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TimestampProblem or Request:Your Name:Notes/Resolution
5/30/2018 7:42:37My smart board still does not work with chrome. I can't click on things or scroll.Dan VriezeDan will use Firefox for now. Leaving this open to troubleshoot more over the summer. I can't figure it out at the moment. - Nathan will try a few more things.
5/30/2018 8:16:02Color Printer in lab 2 says to order Cyan (HP Color Laserjet 4600)Barb KingsleyBryan will get these in the next few days so they are available -- Cyan and Magenta are both getting low. Will see if they can both last a couple of more days
5/30/2018 8:35:46Bryan putting this here as an FYI - at the Elem, Jenna and Gretchen are swapping classrooms, and Terri and Maryrose are also swapping rooms, so there will be a true "1st grade hall" and "2nd grade hall". The grades were mixed together for several years, including the old multi-age classroom setupsBryan BergUpdate - Teachers have all made their moves (for the most part) - appears Gretchen won't need a cable moved. Will need to get printers installed yet for Gretchen, Jenna and maybe the new teacher -- The teachers are looking at the rooms to determine where desks and supplies will be going. Hopefully there won't be much change, but an ethernet cable may need to be moved in one classroom (Gretchen's new location)
6/4/2018 11:45:12New toner for Lexmark E250dnSara SmithNathan placed an order for this on 8/9/18 along with some other toner cartridges we needed.
6/4/2018 12:40:03Please connect my computer to all printers in the elementary building. Thank you!! Kiley PuetzClarification - Kiley just would like to make sure that she has the Elem Teacher Workroom Canon, the Elem Media Center Canon and the Color 4600 in Elem Lab 2 installed besides what she already has, that should work fine. --- Nope - Only need to connect to a handful at the most. I will talk with Kiley -- Probably won't happen. We aren't going to add 10 to 20 printers to someone's computer.
6/4/2018 12:49:52I would like an external disk drive for my computer. Thanks! Have a great summer! :)Jenna ClarkI have one for Jenna, but don't want to just leave it in her room. I'll give it to her when she's here for workshops -- Yes, Jenna would like an external CD/DVD drive. I believe I have one or two at the Elem and she can use one of those -- Probably means an external drive. She has a Lenovo B50 which did not have them. - Not sure if Jenna means a small USB Drive or something else? Or maybe she means an external CD/DVD drive? Bryan will ask
6/4/2018 13:11:13Could the desk top computers be set to come up to the student resources page when the beach ball internet icon is clicked. ThanksSuzette RowenDone - Suzette's Room (and the Kindergarten Rooms in general) are being cleaned. When that process is done, Bryan can reconnect the computers and make the change for Suzette --- Yep, can do that! Will put that on the summer to-do list (Suzette won't need the changes until fall)
6/4/2018 13:30:57Hi Guys, I am going to turn in my computer today even though I'm on the list to get a new one. Also, if there are ever an extra 1-3 ipads for use, please let me know, and I would be happy to use them in my ELL room, even if they're old! Or, if there is a way to check them out, I would be open to doing that too. Also, next year it's my goal to ask about and use the google expedition cart...even though I have a small number of students. I don't know much about this; I just know I'm interested and don't go to staff meetings to get the details! Thanks for everything this year. -Julie Julie GieseAll sounds good! Can touch base with Julie more about using older iPads and the Expeditions cart in the Fall.
6/4/2018 14:43:11The computer/projector plug in- not sure if it's okay the way it is or if it should be replaced over the summer. And functional speakers- the ones I have make awful noises when you turn it up loud enough for all the kids to hearStephanie PorterOrdering a RedCat system. Probably the best option for that big room -- Might have speakers or might want to buy some. Her room is larger than most. Want louder ones. If possible, her room should get an HDMI cable to replace the VGA. I think she will need a HDMI Mini to the larger HDMI cable adapter. Her computer has mini and most other devices use the larger version.
7/25/2018 14:30:13I got a new laptop, so I need help connecting to school wifi and the printer. I'll be in my office tomorrow (Thursday July 26th) from about 8-12:45, then I'll be back on Monday, July 30th or anytime after that. Just knock on the door if you are available to help me out, or let me know if I can drop it off somewhere for you. Thank you!Moriah MuellerMoriah and Nathan added the printers. If you have to install a printer driver, you have to have Moriah call the tech support to get temporary admin rights. - Moriah wasn't available Friday morning. Left her note for other possibilities next week if we can't catch each other today (8/10/18) Bryan can check with her on Thursday or FRiday
8/1/2018 15:16:02please fix the phone in my new room, 205maryrose kellerDone - Bryan can check on this
8/1/2018 15:19:01please get the printer in this hallway set up on my laptopmaryrose kellerDone - -Bryan can check on that when Maryrose is in the building
8/1/2018 15:24:24please adjust the projection to the smart board so that it fills the entire area of the boardmaryrose kellerDone - Bryan can do that when Maryrose is in the building with the laptop
8/6/2018 9:29:10need to re order printer ink i have just replaced the last cartridge. will need both color and black to replenish stockDustin PagelReceived and delivered - Ordered 8/9/18 - PO 20173 --- Bryan will reorder
8/8/2018 10:52:01Set up all technology needed for Nicole Einsman to be an LRP Instructor - questions - contact Jeanne SvobodnyChris BergNathan has laptop ready, and Bryan has completed other accounts --- Nicole already has an active account since she was doing work for the district during the past year. She will need a laptop, and - because of the use of the LRP room now, Allie will be going back to her "old" room, and a SMARTBoard will need to be set up in there - we'll use the one in Lab 3 that doesn't get used for Allie, and put in a pull down screen in Lab 3 instead
8/8/2018 11:14:051. The sign-up for child care using Sign-up genius for Back-to-School Conferences isn't working & 2. my access to JMC often says, "This site is unavailable" when Heather is actually working in JMC. Something isn't right with my JMC access. Thank you! Jeanne SvobodnyFixed the link issue, and edited the shortcut for JMC that she had in her Chrome web browser so it goes to the correct address. - JMC access issue is because Jeanne is using an old shortcut to the JMC server when we used to host it. Bryan can fix that when Jeanne is in the building again
8/9/2018 16:10:44I know we just got a new toner cartridge, but the copies are very faint. I can not read them.deb donnayPut in an order for a replacement on 8/10/18 - Could be a bad cartridge. Bryan will take a look this morning (Friday, 8/10/18)
8/10/2018 9:54:28Theatre Director Tim Chappell needs email and alarm him at for last 4 SS digitsChris Berg for Todd RowekampThe email provided isn't correct. But accounts are set up -- Bryan will get things set-up. Have a row for him now in D-E Staff Spreadsheet highlighted in pink
8/13/2018 11:47:29Move printer from room 237 to room 236michelle mcnallanEarly Childhood team deciding on location sometime next week. they will let Bryan know. For now, it's in the unoccupied breakout room -- There is no place to put that printer in 236. There is only one network drop, and that's presently used for the pnone (which needs poe), and even that location (with a small poe switch) has no room for a printer. Bryan will send an email to the Early Childhood crew and ask them how they want to do things and Bryan can show them various options. If 236 is going to have the printer, there will probably need to be some furnature rearranging that needs to be done -- Bryan will look into this possibility
8/13/2018 13:42:12Alli was wondering if she would be getting a smartboard in her new room and Nicole does not have a telephone in her new classroom. thanks so muchmichelle mcnallanBryan already contacted Alli - info for that plan is above
8/13/2018 14:15:35Remove new staff H drive folders from having sharing permissions set.Nathan MaschingNathan fixed them.
8/13/2018 14:41:12Set up all technology needed for Katie Kahn, EL Inst AsstChris BergBryan will do this
8/13/2018 14:41:31Set up all technology needed for Ashly Hernandez, EL Inst AsstChris BergBryan will do this
8/14/2018 10:41:13printers not accessible; having issues hooking up to SmartboardwandahansonShe wasn't there and she took her computer with her. - Nathan will check Thursday, 8-15-18.
8/14/2018 15:36:55Colleen Dietz is a new HS Instructional Assistant and needs appropriate technologyChris BergBryan will do this
8/15/2018 9:00:53My computer says it needs repair. If you are in the elementary building could you check on it. Otherwise I will be in tomorrow and can drop it off at the high school. Thanks!Rosann EisenmanDone. - BSOD issue. Nathan will fix.
8/16/2018 12:07:09I am unable to open my H drive. I tried the "Network Drive Mapper" icon, but that didn't work. Please help! I picked up my computer from the Media Center this morning; it's on my desk in the MSHS band office.Kathy MonsonDone. Possibly the network and file discovery was turned off. - Nathan will check.
8/17/2018 9:18:39Set up technology needed for EL preschool para Ellen ScofieldChris BergBryan will do this
8/17/2018 9:19:01Set up technology for EL preschool Inst Asst Wendy NormanChris BergBryan will do this
8/17/2018 11:37:17Linda's printer needs tri-color ink cartridge. The one we had only has blue. I would say order 2 tri-color cartridges and 1 black cartridge. I just replaced the black and we still have 1 more left. That gives us 2 of each. Printer model is HP Deskjet 6122.Nathan MaschingBryan will order
8/17/2018 11:37:38Linda's dot matrix printer for alarms is not working.Nathan MaschingDone. Nathan fixed. Turned it off, blew into the printer cable port and cable end on the back of the printer, also made sure the end plugging in to the box above was tight. Turned it on and it started printing. It would not print just by turning it on and off. Must be the connection.
8/17/2018 14:07:11Problem solved - thank you!!Rosann Eisenman
8/20/2018 12:05:38Should I let my computer do updates automatically? Julie Bushman said she let hers and then her computer 'crashed', so I am nervous about letting it update and it is trying to do it without my approval. I am at school today.Paula BraunBryan communicated with Paula. She'll let us know if she has any further issues. --- Bryan will send Paula and email
8/20/2018 13:11:34Would we have a router that I can set up to test connections in a room we could utilize for the MCAs (Amanda Kruger's room) and a bunch of power strips? I can get it set up, myself, but need access to the equipment. Amanda says she doesn't get an internet connection on half her room.Nick TruxalWAP was in closet (been there for a few years. I moved it into a temp spot in Amanda's classroom for now. Plan to place it in ceiling area between Amanda's room and Deb Donnay's room and see how it does there for coverage - have used that same plan in a couple of other locations and it's worked well. So will try it, hopefully can finish the process by the end of the week --- Bryan emailed Nick - I can look at the location of the Access Point near Amanda's Room and see if we can get it closer for coverage. If it's where I think it is, theat should be very do-able without having other coverage issues -- First I have heard about that. Bryan will send Nick an email
8/20/2018 13:36:24Please download the ABC Primary Lined font disc onto my laptop. I think it disappeared when my computer crashed a few weeks ago.Peggy thought that Bryan still had the disc. If not can you help me get the font from Paula's or Suzette's computers? Thanks.Julie BushmanDone --- 2pm will work - Bryan checking to see if 2pm today (8/21) will work for Julie -- I think I still do have the Disc. Bryan will schedule that with Julie
8/20/2018 13:37:17Please help me connect to the Kindergarten printer and plug into the SMART board.Megan TuohyDone --- Checking with Megan to see if 2:30pm will work today (8/21) for Megan -- Bryan will schedule a time for Megan
8/20/2018 14:25:55I think my printer's life is coming to an end. It has been jamming during every print for the last couple weeks.Heather WobschallThe old 4100 is having the issue. Seems to be OK again, for now, but will still make the change later this week when there's some time --- B&W or Color, we have a replacement waiting in the wings. Will make the switch later this week
8/21/2018 15:05:29My Smartboard needs adjustment. Thank you!Chris MatejkaDone - Bryan will check
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