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IDSubjectTypePriorityStatusAdded ByDate AddedVersionDescription/Notes
16Create unit testsFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR02/05/2013
33Define enums for constantsFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR03/05/2013Pre 1.0AJR 8/6/13 Started doing this, but I don't know if the rest are worth converting as you are actually replicating enums with objects (?)
41Create a class for spreadsheet accessFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR06/05/2013Pre 1.0
52Facility to pre-notification about jobs coming upFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR26/05/2013Pre 1.0This could be done by using calendar notifications as the calendar is the PPM job email notifications are presently created by the MJL script. See task 14.
56Automatically escalate jobs after a monthFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR29/05/2013Pre 1.0Although there is the risk that escalation will just be ignored if every thing becomes high priority. Perhaps a nagging email to the MM instead. Or a weekly report.
59Don't list regular jobs when it hasn't been done the last timeFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR30/05/2013Pre 1.0
60Use speadsheet as master list for regular tasksFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR03/06/2013Pre 1.0I have added the long id assigned by the calendar to job list, but it would be nice to have an easy ID to search for in the calendar. The PPM job could be saved in a spreadsheet master list - they'll ultimately be stored in a db table - and the calendar could just be the visual rep of them. But then a new interface would have to be created to add calendar PPM events and assign a simple ID that could be searched for in the emails.
61Link to the regular calendar event in notification emailFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR03/06/2013Pre 1.0
63Test 1.4. Fail (TestDoc v0.1)Bug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR05/06/2013Pre 1.0Test 1.4. Fail (TestDoc v0.1) - Need form validation as blank form can be submitted. Make all fields mandatory and indicate this.
64Test 3.2. Fails (TestDoc v0.1)Bug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR05/06/2013Pre 1.0Test 3.2. Fails (TestDoc v0.1) - No warning when try to send an update email with a blank email address.
65Review documentationBug1 - High2 - OpenAJR06/06/2013Pre 1.0
67Look at other CMMS features I could employFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR06/06/2013Pre 1.0See development journal
77Create a weekly report of closed jobs (status changes?)Feature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR02/07/2013Pre 1.0
78Create a form for updating the job listFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR02/07/2013Pre 1.0Rather than having access to the raw data - the job list itself - a new form could be created that could be used to adjust the job list not only add jobs. This would automatically put in a date for closed jobs and remove the confusion about the row and ID numbers (Job 82).
80Seperate sheet for projectsFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR28/07/2013Pre 1.0It would be possible to set up a seperate sheet that just contained the Projects.
82Can we hide the row numbers?Feature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR28/07/2013Pre 1.0People are getting confused the row number and the ID number. They are used to manually assign ID numbers, we'd need a different way of displaying the job list maybe via a webpage.
88Add facility to subscribe to task list/add email addressesFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR22/10/2013Pre 1.0
93JSDoc?Feature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR02/11/2013Pre 1.0
94Add underscore after local functionsFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR12/11/2013Pre 1.0
96Create an import task list featureFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR27/12/2014v316Nov2017 - Some of the code is there to export to Trello.
97Add one off tasks back to CalendarFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR13/01/2014v3Hi there Andrew, I have been testing out using Rose Task Manager for the business that I run and just had a quick query. I was reading through the help section on your website but was unable to find anywhere that showed if it was possible to go from Google Sheet->Google Calendar. I of course recognise that Rose allows the sync of data from Google Calendar -> Google Sheets but was wondering if there was functionality to make tasks added in a Google Sheet then show up on Google Calendar as a reminder on a certain date? Thanks for any help you can give. Regards, Lewys. (lstocks@titanmouthguards.co.uk)
98Configure cal name to allow mult instances of RTMFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR16/05/201416Nov2017 - v1.6 uses the calendar ID, so the name could be changed although only instance of RTM can be installed.
99Add deadline reminders to Rose Task managerFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR16/05/2014
100Make form editableFeature1 - High2 - OpenAJR21/10/2015v3Requested by mjyearout@gmail.com
101Email the whole job request to the adminFeature1 - High2 - OpenAJR08/12/2015v3Requested by pilgrimtravels@gmail.com
102Status Update PageFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR06/01/2016Thanks for doing this. It is a great tool to help us doing our job easier. I am wondering if possible to put a status follow up page for the requester. I know that it sends status updates to requester. Also we can send it very easily. If we have status update page about the problem or request online, people could see if someone already have same problem or request in the room or location. They may not submit the same problem again. Also, that would be nice anyone can see the progress of the work online with subject line and location. I hope it is clear :) Thanks for your time and enormous work. Huseyin Sari (see email https://mail.google.com/mail/ca/u/0/#inbox/15216777917c9e2d)
103Make sender of status email configurableFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR18/04/2016Is there a way to change settings so anyone can send a status email? Right now, I think I'm the only one who has that option as "owner" of the google doc. I would like our students who are completing the tasks to be able to send a status update email." - Requested by leverh...@gmail.com in April 2016.
104Make calendar name configurableFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR27/06/2017Thanks for an amazing resource. I am wondering if multiple spreadsheets with this add-on can run at the same time. I would like to have a separate calendar for each project I am working on and tied to each calendar the spreadsheet syncing all the tasks from that projects calendar. The old version of the calendar allowed for the name of the calendar to be edited. But I am not sure the add one allows that or if multiple sheets can run at the same time (i.e. would they all try to sync with the "Rose" Calendar?)
105Manual entries stop the auto-numberingBug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR01/09/2017
106During BST today spans two days if cal trig recreatedBug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR01/09/2017Tomorrows events are picked up during BST (but not always??) Only get this is the calendar trigger has been deleted and then recreated (due to an error like there being no calendar).
107Reinstate Dialog when run from UIFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR01/09/2017
108"Reinstate calendar" menu option when there is trigger (but no ID stored)Bug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR01/09/2017Get "Script onStartCalendarTrigger experienced an error" if then try to restart it. This more to do with failing to refresh the menu as it goes away on refresh.
109When calendar trigger is disabled, menu not updatedBug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR01/09/2017
110"Re-enable calendar trigger" can be called with no calendarBug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR01/09/2017
111Privacy Policy on websiteFeature1 - High2 - OpenAJR01/09/2017
112Make calendar trigger run at 4am local timezoneFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR02/09/2017
114Empty draft option list if no draft choosenBug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR21/11/2017I've tried to make this say "Default draft", but can't work out why it won't.
115If header name has changed the default email template isn't filled inBug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR21/11/2017
116Setup regular events using the Settings sidebarFeature2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR22/11/2017
117andrewroberts.net bad position in sidebar "About"Bug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR22/11/2017
118onEdit doesn't work if headers change - can't use meta dataBug2 - Normal2 - OpenAJR23/11/2017Could I use an installable onEdit trigger??
119Multiple GCal events trigger duplicate emailsBug1 - High2 - OpenAJR23/11/2017Two events triggers two form submissions, each trigger then processes the new submissions and duplicate emails get sent out
120Automate log analysis Feature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR23/11/2017I'm never getting around to checking the firebase log, so either move back to Analytics or automate the download and analysis of the Firebase log.
121Move "disable calendar check" to SettingsFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR23/11/2017
122Move script properties out of libraryBug3 - Low2 - OpenAJR24/11/2017
123"Invalid email" warning if task from calendarBug3 - Low2 - OpenAJR24/11/2017Want some way of distinguishing the two ways a task can be listed, as coming from the calendar it doesn't provide an email address and just the admin email gets used. Also remove "NO EMAIL SENT TO USER as no valid email address found." from default email template.
124Add meta data for "task list" sheet. Feature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR24/11/2017
125Add BCC for email notificationsFeature3 - Low2 - OpenAJR17/03/2018
113Show sidebar with installation progressFeature3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR14/09/2017Already got toast for that.
11Change failure notifications to adminFeature1 - High4 - ClosedAJR20/04/2013Pre 1.0Rather than test account.
16Nov2017 - Assume fixed.
19Display data summary after form submittedFeature3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR02/05/2013Pre 1.016Nov2017 - Using GForm now so not possible
62Record google IDFeature3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR05/06/2013Pre 1.0If someone is logged in with their google account when they submit a form could this be stored in the job list?
16Nov2017 - No
71Add config settings to task formFeature3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR08/06/2013Pre 1.016Nov2017 - Not poss with GForm
75Move all vars to head of functionsFeature3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR27/06/2013Pre 1.016Nov2017 - Don't do that anymore
76Sort the job list each night to hide closed jobsFeature2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR28/06/2013Pre 1.016Nov2017 - Avoiding doing things that are easy enough from the GSheet
90Add namespaces Feature3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR23/10/2013Pre 1.0var sloth = {}; sloth.sleep = function() { ... }
16Nov2017 - Doing it now.
92Use classesFeature3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR02/11/2013Pre 1.0
95Add Email configurationsFeature2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR28/11/2014v116Nov2017 - v1.6
2MRQ Form (to MJL)1 - High4 - ClosedAJR23/04/2014Create Form to access master job list spreadsheet.
3Update MJL from email list1 - High4 - ClosedAJR23/04/2013Changed tack
4Add full PPM2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR23/04/2013Need to get a copy
5Create email filters1 - High4 - ClosedAJR23/04/2013This isn't really a job for here but upto the MM and his email account.
6Forward all dddp.test emails to here2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR 23/04/2013Decided against it,
7Move journal and task list??2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR24/04/2013
8Finalise form and get working1 - High4 - ClosedAJR26/04/2013
9Script to get PPM events to MJL1 - High4 - ClosedAJR26/04/2013
10Move all M.DDDP folders under M.DDDP 2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR28/04/2013
12Create custom form - improve1 - High4 - ClosedAJR30/04/2013
13Place in queue in notification email not working2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR01/05/2013
14Form validation2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR01/05/2013Set it for displayed range, but this will need updating as sheet grows.
15Add code to find column index from name2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR02/05/2013
17Data validation failing header column3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR02/05/2013You can specify a range to validate but this is automatically updated so ignore error on header.
18Search for TODOs2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR02/05/2013Didn't use any TODOs in code, put all issues in here.
20Take out test email address2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR02/05/2013
21Add sub-department to MJL2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR02/05/2013Pre 1.0See 36.
22Remove department labels from emails2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR02/05/2013A dept is assigned in the MJL, so this could cause confusion until we can sync the email with a specific job!
23Calendar script depends on MJL column order3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013This does speed things up. Could do with a new way of doing that is fast but flexible. Maybe create array using enum offsets. Replaced by 54.
24Emails to GoogleGroup not archiving - 10 May2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013Moved it to File org job list
25Priority always logging as high1 - High4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013Was checking against int rather than string
26Get spacing even in form boxBug3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013Pre 1.0Use GForm now.
27Get rid of job 1, so row numbers and job id match3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013
28Get confirmation off MC to make changes1 - High4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013AJR 8/6/13 - Waiting on TC. 30/7/13 Trust didn't approve paid work on CMMS.
29Publish read-only version of job list to web2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013Pre 1.0
30Remove calendar PPM notifications and let script do it1 - High4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013
31Add links to MJL to notification emails and MRQ2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013Pre 1.0MattyB asked for this too.
32Work out how to check app context to use msgBox2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013Pre 1.0
34Two events are picked up by PPM, should be one1 - High4 - ClosedAJR03/05/2013
35Look at Intern for creating js unit tests3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR04/05/2013Used QUnit-GAS
36Add summary field to MRQ as desc can be big2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR04/05/2013Maybe once we've got a form to describe the job otherwise its going to just push the columns too far off to the right for now.
37Close button on MRQ doesn't do anything2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR04/05/2013Pre 1.0Remove it for now.
38Notify asignee fails1 - High4 - ClosedAJR04/05/2013
39Move this to DotProject3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR06/05/2013Pre 1.0There is also a Project GAS template in the script gallery
40Lock down the MJL as much as possible2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR06/05/2013
42Use "assert", or "try"and "throw"2 - Normal4 - ClosedAJR06/05/2013Pre 1.0
43Send email to assignee when job closed??3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR06/05/2013Pre 1.0The script can't send an email.
44How to display form without google account1 - High4 - ClosedAJR 06/05/2013
45Work out how to import old MJL and PPM1 - High4 - ClosedAJR13/05/2013See Maintenance_DDDP_CMMS_Transition_Strategy.doc
46Write test doc1 - High4 - ClosedAJR13/05/2013
47Send GSP Email two weeks prior 3 - Low4 - ClosedAJR14/03/2013Pre 1.0This could be implemented using the notifications in the calendar rather than the script. Although it would be better to have the script make these decisions and keep users out of the raw data.
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