Name LinkDescription
Oculus Integration
The Oculus Integration brings advanced rendering, social, platform, audio, and Avatars development support for Oculus VR devices and some Open VR supported devices.
Easy Scripts
Easy Scripts is a Tool for Unity to create Scripts from templates created by the user. The user only has to select where to save the new Script, The name of the script and Click on the Create Script from Template Button.
MAST - Modular Asset Staging Tool
MAST is an editor extension for Unity, primarily intended for staging 3D modular assets. It is very useful for making scenes and levels that are based off of a grid.
A sound mixing and management system with an intuitive editor and an easy to use API.
Dynamic Shadow Projector
This simple Unity asset provides a few components to render a shadow onto a render texture so that the render texture can be used with Blob Shadow Projector.
Procedural Toolkit
Procedural Toolkit is a free, open source procedural generation library for Unity.
Set it up with a single click, learn how to use it in 5 minutes, and start making games for Windows, Mac and Linux!

Loxodon Framework
LoxodonFramework is a lightweight MVVM(Model-View-ViewModel) framework built specifically to target Unity3D.
Blartenix Common
Basic and essential module of the Blartenix Library. Contains some useful components and other utilities that could help you on your game development process.
UMotion Community
Powerful Animation Editor for animating any type of 3D model right inside Unity.
Reduce development time by fine tuning animations even while being in play mode.
FMOD for Unity
Simple, powerful, and easy to integrate – FMOD is the complete audio solution for Unity.
SiTiMaG - Simple tilemap generator
SiTiMaG allow you to generate random "rouge-like" tilemaps for your game. It can be used in editor mode or in runtime. Big caves, tunnel systems with rooms, mazes - it all can be generate with SiTiMaG!
Lean Pool
Improve the performance of your game within minutes using Lean Pool. This lightweight asset manages prefab spawning, despawning, recycling, and much more!
SkyConsole Lite
SkyConsole asset will help you easily add in-game console into your project.
Candice AI for Games
Candice is an AI framework for games that provides several useful and powerful features to make your AI agents more intelligent.
Dialogue Editor
A Unity Tool for creating and adding conversations into your games.
Comes with an Editor Window for creating and editing conversations.
Survival UI System
This Survival UI System is a starter for implanting your own survival user interace, which has moving bars for Health, Stamina, Hunger and Thirst in a visual icon layout.
Inspect System
This Inspect System is a starter for a basic inspecting system which allows you to click on gameobjects or items within your game world, highlight their name and get extra information about them as if you were to inspect them in life.
Lean Localization
Quickly add multi-language support to your games using Lean Localization. This lightweight asset allows you to localize text, sounds, load CSV, and much more!
Lean GUI
Lean GUI is a collection of components that extend Unity's GUI system, allowing you to rapidly polish and enhance the user experience (UX) of your game's UI.
Selection Identity tool
This is a tool that will aid you while selecting things in unity. The tool will display the name of the object your mouse if hovering over and will be selected on click.
Quantum Inventory
Quantum Inventory is an inventory system designed around flexibility and easy creation of items, crafting recipes, and shops/vendors.
PlatinioTween is not just another unity tween engine, it contains all the necessary tools to create animations using code, but in addition to that unlike other tools, it contains all the necessary to animate the UI, in a simple, elegant and precise way.
Hard Light 2D
Hard Light 2D is a simple drag and drop point light system. The script uses 2D Colliders on your scene to create sharp shadows typically seen on minimalistic 2D games.
First Person All-in-One
First Person AIO is an Open Source first person controller for the Unity Engine. It offers many customization options while still being beginner friendly and easy to set up.
Easy Snap
Ever get difficulty in placement of objects?, ever wanted to make complex structures based on simple geometry but couldn't precisely do so?.Easy snap is the tool for you.
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