Student NameRoll NumberEmail idCollegeYearBranchSectionMobile NumberPrimary SkillProblem DomainYear of PassingReasons for Opting this position
Deepika Sharma16BD1A0426deeps12999@gmail.comKMIT2020ECEA9515787752Java, SQL, html, phpDefence technology, biomedical informatics2020interested to build a career in IoT
Govind Asawa17BD1A058Mgovindasawa23@gmail.comKMIT2021CSEE8179654453Java, python, SQL,php,JSbiomedical, Defence2021keen to build career in the field of AI
Nihith Reddy 16BD1A0596sainihith9618@gmail.comKMIT2020 graduateCSEE9618776968Java,Python,Biomedical Informatics,Neuro Imaging,Agri Informatics,Defense Technology, Clinical Informatics2020 Always wanted to do research in the field of AI/ML
Adithya Vedavyas J16BD1A0401adithyavedavyas1999@gmail.comKMIT
2020 passed out
ECEA8374419947C, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Sql, Python, Power BI(DAX), Azure Data Factory, Java, ArduinoGSoC projects,Agri-Informatics,Biomedical Informatics,IOT2020
I chose GSoC as i want to scale up my coding skills with a real-time approach. I chose IOT as i'm passionate about this right from my 1st year of graduation. I chose Agri and Biomedical informatics because right now i'm working as an Azure Data Engineer in a start-up. So, I want to enhance my skills in data field.
Gopidi Varunpal Kmit2021 passoutCseD9121956909C,C++,Java,PYTHON,Html,ML
Adepu Harsha Datta245319737061harshadatta99@gmail.comNGIT2ndIT B9059233919C, C++, Python, Java, JavaScript , HTML, CSS G
As I look forward to begin my career, I need to place things in their right positions. If my beginning is promising, I am likely to succeed . With an opportunity, such as this one , is more than one can ask for. This helps me to work on real time projects, gives me hands-on experience, gives me an opportunity to work and learn about latest technologies, which in turn will help me to develop my skills and make my self technically sound and industry ready.
Akhila J19BD1A050Uakhila1207@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA8008093663C, C++ , HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap , Java
Akshadha Reddy19BD1A050Titikela.akshadha@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA7095600506C,C++, JAVA, HTML, CSS ,NODE JS, BOOTSTRAP
Akshat hirani19BD1A0503hakshat04@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA9951560720C++,HTML,CSS ,JAVASCRIPT,REACT,PYTHON,SQLGSoc Projects,Defence Technology,bioinformatics,GPU Nvidia c++ programming2023Wish to learn technologies and thier application in real world problems..especially in webdevelopment and AI/ML
Akshaya Chanchala19BD1A05C3chanchala9119@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEG6301833519HTML, CSS, JS, BOOTSTRAP, REACT JS, JAVA, CGSoc Project2023I believe working on real world projects would help me in making my skills stronger
Akshith Bharadwaj19BD1A051Fakshithbharadwaj@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA9347620298C++,HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT,REACTGsoc projects, Agri genomics,Defence Technology2023I always wanted to gain hands on experience working in a real time work environment where I can get guidance from my mentors, I believe this is a perfect opportunity for me to develop myself
Aman Singh Jolly KMIT2ndITA8897050060MERN, C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, BootstrapGsoc projects, Defence Technology, Biomedical Informatics2023I always wanted to work on real life impacting projects which have very huge codebase. I would love to use my skills and contribute to them.
AMRUTHA S GAFFAR19BD1A0543amruthasgaffar3122@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC7337066266C,C++, JAVA, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, REACTJS, Bootstrap,MySQL, basics of PYTHONBiomedical Informatics, Defense Technology, GSoC Projects,Agri-Genomics2023I'd like to have an opportunity to use what I learn in the real world and gain even more knowledge, hands on experience.
Anurag Geereddy245319733064geereddyanurag@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB9866269502C,C++,Java,Python,HTML,basic ML,basic Data visualisation toolsGSoc Project, Defence technology, Agri-Informatics, Cancer genomics, Bioinformatics, Biomedical Imaging2023I would like to work on real time projects and look to build my cv to build a career in datascience and this would be a right platform for me
Azhhar Shah19BD1A0516shahazhhar@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA7981745846C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSSDefence Technology, Biomedical imaging, GPU-Nvidea, Cancer genomics2023I see this as an opportunity to step into the "real" software world before most of my peers and have my visions expanded.
B N S R RITEESH19BD1A0524riteeshbommaraju@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB7702499200PYTHON, CPP, SQL,Java, HTML&CSS, Node Js, Bootstrap, JAVASCRIPT, Competitive ProgrammingGSoc Projects, Defence Technology2023Always Wanted to do make / work for something which really made an impact in the society, and to improve my understanding and this seems a legit opportunity to pursue
B Sai Rohith19BD1A0585sairohith9120@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEE7036145828Java, SQL, c, c++, html, css, bootstrap, javascript, python, data structures, competitive programmingGSoc Project, Agri genomics, Defence Technology,biomedical imaging
Bodiga Rithwika19BD1A054Bbodiga.rithwika@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC7675832677HTML , CSS , ReactJS , MYSQL ,C , C++ , JAVA , Python (basic) , Angular , Machine learning (Python)GSoc Project2023I'd like to pursue my passion towards real-time web-development through this project and improve my capabilities in this domain .
Ch Adithya Reddy19BD1A054Fchintalaadithyareddy@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC9390394175PYTHON,C++,HTML,CSS, Machine LearningGsoc Projects2023I would like to learn and explore the open source organization which would strengthen my skills.
CH Anjani Rohith19BD1A054Danjanirohith27@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC9390337128C++,HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT,REACT,BOOTSTRAP,PYTHONGSoc Projects,Defence Technology2023I've always engrossed to contribute in Defense Technologies and get hands on experience on projects.I believe GSoc projects could create a real-time working mindset and could be used to build up my portfolio.
Ch Neelakanta Yadav19BD1A054Eneelakantayadav9999@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC9059733459HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP, SQL, JAVAGSoc Project, Defence Technology, Agri genomics2023
Ch.Saiteja19BD1A052819bd1a0528@gmail.comkmit2ndcseb9640219495html, css, javascript,node js,cpp,java, pythonGSoc Project, Agri genomics, Defence Technology , GPU-Nvidia c++ programing
Chakilam Vishalakshi 19BD1A0529 KMIT2ndCSEB7997154471C,Cpp,java,Python,javascript ,reactjs,html,css,basic Ml &Dl,MySqlGsoc Projects,Defence Technology,Biomedical Imaging,GPU-Nvidia,Cancer genomics2023I always wanted to explore real time projects to improve my skills and apply my knowledge inorder to solve them and learn somemore
Challa Vineeth Reddy19BD1A052Bvineethreddychalla9@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB9100824951Data science (MACHINE LEARNING,DEEP LEARNING) , NLP , HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, PYTHON, C, C++ Defence Technology, Agro Informatics, Biomedical imaging, GSoc Projects2023
Honestly, I possess all the skills that you're looking for. I also have some background knowledge in building machine learning and deep learning models. On the other hand, I am a self-motivated person and I try to exceed my superior's expectations with high-quality work. Being a fast learner, I quickly pick up knowledge related to my project. Also by doing this project I think I can develop real-world project knowledge which can be very helpful for my career.
Chandresh Kumar19BD1A050Fkchandresh726@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA9398610921HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,SQL,REACT,PYTHON,C,C++GSoc Projects,Defence Technology,bioinformatics,GPU-Nvidia2023Intrested to work on web development and real world projects
D V N Shashank245319737011shashankdvn@gmail.comNGIT2ndITA6300622655Python,ML,DL,HTML,CSS, Javascript,C++,Java,CGsoc Project, Defence Technology,AGRI-INFORMATICS2023I want to apply my technical skills to real world projects.I will get exposed to new technologies.I will come up with new ideas and contribute positively to the community.
Dheeraj talari19BD1A054Ltalaridheeraj@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC8367418897C,C++,PYTHON,JAVA,DEEP LEARNING,KIVY,SQLGsoc project, defense technology, GPU-Nvidia c++ programming
G HarshaChandra Reddy19BD1A052Fgaddamharsha06@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB9390381354C,C++,JAVA,HTML,CSS,PYTHON,ML,SQL
G V R S SAI GANESH19BD1A058Csai102789@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEE8897126796C++,JavaDEFENCE Technology2023Anything related to Defence Technology, I am up for it.
G.Rithika245319733074rithikagowrishetty21@gmail.comNGIT2NDCSEB7989061999CSS,HTML,PYTHON,JAVA,C,CPPGSOC2023I want to enhance my skills and work on real time projects.
G.Sowmya19BD1A05ANsreesowmyavinod@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEF9182715130HTML,CSS ,React JS, MYSQL ,JAVA ,C,C++,PYTHON,Full Stack Front& Back EndGSoc Project, Defence Technology,Cancer-Genomics,GPU-NVidia C++ Programming, Defence related problems2023I want to broaden my horizons and gain a different perspective so that I can look at the same thing from a variety of angles.
Gite Vivek Kumar245319733075vivekkumargite@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB8309896354C,C++,JAVA,PYTHON,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,KOTLINGSOC.Biomedical Informatics
Jahnavi Bhagirath Patel19BD1A1222jahnavipatel0206@gmail.comKMIT2ndITA8555866184C++, Java, Python, HTML,CSS, BootstrapGSoc Project2023Working on gsoc project gives me a chance to solve the real world problems and improve my coding skills, and also teaches me about collaboration
jayanth K19BD1A052P19bd1a052p@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB9381583938Python , Java , C++ , sql , Datascience , Reactjs ,Flutter for AndroidGSoc , Biomedical Imaging informatics , Bioinformatics , Defence related roblems , Gpu c++ programming ,Agri genomics2023I am appetite to learn and experience the work from different fields by working on the respective real-time project.
jayasimha reddy19BD1A053N19BD1A053N@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB9347384020HTML , CSS , JAVASCRIPT , BOOTSTRAP , REACT JS , C , C++ , JAVA GSoc Project, Agri genomics, Defence Technology , GPU-Nvidia c++ programing2023Always Wanted to work on real world projects to build my career and develope my skills and this would be a right platform for me
K Sai Prajwal19BD1A056Rsaiprajwal000@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSED8142456827Java, C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, ML DL (Tensorflow)GSoC, Biomedical Informatics, Defence Technology2023To contribute to collaborative projects and gain necessary experience under the right guidance of my mentors.
39 NGIT2NDCSEB8919815934C,PYTHON,HTML,CSS,CPP,JAVAGSOC2023I enjoy doing real time projects and improving my skills
kandikanti karthikeya goud245319737084kandikantikarthikeyagoud@gmail.comNGIT2ndITB7036539668C++,Python,Java,C,basic MLGSOC,Defence Technology,Biomedical Infomatics2023i am very much interested to do these projects and develop my skills
Karumuri Sujay245319733083sujaykarumuri@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB9182387304C, C++, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, HTML, CSS, REACTJSGSoc Project
Kodaganti Ganesh20BD5A0514kodaganti2001@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC7680884609HTML,CSS ,React JS, MYSQL ,JAVA ,C,C++,BackendGSoc Project2023I always wanted to work on real world projects to build my career and I believe this is right oppurtunity for me.
Krishna Chaitanya Addanki19BD1A058Qkcaddanki007@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSE E9440772600C++, Java, Python, HTML, CSS, JS, Bootstrap Biomedical Informatics
M. Anju Sree19BD1A052Vanjusree30032002@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB6305250365c/c++, python, java, html, css(react js), basic ml, sqlgsoc project, agri-informatics,defence technology, biomedical informatics2023I would like to gain some experience on real time projects of these profound domains which are of my interest and would help me in future
M.Laya19BD1A0517Layakrishna.01@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA9866446094C,c++,Java,html,css,nods js
M.Sai Pranitha 19BD1A0531 KMIT2ndCSEB8688787156C,C++,Python,HTML,CSS,Java, Basic MLGsoc project,Biomedical Informatics, Defense Technology 2023I'm interested to work on real time projects and I would like to improve my skills and gain some experience that helps me in future
Madnoor Rithwan19BD1A0491rithwanabhi97@gmail.comKMIT2ndECEB7093955455C,Python,HTML.GSOC,Defence Technology2023I wish to pursue this internship to build a Carrer and work on real Projects.
Mahendraker Venkat245319733032venkatprince212@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEA9866028066C++,Java,Python,Kotlin,Html , CSSGSOC,Biomedical Infomatics
MALIPEDDI SAI TEJA19BD1A0512malipeddisaiteja@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA7386546657PYTHON, C++, JAVA, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPTGSoC Projects, Defence Technology2023I am very passionate about Defense Technology and want to contribute the best work that I can, and also to work on real world projects.
Manasvi Velpuri245319733088manasvivelpuri@gmail.comNGIT2NDCSEB9390650391HTML,CSS,PYTHON(BASICS),JAVA(BASICS),C,CPPGSOC,AGRI-INFORMATICS2023to enhance my coding skills .
Meghna Desai19BD1A052Zmeghna691desai@gmail.comkmit2ndcseB6281784001html, css, js(with react), cpp, c, java, Python, basic ml/dlbioinformatics, defence2023I want to learn how the technologies that we are taught help in the real world and solve various problems.
MIHIR CHOTNEERU19BD1A0515mihirchotneeru@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA7993466727c++, python , HTML ,CSS, JS , REACT Gsoc Projects , Defence Technology , Biomedical Imaging , GPU-Nvidea, Cancer genomics 2023I am aways passionate about web development and want to work on real time projects to build my career
MURIKI ROHAN19BD1A0518rohanmurki20@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSE A7093515541C++,PYTHON,HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT,REACTGsoc Projects,Defence Technology,Biomedical Imaging,GPU-Nvidia,Cancer genomics2023Always Wanted to work on real world projects to build my career and I believe this is right oppurtunity for me.
Mysker Sai Prem19BD1A0532myskersaiprem1409@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB8989119751C, C++, Java, SQL, Python, HTML, CSS, REACTJS, ML, DLDEFENCE TECHNOLOGY, GSoC projects, Neuroimaging2023Very much interested to work and contribute in Defence Systems, as I always choose the path which challenges my skills to the fullest.
Mysore Anirudh245319733092manirudh46@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB9291418091c,c++,java,python,HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,SQL,REACTJS,Defense Technology , GSoC Projects2023I wish to pursue this internship to evaluate my inherent abilities and potential and get pratical experience
N. Venkat Ganesh19BD1A051Bneelavenkatganesh16@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA7093011926Javascript, React js, Mongo DB, Express js, Node js, SQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, EJS, C, C++, Python, JavaGSoc Project, Agri genomics, Defence Technology2023I have experience in Full stack web development. I'm curious and want to utilise my skills in developing real world applications.
N.Abhishek19BD1A0555naravaabhishek@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC9398979846C,C++,PYTHON,HTML,CSS,BOOTSTRAP,JAVASCRIPT,REACT,MYSQLGSoc Project2023I'd would like to join in Gsoc project because I possess all the skills and I want work on the open-source.
NILESH TOSHNIWAL19BD1A0536Nileshtoshniwal743@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB8978958221HTML, CSS , BOOTSTRAP , JAVASCRIPT , REACTJS , SQL , NODE JS (BASIC) , C , C++ , JAVA (BASIC) ,PYTHON (BASIC)GSoc Projects,Defence Technology,bioinformatics,GPU-Nvidia c++programming 2023Always Wanted to work on real world projects to build my career and I believe this is right oppurtunity for me.
P A Sai Keerthana19BD1A0558keerthana0322@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC7995854740c,c++,java,html,css, bootstrap,javascript,react js,mysqlGsoc Project2023makes me learn better and upgrade my knowledge by working with real time project and best opportunity in the college to go with what I can develop with my skills
Pokala Rahul245319733099rahulpokala18@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB7799687093C,C++,Python,Java,ML/DL,SQL,HTML,CSSGSOC, GPU-Nvidia using c++, Cancer genomics, Agri-Genomics, Bio and Biomedical imaging informatics2023Exploring and acquring in-depth knowledge in multiple computational technologies
Pola Saiteja19BD1A051Gpolasaiteja436267@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA9182125227c++,html,PYTHON, css, javascript, react, sqlGsoc project, defense technology, GPU-Nvidia c++ programming, cancer genomics2023interested in learning and skills improvement to work on real world projects based on web development and ML
Preetham Srinivasachary M245319733100m.preetham2019@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB7569191952C,C++,JAVA,Python,Android Dev(Kotlin),HTML,CSS,JS,Datascience, competitive programmingGSOC,Bio-medial informatics, Defence technology2023I am Intrested in contributing to open source, learn about latest technologies and their applications and gain hands-on experience
Pyata Sandeep19BD1A1239pyatasandeepsandy@gmail.comKMIT2ndITA7997508148C++, Python, Java, HTML, CSS, JS, ReactJS, SQLGSoC Projects2023Willing to learn, work, contribute and dive into the industry with practical skills.
R Sai Karthik Reddy245319737048reddykarthik2001@gmail.comNGIT2ndITA8106759099C,C++,PYTHON,JAVA,SQL,HTML,CSS,JS,basic MLGSOC , Defence Technology , GPU-Nvidia C++ Programming , Agri-Genomics2023i'm interested to work on real time projects and new architecture which would add value and weight to my cv.
R.Achithu Vardhan NGIT2ndCSEB9390794650C,C++,PYTHON,JAVA,HTML,CSS ,ML/DLGSOC, Defence technology2023Always wanted to work on real time projects and improve my skills
R.Anugna245319733105anugna.rebba@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB9491843711C,C++,Python,Java,ML,HTMLGSOC, Defence2023I wanted enhance my skills by building realtime projects so that i can crack GSOC or any product based company.
Ravula Dimple Rajeeswar19BD1A05DFrajeshrdr1725@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEG9553008553C,JAVA, ANDROID DEVLOPMENT USING KOTLIN, HTML,CSS, BOOTSTRAP,SQL,JAVA SCRIPTGSOC, Defence Technology2023In order to build a successful career I must utilize each and every opportunity and I strongly believe that it will help me a lot
S Naga Sai Harika245319733093harikasikakollu88@gmail.comNGIT2NDCSEB9390127569HTML,CSS,PYTHON(BASICS),JAVA(BASICS),C,CPPGSOC,AGRI-INFORMATICS2023I want to learn and experiment on various projects to enhance my coding skills.
Sahitya Atukuri19BD1A1205a.sahitya2002@gmail.comKMIT2ndITA8919168184C,C++,JAVA,PYTHON,HTML,CSS,REACTJS,BOOTSTRAP,BASIC(ML,DL),SQLGSOC,Defence technology,bio-medical,Agri informatics2023I am fully intrested in working on real time projects , and to develop skills.
Sai Sumiran K245319733046sumirankalyani7@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEA8179094170C, C++, JAVA, PYTHON, HTML, CSSGSOC,Defence Technology,Biomedical Infomatics2023I am very much interested to on these projects and develop my skills and contribute to the betterment of society
Saivardhan Pogu245319733098pogusaivardhan@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB9391851962JAVA ,PYTHON,C++GSOC, Defence Technology2023I am intrested to work on real time projects to build my career and improve my skills
Sharvani Yellanki19BD1A055Hsharvaniyellanki1234@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEC9182618081C,C++,HTML,CSS,JS,NODE JS, REACT, JAVADefence Technology, GSoc2023This opportunity would give me a great aspect of what the IT industry has and also would be an amazing chance to learn something new and give back to the society.
Sreelaya Vuyyuru19BD1A1257sreelayavuyyuru@gmail.comKMIT2ndITA9390448677MERN, C++, Java, Python, HTML/CSS, BootstrapGSOC, Defence Technology, Biomedical informatics2023I am confident that I have a fine grip on Web Development and I would really be grateful to have mentors who can nourish my skills and projects to demonstrate them. I would need guidance to put my skills on the right track and to explore new technologies.
Sriharika Kukkadapu245319733052kukkadapu.sriharika512@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEA7093131718C,C++,Python,Java,HTMLGSOC,Defence technology2023I want to improve my coding skills through real time projects and want to learn how can I apply my skills on real life problems.
T.Jishitha19BD1A053Kjishithareddy2401@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB8688758631Python,HTML,CSS,C,C++,Java,basic MLGsoc project,Defence technology2023I always wanted to work on real time projects to improve my skills and build my career and gain hands-on experience
T.Sai Sumedh19BD1A053Bsaisumedh12@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEB9182440074C++,PYTHON,HTML,CSS,MACHINE LEARNING,DATA ANALYSISDefence technology,Bioinformatics,Cancer Genomics2023I have always been very keen on working in the Machine learning field and I would like to further my knowledge by researching in this field to propel my experience
T.saikumar245319733115saikumarterala2000@gamil.comNGIT2ndCSEB8688169067python,javaGSOC,Bio-medical informatics,Defence Technology2023i am interseted in learning new technology and working on real time projects related to datascience,Machine learning and deep learninig
Taahir Khan Sadakathullakhan19BD1A1252khantaahir123@gmail.comKMIT2ndITA9573932873C, C++, Python, HTML, CSS, bootstrap, JAVA, ML, WordPress, ArduinoGSOC, Biomedical Informatics, Defence technology2023I've always wanted to contribute to real time projects and the open-source community. I see this as a great opportunity to achieve that goal under the right guidance of my mentors.
V Sri Datta Yogishwar19BD1A051Usridatta53@gmail.comKMIT2ndCSEA9505701348PYTHON, JAVA ,C, C++, HTML, CSS , BOOTSTRAP, JAVASCRIPT, REACT JS, MONGO DB, SQL, DL and ML (basics).Gsoc Projects,Defence Technology,Biomedical Imaging,GPU-Nvidia,Cancer genomics2023Always wanted to work on real time projects as it helps in improving the subject and improve my knowledge in various fields and I wanted to work on biomedical informatics and open source projects.
V.Umakanth245319737309ventipallyumakanth85000@gmail.comNGIT2ndITB6303841223SQL,HTML,React JS,PythonBiomedical Imaging, Computational Neuroscience, Defence Technology.2021Interested to build a Carrer and work on real Projects.
Varun R Patel19BD1A0457patelvarun13175@gmail.comKMIT2ndECEA9347270132C,Python,HTML,CSS,ArduinoGSOC, Defence Technology2023To ensure that I am capable of Doing a real time projects in order to have a great programing knowledge
Vemula Harshini245319733118harshini.vemula24@gmail.comNGIT2ndCSEB9390700060C,C++,JAVA,PYTHON,HTML,CSSGSOC,Defence technology2023i have always been interested working in real time projects and i would like to develop my skills through it.
Afra19BD1A05A2itsafrahere@gmail.comKMIT2nd CSEF9346538159html,css,js, react js ,java ,c++,sql, python basics,nodegsoc project,agri-informatics, defence technology,bio medical informaticsI'd would like to join in Gsoc project because I possess all the skills and I want work on the open-source.
Akondi Sai Karthik Vyas17BD1A1004vyask0213@gmail.comKMIT4thEIE-8074253859PythonBiomedical Imaging , Computational Neuroscience 2021Always have been fascinated about the "WHY" ! Why and where the process of a thought starts . I'll never leave an opporunity which drives me to this question . I'm very much interested in the fields of Biomedical Engineering , especially Neurosciences.
Anjani Chatti17BD1A1013 anjanichatti234@gmail.comKMIT4thEIE9381945283Java, Html,Php,CssBiomedical Informatics,Defence Technology2021Always have been interested in finding better solutions for the society.
B Rohith Chandra17BD1A0567rohithchandra95@gmail.comKMIT4thCSED9100202251Python ,javaNeuro Imaging,Agri-Informatics ,Defence Technology,GSoC Projects2021Wanted to learn more and do research which would enhance my skills
Syed Muzzammil Hassan Abedi17BD1A1259syedmuzzammil13@gmail.comKMIT4thIT-7730032110Javascript, React JS, HTML/CSSDefence technology, Biomedical informatics, Agri-Genomics.2021Want to work on real-world projects and grow my skill base.
Tejaswi Punna17BD1A05BAtejaswipunna666@gmail.comKMIT4thCSEF9666931299Python,SQLDefence Technology, Neuroimaging2021Interested in defence Technologies and nervous system
V K Pranav17BD1A1047koundinyapranav4@gmail.comKMIT4thEIE-8309384731Java, HTML, CSS, React, SQLBiomedical Imaging, Computational NeuroScience, Defence Technology2021Always Wanted to pursue my career in this field of science.
Vishnu Joshi 17BD1A059V KMIT 4thCSEE7013109848Java,Python, SqlBiomedical, Cancer genomic,defence2021Always wanted to work on problems that help the society and the country progress further
K Hari Hara Chaitanya16BD1A0454kurchaitu@gmail.comKMITpassoutECEA8897953808 Java, C++GsoC projects, Bio medical informatics, Neuro Imaging2020Wanted to work with GPU and parallel programming