2011.10.25 Browns Winners & Losers
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Play #PossDownTo GoDescriptionCreditMistake
1N/AN/AN/ABrowns kickoff to Colts
2IND1stand 10Pass to Dallas Clark, gain of about 8. Mistake: RLB (strongside) Chris Gocong bought Collins’s play-action fake, leaving Clark wide open near the line of scrimmage.Gocong
3IND2ndand 2Handoff to Addai for a short gain, stopped by Ahtyba Rubin.
4IND1stand 10Pass to Collie, gain of about 6. Mistake: CB Dmitri Patterson made no attempt to disrupt Collie’s route and gave him lots of room for the pass underneath.Patterson
5IND2ndand 4Addai stopped at the line. Looks like Rubin primarily again.
6IND3rdand 3Long ball downfield, pass interference called. Mistake: Joe Haden penalty costs 36 yards and puts the Colts near FG range – especially bad because the receiver probably wouldn’t have caught the ball.Haden
7IND1stand 10Addai runs to the outside, picking up 9. It was a three-receiver set, and Browns play-callers got fooled trying the blitz. Mistake: Coaches send LBs Gocong and Jackson up the middle, setting up an easy outside run.Playcalling
8IND2ndand 1Dump pass to the TE Eldridge for a first down. Sheard was blocking the TE at the line but let him spin away, allowing an easy catch on the outside. Hard to place blame, however, because it wasn’t Sheard’s assignment. As the LB on that side, Scott Fujita maybe should’ve been covering Eldridge, but was instead hanging in the zone.
9IND1stand 10Addai runs up the middle in a four-receiver set for 2 yards. DE Jayme Mitchell makes the tackle.
10IND2ndand 8CB Patterson puts pressure on Collins, who tries to rifle a short pass to the open TE Collie (who Patterson left open to blitz) but misfires. Incomplete.
11IND3rdand 8Collins takes it out of the shotgun, but the receivers are covered. He throws to Collie, but Patterson gets a hand on it. Credit: Patterson, secondary coverage.Patterson
12IND4thand 8Colts FG
13Kickoff, touchback. To Browns
14CLE1stand 10Handoff to Hillis for a short gain. OL created some running space, but left LB Kavell Conner unblocked. Hillis could’ve gone much further if he was taken care of, but it’s hard to tell who screwed up or how this could’ve been handled better.
15CLE2ndand 8Handoff to Hillis for a gain of 5. Hillis got tripped up a little, but it looked like blocking was all there.
16CLE3rdand 3Incomplete pass to Momass. McCoy had time in the pocket, made a good-looking throw to the right receiver, but Momass couldn’t catch it. Mistake: Mohamed Massaquoi.Massaquoi
17CLE4thand 3Punt. To Colts
18IND1stand 10DT Phil Taylor bats down Collins’s pass. Credit: Phil Taylor.Taylor
19IND2ndand 10Addai runs straight ahead for about 7 yards. Garbled video.
20IND3rdand 3DT Ahtayba Rubin sacks Collins even as he’s being tackled by Jeff Saturday. Credit: Ahtayba Rubin.Rubin
21IND4thand 3Colts punt.
22CLE1stand 10McCoy throws to TE Benjamin Watson for a gain of 7. Watson was wide open in the middle.
23CLE2ndand 3Hillis runs about 4 for the first. The OL did a good job of moving the DL away from the line, clearing some room up the middle for Hillis.
24CLE1stand 10 McCoy throws to Cribbs on a swing-out for a gain of 9. Cribbs makes the catch behind the line of scrimmage but makes a fantastic second effort. Credit: Cribbs.Cribbs
25CLE2nd and 1Handoff to Hillis, who swings left for a gain of 4. Blocking on the left side could have been better but was adequate for the task.
26CLE1stand 10McCoy throws to WR Greg Little down the middle for 5. Little was uncovered running an underneath route – clearly a mistake by the Colts linebackers.
27CLE2ndand 5Handoff to Hillis out of a three-receiver set. Hillis runs left for about 3. Not much wrong with this play, but a good stop by Jerraud Powers, the CB. If the OG Jason Pinkston was faster/better he might have had the block. Mistake: Pinkston couldn’t make the block.Pinkston
28CLE3rdand 2DE Dwight Freeney sacks McCoy, forcing a fumble that OT Joe Thomas recovers. Thomas never got a square block on Freeney, and it appeared he was not even angled in Freeney’s direction when the play started. Thomas seems to have lined up to block LB Pat Angerer, who was inside of Freeney but did not rush the QB – and yet this would have been Jason Pinkston’s assignment (during the play, Pinkston stood there with nobody to block). Why wasn’t Thomas lined up to block Freeney? This allowed Freeney enough room to run around Thomas and get to McCoy. Mistake: Joe Thomas.Thomas
29CLE4thPunt by Browns, Colts take possession. Good punt.
30IND1stand 10Handoff to RB Delone Carter, who takes it outside left for a big gain. Hard to fault anyone in particular – solid blocking by the Colts created the hole for Carter.
31IND1stand 10Pass to WR Reggie Wayne for another big gain. Gocong blitzed and was close to Collins on the release, but he got it off anyway. CB Sheldon Brown probably should have been closer to Wayne, who was way too open in the middle of the field – although Gocong would have been nearby if he hadn’t been assigned to blitz. Mistake: Sheldon Brown and play-calling.Brown, Playcalling
32IND1stand 10Handoff to Carter for a short gain. Nice line play and a good effort by Jayme Mitchell to get around and take down the runner from behind.
33IND2ndand 9Handoff to Carter up the middle for about 3. Good line play again.
34IND3rdand 6Completion to TE Clark for about 8. It was a three-receiver set with the TE on the right side. As the strongside LB, this was Scott Fujita’s assignment, and he didn’t give tight coverage. Also, why wasn’t he inside of Clark when FS Usama Young was right behind him? The defensive line also failed to pressure Collins at all, which made the pass to Clark that much easier. Mistake: Fujita, defensive line.Fujita
35IND1stand 10 Long completion to Wayne. Collins faked the handoff and then, under pressure from Phil Taylor, rifled it to Wayne. Defensive line play was good, but Sheldon Brown wasn’t covering Wayne well. Mistake: Sheldon Brown.Brown
36IND1stand 10Handoff to Carter for a gain of about 5. The Colts blocked well, and it’s hard to blame anyone on the defense.
37IND2ndand 5Handoff to Carter for a gain of 4. The Colts blocked well again, and it’s hard to blame any individuals.
38IND3rdand 1Handoff to Carter, who’s stuffed at the line. Phil Taylor stood him up nicely. Credit: Taylor.Taylor
39IND4thand 1Colts kick a FG.
40Cribbs has a great return on the ensuing kickoff, bringing the ball to the Browns 45. Credit: Cribbs.Cribbs
41CLE1stand 101st and 10: Handoff to Hillis, who breaks a couple tackles for a gain of about 4. Blocking at the line wasn’t great, but Hillis made the most of it, so credit to him.
42CLE2ndand 62nd and 6: Play-action fake and pass to Little, who catches it near the first-down marker. Little did a nice job getting open underneath, and McCoy threw it in there accurately.
43CLE3rdand 13rd and 1: Handoff to Hillis, who’s stuffed at the line. The offensive line wasn’t able to push the defense around, which made a gain impossible. Indianapolis’s defense, moreover, isn’t the biggest in the league. Mistake: Offensive line.
44CLE4thand 14th and 1: Quarterback sneak gets the first down.
45CLE1stand 101st and 10: Play-action pass to Hillis in the flat on the right for 19 yards. Hillis caught the ball in stride and took it for extra yards. Credit: Hillis for the run, McCoy for a very accurate pass.McCoy
46CLE1stand 101st and 10: Hillis runs for a short gain. The snap was high, and Hillis didn’t have much running room. Mistake: C Alex Mack.Mack
47CLE2ndand 72nd and 7: Incomplete pass to Marecic. McCoy was under heavy pressure and just barely got the throw off. The right side of the offensive line broke down, letting Robert Mathis and another player through. Mistake: Artis Hicks, who couldn’t contain Mathis.Hicks
48CLE3rdand 73rd and 7: McCoy hits Massaquoi for a first down. Good protection on the quarterback, an accurate throw and a good underneath route by Momass.
49CLE1stand 101st and 10: Hillis pounds through the right side for 5. Ok blocking, but mostly this was Hillis’s efforts. Credit: Hillis.Hillis
50CLE2ndand 52nd and 5: Holding penalty called on Artis Hicks. He grabbed Jamaal Anderson, who had a clear line to McCoy. Mistake: Artis Hicks.Hicks
51CLE2ndand 152nd and 15: Screen pass to Hillis on the right for a gain of 3. Hillis didn’t have adequate blocking and was taken down quickly.
52CLE3rdand 123rd and 12: McCoy TD pass to TE Evan Moore. The offense started with a four-receiver set and sent five people downfield. McCoy had to run left out of the pocket to find Moore. He was very close to the line of scrimmage when he made the throw. Credit: McCoy for making a difficult pass on the run.McCoy
53Kickoff to Colts, pretty good return.
54IND1stand 101st and 10: Collins hits Addai for about 10 yards and a first down. Addai came around out of the backfield and was left wide open near the line of scrimmage. Chris Gocong, the LB on his side, failed to cover him and then wasn’t able to make a clean tackle. Mistake: Gocong.Gocong
55IND1stand 101st and 10: Handoff to Addai, who goes nowhere. D’Qwell Jackson had a nice tackle at the line of scrimmage. Credit: Jackson.Jackson
56IND2ndand 102nd and 10: Screen to TE Collie for 5. CB Patterson was nearby but was unable to make the tackle despite being about the same size, and Jamal Sheard had to run him out. Mistake: Patterson.Patterson
57IND3rdand 43rd and 4: Completion to Pierre Garcon for about 5. Joe Haden had him covered well, but drew an unnecessary holding penalty before the completion. It was declined, but it was still a mistake that would have given the Colts a first down even if Garcon dropped it. Mistake: Haden.Haden
58IND1stand 101st and 10: Handoff to Carter for 6. Poor penetration by the defensive line, and Gocong takes him down from behind.
59IND2ndand 42nd and 4: Handoff to Addai for 5. Again bad run defense by the line, forcing the secondary to take him down. Usama Young makes the stop.
60IND1stand 101st and 10: Play-action incompletion. Collins had good protection, and the defensive line wasn’t getting to him. He threw downfield to Clark, who was very well covered by T.J. Ward. Credit: Ward.Ward
61IND2ndand 102nd and 10: Addai swings to the right, but is pressured first by Sheard and then run out of bounds by Haden. Credit: Sheard, Haden.Sheard, Haden
62IND3rdand 123rd and 12: Incomplete to Collie. Collins had a lot of time, but still wasn’t able to make the completion.
63IND4thand 124th and 12: Colts hit a FG.
64Kickoff, touchback.
65CLE1stand 101st and 10: Offiside Colts.
66CLE1stand 51st and 5: Handoff to HIllis for 3. He had decent-looking blocking.
67CLE2ndand 22nd and 2: Incomplete to Little. The ball was “almost intercepted” by Gerard Powers, although replay shows he never got a hand on it and Little almost had it. Hard to fault McCoy there.
68CLE3rdand 23rd and 2: Completion to Momass for a first down. Pass protection was good and McCoy got it off quickly to an open Momass. Credit: McCoy, Momass, O-line.McCoy, Massaquoi
69CLE1stand 101st and 10: McCoy incompletion. He rolled right and appeared to be protected but threw it away. Couldn’t tell whether there were open receivers anywhere, so it’s hard to assign blame. Probably a good decision by the quarterback not to force it.
70CLE2ndand 102nd and 10: Screen to Hillis for a yard. He was stuffed by Lacey, but had no blocking. If this is a planned play, why aren’t there blockers for Hillis?
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