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Bruno-Evidence from the textInference from evidencePage Reference
ActionsI've never spoken to him,' said Bruno immediately. 'I've never seen him before in my life. I don't know him.' - Bruno denied being friends with Shmuel when asked .He placed Shmuel in trouble. However, he just did that in fear. This shows that Bruno is innocent.
Thoughts-Shmuel stared at him but didn't say anything, and Bruno felt a strong desire to change the subject because even as he had said the words, they didn't sound quite right to him and the last thing he wanted was for Shmuel to think that he was being unkind.
KotlerEvidence from the textInference from evidencePage Reference
“‘Hey, you!’ he shouted, then adding a word that
Bruno did not understand. ‘Come over here, you—-’ He
said the word again, and something about the harsh
sound of it made Bruno look away and feel ashamed to
be part of this at all.

Pavel came towards them and Kotler spoke to him
insolently, despite the fact that he was young enough
to be his grandson. ‘Take this little man to the
storage shed at the back of the main house. Lined up
along a side wall are some old tyres. He will select
one and you are to carry it wherever he asks you to,
is that understood?’”

He was disrespectful to pavel despite Pavel being old enough to be his grandfather. This also shows that he is blindly following the Fury's orders and beliefs, as he is highly disciminating Pavel because he is a Jew
Father (Serena)Evidence from the textInference from evidencePage Reference
ActionsFather's smile faded only a little and he glanced down at his letter for a moment before looking back up again, as if he wanted to consider his reply carefully.
He did his best to explain the house moving situation to Bruno, trying to be as patient as he can. This showed that he cared for his children (He kissed them goodnight nearly everyday)
Pg 42
Father stayed at Out-With for another year after that and became very disliked by the other soldiers, whom he ordered around mercilessly. He went to sleep every night thinking about Bruno and he woke up every morning thinking about him too.” “A few months after that some other soldiers came to Out-With and Father was ordered to go with them, and he went without complaint and he was happy to do so because he didn't really mind what they did to him any more. He basically gave up on life and everything else after finding out how Bruno was killed. He didn’t even care what happened to him after that. That showed that Father felt guilt over Bruno’s death and felt responsible for the whole thing. Pg 189
ThoughtsBruno,' he said, coming round from behind the desk and shaking the boy's hand solidly, for Father was not usually the type of man to give anyone a hug, unlike Mother and Grandmother, who gave them a little too often for comfort, complementing them with slobbering kisses. Father thought that displays of affection were not needed.
This shows that Father didn’t know how to properly express his love.
Pg 41
SpeechGo to your room, Bruno,' he said in such a quiet voiceThe fact that Father only began to break after so long showed how much he want Bruno to understand. Even when he did finally crack, he managed enough self control for a period of time to tell Bruno quietly.Pg 47
Ah, those people,' said Father, nodding his head and smiling slightly. 'Those people... well, they're not people at all, Bruno.'His slight smile reflects how nearly every adult thinks that Bruno is just a small child and didn’t know better. Father, as with nearly everyone else, also held a negative view on the Jews, stating that they weren’t even people. Pg 48
A patriot,' cried Father, who perhaps had never learned the rule about not interrupting your mother.This showed that Father was devoted to Germany and in helping to win the war. His devotion to his work is clearly seen throughout the story, even going against his own mother's will. Pg 84
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