Materials from U.S. Congress Related to the Humanities, 2009-2015 DateTitleAuthorAuthor's Political AffiliationCategoryHow far did legislation go in Congress?About this research project NotesAnalysis white paper URL
1/6/2009Legislation: S. Res. 8Sen. Harry ReidDemocratResolutionPassed SenateA resolution pertaining to the death of former Senator Claiborne de Borda Pell. The resolution goes on to say, "Claiborne Pell sponsored the legislation that, in 1965, created the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities and, in 1966, created the National Sea Grant College and Program," and "Claiborne Pell sought to expand educational opportunities throughout his tenure as a member and as Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Education, Arts and Humanities."
1/13/2009Legislation: H. Res. 50Rep. George MillerDemocratResolutionPassed HouseA resolution on the death of former Senator Claiborne de Borda Pell. Pell sponsored the legislation for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities. The resolution is similar to S. Res. 8, but this is in the House.
1/27/2009Legislation: H.R. 717Rep. Eddie Bernice JohnsonDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill aims to "provide incentives to improve America's research competitiveness," and the definition of "basic research" includes the humanities.
4/21/2009Legislation: H. Res. 320Rep. Melvin WattDemocratResolutionPassed HouseThe resolution honors the life of Dr. John Hope Franklin and his accomplishments. "Dr. John Hope Franklin served on many national commissions and delegations, including the National Council on the Humanities..." A similar resolution was introduced on March 31, 2009 (H. Res. 302).
6/2/2009Legislation: H.R. 2653Rep. John YarmuthDemocratBillIntroducedA bill that creates the "White House Office of National Youth Policy," and the NEH chairman is a member of the executive board.
6/15/2009Legislation: H. Res. 493Rep. Ron KleinDemocratResolutionPassed HouseThe House resolution is to support Hillel's contributions to the Jewish community. "Hillel has contributed to the Nation's preeminence in science, industry, and the humanities by helping generations of students attain the dream of higher education."
10/13/2009Legislation: H. Res. 659Rep. Alcee HastingsDemocratResolutionPassed HouseH. Res. 659 is a House resolution to congratulate Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. It quotes the fraternity's theme and discusses ways that members are leaders across the country, including in the humanities.
10/22/2009Legislation: S. 1838Sen. Mary LandrieuDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill is "to establish a commission to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War." A similar bill was introduced in the House, but both did not get enacted into law.
11/5/2009Celebrating Increased Funding for National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities Rep. Rush HoltDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/A"I rise today to highlight the recent increase in funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities. The Fiscal Year 2010 Interior Appropriations bill, which President Obama has signed into law, contains $167.5 million in funding for both agencies, an increase of $12.5 million over last year's level."
3/4/2010Legislation: H.R. 4771Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.DemocratBillIntroducedThe bill is to "establish a commission to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War." The chairman of the NEH gets to be on the commission, and the NEH gets to award the grants. "There is authorized to be appropriated $3,500,000 to the National Endowment for the Humanities to provide grants under section 7."
3/16/2010Legislation: S. Res. 456Sen. Jim WebbDemocratResolutionPassed SenateThe Senate resolution is to recognize Radford University's 100th anniversary.
4/21/2010Legislation: H. Res. 1182Rep. Rick BoucherDemocratResolutionPassed HouseThe House resolution is to recognize the 100th anniversary of Radford University, and Boucher discusses the contributions students made in the arts, humanities, and more.
6/15/2010Legislation: H.R. 5533Rep. Betty McCollumDemocratBillIntroducedH.R. 5533 was introduced "to strengthen the partnership between nonprofit organizations and the Federal Government, and for other purposes." The NEH chairperson is on the board for the interagency working group on nonprofits.
9/23/2010Legislation: H. Res. 1582Rep. Louise McIntosh SlaughterDemocratResolutionPassed House"Resolved, that the House of Representatives congratulates and honors Americans for the Arts for its 50 years of service in advancing the arts and arts education in the United States."
11/16/2010Legislation: H. Res. 1654Rep. Rush HoltDemocratResolutionPassed HouseThe legislation is a House resolution for "Undergraduate Research Week" across disciplines, including the arts and humanities.
1/24/2011Legislation: H.R. 401Rep. Andre CarsonDemocratBillIntroducedH.R. 401 aims to give Muhammad Ali a gold medal. In the findings section, Carson mentions Ali's honorary doctorate degrees. Carson states, "[R]eceiving honorary doctorate degrees from Muhlenberg College and Western Kentucky University, as well as an honorary doctorate of humanities at Princeton University's 260th graduation ceremony." A similar bill was introduced in 2013 (H.R. 1084). Before H.R. 401, Carson also introduced this bill in 2009 (H.R. 2648). On January 28, 2015, Carson introduced H.R. 608, which, again, is the same bill.
2/18/2011Legislation: H. Res. 105Rep. John ConyersDemocratResolutionIntroducedThis is another resolution congratulating Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. It is significant because a similar resolution was passed in 2009, but this 2011 resolution was not. Conyers submitted the same resolution in 2010, titled H.Res. 1778. The same bill was introduced in the Senate (S. Res. 221) on June 29, 2011, and it passed the Senate.
3/16/2011Legislation: S. 599Sen. Jim WebbDemocratBillIntroducedAgain, a similar bill on creating a commission was introduced but this time it's in the Senate through Jim Webb's sponsorship. Like the other legislations on the commisison, it was only introduced. This shows the NEH failing to gain authority of $3,500,000 in grants.
3/20/2011Legislation: S. Res. 116Sen. Charles SchumerDemocratResolutionPassed SenateS. Res. 116 is "to provide for expedited Senate consideration of certain nominations subject to advice and consent," and the members of the National Council for the Humanities are included.
3/31/2011In Support of the Colorado HumanitiesRep. Ed PerlmutterDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/AThe congressional record article supports the Colorado Humanities. "Without federal funding councils could potentially lose the matching and in kind donations they use to double the federal funding they receive. The lack of federal support affects the future donation by private companies and donors."
4/4/2011Legislation: S. 716Sen. Jeanne ShaheenDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill, titled "Innovation Inspiration School Grant Program Act," focuses on STEM degrees rather than humanities degrees. The grant program does not benefit the humanites, and focuses more on engineering.
4/7/2011Legislation: H. R. 1420Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.DemocratBillIntroducedSimilar to other bills, H.R. 1420 seeks "to establish a commission to commemorate the sesquicentennial of the American Civil War." Again, this bill was only introduced. The NEH would be authorized with $3,500,000 for grants.
6/21/2011Legislation: H.R. 2255Rep. Rosa DeLauroDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill is "to support the establishment and operation of Teachers Professional Development Institutes." H.R. 2255 goes on to state the various ways the grant funds may be used, which includes "to provide a stipend for teachers participating in the collaborative seminars conducted by the Institute in the sciences and humanites..." Similar bill were proposed in the Senate (S. 1240 and S. 3498) by Sen. Lieberman. Rep. DeLauro also introduced a similar House bill in 2010 (H.R. 5556).
7/20/2011Congratulating Northern Mariana Islands Council for Humanities on its 20th AnniversaryRep. Gregorio SablanDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/AThe congressional record article encourages Congress to join Sablan in congratulating the council for humanities. It is significant because Sablan was only given one minute to "revise and extend his remarks."
7/28/2011Legislation: H.R. 2678Rep. Lucille Roybal-AllardDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill seeks to create programs that provide information and skills necessary to lower teenage pregnancies within minority/immigrant communities. With regard to program settings, the bill states, "through classroom-based settings, such as school health education, humanities, language arts, or family and consumer science education; after-school programs..." A similar bill was proposed in the Senate (S.1437) by Sen. Barbara Boxer.
8/2/2011Legislation: H.R. 2792Rep. Donald PayneDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill focuses on improving/supporting higher education in sub-Saharan Africa.
8/2/2011Opposition to the House Interior Appropriations Bill and Underlying Cuts to National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities Rep. Doris MatsuiDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/AMatsui's argues in opposition to the appropriations bill because it hurts the economy. "In my district of Sacramento, California, there are currently 1,600 arts-related businesses that employ almost 6,000 people. These businesses play an imperative role in sustaining the economic vitality of the Sacramento region."
8/19/2011Opposing Efforts to Cut the National Endowment for the Humanities and the National Endowment for the ArtsRep. Danny DavisDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/A"The programs supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, or NEH, benefit millions of Americans each year. Last year, NEH made over 1,200 grants totaling $143 million that benefited communities throughout our Nation--communities big and small, urban and rural. For example, over 4,300 college, community college, and school teachers benefited from education programs supported by NEH. Almost 22,000 citizens from museums, libraries, archives, and historical organizations obtained training in appropriate preservation and ways to expand public access to humanities collections."
9/29/2011Legislation: H. Res. 417Rep. Michael CapuanoDemocratResolutionIntroducedThe resolution is for the following purpose: "Commending the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and its 231st Class of members on the occasion of the institution's October 1, 2011, Induction ceremony in Cambridge, Massachusetts."
4/26/2012Legislation: S. 2474Sen. Daniel AkakaDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill is "to improve the health of minority individuals, and for other purposes." In the section on reducing teenage pregnancies, the bill states that programs with funding will be provided "through class-room settings, such as school health education, humanities, language arts, or family and consumer science education; after-school programs..." A similar bill was introduced in the House on September 15, 2011 (H.R. 2954), and another on July 30, 2014 (H.R. 5294).
7/19/2012South Dakota Humanities CouncilSen. Tim JohnsonDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/A"As a member of the Senate Cultural Caucus and a lifelong supporter of the arts and humanities, I congratulate SDHC on 40 successful years and thank the organization for its service to our State."
9/21/2012Legislation: H.R. 6494Rep. Mike ThompsonDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill is to "award posthumously a Congressional Gold Medal to Stewart Lee Udall," and in the findings section Thompson states, "During his tenure as Secretary of the Interior, Stewart L. Udall also became a champion of the arts, convincing President Kennedy to invite the renowned poet Robert Frost to speak at his inauguration and setting in motion initiatives that led to the creation of the Kennedy Center, Wolf Trap Farm Park, the National Endowments for the Arts and the Humanities, and the revived Ford's Theatre."
9/21/2012Celebrating the New Jersey Council for the HumanitiesRep. Rush HoltDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/AThe article praises the Council for the Humanities.
12/18/2012Legislation: H.R. 6678Rep. Rush HoltDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill seeks to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to encourage research in higher education. In the code, the bill wants to change "social sciences, etc." to "Arts and humanities."
2/15/2013Legislation: H.R. 750Rep. Mike ThompsonDemocratBillIntroduced"To award posthumously a Congressional Gold Medal to Stewart Lee Udall in recognition of his contributions to the Nation as hero for the environment, a champion for conservation, a civil right activist, a Native American crusader, and an advocate for the arts."
3/18/2013Legislation: H.R. 1243Rep. Tim RyanDemocratBillIntroducedThe bill seeks to implement the Innovation Inspiration School grant program within the Department of Education, which focuses on STEM courses, especially engineering. The humanities are not a priority. Similar bills were introduced in the Senate (S. 442, S. 1067, and S. 3732), and others were introduced in the House (H.R. 2247 and H.R. 2253).
6/3/2013Legislation: H. Res. 244Rep. Eleanor Holmes NortonDemocratResolutionIntroducedA resolution to "express support for Lunchtime Music on the Mall in Washington, D.C." The D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities sponsored the lunchtime music, along with other groups.
9/10/2013Honoring the 40th Anniversary of Humanities Washington and the 15th Anniversary of its Bedtime Stories Literary GalaRep. Jim McDermottDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/A"The humanities--including history, literature, philosophy, ethics, law, and other fields of inquiry--encourage us to investigate, speak, listen, read, reflect, question, think, grow, and act."
3/21/2014Legislation: H.R. 4280Rep. John ConyersDemocratBillIntroducedH.R. 4280 seeks "to preserve knowledge and promote education about jazz in the United States and abroad." National Endowment for the Arts and National Endowment for the Humanities would collaborate if the program is implemented.
5/22/2014Legislation: S. Res. 458Sen. Benjamin CardinDemocratResolutionPassed Senate"Whereas countless survivors of the Holocaust living in the United States have made numerous and substantial contributions to society in the areas of the humanities, science, government, law, history, medicine, military service, philosophy, social justice, technology, and more..."
6/10/2014Legislation: H. Res. 618Rep. Eleanor Holmes NortonDemocratResolutionIntroducedThe bill is similar to H. Res. 244 and H. Res. 264. It is significant because Norton continues to push for events with the partnership of the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities.
7/8/2014Tribute to Diana Poteat Stallings Hobby: Scholar, Philanthropist, Public Servant and Patron of the Arts and HumanitiesRep. Sheila Jackson LeeDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/A"Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay tribute and remember the late Diana Hobby, wife of former Texas Lt. Governor William P. Hobby, Jr. and one of the most accomplished and public spirited women in the history of the great State of Texas." Jackson goes on to mention Hobby's support for the humanities.
7/29/2014Congratulating Anne Firor Scott on Receiving the 2013 National Humanities MedalRep. David PriceDemocratCongressional Record ArticleN/APrice praises his constituent in front of Congress for earning the 2013 National Humanities Medal.
9/18/2014Legislation: H.R. 5589Rep. Lois FrankelDemocratBillIntroducedThe legislation strives to create a higher education grant program for veteran student centers. Frankel cites the NEH in the bill's findings: "The National Endowment for the Humanities' Warrior-Scholar Project found that `veterans transitioning to college likely have not used academic skills since high school and have difficulty adjusting to a fundamentally different social and cultural environment, [leading] to veterans dropping out of college before earning their degree.'"
2/24/2015Legislation: S. 537Sen. Thomas CarperDemocratBillIntroducedCarper's bill states, "To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to increase and make permanent the alternative simplified research credit, and for other purposes." Humanities is included in the definition of "basic research." Another Senate bill, S. 2715, was introduced by Carper one year before (July 31, 2014).
2/26/2015Legislation: S. 604Sen. Jon TesterDemocratBillCurrently IntroducedDue to the bill's focus on veteran student centers, the findings section uses a study by the NEH as evidence: "The National Endowment for the Humanities' Warrior-Scholar Project found that `veterans transitioning to college likely have not used academic skills since high school and have difficulty adjusting to a fundamentally different social and cultural environment, [leading] to veterans dropping out of college before earning their degree.'" A similar bill was introduced by Lois Frankel on 3/17/2015 in the House (H.R. 1399).
3/26/2015Legislation: H.R. 1682Rep. John ConyersDemocratBillCurrently IntroducedThe National Jazz Appreciation Program would be carried out by the NEH and others, and it aims to promote jazz education.
5/14/2015Legislation: H. Res. 264Rep. Eleanor Holmes NortonDemocratResolutionCurrently IntroducedSimilar to H. Res. 244, Norton introduced a resolution to have lunchtime music in the National Mall through the partnership of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanites and others.
6/16/2015Legislation: S. 1579Sen. Brian SchatzDemocratBillCurrently IntroducedThe summary of the bill is the following: "To enhance and integrate Native American tourism, empower Native American communities, increase coordination and collaboration between Federal tourism assets, and expand heritage and cultural tourism opportunities in the United States." Important due to this clause: "to use the arts and humanities to help revitalize Native communities, promote economic development, increase livability, and present the uniqueness of the United States to visitors in a way that celebrates the diversity of the United States."