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Date last checked/updatedSchoolDrug(s) covered by policyCoverage applies to...When student calls for help from...Consequences for calling 911Policy ReferenceTerm(s) used to refer to policyHow is the policy advertised?SSDP Involved ?Student Gov. Involved ?Date Enacted or PassedNotesAbb.StateZipOwnedAffiliation# Undergrads (updated 3/2009) Tier 1 National Rank 2009Other Rank Notes 2009Student Media 1Student Media 2
1/22/2013Alfred UniversityAllCaller & VictimMandatory meeting with Health and Wellness educator. Amnesty PolicyAlfredNY14802Private2,03017 Tier 1 Master's N
1/22/2013American UniversityAllVictimWide variety of consequences for 1st, 2nd time violations, ranging from warnings to censure to community service to parental notification AND mention of GSP in Drug/Alcohol Policy or Student Conduct CodeAmericanDC20016PrivateUnited Methodist Church604283
9/16/2013Amherst CollegeAllCaller & VictimAnyReferral for AOD education still applies, and, in some instances, parental notification Amnesty PolicyStudent Rights and PoliciesNoNot for repeat offendersAmherstMA0-1002Private
1/22/2013Antioch CollegeAllCaller & VictimSecurity or 911None, unless flagrant or repeat violation HandbookAntiochOH45387PrivateGreat Lakes Colleges Association330N/A
9/16/2013Augustana CollegeAllCaller & VictimAllMust cooperate with School officials amnesty Student HandbookNoAugieSD57197PrivateNSIC
2/8/13Appalachian State UniversityAlcoholCaller & Victimnone, possible parental notification amnesty ASUNC28608PublicUniversity of North Carolina, Southern Conference, Sun Belt Conference15,712
1/22/2013Aurora UniversityAllCaller & VictimConsequences will be mitigated or eliminated if one seeks and/or receives medical attention for alcohol poisoning. Reserves the right to refer students to police for controlled substances. Victim and caller must meet with Dean of Students. Good Samaritan Policynew student guideVictim and caller must meet with Dean of StudentsAuroraIL60506Private1974Tier 3 Master's MW
9/10/13Babson CollegeAllCaller & Victim (limited)Medical & StaffNone for Caller, for victim if a continued offender subject to displinary action amnesty Student HandbookBabsonMA2457Private1,851
1/22/2013Ball State UniversityAllCaller911 or otherCaller subject to judgment of the designated hearing officer in order to be waived from discipline Neighbor ExceptionCode of Student RightsNoOfficials claim that the students are responsible for helping their friends in emergencies, but do not mention policy.Ball StIN47306Public16694Tier 3
9/16/2013Bard CollegeAllCaller & VictimAllSpecial consideration for policy infractions will be given in cases where students voluntarily seek medical attention DrinkingStudent HandbookNoBardNY12504PrivateEpiscopal Church
9/16/2013Barnard CollegeAllCaller & VictimAllAlcohol and Substance Awareness Program assessment required SamaritanEmailed, NewspaperNoYesBCNY10027Private
1/22/2013Baylor UniversityAllCaller & Victimcounseling or medical staffNone stated 12, ASAIHL, Baptist General Convention of Texas11,
9/16/2013Beloit CollegeAllCaller & VictimAllNo guranteened immunity but being Good Samaritan is taken into consideration SamaritanWebsite DocNoBeloitWI53511PrivateUnited Church of Christ
1/22/2013Benedictine UniversityAllCaller & VictimCampus Police or medical staffCounseling and assesment of Benedictine Colleges and Universities, Roman Catholic Church299343 Tier 1 Master's MW
1/22/2013Binghamton UniversityAllCaller & VictimanyoneNone SamaritanStudent HandbookBinghamtonNY13902PublicState University of New York11,
9/16/2013Boston CollegeAllCaller & VictimAnyoneRequired to complete certain educational and/or counseling initiatives and pay medical fees Seeking PolicyWebsiteNoBCMA0-2467PrivateAJCU, 568 Group, Roman Catholic9,100
1/22/2013Boston UniversityAllCaller & Victim"Student ordinarily will not be subject to University disciplinary sanctions for possession or use of that substance so long as the student completes all education and counseling programs recommended by the University" website, not prominentYN10/29/09BUMA0-2215PrivateAssociation of American Universities18,534Tier 2 (#56)
2/8/13Bradley UniversityAlcoholCaller & Victim911 or campus policeNone implied Samaritan policyBradleyIL61625Private5,301
1/22/2013Brown UniversityAllCaller & VictimBrown EMS"May be required to meet with a professional in the Office of Health Education and/or may be referred to the Dean for Issues of Chemical Dependency or other services, as appropriate",
9/16/2013Bucknell UniversityAllCaller & VictimAnyoneSubstance abuse assment, parental notification and summary report will be written AmnestyStudent HandbookNoBucknell UPA17837Private
2/8/13California Institute of TechnologyAlcoholCaller & VictimAnyoneNone stated Samaritan policyCaltechCA91125Private978
1/22/2013Carnegie MellonAlcoholCaller & VictimCampus Police or EMSNo disciplinary/police action. Appropriate educational & developmental interventions are provided. Medical Assistance ProcedureAlc policy FAQsCMUPA15213Private5,84922
4/26/13Centre CollegeAllCaller & VictimCaller: none, Victim: OCTAA followup Samaritan policyCentreKY40422Private1,350
5/6/13Clark UniversityAllCaller & VictimNone specified, NAICU, NEASC, AICUM, NEWMAC, COWC2,203
1/22/2013Clemson UniversityAlcoholCaller & VictimOnce/2yr period; victim required to meet with dean and participate in educational programs, caller may also. Does not go on judicial record Alcohol Amnesty PolicyYes2/29/08ClemsonSC29634Public14,09661
2/8/13Colgate UniversityAllCaller & VictimVictim: education and evaluation program, Caller: none amnesty and good Samaritan policyColgateNY13346PrivateMAISA2,825
2/22/13College of CharlestonAlcoholCaller & VictimEMS, student health servicesMultiple proceedures, very detailed policy Samaritan / medical amnesty policyStudent Handbook, announced by email, promoted by SSDP Chaptervery detailedC of CSC29424Public9,866
4/22/13College of the Holy CrossAllCaller & VictimNone though treament or counseling may be required Samaritan policyHoly CrossMA1610Private2,872
2/12/13College of William and MaryAllCaller & Victim911 or campus policeVictim: meet with the dean, possible further actions, Caller: none policyW and MVA23187Public6,071
9/17/13Colorado CollegeAlcoholCaller & VictimAnyMeet with CC professionals to discuss the situation and any concerning behaviors from SanctionsStudent Code of ConductNoCCCO80903Private
2/6/13Columbia UniversityAllCaller & Victimnone Samaritan policyyesSeptember, 2011ColumbiaNY10027PrivateMAISA; AAU7,934
4/29/13Connecticut CollegeAllCaller & Victimmust meet with the dean for possible follow-up eductaion amnestyConnCTPrivateNESCAC, CWPA1,933
9/17/2013Cornell CollegeAllCallerAnyone impliedLimited immunity, educational instead of disciplinary response. Samaritan StatementStudent Policies and InformationNoCornellIA52314Private
1/22/2013Cornell UniversityAllCaller & VictimCall 911, cornell police, or health centerassigned alcohol and/or drug education activities, assessment/treatment - failure to complete will normally result in revocation of amnesty Samaritan ProtocolDedicated page at university health services siteN2002CornellNY14853PrivateIvy League, AAU13,
1/22/2013Dartmouth CollegeAlcoholCaller & VictimCampus Police or EMS1st time: alcohol education; multiple offenders will see increased penalty Samaritan PolicyDartmouthNH3755PrivateUniversity of the Arctic, Matariki Network of Universities, Ivy League4,16411
4/22/13Davidson CollegeAlcoholCalleranyone impliednone implied Samaritan policyDavidsonNC28036Private1,756
2/12/13Denison UniversityAllCaller & Victimvictim: meet with coordinator for health education, possible further assignments amnestyDenisonOH43023Private2,132
9/17/2013DePauw UniversityAlcoholCaller & OrganizationAnyonePolicy violations can't be overlooked but good samaritan will be taken into consideration when decided reprucussions Community ClauseStudent HandbookNoDePauwIN46135Private
9/17/2013Dickinson CollegeAlcoholCallerAnyoneMust be first to call, must give name, must remain with victim AmnestyStudent HandbookYesDickinsonPA17013Private
1/22/2013Drake UniversityAllCaller & VictimMedical official (amnesty not applicable when found by university official)Substance abuse evaluation and/or treatment working on getting word out on policy. 7/15/08DrakePrivate3,4415 Tier 1 Master's MW
6/13/13Drew UniversityAlcoholCaller & VictimResidence Life staff, Public Safety officers, medical professionals, and/or local or state policeNone stated Samaritan PolicyDrewNJ7949Private
1/22/2013Duke UniversityAlcoholCaller & VictimCampus Police or Student HealthVictim must meet with counselor, possible referral for treatment; parents of underage students notified and Safety InterventionDukeNC27701PrivateAAU, COFHE, 568 Group, URA, CDIO63948
2/6/13Duquesne UniversityAllCaller & VictimOffice of Public SafetyPossible treatment or education Samaritan policyDuquesnePN15282PrivateAtlantic 10 Conference, Northeast Conference5,858
2/12/13East Stroudsburg UniversityAllCallerFollow-up meeting amnestyESUPA18301Public6,099
9/17/13Eckerd CollegeAllCaller & VictimAnyoneLimited immunity, education, assesment and treatment Samaritan/ Medical AmnestyEckerdFL33711PrivatePresbyterian Church (USA)
2/12/13Elizabethtown CollegeAllCaller & VictimPossible medical treatment / educational programs anmenstyElizabethtownPA17022Private2,082
1/22/2013Elmira CollegeAlcoholCaller & VictimResidence Life staffVictim may have to complete sanctions imposed by college Samaritan PolicyStudent HandbookElmiraNY14901Private1,4845 Tier 1 Bacc. Colleges NThe Octagon
1/22/2013Elon UniversityAlcoholCaller with Lessened Consequences for VictimMedical officialStudents seeking help will not be found accountable of violating the school's alcohol policy; student receiving help will completely substance abuse assessment, other consequences,9392 Tier 1 Master's Colleges S
9/10/2013Emerson CollegeAllCaller & Victim911, RA, etc. (anyone)Student receiving help required to meet with members of Office of Housing and Residence Life and Office of Student Conduct for formal review; parental notificiation and referral to meet with Counseling Center and wellness educator. Record will remain on file Amnesty2/18/09EmersonMA0-2116PrivateProArts Consortium, New England Association of Schools and Colleges3,47615 Tier 1 Master's N
1/22/2013Emory UniversityAllCaller & Victimmedical officialMust meet with campus officials within 5 days of incident or amnesty is revoked--must comply with their recommendations. Individuals and organizations that purposefully do not seek help will be punished. Association of Colleges and Schools, AAU5,
2/15/13Evergreen State College?None911 and otherStudents must attend alcohol abuse prevention class on a first offense; additional violations will result in additional sanctions, including community service, restrictions on campus access, suspension or expulsion.,468
2/25/13Fairfield UniversityAllCaller & VictimNone stated amnestyFairfieldCT6824PrivateAJCU NEASC3,835
2/12/13Florida Atlantic UniversityAllCaller & Victim911 statedMeet with AVP and Dean for possible further action amnestyFAUFL33431PublicAACSB, NASULGC, NSGCFP, SACS, SUSF, ORAU23,613
2/6/13Florida State UniversityAllCaller & VictimMeet with staff, possible further disciplinary action amnestyFSUFL32306Public31,851
1/22/2013Fordham UniversityAllCaller & VictimSecurity or Residential Life StaffFollow-up meeting; complete BASICS program; parent contacted; may be referring for counseling Amnesty PolicyFordhamNY10023Private7,65261
1/22/2013Franklin & Marshall CollegeAllCaller onlyPublic Safety, or 911Meeting with the Dean,10442 Tier 1 Lib. Arts
1/22/2013Franklin Pierce UniversityAllCaller & Victim911 or Campus SafetyVictim must meet with outreach counselor/director within 2 business days of incident; no limit on calls Amnesty/Good SamaritanYEMS, campus safety, and administrators show open support for policyFrankPPrivate1704Tier 4 Lib. Arts
1/22/2013Furman UniversityAllCaller & VictimUniversity officials, such as Student Life, Housing and Residence Life, University Police, Counseling Center, or Health Services.No repeats; meet with counselor, education requirement. All students involved are required to meet with Dean of Students, and given an opportunity to comply with education-related recommendations; possible parental notification. Conference2,77437 Tier 1 Lib. Arts
4/26/13George Washington UniversityAlcoholCaller & VictimThose involved will still have to meet up with staff members afterwards, university calls it a limited policy amnestyGWUDC20052Private10,70153
9/16/2013Georgia CollegeAllCaller & Victim911 or Campus staffStudent subsequently completes a screening from University Counseling Services and any recommended treatment PolicyUniversity WebsiteNoGCSUGA31061PublicUniversity System of Georgia
9/17/2013Georgia Institute of TechnologyAlcoholCaller, Victim & OrganizationAnyoneEducation and Treatment Samaritan ProvisionNoYesGeorgia TechGA30332PublicAAU, USG
9/10/2013Gettysburg CollegeAllCallerSafety, Security Staff, 911No consequences if instructions are followed: "1. Be the first person to contact Public Safety to report that a person needs medical assistance due to alcohol consumption. 2. The calling student must provide his/her own name to Public Safety when they call. 3. The student calling must remain with the person needing medical assistance until Public Safety arrives and the need for their presence has ended." AmnestyUniversity WebsiteNoGettysburgPA17325Private2,49749 Tier 1 Lib. ArtsThe Gettysburgian
9/10/2013Gonzaga UniversityAllCallerCampus Security and 911Caller must immediately leave the area, attempt to safely stop the prohibited conduct, notify University or other officials,or a combination of these things. And may or may not be granted immunity. Samaritan ActStudent HandbookNoGonzWA99258PrivateAJCU4,3853 Tier 1 Master's W
2/8/13Green Mountain CollegeAllCallercampus safetyVictim must attend education and assesment meeting and/or treatment regime Samaritan policyGMCVT0-5764Private750
9/17/2013Grove City CollegeAlcoholCallerAnyoneNone stated Emergency ImmunityStudent HandbookNoGCCPA16127PrivateNCAA Division III
9/17/2013Gustavus Adolphus CollegeAllCaller & VictimAnyoneReferral to alcohol and drug abuse programs AmnestyStudent HandbookNoGustavusMN56082Private
9/17/2013Hamline UniversityAllCaller & VictimAnyoneFailure to call is a violation PolicyHamlineMN55104PrivateMIAC
1/23/2013Hampshire CollegeAllCaller & VictimCampus police or EMSFirst time offenders only. Must meet with house staff and a dean to determine if amnesty applies, complete follow-up steps discussed in meetings,431104 Tier 1 Lib. Arts
1/23/2013Hanover CollegeAllCallerAnyone Tier 1 Lib. ArtsCampus Crier
1/23/2013Harvard UniversityAllCaller & VictimCampus police, Health Service, residential life staff (RAs)None PolicyHarvardMA2138Private6,
1/23/2013Hastings CollegeAlcoholCaller & VictimPublic Safety, a member of the residence life staff, or other college officialVictim must complete recommended alcohol education activities, assessment, and/or treatment Samaritan PolicyEarly 2008HastingsNE68901Private1,091Tier 3 Lib. Arts
9/19/2013Hobart and William Smith CollegeAlcoholCaller & VictimAnyoneStudent must complete an assment and parents will be notified. hand bookNoHWSNY14456Private
1/23/13Humboldt State UniversityAllCallerIf you are the caller your status as such is considered a "mitigating circumstance", but makes no mention of a garuntee of safety. Also, it only mentions the mitigation in reference to housing violations. Given that there is also a guilt-by-association clause (for everyone in terms of drugs, <21yr olds for alcohol), this mitigation seems very weak. are not protectedHumbCA95521Public6,76049 Tier 1 Master's W
9/12/13Illinois State UniversityAllCaller & VictimAllIncident will be documented, and educational, community, and health interventions, contact with victims family may be required Samaritan Policy(defers to 2012 state policy)Students who are found and referred to medical attention by University staff and/or otherenforcement agency(e.g. University Housing Staff, Police, security force) are not eligible for Medical AmnestyISUIL61790Public18,535
2/8/13Illinois Wesleyan UniversityAllCaller & Victimany, impliednone (unless repeat offender) amnestyIWUIL61701Private2,020
2/6/13Ithaca CollegeAllCaller & VictimanyoneCaller & Victim: limited protection from charges or prosecution Samaritan policy(defers to 2011 state law)yesSeptember, 2011IthacaNY14850Private6,031
2/12/13Ithaca CollegeAllCaller & VictimCaller & Victim: educational program, subject to judicial review amnestyIthacaNY14850Private6,147
2/12/13James Madsion UniversityAll, WeakCaller & Victimnone but subject to review citizen amnesty policyJMUVA22807Public19,927 (all)
1/23/2013Kalamazoo CollegeAllCaller & VictimAnyoneMay be required to complete recommended treatment Samaritan PolicyYSpring 2008KZOOMI49001Private1,34060 Tier 1 Lib. Arts
2/8/13Keene State CollegeAllCaller & VictimAnyoneStudents granted immunity under policy will still be required to complete alcohol and/or drug education activities. Samaritan PolicyStudent HandbookyesParaphernalia such as plastic bags, scales, and other indicators of distribution will result in KPD involvement and College disciplinary action.KeeneNH3435Public4,658
1/23/2013Kenyon CollegeAllCaller & VictimOffice of Campus Safety or another College officeMay be required to meet with campus affairs staff Good Samaritan Policy2006KenyonOH43022Private1,66332 Tier 1 Lib. Arts
1/23/2013Keystone CollegeAlcoholCaller & VictimAnyoneVictim: Meeting with Judicial Official, Alcohol Education Courses; Caller: meeting with judicial official and recommended follow up.. usage of more than one medical amnesty allowance is up to discretion of school officials AmnestyKeystonePA18440Private1,796Tier 4 Bacc. Colleges NThe Key
2/6/13Kutztown UniversityAlcoholCaller & VictimEMS, polce, campus safetynone Samaritan policy(defers to 2011 state law)July, 2011KUPA19530Public9,186
1/23/2013Lafayette CollegeAlcoholCaller & VictimPolice, EMS, etcmandatory referrals for educational sessions and/or assessment; may not be invoked for flagrant abuse of policy Samaritan PolicyLafayettePA18042Private2,40335 Tier 1 Lib. Arts
1/23/2013Lake Forest CollegeAllCaller & VictimEMSEducation or Counseling Samaritan PolicyYesLake ForestIL60045Private1,43694 Tier 1 Lib. Arts
1/23/2013Lake Superior State UniversityAllCaller & VictimEMS or university officialsGood Samaritan Acts will be considered when the final policy outcome is deliberated.,889Tier 3 Bacc. Colleges MW
1/23/2013Lehigh UniversityAllCaller & VictimEvaluation and possible treatment[2]LehighPA18015Private4,75635
9/19/2013Lewis & Clark CollegeAllCaller & VictimAnyoneMust remain present at scene, must comply with reccomendation of staff Amnesty PolicyCOLLEGE&POLICIES&AND PROHIBITED&CONDUCTYesL&COR97219Private
9/19/2013Loyola Marymount UniversityAllCaller & VictimAnyoneEducational and devlopmental program Samaritan and Self- Reporting PolicyNoLMUCA90045Private
2/6/13Loyola University: ChicagoAllCallerEMS, campus safety, residence lifenone, unless distribution or self reporting is involved Samaritan policyLUCIL60660Private9,856
1/23/13Lynn UniversityAllCaller & VictimCampus Police or EMSSubstance Abuse evaluation,183Tier 3 Master's S
2/15/13Macalester CollegeAllCaller & Victimnot specified Samaritan policyMacalesterMN55106Private2,005
1/23/2013Marietta CollegeAlcoholCaller & VictimCampus Police or Residence Hall Director onlyMeeting with Director of Residence Life and possibly undergo counseling; flagrant abuse of policy will result in harsher consequences Samaritan PolicyMariettaOH45750Private1,5029 Tier 1 Bacc. Colleges MW
9/9/2013Massachusetts College of Liberal ArtsAllCaller & Victim MCLA Campus Police, local or state police, RPSstaff, medical professionalsNo formal disciplinary actions will be assigned to the reporting student(s) or student in need of assistance for alcohol or drug possession violations relating to the incident. The incident will be documented. Additionally, educational and/or health interventions will be required as a condition of deferring disciplinary sanctions. Samaritan PolicyStudent Handbook Yes9/3/2013MCLAMA1247Public2,100
1/23/2013Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyAlcoholCaller & VictimStrike system,1724
1/23/2013Michigan Technical UniversityAllCallerAnyoneMandated Educational Programs instead of discliplinary actions. specifically mentionedMTUMI49931Public5,846121
1/23/2013Minnesota State University MoorheadAllCallerAnyoneNone, unless flagrant or repeat violation,242Tier 3 Master's
2/8/13Minnesota State University: MankatoAllCaller & Victimvictim: education and other sanctions, caller: education sanctions only amnestyMSUMN56001Public13,547
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