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Funding 07-08Funding, £ million 06-07explanation written in clear Englishweb addressStaffExpenditure
, £ million
explanation (rough)
CrimeCriminal Injuries Compensation Authority245.00221.0compensation schemes for victims of violent crime a compensation scheme for injuries caused to victims of violent crime in Great Britain and is funded by the Ministry of Justice
Communities and Local GovernmentAuditAudit Commission125.9026.8tracks the spending of taxpayers money across local government,2401,104.7appoint auditors to provide assurance and promote value for taxpayers’ money across local government, health, housing, community safety, fire and rescue and other public services. carry out performance assessments for councils, fire and rescue services, and housing organisations. carry out research and provide independent, authoritative analysis to give insights into complex social problems. help public bodies detect fraud and error by comparing sets of data, such as payroll or benefits records
Communities and Local GovernmentBuildingBuilding448.4n/a6,2401,104.7-
Communities and Local GovernmentCommunities and Local GovernmentCommunities and Local Government282,389.962,522.6,2401,104.7Responsible for; Building Regulations, Civil Resilience, Fire services, Homelessness, Housing, Local Government, Neighbourhood Renewal, Neighbourhood Management Pathfinder Programme, Neighbourhood Renewal Fund, Planning, Regions, Social Exclusion, Sustainable Communities, Urban Policy
Communities and Local GovernmentRegional DevelopmentEnglish Partnerships261.01628.0now part of the Homes & Communities Agency part of the HCA (Homes and Communities Agency). responsible for land acquisition and assembly and major development projects, alone or in joint partnership with private sector developers
Communities and Local GovernmentHousingHousing71,889.011,667.7n/a5512,002.9
Communities and Local GovernmentHousingHousing Corporation1,889.011,644.1funds new affordable homes & regulates housing associations,002.9funds new affordable homes and regulates housing associations in England
Communities and Local GovernmentLocal AuthoritiesLocal Authorities46992,490.0,927,000145,569.0
Communities and Local GovernmentLocal AuthoritiesLocal Authorities (469)92,490.0,927,000145,569.0
Communities and Local GovernmentAuditLocal Authorities and the NHS in England and Wales, Audit Commission for25.9026.8,005199.7"
Communities and Local GovernmentRegional DevelopmentLondon Thames Gateway Development Corporation44.0049.3redeveloping two areas of NE London urban development corporation that has been charged with redevelopment of two areas of northeast London (the Lower Lea Valley area and the London Riverside area) that are within the Thames Gateway. It has the power to grant permission for strategic planning applications and the power to compulsory purchase land needed for redevelopment.
Communities and Local GovernmentBuildingPlanning Inspectorate44.8448.4handles planning appeals and listed buildings for determination of planning and enforcement appeals, and public examination of local development plans. also deals with Listed Building consent appeals and advertisement appeals.
Communities and Local GovernmentRegional DevelopmentRegional Development5716.9,2403,472.0
Constitutional AffairsConstitutional AffairsConstitutional Affairs5781,161.8n/a52,2541,963.7
Constitutional AffairsLaw & The CourtsHM Courts Service864.10704.8manages the courts,9861,508.3responsible for managing the magistrates’ courts, the Crown Court, county courts, the High Court and Court of Appeal in England and Wales.
Constitutional AffairsInformation, Records & ArchivesInformation, Records & Archives538.2n/a32,268455.3
Constitutional AffairsLaw & The CourtsLaw & The Courts5701,122.332,268455.3
Constitutional AffairsLaw & The CourtsLegal Services Commission130.00112.8free legal advice & representation for those who cannot afford it CLS (Community Legal Service) aims to improve access to quality information and help for civil legal problems, such as family, debt and housing. Free legal advice is available to people who cannot afford to pay for legal help. This is supplied through solicitors’ and advice agencies. The CDS (Criminal Defence Service) provides free legal advice and representation for people facing criminal charges who are unable to pay for legal help. This is supplied through criminal solicitors’ offices and the Public Defender Service.
Constitutional AffairsInformation, Records & ArchivesNational Archive34.9633.1guides the government on information management and preserves historical documents guidance to government departments and the public sector on information management and advise others about the care of historical archives. choses which documents to preserve and oversees the preservation.
Constitutional AffairsLaw & The CourtsTribunals Service295.90286.8supports tribunals,048314.5provides administrative support for the tribunals' judiciary who hear cases and decide appeals. to ensure that the public at large have an opportunity to exercise their rights and to seek effective redress against Government decisions
Culture, Media and SportArtArt8483.623,9094,955.7
Culture, Media and SportArtArts Council England423.60426.5promotes and funds the arts to promoting the performing, visual and literary arts in England. Since 1994, Arts Council England has been responsible for distributing lottery funding
Culture, Media and SportMediaBBC283.60264.1public service broadcasting,0374,353.4an autonomous public service broadcaster that operates under a Royal Charter. it is funded principally by an annual television licence fee. The BBC's main responsibility is to provide public service broadcasting within the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man
Culture, Media and SportLibraries British Library 106.41102.6national library of the UK, contains all books published in the UK,011119.8the national library of the UK. a research library and legal deposit library, which receives copies of all books produced in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, including all foreign books distributed in the UK.
Culture, Media and SportMuseumsBritish Museum41.6538.7a free national museum of history & culture,03462.3a national museum of history and culture, charges no admission fee.
Culture, Media and SportCulture, Media and SportCulture, Media and Sport631,657.860,3759,489.8
Culture, Media and SportHistoric Sites and BuildingsEnglish Heritage137.07141.3steward of over 400 significant historical sites,937175.3a broad remit of managing the historic built environment of England. the steward of over 400 significant historical and archaeological sites, e.g. Stonehenge. major responsibilities in conservation, giving advice, registering and protecting the historic environment. It also maintains a public archive.
Culture, Media and SportHistoric Sites and BuildingsHistoric Sites and Buildings8175.83,771814.8
Culture, Media and SportLibraries Libraries 4110.33,771814.8
Culture, Media and SportMediaMedia4291.03,771814.8
Culture, Media and SportMuseumsMuseums17308.53,700763.4
Culture, Media and SportArtMuseums', Libraries and Archives Council64.1852.0improvement & innovation for museums, libraries and archives non-departmental public body in England and a registered charity with a remit to promote improvement and innovation in the area of museums, libraries and archives
Culture, Media and SportMuseumsNational Gallery25.6024.0free gallery exempt charity, and a non-departmental public body. Its collection belongs to the public of the United Kingdom and entry to the main collection (though not some special exhibitions) is free of charge.
Culture, Media and SportMuseumsNational Museum of Science and Industry (London)38.4836.7four british museums: science, national railway, national media, locomotion of four british museums: the science museum, the national railway museum, the national media museum and the locomotion museum.
Culture, Media and SportMuseumsNatural History Museum *45.4041.5specialising in research, taxonomy, identification & classification museum, also specialising in research, taxonomy, identification and classification.
Culture, Media and SportOlympicsOlympic Delivery Authority235.9052.7developing the infrastructure and venues of the 2012 olympics for developing and building the new venues and infrastructure for the Games and their use after 2012
Culture, Media and SportOlympicsOlympics252.71,263344.5
Culture, Media and SportSportSport6174.31,263344.5
Culture, Media and SportSportSport England113.30102.5building a community sport system, nuturing new sports talent, and increase sport uptake role is to build the foundations of a community sport system by working with national governing bodies of sport, and other funded partners, to grow the number of people doing sport; sustain participation levels; and help more talented people from all backgrounds excel by identifying them early, nurturing them, and helping them move up to the elite level.
Culture, Media and SportMuseumsTate Gallery45.9334.1four galleries housing the UK's national collection of art,15087.4an institution that houses the United Kingdom's national collection of British Art, and International Modern and Contemporary Art. It is a network of four art museums
Culture, Media and SportTourismTourism249.99057.9
Culture, Media and SportMediaUK Film Council25.8526.9develop and promote the UK film industry develop and promote the film industry in the UK. It is constituted as a private company limited by guarantee governed by a board of 15 directors and is funded through sources including the National Lottery. 'To stimulate a competitive, successful and vibrant UK film industry and
culture, and to promote the widest possible enjoyment and understanding of cinema throughout the nations and regions of the UK.'
Culture, Media and SportSportUK Sport67.3853.1distributes Lottery funding for sports and governs drug testing for athletes directing the development of sport within the home countries, disbursing Government funding and acting as the statutory distributor of National Lottery grants. UK Sport is the official sports body that governs drugs testing of athletes in the UK on a regular basis
Culture, Media and SportMuseumsVictoria and Albert Museum42.2639.1national museum of decorative arts and design museum of decorative arts and design
Culture, Media and SportTourismVisitBritain50.6549.9promote & develop the UK as a tourist destination tourist board of Great Britain. to market Britain to the rest of the world and to promote and develop the English visitor economy.
DefenceArmed Forces PersonnelArmed Forces Personnel26427.748,7636,731.2
DefenceArmed Forces PersonnelArmed Forces Personnel Administration Agency-129.0pay and pensions for British Armed Forces provide a full range of pay, pensions and personnel administration services to the British Armed Forces
DefenceSites & EquipmentDefence Communication Services Agency-1,222.4communications networks for ministry of defence,8311,500.0was responsible for the delivery of Information and Communication Services (ICS) across the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence. services ranged from fixed and mobile telephones to satellite communication links, and from computers and associated networks/infrastructures to airfield support.
DefenceArmed Forces PersonnelDefence Medical, Education and Training Agency148.10138.3medical support for Britain's armies, including training military doctors and medics,359218.1underpins medical support to Britain's front line forces, educating and training Defence Medical Service staff and those military personnel with medical secondary care responsibilities,
DefenceSites & EquipmentDefence Procurement Agency-7,012.8buying materials, equipments & services for the British Armed Forces,5301,400.3responsible for the acquisition of materiel, equipment and services, for the British armed forces.
DefenceSites & EquipmentDefence Storage and Distribution Agency178.87184.9stores and maintains materials for the MoD,742319.7the storage and distribution arm of the Defence Equipment & Support (DE&S) organisation. The role of the Agency is to store, maintain, issue, process and distribute materiel for the MoD and other designated users.
DefenceOther DefenceMET Office62.9365.4national weather service,708163.1the United Kingdom's national weather service, and a trading fund of the Ministry of Defence. handles the training for internal personnel and many forecasters from around the world. A branch of the Met Office known as the Mobile Met Unit (MMU) accompany forward units in times of conflict advising the armed forces of the prevailing conditions for battle, particularly the RAF
DefenceOther DefenceMinistry of Defence Police and Guarding Agency284.88325.7supplies police and guards to the Defence Community,981355.4supply policing and guarding services to the whole of the Defence Community, both Military and Civilian. Also contracts out its services to external users.
DefenceOther DefenceOther Defence4391.02,711161.3
DefenceArmed Forces PersonnelPeople, Pay and Pensions Agency58.2350.9provides civilian personnel to the Ministry Of Defence,03250.5provides of all civilian personnel services to the MOD. services will be based around the situations that people find themselves in as a result of employing and managing staff - from filling a vacancy to raising a grievance or claiming an allowance
DefenceArmed Forces PersonnelService Children's Education-81.6education the children of defence personnel around the world,679110.8responsible for the education of the children of service families and Ministry of Defence personnel serving outside of the United Kingdom. They provide schools and educational support services from Foundation Stage through to sixth form. Schools follow the English National Curriculum, administer national assessments and public examinations
DefenceSites & EquipmentSites & Equipment98,428.78,74318,395.7
Education and SkillsTeaching & SchoolsBritish Educational Communications and Technology Agency10.4630.3handles computers & tech for schools oversaw the procurement of all ICT equipment and e-learning strategy for schools
Education and SkillsLegalChildren and Family Court Advisory and Support Service106.53104.4safeguards welfare of children involved in family court proceedings,702108.0to safeguard and promote the welfare of children involved in family court proceedings. It works with children and their families, and then advises the courts on what it considers to be in the children's best interests. CAFCASS only works in the family courts
Education and SkillsEducation and SkillsEducation and Skills2218,887.46,77918,254.0
Education and SkillsHigher EducationHigher Education37,051.53,74117,814.9
Education and SkillsHigher EducationHigher Education Funding Council for England7,341.936,983.3funds universities & colleges,945.0responsible for the distribution of funding to Universities and Colleges of Higher and Further Education in England
Education and SkillsSkills & Adult LearningLearning and Skills Council11,167.9310,328.1plans and funds post-16 further education (not higher education),74110,869.9responsible for planning and funding further education (post-16 education and training other than higher education) in England
Education and SkillsLegalLegal191.823590.6
Education and SkillsTeaching & SchoolsNational College for School Leadership82.9091.8develops head teachers and other school leaders head teachers, school leaders and senior children's services leaders opportunities for professional leadership development
Education and SkillsTeaching & SchoolsQualifications and Cirriculum Authority157.37144.0developes the national curriculum the curriculum, improve and deliver assessments, and review and reform qualifications
Education and SkillsSkills & Adult LearningQuality Improvement Agency for Life Long Learning115.1193.1works to improve colleges for developing and providing resources that help colleges and providers implement initiatives and improve quality. This is achieved by commissioning products and services, identifying and sharing good practice throughout the system, and providing tailored programmes of support.
Education and SkillsSkills & Adult LearningSector Skills Development Agency73.9funds and supports employer led educational organisations (like ??????) for funding, supporting and monitoring SSCs (Sector Skills Councils are state-sponsored, employer-led organisations that cover specific economic sectors in the United Kingdom)
Education and SkillsSkills & Adult LearningSkills & Adult Learning710,521.57,8351,472.9
Education and SkillsEducation and SkillsStandards in Education, Office for (OFSTED)212.94193.1inspects schools, day care and childminders,238193.9responsible for inspecting the standards of independent schools and state schools, local education authorities, child day care and childminding in England. The inspectors are office holders under the crown, and OFSTED reports directly to parliament.
Education and SkillsHigher EducationStudent Loans Company Ltd66.2567.8loans & grants to over 1m students a year,23675.9established to provide financial services, in terms of loans and grants, to over one million students annually, in colleges and universities across the four education systems of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Education and SkillsTeaching & SchoolsTeaching & Schools81,013.64,3611,203.1
Education and SkillsTeaching & SchoolsTraining and Development Agency for Schools777.31729.5trains teachers and other school staff for the initial and in-service training of teachers and other school staff in England.
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsAgricultureAgriculture59109.51,963189.3
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnvironmentBritish Waterways 67.9057.1manages canals & some rivers and docks,963189.3navigation authority for canals, and some rivers and docks. maintenance and securing income.
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnvironmentCarbon Trust93.5885.6help organisations cut carbon, commercialise new low-carbon tech advice and finance to help organisations cut carbon, set standards for carbon reduction, open markets for low carbon technologies, commercialise new techonologies and invest in early-state low carbon companies.
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsResearchCentral Science Laboratory33.7science in support of Government objectives for the delivery of science in support of Government objectives. specialises in the sciences underpinning agriculture for sustainable crop production, environmental management and conservation and in food safety and quality
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnvironmentCentre for Enviroment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science34.3938.9healthy & sustainble water environments healthy and sustainable marine and freshwater environments. an executive agency of Defra. research, advisory, consultancy, monitoring and training activities for a large number of customers (mainly DEFRA, also international and local government departments, the world bank, the european commission, UN FAO)
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnvironmentEnergy Savings Trust29.8043.2free, impartial advice to those who want to tackle climate change free, impartial advice and information for people across the UK looking to save energy, conserve water and reduce waste and also work with like-minded organisations and groups who wish to tackle climate change, both in the public and private sector
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnvironmentEnviroment Agency627.80603.6protect & improve the environment,1141,064.6to protect and improve the environment, and to promote sustainable development. We play a central role in delivering the environmental priorities of central government
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnviroment, Food and Rural Affairs1073,337.520,6571,649.4
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnvironmentEnvironment261,079.99,625673.5
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsFood Standards AgencyFood Standards Agency633.0protects public health in relation to food,195132.9a non-ministerial government department responsible for protecting public health in relation to food.
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsForeign and Commonwealth OfficeForeign and Commonwealth Office1266.9promotes the interests of the UK abroad,195132.9the British government department responsible for promoting the interests of the United Kingdom overseas
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsFood Standards AgencyMeat Hygiene Service 36.0033.01,47891.3
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsNational ParksNational Parks832.1ADD THIS00.0
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnvironmentNatural England188.30204.4ensures sustainable stewardship of the land and sea,323233.2the government’s advisor on the natural environment. to ensure sustainable stewardship of the land and sea. work with farmers and land managers; business and industry; planners and developers; national, regional and local government; interest groups and local communities to help them improve their local environment
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsResearchResearch333.971741.6
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsEnvironmentRoyal Botanic Gardens, Kew25.2025.2botanical research and education institution, and visitor attraction. research and education institution, and visitor attraction.
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsRural AffairsRural Affairs52,068.74,4673,277.6
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsRural AffairsRural Payments Agency2,805.002,055.0enforces the EU's regulations on size & shape of fruit & Veg,4673,277.6rural payments, rural inspections and livestock tracing. It also enforces the European Union's regulations on the size and shape of vegetables and fruit sold in shops
Enviroment, Food and Rural AffairsAgricultureState Veterinary Agency123.2396.4ensures farmed animals are healthy, disease-free and looked after,427109.7Animal Health is the UK government's executive agency primarily responsible for ensuring that farmed animals in Great Britain are healthy, disease-free and well looked after. One of its key roles is to implement government policies aimed at preventing - or managing - outbreaks of serious animal diseases, and in doing so support the farming industry, protect the welfare of farmed animals and safeguard public health from animal borne disease.
Foreign Office?EducationBBC World255.00239.5showcases British creative talent around the world,736230.9provides a global showcase for the best of British creative talent including actors, journalists, presenters, writers, directors, musicians, designers and technicians. We sell programmes and formats produced by more than 500 different UK independent producers
Foreign Office?EducationBritish Council189.46195.3showcases British creative ideas and achievements,925549.7"to build mutually beneficial cultural and educational relationships between the United Kingdom and other countries, and increase appreciation of the United Kingdom’s creative ideas and achievements
Foreign Office?EducationEducation8441.75,674502.3
Foreign Office?Foreign Office PersonnelFCO Service24.2325.5creates high security technology and systems,183133.2aims to provide secure environments e.g. management of secure construction projects, to the installation and ongoing support of protective systems. provide customers with solutions in biometric technology, at the forefront of national security vetting. safeguard data and communications by ensuring the integrity of IT networks, the secure transportation of official mail and the accurate exchange of information between countries.
Foreign Office?Foreign Office PersonnelForeign Office Personnel325.54,491369.1
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