Shop RoomShop AreaTool NameMake and ModelClearance RequiredMaintenance StatusMaintenance Detail
Studio3D StudioPrusa 3D PrinterPrusa i3 MK2 3D Filament Printer3DF: 3D Printing (Filament)Green (fully operational)
Unscrewed the nozzle down away from the heater block a few millimeters, then screwed the heat break into the heat block until it contacted the nozzle, then tightened the nozzle back in firmly against the heat break. The shoulder of the nozzle is NOT in contact with the heat block, and this is intentional. The seal should be made between the heat break and the nozzle, with the heater block just providing the threads to make it possible to push them together. The pinda sensor was lowered slightly, and the z-height was recalibrated to take into account the additional vertical drop of the new nozzle position. The heater block was not completely cleaned, but it should be ok. If more leaking is found in the near future, tightening the nozzle while the machine is fully hot may be needed.
Studio3D StudioResin 3D PrinterMonoprice Mini Deluxe Resin 3D Printer3DR: 3D Printing (Resin)
Red (non-functional or unsafe)
Restore true maintenance status
Studio3D Studio3D ScannerEinScan SE3DS: 3D ScanningGreen (fully operational)
Purchased and installed new power cable.
WorkshopBig CNCCNC Plasma CutterCNC Router Parts PRO CNC Plasma KitCPC: CNC Plasma CutterGreen (fully operational)
Worked with Karen at troubleshooting, and was able to swap in the CNC router's height probe to the Aux1 input in order to eliminate the ohmic sensor as the issue. The router's probe still did not illuminate the Mach3 probe indicator on the diagnostics screen (labelled 'digitize'). Double-checking the ports & pins settings and comparing them with the router's setup, the plasma's probe's input was set to port 2 pin 8, but the router's was port 2 pin 9. Changing the plasma's probe to pin 9 allowed the router's probe to light the indicator light, and then swapping the ohmic sensor back in on the plasma now allows the height touch-off to work properly. For some reason the momentary switch built into the torch head does not register, but that's not a show-stopper (nobody has ever used it, to my knowledge)
WorkshopBig CNCCNC RouterCNC Router Parts PRO60120CNC: CNC Router
Red (non-functional or unsafe)
Makes sure everything in plugged in. Not sure if its a physical problem or a software problem. Maybe something to do a recent update? Also doesn't seem to have a tag system on the machine either.
WorkshopBig CNCIndustrial Laser CutterKern 4' x 8' 150W CO2ILC: Industrial Laser CutterYellow (usable with caution)
When I was cutting on Laser 2, it would cut and score lines that were not there. It was also cutting some small cuts out of place. This happened when I imported .dxf and .svg files into Lightburn and started the laser from the pc. When I started the job from the machine this did not happen.
DockBlacksmithingForgeNC Tools Whisper Momma Open-end Gas ForgeBLK: BlacksmithingGreen (fully operational)refilled gas cylinder for backup
Computer ClassroomCAD HubComputer WorkstationHP Z220None
Red (non-functional or unsafe)
Toner taken out and put back in, power cycled
StudioElectronicsBench Power SupplyGW Instek adjustable, 32V, 5AELC: Basic ElectronicsGreen (fully operational)ONLINE
StudioElectronicsFunction GeneratorRigol 2 channelELC: Basic Electronics
StudioElectronicsOscilloscopeRigol digital 100MHzELC: Basic Electronics
StudioElectronicsReflow Oven7" x 9" infraredELC: Basic Electronics
StudioElectronicsSoldering Stations2 Weller temperature controlledELC: Basic ElectronicsGreen (fully operational)ONLINE
StudioElectronicsPCB MillOthermillPCB: PCB Milling Machine
WorkshopFinishingPowder Coating BoothSpectraCoat ES-01
PDR: Powder Coating and Sandblasting
Green (fully operational)
Replaced the original wire with a chunk of mig wire, re-establishing contact with the gun electrode (under the grey shroud) and lengthening the tip at the nozzle to the original length. Found the nozzle, and it has a slightly too large ID to fit snugly on the gun (possibly a missing o-ring to help the fitment?), so I wrapped the gun with a layer of painter's tape to take up the slop.
WorkshopFinishingPowder Coating OvenPowder-X
PDR: Powder Coating and Sandblasting
WorkshopFinishingSandblasterSkatblastUSA 1536 Champion Abrasive Blasting Cabinet
PDR: Powder Coating and Sandblasting
Yellow (usable with caution)
Leak in the pneumatic tube at the end near the manifold
WorkshopFinishingSpray BoothSpray BoothTBD
StudioGraphicsCNC Embroidery MachineBrother PR650e EntrepreneurEMB: CNC Embroidery MachineGreen (fully operational)
Joe bought needles, I replaced the broken ones - Thanks Joe!
StudioGraphicsCap PressHotronix Maxx Cap Press
VNL: Vinyl Cutting / DSP: Dye Sublimation
StudioGraphicsHeat PressHotronix Swinger Heat Press
VNL: Vinyl Cutting / DSP: Dye Sublimation
Yellow (usable with caution)
I know it's currently yellow for this reason, but i tried to use the Heat Press today, and it took over an hour to heat up with about 30 breaker resets required (the one on the machine). Wasn't sure if that was expected in current state or if it's getting worse, which is why i wanted to bring it up. If it's thought that it's just the breaker going bad, i would be happy to volunteer to take that apart and replace (if someone can order the part).
StudioGraphicsLarge Format PrinterCanon imagePROGRAF iPF650TBD
StudioGraphicsVinyl CutterUS Cutter Laserpoint IIVNL: Vinyl CuttingGreen (fully operational)
The two screws holding the right leg to the cross support had backed out. They were encapsulated/hidden inside some plastic housings, but once the caps were removed, the whole thing just screwed back together with a phillips driver.
StudioGraphicsDye Sublimation PrinterSawgrass SG1000DSP: Dye SublimationGreen (fully operational)Updated software
Jewelry & Metalsmithing
PickleJWL: Basic JewelryGreen (fully operational)No problem. Green Light status.
Jewelry & Metalsmithing
Polishing MachineJWL: Basic Jewelry
Red (non-functional or unsafe)
The dust collection system for this is woefully inadequate and should be a HEPA grade filter for extremely fine silica dust. Silica is classified as a human lung carcinogen and breathing crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis.
Jewelry & Metalsmithing
Rotary ToolEurotool FlexshaftJWL: Basic JewelryGreen (fully operational)
"Rotary Tool" could be changed to "Flex Shaft" which is what the tool is called. No problem- green light status.
Jewelry & Metalsmithing
Soldering TorchNatural Gas/ OxygenJWL: Basic Jewelry
Red (non-functional or unsafe)
I’m trying to anneal my circle for jewelry class, but seems like I’m not getting any oxygen. I’m getting gas for sure and all the knobs are turned on, but there’s nothing on the psi gage or anything. Maybe the tank is out? Or maybe there’s another knob that needs to be turned or something?
Jewelry & Metalsmithing
TumblerJWL: Basic JewelryGreen (fully operational)No problem. Green Light status.
Jewelry & Metalsmithing
UltrasonicJWL: Basic JewelryGreen (fully operational)No problem. Green Light status.
StudioLasersLaser 1Rabbit Lasers QX-80-1290 LSR: Large Format LasersGreen (fully operational)
Slipped belt and adjusted height until four corners were level. Still some variance in some areas of the bed where the mesh is pushed in, but level overall.
StudioLasersLaser 2Rabbit Lasers QX-80-1290LSR: Large Format LasersYellow (usable with caution)
the levers on the "lid closed" switches are kinda wiggly, and do not always get pressed by the lid. Job then gets executed without laser beam on. :/ Beefier switches needed? Or maybe add a little guide that keeps the lever in proper alignment?
StudioLasersLaser 3Trotec Speedy 300 C80LST: Trotec Laser and Rotary ToolYellow (usable with caution)Poor resolution
WorkshopMachine ShopClausing MillClausing Kondia CNC Knee MillCSM: Clausing Mill
WorkshopMachine ShopManual Metal LatheJet GH-1440W-3, Geared Head LatheMNL: Manual LatheGreen (fully operational)
Thoroughly oiled all moving slides and ways. The lead screw still needs to be cleaned out and oiled, and some crud gently scraped off the far end of the ways.
WorkshopMachine ShopManual MillJet JTM-4VS Turret MillMNM: Manual Mill
WorkshopMachine ShopSurface GrinderAbrasive Machine Tool Co 3BSGD: Surface Grinder
WorkshopMachine ShopTormachTormach PCNC 770TOR: Tormach 770 Aluminium MillGreen (fully operational)
Not a problem, I just can't post to #maintenance yet.

I'd like to install an air blast system on the Tormach, consisting of an 1) air source, 2) manual valve at the spindle (pressure adjustment), and 3) solenoid valve controlled by the "Coolant" switch.

Marty showed me the buildout you've done for air in the metal shop (nice), however they're still a good distance from the Tormach. Short-term I'll buy/borrow a little air compressor. Then when the line's extended you can swap it out.

Any spare compressors around the shop? Maybe in your garage that you're not using?

Marty also pointed out the extra chip guard which I'll install. Probably I'll need to extend it all the way around (plastic sheets or something) for 360° containment.

Questions/Concerns? I should have the parts by Tuesday.
LoungeMeeting RoomsNoneNoneNone
Red (non-functional or unsafe)
Ryan Carpenter was using the plastics grinder when the outlet quit working. I do not know anything about electric - whether it tripped or whatever. We looked at breaker box & nothing out of place. I had him use the outlet behind the vacuum former for cleanup.
Conference RoomMeeting RoomsNoneNoneNone
Project RoomMeeting RoomsNoneNoneNone
WorkshopMetal ShopAluminium Bench GrinderJet JBG-10AMWB: General Metal WorkingYellow (usable with caution)No shield, needs a new one.
WorkshopMetal ShopArbor PressJet AP3-MMWB: General Metal WorkingYellow (usable with caution)
A piece of the plate has broken off.
WorkshopMetal ShopDisc GrinderLaguna 20" Disc Grinder SanderMWB: General Metal WorkingYellow (usable with caution)
None. Still usable w/ caution. Will need to have the abrasive disc replaced.
WorkshopMetal ShopMetal Drill PressCraftsman Drill Press 137.229200MWB: General Metal WorkingYellow (usable with caution)
Jan reports that it is noisy during operation. The last time this was noisy, the pulley attached to the motor was loose. Recommend checking the set screw, and if there is movement between the shaft and the pulley, add some shim stock to take up the space, otherwise the constant wiggling will wear away the metal on those mating surfaces.
WorkshopMetal ShopShop PressCentral Machinery 20-Ton Shop PressMWB: General Metal WorkingGreen (fully operational)Green status, good to go online!
WorkshopMetal ShopSteel Bench GrinderJet JBG-10AMWB: General Metal WorkingGreen (fully operational)Green status, good to go online!
WorkshopMetal ShopVertical Metal BandsawJet VBS-1610MWB: General Metal Working
Red (non-functional or unsafe)
Blade is too dull to cut aluminum
WorkshopMetal ShopMetal ChopsawEvolution EVOSaw 380MWB: General Metal WorkingYellow (usable with caution)
The "engagement channel" popped out of it's place under the clamp screw. I roughly put it back in, but it is rattling around and isn't right. Looks like there are two holes in the casting for the ears of the "engagement channel" to clip into, but a few minutes with a metal punch is needed to secure that in place.
WorkshopMetal ShopElectric Slip RollESR 1300x1.5SHM: Sheet MetalYellow (usable with caution)
Was able to re-machine the tip of the right height adjustment screw (which was horribly bent, making adjustment impossible), and 3d-printed a new knob for the right side, but it needs a spring pin installed in order to be properly secured. The right side has a bit of a wobble in it, and needs to be re-machined, but works well enough for now.
WorkshopMetal ShopHand BrakeJet BP-1646HSHM: Sheet MetalYellow (usable with caution)
Adjustment bolt is missing on the right side (currently replaced by threaded rod, which works, but is unwieldy). The proper bolt needs to be determined and purchased.
WorkshopMetal ShopHand NotcherJet HN 16-TSHM: Sheet MetalYellow (usable with caution)
Guide blocks need new bolts. They could be 1/2" Carriage Bolts x (about)2", with washers and wingnuts. We need two of each item.
WorkshopMetal ShopMetal Shrinker/StretcherCentral Machinery 68897SHM: Sheet Metal
WorkshopMetal ShopShearBirmingham/CP Tools H-5214SHM: Sheet MetalYellow (usable with caution)
Removed the fan and used compressed air to blow it out. However, the whining/grinding sound from the fan still persists. I don't think it's an issue unless the hydraulic press is run continuously, but should we need to replace it, this should be a compatible replacement:
WorkshopMetal ShopTurret PunchTin Knocker Hand Turret Punch TK-12SHM: Sheet MetalGreen (fully operational)
Tightened hex screws. Someone might want to look at this.
WorkshopMetal ShopCold SawJet J-FK350-2KIMW: Industrial Metal Working Tools
WorkshopMetal ShopHorizontal BandsawJet J-7040M, 10" x 16" Horizontal Mitering BandsawIMW: Industrial Metal Working ToolsYellow (usable with caution)
Replaced the missing keys with new ones from the kit that was ordered. The shafts are pretty heavily damaged, including the key slots. We don't have any small scraping tools in the shop, so I ground out part of one of the new keys in order to get it to fit. Should work, but it's sort of a kludge job that could be improved on with the right tools. The set screws may need to be tightened soon as the keys will probably settle a bit and displace some of the old mangled metal during use.

Leaving at yellow as I saw that someone was working on refilling the coolant?
WorkshopMetal ShopIronworkerEdwards 55 ton hydraulic ironworkerIMW: Industrial Metal Working ToolsYellow (usable with caution)
Severe damage to press brake. Looks like someone bent a lot of wire or small rod on it, and the anvil looks like it has been planished and has lost some of it's edge, and the finger has some pretty bad notching in it.
WorkshopMetal ShopAir CompressorEaton/Polar Air Rotary Screw Compressor PRS0070003None
WorkshopPlasticsInjection MolderMorgan Press G-100TINJ: Injection MolderYellow (usable with caution)
melted plastic on middle 9 burners that will need to be cleaned
WorkshopPlasticsStrip HeaterFormec FLB500 VCM: Vacuum Former
WorkshopPlasticsVacuum FormerFormech 686VCM: Vacuum FormerGreen (fully operational)
Installed a new transformer for 230A to ensure consistent voltage (building supply is ~208 +/- 10%) and a new pump.
StudioTextilesConsumer Sewing MachineJanome DC3050SEW: Consumer Sewing Machine
StudioTextilesIndustrial Straight StitchJuki DDL 8700ISM: Industrial Sewing Machines
StudioTextilesIndustrial Walking FootJuki DNU-1541SISM: Industrial Sewing MachinesYellow (usable with caution)
Broken presser foot finger guard (part# 10337905)
StudioTextilesIndustrial SergerJuki MO-6714SSER: SergerYellow (usable with caution)
#4 needle seems to be working better, but still dropping some stitches.
WorkshopWeldingManual Plasma CutterLincoln Electric Tomahawk 625MPC: Manual Plasma CutterGreen (fully operational)Listed as ONLINE
WorkshopWeldingMIG WelderLincoln Electric Power MIG 256MIG: MIG WeldingGreen (fully operational)
Installed the new gooseneck and diffuser nozzle. For future reference, the interfacing thread is 1/2" -20. With proper tap & die the threads could have been cleaned up without purchasing new parts.
WorkshopWeldingOxy-Acetylene TorchUnderwriters Laboratory Welding Torch 8F41OXY: Oxy-Acetylene TorchGreen (fully operational)
The cutting torch attachment that was missing was found and is now with the torch tanks.
WorkshopWeldingTIG WelderLincoln Electric Precision TIG 225TIG: TIG and Stick WeldingGreen (fully operational)
Cleaned contact for electrode, sharpened tungsten, tightened connection for remote, cut back and retinned ground cable so it wasn't frayed and the strain relief was on the insulation instead of rubbing loose against wire. Was able to start an arc at low amperage 5/5 times.
WorkshopWood ShopBelt and Disc SanderJet JSG-6DCWWB: Basic WoodshopYellow (usable with caution)
Replaced and tracked belt. Disc still needs replaced to be operational
WorkshopWood ShopDowndraft TableGrizzly H2936 Vacuum Sanding TableWWB: Basic WoodshopGreen (fully operational)
Welded a motor bracket back onto the motor, and reassembled. The fan cage is misshapen, and tends to scrape the sheet metal housing. This may cause some rythmic chirping/grinding sound with each rotation, but is benign. Could potentially shorten one of the motor standoffs (left-most when door is completely open) to remedy this noise. Marty is going to finish bundling the wiring back together tomorrow.
WorkshopWood ShopMiter SawJet 12" Sliding Dual Bevel Compound Miter SawWWB: Basic WoodshopGreen (fully operational)
Replaced the blade and put the old blade in the storage box for cleaning.
WorkshopWood ShopTable Saw 1SawStop ICS53230 5HP WWB: Basic WoodshopYellow (usable with caution)
The black extension table has collapsed below the level of the outfeed table and is causing extremely dangerous situations where the workpieces are getting stuck half way through a cut.
WorkshopWood ShopTable Saw 2SawStop PCS31230 3HPWWB: Basic WoodshopGreen (fully operational)Installed newly ordered brake
WorkshopWood ShopWoodshop Drill PressJet Step Pulley Drill Press JDP-20MFWWB: Basic WoodshopGreen (fully operational)
Replaced the temporary toggle (hex wrench) with an actual spring pin. Everything should be back to normal.
WorkshopWood ShopWoodworking Bandsaw JET 18" Woodworking Bandsaw JWBS-18QT-3WWB: Basic WoodshopYellow (usable with caution)
I got the tire back down into the track, which should remedy the tracking issue short-term, but the tire seems to be slightly wider than the track, so long term it needs to be trimmed down slightly to prevent it from popping back out.
WorkshopWood ShopDrum SanderJet 16-32 PlusWMJ: Millwork and JoineryGreen (fully operational)
Store is out of replacement 16" pre-cut sandpaper wrap for jet 16-32
WorkshopWood ShopJointerLaguna MJOIN 8020-0130WMJ: Millwork and JoineryGreen (fully operational)
Cleared out chute. One of the four magnets on the new chute has fallen off, so that needs to be re-addressed. Still love the ease of use it provides.
WorkshopWood ShopPlanerLaguna 16" 4-Post Planer MPLAN1510-0120WMJ: Millwork and JoineryGreen (fully operational)
replaced blown capacitor. we have two spare run caps in the back.
WorkshopWood ShopResaw BandsawLaguna LT14BXWMJ: Millwork and JoineryYellow (usable with caution)
Added some temporary spacers while waiting for oem parts to be ordered
WorkshopWood ShopMain Dust CollectorGrizzly G0601 Cyclone Dust CollectorNoneGreen (fully operational)Emptied
WorkshopWood ShopWood LathePowermatic 4224BLTH: Wood LatheGreen (fully operational)
Tail stock has a thrust bearing installed, and the tail stock is all back together again! An eye should be kept on the 3-d plastic bushing that is keeping the crank shaft in the center of the bore, preventing wobble while cranking, but the bearing should be pushing solidly against original cast-iron.