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Wi-Fi Report for the Pacific Crest Trail
MileLocationNotesDateReported By
1Campo Branch LibraryCampo Branch Library between Lake Morena and Campo on Buckman Springs Rd has Wi-Fi4/10Nymph
342Cajon PassThere is supposed to be Wi-Fi in the motel at Cajon Junction but it doesn't work well.2/09David
454Agua DulceHad good WiFi coverage at the Saufley's. When theirs went down, I found a weak unprotected signal from a neighbor while outside in the tents.6/09Miner
479Casa de Luna (AKA the Anderson's)Free Wi-Fi at Casa de Luna2012Joe Anderson
567TehachapiFree wifi at Mama Hillybeans as well as many hotels10/09Peanut Eater
567TehachapiBest Western had Wi-Fi6/09Miner
703Kennedy MeadowsThe internet café is a wifi network but it is WEP protected and the owner won’t give out the key. But if you can get your data onto a memory card, then he will allow you to download from one of his laptops. He is concerned about smartphones crashing his satellite link.10/09Peanut Eater
745Dow Villa Motel
Lone Pine
The coverage is sketchy in the rooms, but Wi-Fi works in the very comfortable lobby and it has a big-screen TV too.4/10Kev
790IndependenceCourthouse Motel had Wi-Fi6/09Miner
906Mammoth LakesThe Motel 6 had Wi-Fi if you paid ($2.95/day) (other hotels also had it). Was told the something Moons Coffee house next to the NAPA had it for customers.7/09Miner
1018Kennedy Meadows Resort NorthThe lodge has free wifi that worked very well with our Windows Mobile phone. We did spend the night. Don't know if they make it available to folks who aren't staying there but they were VERY friendly and helpful.1/10Snowplow
1093South Lake TahoeBudget Inn had Wi-Fi as did many hotels in town.7/09Miner
1198Sierra CityThe general store has free wifi for PCT hikers. Ask at the store for the SSID and password.10/09Peanut Eater
1378Old StationWi-Fi at FireFly's Hiker Hideaway. - Jim (PITA) 2010
The store and motel has wifi, but it doesn’t work from the store as the antenna is “aimed” towards the RV park. Go around to the front of the motel where there is a good signal. You will have to register on line, but it is all free and doesn’t require a password. - Peanut Eater 2009
1506DunsmuirThe library has free wifi and it works from the street when the library is closed. Also, the Castle Inn next to the pizza place has free wifi.10/09Peanut Eater
1606EtnaWi-Fi near library (even when closed), corner of Main & Collier. - Jim (PITA) 2010
Hiker Hut (Alderbrook Manor B&B) had Wi-Fi (ask for code from owner). - Miner 2009
1662Seiad ValleyFree wifi at the trailer park. Works well in the area set up for PCT hikers. no cell coverage10/09Peanut Eater
1720AshlandThe Super 8 had Wi-Fi.8/09Miner
1912Shelter Cove ResortStore at resort has free wifi service7/09Halfmile
2155Cascade LocksI found free Wi-Fi signals at the RV campground near the Port Office in the park. Also, the Cascade Inn has a strong signal that can also be reached from across the street by the phone booth at the Chevron station. Both these signals were much stronger than the Bridge of the Gods Hotel and RV lot. - Lollygag 2010
Bridge of the Gods Hotel & RV park had Wi-Fi as did other hotels. - Miner 2009
2238Trout LakeI believe there is wifi in the pizza/bar in Troutlake WA2/09David
2303White PassThe motel at the pass offered free wi-fi to guests, but their security/password requires some browser support that my cell phone does not support. Gas station/mini-mart has a payphone. No cell coverage -- Gadget
Free wifi for hotel guests. Beware of payphone beside Kracker Barrel – they charged me $90 for an 18 minute collect call -- Peanut Eater '09
9/08Gadget '08
Peanut Eater '09
2402Snoqualmie PassFree wifi at the Summit Inn10/09Peanut Eater
2476SkykomishIn Skykomish, WA. I believe next to the library is a hot spot. We will have WiFi and satellite Internet at our new hiker haven in Baring. 2/09Andrea Dinsmore
2574StehekinThere is a wifi signal around the Post Office in Stehekin at the landing's recreation center upstairs--I got viable wifi from behind the Post Office and saw others using laptops just outside the door. - Lollygag 2010
There is free wifi at the landing. They require you to use it outside the restaurant, but there are outdoor power outlets so you can charge your phone battery at the same time. It is a tad slower because it’s a satellite link, but it works well and was reliable for me. There is also wifi at the lodge but I could barely get a signal outside and they were not willing to tell me where the signal would be better. If you are staying there, they might be more accommodating. - Peanut Eater 2009
Peanut Eater (09) connected with a Blackberry 9000
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