Intelligence about Facebook (CREO Man/Woman + Machine/Artificial Curation)
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“I Was Devastated”: The Man Who Created the World Wide Web Has Some Regrets 07 02
“Iran detains a teenager who posted dance videos on Instagram and attracted tens of thousands of followers” 07 08
I was shocked it was so easy': ​meet the professor who says facial recognition ​​can tell if you're gay 07 07
“Stanford prof @michalkosinski new research demonstrates dangerous capacity for AI to detect political bias and sexual orientation through a photo alone… guess who was interested? Putin and his cabinet had him personally present research in Russia. #NextCambridgeAnalytica” 07 08
Oprah, Is That You? On Social Media, the Answer Is Often No. 07 08
"La révolution digitale créé un modèle hyper capitaliste et non inclusif ", s’inquiète Gilles Babinet 06 13
“People are becoming disenchanted with Facebook for news. The “Trump bump” seems to be sustaining itself. Younger people are more likely to donate to a news outlet than older ones. Here are some major findings from the 2018 @risj_oxford digital news report” 07 06
“Mark Zuckerberg just topped Warren Buffett to become the world’s third-richest person” 07 06
“Yes very interesting but unfortunately an impossible job as success likely at odds with shareholders.” 07 06
Paul McCartney backs new online rules – POLITICO 07 04
“Data transparency on algorithm results: first strong step towards a better understanding of disinformation mechanisms on Facebook. 👏🏼 @PaulaForteza @Cedric_Villani with the help of @gchaslot” 07 05
As Trump plans meeting with Putin, Europeans fear further meddling by Moscow 07 05
““For the last seven years we have tracked the key sources for news across major countries and have reported a picture of relentless growth in the use of social media for news. Now, in many countries, growth has stopped or gone into reverse.”” 07 05
“Attention, importante opération de phishing (pour récupérer données de cartes bancaires) avec des faux bons "gratuits de 250€" @LeclercBonPlan sur Facebook... impressionnant déploiement de l'arnaque avec une centaines de liens entre hier et aujourd'hui... prudence @leclercdrive” 07 05
“One of Facebook’s most senior engineers just became Director of Engineering, Blockchain by @sohear” 07 05
“I am hoping to get this thread to the front page of reddit: your upvote much appreciated. (It isn't by me, I just left a comment!)” 07 04
“These 2 lines of legislation constitute a huge step ever towards algorithmic accountability: platform should now tell us the impact of their AIs on the content that they recommended” 07 04
“We are proud to have a profitable business model that doesn't rely on collecting personal data. 

Our Founder and CEO explains how we make money and why companies like Google and Facebook could still be wildly profitable without invasive tracking:” 07 04
Facebook flags Declaration of Independence as hate speech 07 04
Facebook mute button finally lets users snooze keywords in their newsfeed 07 04
A bug unblocked more than 800,000 Facebook and Messenger users 07 04
Facebook data sharing scandal: Probe of tech giant and Cambridge Analytica widens 07 04
“Facebook, Google and Microsoft mislead users into sharing data, report says” 07 04
“@JayStephens Unironically, the cost of data protection compliance for Google, Facebook, Microsoft is negligible when compared to new start-ups.

Why do you think the $FB stock went up during the data protection gov. session with Mark Z.? Data protection regulations protect monopolies.” 07 04
“Great little @noUpside piece on how "asymmetries of passion" make for polluted search results” 07 04
“Pour faire de la publicité sur Facebook, mieux vaut ne pas s’appeler Bush ou vivre à Clinton, Indiana” 07 04
“Rumeurs meurtrières: l'Inde s'en prend à WhatsApp” 07 04
“Fake news : l’Assemblée nationale divisée autour de 2 propositions de loi” 07 04
“In a surprise move, @DIOR bans Instagram at couture catwalk show” 07 04
“Algorithmes, médias et pratiques culturelles : 3 risques, 3 pistes avec @nitot et @geoffdelc #AfCultAN” 07 04
“Google and Facebook’s home state is the new privacy battleground” 07 04
WhatsApp in India says partnership with government, society needed... 07 05
In this Facebook group, liberal and conservative women actually listen to each other 07 06
Facebook a-t-il débloqué par erreur vos contacts indésirables ? 07 03
Facebook a-t-il vraiment déposé un brevet pour nous placer sur écoute ? 07 03
“Val-de-Marne : sur Facebook, un élu s'acharne contre les homosexuels #Société” 07 03
“#Burkina : L'activiste Naïm Touré, a été condamné ce 3 juillet 2018 à deux mois d’emprisonnement ferme. Il est accusé de complot contre la sûreté de l'Etat à travers une publication sur Facebook.
Du recul donc de la liberté d'expression?!” 07 03
“#Burkina : L'activiste Naïm Touré, a été condamné ce 3 juillet 2018 à deux mois d’emprisonnement ferme. Il est accusé de complot contre la sûreté de l'Etat à travers une publication sur Facebook.
Du recul donc de la liberté d'expression?!” 07 03
Facebook and Apple Disagree on How to Curb Fake News for U.S. Midterms 07 03
Facebook bug allowed blocked users to contact the people who blocked them 07 03
“Vesselin Popov, a director at the Cambridge University department sucked into the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook data scandal, explains how social networks must now reform” 07 03
“At Cambridge University, Silicon Valley’s growing influence raises questions about where to draw the line between academia and industry, and why Europe isn’t producing tech giants of its own. With the great ⁦@CadeMetz⁩” 07 04
“"We're Sorry, Your Content Has Been Marked As Potentially Copyright-Infringing. To Request A Manual Review, Click Here—But It May Take Several Days."

(Unless you act now, you should get ready for lots more messages like this one if you live in the EU.)” 07 04
How Should Antitrust Regulators Check Silicon Valley’s Ambitions? 07 06
Football chiefs look to each other to counter the duopoly 07 02
Facebook hires Spiegel exec (and sometimes critic) to strengthen relations with publishers in Europe 07 02
Facebook is buying UK’s Bloomsbury AI to ramp up natural language tech in London 07 02
“Si Instagram était un pays et que cette valorisation était son PIB, ça ferait d'Instagram le 62e pays le plus riche du monde.” 07 02
“Facebook's political ad verification rules blocked ads about
-hair waxing
because they contained the word "Bush."
and ads about
- baseball
- theater
- free food at church for kids
because they were from towns called "Clinton"” 07 02
“WhatsApp is looking more and more like a public health crisis in India” 07 02
Federal investigators broaden focus on Facebook’s role in sharing data with Cambridge Analytica, examining statements of tech giant 07 02
Facebook’s year of privacy mishaps continues — this time with a new software bug that ‘unblocked’ people 07 02
“🍿 Facebook fails on the first six of ten principles in the Global Media Charter issued by the global advertiser association last week. Seems like this should matter.” 07 02
“Every Facebook page now has a separate feed, labeled Info and Ads, that show all the advertisements that page owner is running on Facebook as well as Instagram and Messenger.” 07 02
“Le nvel algorithme de Facebook a fait chuter le reach et le trafic, c'est une bonne nouvelle pour la qualité des contenus #facebook #contentmarketing” 07 02
“💥Cambridge Analytica : le FBI, la SEC (autorité boursière) et la
FTC (autorité de la concurrence) enquêtent désormais sur Facebook, en plus de la justice US” 07 02
“Sourcing super hedged, but sounds like some in the US gov think FB CEO might have lied to Congress. That a crime” 07 02
“The FBI, FTC and SEC are joining the Justice Department’s inquiries into Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica disclosures by @jshieber” 07 02
“I think that was rhetorical but for the others: expect reports from ICO, FTC, DOJ, AGs, GDPR lawsuits, German cartel office, Australia. 10+ FTC sessions in Sept-Dec touching FB's business. And pressure on Sandberg and Zuck to step aside. It will get worse.” 07 02
“Hello. tbh, we're moving on” 07 02
Ces multinationales avec qui Facebook a partagé vos données 07 03
“Tappez "facebook paye tes impôts" sur google et découvrez l'ampleur de l'évasion. Récupérons cet argent #fbPayeTesImpots” 07 03
“Tappez "facebook paye tes impôts" sur google et découvrez l'ampleur de l'évasion. Récupérons cet argent #fbPayeTesImpots” 07 03
“Facebook is already trying to dismiss this idea, claiming they already have a group of researchers.
@JulianKingEU asks Facebook to be more open about this and to include more relevant researchers.” 07 05
“Great question on mapping Facebook algorithm and third-parties from Dr. @PaulRuebig. This is one of the crucial issue to rebuild trust in social platforms.
Facebook calls it "early stage" of transparency. Come on, help civil society to help people understand your algorithm!” 07 05
“Données personnelles : Facebook, Google et Microsoft accusés de « manipuler » les utilisateurs #tweetsrevue #cm #socialMedia” 07 01
“Instagram écrase officiellement Snapchat avec ses Stories” 07 01
“Cher José Bové, @Qwant_FR a aussi les plus grandes réserves sur l'article 13 qui poussera à demander à des robots si des humains ont ou non le droit de s'exprimer. Et Qwant n'est pas vraiment un GAFA... Peut-être que ce n'est pas aussi manichéen que vous le pensez ?” 07 02
“Campaign Comparison #DigitalMarketing Campaign #Infographic
#OnlineMarketing #Facebook VS #Google #SMM #SEO #PPC #VideoMarketing #Analytics #Startups #Marketing #InternetMarketing #MakeYourOwnLane #Mgvip #Defstar5 #SocialMedia #GrowthHacking #OnlineAdvertising @arifulislamtt3” 07 03
“Of course. I’ve slacked off on late Friday night checks to see what kind of turf Facebook has dropped. Digging in shortly to read.” 06 30
Facebook shared user data with 52 tech companies 07 01
Instagram PR director Gabe Madway exits, replaced by Facebook’s Anna White 07 02
Instagram gives Facebook a new life - Axios 06 29
“Tearing Down the #Pricing of #Facebook and Twitter (Case-Study with 18k/biz users)” 06 29
“Facebook’s follow-up answers to UK Parliament finally posted this morning. They’re not happy and reading through it, I sense why. Includes IRA ads which apparently also targeted UK and avoids answers on senior executive involvement once again. Digesting.” 06 29
“It's easy to scan Facebook's letter and not see how evasive they're being. I narrowed in on one question to make it clearer. @JoStevensLabour asking if Zuck was involved in decision not to inform users in 2015. @SenKamalaHarris asked about this, too. @DamianCollins @CommonsCMS” 06 29
“heres a bad sentence that also happens to be true:

brands are PISSED” 06 29
How Facebook Punked and then Gut Punched the News Biz 07 01
“[#VIEPRIVEE] Comment Facebook, Google et Microsoft nous découragent d’exercer nos droits à la vie privée (par @pixelsfr) :

#privacy” 07 03
“Données personnelles : Facebook, Google et Microsoft accusés de « manipuler » les utilisateurs” 07 03
The New Tech Avengers - WSJ 07 05
After subpoenaing Apple in trade secrets case, Tesla goes after Facebook 06 27
“Sheryl Sandberg at a FB press event: “We believe really deeply in transparency because we believe it leads to changes in behavior.”” 06 28
“Gov. Brown officially signs it:” 06 28
“Facebook is debuting new features intended to bring more transparency to advertising on the platform—including a tool called View Ads, which allows users to see every active ad purchased on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and its partners” 06 28
“SCOOP: Democrats on @HouseCommerce have sent a letter to Cambridge Analytica alum Matt Oczkowski asking questions about his new firm, Data Propria's use of data.

(Note: most questions they ask could easily apply to any Democrat or Republican data firm)” 06 28
“Am at an event at Facebook for changes in displaying ads and @donie asked for an update on Joseph Chancellor, the current FB employee who created Global Science Research. Sheryl Sandberg says there is no update, tho "we take any allegations of possible misconduct very seriously."” 06 28
“Facebook, which has repeatedly stated that the political ad archive is a work in progress, has fought criticism that too many campaign ads slip through, while ads that have no political undertones are incorrectly flagged.” 06 28
“Here is the transcript of yesterday's Q&A with Sheryl Sandberg, @robleathern and Emma Rodgers on Ads and Pages transparency” 06 28
“Les GAFA font tout pour tuer la #copyrightdirective. La campagne #SAVEYOURINTERNET se fait avec l'appui et le soutien de Google, FaceBook, Netflix, Amazon. Une honte absolue. Un cas d'école dans le lobbying du Parlement européen” 07 03
“Washington and Silicon Valley aren't working together to combat Russian trolls” 06 27
Here's what to expect from Silicon Valley's secret privacy meeting 06 27
“Sick of hearing about Trump or want to nix World Cup spoilers? Facebook now has keyword snoozing” 06 27
“Consumer Reports seems to agree. Facebook’s privacy UI is almost deliberately designed to screw you.” 06 27
“Most common publisher lies:
1. We were never dependent on Facebook
2. We'll license our software
3. We never pivoted to video
4. We're premium
5. Our brand is strong enough that people will pay
6. We don't buy traffic
7. We put the user experience first
8. We don't have silos” 06 27
“Instagram launches a Lite app for low-end Android devices” 06 27
“[#RS] Facebook a décidé de se préoccuper de votre santé ! #SocialMedia #SocialAddict” 06 27
“U.S. court halves $500 million verdict in Facebook virtual reality lawsuit #USNews #USRC” 06 27
“@Instagram Releases 50-Page ‘Creators Handbook’ Comprising Top Tips For #IGTV” 06 27
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