2012-2013 Career Mentors
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Program of StudyMentor CodeYears of Experience in the fieldTell us something about your career that would be surprising to your menteeBrief Job DescriptionCompleted Program of Study 1Currently place of employmentCurrently Job Title
Academia, Teaching, EducationA.Wood10+Had two careers teaching Elementary School and Reserve Navy at same time.RetiredMaster of Education : Educ (Organizational and Administrative Studies)RetiredRetired
Academia, Teaching, EducationA.Lah10+I keep up-to-date with information to help students navigate through their program by going to professional workshops every year.As an academic advisor, I help students with their course selection and program for CHYS specifically. I also have many other types of administration duties within my job.Bachelor of Arts in Child Studies/PsychologyBrock UniversityDepartment Coordinator/Academic Advisor
Academia, Teaching, EducationA.Zie3-5 yearsI do a lot of personal advising to students and student staff.I am a Residence Life Coordinator which means I am responsible for the students and student staff for a particular area of residence. My duties primarily consist of student staff training and student discipline.Bachelor of Science : Integrated Studies (Mathematics)Brock UniversityResidence Life Coordinator
Academia, Teaching, EducationJ.Ntaki6-10 yearsThe passion for languagesProf and Director of French StudiesPh.D. LinguisticsBrock UniversityProfessor
Academia, Teaching, EducationJ.Barr3-5 yearsI migrated to Canada only in 2001Administration of academic programs for studentsB.Sc, Honours, M.Ed.BrockStudent Development Coordinator
Academia, Teaching, EducationL.Dut6-10 yearsMy 6 years supervisory and management experience working with entry level staff is how I relaized that I wanted to help new grads find their first careers.I recently left my job as a fundraising manager and am working part time while I pursue a post grad Career Development Practitioner certificate through Conestoga College.Bachelor of Sport Management: Sport ManagementCarlton CardsPart time sales
Academia, Teaching, EducationL.Kuip10+Work at Brock University!Employer Development/Events & Marketing CoordinatorHuman Relations, Event ManagementCareer Services, Brock UniversityEmployer Development/ Events & Marketing Coordinator
Academia, Teaching, EducationM.Sim3-5 yearsn/aTeaching Assistant- Assisting Professor with marking, and hold office hours.Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies: Recreation and Leisure StudiesUniversity of WaterlooTeaching Assistant
Academia, Teaching, EducationM.Shee0 - 2I prefer to teach younger students. They have a wonderful outlook on life and can be so funny! They always amaze me.Working under classroom teachers to help identified students with various subjectsBachelor of Arts : HistoryNiagara Catholic School BoardOFIP Tutor
Academia, Teaching, EducationP.Maur10+n/aProfessor of Media History, Career Planning, Media Law/Ethics and History of Pop Music.Bachelor of Arts : SociologyMohawk CollegeProfessor
Academia, Teaching, EducationR.Cra0 - 2My job (or career field) didn't even exist when I started first year at Brock in 2006.I coordinate leadership initiatives, concentrating on fostering student engagement, at Brock through: planning & implementing programs, teaching leadership workshops, and collaborating with student leaders.n/aBrock UniversityStudent Leadership and Engagement Coordinator
Academia, Teaching, EducationM.Moo3-5 yearsI have also worked at a winery while working at Brock.I love wine and the Niagara wine industry so I worked there to learn more about
that side of Niagara!
My role is to create, implement, and facilitate programming and initiatives that engage alumni and students in the life of the University. I work collaboratively to engage and involve alumni in a variety of events, programs and initiatives to develop stronger relationships with the University and greater levels of supportHonours Bachelor of Arts - Business CommunicationsBrock UniversityAlumni Programs Officer
Arts, Entertainment & Graphics DesignersG.Grain10+Not nearly as glamorous as people think.Stagehand and grip.Bachelor of Arts : Dramatic LiteratureFreelanceStagehand and grip
Arts, Entertainment & Graphics DesignersM.Arms0 - 2YOU need to get involved and take advantage of opportunities while attending University to be successful outside the classroom.Communications Coordinator for the Faculty of Applied Health Science. Work on communications strategy, design,and website management.Bachelor of Arts : Communications: Business Communications StreamBrock UniversityCommunications Coordinator
Business, Management & FinanceK.Dye0 - 2HR is not easy! The reality of the market I recruit in is that people arent looking for jobs. I have a wealth of knowledge to provide about different types of jobs and routes to get there.- Recruiting for IT and Finance Roles -Searching for Resumes -Screening -Reference Checks - Employment Contract signupBachelor of Business Administration: Business (4 Year)Eagle Professional ResourcesHuman Resource Professional
Business, Management & FinanceL.Roy10+That I've worked here for 25 years.n/aBachelor of Arts : Communication StudiesGMn/a
Business, Management & FinanceM.Dal6-10 yearsn/aHave a portfolio of clients that I manageBachelor of Accounting : AccountingWormald Masse Keen Lopinski LLPAccount Manager
Fundraising, CharitiesM.Yuru3-5 yearsMy part-time student job turned into a career choice.Design and execute annual fundraising campaigns for the benefit of Brock University.Bachelor of Arts : PsychologyBrock UAnnual Fund Campaign Coordinator
GovernmentH.Pro10+The joys and dissapointments of police workTraffic Enforcement, Accident investigation, Fraud invest.Traffic Courtn/aOPP- retiredretired - OPP
HealthcareM.YaraPlease SelectPursuing an MsC in Orthodontics at UfTDentistHeakth Sciences- BrockPlease fill inDentist
HealthcareP.Saber10+Undergraduate degree in Mathematics.DentistBachelor of Science : MathematicsSelfDenturist
Hospitality, TourismT.Bay3-5 yearsI am occasionally Parka, the new Parks Canada mascot.Analyze domestic and international tourism trends. Understand the sociodemgraphic trends developing in Canada and how tourism is affected. Provide management with detailed information and trends for new canadians, immigrants, youth and families. Also have to work with national parks and historic sites to better understand visitor trends.Bachelor of Tourism Studies: Tourism AdministrationParks Canada AgencyResearch Officer
HouseholdA.Fre10+My husband and I are the sole owners and creators of Preserve My Pictures.Providing a safe enriched environment for a 3 year old and 5 year old including on-going learning experineces, physical activity, a healthy lifestyle and a loving home. My business includes converting analogue photos, slides, movie film...into digital format including CDs, DVDs, photo slideshows...Bachelor of Education : Preservice Education - Primary JuniorCurrently I am a stay-at-home mother of 2 children. I volunteer for various organizations. I also have a business called Preserve My Pictures.Entrepreneur
HouseholdJ.Dou10+Family Studies Teacher-13 years Specialst Special Education-9yearsRetired from Hamilton/Wentworth Board-24 years serviceBachelor of Education : Inservice Education--BEd Route TwoRetiredRetired
Law EnforcementG.MacK6-10 yearsMember of the Public Safety Unit (Riot Unit)Enforce Rules and Regulations, Respond to Emergency Situations, Provide Protective Services for Members of Provincial Parliament.Bachelor of Recreation and Leisure Studies: Recreation and Leisure StudiesLegislative Assembly of OntarioPublic Safety Unit
Retail, Sales and MarketingM.Mar6-10 yearsn/aMarketing Production Coordinator. Involves project management and scheduling for all marketing communications projects and promotions. Internal customer service, relationships with clients and outside vendors.Marketing Production CoordinatorBrock UniversityMarketing Production Coordinator
Retail, Sales and MarketingR.Mil0 - 2Many people do not know what Public Relations actually entails. If you do not have a passion for writing, then Public Relations is not for you!Reporting to the CEO, I generate public awareness to the community at large. This includes coordinating media and advertising opportunities, volunteer recruitment, speakers bureau, print and communication materials, the agency newsletter, branding, graphic design and promotional materials.Bachelor of Arts : Popular CultureBig Brothers Big Sisters St. Catharines Thorold & DistrictPublic Relations & Communications Officer
Self Employed - VariousS.Sor10+I have run in two muncipal elections.Assist clients with residential property rentals, recruit tenants and advertise properties for clients. Business has been very slow at this time.Bachelor of Education : Preservice Education--Junior IntermediateSelf Employed Property RentalsEntrepreneur
Social Services, Community ServicesJ.Han06/10/2012n/a(CAN) is a non-profit environmental organization that provides eco-education and actions on issues relating to climate change to improve resilience in Niagara. Not a degree but several classes in college and university level. Area of focus business and protocolClimate Action NiagaraExecutive Director
Sports and Sports ManagementM.Pui0 - 2n/a- Responsible for all on course golf activities. Including daily operations, tournament booking,planning and operating, all on course advertising.Bachelor of Sport Management: Sport ManagementThundering Waters Golf ClubOperations Manager
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