CSG - Fall 2013
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IPV6 strategy: when and how(legacy)Mark McCahillIPV6 strategy: when and how?
- what is the path to deploying IPV6 on campus?
- IPV6 and international/global initiatives
- pitfalls and positives
- Can we include DNS/DNSsec in IPv6? (Asbed)
Accessibility and usability(legacy)Alan Crosswell, Brendan GuentherPerfect compliance with 508 requirements is impossible, ignoring them is stupid and risky, and outside entitities are using us as pawns. What's the optimal best practice? Can the goals be expanded to help general usability?WMichSt10
Net+ from University perspective(legacy)net+ and how do we, the higher ed community feel about Net+ and what are the issues, and possible improvements.D - PolicyUVa, Duke, ND, Cornell, NYU, UMN, Penn, UMich, Madison, Princeton, CMU, PSU, Columbia, Stanford, Harvard, MichSt, Brown, Iowa, VT, Chicago, Boulder, UWA022
Web Content Management(legacy)Tim EvansWhat successes and challenges are institutions experiencing in their web content mgmt space? Have centralized CM solutions seen adoption and had success? Has anyone had success outsourcing CM for all or portions of campus customers? What are the varying experiences with the different VM platforms?WIowa, Boulder20
Responsive Design for provisioning web contents to mobile device users(legacy)Min YaoTraditionally, IT organizations have been using device specific apps to deliver Web content, e.g., iPhone apps, Android apps. However, as the number of mobile devices are rapidly increasing, instead of developing mobile device specific applications, employing responsive design offers a more cost-efficient solution. With responsive design, one set of back engine and program code can configure the Web content and deliver it to multiple types of mobile devices. It would be great if we could share each other’s experience in using the responsive design. EUCSD, Cornell, Penn, Boulder40
Systems IntegrationOpinder BawaJim Phelps,Scotty Logan how are U's doing this – approaches (batch, realtime) , tools, technologies (ETL, ESB), practices, how urgent is the issue on our campuses, are we paying enough attention to this, Master Data Management issues, integration languages. Please include identity integration.EUVA, Penn, Madison, UWA, UMN, Brown, EDUCAUSE, PSU, MichSt, Chicago, CMU, Stanford120
Enterprise ArchitectureAlan CrosswellJim PhelpsDefining and selling the value of EA. Case studies. (Some of you must be doing this right.) Discuss tools used, value achieved, and how we can use EA to drive smart investment decisions.EUCSD, Georgetown, Madison, UMN, HarvardUWA51
Scholarly Identity(legacy)Scholarly identity touches on ORCID, scholarly management systems (ala VIVO, Catalyst at Harvard, and thousands of homebrews), ScienCV and other proposal facilitation efforts from the research funding agencies, publishers and citations, etc...EBrown01
Disaster Recovery(legacy)Is it possible to form some sort of private cloud amongst schools who have similar DR/BCP needs?WUCSD, Princeton, Duke, Cornell, NYU, USC, VT, Stanford08
WorkdayDoddsECornell, Chicago, USC, UVa04
Brave New Networking World(legacy)CMU(/Stanford) suggestion: add OpenFlow as a "brave new networking world" topic Network and application-level impacts. Also, with DNSSEC, signed roots, and other changes underway, is it perhaps time to remind ourselves how DNS is or should be managed on campus? ]WDuke, Princeton, NYU, ND, Stanford, USC, Brown, UWA80
AutomationBoard, KneifelHow best to provide automation across all elements of service and infrastructure delivery. How to leverage existing workflow services/engines. Faster, Faster Faster EDuke, Brown, Chicago30
Badges vs DegreePatton Fast (UMN)Are badges a better way for students to prove what they have learned in and out of the classroom? What does accredidation mean today and in the future?EUCSD, Duke, UMN, Madison, EDUCAUSE, MichSt, Iowa, ND, Chicago09
ERP in the era of AgileJim PhelpsERPs are long term investments and large resource sinks. At least our ERPs don't have great interfaces and agile isn't in their genes. How do we balance the need for agility with ERP world?EMadison, EDUCAUSE, PSU03
Cloud Implementations and ImplicationsBruce VincentNo longer a future state for many of us, implementation of applications and even infrastructure to cloud platforms is the new normal. This session will show actual use cases exploring our own production uses and the impact they are making in dimensions of: service, organization, financial models, policy.END, Penn, UMN, Cornell, NYU, Madison, Stanford, UMich, CMU, Columbia, Georgetown, UWA, MichSt, PSU, Duke, Harvard, Iowa, EDUCAUSE, USC, Chicago, Boulder, UVa220
New Wave of Course Management SystemsKelly DoneyChuck PAs the popularity of online/distance learning increases, selecting the right teaching and learning management system is critical. Could the emergence of new SaaS products (e.g., Canvas) and the promise of greater faculty adoption revolutionize the CMS/LMS world (both on campus and for the distance learner)? What are other universities experiencing? What tools show the most promise?END, Georgetown, Harvard, Columbia, EDUCAUSE, USC, PSU, Iowa, CMU, UVa100
Preservation and DiscoveryChuck PowellChuck PEither as a policy discussion about how our march to the cloud is causing new dilemmas and challenges or as a short workshop to talk about the issues and the various ways we are choosing to address them (and yes the PSU discussion really made me worried more than usual).ENYU, Penn, UMN, ND, Brown, UMich, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, CMU, PSU, MichSt, EDUCAUSE, VT, Boulder, UWA016
Security and ComplianceAsbedWhen the proverbial chili hits the fan, we all drop everything we're doing and jump on the thing that we the like least: fight the fires and keep the house safe and secure. This workshop would discuss the Compliance and Security programs and initiatives at our institutions, to keep our data safe.WUSC, UVa, Harvard03
Application Portfolio ManagementJimCase studies of various tools and methods to evaluate the risk and investment needs of the application portfolio. Jerry G discussed a spreadsheet that they review once a year. Jim P talked about a tool from Troux that highlights app. portfolio risk. These tools help you plan your investment strategy.W