AcrobaticsYou are an athlete/tumbler. Take Advantage on Tests that involve jumping, running, and climbing (except for sheer surfaces).
ActingYou excel at pretending to be other people. Make a CHA Test to do so when your life may depend on it.
Acute HearingTake Advantage on WIS Tests that involve hearing.
AmbidextrousYou use both hands equally well. This gives you an edge in many situations. Permanently add 1d4 to DEX
Animal CareAnimals thrive under your attention. Roll a WIS Test with Advantage to make them especially fit and happy while in your care.
Animal Training*Once per session make a WIS Test to teach an animal you're training a new trick. Teaching a combat command (Attack, Defend) requires 2 successful tests.
Arcane LanguageEach time you acquire this skill you know one more of the old languages: Arcane Dwarf, Arcane Elf, Demonic, Druidic, Magick, or Old Slann.
ArtPick an artistic discipline: painting, sculpture, etc. With an INT Test you can create an art object, or spot a forgery, in your discipline.
AstronomyPerform stellar navigation or predict cyclical events in the night sky with an INT Test.
BeggingMake a CHA Test with Advantage when separating a mark from their money.
BlatherConfuse others with your nonsense. (Make an INT Test to utterly befuddle your target for a round or two.)
Boat BuildingWith proper tools and sufficient time, you can build a boat. Make an INT Test per week of construction. (Minimum one Test.)
BrewingYou understand the principles and applications of fermentation. Make an INT Test to make a tasty brew. (This process takes time.)
BriberyAnybody can pay someone off, you do it with style. Roll a CHA Test with Advantage when you attempt to bribe someone.
CarpentryYou are familiar with woodworking tools, techniques, and types of wood. Make an INT Test to build anything from a table to a house. (Bigger projects require multiple tests.) Quality tools, and assistants, allow you to roll with Advantage.
CartographyMake an INT Test with when making maps, navigating with them, or even when navigating by previously noted landmarks.
Cast Spells[Replace with TBH magic system]
CharmYou're a likeable person. Roll a CHA Test to convince someone to do something they don't really want to do.
Charm AnimalDomesticated animals love you. Make a CHA Test with Advantage to give them simple, one-off commands. When making Tests against hostile animals, like guard dogs, etc., roll without Advantage.
ChemistryYou have an alchemist's proto-understanding of chemistry. You're familiar with compounds and ores, etc., and where they come from. Make an INT test to know or make something useful.
ClownYou are an expert at physical humor and crude jokes. Make an CHA Test to entertain. Also, your background with pratfalls gives you Advantage on DEX tests to jump/fall/climb.
ComedianUnlike the Clown, verbal humor is your forte. Make a CHA or INT Test with Advantage to amuse a crowd... or to plant a nasty rumor between the laughs.
Concealment RuralTake Advantage on DEX Tests to hide anywhere "non-urban." (For stealthy movement see Silent Move Rural.)
Concealment UrbanTake Advantage on DEX Tests to hide anywhere urban. (For stealthy movement see Silent Move Urban.)
Consume AlcoholYour tolerance is legendary. Make CON Tests with Advantage to win drinking contests, resist the effects of alcohol, etc.
ContortionistYou can bend your body in unlikely and disgusting ways. Make a DEX Roll with Advantage to bend through bars or escape simple restraints. To use this skill in a public performance make a CHA Test.
CookMake an INT Test to make a good meal a great one. Roll with Advantage if you're in a fully stocked kitchen.
CryptographyCrack codes and ciphers, or invent them to delight your friends. Make an INT Test to do so.
Cure DiseaseYou can diagnose diseases, and treat them with the proper supplies. To treat a disease, make an INT Test while your target makes a CON Test. You both must succeed for the disease to be cured.
DanceTo thrill an audience with your grace Make a DEX Test. Make DEX Tests with Advantage when jumping or leaping.
Demon LoreYou have a sixth sense about demons. You recognize their general types, and you may know more. Make an INT Test to know a demon's abilities, weaknesses, and propensities.
Disarm*Make a STR Test with Advantage when using a melee Attack to disarm a foe.
DisguiseMake an INT to dress up like someone else. (Gain Advantage for access to appropriate supplies and/or a well-conceived outfit, and Disadvantage for the opposite.)
DiviningPick or invent a method of divination when you acquire this skill. Make a WIS Test to gain access to cryptic clues about what you seek to know.
Dodge Blow*Roll to Defend in melee with Advantage.
DowsingUse your instincts, and perhaps a dowsing rod, to make an INT Test to find underground water.
Drive CartAnyone can tug at the reins, but you're an experienced teamster. No roll is required to drive a cart in normal situations. For abnormal situations make a STR Test with Advantage to stay in control.
EmbezzlingYou're a bigger thief than any cutpurse. If someone is foolish enough to hire you to handle money, you can scrape off the cream. Make an INT Test. Success brings coin commensurate with the opportunity, failure yields nothing, but on a critical failure you are caught red-handed.
EngineerYou can build structures big and small. Make an INT Test per week of work. Time, tools, and (in many cases) manpower will allow you to roll with Advantage. You can also draw up plans and interpret the technical drawings of others.
EscapologyNo bonds can hold you. You'll eventually escape any type of personal confinement. If time is a factor make a DEX Test every round until you are free.
EtiquetteUnlike most of your companions, you know the social graces. Make a CHA Test to "pass" in a strata of society that's not your own.
EvaluateMake an INT Test to know something's true value.
Excellent VisionMake sight-based WIS Tests with Advantage
Fire EatingYou know how to juggle and breathe fire. Put on one hell of a show with a CHA Test. Also, you can start a fire in all but the most dreadful conditions. Thanks to years of exposure you reduce fire damage by one point.
FishAnyone can toss a rod in the water, but you know what fish like and when they like it. Make an INT Test with Advantage to bring in an excellent catch.
Flee!*On your action leave the current scene no questions asked.
Fleet FootedYou're faster than most. If you're using a battlemap add +2" to your base movement.
Follow TrailNature is full of clues if you know how to look. You're able to follow a regular trail without making a Test; if there's some factor that obscures it (weather, covered tracks, etc.), then make an WIS Test. Test WIS separately to discover the type and size of your quarry, how many there are, etc.
Frenzied AttackIf you're ever prompted to roll on the Panic table, become Frenzied instead.
GambleIf there's a game of chance, you know how to play it, and maybe rig it. To win make an INT Test when playing with Sharps, roll with Advantage when playing with Suckers. Cheating increases your winnings by 50%, possibly more, but don't get caught.
Game HuntingYou are an expert at tracking down game animals. You don't need to roll unless game is scarce, then Test WIS to find them. Either way take Advantage on follow-up Tests with other skills to kill or capture said game.
Gem CuttingTo a cut a gem average the value of your DEX and INT and then Test against the resulting number. Success doubles its value, failure halves it.
HaggleYou know how to get a bargain. Make a CHA Test to reduce the price of something by as much as half.
Heal WoundsYour an expert at battlefield medicine. Treat yourself or another character by making an INT Test to restore 1d3 HP. If the target is below 50% of their HP roll with Disadvantage.
HeraldryWith an INT Test you can identify the device or crest of a family/guild/business and remember a germane fact or two about them.
Herb Lore
You're an expert in locating, gathering, and storing useful/medicinal herbs. No roll is necessary for common ingredients. Make an WIS Test to find something rare, preserve a delicate specimen, etc.
HistoryMake an INT test to remember a piece of historical knowledge. Access to information (scholars, libraries) may grant Advantage. Summoning up obscure or "suppressed" knowledge may require rolling with Disadvantage.
HypnotiseWith a shiny object, repetitive phrase, etc., make a WIS Test to put your subject in a hypnotic trance. They must answer 1d4 questions truthfully to the best of their knowledge. (Make the test with Advantage if it's part of a performance.)
Identify Magical ArtifactThrough your experience and knowledge you can recognize magical artifacts. Examine one and make an INT Test to know something useful about it.
Identify PlantsYou can easily identify common and uncommon plants. Make an INT Test if you encounter something rare or otherwise unusual.
Identify UndeadYou can automatically identify all kinds of undead creatures on sight. Make an INT Test to spot one masquerading as a humanoid.
Immunity To DiseaseMake CON Tests to resist disease with Advantage.
Immunity To PoisonMake CON Tests to resist poison with Advantage. You are immune to 3 different toxins/venoms, explain how!
JestYou've mastered the weird blend of slapstick and insult that are the Jester's stock and trade. Make a CHA Test to prod your betters just far enough, but no further.
JuggleYou have a finely tuned sense of balance and poise. When throwing or catching, or Attacking with a thrown weapon, make a DEX Test with Advantage. To entertain with your spectacular feats make a DEX Test.
LawHow you became familiar with the legal system, let's not say. Make an INT Test for you, or your friends, to avoid punishment or incarceration on a technicality.
Lightning ReflexesJumpy are we? Sometimes it comes in handy. Roll Initiative with Advantage.
LinguisticsYou have an affinity for languages. Make an INT Test to make yourself understood, even if you don't know the target's language. You can learn a new language well enough to "get by" in about a week.
Lip ReadingIf you can see the target's face, and understand their language, you can tell what they're saying with an INT Test.
Luck*Cause any one die that affects you to be re-rolled. Take either result.
Magical Awareness*If you concentrate completely for 1 minute, you become aware of any magic-using Creature/Character within 100 yards.
Magical SenseYou know when a person/creature/thing is magical just by touching it.
Manufacture DrugsMake drugs from herbal or chemical sources with an INT Test. These drugs may be disease treatments, pain relievers, etc., or even toxic substances.
Manufacture Magic ItemsDiscuss with your GM the capabilities of the item you wish to make. They will tell you what materials you'll need, what you'll need to be sacrificed, how much it will cost, and how many INT Tests you'll need to make... if it's possible to create such an object at all!
Manufacture PotionsMake and use magical potions [follow-up with Magic Section pass]
Manufacture ScrollsMake and use magical scrolls [follow-up with Magic Section pass]
Marksmanship*When making a ranged Attack, make the Attack (DEX Test) or the Damage roll with Advantage.
Meditation*Pick one spell that you've used and "forgotten." Enter a trance-like state for 10 minutes to return it to your memory.
MetallurgyYou can recognize ores and know how to make alloys. Make an INT Test to extract ores or to blend unusual alloys. Gain advantage when using the proper facilities, able assistants, etc.
MimeTell stories and convey ideas using your body alone. If you're using this to perform, make a CHA Test; if you're using it to get around a language barrier, make an INT Test.
MimicYou have a great ear for voices and accents, and you can pick them up quickly. Use this skill to add Advantage to appropriate Acting, Disguise, Etiquette, and Ventriloquism rolls. (It may also be useful when using Haggle or in other situations where you want to blend in with the locals.)
MiningWith the proper tools and equipment you can extract the maximum value (safely!) from a mining operation. Test STR to construct tunnels and other underground works; Test INT to recognize ore- or gem-bearing deposits; and Test WIS with Advantage to spot hidden or obscured passages, secret tunnels, etc.
MusicianshipYou are adept at wind, string, or percussion instruments; pick one when you acquire the skill. Make a CHA Test to give a moving performance. (You may select an additional category of instruments if you acquire this skill again.)
Night VisionYou can see in low light conditions, but not total darkness.
NumismaticsYou're a coin expert. Spot forgeries and clipped coins on sight, but make an INT Test to recognize ancient coinage, or those from faraway lands.
OrientationYou have an unerring sense of direction. You can navigate easily in most situations, but if you're in trying circumstances make an INT Test to find your way.
PalmistryTo give an eerie and entertaining fortune, make a CHA Test; to probe your target's fate or character, make an INT Test.
Palm ObjectMake a DEX Test to pilfer a small object that you desire.
Pick LockWith a pick you have a chance to open any normal lock. Make a DEX Test to do so.
Pick PocketLift something valuable from your target with a DEX Test. Roll with Advantage if they're distracted, in a crowd, etc.
Prepare PoisonsMake an INT Test to identify a poison, or to make one with the proper ingredients. Roll with Advantage to detect poison in your food or drink.
Public SpeakingWhether it's in the lecture hall or the town square, you know how to make a forceful argument. Make a CHA Test to do so.
Read/WriteRead and write in any language you speak.
RideYou're an excellent rider. You only need to make a DEX Test if you're riding in a dangerous or dramatic situation.
River LoreYou know the by-ways and canals like the back of your sunburnt hands. Make an INT Roll with Advantage to recall stories/legends/folkways of the river people.
RowYou are a fiend with an oar. Whenever you row, make a STR Test and roll with Advantage.
Rune LoreTell the fakes from the real thing. [check Magic Section]
Rune MasteryYou are capable of inscribing as well using magical runes. [check Magic Section]
SailingYou know the sailor's life and can handle a small craft, or hire on to a bigger ship. Make the appropriate STR/DEX/INT Test to perform your duties well.
Scale Sheer SurfaceWith a DEX Test you can free climb almost any vertical surface.