Veggie choices in Non-Vegetarian Restaurants (Singapore)
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Nearest MRT Station (use Citymapper App to get there)RestaurantStatusDate addedDate reviewedThemeHalalKid's Veggie MenuPrice Range (in terms 1 main dish)Menu (PDF, JPG, URL)Vegan ItemVegetarian Item (Egg, Honey and/or Dairy)RemarksPlease note that this list is not to encourage you to eat at non-veggie places but sort of a back-up when there is an accessibility issue.
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In-progress (We're in the midst of updating this)Confirmed! (YES! We've confirmed with their spokesperson through social media and/or email enquiry, or with latest information posted on their website)RISKY (Yes! We've confirmed with their spokesperson but there were complains before OR 'see remarks')
YishunOh Cha ChaConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017ChineseNoNo$$Cold, Original Brew Series with no milk/creamer
Farrer ParkThai Goldmine KitchenConfirmed!18/12/201718/12/2017ThaiNoNo$5TGMK Luo Han Hor Fun or (Mui Fan/Bee Hoon)
TGMK Luo Han Zai
TGMK Corn Soup
TGMK Fatt Choy Mushroom
TGMK Fairy Aunty's Cane Flower (Sugarcane flower w Mix Vegetables)
TGMK Vampire Cane Flower (Sugarcane Flower w Ginger)
Deep Fried Wanton

TGMK Thai Spring Rolls
TGMK Mango Salad
TGMK Papaya Salad
TGMK Basil Minced Mock Meat
TGMK Basil Mock Seafood
TGMK Kang Kong
TGMK Kai Lan
TGMK Tom Yum Seafood Soup
TGMK Olive Fried Rice
TGMK Tom Yum Paste Fried Rice
TGMK Basil Fried Rice
TGMK Phad Thai
All vegetarian items are vegan with no allium vegetables, and are prepared in a separate wok with no cross contamination
Yishun, Expo, Chinatown/OutramfArt tArtzConfirmed!18/12/201718/12/2017CafeNoNoEspresso, Long Black, Hot and cold brewed teas, Infused/detox drinks, Mango Juice, Orange Juice, Espirit Sparkling, USA Arizona tea, Classic Fruit Juice, Flavoured sodas
Shroomy Olio
Mushy MushromsPls inform the counter staff while ordering that you are a vegan that does not take animal products including cheese, sambal etc. The kitchen will know what to do.
OrchardPrive @ OrchardConfirmed!19/12/201719/12/2017CafeNoNo$$MenuMiddle Eastern Avocado Toast Tofu Teriyaki Toast Mediterranean Salad without cheese Coffee - add $1 for soy milk Lemon Tea Flavoured Iced Tea Soft Drinks JuicezMediterranean Salad (add $4 for avocado)
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Clarke QuayPrive @ Clarke QuayConfirmed!19/12/201719/12/2017CafeNoNo$$MenuToru Teriyaki Toast
Charred Broccoli Salad
Va Va Veg Salad
Linguine with Broccoli & Spinach
Truffled Field Mushroom Madness
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Beer-Battered Onion Rings
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Curried Potato Samosa
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
City Hall, Dhoby GhautPrive @ Asian Civilisation MuseumConfirmed!19/12/201719/12/2017CafeNoNo$$MenuMiddle Eastern Avocado Toast
Tofu Teriyaki Toast
Coffee - add $1 for soy milk
Lemon Tea
Flavoured Iced Tea
Soft Drinks
Falafel (under D.I.Y sandwich/wrap)May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
City HallPrive @ CHIJMESConfirmed!19/12/201719/12/2017CafeNo No$$MenuMiddle Eastern Avocado Toast
Tofu Teriyaki Toast
Mediterranean salad (w/o cheese)
Awesome Superfood Bowl (w/o cheese)
Mediterraneean Salad (add $4 for avocado)
Awesome Superfood Bowl
Margheritta Pizza
Truffled Field Mushroom Madness
Beet-Battered Onion Rings
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
BugisLIMAAIn-progressMay contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Tampines, Raffles Place, ChinatownApril's BakeryConfirmed!04/11/201727/12/2017ThaiNoNo$Menu for Vegan-friendly optionsDoesn't use butter, milk and preservatives in their products. Please call 30 minutes ahead to order vegan.
SeveralSupply & DemandConfirmed!18/12/201718/12/2017Italian, Southeast AsianNoNo$$Link to MenuLink to docsMay contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Bugis, Nicoll HighwayAl-Sanobar Lebanese RestaurantConfirmed!18/12/201718/12/2017LebaneseNoNo$$Hummus
Pureed chickpea, Tahini, Oliveoil, Seasoning

Hummus Sanobar
Pureed chickpea, Tahini, Oliveoil, Pinenuts, Parsley, Seasoning

Baba Ghanouj
Grilled-mashed eggplant, Onions, Tomatoes, Capsicum, Seasoning

Grilled-mashed eggplant, Garlic, Tahini, Yogurt, Seasoning

Warak Enab
Grape Leave, Seasoned vegetable rice

Mixed Pickles
Seasonal vegetables pickles

Pita Soft
Slightly leavened flatbread

Fluffy, leavened bread

Semi-dry, Mildly spicy sausage

Batata Kizbara
Potato, Garlic, Capsicums, Onions, Corriander

Ground chickpea patty, Parsley, Seasoning, Haydari

Lentil, House seasoning, Lemon, Breadchips

Fattoush Salad
Lettuce, Cucumber, Capsicums, Lemon, Olive oil, Breadchips
Promogranate dress

Tabbouleh Salad
Chopped parsley, Tomatoes, Onions, Mint, Bulgur, Lemon

Flatbread, Lebanese blend, thyme & sesame, Fries
Grilled Halloumi Cheese
Semi-hard, Unripened, Brine cheese

1001 Mezza
An assortment of appertiser platter, 2 to share.

Strained yoghurt, Olive oil

Strained yoghurt, Cucumber, Garlic, Dill

Cheese Rolls
Filo-pastry, Feta & Mozarella Fillings

French Fries
Golden potato baton, Harrisa-mayonaise dip

Simply Cheese
Flatbread, Mozarella, Feta, Fries

Cheese & Zaiatar
Flatbread, Lebanese blend, Cheese, Fries

Arabic Salad
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Pitted olives, Feta cheese
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Pasir RisPondok Gurame Indonesian RestaurantConfirmed!18/12/201718/12/2017IndonesianYesNo$Sop Sayur: Seasonal Vegetable Clear Soup

Sambal Terong: Deep Fried Eggplant topped wwith Vegetarian Chilli

Kangkong Tauco: Stir Fried Watercress with Bean Sauce & Fresh Chilli

Kacang Panjang Tumis: Stir Fried Longbeans with Vegetarian Chilli

Kailan Tauco: Stir Fried Hongkong Kailan with Bean Sauce & Fresh Chilli

Tahu Goreng Polos: Deep Fried Beancurd with Bean Sauce & Fresh Chilli

Sate Jamur: Indonesian Style Mushroom & Vegetable Skewer with Sweet Dipping

Nasi Goreng Sayur: Vegetarian Fried Rice (per basket)

Mie Goreng Sayur: Vegetarian Yellow Noodle (per basket)

Bee Hoon Goreng: Vegetarian Vermicelli Noodle (per basket)
All dishes (in the vegetarian menu) are without garlic, onion and egg. Should you request otherwise, kindly inform the staff.
City Hall, BugisCafé MosaicConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017LocalNoYes$$1) Forest Mushroom & Avocado (Mushroom, avocado, asparagus, semi-fried tomato)
2) Vegetarian Fried Brown Rice (wok-fried fragrant healthy brown rice with multigrain nuts, diced vegetables and seeds)
3) Vegetarian Hor Fun/Bee Hoon (Chinese wok-friend rice noodles with green vegetables, mushroom, asparagus, homemade gravy, crispy mock duck)
4) Primavera Pasta (Aubergine, courgette, semi-dried tomato)
5) Customise Your Own Pasta

6) For Kids: Pasta Pomodoro (spaghetti pasta, basil tomato sauce)
1) Cream of Mushroom (Truffle Cream, Mixed Herbs)
2) Garden Spring Green (Fresh mixed garden greens, arugula, cherry tomato, cucumber mushroom, feta cheese, orange wedges)
3) Buffalo Mozzarella with Tomato Sandwich (roma tomato, mozzarella cheese pesto spread on homemade baguette)
4) Margherita Pizza (sliced tomato, basil, mozzarella cheese)
5) Vegetarian Burger (corn and potato patty, portobello mushrooms, tomato, arugula, melted cheese and ketchup on a sesame seed bun)
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Outram ParkAmuse Dine & BarConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017Local, American, British, PeranakanNoNo$$1) Vegan Burger
2) Linguine Aglio Olio Mushroom
3) French Fries Special
1) Minestrone Soup
2) Sesame Ponzu Garden Green
3) Caesar Salad
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Orchard, Dhoby GhautTandoorConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017IndianNoNo$$Tamatar Basil Shorba
Fresh basil flavoured Indian spiced tomato soup

Achari Paneer Tikka
Cottage cheese cubes coated in tangy pickle marinade,

Aloo Ki Nazzakat
Potato barrels stuffed with nuts, marinated and chargrilled
in Indian clay oven

Lahori Paneer Masala
Cottage cheese simmered in onion tomato based curry,
tempered with crushed spices

Gobhi Gajar Snow Peas
Assorted stir-fried vegetables made of cauliflower, carrots
and snow peas

Lahsooni Palak Ki Bhurji
Fresh spinach tempered with garlic, onion and tomatoes

Makkai Aur Palak Ka Shorba
Spinach and American corn soup with the tinge of crushed
black peppercorns

Paneer Mattar Ka Tikka
Cottage cheese slices stuffed with spiced green peas,
Philadelphia cheese, roasted cumin and marinated with
French herbs

Makkai Kaju Ki Seekh
American corn and cashew nut rolls delicately spiced with
fenugreek and roasted cumin

Bharwan Tandoori Khumb
Mushrooms destalked and stuffed with a mixture of cheese
and coriander, cooked in Tandoor

Mix Vegetarian Sampler
Achari Paneer Tikka, Makkai Kaju Ki Seekh, Aloo ki
Nazzakat, Bharwan Tandoori Khumb
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Clarke QuayLong Jiang Classic Noodle & Congee HouseConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017Chinese, LocalNoNo$$A11 Cereal & Multigrain Porridge (with Diced Pumpkin and Vegetables, Purple Potato, Black Eyed Peas & Peanuts)May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Tanjong PagarRacinesConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017French, ChineseNoNo$$LEGUMES 380 KCAL PER 100G
An Assortment of the Season’s Best
Vegetables, Quinoa Cracker and
Walnut Vinaigrette

Anjou Quinoa Salad, Soft Baby Beets,
Pink Apple, Baked Chickpeas, Lemon and
Olive Dressing

Kindly ask our friendly Ambassador
for the seasonal vegetables

Fricassee of Gnocchi with Aged Comté Cheese,
Trumpet Mushrooms, Pumpkin Emulsion
and Smashed Hazelnuts

Fresh Italian Burrata Cheese with Fig
Marmalade, Tarragon Pesto and
Grilled Sourdough

Watercress Velouté with Smoked Parsnip,
Tofu Cubes and Crushed Hazelnuts
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs. Vegan options might not be vegan, please clarify with staff
Buona VistaPorn's Sexy Thai Food (The Star Vista)Confirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017ThaiNoNo$$1) PAD THAI - Pai Thai Jeh
2) OLIVE FRIED RICE - Khao Pad Nam Liap Jeh
3) PINEAPPLE FRIED RICE - Khad Pad Sapparod Jeh
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs.
Seng KangCitrus BistroConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017FusionYesNo$
1) Vegetarian Aglio Olio
2) Vegetarian Fried Rice
1) Vegetarian Tortilla Wrap
2) Mushroom Cheese Sandwich
3) Egg Mayo Sandwich
Contain onion and garlic
Buona VistaUNAConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017SpanishNoNo$$1) Encurtidos - Gordal and Cornicabra olives with Piparra peppers
2) Ptatas Bravas - Crispy dee-fried potatoes with brava and aioli sauce
3) Escabeche De Setas Con Huevo - Slow-cooked egg served with confit mushrooms
4) Ensalada de Verano - Heirloom cherry tomatoes salad with charred cucumbers and fresh burrata cheese
5) Croquetas de Setas - Crispy Mushroom Croquettes
6) Flor De Calabacin - Deep-fried courgette flower stuffed with goat cheese
7) Tabla de Quesos - Cheese Platter - Idiazabal and Manchego cheese with truffle honey
8) Pan Con Tomate - Toasted crystal bread with fresh tomato puree and olive oil
Contain onion and garlic
ChinatownSpring CourtConfirmed!06/09/201617/12/2017ChineseNoNo$$
Vegetarian Set Menu For 1 Person
精选斋菜十位套餐 ($55.00)
Double-boiled Soup with Coconut
Broccoli w/Sweet & Sour Sauce
Steamed Beancurd Roll w/Black Moss
Beancurd,Mushroom with Vegetables
Panfried Assorted 'Bee Hoon'
Fresh Water Chestnut Paste

Vegetarian Set Menu For 10 Person
精选斋菜十位套餐 ($550)
Coldcut Platter
Vegetarin Thick Soup
Eight Varieties Platter
Deep Fried Yam Ring w/ Vegetables
Winter Melon with Vegetables
Braised Mushrooms w/ Black Moss
Stirfried Broccoli w/ Sweet & Sour Sauce
Varieties Noodles
Fresh Water Chestnut w/ Coconut Milk
City HallEMPRESSConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017ChineseNoNo$$Click for vegetarian dim sum brunch menuInform the staff of your dietary requirements
Tan Kah KeeJaxs Bistro & PizzeriaConfirmed!17/12/201717/12/2017FrenchNoNo$$1) make your own salad
2) Pasta: Aglio alio, garlic, chili, parsley

1) Soup of the day, Grilled Turkish Bread
2) Mezze platter, crudités, olives, marinated cherry tomatoes, hummus, baba ganoush, stuffed vine leaves, lavosh bread
3) Greek salad, tomato, cucumber, feta cheese
4) Goat cheese salad, beetroot carpaccio, baby spinach, pine nuts, grapes
5) Crudités (carrot, celery, cucumber, tomato), sour cream
6) Tomato bruschetta
7) Sides: French fries, mixed salad, garlic French beans, mashed potato, steamed broccoli, Truffle fries
8) Pizza: Amsterdam (tomato, mozzarella, basil)

See remarks
May contain onion and garlic. Please let staff know of your dietary needs.
• Cinnamon Raisin Bagel
• Onion Bagel
• Plain Bagel
• Angel Hair Pasta Salad
• Fruity Granola Bar

• Freshly brewed coffee
• Tazo Full Leaf Tea
• Tazo Shaken Iced Lemon Passion Tea / Green Tea
• Classic Hot Chocolate (not listed on menu - do not confuse with Signature Hot Chocolate which is on the menu and not vegan)

• Espresso based beverages (such as Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano, Mocha, Vanilla Latte (or other flavoured syrup) with soy milk and no whip cream.)
Exceptions: White Chocolate Mocha & Caramel Macchiato (unless you request for no caramel drizzle for Caramel Macchiato)

• English Breakfast tea latte (with soy milk)
• Earl Grey tea latte (with soy milk)
• Green Tea Latte (with soy milk)

• Frappuccinos (with soy milk and no whip cream)
Exceptions: White Chocolate, Java Chip, Caramel Frappuccino (unless you request for no caramel drizzle for Caramel Frappuccino)

•Tea Based Frappuccinos : Mango Passionfruit Blended Juice Drink, Raspberry Blackcurrant Blended Juice Drink

Seasonal(no whip, soy): Toffee Nut Crunch and Peppermint mocha
multipleDin Tai FungConfirmed!23/06/201612/12/2017ChineseNoNo$$The steamed vegetarian bun does not contain eggs or milk. Take note that all products are subjected to availability. Please kindly share with the service staff on your special dietary preferences before ordering so that they will be able to make the necessary arrangements for you.

These are the vegetarian items in the menu:

• Red Dates with Glutinous Rice

Steamed Dumplings/Buns:
• Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings
• Steamed Yam Buns
• Steamed Red Bean Buns
• Steamed Vegetarian Buns

• Fried Rice with Eggs (Request to cook without eggs)

Please let the service staff know about your dietary preferences as the chefs can prepare the vegetables without stock specially for you!
• Stir-fried Spinach without stock
• Stir-fried Nai Bai without stock
• Stir-fried Dou Miao without stock

Steamed Snacks/Desserts:
• Steamed Yam Dumplings
• Steamed Finely Mashed Red Bean Dumplings
• Steamed Glutinous Rice Cakes Stuffed with Mashed Red Bean
• Fragrant Peanut Dumplings
• Red Bean Rice Dumpling
• Sweet Chinese Delicacy
• Double Boiled Papaya & Snow Fungus with Rock Sugar
Steamed Snacks/Desserts:
• Almond Pudding Coated with Black Sesame Dressing
• Chilled Grass Jelly Topped with Sweet Black Glutinous Rice
• Mango Pudding

• Stewed Beancurd Cubes with Honey Sauce
Only stir-fried vegetables contain garlic - please request for without stock!
multipleKFCConfirmed!12/12/201712/12/2017AmericanYesYes$• Fries
• Hashbrown
They do cook veg and non veg food in same oil with same utensils, etc
multipleNando'sConfirmed!23/06/201612/12/2017Portugease, South African, MediterraneanYesNo$$Appeateasers:
• Spicy Olives
• Hummus with PERi-PERi Drizzle
• Red Pepper Dip
• All Together Now

Veggie PERi-dise:
• Veggie Burger (request to remove Tangy Yoghurt Sauce)
• Black Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap (request to remove Tangy Yoghurt Sauce and Halloumi Cheese)

• Spicy Rice
• PERi-PERi Chips
• PERi-PERi Wedges
• Corn-on-the-cob
• Chargrilled Veg
• Three Bean Salad

Fino Sides:
• Sweet Potato Chips

• Portuguese Salad
• Algarve Salad (request to remove Feta Cheese)
• Mediterranean Salad (request to remove Feta Cheese)
Black Mushroom & Halloumi Wrap,Veggie Burger, Veggie Wrap, Veggie Pita, Portobello Mushroom and Grilled Halloumi Burger/Wrap/Pita, Mediterranean Salad, Contains Onion and Garlic
multipleBengawan SoloConfirmed!12/12/201712/12/2017Local, Nonya, MalayNoNo$• Kueh Bugis
• Ondeh Ondeh
• Corn Kueh
• Ongoing Ubi
• Kueh Kosui
• Pulut Inti
• Getuk Getuk
• Saga Melaka
• Getuk Ubi
• Kueh Talam
• Lapis Sagu
• Talam Hijau
• Talam Ubi
• Ma Kuo Kueh
multipleThaiExpressConfirmed!23/06/201612/12/2017ThaiNoNo$$Link to menuVegan-friendly dishes:
• Mushroom Tom Yum Soup
• Vegetarian Mango Salad
• Phat Thai
• Basil Tofu with Rice
• Pineapple Fried Rice with Vegetables etc.
Do let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering. Contains onion and garlic.
multipleCedeleConfirmed!23/06/201612/12/2017Western CasualNoNo$$Plant-based Sandwiches:

1) Grilled Trio Color Veggies (with pumpkin, peperonata, Mixed mushrooms, hummus)
2) Spinach Lentil Patty (with Grilled Mixed Mushrooms, Plum Chutney, lettuce and tomato)
3) Teriyaki Mushroom Millet Patty (with Pumpkin Plum sesame sauce, lettuce, tomato)
4) Quinoa Tofu Pumpkin (with White Tahini Sauce, Purple Slaw, Tomato)
5) Avocado & Veggies (with Zucchini Carrot, Beetroot, Hummus & Chilli Jam)
6) Grilled Beetroot & Avocado (with chilli jam, lettuce, tomato)
May Contain Onion and Garlic - please clarify with staff
multipleShaw TheatresConfirmed!12/12/201712/12/2017CinemaNoNo$popcorn sold over the counter is vegan-friendly. (Both sweet and salted!)
multipleSubwayConfirmed!23/06/201612/12/2017Fast FoodNoNo$Veggie Delight
Chatpata Chickpea

• Hearty Italian
• White
• Multigrain
• Wrap

• Chili Sauce
• Tomato Sauce
• Olive Oil
• Red Wine Vinegar
• Sweet Onion
• Yellow Mustard
All breads and wrap, Veggie Patty (contains Onion, Garlic and Egg)Oversea supplier differs from Singapore,vegan items in the USA may not be vegan over here
multipleFirebakeConfirmed!12/12/201712/12/2017WesternNoNo$$All breads are vegan
• Woodfired Pumpkin Salad
• Heirloom Tomato Salad *without Feta
• Capellini Aglio Olio
• Vegetable Broth
• Bread Board without butter
• Salt-Baked Celeriac *without Brown Butter
See remarksMay Contain Onion and Garlic - please clarify with staff
multipleKoiConfirmed!13/03/201712/12/2017BeverageNoNo$Everything is vegetarian, for vegan options you can have juice or flavored teas.
multiple4Fingersconfirmed!04/08/201612/12/2017KoreanYesNo$1) Tofu Rice Box (Housemade Kimchi Slaw, Japanese Rice)
2) Tofu Mushroom Salad (please check remarks)
See remarksMay Contain Onion and Garlic - please clarify with staff
multipleHANS IM GLÜCKConfirmed!12/12/201712/12/2017GermanNoNo$$Choose Between Sourdough bun, multigrain bun or naked

Wheat patty with cranberries, sprouts & walnuts
Spicy patty with grilled vegetable tartare & rocket leaves
Wheat patty with mushrooms & 3-Pepper sauce
Wheat patty with avocado cream, orange-mustard sauce & herby garden salad

HANS IM GLÜCK sauce, avocado cream, spicy pepper sauce
Choose Between Sourdough bun, multigrain bun or naked

Olive patty with parmesan cheese, grilled vegetable tartare & rocket leaves
Spinach and cheese patty, parmesan sauce & herby garden salad
Spicy patty, aged cheddar cheese & avocado cream
Olive patty, spicy pepper sauce & rocket leaves
Spinach and cheese patty, parmesan cheese & pesto
Walnut patty, feta cheese & fig jam
Walnut patty, aged cheddar cheese, cranberries & more walnuts
Contains Onion and Garlic and Dairy
multipleBrewerkzConfirmed!23/06/201612/12/2017Western CasualNoNo$$Chips & Salsa (Guacamole at extra cost)
Shiitake Aglio Olio (only at Riverside Point and Singaproe Indoor Stadium)
Nachos (Request to be veganised without cheese and sour cream)
Contains Onion and Garlic and Dairy
multipleTuk Tuk ChaeConfirmed!12/12/201712/12/2017ThaiNoNo$Mango Sticky Rice
OrchardShimbashi Soba (Paragon)Confirmed!23/06/201612/12/2017JapaneseNoNo$$Edamame
Veggie Nigiri Sushi 5 Kinds
Veggie Kyuuri & Avocado Handroll
Veggie Natto Handroll
Veggie Brown Rice

Take note their udon is not vegan, change it to soba!
Vegetarian Shokado "Koyasan" set.Do let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
multipleSeoul YummyConfirmed!12/12/201712/12/2017Korean, CasualNoNo$$See RemarksYachae Japchae (Stir-fried glass noodles with carrot, onion, capsicums, shiitake mushroom, enoki and black fungus)
Yachae Jeon (9" Pan-fried assorted vegetables pancake)
Doejang Jjigae (Korean miso stew with beancurd, mushroom and vegetables)
Yachae Bokkeum (Stir-fried broccoli, cabbage, zucchini, shiitake mushrooms and capsicums)
Yachae Bibimbab (Served on hot stone. Choose bibimbap sauce for spice, BBQ sauce for a charred-like flavour)
Dubu Salad (Beancurd with sauteed mushrooms on mixed greens tosssed with sesame soy dressing)
Yachae Udon (Stir-fried udon with capsicum slices, black fungus, carrot and mushrooms)
Unsure if vegetarian options are vegan-friendly.
Tanjong PagarRattana Thai RestaurantConfirmed!12/12/201712/12/2017ThaiNoNo$Tofu Salad
Mango Salad (contain onions)
Mixed Vegetables
Green Curry Vegetables
Tom Yam Vegetables Soup
Olive Fried Rice Vegetarian
Egg Fried Rice
Pad Thai Vegetarian
Fried Tang Hoon Vegetarian
Do let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
Nicoll HighwaySticky Rice Thai FoodConfirmed!11/12/201712/12/2017ThaiYesNo$MenuMango salad (w/o fish sauce)
Mushroom Larb
Fried rice
Spring rolls
Crispy bean curd
Spicy Kang Kong (w/o fish sauce)
Mushroom oyster sauce mix veggies
Tom Yum soup
Tom Kar soup
Tom Saap soup
*all soups can be made into a soup noodle dish by adding either flat rice or glass noodles.
Do let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
Raffles PlaceThe Clifford Pier, Fullerton HotelConfirmed!09/12/201709/12/2017Singaporean, WesternNoNo$$Oriental Vegetables in Truffled Bean Skin Parcel (Served with Brown Rice and Shredded Ginger),
Broiled Miso Eggplant and Bean Curd (with Tempura Maitake Mushroom),
Korean Vegetarian Stone Bowl Rice (with Sesame, Spinach, Broiled Shiitake, Cucumber, Zucchini, Bean Sprouts, Rickled Radish and Farmed Eggs in Sesame Oil and Chilli Paste),
Wok-fried Shanghai Greens and Shimeji (with Wolfberries and Crispy Garlic)
Unsure if vegetarian options are vegan-friendly.
HarbourfrontE Veg Vegetarian at KopitiamConfirmed!01/12/2017Chinese, MalayYesNo$See remarksAll items are vegetarianDo let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
Tanjong PagarYOLOConfirmed!30/11/2017Chinese, MalayYesNo$MenuSee remarksDo let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
multipleChurros FactoryConfirmed!27/03/201730/11/2017DessertMuslim-
No$See remarksChurrosContains Egg and Dairy
YishunVegetarian Stall at KopitiamConfirmed!28/11/2017Chinese, MalayYesNo$See remarksAll items are vegetarianDo let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
Boon LayKomal's Indian VegetarianConfirmed!28/11/2017IndianYesNo$See remarksAll items are vegetarianPlease ask the server if the veg-friendly items you wish to order contain ghee/butter, Planta/margarine, yoghurt/curd and cheese/paneer and condensed milk.
Boon KengDelcie'sConfirmed!28/11/2017Deseserts, CakesYesNo$$$MenuAll items are veganDo let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
Paya LebarCantine
(Vegan Food)
Confirmed!28/11/2017ChineseYesNo$Facebook PageAll items are vegan
Boon LayCantine
(Vegan Food)
multipleStuff'dConfirmed!28/11/2017Mexican, TurkishYesNo$$MenuSee remarksSee our eating out guide for tips on how to order
multipleSecret RecipeConfirmed!23/06/201628/11/2017Local CasualYesNo$$Vegetarian MenuVegetarian Aglio Olio, Mediterranean Spaghetti, Oriental Style SobaDo let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
Little IndiaSakunthala’s RestaurantConfirmed!28/11/2017IndianYesNo$$Vegetarian MenuSee remarksPlease ask the server if the veg-friendly items you wish to order contain ghee/butter, Planta/margarine, yoghurt/curd and cheese/paneer and condensed milk.
Chinatown, Telok Ayer, Raffles PlaceFill-A-PitaConfirmed!28/11/2017Middle EasternYesNo$MenuSee remarksAll items are vegetarianSee our eating out guide for recommended vegan option
KembanganYummy VeggieConfirmed!28/11/2017International Buffet, SteamboatYesNo$$$MenuSee remarksAll items are vegetarianDo let staff know about your dietary needs when ordering.
Changi, KembanganChutney MaryConfirmed!28/11/2017IndianYesNo$$Airport MenuSee remarksPlease ask the server if the veg-friendly items you wish to order contain ghee/butter, Planta/margarine, yoghurt/curd and cheese/paneer and condensed milk.
East Coast Menu
Changi, Jalan BesarBikanervalaConfirmed!28/11/2017IndianYesNo$$Menu Page 1See remarksAll items are vegetarianPlease ask the server if the veg-friendly items you wish to order contain ghee/butter, Planta/margarine, yoghurt/curd and cheese/paneer and condensed milk.
Menu Page 2
multipleMaki-SanConfirmed!23/06/201628/11/2017Japanese Casual, Fast FoodYesNo$Online Menu'Very Veggie' Sushi Roll, Customise your own sushi roll. Mango, Olive oil and Chimichurri dressingxChimichurri sauce contains garlic. Fried enoki mushroom is not vegan friendly due to the tempura batter
multipleBurger KingConfirmed!13/03/201704/11/2017Fast FoodNoNo$$Veggie burger. See remarksBurger King outlets use the same batch of oil to cook their food.
multipleCoCoICHIBANYAConfirmed!23/06/201604/11/2017Japanese CasualNoNo$$All levels (1-5), mild and standard curry are vegan-friendly. Vegetable or mushroom curry. See remarksContain Onion and Garlic.
Tampines, QueenstownIKEA RestaurantIn-progress23/06/201602/05/2017Local, SwedishYesYes$Vegetable Balls (seasonal, SEE REMARKS), French FriesFrench Toast with Sausages and Baked Beans, Waffles with Scrambled Eggs and Hashbrown, Organic Pasta with Tomato SauceContains Onion and Garlic. Vegetable balls with couscous dish served at the restaurant has cream which is dairy-based and contains gelatin.
multipleA-One Claypot HouseIn-progress24/06/201624/06/2016Chinese, LocalNoNo$$Four Types of Vegetables, Stir Fried Baby Kailan with Garlic, Three Mushroom with Broccoli, Olive Veg Sweet Potato Leaves
Noodles/fried rice/vegetables with plain rice are available as vegan options
Contains Onion and Garlic. vegetable dishes and Noodles can be made to exclude the non-vegetarian seasoning and meat items upon request.
multipleArtisan Boulangerie Co.In-progress23/06/201618/12/2017Western CasualNoNo$$Link to menuOptional Onion and Garlic in salads.
Dhoby GhautBaja Fresh Mexican GrillConfirmed!26/07/201629/11/2016MexicanNoNo$$MenuInform staff that you're vegan and they'll exclude dairy from your meals. All salsa and dips are vegan. Churros, Corona BeerVeggie selections (see menu)Contains Onion
multipleBALIThaiConfirmed!23/06/201629/11/2016Indonesian ThaiYesNo$$Link to vegetarian menuOptional Egg, Onion and Garlic, full vegetarian menu available
multipleBangkok Jamconfirmed!28/07/201618/05/2017ThaiNoNo$$MenuPhad Thai with Deep-fried Tofu & Assorted Vegetables; Spaghetti with Shiitake Mushrooms, Deep-fried Tofu & Assorted Vegetables in Coconut Sauce; Stir-fried Kway Teow with Deep-fried Tofu & Assorted Vegetables; Green Curry with Eggplants, Tofu & Soffted Vegetables served with Thai Jasmine Rice; Thai Olive Fried Rice with Deep-fried Tofu & Mushrooms; Deep-fried Tofu sauteed with Long Beans & Basil served with Thai Jasmine RiceSee remarks"Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian dishes are cooked using the same utensils. Does not contain animal products (milk, egg, cheese), onions and garlic"
multipleBreadtalkconfirmed!18/05/201718/05/2017BakeryNoNo$baguette, multi grain toast, premium white toast, sunflower buns, pumpkin sunflower buns
OrchardBrunettiConfirmed!24/10/201624/10/2016WesternNoNo$Salad seasoned with olive oil and Raspberry
Tomato soup (made with olive oil, contains garlic and onions)
Lemon clear soup (assorted vegetables, contains garlic)
Pasta (contains no eggs and no dairy) - prepared with olive oil
- Tomaro based and aglio olio with vegetables/mushrooms available
Vegetarian pizza with no cheese (dough does not contain eggs and dairy)
- Cheese may be substituted with tofu, subject to availability
Dessert: Vegan Brownies (preorder t least 24h prior)
Request for vegan options on the spot, or contact prior to visit.
Savory dishes contain onions and garlic.
DakotaCafe MelbaConfirmed!23/06/201618/12/2017Western CasualNoNo$$No vegan items availableFruit Salad, Caraway Dark Rye Bread and Avocado, Eggs Florentin, Croissants & Toast, Full Melba Vegetarian Breakfast, Homemade Brioche French Toast, B.M.W. Pancakes, Greek Salad, Grilled Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich, Smoked Portobello Burger, Porcini Mushroom Ravioli, Margherita Pizza/Calzones, Forest Mushroom Pizza/Calzones, Vegetarian Antipasto Pizza/CalzonesContains Onion and Garlic
multipleCanadian PizzaIn-progress29/07/201629/07/2016ItalianYesNo$$Margherita Pizza, Spinach Jalapeno, Pesto Cheese Pizza, Garden Veggie Pizza, Super Cheese Pizza, Spinach with Green OliveContains/Optional Onion and Garlic
multipleCanton ParadiseIn-progress24/06/201625/07/2016ChineseNoNo$$$MenuBeancurd Soup with Aloe Vera, Vegetarian Hot and Spicy Soup, Poached Enoki Mushroom in Supreme Soya Sauce, Braised Firm Tofu with Assorted Mushrooms

(also on food panda)
Szechuan Hot and Sour Soup
Sautéed Vegetable Cubes with Preserved Vegetables
Sautéed Tofu with Wild Mushroom
Garden Greens with Fermented Beancurd in Vegetarian Broth
Wok-fried Sweet and Sour Bean Dough
Braised Vegetables with Ling Zhi Mushroom in Vegetarian Sauce
Stewed Ee-fu Noodle with wild mushrooms
Wok-fried Hor Fun with Wild Mushrooms in Black Bean sauce

Stewed White Fungus with Snow Pear
Chilled Aloe Vera with Lime Juice and Sour Plum
Chilled Jelly with Shredded Coconut in Coconut Milk
StadiumCar-Rousel CafeIn-progress27/07/201630/11/2017AmericanTBCNo$Customised SaladVegetarian SandwichOptional Onion and Garlic.
multipleCentral ThaiConfirmed!24/06/201613/03/2017ThaiYesNo$$MenuTom Yum Mixed Vegetables Soup, Beancurd Mixed Vegetables Soup, Mango Salad, Papaya Salad, Kailan, Broccoli, Kangkong, Asparagus, Mixed Vegetables, Sweet And Sour Beancurd, Thai Basil Leaf Spicy Beancurd, Black Pepper Beancurd, Olive Fried Rice, Jungle Kway Teow, Mixed Vegetables Horfun, Vegetables Glass Noodle, Vegetables Phad ThaiVegetables Fried Rice, Pineapple Fried RiceOptional/Contains Onion and Garlic
Commonwealth, QueenstownChang BBQIn-progress24/06/201624/06/2016KoreanNoNo$$$Assorted Vegetables (seasonal), Vegetarian BBQ (Made of Soybean)May contain Onion and Garlic. Unsure if vegan items are actually vegan
BugisChoo Choo ChickenIn-progress23/06/201624/06/2016Korean CasualNoNo$Fried Mushroom, Mushroom Salad, Potato WedgesVeggie Rice Burger (Mayo)
Clark Quay, Dhoby GhautChopsuey Cafe (Martin Road)In-progress23/06/201624/06/2016American Chinese, ThaiNoNo$$MenuTofu Beetroot & Portobello, Spicy Sesame Edamame, Long Life Vegetarian Noodles, Summer Rice Paper Roll Salad, Smokey Eggplant Ma Po Tofu, Szechuan Pepper Chilli Tofu, Chopsuey Chopsuey, Wok Breath Broccoli, Sweet & Sour Chips, Vegetarian Crystal Dumplings, Chopsuey Chopsuey BunJade Fried RiceContains Onion and Garlic
WoodlandsCitrus By The PoolConfirmed!25/07/201627/03/2017WesternYesNo$Vegetarian Aglio OlioSee remarksOptional Onion and Garlic.
multipleCocoa ColonyConfirmed!22/08/201629/11/2016DessertNoNo$Chocolate Sorbet"...previously a vegan customer loved our Chocolate Sorbet. It is gluten, dairy and egg free. Hope this helps" - Cocoa Colony
multipleCoffee Bean & Tea LeafIn-progress24/06/201624/06/2016Western Casual, CafeYesNo$$Garden Salad,Mozza Salad, Caprese, Olive and Sundried Tomato PestoMay contain Onion and Garlic. Unsure if vegan items are actually vegan
Tiong BahruCoo BistroIn-progress18/09/201618/09/2016Modern EuropeanNoNo$$Coo Bistro Quinoa (Pomegranate, Raisins, Toasted Pistachio, Carrot Puree, Lettuce), Coo Bistro Gado Gado (a medley of vegetables including edamame, pomegranate, oven-baked pumpkin and potato, crispy tofu and house-made peanut sauce)
multipleCOSTAConfirmed!13/03/2017BeverageNoNo$Soy Latte Hot/ice
Soy Cappucino Hot/ice
Soy Corto Hot/ice
Soy Flatwhite Hot/ice
Americano (black Coffee) Hot/ice

Teapot teas:
English breakfast
Earl grey
Lemon ginger mint
Osmanthus sencha
Syrups contain animal by-products
Outram ParkCUREIn-progress18/09/201618/09/2016Modern EuropeanNoNo$$Chestnut dumpling with truffle puree, wild rice and seaweed dashi
multipleCurry TimesConfirmed!23/06/201629/11/2016LocalYesNo$$See remarksCold Tofu with Century Eggs, Signature Coconut Bun, Vegetarian Beancurd Roll, Vegetarian Curry Mixed Vegetables Rice, Vegetarian Curry Fried Rice, Vegetarian Spinach Fried Rice"... we don't use coconut milk but we do use evaporated milk for our curry dishes." - Curry Times
Buona VistaDa Paolo Bistro Bar at Rochester ParkIn-progress21/09/201621/09/2016AmericanNoNo$$Homemade Grilled Bread, Homemade SorbetBistro Salad, Kale & Mushroom Salad, Roma Tomato Soup, Mushrooms & Black Truffle, Mac & Cheese, Biancaneve, Classic Mushroom Risotto, Penne Eggplant & Fresh Buffalo Mozzarella, Mac & Cheese Pizza, Biancaneve Pizza, Mushrooms & Black Truffle Pizza, Classic Buttermilk Pancakes, Poached Eggs Avocado & Kale, Unsure if vegan choices are actually vegan
Commonwealth, QueenstownDempsey HouseIn-progress23/06/201625/07/2016InternationalNoNo$$Link to menuMay contain Onion and Garlic
Clark QuayDiandin LelukIn-progress24/06/201625/07/2016ThaiNoNo$$Link to menu (Items like Pad Thai, Tom Yum Soup and Mango Salad can be made vegan)
Dhoby GhautDin Gi Noodle HouseIn-progress24/07/201625/07/2016ChineseNoNo$Menu 'Shanxi' Noodle in Sparkling OilTomato & Egg Noodle
Yishun, Jurong EastDofu.sgConfirmed!16/09/201613/03/2017DessertNoNo$Black Soya Pudding, Black Soya Ice Cream, (SEE REMARKS)The toppings labeled with a tiny heart-shaped earth are vegan
SomersetDolce TokyoIn-progress27/07/201627/07/2016Japanese, CasualNoNo$$Tofu Avocado, Bruschetta (Classic Tomato/Sauteed Mushroom), Pasta (Sauteed Mushrooms)Mushroom Soup, Mushroom Indulgence, Classics Egg Ben, Mushroom Egg Ben, Sauteed Mushroom Pancake, Thin-crust Pizza (Mushroom and Onion, Mushroom Lover, Marinara), Toji & Curry (Sauteed Mushroom), Curry Rice (Sauteed Mushroom), Baked Rice (Sauteed Mushroom)Contains Onion and Garlic
multipleDomino's PizzaConfirmed!23/06/201629/11/2016PizzaYesNo$$Very Veggie (request for no cheese), Make Your Own pizza, Valenciana Mushroom (contains garlic in sauce)Very Veggie, Valenciana Mushroom (contains garlic in sauce) Optional Onion. Cheese is made from microbial rennet. All pizza dough are eggs, onions and garlic- free. Pesto Passion sauce in Valenciana Musroom contains garlic. Different utensils use for the veg and non-veg pizza, BUT working area (oven and prep table) is shared
Tiong BahruDoodlesConfirmed!27/03/201727/03/2017ThemeNoNo$Soba Noodles, Fresh vegetables (asparagus, tomatoes, cucumber, black fungus, seaweed, etc), Onion sauce, Truffle OilSee remarksOptional/Contains Onion and Garlic
multipleEighteen ChefsIn-progress23/06/201624/06/2016European. Italian, WesternYesYes$$Fresh Mushrooom Pasta, Vegetarian Aglo Olio, Cheese Baked Rice/Pasta, Potato & Apple Salad, Garden Salad, Simple Casesar, Open Mayo Sandwich, Contains Onion and Garlic for certain items
PromenadeFika Swedish Cafe & BistroIn-progress23/06/201624/06/2016SwedishNoNo$$$Fika Salad, Pasta Salad, Vegetarian Fishermans Pasta, Vegetarian Creamy Pasta, Mushroom Crepe, Cheese Toman & Cucumber SandwichContains Onion and Garlic
Yio Chu Kang, Ang Mo KioFirst Culinary (ITE Central, Ang Mo Kio)In-progress04/07/201625/07/2016ChineseNoNo$$$MenuVegetarian Spinach Superior Soup, Vegetable Deluxe, Vegetarian Corn Soup, Pamelo Sago Mango, Cold Dates Hashima in Whole Papaya, Lotus Seeds Red Dates Hashima Mango Pudding, Deep Fried Vegetarian Goose, Fried Vegetarian Beancurd, Fried Vegetable Rolls, Delicious Deep Fried Mushroom, Deep Fried Ice Cream, Longan with Sea Coconut, Soya Bean Ice CreamUnsure if vegan choices are actually vegan
Toa PayohFlavours at Zhongshan ParkIn-progress23/06/201624/06/2016Local, Western CasualNoNo$$$Mixed Salad, 'PLT' SandwichMushroom Soup with Truffle Essence, Singapore Fried Bee Hoon, Spaghetti or Rigatoni Pasta, Mee Goreng, Contains Onion and Garlic
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