade teachers and will see if canned air will fix it. I don't think we have one of those lens-cleaning discs that has the little brush on them (Nathan may have a lens cleaning disc at home if I can find it.) -- Update: One idea to try before throwing the DVD player away is to use compressed air to try and clean dust from the lens. A lens cleaning disc could also be used if we have one. - Nathan tested it and it doesn't seem good. The DVD drive makes a few light clicking noises and appears to have trouble reading the DVD. The VHS player is untested and probably works. - We will need to test if it is working or not. If we can get it working again then we will do so. Unfortunately we will not be replacing it if it is no longer working according to the discussion Nathan and Bryan had last year. The third grade VHS/DVD combo player has been replaced 2 - 3 times already. This last one we purchased lasted only 2 months and cost $100. They don't produce new ones anymore and the refurbished ones are complete junk. The school is better off going away from those and using the computers to play DVD's in a classroom.
10/16/2017 15:11:48Trying to copy and paste from a PDF but it won't let me.Catherine VicknairNathan talked with her while at the Elem. The PDF is something she scanned in as she only had a paper copy. The PDF originates from a Rochester school. She is going to contact them and ask for a digital copy. If she can't get a digital copy she will have to retype the portion that she needs.
10/16/2017 15:15:25The iPad in my office isn't charging. I don't know what is wrong.Jeanne Svobodny (Submitted by Nathan)Update: She emailed back saying it charged to 12%. I'm wondering if she was expecting it to turn on right away while plugged in before. She will let it charge up all the way and see if the charger acts up again. - Nathan tried charging the iPad in a different wall outlet in her office. Forgot to check if it charged any before leaving the Elem. Sent an email to Jeanne asking if she can check if it charged or not. If not then we can try a different charger. The low battery image appears when you plug it in but doesn't seem to charge it any.
10/16/2017 17:48:17Can I get the SPED colored printer (between Bobbi Harris and Kate Vicknair's rooms) put onto my computer, so I can print to it? Thank you!!!Chelsey JohnsonDone - Chelsey busy with students each time I have checked - Bryan emailed her to find a time to do the printer set-up --- Bryan can do that
10/17/2017 8:51:58I cleaned my mouse pad this morning and now I can't use it. I tried restarting my computer. The red knob works but it's really difficult to click on things.Silke Horihan 4th grade last roomDone - Silke asked for Bryan to stop by at 11:15 today --- Bryan will check -- It's possible she activated the FN + F5 (or whatever key has the orange track pad symbol) which cycles through having the track pad and track point enabled and disabled. Use the key combination until both track pad and track point are enabled. If that's not it then I would ask what she cleaned it with.
10/17/2017 9:13:22screen is light - can't adjust itNeva DuffyNathan adjusted the screen brightness and contrast on the monitor itself to better fit what she wanted. - Nathan will check.
10/17/2017 13:11:05Could you add to our library references on the student links? Thanks!!Tami RheaDone - Tami talked with Nathan quick to make sure it was ok to link to it. Their website says it is for Minnesota residents, librarys, media centers, k-12, etc. Nathan will add the link.
10/18/2017 10:03:12printer in old footsteps room out of color maybe? Makes black and red lines horizontal across the paperkimberly SchlueterNathan asked Bryan and he said this was the printer she was referring to. - If this is the Sped color printer in Alli Kittleson's old room then Nathan replaced the magenta toner for it on 10/18/17 and made sure it still have cyan and yellow left by printing a supplies status page.
10/18/2017 12:35:45Our offsite backup software is not connecting to the offsite server.Nathan MaschingHaven't heard back from Damon, Will check with him again today (Monday) -- Nathan tried logging in but can't. Bryan is going to talk with Damon and ask if our username/password can be reset that way we can eliminate that as part of the issue.
10/19/2017 12:33:24Website - will you add a Smart eR (Smart eR - Access your payroll information online and Purchase Order Requests!) link ( on the Staff Resources Start PageGary BetcherDone. Nathan cleaned up some of the formatting as well that way everything has consistent sizing, spacing, etc. - Gary mentioned this to Bryan last week, and Bryan said that would be fine to do, and asked Gary to put in a Tech Request as a reminder --- Nathan can add the link. I don't think there is any approval process for the staff resources page like there is the home page.
10/23/2017 7:57:44I cannot get into my H drive this morning?Eric AeschlimannHe restarted his laptop, and got access to his H drive
10/23/2017 10:50:58I don't know how to add Adobe flash to my 2 desktop computers. Starfall is asking for it for some of the games.Peggy Swenson1pm - It depends on which browser. Bryan will check with Peggy
10/23/2017 11:13:30printer in old foosteps room, says replace yellow Kimberly Schluetertoner is by the printer - Bryan will replace
10/23/2017 11:18:05The iPads are asking to update but I need help with it.Peggy SwensonBryan will check on this at 1:00 also
10/23/2017 11:35:28Our printer will need ink soon. We have been shaking it for a while. HP P1606dn Laser JetChristine KobsNathan placed an order for it.
10/23/2017 11:53:10Can someone enter the password so we can download an app for large font textbooks on a student's iPadNick TruxalDone. - Nathan will check if the iPad is at the HS. I think it is for a 6th grader. If so I can enter in the password.
10/23/2017 13:18:13Printer setupSadie LinnihanSadie has a new laptop from HVED - she is at Elem today, Bryan can set things up for her
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