Grade LevelDisciplineOrganizationURLNotes
K12STEMArizona Science Center expanding collection of DIY STEM hosted by the Learning Division of the Arizona Science Center
K-12ELA, STEM, SSAZ State University are some great online teaching resources from Arizona State University for K-12 students/teachers/parents. There are a lot of different web resources. Elementary: Be sure to scroll down to the last item on the page for some things specifically for you. (Well, some of the others are good too.....)
G3-12TechGirls Who Code afterschool club program typically is open only to established teams. But, with the directors of GWC wanted to make their tool available during the Virus Crisis. So every day they will post sets of activities for beginners and intermediately skilled coders. You don't need any background - only the desire to explore. This is a great opportunity to see if students like the curriculum. If they do, it is free for an afterschool club at school, library, church, Boys/Girls Club, etc.
G6-12AllTED-Ed folks that bring you TED Talks created TED for Education. Their site is well designed which makes it easy to incorporate current experts into lessons. This also helps to answer the question - why am I learning this?
G6-12Social StudiesDigital History digital and interactive resource takes you through U.S. history with an online text, videos, and interactive simulations.
G6-12STEMBiointeractive is one of the most interesting sites for High School Science. Hosted by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Biointeractive provides extensive lesson plans with videos, activities, and guiding questions. Real science, real stories, and real data to engage students in exploring the living world.
G6-12+AllQuick and Dirty Tips Podcasts created by Mignone Fogerty with Grammer Girl, this site now hosts a wide number of experts providing podcasts of 10-30 minutes. Consider using some of these to support your older student's learning. We are particularly fond of Grammer Girl who teachs writing tools make Language Arts so much easier to understand.
K12Foreign LanguageRosetta Stone Stone is offering FREE 3-month subscriptions for kids to learn foreign languages!! There are lots of languages to choose from: from Latin American Spanish to critical languages, including Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, and Turkish. You can sign up for multiple languages if different children want to learn different languages.
K12ELAPuliter Center for International Journalism​​Pulitzer Center for International Journalism is holding a 2020 Fighting Words (Poetry in Response to Current Events) Poetry Contest for K-12 student. It would be a great reading/writing/social studies assignment - and kids can win cash prizes!
K12Art IntegrationHappy Hour Projects art craft ideas to use as fillers between lessons.
K12AllInternet At School is a large list of web based education tools. These were originally developed for home schoolers.
K12STEMNASA Educatation Resources is the page NASA created to support educators with resources. Good one stop shop for all things Space and STEM
K6STEMNASA Coloring Books NASA and space science through amazing coloring books. Download for free.
K12STEMNOAA Education Resources resources are distributed across many websites and program offices at NOAA and partner websites. This portal is designed to help you access these resources from one location.
K12STEM, ELA, SSNational Park Service is a portal into the National Park Service's education resources. Interestingly, the lessons and materials are about history as well as STEM. These tools use our amazing parks to inspire and educate.
K12STEMTeach Engineering and Analytical thinking through the Engineering Design Process. This site provides scores of age appropriate activities that thelp students learn by doing.
K12ELAReadWriteThink is an extensive site of lessons and resources developed by the National Council of Teacher of English. One of the best web locations for veted and reliable Language Arts materials. Go here first for ELA lessons...
K12ELAPoem in Your Pocket (April is National Poetry Month) lesson sets for National Poetry month in April. Use various tools and ideas to help create a vast array of poem types.
K12MathIlluminations site for Math lesson and resources. Developed by the National Council of Teachers of Math.
K12AllSmithsonian Institution resources specifically developed for At Home learners by one of the World's premier museum complexes. Lessons are free and integrate SI's vast collections and digital field trips to help guide the experience.
K12STEMLearn Genetics of the best sites to learn about cell biology and genetics.
K12STEMTiger Wood Foundation part of the global learning community, TGR Foundation is here to support students and educators. In order to prepare for distance learning, we’re providing digital workshops and virtual office hours in addition to the 40+ interdisciplinary learning resources available through TGR EDU: Explore, a no-cost, open online platform designed for educators, students and families.
K12ELA, STEM, SSU.S. Mint of the more unusual sites for lessons, the Mint provides financial based lessons that intersect with STEM, History, and Language Arts. Give it a try, you might be surprised at how this often forgotten division of the federal government rises to both educator expectations and student engagement.
K12STEM, ELAU.S Patent and Trademark Office in the Odd places the Federal Government has for education lessons - the Patent Office. You can find some really cool ideas on how to engage kids around innovation and engineering design activities. "Tapping into the passion and creativity that all children have is one of the main goals of the Office of Education and Outreach at the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We believe that all children have the potential to do extraordinary things and that innovation can be a powerful vehicle to help students realize their potential and become successful life-long learners."
K12STEMU.S. Geologic Survey USGS has some of the most actionable and relevant data and science for U.S. Citizens. They have brought together their education cadre and created a series of lessons that integrate Earth and Planetary Science for all ages. This is NOT just about rocks, but earthquakes, remote sensing (satellites), water, and agriculture. Give it a try.
K12STEMUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research UCAR Center for Science Education (working from our home offices) put together this collection of UCAR K-12 educational resources to support teachers with distance learning and families who are doing their own instruction about weather, climate, air quality, the Sun and space weather, and other Earth science topics.
K12STEMMineral Education Coalition sets of K12 lessons and resources around minerals, mining, and geologic science.
K4STEMSTEM @ Home with NASA created this site specifically for early Elementary learners, with lots of hands on activities.
K6Art integrationOrigami Folding Club is a great sight for learning how to fold paper in hundreds of different shapes. Consider balloons for making sight work dice, or practcing number sense with foldable numbers.
K6STEMSpace Place - NASA is the central education site for NASA's outreach to students in grades K-6. Amazing activities, background and simulations.
K6MathArcademic Skill Builders site for learning math through games
K8AllCyberBee medium sized list of links created for teachers to use when they want to integrate technology. Easily used for home schooling. Don't miss out on the page using Forensics to support critical thinking.
K8ELAScholatic Learn at Home activities to keep students learning by doing.
ParentsSupportPsychology Today on how to keep sane in a world where you are the 24/7 teacher
K12AllWonderopolis to Wonderopolis®, a place where natural curiosity and imagination lead to exploration and discovery in learners of all ages. Each day, an intriguing question is presented—the Wonder of the Day®—and explore it in a variety of ways.
K6STEMNational Marine Sanctuaries great collection of activities, videos, and coloring pages developed by NOAA's National Marine Sanctuaries
K12STEMNational Ocean Service is an AMAZING activity book last created by NOAA in limited print edition in 2017. The activities are easy to do at home and do not require a lot of preparations. You can do Origami, build navigation tools and boats, learn about flag language, and much much more.
K12STEMExplore by the Seat of Your Pants explorations with active scientists from disciplines that range from Volcanologists to Marine Biologists. These are done in real time, so pre-registration is required. Check on their page for upcoming events.
K14STEMLabXchangelabxchange.orgHigh School and Higher Ed STEM classroom development site from Harvard U. Amazing Teacher Tool with embedded resources from Harvard, Amgen, Conserva, etc. Plus they have plans to create more resources for classroom management.
High SchoolALLGrand Canyon Univ Field Trip times daily GCU hosts a live campus tour for perspective students. Good for High School Juniors and Seniors as well as parents.
K12STEMNASA Eyes on is an interactive site that require an app download. With the app you can take narrated trips over Earth, the Solar System, and Exoplanets. This is a cool site to play with when you need a mental break.
K12STEMBirding By Ear site is has everything you need to start identifying birds by their songs. Can be done from anywhere, just open a window or step outside. As it warms up this is best done in the morning or evening. Great way to impress your friends.
K12STEMMerlin Bird ID App this app to help identify birds using pictures that you take with your phone.
K6STEMJourney North is a wonderfully interactive site that guides teachers and students into learning about seasons, migrations, and plants. There are activities, a mystery school project, and monarch butterfly program.
K12STEM84 Science @ Home Experiments site created by the 4H cooperative extension of Michigan.
K12STEMCivil Air Patrol - Aerospace STEM @ Home cost, hands on activities for all ages around aeronautics and aerospace with the CAP. This page has internal and external links to activities that can be done at home. Teachers and parents can also follow links on how to become part of the education cadre of CAP and gain access to their many free kits and resources.
K12STEMInternational Day of Light - May 16 International Day of Light is a global initiative that provides an annual focal point for the continued appreciation of light and the role it plays in science, culture and art, education, and sustainable development, and in fields as diverse as medicine, communications, and energy. The International Day of Light will be held on 16 May every year, the anniversary of the first successful operation of a laser in 1960.
K12STEM100 Activities about Light is a quick reference guide to freely available resource for teachers and educators. The list of activities consists of educational activities for children 6 years and older and includes material developed by Opticks4Kids,, the Optical Society, TeachEngineering and Universe Awareness. The book is hosted by Universe Awareness at Leiden University, Netherlands.
AllArtsPhoenix Symphony Monday Broadcastkbaq.orgThis spring, enjoy the music of The Phoenix Symphony in concert within the comfort of your home! Broadcasts are made possible through a partnership between The Phoenix Symphony, Central Sound at Arizona PBS and Arizona Public Radio. The Phoenix Symphony Broadcast Series can be heard every Monday evening at 7 p.m. through June 1
G4-8STEAMSimple Circuits and Puppets team from Georgia Tech combined simple puppet designs with easy circuits to help students explore basic prototyping and the use of simple circuits to add depth to storytelling.
PK-12STEMHow To Smile almost 3,500 of the very best STEM activities on the web. Find handpicked activities from your favorite science museums, public television stations, universities, and other educational organizations. All activities are available to anyone, free of charge. Start searching now and filter by age, material costs, and learning time to find exactly what you need for your educational program, class, or family.
G6-12Social StudiesiCivics award winning site guides students through knowledge development around the foundational systems of the U.S. Citizenry
G6-12STEMRedbird Aviation about aeronautics and experience aviation from home with our expert teacher. We'll be offering weekly classes on a range of topics to help Middle and High School students stay engaged with aviation during this trying time. The STEM+ Lab is free and open to the public.
EducatorsSTEMSTEMAZing is a professional development program hosted by the Pima County Superintendent of School's office. This site has various STEM resources in English and Spanish geared mainly to middle and high school.
K16 & EducatorsSTEMNOAA Planet Stewards Planet Stewards Education Project (PSEP) provides formal and informal educators working with elementary through college aged students the knowledge and resources to build scientifically-literate individuals and communities who are prepared to respond to environmental challenges monitored by NOAA