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Veteran/military service?
Other relevant practitioner expertise@@@
Abra, AllisonUniversity of Southern Mississippi - Dale CenterBritainmodernculture
Adams, BiankaU.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Office of HistoryUS; Western Europe; Middle East20th centuryMilitary Occupations; Political Purges;
Akers, ReginaU.S. Naval History and Heritage CommandUS20th CenturyAfrican American Women in the US NavyPast archivist
Amerman, AnnetteMarine Corps History DivisionUS20th CenturyWWI & Interwar
Bailey, BethKansas UniversityUS20th centuryrace, class gender, social history
Baker, Nina C.
Independent researcher (volunteer for Women's Engineering Society)
UK (mainly)19-21st centuries
Women doing engineering or other technical work in UK uniformed services
History of ballistics. History of radar.
Adventures in Aeronautical design, the life of Hilda M. Lyon. ( ) Beneath the Radar, An illustrated account of an ordinary radar operator’s life in RAF Radar Stations 1942-6. ( )
Bakkalian, Nyri A.Independent Scholar (PhD, Univ. of Pittsburgh, 2017)Japan16th-19th centuriesalliances, technology, women at war, int'l relations
Grey Dawn: A Tale of Abolition and Union (2017, Balance of Seven Press)
"Renewed Tension in the Southern Kuriles Amidst Ukraine War" and many others at Unseen Japan
Barbier, KathrynMississippi State UniversityUS, Western Europe20th CenturyWWII
Barksdale, SarahUS20th CenturyAfrican-American soldier integration, Vietnam War commemoration
Barnett, Tracy Ph.D. Student, University of Georgia US19th Century Social, Cultural, Masculinity
Bateson, Catherine University of KentUS, Ireland 19th Century, American Civil War
American Civil War, Irish Americans, Civil War Songs & Culture, Civil War Memory Culture
Batura, AmberPhD student, Texas TechUS20th c. Vietnam, gender, sex, media
Beaudoin (nee Kopp), NadinePaterson GroupCanada19th CenturyMaritime Archaeology, War of 1812
Beckenbaugh, LisaAir Command and Staff CollegeUS20th CenturyWWII/Korea
Bell, LouiseIndependentUK; Scotland20th centuryFirst World War/WW1; disability; medicineImages of The National Archives: Armistice
Bellinger, Vanya EftimovaE-School of Graduate PME, Air UniversityWestern Europe19th centuryNapoleonic Wars, Clausewitz
Bentley, CaitlinPhD student, Ohio UniversityUS and East Asia/Pacific, Philippines20th and 21st century
Bergen, DorisUniversity of TorontoGermany20th centuryholocaust, religion, ethics, genocide
Berggren, Martina
PhD Student, Swedish Defence University, Institute of Military History
Scandinavia (esp. Sweden)20th CenturyGender and Human -Animal Relations in War and Civil Defence.
Profilsida - Försvarshögskolan (
Biddle, Tami DavisUS Army War CollegeUnited States, England20th CenturyAir Power; World Wars
Bishop, ElizabethAssociate Professor, Texas State UniversityArab1950sCold War, Baghdad Pact
Biskupska, JadwigaAssistant Professor, Sam Houston State UniversityCentral/Eastern Europe20th CenturyWWII; genocide
Bizri, Zayna N.History Instructor, George Mason UniversityUS20th CenturyWomen in the military, WWII
Blackstone, Krysten E. PhD Candidate, The University of EdinburghUS18th Century morale, enlisted soldier experience, Revolutionary War
Bogle, LoriAssociate Professor, US Naval AcademyUSall periods, post Civil War, Early cold warsocial and cultural
Brady, LisaProfessor, Boise State UniversityUS/East Asia
19 and 20th centuries: Civil War, Korean War
environmental historyWar Upon the Land (Georgia, 2012)
Brinton, Anne Assistant Professor, Northwest Florida State CollegeUS19th c., Civil WarUS Civil War, guerrilla war, border states, slavery, gender
Broeckx, SylviaPhD Candidate, University of SheffieldUS19th Century, Civil WarWartime Sexual Violence
Butcher, CaroleNorth Dakota State UniversityPhilippines, Great Plainslate 19th centuryPhilippine-American War, North Dakota Volunteers
Callahan, AngelinaDepartment of the Navy, Secretariat HistorianUSCold War/post Cold WarSpace, Technology, US Navy and Marine Corps
Past Historian, US Naval Research Laboratory
Calogera, KaitlinA Tour Of Her Own LLCWashington DCWar Memorials - Vietnam, Korea, WW2, WIMSA, Arlignton
Campbell, IsabelDir. of Hist. & Heritage, Dept. of National DefenceCanadaCold War/post Cold WarCanadian naval and military history
Caputo, Sara
Junior Research Fellow, University of Cambridge Magdalene College
Britain, Europe, Atlantic"long" 18th centuryTransnational and comparative naval history
The Historical Journal, Annales Historiques de la Révolution Française, The Scottish Historical Review
Cashin, JoanProfessor, Ohio State UniversityUSRev. through Civil Warsocial, economic, and culturalWAR STUFF; WAR MATTERS
Charters, EricaOxford
Cherry, BonniePhD Candidate, UC Berkeley LawUS19th & 20th centuries
Indian Wars, militarization of Indian Country, law of armed conflict/legal geography of war, sacrifice
Churchwell, MeganPuget Sound Navy MuseumUS19th-20th centuriesU.S. Navy in the Pacific Northwest
Colbourn, SusanTriangle Institute for Security Studies, Duke UniversityUS, Canada, Western EuropeCold Waralliances, nuclear strategy
Euromissiles: The Nuclear Weapons That Nearly Destroyed NATO
Connolly, CatherineDublin City UniversityUSWWI - presentLaw of armed conflict; war and American society
Necessity Knows No Law': The Resurrection of Kriegsraison through the U.S. Targeted Killing Programme, Journal of Conflict & Security Law
D'Amours, CarolineInternational History Institute, Boston UniversityCanada20th centuryTraining
Davis, Laura JunePhD Student, University of GeorgiaUnited States19th centuryirregular naval warfare, boat burning
de Rode, IrisSciences PoParis18th centuryFranco-American relations, France in American Revolution
La Marche sur Yorktown, le journal de Mathieu Dumas (16 juin-6 octobre 1781), with Bertrand Van Ruymbeke (2018)
Deacon, ValerieNYU (Shanghai)Europe, USSecond World War, 20th centuryresistance, genderThe extreme right in the French resistance
Decker, AliciaAssociate Professor, Penn StateEast Africalate 20th centuryGender in East African conflicts
Demmer, AmandaAssistant Professor, Virginia TechUS20th centurywar and society, diplomacy, refugees, Vietnam War, human rights
Doll, KatyAssistant Professor, Nova Southeastern UniversityUS20th centuryPropaganda, Korean War, Vietnam War, psychological warfare
Donaldson, Le'Trice Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-StoutUS
Spanish-American-Cuban-Filipino Conflict, WWI
Gender,Racial uplift, and Citizenship
A Voyage Through the African American Experience; Duty Beyond the Battlefield: African American Soldiers Fight for Citizenship, Racial Uplift, and Manhood, 1870-1920
Dorsey, Marion (Molly)Univ. New Hampshirewar and society, law, diplomacy, medicine
University of Otago Australia, NZ, CommonwealthWWI, WWII, Malaya, Vietnammedicine, narcotics, social
Medicine Supply to NZ during WWI in Health and History (2015)
Douglas, SarahLecturer, The Ohio State University, Norwich UniversityEurope, AsiaMedieval100 Years War, World History
Dudziak, MaryUS modernlaw/legal
Eads, ValerieSchool of Visual Arts; De Re militariEuropeMedievalpremodern warfare; female lordship; gender
articles online at
Embrey, Theresa A. R.Pritzker Military Museum & LibraryUS, UK, Canada19th & 20th centuriesWWI, American Civil War, Aviation, Military medcine
Epstein, KateAssociate Professor, Rutgers-CamdenUS, UK20th centuryIntellectual property, secrecy, defense/industry relations, naval history
Torpedo: Inventing the Military-Industrial Complex in the United States and Great Britain
Fike, JenniferColumbia CollegeUS20th centuryWWII, Vietnam, Cold War
Finn, TaraPhD Candidate, University of BucklinghamBritain, France20th centuryProstitution and the armed services
Fischer-Kattner, Anke
[German equivalent to Assistant Professor,] University of the Bundeswehr, Munich
Europe, France/Holy Roman EmpireEarly Modern (mostly 17th-19th century)
Cultural history of violence, war and place/space, media/representations of war, siege warfare
Violent Encounters at Ostend, 1601–1604: Spatiality, Location, and Identity in Early Modern Siege Warfare, in: Comparativ, Vol 28 No 2 (2018), pp. 22-41.
Educating officers in academic training for ten years now...
Fitzpatrick, MeghanAdjunct Assistant Professor, Royal Military College Commonwealth20th centuryMilitary, mental health
Flannery, KristieAustralian Catholic UniversityThe Philippines/ Global18th CenturyEmpire, Indigenous militias, religion and war, piracy
Fletcher, CatherineAssociate Professor, Swansea University (UK)Europe esp. Italyearly modernfirearms, weapons proliferation, post-conflict environments, gun
Fox, AiméeAssociate Professor, King's College LondonUK, Australia20th Century, WW1Military Innovation, Organisational Learning, Military Wives, Intimacy
Learning to Fight: Military Innovation and Change in the British Army of the First World War
Foxwell, ElizabethCouncil on Undergraduate Research/ independent scholar, writer, and editorUnited States20th centuryUS women in World War I/ Vera BrittainIn Their Own Words: American Women in World War I (2015)
Frank, Lisa TendrichIndependent ScholarUS19th centuryOccupation and gender
Gannon, BarbaraAsst. Professor, University of Central FloridaUS19th CenturyCivil War memory, Veterans
Garafola, CristinaPolicy Researcher, RAND CorporationChina20th and 21st centuryPeople's Liberation Army, especially PLA Air Force70 Years of the People's Liberation Army Air Force (2021)
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Gardner, Elizabeth PhD student, King's College London North Africa Second World WarIndigenous colonial gendarmerie and special operations
Giesberg, JudithProfessor, Villanova UniversityUnited States19th CenturyCivil War
Gil-li VardiLecturer and research fellow, CISAC, Stanford Europe and the Middle EastModernMiltary organizations
Goodall, Jamie L.H.U.S. Army Center of Military HistoryCaribbean, Atlantic, North/South America17th-18th century
Irregular naval warfare, piracy, privateering, illicit commerce, smuggling, maritime archaeology,
Pirates and Privateers from Long Island Sound to Delaware Bay (The History Press, 2022); Pirates of the Chesapeake Bay: From the Colonial Era to the Oyster Wars (The History Press, 2020)"Tippling Houses, Rum Shops, & Taverns: How Alcohol Fueled Informal Commercial Networks and Knowledge Exchange in the West Indies." Journal of Maritime History 18, no. 2 (November 2016): 97-121.
Gordon, LesleyProfessor, University of AlabamaUnited States19th CenturyMilitary
Grant, JenniferPhD student, QMUL, London UK and Europe esp. Poland20th Century
Coalition, exile and integration of exiled armies in wartime Britain, esp Polish forces
Teaching professional @SilenceInPolish
Gray, AudreyUnited Kingdom19-20th CenturyCivilian Area Bombing (London Blitz)
Greene, ElizabethAssoc. Professor of Ancient History, UWOAncient Mediterranean1st c. BCE-3rd c. CEWomen in the Camps
Greig, MatildaTeaching Fellow, Sciences Po (Reims, France)Europe19th CenturyVeterans, military memoirs, books, authorship, publishing
"Accidental Authors? Soldiers' Tales of the Peninsular War and the Secrets of the Publishing Process", History Workshop Journal (2018); "Traduire la guerre au XIXe siècle: réinventions et circulations des mémoires militaires de la guerre d’Espagne, 1808-1914", Hypothèses (2017)
Grosjean, AlexiaHon Research Fellow, University of St Andrews)Scotland, Scandinavia (esp Sweden)16th-17th centuriesScots in the Swedish military, navy and House of Nobility (Riddarhuset)
An Unofficial Alliance: Sc otland and Sweden, 1569.1654 (Brill, 2003) ; with Steve Murdoch, Alexander Leslie and the Scottish Generals of the Thirty Years' War, 1618-1648 (Pickering & Chatto, 2014)
Gullace, Nicoletta F.Associate Prof. Univ. of New HampshireBritain20th centurygender
Gussarsson, MariaDocent, Swedish Defence University, Institute of Military HistoryScandinavia and Baltic Region19th-20th CenturyMilitary Mapping and Cold War
Kartans makt i krig och fred : fältmätarna, det nya kriget och samhällelig utveckling 1805-1831 - Maria Gussarsson - Bok (9789189361522) | Bokus
Gustafsson, SofiaUniversity of HelsinkiScandinavia and Baltic Region18th centuryEconomic and social history, military-civilian relations
Sofia Gustafsson — Helsingin yliopisto (
Hagemann, KarenUNC Chapel HillEurope, Russia, Germanymoderngender
Haley, HeatherNaval History and Heritage CommandUnited States20th CenturyNavy, Sexuality, Gender, Race, Labor
Hamilton, MeganPhD Student, King's College London & IWMCanada, Commonwealth20th CenturyArmy training and morale
Hart, SarahPhD Candidate, Carleton UniverstyCanadaCold War, Korean WarWar photography, Korean War, civilian-millitary interaction
Hasik, HayleyPhD Candidate, University of Southern MississippiUnited States20th centuryArmy Aviation, helicopters, military-industrial complex
Hawkins, VikkiImperial War Museum & British Museum
United Kingdom, Asia and the Pacific, British Empire
20th century, Second World War
Museums and war, material culture, World War II, marginalised histories of conflict, women and war, british empire, conflict related sexual violence
Total War: A People's History of the Second World War
Curator. Managing Editor of British Journal for Military History
Haydar, MaysanPhD candidate, The Ohio State UniversityMiddle East/North Africa/South Asia7th-8th century; 19th & 20th centuries; WWI
Islamic Military History (first 50 years: Muhammad and first four successors)
co-author, “Revelation and the Rules of Engagement: Sultan Saladin and the Warriors of Islam”, in The Code of the Warrior: Exploring Warrior Values Past and Present (2nd ed; Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield, 2017).
Hedrick, Amy Marie PerryPhD Candidate, University of North TexasUnited States20th CenturyWomen in the Military
Heimburger, Franziskamaître de conférences, Sorbonne Université (Paris, France)Western Europe19th/20th centuriesCoalition warfare, communication, languages and military interpreters
Heuser, BeatriceChair of International Relations, University of ReadingStrategy
Hindley, MeredithIndependent historian (Employer: National Endowment for the HumanitiesUS, Europe, North Africa20th centuryWWII, Operation Torch, intelligence, refugeesDestination Casablanca: Exile, Espionage, and the Battle for North Africa in World War II (PublicAffairs, 2017)meredithhindley.comOn website
Hinnershitz, StephThe National WWII MuseumUS20th Century/WWIICivil-Military Relations, Japanese American Incarceration, WWII LogisticsThree--forthcoming with Penn on October 1st: "Japanese American Incarceration: Coerced Labor in the Camps during World War II"
Selected: The 1942 Santa Anita Detention Center Labor Strike and Japanese American Incarceration during World War II" historian; Historian with the Institute for the Study of War and Democracy at The National WWII Museum in New Orleans; expertise in military and political leadership during WWII
Holik, JenniferWWII Research & Writing CenterUSWWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
American Military service member research, writing, education, war memorials, travel, POWs, PTSD, memory
I've written over 20 please see my website
Hull, IsabelProfessor, Cornell UniversityGermanyModern
Germany 1700-1945 (esp. sociopolitical, military, legal, administrative, and political theory), international laws of war, First World War, fascism, genocid
Imy, KateUniversity of North TexasBritish Empire, India20th century, WWIRace, religion, war and society, genderRitual and Power in the British Indian Army, 1900-1940
“Queering the Martial Races” Gender & History, “Fascist Yogis” Journal of British Studies, “Kidnapping and a ‘Confirmed Sodomite” TCBH
Janz, NinaUniversity of LuxembourgEurope, Russia20th century, WWII
Transnational soldiers in WWII; death and violence in WWII; Eastern Front of WWII; commemoration practices in Europe WWI and WWII; commemoration of fallen soldiers in Russia and Germany; military burials; archival science; Digital History;
Jensen, AnikaMA Student, University of South AlabamaUK, USFirst World War
Scottish Women's Hospitals, experience of female nurses, diary as war literature
Flowers and Steel: The Necessity of War in Feminist Tolkien Scholarship
Jinyu LiuAssociate Professor, DePauw UniversityRoman Empire1st c. BCE-4th c. CETextile supply for the military
Jones, HeatherUniversity College LondonUK20cWWI, British, POWsViolence Against Prisoners of War in the First World War in Britain, France and Germany 1914-1920; For King and Country: The British Monarchy and the First World War
Jones, LibbyBattleship New Jersey Museum and MemorialUS19th - 20th centuryNaval Tech
Kahl, Carlyn
Associate Professor, TSTC; PhD student, Texas Tech University
US20th centuryWWII, Aviation
Editing experience with university and private presses