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RatingLocationPriceAmenitiesHow far from CampusQualityCommentsContact
Marcy-HolmesN/AN/A420+Utilities/ Split 5 peopleQuiet, studious, a neighborhood feel~1mile from edge of campus, 5 minute bike ridedecent quality, landlords hit and missNeighborhood association is an actual thing- so people kind of care about the place
Stadium Village Flats4.45525-700 for a shared bedroom, around 800-1,000 for own bedroomUpscale, everything you could need, actually not very many parties on weekends so relatively quiet.10 walk to coffman
Bierman Place3.8Dinkytown (6th & 15th)$595 per bedroom plus electric billDecent. Not the best, but very good for being so close to campus. The front office is very efficient at answering requests and questions. Dishwasher, air unit in living room (not in each bedroom)(small windows in bedrooms makes summer VERY hot), parking above or below ground for monthly cost, laundry in each hallway, workout room, internet10 minute walkSmall bedrooms. Expensive for the size but trade-off for the closeness to campus. Plain but good. Overall, average. Not the fanciest but is still a nice place. Neighbors outside are loud, but that is Dinkytown in general.
Metro Park East/ 44North3.7Stadium Village (27th and 4th)$629 per for 4 rooming in 2bed/2bathBrand New. Lotsa amenities, very nice. Not much is known about them due to their age. Utilities are included but have caps (except heat).Dishwasher, Washer/dryer, workout room, parking (costs extra), WiFi, 50" TV, coffee, Furnished, Granite counter tops, Balcony (on some), tanning, bike repair, cable20 min walk
3.5LauderdaleVaries by floorplan and # people per unit, utilities not includedReally quiet, a bit of a family place, but with plenty of non-family residents as well.garage parking spot, laundry units on every floor, storage units available on every floor, every unit has a deck, pool, cats allowed~15 minute bus ride on the 3Generally nice units, well-kept. Quick service for repairs, Landlady very nice but chattyBest if you can get three people in a two bedroom
Dinnaken/Argyle3.1$440/person/month for 4 people in 2 bedrooms; you pay for laundry and electricityReal thick walls, so loud music was never a problem. Quiet, spacious, management's easy to get along with if you don't do anything out of the ordinaryClose to Burger King area, Papa John's area, Chipotle area, basically a lot of good stuff if you're not feeling like cooking. Parking available for $50/month in outdoor lot.< 15 minute walk to East Bank lecture hallsOld but sturdy and heavy wooden furniture, 6/10Overall a cozy place. The Wifi was a hit-or-miss, but I never had problems with hardwiring, so bring an ethernet cable and ask the front desk for a router. (UPDATE from a different resident: Warning: The WiFi still kinda sucks, but they don't provide ethernet anymore.)^_^がそ
412 Lofts2.7Dinkytown$630 a month for 3 people in 2BR/2BA, not including gas and electricity. Cost can vary up or down depending on specific floorplan/number of people. just under $1500 for 1BR.Upscale, some parties on the weekends, but usually relatively quiet. 2nd person's opinion: My apartment is much louder than this, especially on Thursday nights; probably partially due to specific neighbors. Person 3: Loud on weekends, some floors more than others. Completely furnished, in-room laundry, downstairs gym10-15 minute walk to the East Bank roundabout area. Really nice and upscale, landlords and maintenance people are always on top of things. However, it's extremely overpriced, especially for sharing rooms. Management changes very often.
Stadium View2.5Stadium Village$640-680 person for 4 bed 4 bath + utilities with internet/gym/free printing/tanning Slightly dependent upon which tower/floor you're placed on, some party often, others not at all. Walls are pretty thin so you can hear your roommates, but usually never your neighbors. All furnished, underground and lot parking for extra $, laundry in every unit, free cable/internet, management is quick to fix any issues with appliances, new security guard is very nice, free parking for guests for one night, many restaurants close by<15 minutes to east bank, <15 minutes to St Paul, 2 minute walk to 16/50 stops, 5 minute walk to 6 stopCould be much better for the pricePlease stay away. Lived there for two years. Everything breaks down and place has been operating for ten years now. Maintence is hesitant to upgrade washer/dryer even though there are constant break downs. (They fix it with duct tape not even kidding). Befriended maintence pal got sick of working there and left to another apartment. second opinion: sort of crappy quality and not always the biggest party but really not that bad. My four room mates and I all had our own room and bathroom which is pretty freakin sweet. We've thrown some parties and play loud music and we've only had issues once. Campus location pretty average.
Classic City Brownstones (800-812 4th St. SE)2.1Marcy Holmes$580 per person per month, utilities included. These are 5BR units with 2 BA. / You can get away with 6 people if you have 2 people willing to share a room, knocks rent down a bit.Pretty loud on weekends; neighbors have lots of parties and it's easy to hear what's going on in other apartments. Free parking spot, kitchen with dishwasher, comes with a wall-mounted flat screen. Bike parking in the building, cats allowed (with fee), have to go downstairs to do laundry - costs $1 to wash, $1 to dry.15-20 min walk to Coffman. Located right on the 6 bus route. Very old building, but the insides are update and cute. Some things are falling apart/broken but overall it's a nice place to live. Small kitchen and some of the bedrooms are small, but the living room is nicely sized and very cute. / Landlord is pretty meh. But not terrible.
University Commons2seven corners$500- $1100Standard apartment, not too many parties, you can hear your next door neighbors. Noise was a HUGE problem for me. I couldn't sleep well because of partying neighbors. I couldn't focus on schoolwork because I could hear every sound my roommates made.Fully furnished, includes all utilities (useless internet) and electricity allowance, hot tub (always broken) ---- also has parking available ($95/month or $5/day, ouch) with easy access to I-94, a small gym, in-unit laundry, decent appliances (not fancy, not broken)20 minutes to Coffman, 30 minutes to West BankQuality is standard, not upscale, not grossHasn't been a bad place to live, parking sucks, internet sucks, hot tub sucks, management has sucked as of late, office hours are inconvenient, fridge is small for four people, Don't live here ---- To clarify about the management: UC is transitioning over to the same people who manage the Seven Corners apartments on West Bank. I personally do not like their policies and their internet sucks too.
Then if you sign up for a room and invite Nick to be your roommate for example, then he will get an email where he has to confirm that he wants to be your roommate (I think you have like 24 hours to do this). But if say both you and Nick sign up for different rooms and invite each other to be the roommate, you can go in and accept his offer which will free up the room that you had originally signed up for.Depends on HouseLoud, fun, expensive.Typically not terribly far from campus. Close to major bus lines. In the Dinkytown area.Within the Dinkytown area. Actual distance to campus dependent upon which house you live in.Overpriced for the quality of housing. Landlords have been contacted multiple times a year due to poor living conditions. Landlords are very difficult to work with. Honestly, I'd avoid this company, as the other commentor implied. They are not very well known for taking good care of things. They have a wide variety of living options, but all of the ones I have visited and lived in have major issues. We had holes in our foundation which cats kept getting into and then subsequently dying because they sprayed pesticides.Took my entire security deposit. Don't rent from Dinkytown Rentals.
Cole TownhomesThen you will have to pick your room number (it will give you a list based on what you selected ie CSE LLC only has like 30 rooms to pick from). $300/person/month for 4 people; you pay for electricity, gas, and cable/internet; washer and dryer includedLocated next to train tracks so it's noisy every 40-50 minutes; neighbors can be a little loud on the weekends, and the walls are somewhat thinClosest grocery stores are in the Quarry, located about an 8 minute drive north down 18th Ave.20 minute walk, 10 minute bike ride, 15 minute bus ride, 5 minute driveTownhouse is quite warm in the winter and the appliances are in good conditionCheap if you are okay with train noises and a bit of a walk; 3 blocks from a 3-bus stop, thoughCole Townhomes
ComoOnce you pick your room it will ask you for your roommates x500 if you know your roommate. Then you will have to confirm it all. Make sure to go fast through all this because if you go too slow you will lose your room in the confirmation step. $375-$450 + ~$75 utilities/cable/internet per person in a house of 7 w/ 7BR Pretty quiet, some families and older folks, plenty of students, still some parties but none very loud.close to grocery stores, a few restaurants on como, street parking or even driveway/garage8-15 minute bike ride depending where in como area, really easy to catch the 3 on como going to campusdepends, generally not bad, landlords hit and miss
DinkytownLet me know if any of that doesn't make sense! Loud, fun, expensive. gogopher rentals claims they dont need to let verified ESAs into their accomodations and will shit on your disability. North Bay is attentive but kinda sketchy at times, you might move in to a house you have to immediately clean.
FlocoRight next to Sanford, 10th and University AveT-Hall version 2... tons of parties on the weekends. Huge courtyard for partying on the weekends, but lately they have been shutting it down. Parties are very frequent and the "extra soundproofing" is complete bullshit. Windows do not open all the way, only 2 inches, but the blocks are fairly easy to remove. Shitty Ikea furnishings that if you break they upcharge you 300%. Tour guide damaged apartment during tour at one point. Theft is extremely common, even in the garage beneath the building.Paid underground parking ($100 a month), laundry in unit, comes with TV and sound bar. Water is paid after the first $11 a month (included in your rent).About a 15 minute walk from Floco to Coffman, the heart of East Bank. 20 minute walk to Carlson taking 10th Ave Bridge.FAKE luxury, pretty much everything it the apartment is poor quality and is easily breakable. Shitty furnishings that never get clean and carpet that looks completely stained even though you are supposed to get it cleaned at the end of the year.Overpriced, loud, poor maintenance. Overall, had an awful experience here. Everything gets damaged simply by looking at the stuff. Management is incompetant as well, lost a number of our checks and are charging us 250 dollars for an apple tv that we were never given. 2nd person: I also had an awful experience. They overcharge for this "luxury" apartment, and charge you for every little thing. They use ikea fixtures that you can't even buy lightbulbs for anymore (I spent 45 minutes looking with no luck). They overcharge you for every little thing (like the $250 apple TV, that costs $99 at the bookstore). Unless you are a huge partier that loves to over pay, don't live here. 3rd person: my roommate's car was broken into in the garage and she was told not to report it, as floco has already been investigated by the police for too many incidents of theft. The front wheel was stolen off my bike while it was in their bike parking, their only response was that I should put it in the garage, but they don't give bikers garage clickers so you have to walk it down several flights of stairs. An employee giving a tour of our apartment peeled off some stickers on our cabinet, resulting in large patches of damage which we'll now be fined for. Tours are often scheduled with very little notice and very little regard for residents.
Grandmarc Seven CornersWashington Ave SE and 19th Ave, West Bank550$ per person to share a roomFor an apartment with this high of rent you would expect it to be much better taken care of. The place inside is a labrinth and hard to navigate, with slow elevators. The student staff are often rude, had one pick up the phone in the office and just say "hello." Also, the apartment was very dusty from the vents and caused my allergies to flare up continuously. The wifi was so lousy we had to get two routers for four people, and even then we were lucky to get onto moodle. There are much better places to rent for the money, and most places in dinkytown are the same price to share a room and much, much nicer.furnished (with twin beds), dishwasher, washer dryer in unit, small gym, bike storage, car space for extra 75$ a month, cable, wifi, 3 courtyardsRight by west bank, across from mondale hall, next to green line, by washington ave circulator ~12 min walk to east bank.Poor: small, poorly lit because of the courtyards blocking sun on inside rooms, or windows on alleyways, antiquated kitchen/appliances/furniture, bad wifiThe only thing good about this apartment is it's proximity to chipotle.
Huron Estates (Fulton and Huron Blvd)Okay, so once you finished that it will look like the picture I sent you. So now when you log in tomorrow morning bright and early! You will come this page and there will be an apply button and it will ask you for the LLC or the hall. And then it might ask you for a room type, which is the 2 person 2 bedroom suite or super suite, one of the two not sure which one it is called. ~800 for a 1 brQuiet, except for the traffic on Huron Blvd. Tenants tend to keep to themselves. Parking space is included with the apartment. Rooms are nothing fancy, but still pretty decent. Everything works, kitchens are getting redone, landlady is really nice and responds quickly if you need to get in touch.Water, heat included. Easy access to 94, all hardwood floors, so bring carpets if thats what you want. No dishwasher (besides you) or garbage disposal.15 minute walk to campusAverage quality, but landlord is very responsive if you need any maintainance done.
Redmond Apartments (NA)8th and University$600 +utilities, $500 + utilities (4 bedroom) for one of the older units with carpet instead of hardwood4 bedroom, newly remodeled, beautiful hardwood floors and exposed brick wallsFree laundry, BEAUTIFUL BATHROOMS15 to 20 minutesReally great, rooms are a nice size. Pretty classy place but parking is hard to come byNeighbors don't really interact at all and sometimes getting repairs can take a bit. Landlord is a bit weird, but doesn't really care what's going on when there's parties so it's alright.
St. Paul (?)N/A
Stadium VillageN/A400-650 if splitting with a roomieA less crowded/crazy version of Dinkytown.Lots of dining3-6 minutes from CoffmanPrimarily middle to upscale.
Stadium Village ApartmentsStadium Village (Erie and Essex)~650 per bedroom plus utilitiesThe apartments are old and not very clean. Landlord/property manager are terrible. Do not respond to request for mantinence and will come unannounced for showings. Would not reccomendOff street parking, dishwasher, air conditioner10-15 minute walkApartments are old and unclean but the spaces are a good size Overal, I would not recommend this
The Radius at 15th 701 15th Ave, Dinkytown$550 a person to share a room, I think they just hiked rates to 575 for next year. Security guards here are complete assholes and abuse their power. Don't bother having more than 3 people over. Front office workers are friendly, but there have been some pretty idiotic mistakes by management. The couches/tv appliances are generally nice except for the poor dishwashers and the beds they provide are absolutely brutal. Seems like no matter what the inside of the apartment always gets too hot when A/C is off, forcing you to run A/C more than usual, meaning a higher utility bill. Your run of the mill cheaply built overpriced "luxury" apartment. Wont be back here next year. fully furnished, washer/dryer in room, workout room, hot tub, tanning, lounge, pets allowed, social eventsRight across from Bierman Athletic Facility, close to campusBrand new, high quality
The Station on WashingtonCorner of Washington Ave SE and Walnut St SE~$950 each in 2 bed/2bath with only 2 people, ~$550-600 shared bedrooms in 2bed/2bath + gas and electricity "Luxury" student living built a few years ago. Has many nice amenities, office staff are nice and helpful, maintainence requests are taken care of promptly.Fully furnished, dishwasher, washer/dryer, gym, free bike underground bike storage, heated underground parking ($150/month), cable, wifi/ethernet, large TV, water, tanning, lounge, hardwood floors, granite countertops, social events.10-15 min walk to East Bank.Very nice: furniture shows no wear, but countertops/stovetops can be dirty from past tenants. Modern furnishingsCan be extremely noisy on weekends because of proximity to Superblock (late-night partygoers) and the Stadium (football games).
University CommonsDinktown/Como/Marcy HolmeselmwoodOne of the worst groups on campus. Do NOT rent from them. Their apartments have mold growing in them. They will paint over this mold instead of fixing it. They are uncleanably filfthy. Took 5 weeks to get FRIDGE replaced. Manipulative Staff. Unresponsive management. Known to sue students. Student died in a fire caused by poor-maintence in one of their houses. Will keep most if not all of your security deposit. STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE.Usually free parking. UnfurnishedWalkable, on bouse routes. Easy to bike.Very poor.w
West BankN/A~300-400 + $50 util.quiet. families and subsidized housing. loud parties with people outside likely to get cops calledreally close to the U, lots of restaurants on Cedar and Franklin10 minutes to west bank, 20 to east bankdepends on the house
Dinkytown (11th & Univ.)$800/own bedroom and own bath in a 2 bdrm. $1100+ for studioLux. The administration is somewhat disorganized- you have to be on top of them, but they will get stuff done eventually- be assertiveDishwasher, washer/dryer in unit/workout room/rooftop lounge/comes pre-furnished/granite countertops/ updated throughout/wood laminate floors5 minute walkVery, very nice.  Modern furnishings throughoutNeighbors can be super loud on weekends- if you are a partier, this is probably the place for you.  If you're a studier- you still have the weekdays and during the day on weekends.
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