TitleThe TripThe TestCookingThe AccidentFairy TaleShopping
Story[Name] and [Name] decided to travel to [Place]. They gathered their [plural noun] and [plural noun] and put them in their [adjective] [type of vehicle]. An hour later their [noun] exploded. They were stuck. Luckily a [occupation] named [Female name] passed by. She helped them fix their vehicle and gave them a [adjective] [noun] to help them. They finally arrived at their destination and had a great time.[Female name] was worried. She had to take a test tomorrow in [school subject], but she left her [adjective] [noun] in her [adjective] [noun] and couldn't study. During the test she couldn't remember the answer to question number [number], "[Question]" She thought and thought and finally wrote "[famous person]." She didn't have to worry. She passed the test and her teacher, Mrs. [Last name], told her, "[Phrase.]" She was very [adjective].[Name] and [Name] were hungry. They [past tense cooking verb] [ingredient] and [ingredient] because they wanted to make [adjective] [food]. They put them in a pan on the stove. Then they added [ingredient] and [ingredient] and cooked them for [number] minutes. They ate their food on a [adjective] plate with a glass of [adjective] [drink].One day [Male name] was [present participle] with his [adjective] [noun]. Suddenly he crashed into a [adjective] [noun] and fell down. He broke his [body part] so he ran to the hospital. The doctor took some X-Rays and discovered that he was [adjective]. The doctor put on a [noun], gave him a [noun] and recommended that he take [noun]. Six [plural period of time] later he was healthy and playing once again.Once upon a time there were [number (greater than 1)] [animals]. One morning they decided to go for a stroll while their [breakfast food] cooled down. After they left, a girl named [female name] entered their house. First she ate their breakfast and said, "too [adjective]." Then she sat down on their [adjective] [noun] and said, "too [adjective]." Finally she laid down on the [adjective] [noun] and said, "this is [adjective]." She fell asleep. The animals returned and noticed that someone had eaten their breakfast. Suddenly she woke up, screamed "[Command]!" and ran from the house.[Male name] needed to go shopping. He and his [family member] [past tense movement verb] to the [type of store]. They wanted to buy a [adjective] [singular noun] but the manager said that she didn't have any. Then they went to a [type of store] but it didn't have any either. Finally they went to the mall and bought [plural noun] and [plural noun]. They were very [adjective] when they returned home and began [present participle].