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AccelaSchoolEcollect Electronic Registration for PowerSchoolThis training session will show hands on examples of how to set up and use Ecollect plugin for PowerSchool for easy, flexible data collection and reporting -- including registration, new-student enrollment, and a wide variety of other data collection.Mark StefanikPowerSchoolAll
AccelaSchoolEmbedded into PowerSchool: Parents and Staff Now Enjoying Easier Electronic Registration, New Student Enrollment and Any Other Data Collection with AccelaSchool EcollectThis presentation will provide high-level information on how school districts use Ecollect plugin for PowerSchool for much easier, faster, cheaper, more flexible and more accurate data collection – including student registration and new student enrollment, as well as school climate surveys, personal learning plans, activity registration, and any/all paper-based forms floating around their schools and district.Mark Stefanik
Non-SIS Specific
Bridgeway SolutionsAutomated Attendance and Visitor Management with ScholarChip A live demo of the ScholarChip solutions for safer students and more secure schools. Using a mobile kiosk, students simply tap in to record their attendance as they enter a building or special event. With ScholarChip's Visitor Manager module, visitors use their state-issued ID to quickly be verified against ScholarChip's national sex offender registry and the school or district's black list.Gene Hawkins
Non-SIS Specific
Buford City SchoolsImporting Test ScoresThis session will show one school districts best practices on importing test scores into PowerSchool. We will review setting up test scores, data elements needed for import files, and how we use Access to create our import ready test files for PowerSchools test tables.Flora ContrerasPowerSchoolALL
Buford City SchoolsPowerSchool 101 - Back to the BasicsThis session will focus on the primary navigation through PowerSchool 11.x as well as some tips and tricks that will make using PowerSchool a success for you and your school district. Be prepared to bring your questions as this will be an interactive group session. This session is designed for the novice who is just starting to use PowerSchool.Flora ContrerasPowerSchoolALL
Bulloch CountyCCRPI Data Analysis and Goal Setting ToolkitDiscover Bulloch's collection of free Excel and Google Sheet tools that facilitate easy analysis of your school or district's CCRPI data, set targets for improvement of academic achievement (weighted proficiency), and set individual student Milestones performance goals in your teacher PLCs.Noralee Edwards
Non-SIS Specific
Bulloch CountyTips for Improving School Climate Ratings through Effective Data Management PracticesCome learn how your "stars" might be affected by your data entry procedures and local school or district policies related to attendance and behavior. Noralee Edwards
Non-SIS Specific
Camden CountyCustom Pages and Alerts PT 1This session will demonstrate the creation of custom pages inside of PowerSchool using custom fields from database extensions, page fragments and jQuery to place links to the custom page, and then creation of the plugin for installation. Users do not need any particular programming knowledge as the session will show users how to customize solutions already in existence. Users will need to be familiar with Custom Page Management and Plugin Management.Chris McManigalPowerSchoolDistrict
Certica SolutionsAchieve Seamless Data Integration with the Power of Ed-Fi and Data ConnectDistricts are looking for the best way to integrate data and achieve interoperability between applications. Learn why districts are adopting Ed-Fi technology and how they benefit from a centralized data architecture that delivers greater access to enterprise data – providing more comprehensive data in the classroom, supporting personalized learning, and better leveraging their investments in learning applications and data systems.Erin AlbertsAllAll
Edupoint Educational SystemsSynergy SIS and the New Synergy RTI/MTSS and Synergy Analytics ModulesJoin us for an overview of Edupoint’s Synergy Student Information System and learn about our brand new RTI/MTSS and Analytics modules.Mark WilsonNon-SIS SpecificAll
Fayette CountySync your Flags & Reporting Data in Infinite CampusSchool users love flags beside the student names! But are users failing to update important data thinking the student is marked correctly based on the flag? District staff can use Task Scheduler in Infinite Campus to create and end flags nightly based on the data entered on the enrollment line, schedules, etc. School users will only need to update the state reported data and the flag will follow so they are always in sync.Sarah MacDonaldInfinite CampusAll
Follett / AspenPortable ReportsLearn more about the Aspen portable report, a flexible report designed to be easily imported across all Districts. Attendees will learn how to visit the “Aspen Portable Reports” page whenever they have a reporting need and look through our constantly growing catalog of freely available and ready-to-use custom reports.Jamar BoydAspen
Follett / AspenAspen, an Out-of-the box Scalable and Adaptable Student Information SystemJoin us as we explore how Aspen’s extensibility and open platform helps simplify complex district initiatives and business processes. Aspen can be configured by individual districts to meet specific needs and objectives.

Learn how Aspen:

• Supports internal business processes
• Compliments district initiatives using workflows
• Accommodates all types of unique scheduling scenarios
• Saves districts money by eliminating the need for numerous 3rd party systems
Kevin Hinds & Jamar BoydNon-SIS Specific
Follett / AspenRoundtable with Aspen DistrictsRoundtable discussionKevin Hinds & Jamar BoydAspen
GaDOEComprehensive Needs Assessment and District Improvement PlanThis session will look at the NEWEST application within SLDS. Working with Federal Program directors from all over the state, the DIP & CNA was developed. See how this new application aids the school districts in completing their Comprehensive Needs Assessment and then follows through to their District Improvement Plan.Bob SwiggumNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOETalk to DOE's Technology ServiceJoin in this open session to share your feedback on the things going on at DOE. Come to listen- but more importantly, come to share.Bob SwiggumNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOEStudent Record Data Collection 2018Student Record Data Collection 2018Carl GarberNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOEDiscipline for SWDLEAs are responsible for reporting discipline events for all students including students with disabilities in the Safety Level file. These data are used to determine whether LEAs have significant disproportionality for disciplinary removals, which answers the question: “Is the LEA removing a student in one racial/ethnic group more than others?” Accurate discipline data is critical as disproportionality carries financial consequences for LEAs. This session will review discipline reporting issues and explain the impact on a disproportionality determination for an LEA. Carol Seay
Non-SIS Specific
GaDOEUnderstanding Student Record and Troubleshooting Errors for SWDStudent Record reporting for students with disabilities can be complex. The data reported by districts provides important information regarding the timeliness of services for students as well as the data that informs discipline disproportionality. This session will provide a review of Special Education Level reporting.Carol Seay
Non-SIS Specific
GaDOEUnderstanding the Implications Reporting FTE for SWDAccurate FTE reporting is critical as this data are used for funding purposes and several special education compliance requirements. This session will review the critical aspects of FTE reporting for students with disabilities in your district, including the additional Total Minutes per Week reporting requirement, common errors, and helpful reports.Carol Seay
Non-SIS Specific
GaDOESchool Climate Star RatingThis session will focus on the School Climate Star Rating. Attendees will learn how survey data, discipline data and attendance data are used to calculate a School Climate Star Rating for all Georgia schools.Jeff HodgesNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOEStudent DisciplineThis session will provide guidance on reporting student discipline data accurately and consistently. Special attention will be given to the discipline incident types, discipline action codes, and discipline levels.Jeff Hodges
Non-SIS Specific
GaDOEData Collection 102 for New Coordinators‘Data Collections 102 for New Coordinators’ - a general overview of data collections to make it through the end of the school year.Kathy AspyNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOEOpen Forum for Data Collections ‘Open Forum for Data Collections’ – come and ask your question about a Data Collection. (Kathy, Carl, Sharon).Kathy AspyNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOEBasics of CPI Personnel ReportingCPI 101 is for New Coordinators. The session will cover Using the GADOE Website and linking to the secured portal. It will also cover What, Why and When CPI is collected as well as How the process works from uploading the data to signing off on the data.Katie GreenNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOECPI UpdatesCPI Updates will have a brief overview of What, Why, and When CPI is collected. This session will focus on New edits and the new processes for FY18. We will also review some of the processes like Contracts, Salaries and what reports to review during and after the collection.Katie GreenNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOEData PrivacyData PrivacyLevette Williams Non-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOEUsing GO-IEP for FTE ReportingUsing GO-IEP for FTE ReportingLinda Castellanos
Non-SIS Specific
GaDOEUsing GO-IEP for SR ReportingUsing GO-IEP for SR ReportingLinda Castellanos
Non-SIS Specific
GaDOERedesigned CCRPIThe Redesigned CCRPI This session will provide an overview of the redesigned CCRPI as approved in Georgia's ESSA plan, with emphasis on utilization of the data for calculations.Paula SwartzbergNon-SIS SpecificAll
GaDOEStudent Class Data Collection 2018Student Class Data Collection 2018Sharon ArmourNon-SIS SpecificAll
GOSACurrent Data Audits by GOSAAn overview of the current data audits the Governor's Office of Student Achievement conducts statewideDavid GreensteinNon-SIS Specific
Griffin-Spalding CountySchool Level Attendance In Infinite CampusWe will have information on Attendance Letters, Attendance Wizard, Classroom Monitor and some Attendance Reports. We will have a PowerPoint, but YOU will guide exactly what we cover. We can go step by step how to do something or we can just overview and discuss with other districts how they handle different situations. There is no need to read the PowerPoint, you know what you want to know about. However, we will have a guide with the PowerPoint, if we need one. There is no reason not to speak up because we are going to be a beginner/refresher level.Denise EppersonInfinite CampusSchool
Griffin-Spalding CountyImporting Photos Into Infinite CampusHave you ever wondered how does a student or staff professional photo get uploaded into Campus? Wonder now more! Stop by and learn the different options that are available in Campus that will help assist you with uploading/updating Campus users photos. This session will focus on file preparation for bulk importing of photos and how to upload a single photo file into Campus. Freddrick BamaInfinite CampusDistrict
Griffin-Spalding CountyA Clever Way to Sync SIS Data With Other ApplicationsLearn how to use Clever ( to export data from your SIS and share it with other applications.Josh GriffisNon-SIS SpecificDistrict
GSFCTranscript Processes in STARSIntroduction to The Transcript Exchange Process. Attendees will be walked through the life cycle of a transcript.Johnny Edwards
Non-SIS Specific
Habersham CountyEnterprise ReportingFiltering Displaying columns and rows Data manipulation (pivot tables) Flashback. A special focus would be on using Enterprise Reporting tools to assist with gathering and verifying state reporting data.Calter MoorePowerSchoolAll
Henry CountyAd Hoc Reporting BasicsWe will cover Ad Hoc reporting from the very basics through Pass-Through SQL. Anna TarletonInfinite CampusAll
Henry CountyUsing your SIS to streamline your testing pre-administration proceduresWondering what types of reports your Assessment Coordinators need? This presentation will walk through how reports in your SIS system can help streamline your school or district pre-administration procedures.Panagiota DamianeasInfinite CampusAll
Jackson CountyChoice & Voice - Engaging Students in the Course Registration Process.Streamline the course registration process utilizing various scheduling tools in Infinite Campus allowing for teacher recommendations as well as student choice in the scheduling process.Martha WilsonInfinite CampusAll
Jefferson CountyHelpful Reports from GO-IEPIf your district is using GO-IEP, learn about the reports you can use for FTE reporting, Student Records, Testing Accommodations, and others. Easily transfer data between the reports in Excel and your SIS, DRC eDIRECT platform, and USHA software.Bill Kitterman
Non-SIS Specific
Jefferson CountyUsing Microsoft Excel's VLOOKUPLearn how to use Microsoft Excel to manipulate data from one form into another. Very helpful when the original data does not include fields needed for viewing or import.Bill Kitterman
Non-SIS Specific
K12 Solutions GroupGrading Management in Infinite CampusGrading Management in Infinite CampusAlicia HammondInfinite CampusAll
K12 Solutions GroupState Reporting Updates for Infinite CampusState Reporting Updates for Infinite CampusAlicia HammondInfinite CampusAll
K12 Solutions GroupInfinite Campus - The most trusted name in student information.Infinite Campus - The most trusted name in student information.Brock Wilson
Non-SIS Specific
K12 Solutions GroupCheckmateCheckmateShavon McKenneyInfinite CampusAll
K12 Solutions GroupETCHETCHShavon McKenneyInfinite CampusAll
KimonoInnovative Integration with iPaaS Kimono’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) Innovative Integration with iPaaS Kimono’s integration platform as a service (iPaaS) makes complex integrations simple. Kimono supports both cloud and on-premise applications and uses the preferred data standard and integration method to connect each app to your SIS. Find out how you can increase your data security and push your integrations further with advanced features, such as grade passback, flexible mapping, and powerful data transformation capabilities.Steve SetzerNon-SIS SpecificAll
Lamar CountyData Clerks Tips and SharingThis session is for anyone who works in PowerSchool on a daily basis, but specifically for registrars or data clerks. We will talk about what to work faster, more efficiently, and effectively. There will be time for others to share their processes, as well. If you have something that works well for your group, or are in need of ideas, please come and share!Kathy DaviesPowerSchoolAll
Lamar CountySetting up the Graduation PlannerIn this session, we will look at setting up the Graduation Planner using credit types. Other options will be shown, as well. We will discuss the pros and cons of this over grad reqs.Kathy DaviesPowerSchool
Level DataDirect Database Export (DDE) - (PowerSchool)In this session we'll cover the basics of exporting data from PowerSchool for use in other applications. You will learn exports from one or multiple tables. We'll talk about the best practices for exporting data to Excel.Al MomrikPowerSchoolAll
Level DataGraduation Issues (PowerSchool)This session will provide instruction, tips, and tricks on screens related to high school graduation with the main focus on Graduation Requirements. Screens included are Graduation Sets, Historical Grades, Graduation Progress.Al MomrikPowerSchoolAll
Level DataLevel Data OverviewLevel Data Experience the new data validation services that we are offering Georgia districts. As a PowerSchool Partner, we've built services to run INSIDE of PowerSchool. Users can now locate and correct errors prior to state submissions without leaving the application. No more distractive exports, imports, and nightly routines. Our demonstration will feature State Validation, Real-Time Field Validation, Real Time Address Validation and a pre-release of our workflow and bookmarking capabilities.Al Momrik
Non-SIS Specific
Level DataMicrosoft Excel: BeginnersThis session is for those attendees who have used Excel a little but want to enhance their beginning skills. We'll cover sorting, filtering, formula entry, text/number alignments, formatting, etc.Al Momrik
Non-SIS Specific
Level DataMicrosoft Excel: Cool Tips and TricksAre you ready for some fast-paced Excel training? We will cover approximately 60-65 tips and tricks in this session. All are related to the school environment. We will cover the format painter, special formats, text wrapping, custom lists & moreAl Momrik
Non-SIS Specific
Level DataMicrosoft Excel: Formulas and FunctionsIn this session you will learn about Excel Functions including VLOOKUP, IF, AND, COUNT, COUNTIF, MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, etc. This session will be presented using Excel 2007 for Windows, but users having previous or newer versions will be able to gain from this session as well.Al Momrik
Non-SIS Specific
Level DataSchool Administrator ToolboxHere's a class for school administrators looking for tips on how to communicate more effectively, manage their buildings/staff better, and protect themselves from problems that could arise. Lots of tips to share regarding master scheduling, school policies/procedures, grading, auditing data, etc.Al Momrik
Non-SIS Specific
Lexicon K-12 SolutionsRethinking K-12 IT Support Discover Incident IQIt's more than a help desk. Check out a demonstration of this platform built to support everything teaching and learning depends on, including hardware, SIS, LMS, network, software and facilities. R.T. CollinsNon-SIS SpecificAll
Liberty CountyCustom Data Management and Custom ScreensUsers will discuss the creation of custom fields for the Student and Staff tables in PowerSchool as well as the creation of custom screens for data entry and display for the custom data. Paula CrowleyPowerSchoolAll
Liberty CountyData Export Manager for PowerSchool Users will learn how to use the data export manager in PowerSchool to export data from state tables as well as how to update or delete certain state data.Paula CrowleyPowerSchoolAll
Liberty CountyFTE from Start to FinishUsers will receive and discuss a Checklist and Totals Packet and the data required to report FTE data.Paula CrowleyPowerSchoolAll
Liberty CountyQ & A for PowerSchool UsersUsers will be allowed to submit questions and group will discuss and answer as able.Paula CrowleyPowerSchoolAll
Liberty CountyStudent Record from Start to FinishUsers will receive and discuss a Checklist and Totals Packet and the data required to report Student Record data.Paula CrowleyPowerSchoolAll
Monroe CountyOnline RegistrationIntroduction to the Infinite Campus Online Registration ApplicationCindy SeymourInfinite CampusAll
Monroe CountyCustomizing Your CampusLearn how to add custom tabs, custom fields, and quick links in Infinite Campus. This session includes information on how to use the customizations in conjunction with Ad Hoc Reporting and the attendance wizard.Samantha MimbsInfinite CampusDistrict
Newton CountyUser Communication for Student and Parent PortalHow one district uses Infinite Campus' User Communication tools to interact with Students and Parents through the Parent Portal.Denise CarmichaelInfinite CampusAll
Newton CountyYes, You CAN have Accurate, Quality Data in IC with your Special Ed State ReportingWant to have quality, accurate data entered in Infinite Campus for your Special Education FTE or Student Record Collection? Well, join us for this session which will go over facets of both State Reports, and get tips on how to make sure that your data is correctly entered in Infinite Campus to maximize funding and minimize errors!Ragen CantrellInfinite CampusDistrict
Paulding CountyThe SIP is written, now what?Join us as we share using formative data to write student growth goals to support and monitor your school improvement plan.Cynthia DaviesNon-SIS SpecificDistrict
Paulding CountyPreparing Your District & Schools for Improvement Through Data AnalysisJoin us as we share processes for using data to plan for district and school improvement. We will provide a description of the processes along with tools, protocols and resources you can use to support improvement planning in your district and schools.Gina KingNon-SIS SpecificDistrict
Pike CountyDocument AttachmentCome see how Pike County attached documents in PowerSchoolPriscilla WillisPowerSchoolAll
PowerSchoolPowerSchool State Reporting RoundtableOpen forum discussionArohi DesaiPowerSchool
PowerSchoolState Reporting Updates for PowerSchoolOverview of state reporting changes and updates for PowerSchoolArohi DesaiPowerSchool
PowerSchoolComing Soon - PowerSchool SIS Student ContactsStudent Contacts is one of the most highly anticipated PowerSchool SIS features ever. It will transform the way contacts are managed in PowerSchool to support modern family structures with shared data and many-to-many relationships. Come hear how it will impact your PowerSchool environment.Ed Dedic & Jason SpringelPowerSchoolAll
PowerSchoolMigration of Custom Fields and Improved Access to Data with Enterprise ReportingPowerSchool has always provided an easy way to create new fields and track anything that differentiates your school or district from another. We have enhanced this feature to support more reporting functionality, better security, validation and write access from the API.Ed Dedic & Jason SpringelPowerSchoolAll
PowerSchoolPowerSchool Scheduling roundtableCome with your Scheduling Questions, best practices, and inquiring mind. We will have a Scheduling expert from PowerSchool on hand to help answer questions and facilitate a best-practices roundtable.
Ed Dedic & Jason SpringelPowerSchoolAll
PowerSchoolSecure your PowerSchool – Security and Groups Best Practice
Security is critical to keeping your student data safe. Learn the best practices and the new features of PowerSchool related to Security. Our PowerSchool expert will walk you through setup, configuration options and security down to the field level including locking down vendors via the API.
Ed Dedic & Jason SpringelPowerSchoolAll
PowerSchoolUnified Classroom – The new PowerSchool Experience for Educators, Students and ParentsCome see the new PowerSchool experience with enhanced communications, one stop shop for all of your dashboards, alerts, 360 degree view of your students and a new interface for Students and Parents providing an interactive collaboration between school and home.Ed Dedic & Jason SpringelPowerSchoolAll
PowerSchoolEmpower Teachers and Drive Student Growth with the best-in-class K-12 Education Technology PlatformEmpower Teachers and Drive Student Growth with the best-in-class K-12 Education Technology PlatformRandall Ceryan
Non-SIS Specific
PSISJSDesign Considerations for a PowerSchool Standards Based Report CardInterested in adding Elementary Standards Based Report Cards in your district? We will discuss considerations before you design - tips and tricks from an experienced instructor who has made hundreds of them!Bob CornacchioliPowerSchoolAll
PSISJSNavigation the features of PowerTeacher Pro Round TableThis session will introduce attendees to the features of PowerSchools PowerTeacher Pro gradebook. Learn to navigate between students, standards, grades, assignments as well as the many analytical features PTP has to offer. Attendees will still have time to ask plenty of questions!Bob CornacchioliPowerSchoolAll
PSISJSPowerSchool – So You Would Like to Implement StandardsLearn about Standards from a curriculum and technology point of view. Participants will learn about the components of school based standards, conversion scales, identifiers and how to build a spreadsheet to allow standards to be imported into PowerSchool. Learn some tips and tricks from years of experience.Bob CornacchioliPowerSchoolAll
PSISJSPTP – Assignments, Grade Scales and StandardsThis session will provide districts with an in-depth understanding how standard grades are generated by the gradebook based upon these various components/sets on your server. Participants will walk away with how auto-calculating assignments standards works as well as the set-up of standards to allow automatically calculate higher level standards grades from lower level standards grades. We will explore all Score Types and PTP settings and still leave time for attendees to ask plenty of questions.Bob CornacchioliPowerSchoolAll
PSISJSScheduling with Excel for Elementary SchoolsLearn how to create an Excel spreadsheet that will serve as your master schedule. This technique works best for elementary schedules where administration makes the student choices as oppose to students picking their options. We will introduce or review the components of a schedule including the magic of the dependent sections and expressions. No prior knowledge of Excel is required.Bob CornacchioliPowerSchoolElementary
Rome City and Cartersville CityUSHA-- ABC Data District use of USHA product. Kelly Quinn and Lori EastinAllAll
SLDSTRL – The #1 Site for Vetted Instructional ResourcesCheck out the newly revised Teacher Resource Link! Available only through SLDS, this is the #1 site for educators to locate and save vetted instructional resources aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence.Donita HinckleyNon-SIS SpecificAll
SLDSWhat's New in SLDS?We will look at some of the most recent applications put inside of SLDS, and talk about some of the things we are working on for future release.Hubert BennettNon-SIS SpecificAll
SLDSProfile Manager for SLDS ApplicationsWith the new applications being available through the SLDS Platform, come join the discussion of how your district can effectively provision your users into SLDS. We will discover access by Roles and by Applications.Jesse PeavyNon-SIS SpecificAll
SLDSEmpowering Administrators & Teachers about Students' storiesThe presentation focuses on the social data found in SLDS and how teachers and administrators can read the student’s story. The data on attendance, enrollment history, and course grades leads to discovering how a student’s past social behavior may have influenced the student’s academic performance. The session will demonstrate how data reported in student information systems by districts empowers SLDS users to diagnose and remediate student academic behavior helping to lead to successful educational outcomes.John McDonaldNon-SIS SpecificAll
SLDSParent/Student Portal in SLDSThis presentation will explore the data that is available to parents and students in SLDS. As parents and students move from their district’s SIS into SLDS, a vast array of information awaits them. We will see and discuss this available data.Lou ManzellaNon-SIS SpecificAll
SLDSIIS Data Analysis ToolIn this session, attendees receive an overview of the Instructional Improvement System (IIS) Dashboard. The IIS Data Analysis Tool provides district-level and school-level administrators the ability to create customized reports using the assessment, attendance, and student growth model data available through the SLDS tunnel. This data can be used to see trends and patterns in attendance, enrollment, assessments, etc. which can assist in making data driven decisions. In addition, a brief review of the Assessment Dashboard will be also be provided.Sabine O'NeillNon-SIS SpecificAll
SLDSSLDS – Data in, Data OutThis session will focus on how to better understand best practices for ensuring the most current and accurate student data is in your district’s SLDS platform. We will conclude the session with a discussion of how to export the data into various reports.Sandy MettsNon-SIS SpecificAll
SLDSTest Pad - The New Online Assessment Builder in SLDSTest Pad is the newest integrated tool within the SLDS dashboard, allowing teachers of all grade levels and disciplines to create and assign constructed response and selected response assessments for their students. Additional resources at the district level enable benchmark assessments as well.Tammy SilversNon-SIS SpecificAll
Southwest GA RESAGoogle Team Drives, Google Apps & Extensions Google Team Drives, Google Apps & Extensions Russell Paine
Non-SIS Specific
SRC SolutionsRegistration GatewayRegistration Gateway is the undefeated District Administration Top 100 Product for online student registration since 2014. Registration Gateway simplifies the process for new students, back to school annual updates and has direct data integration with all student information systems.New features include parent document capture via smartphone and the ability to create an ongoing student record from multiple registration documents.Andy HollowayNon-SIS SpecificALL
Tyler TechnologiesTurn District Data into Actionable InformationIs your district data-rich, but information-poor? Does it generate so much data, that it requires significant resources and time to analyze student and organization outcomes? If access to information is the backbone for quality decision-making, then consider Tyler’s data analytics tool called Pulse that harvests data – daily, from multiple disparate district systems like student information (SIS), assessment results, etc. and aggregates it into singular dashboards, advanced graphics, thresholds/alerts and hundreds of reports to provide district, school, classroom and student views (both consolidated and drill-down to details) of actionable information. These views, customized by user and specific district metrics, will assist your administrators take “the pulse” of your district in just minutes a day – all without technology staff intervention. Views contain actionable information from student assessments, grades, enrollment, attendance, discipline, etc. Co-presented by Tyler Technologies and Putnam County Charter School System.Dave MurchNon-SIS Specific
Tyler TechnologiesWelcome/Switching To Student 360Based on customer request, this session will focus on Student 360 and how it can be rolled out to replace the classic parent/student portal in Tyler SIS. We will provide an overview of Student 360 and discuss implementation considerations. We will also solicit input from customers who have already made the transition to Student 360 regarding their successes and any hiccups that may have occurred in their rollout. If you have yet to turn on Student 360, be prepared with questions and concerns. If your district is using Student 360 currently, be ready to share your experiences.Lee Clark / Mike McLaughlinTyler
Tyler TechnologiesData Query 360 Simplified Report DevelopmentData Query is an amazing new ad hoc reporting tool that was made available to teachers as part of Classroom 360. In our 10.12 release, Data Query will also be available to administrative users. As you prepare to roll out Classroom 360, this session will highlight the power and flexibility that Data Query can provide your staff as they access student data and use it to better inform their classroom practices.Mike McLaughlinTyler
Tyler TechnologiesPiloting Classroom 360Classroom 360 brings teachers plenty of new functionality, and all of the benefits of our beautiful Tyler SIS 360 interface. This session will review the functionality available in Classroom 360, including traditional, standards-based, and hybrid gradebook options. Discussion will include the considerations that must be taken into account when transitioning your teachers from the classic interface to Classroom 360.Mike McLaughlinTyler
Tyler TechnologiesSingle Student Scheduling with Improved WorkflowLearn how to take advantage of recent enhancements to single student scheduling in the browser. Walk-in scheduling and single student schedule changes can now be quickly and easily processed right in the browser, leaving the Scheduling Utility for master scheduling and multi-student scheduling. This session will introduce you to this efficient and powerful functionality.Mike McLaughlinTyler
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