Tipping Point Graphic Design Rubric
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Tipping Point Graphic Design Rubric
Realism and Adherence to Theme (25%)- There is no apparent connection between the submission, and the details from the prompt or the established DB/SW canon.

- The contents make no sense in the context presented and are not properly represented.

- Language used in the product is not appropriate for the Star Wars universe.
- Some content from the product makes sense, where it's clear from the details it is in fact to carry out stated objectives, and appears to take place in Star Wars.

- Little effort is given to the distinguishing characteristics of factions, forces, or individuals.
- The product clearly meets the stated objective and everything makes sense within the Star Wars universe.

- The units, factions, or individuals described feel vibrant and distinct.

- There are some minor exceptions within the product that break overall realism or DB/SW realism.
- The product delivers exactly what was asked for in the prompt, and is clearly within the Dark Brotherhood universe.

- Not only do the groups or individuals described feel distinct and fleshed out, but the finish product feels like it was tailored specifically for the audience mentioned in the prompt.
Graphical Elements (35%)- The product is roughly composed, its elements are poorly drawn, copy/pasted or utilized, and there is no clear composition or direction

- Elements are obviously artificial and poorly drawn, and the use of color or grayscale is inferior

- Elements used were not credited in the submission

- The design shows low effort and detail work

- Details are very few and far inbetween and the image looks fairly flat despite elements having volume
- The product is a finished work whose shapes paint a clear, but very rough picture

- Composition and direction choices are fairly good

- Artificial elements are few but obvious, and color or grayscale are rough, sloppy and in need of further balancing, but are done well enough to understand the image.

- The product shows a modicum of effort and detail work

- Details are well done but fairly obvious

- The image isn't flat but is obviously visually fake
- The product is a finished work with few obvious errors

- Elements look to be used with a good sense of direction and composition

- Colors or grayscale are well placed, well done, complementary to the image and well balanced. The composition if good and executed well.

- The product shows good effort and detail work

- The images are accurate to the subject matter, but the details are still obvious and add value to the overall image

- The product has good volume and depth
- The product shows great effort and detail work

- Details are abundant, subtle and add a richness and value to the overall image

- The product is visualy pleasing and "spot on" the subject matter

- It has excellent volume and depth and is overall superbly balanced.
Textual Elements (30%)- Spelling errors and mechanics of the written portions of the product have numerous errors.

- The content is terribly formatted and presented and difficult to understand.

- No effort was made to improve the presentation.

- Some spelling errors and mechanical issues in the plan distract from the message, but it is still clearly understood.

- There is some semblance of format, though it still doesn't appear well thought out.
- Only minor spelling errors and mechanical issues in the written portions of the product exist, allowing the focus to remain on the content and not the issues.

- There is a clear structure to the product that helps to convey everything going on to anyone reading it that assists in understanding.

- The message the creator intended to convey is clearly communicated.
- There are few to no errors in the written portions of the product, with clean mechanics that make it easy to read.

- The product's message is clear and persuasive.

- The voice and diction help immerse the reader in the Dark Brotherhood setting.

- While the plan itself is well formatted with visual presentation done in a way that significantly aids in catching the attention of anyone reviewing it for understanding.
Personal artistic preference (10%)Don't like it at allDon't like itLike itLove it