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CycleProject NoProject TitleApplicant NameProposal AbstractFunding Category(ies)Amount Funded
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-1619S-FT-16 Nemea Center 3D Printing ProjectNemea Center for Classical Archaeology, Classics DepartmentThe Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology is 3D-scanning original Mycenaean artifacts from Berkeley’s excavations at Nemea, Mycenae, and Aidonia, in Greece, where they remain. Funds are needed for an Ultimaker 3D-printer and printing material to create exact copies of artifacts here on campus in order to use them to enhance the hands-on classroom experience while simultaneously providing valuable training in 3D-printing to undergraduate and graduate students engaging with the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean. Hardware & Technology Acquisition$5,000
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-1819S-FT-18 MAX License Upgrades for CNMAT Students & StaffThe Center for New Music & Audio Technologies (CNMAT)CNMAT proposes to use the Student Technology Fund to purchase MAX license upgrades for CNMAT staff, students, and in-house systems. MAX is a crucial visual programming language that is used to create artistic projects, including signal processing, musical composition, installations, video effects, and data sonification. With the most recent version of MAX released, funds are needed to acquire license upgrades and continue the excellence in research and creativity amongst CNMAT users. Applications & Software Development, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,995
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-4219S-FT-42 ProTools, Podcasts and BeyondGraduate School of Journalism "Protools, Podcasts & Beyond" is UCB Journalism's deeper dive into serial podcasting and studnet learning. 1 in 5 Americans listen to podcasts each week and Journalism wants to invest in robust, research based, creative serial podcasts that can help formulate new audio journalism. Applications & Software Development, Commercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,650
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-619S-FT-6 Physics Student Shop Introduction to SolidworksPhysics Student Shop Introduction to SolidworksThe Physics Student Shop is developing a program to provide graduate and undergraduate students with introductory training in Solidworks design applications. Coupled with the engineering and manufacturing support students currently receive in the Student Shop, this training will provide the necessary product data management and design communications skills for students to develop their ideas into science shaping innovations and aid their collaborations across campus. Funds are needed to purchase software licenses and the computers.Applications & Software Development, Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,724
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-919S-FT-9 Computational Biology Skills SeminarComputational Biology Graduate GroupThere is substantial unmet demand among graduate student researchers in the biological sciences for training in technical computing. To help remedy this, we propose to create a monthly seminar series in which more-experienced students share with the community various technical skills they have learned that have aided them in their research. Requested funds will be used for materials to publicize the series, food to encourage attendance, and speaker honoraria.Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$1,650
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-4419S-FT-44 Spring 2019 Portable ChargerASUC AAVP's OfficeWe want to provide portable chargers in Moffitt Library for students to charge their electronic devices whenever they need to. Students are able to borrow the portable chargers from the Moffitt circulation desk for up to 24 hours for small amounts of money. We need to purchase 200 Insignia portable chargers, which can fully charge a smartphone up to three times with the maximum of two USB slots. This system will likely be supported by an external vendor. Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,095
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-1219S-FT-12 Input || Output: Processing Sound Across Music StudiesComputational Music Research Working Group (Music Department)Input || Output: Processing Sound Across Music Studies is a one-day, interdisciplinary conference organized by the Computational Music Research Working Group (CMRWG) to bring together scholars with interests in music studies and computational methods. Funds are needed to facilitate conference logistics and participation of keynote speakers Tod Machover (MIT Media Lab) and Tom Erbe (UC San Diego). This conference is a pioneering step toward placing UC Berkeley at the forefront of computational music research in the Bay Area and beyond.Investigation and Planning Projects, Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$3,300
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-3019S-FT-30 LAUNCH Accelerator: Spring TechLAUNCHThe LAUNCH Startup Accelerator has been operating for over 20 years and has awarded over $1M in funding for the over 400 startups and 100 founders that have gone through its program. Startups that participate in LAUNCH undergo a transformative experience as a result of access to mentors, a structured, demanding curriculum to keep founders accountable and moving forward, expert sessions, and a network of founders, funders, and industry contacts. Applications & Software Development, Commercial Software Licensing, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$350
Spring 2019 Fast Track19-FT-5019-FT-50 Virtual Computing Facility for Energy MaterialsVirtual Computing Facility for Energy MaterialsThe Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students at Berkeley are establishing an Energy Materials Virtual Computing Facility with a repository of specialized software, both licensed and open-sourced, to enable US and African students in science and engineering to collaborate on cutting edge research on energy materials. Funds are needed to gain access to state-of-the-art design and analysis tools on a virtual machine with high processing power.Commercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-119S-FT-1 Flight Simulator for Air Force ROTC CadetsArnold Air SocietyFlight Simulator for Air Force ROTC Cadets is a project run by UC Berkeley Cadets. We are in need of funds to purchase a flight simulator in order to prepare our cadets for their future careers in the Air Force. The simulator will develop cadets’ confidence in aviation, provide them a keener understanding of the principles of flight, and help them accrue flying hours in order to better prepare them for service to our nation.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-1119S-FT-11 Robotics@Berkeley's Themed ProgramsRobotics@BerkeleyRobotics@Berkeley (R@B) hosts a themed program every semester to introduce students to the field of robotics and give them mentorship and experience, but as the quantity of applicants has increased, we have had to turn down more and more students due to a lack of funding. We conditionally accept some teams on the premise that they fund themselves, but robotics is an expensive field to get into, and this creates a disadvantage for underprivileged students.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,000
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-1419S-FT-14 Audio Enhancement to Elevate Audience ExperienceThe Berkeley ForumThe Berkeley Forum is a student-run, nonpartisan organization that hosted over 130 talks, debates, and panels with distinguished and diverse experts to engage audiences in critical and timely discourse. Funds are needed to support the purchase of audio enhancement technology which will allow the Forum to independently adapt to any venue we use, to streamline and simplify the set-up process, and to allocate more time on speaker and audience engagement. Hardware & Technology Acquisition$716
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-1519S-FT-15 Perspective Magazine WebsitePerspective MagazinePerspective Magazine is a student-run publication printed on a bi-annual basis offering anyone interested in Iran or the Iranian-American diaspora an outlet to explore Iranian culture and key issues affecting the community. This semester, Perspective is dedicating its Spring issue to the 40th anniversary of the 1979 Islamic Revolution of Iran. Funds are needed to cover Squarespace website fees for a new Perspective website that would be used for staff applications and displaying past issues.Applications & Software Development, Investigation and Planning Projects$400
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-1719S-FT-17 AFROTC Office Revitalization ProjectArnold Air SocietyWe are seeking funds to replace outdated office hardware for the Air Force ROTC Cadet Lounge and Office(POCO) in Hearst Gymnasium. The facilities are used as workspaces dedicated to cadets’ professional and academic achievement. All AFROTC cadets are full-time college students simultaneously pursuing an academic degree and a commission to serve as Air Force officers post-graduation. For the 98 cadets in AFROTC, upgraded technology and replacements would greatly benefit us in our academic endeavors.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$3,965
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-219S-FT-2 Autonomous Underwater Competition VehicleAutonomous Underwater Vehicles at BerkeleyAs we all know, electronics and water don't quite go together like avocado and toast, but we're at the forefront of designing autonomous vehicles that can withstand its environments. The competitive entry we're building is an opportunity for students from a wide variety of studies from civil engineering to data science to collaborate in building an invention that's truly remarkable. Our robot will be the focal point for meaningful collaboration, with eyebrow-raising results. Hardware & Technology Acquisition$1,100
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-2219S-FT-22 Biologically Engineered Synthetic Tissue (BEST)Bioprinting at Berkeley“Biologically Engineered Synthetic Tissue” (BEST) explores the engineering and scientific aspects of 3D-printing bioconstructs for clinical applications. Our bioscience division will purchase lab reagents to optimize bioprinting processes, factoring in novel materials selection and cell integration. Our engineering division will purchase 3D printers and hardware to create low-cost solutions to biotechnical problems, such as multi-material manufacturing and drug delivery.Additionally, these materials will enrich the DeCal experience for about 15 students we admit into the class each semester.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-2419S-FT-24 Pioneers in Engineering Fall Competition LaptopsPioneers in EngineeringPioneers in Engineering hosts an annual 8-week long robotics competition. Through our program, 200+ students from underrepresented high schools have the unique opportunity to apply computer science and mechanical design. UC Berkeley students run the entire competition and develop the hardware and software. Funds are needed to improve student’s access to computer science resources. We hope to purchase a set of laptops for students to use in our coding workshops and to program robots with.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,819
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-2719S-FT-27 We live in 3D (Print)3DMCb.makerspace is a student coalition of clubs and makers dedicated to providing a creative community. For the past seven years, b.makerspace has leveraged tools like 3D printing and VR to introduce students in traditionally non-technical fields to cutting edge technology. 3D printing is the norm in some parts of campus but not in others. Two new printers could reach over 200 students across campus through clubs like 3DMC and more through the makerspace.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,958
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-2919S-FT-29 Hardware for All3DMCb.makerspace is a student collective made up of clubs and a board. For the past seven years, b.makerspace has leveraged tools like 3D printing and VR to introduce students in traditionally non-technical fields to cutting edge technology. We propose purchasing new computers to act as the workhorse for us to power our makerspace. The new tools will enable our groups and students to experience more hands on rapid-prototyping. Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,385
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-3219S-FT-32 DEVELOPER3DMCb.makerspace is a student collective made up of clubs and a board. For the past seven years, b.makerspace has leveraged tools like 3D printing and VR to introduce students in traditionally non-technical fields to cutting edge technology. With the help of the STF, we hope to start a lab where creatives can develop VR games, 3D animations, and art. Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,093
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-3319S-FT-33 CalSol workspace modernization/improvementCalSol: UC Berkeley Solar Vehicle TeamWe are a team of ~75 students that designs, builds, and races fully solar-powered vehicles against the world’s top universities. CalSol provides students with unparalleled hands-on experience in engineering, project management, teamwork, and problem-solving. Every summer, and sometimes during the fall, our team races our solar car against others at multi-day races over thousands of miles. Funds will be used to acquistion new tools and technology for our workstations which provide access to both our members and the greater engineering community as a whole. Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,469
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-3519S-FT-35 Computer Science Mentors – SchedulerComputer Science MentorsComputer Science Mentors (CSM) provides free, small-group tutoring to students in lower-division computer science courses. The organization has grown to such a large size that software tools are now necessary to manage its logistics. A web application which allows students to sign up for tutoring, and mentors to take attendance, has been created for this purpose. Funds are required for the infrastructure that supports this software, which greatly facilitates teaching over one thousand students each semester.Applications & Software Development, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$1,200
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-3619S-FT-36 Berkeley Hyperloop Design ProjectBloopBerkeley Hyperloop is a nationally competitive team that designs, engineers, and builds a high-speed subscalable prototype transport vehicle to demonstrate the feasibility of of the Hyperloop concept. Funds are needed to support the purchase and manufacturing of cutting-edge technology that place emphasis on design safety. Through Hyperloop, we continue to push the boundaries of modern transportation technology, exceed cultural and environmental assumptions, and bring about the future of a smaller world.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,307
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-3719S-FT-37 GiANT Filmmakers' Advanced Film Equipment AcquisitionGiANT FilmmakersGiANT Filmmakers is UC Berkeley’s cinema production organization, passionate about sharing our film production knowledge with the community through workshops and professional productions designed to prepare members for real on-set experiences. Funds will be utilized to finance our equipment acquisition project and to facilitate workshops on industry standard equipment. New equipment will be made available for our properly trained members’ own projects in order to produce the highest quality productions possible. Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,499
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-3919S-FT-39 Autonomous In-Situ Rover (AI Rover)Space Technologies at Cal (STAC)Autonomous In-Situ Rover is a student research project developing methods of collecting resources on the moon for the creation of rocket fuel for a lunar base. Multiple research groups on campus with various undergraduate/graduate students are interested in the exploration of deep space, emphasizing the importance of experiments that demonstrate the feasibility of turning water extracted from the lunar soil into liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen — rocket fuel.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects$4,940
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-4019S-FT-40 Design Thinking for EveryoneDiversaTechDesign Thinking for Everyone is a designathon hosted by DiversaTech Consulting, a student-run organization with a focus of bringing together students from various disciplines to solve industry challenges. This event is an opportunity for participants to learn the fundamentals of human-centered-design, foster innovative thinking, and promote interdisciplinary collaboration. Funds will be allocated toward purchasing necessary technology and materials that show students how to apply design ideologies to any industry, regardless of their backgrounds. Commercial Software Licensing, Technology Events$3,298
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-4619S-FT-46 High Altitude Balloon (HAB)Space Technologies at Cal (STAC)The High Altitude Balloon (HAB) project is one of Space Technologie at Cal’s (STAC) ongoing projects. The goal is to create a low-cost balloon payload containing a standardized system with which to test experiments in a near-space environment. Built entirely by Berkeley students, HAB is a powerful, low-cost platform to conduct high altitude research, accessible to the entire scientific community at Berkeley. The funds will enable the creation, testing and launching of these balloons and their payloads.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,530
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-4819S-FT-48 Blueprint Technology Speaker EventsBlueprintBlueprint is a student organization aiming to make technology accessible and useful for those who create communities and promote public welfare. We ask that STF fund our project to share information on social good focused technology by organizing speaker events in which guest speakers share their experiences working with technology to create positive impact on communities. Blueprint will also focus on introducing students to opportunities to engage in projects that apply tech for social good.Investigation and Planning Projects, Technology Events$3,300
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-519S-FT-5 Deploying Autonomous Mobile RobotsAutonomous Motion at Cal (AMAC)We’ve built a 1/8th scale Autonomous RC car from the ground up that can detect objects and navigate certain environments. We are deploying it into new environments this semester to showcase AI research at Berkeley. In addition, we are building a second autonomous system: an autonomous legged robot. Funds are required to integrate campus research in our car’s software and purchase hardware for our legged robot.Applications & Software Development, Hardware & Technology Acquisition$3,600
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-4319S-FT-43 SPH Jobsite: Enhanced Accessibility and User ExperienceCenter for Public Health Practice & LeadershipThe SPH Jobsite provides a platform for employers to connect with undergraduates, graduate students, and alumni in the School of Public Health. With STF support, Career Services could expand access to the School’s 1,000+ students by automating creation of their accounts. In addition, the site could support the ability to make career counseling appointments and to survey graduating students about their destinations, helping maximize our reporting of meaningful data to the SPH community.Applications & Software Development$3,800
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-4719S-FT-47 Language Variation and Change: Bay Area SpanishSpanish and Portuguese DepartmentThe Language Variation and Change Research Group, comprised of students/faculty from the departments of Spanish and Portuguese, Linguistics, French, and East Asian Languages and Cultures, meets biweekly to discuss papers in the Journal of Language Variation and Change and collaborate on CBAS. CBAS (Corpus of Bay Area Spanish) is a database project that collects and analyzes spoken language from English/Spanish Bay Area speakers. Funds will support the acquisition of recording equipment for CBAS interviews.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$2,686
Spring 2019 Fast Track19S-FT-719S-FT-7 Chromebooks for Peer EducationPATH to Care CenterPATH to Care Center peer educators reach more than 2,500 undergraduate students each year through workshops and other facilitated conversations. Students participating in these workshops explore consent, boundaries, bystander intervention, and strategies to prevent violence. Funds are needed to purchase Chromebooks for peer educators to use when delivering workshops. Having dedicated Chromebooks for the peer education program will ensure access to violence prevention content and dialogues for thousands of UC Berkeley students every year.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$1,257
Spring 2018 Fast Track18S-FT-1RTSA Career Preparation ProjectRe-Entry Transfer Student AssociationThe Re-entry and Transfer Student Association is a student organization dedicated to improving the transfer experience by providing academic and professional resources. Given transfers limited amount of time (2.17years), funding the Career Preparation Project will help facilitate the professional development, provide vital information, guidance, and support as transfer students prepare for life after Cal. The funds will be used to acquire a high-quality DSLR, laptop and accessories to provide free photo headshots to transfer students.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events$4,319.73
Spring 2018 Fast Track18S-FT-2Career Development for PhDs at BerkeleyBeyond AcademiaAn average of 15% of PhDs continue on to receive tenure track positions. Beyond Academia’s goal is to empower PhD students and postdocs with the knowledge of careers beyond research at universities. Each year, Beyond Academia organizes a two-day conference for up to 300 attendees as well as multiple workshops and seminars during the academic year. Funds will be used to pay for conference programming, such as maintaining our website, the conference schedule, attendee check ins, and our extensive email database.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects$2,560.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track18S-FT-3EOP iClicker Free Rental ProgramEducational Opportunity ProgramThe Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) serves students who identify as first generation, low-income and/or historically underrepresented. The iClicker FREE Rental program will provide 120 more students who are in the Educational Opportunity Program a free iClicker for either the Fall/Spring/Summer term of their courses. With the growth of this project, we plan to decrease a part of the financial stress that comes with being low income student at UC Berkeley.Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,900.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track18S-FT-6Third World Liberation Front Digital PortalCenter for Race and Gender (CRG)The pivotal 1969 UC Berkeley student movement, Third World Liberation Front (twLF), helped establish Ethnic Studies as an interdisciplinary field in the U.S. Marking the upcoming 50th anniversary, the Center for Race & Gender, the Ethnic Studies Library, students, and other partners will publish an online multimedia digital portal documenting twLF’s critical role in shaping UC Berkeley’s identity and facilitating ongoing discourse on the intellectual and political visions of Ethnic Studies and African American Studies.Commercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition$5,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track18S-FT-7Technology Equity and Accessibility for TransfersASUC Office of Carmel GutherzThe Technology Equity and Accessibility for Transfers Fund (TEAT) will provide free printing and computer services for transfer students, accessible through the Transfer Student Center. Therefore, through this fund, it will provide transfer students resources that will help them succeed at Cal, while simultaneously allowing visibility of the Transfer Student Center to these students.Commercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Technology Events, Training, Support and Access to Technology Programs $4,938.42
Spring 2018 Fast Track18S-FT-8LAUNCH Startup Accelerator Expo and Demo DayLAUNCHLAUNCH is Berkeley’s only student-run accelerator. LAUNCH helps 20+ startups move past prototyping through an intensive curriculum. Funds will be spent on services and software for the startups to use throughout their time in the accelerator. Any UC student will be able to apply for the LAUNCH accelerator and participate during the Expo and Demo Day, where they will get the opportunity to meet founders and investors.Applications & Software Development$1,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track18S-FT-9Architecture RoundtableArchitecture (MS/PhD program)The Architecture Roundtable is an informal venue to discuss conceptual, material, cultural, social, and historical dimensions of ‘architecture,’ defined in its broadest sense. It will be a first of its kind forum that will share and critically discuss ongoing scholarly work generated by students. The attempt is to create an intellectual community related to research on the built and natural environment. Funds are needed to buy a TV monitor which will be installed inside the room 470 in Wurster Hall - the research student conference room for conducting the presentations.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$1,585.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Accessible CNC Lathe and Mill for Disabled StudentsBerkeley Disability Lab, Department of Anthropology, UC BerkeleyThis request is for STEM/makerspace equipment that disabled people can use. The Berkeley Disability Lab is our campus’ newest makerspace, designed by and for disabled persons. Lathes and mills are core technologies of makerspaces that are often inaccessible to disabled people as they are not designed to be used by people who use wheelchairs, who are blind or deaf or have autism or other disabilities. We will make these maker technologies more accessible.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Student-Produced How-To VideosLEAD CenterThe LEAD Center, UC Berkeley’s hub for student leadership advising, has begun a project to create high quality videos designed to respond to questions and concerns commonly raised by students involved in student organizations. The Center wishes to continue to offer two students the paid opportunity to produce professional how-to videos under the guidance of our staff. These videos will continue to provide students immediate answers to commonly asked questions, thus expanding advisors’ impact.Applications & Software Development$5,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Early Technological Intervention ProgramUrban Scholars at BerkeleyUrban Scholars at Berkeley believes technology support is a key component of the Demystify Cal Initiative. Students need laptops to hone their PC skills outside of the campus curriculum. We observed student's falling behind in studies from the lack of computer knowledge, and the inability to efficiently utilize PC applications. In order to develop support, we need Laptops, Software, and a Tech-support specialist to assist students in their acclimation into the UCB student academic communityCommercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
OOMPH+: Sustaining a community engagement technology platformSchool of Public Health - Online Master of Public Health (MPH) ProgramThis proposal will renew the OOMPH+ software piloted in 2015-16 with a goal to fully integrate this community engagement platform into a sustainable component within the On-campus/Online Masters of Public Health (OOMPH) program. OOMPH+ is the only platform to engage student/alumni collaboration from the School of Public Health (SPH) community. We will build on our previous success by increasing enrollment, continue engagement activities, and investigate integration through campus-supported opportunities using existing SPH resources.Commercial Software Licensing$5,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Raising Awareness of Restorative JusticeRestorative Justice Center, UC BerkeleyThe RJ Center Student Leaders Team is in its third year, has grown significantly, and wants to get the word out about RJ Center offerings. Restorative Justice calls on us to innovate our responses to harm and conflict to support those involved and promote transformation. The best way to explain these innovations is through visual storytelling. The RJ student leaders have some tech needs as they plan videos and comix that present our compelling stories.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$1,504.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
California Law Review’s Digital Expansion InitiativeThe California Law ReviewThe California Law Review (CLR) is an independent, student-run 501(c)(3) dedicated to publishing cutting-edge legal scholarship. As U.C. Berkeley, School of Law’s flagship journal, CLR has consistently led the way in promoting marginalized voices and has utilized its online platform to make legal scholarship more accessible to readers and scholars alike. CLR is requesting funding to acquire three iMac computers, allowing it to strengthen its existing digital content while adding new user-friendly material.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$5,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
The Interstellar Microgravity Experiment 2 (TIME-2) - Suborbital IncubatorSpace Technologies at Cal (STAC)TIME-2 is part of an annual launch of microgravity experiments, each enabling STAC to impact more Berkeley students. The TIME-2 project is a small-scale incubator with the capacity to autonomously keep cells alive for extended periods of time in space. Multiple research labs on campus with a variety of undergraduate/graduate students are interested in observing the effects of microgravity on cell systems, signifying the technological importance of a small-scale incubator for space research.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects$4,965.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Blood Testing Training and ResearchULABThe Blood Testing project of ULAB is a project to form a program in which students will be able to receive appropriate trainings to work with and research human material. Funds will be able used to in order to finance wet lab experiments and to finance necessary trainings and certifications. The Blood Testing project will serve as a platform allowing undergraduate to engage in the field of research.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$2,742.32
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Genetic Engineering ResearchULABThe Genetic Engineering Project is a project run by UC Berkeley students to genetically modify yeast to break down common pesticides, like pirimiphos methyl, in the foods we eat. Funding is needed to purchase materials that are required to allow students the opportunity to create yeast that serves this beneficial purpose. The Genetic Engineering Project will use data from this project to find more ways that yeast can eliminate harmful pesticides in our diet.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects, Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$1,779.69
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Transfer Commuter ProjectTransfer Student CenterTransfer Commuter Project is asking for $3136.82 to acquire necessary technological equipment to adequately address the need of commuter students. Funds will be used to purchase a charging station locker, laptop charger loaners, noise canceling headphones loaners, and extra power outlets. Funding the Transfer Commuter Project will make it possible for commuter transfer students to have a place to rest, relax, and recharge. This project will benefit over 1000 + transfer student yearly.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$3,136.82
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Free Ventures Entrepreneurial Accessibility ProgramFree VenturesFree Ventures is Berkeley’s student-run, non-profit startup incubator. Over the past 5 years we’ve supported over 150 student entrepreneurs across academic backgrounds with course credits, mentorship, and monetary reimbursements so that they can build companies while staying in school. We seek funds to support our events that connect Berkeley students with the broader startup community of Silicon Valley as well as build out our programs that promote entrepreneurship amongst females and underrepresented minorities.Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$1,900.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Berkeley Builds DesignathonProject RISHIBerkeley Builds is a designathon hosted by Project RISHI in partnership with other organizations on campus to foster a collaborative environment where students from all backgrounds can come together to develop technological solutions to pressing social issues. Funds are needed to support planning, marketing, and hosting our event so that we can attract a large student pool and make as big of a campus-wide impact as possible.Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Invention Corps of BerkeleyInvention Corps of BerkeleyInvention Corps is a multidisciplinary student organization that uses the human-centered design approach to "Invent new ways to make a better world". We collaborate on existing projects with professors and working professionals to address problems that focus on poverty, society, health, and the environment. Funds are needed to support the purchase of materials that allow us to prototype for our projects and to provide maker passes for members’ access to facilities on campus.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$2,975.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Improve High-Performance Computing at OCFOpen Computing FacilityWith the meteoric rise of fields such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computational Biology, the need and desire for h offer igh-performance computing has never been greater. The Open Computing Facility is well-placed to HPC services to the student body, especially undergraduates, and seeks this grant to add new hardware to increase our HPC capacity.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$5,000.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Muslim Mental Health InitiativeMuslim Student AssoicationThe Muslim Mental Health Initiative (MMHI) is a partnership between University Counseling and Psychological Services (CPS) and the Khalil Center (KC), a mental wellness center that specializes in serving the Muslim population. This initiative enables KC counselors to provide mental wellness services for all students that focus on the promotion and destigmatization of mental health. Funds are needed to support the purchase of electronic devices to facilitate drop-in consultations and upgrade the appointment booking system.Applications & Software Development, Commercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events$2,100.00
Spring 2018 Fast Track
Pharmacy Dispensary MachinesAssociated Students of the University of California and University Health ServicesThe Pharmacy Dispensary Machines Project is the final product of a partnership between the ASUC and UHS to make Tang's offerings and medical services more accessible to students on campus. Funds are needed to support the puchasing of the actual machines--funds for upkeep and maintenance have already been secured through the ASUC and Student Affairs. These machines are designed to increase accesbility and anonymity for some of the most stigmatized products that UHS offers for students; this project will allow the purchase of Tang Clinic products on campus.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects$4,085.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-03 Holi 2017 (Festival of Colors)Indian Student AssociationISA is UC Berkeley's premier Indian organization that organizes some of Berkeley's largest and most iconic events such as Holi, Diwali and Raas Garba.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$1,100.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-04 Cadet Club Computer Lounge UpgradeArmy ROTCArmy ROTC is in the process of upgrading its Cadet Lounge. Cadets, often commuters, rely on the Cadet lounge as a place where they can work. Currently the lounge is equipped with 10 year old computers that are slow and unreliable. That is why we are requesting funds to purchase 3 Dell all-in-one computers that will be fast, reliable, and clutter free. This will make our Cadet Lounge into a much needed and proper workspace.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$2,847.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-05 Robotics Education LibraryGraduate School of Education - Wilkerson Lab (CoRE)The Educational Robotics Library would make educational robotics and craft kits available to the Graduate School of Education and affiliated educator and maker communities for teaching, research and outreach projects. The library would enrich courses such as EDUC 295B: Technology, Curriculum, and Instruction, which attracts pre-service teachers, doctoral students in Education, Computer Science, and Information, and passionate undergraduates. It would allow students to access and develop skill with powerful, popular, yet expensive educational tools.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-06 EOP iClicker FREE Rental ProgramEducational Opportunity Program STEMThe Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) serves students who identify as first generation, low-income and/or historically underrepresented. The iClicker FREE Rental program will provide 120 more students who are in the Educational Opportunity Program a free iClicker for either the Fall/Spring/Summer term of their courses. With the growth of this project, we plan to decrease a part of the financial stress that comes with being low income student at UC Berkeley.Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,900.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-07 CAGE New Map PublisherGeographyThe purpose of this project is to modernize the Geography CAGE Lab’s cartography Map Publisher software. The funds raised will be used to update the application program Map Publisher. The program that we have now is an outdated version. The function is no longer supported by the latest version of Illustrator provided by the University. The program is essential to complete GIS application work with the Illustrator to create the highest quality of cartographical maps.Commercial Software Licensing$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-08 TransferVisionTransfer Student CenterTransferVision is asking for 4933.73 to upgrade our video equipment to conduct live-webinars. The webinars will be facilitated over the summer by our campus partners and student leaders to help incoming transfer students navigate UC Berkeley. Funding the TransferVision project will make it possible for new incoming transfer students to have the vital information, guidance, and support as they prepare for their tenure at UC Berkeley. This project will benefit over 2800 + new incoming transfer student yearly.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,933.73
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-10 New Media WorkspaceGraduate School of Journalism, New Media TrackThe New Media Workspace gives our students direct access to a high powered editing workspace, which would otherwise be cost prohibitive for any of the individual students. A powerful computer of this nature would enable students to perform innovative projects including 360 video editing, 3D animation, and high volume data processing. New Media projects are often published at major outlets including NPR, National Geographic, Univision, and many others.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$3,900.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-11 CED Rendering FarmCED - Infrastructure and ITWe have an operational but older Rendering Farm for use by Students using CED Student Computing and Labs. We would like to upgrade to newer hardware that is faster and capable of mutiple processing to speed the 3D medelling rendering process.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-12 Early Technological Intervention Program (ETIPs)Urban Scholars at BerkeleyEarly Technological Intervention Program (ETIPs) is the “tech equity” component of the Malcolm Next Scholars Program whose goal is to “demystify Cal by experiencing Cal” through the cross-enrollment of veteran and formerly incarcerated community college students. Because of their socio-economic status, most need laptops, software, and workshops which are designed to learn how to navigate virtual spaces such the Bconnected milieu. Without these fundamental resources, the learning outcomes decrease although the students are cognitively astute.Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-14 Field Education Internship Placement DatabaseSchool of Social WelfareAt Berkeley Social Welfare, students learn the history, policy, and foundations of social welfare in the classroom, but it is their field experiences in local agencies that provide opportunities to practice and experience the reality of social work. This proposal is requesting funds to purchase a system to streamline the management of students, faculty, field placements, and agency partners, enhancing the experience for all of the participating parties.Commercial Software Licensing, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-16 Writing At 225 Words Per MinuteDisabled Students' ProgramDisabled Students’ Program serves students receiving captioning/CART as an accommodation in order to provide equal access to lectures, labs, media and special events. Captioners/CART providers use steno machines that enable them to write in excess of 225 WPM. This enables capture of everything spoken during lectures. I plan to replace outdated backup steno writers to be used in case of equipment failure. This would ensure when equipment fails, students will never be without service.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,901.09
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-17 The Interstellar Microgravity Experiments (TIMEs)Space Technologies @ CaliforniaThe Interstellar Microgravity Experiments (TIMEs) are a group of experiments that UCB students would like to test in outer-space. Our student organization has been selected as the winner of a free space launch. We need funds to implement our experiments: testing laser communications, observing life’s ability to survive in microgravity, using lasers to remove space debris, and testing the mechanics of robotics. TIMEs will further aerospace research at Berkeley and around the nation!Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,565.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-18 Microsoft Hololens at the D-LabD-LabThe project will facilitate augmented reality training in the D-Lab, and will provide undergraduate students in an upper-division lecture course the opportunity to develop applications and games using the Microsoft Hololens.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$3,247.50
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-21 A Cable-Driven Robotic ManipulatorMechanical Engineering DepartmentAs part of a mechanical engineering capstone course, our team is designing and manufacturing a six degree-of-freedom cable-driven robot that can visually track and manipulate objects. Funds are specifically needed to support the purchase of motors, cameras, and hardware to construct the frame. After discussion with the Jacobs Institute of Design staff, we plan to use the project in an interactive exhibit that demonstrates a future manufacturing technology that Berkeley engineering students can develop.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$1,479.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-23 CE3 DSLR CameraCenters for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3)The Centers for Educational Equity and Excellence (CE3) has expanded to a total of 14 units. CE3 will create a new cluster website and update existing program sites. CE3 lacks a still camera to capture pictures of students, staff, events/programs, and other images that are necessary for our websites, social media, flyers, and other material. CE3 requests funding so we may purchase a high quality DSLR camera to be shared by all 14 CE3 units.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$1,300.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-25 Engineering Hardware LibraryRobotics at BerkeleyThe Hardware Library is an extensive, all-inclusive place for engineering clubs to get the materials they need for their projects. Funds are needed to purchase the materials our teams need to improve the quality and scale of our hardware projects. The Hardware Library will serve as the central place on campus for our members and affiliates to get the parts they need in order to innovate in the hardware space. It will probably be located in McLaughlin Library, but the b.Makerspace has also agreed to host it if we’d like to trade security for public access.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-27 EOP Augmented Yield Efforts Translation SystemEducational Opportunity ProgramThe Educational Opportunity Program provides first generation and low-income college students with the guidance and resources necessary to succeed at the best public university in the world. Through our augmented admissions yield efforts, we engage with newly admitted students and their families to assist them in making an informed decision in their educational objectives. EOP requires funding to purchase a comprehensive translation system for our outreach events to improve language accessibility for our participants.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$2,086.97
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-28 Fluid Dynamics Visualization in 3D+timeCivil and Environmental EngineeringIn Civil and Environmental Engineering, all students study fluid dynamics, the motion of air and water. I propose to use virtual reality to provide an immersive experience whereby the students can visualize fluid dynamics concepts in 3 spatial dimensions plus time.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$2,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-29 Thermal camera for student researchEnvironmental Science, Policy and ManagementThe students of the Department of Environmental Science, Policy, and Management (ESPM) request funding for a long-wave infrared thermal camera that will be made available to students on a check out basis for research, club, or teaching purposes. The thermal camera will enable students to identify, measure, and record the heat signatures of animals, plants, and objects in high resolution, with educational and research applications across the sciences, including ecology, agricultural sciences, and energy conservation.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,988.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-30 Improved Molecular Biology Planning and DocumentationMCB Upper Division Teaching LabsSnapGene is a molecular biology software tool that will greatly facilitate molecular cloning, planning, annotation, sharing, and documentation of plasmid DNA sequences for the support staff of the upper division Genetics (MCB 140L) and Biochemistry (MCB C110L) teaching labs. SnapGene will greatly aid in the execution of cloning projects, which are fundamental to the continuous development of curriculum. Funds are requested for the initial purchase of this software and the first two years of updates.Commercial Software Licensing$1,785.00
Spring 2017 Fast TrackHardware & Technology Acquisition$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-32 Visions of EcologyEnvironmental Science Policy and ManagementVisions of Ecology (VoE) is an applied deep learning project developed by UC Berkeley graduate students to investigate large-scale patterns of image data across behavioral, conservation, and disease ecology. Although we have developed a software prototypes, VoE requires funds to purchase an ultimately cost-effective workstation for algorithm implementation. VoE will directly address problems in conservation, management, and behavior (e.g. Honeybee agriculture and lions and zebras in Etosha National Park, Namibia).Hardware & Technology Acquisition$1,767.98
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-33 PhonLab travel and lab equipmentUC Berkeley Phonetics/Phonology LabThe Linguistics Department’s Phonology/Phonetics Lab has run cutting-edge experimental research for decades, but it has been primarily limited to onsite research due to the nature of our equipment. Most speech styles and linguistic interactions can’t be captured in the lab. However, portable, cost-efficient technology such as handheld recorders and portable video cameras would allow us to collect these for the first time.Applications & Software Development, Commercial Software Licensing$4,797.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-34 DSP Online Access ProjectDisabled Students' ProgramThe DSP Online Access Project aims to streamline the process of connecting students with disabilities on campus with resources at the disabled students’ program which support the University’s obligation to provide equal access to all students. We will do this by customizing an online scheduling solution that allows students’ 24 hour access to make follow up appointments as needed. This will greatly reduce time restrictions and remove barriers to access academic accommodations provided by DSP.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,949.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-35 Multi-Scale Remote Sensing Rangeland Monitoring SystemDepartment of Environmental Science, Policy, and ManagementThe Interdepartmental Range Management Group furthers UC Berkeley’s mission, as a land grant university, to teach practical agriculture and range science. Technological barriers have now lowered for collecting reliable data on rangelands. We request funding for eight time-lapse cameras to monitor forage species phenology and one unmanned aerial vehicle with near-infrared camera to monitor landscape-scale vegetation change. This equipment will catalyze new research and teaching about forage production and distribution on rangelands for students and professors of the Range Management Group.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,270.92
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-36 Biology Advising Engagement to Promote Student SuccessBiosciences Divisional ServicesEffective academic advising increases extracurricular enrichment, community building, and timely degree progress through academic success. The advising center for the departments of Integrative Biology and Molecular and Cellular Biology acts as a hub. Using digital signage and portable tools we will showcase students’ successes, campus-wide programming, and enrichment opportunities to hundreds while enabling advisors to better interact with campus partners and provide support where students already are instead of requiring they come to us.Commercial Software Licensing$2,106.34
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-39 Mathematica License Funds for Physics StudentsPhysics DepartmentThe Physics Department is home to 600+ students. There are more than 100 faculty/staff member supporting the department’s mission of fostering research and educational endeavors in our community. Many of our students use Mathematia as a mathematical tool for their homework or classroom projects. The department is requesting reimbursement funds for a payment that has already been made towards the Mathematica License in October 2016 for both non-affiliated undergraduate and graduate physics students.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$2,800.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-40 Publications and Media Center LaptopsPublications and Media CenterThe Publications and Media Center serves over 100 student publications and media organizations on campus. We are committed to helping students grow and develop as leaders, editors, writers, filmmakers, and photographers. We offer several programs and resources to the community including a publication distribution program, a media equipment rental program, and skill based workshops.The PMC offers valuable resources to students, and having computers to organize our work collectively would allow us to make a bigger impact on the student publications and media community.Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-41 Hardware and Software Accessibility TrainingDisabled Students' ProgramThe Disabled Students’ Program seeks to acquire two MacBook Pros and a projector so that DSP is able to bring accessibility training to students, faculty and staff. There is a significant need on campus to provide in-depth demonstration and training on the various assistive technology (AT) softwares and the built in capabilities within Windows and Mac operating systems. Learning to use new technologies can often times be frustrating or overwhelming and can pose as an additional barrier if the individual is not provided training or guidance.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,900.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-43 Disabled Students' Program Assistive Technology Laptop AcquisitionDisabled Students' ProgramThe Disabled Students’ Program (DSP) has experienced an unexpected (% increase in the number of students who, for disability related reasons, require the use of a computer for taking their exams. Frequently, computers with specialized software are required to enable them to take their exams independently. Due to this surge - many of these students had to have their exams rescheduled to when an appropriately equipped computer was available - resulting in a great deal of additional stress.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,970.70
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-44 Spire Mindfulness and Activity TrackerDepartment of Recreational SportsSpire is an effective, real-time stress management device that provides critical feedback to help people immediately identify and shape healthy stress behaviors. Funds are needed to buy the Spire hardware that will be lent to students in the Stress Management And Resilience Training (S.M.A.R.T.) behavior change program. This will be a beta program to test the efficacy of stress management training for students. These funds will offset the cost of the equipment for the program.Applications & Software Development, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events$5,333.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-46 Basic Needs Security Tech EquipmentUC Berkeley Food PantryThe Basic Needs Coalition is dedicated to serving UC Berkeley students’ emergency food insecurity, housing, and finance needs. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness campus-wide and nationally of our efforts in de-stigmatizing food insecurity. This requires presenting and meeting with administration, and organizations where we need a projector bundle to effectively translate our message. A high-quality camera will help capture all our efforts through, document and demonstrate our work with pantry users and campus.Applications & Software Development, Investigation and Planning Projects, Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$4,900.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-47 Berkeley in the Community Engagement PortalGovernment and Community RelationsThe “Berkeley in the Community” Engagement Portal is a website being designed by undergraduate students with guidance of professional staff familiar with the diverse needs, engagement priorities and goals of the both the campus community and those of local communities. This is a long-needed tool (piloting with a Richmond, CA focus) that the campus community can use to both promote their off-campus activities and identify new opportunities for their research, course work and public service.Applications & Software Development, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$1,674.16
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-48 Basic Needs Security - MacBook Pro + EquipmentUC Berkeley Basic Needs Security CommitteeThe Basic Needs Coalition is dedicated to serving UC Berkeley students’ emergency food insecurity, housing, and finance needs. This requires recording all our data from food pantry users and syncing our information from the pantry computer with a laptop that we will take to presentations, outreach trips, and meetings. We also need a presentation kit and an extension cord to help facilitate our campus/class presentations as well as Basic Needs Coalition meetings.Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$2,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-49 Basic Needs Security - Work Study PositionUC Berkeley Basic Needs Security CommitteeThe Basic Needs Security Committee is dedicated to serving UC Berkeley students’ emergency food insecurity, housing, and finance needs. Our ultimate goal is to raise awareness campus-wide and nationally of our efforts in de-stigmatizing food insecurity. We need student coordinator who is fluent in graphic design, video and photographing, and multi-media production. Student will generate content for the committee and all its subsidiaries to expand outreach and improve media content.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-50 Tools and Parts Resupply for SupernodeSupernodeThis project aims to acquire equipment and to stock parts for Supernode, a student-run, open makerspace operating in the Chenming Hu Innovation Lab space in Cory Hall.Commercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition$3,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-51 Student Recording StudioSongwriting At BerkeleyStudent Recording Studio aims to eliminate the costs of promoting arts and self-publishing bodies of work. We provide free resources to students who want to gain experience recording and filming videos, and publish on our Facebook page Songwriting-At-Berkeley (similar to a musical version of Humans of NY or NPR Tiny Desk). However, most of the equipment is personally owned, and therefore unsustainable. We’re applying for Contingency, AAVP, and ABSA, but still require investment from STF.Technology Events, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs$5,000.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-54 Designing Digital Learning SegmentsMulticultural Urban Secondary English (MUSE)Designing Digital Learning Segments is an intersectional project of technological and pedagogical knowledge. This project seeks to support K- college educators in designing online learning segments that maximize the affordances of tools and are pedagogically aligned to the learning outcomes. Outcomes of the project include an e-book guide and sample learning segments that will be shared with the larger education community and UC Berkeley's Center for Teaching and Learning and Graduate Division.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,923.90
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-56 Laptop Lending Program Student Parent CenterThe Student Parent Center’s mission since the 1980s has been to develop and sustain targeted support services primarily for low-income, first generation and underrepresented student parents, eliminating barriers to higher education for students with children. Funds for the Laptop Lending Program (LLP) are needed to support the purchase of laptops with protective satchels to facilitate access to technology, fostering academic achievement at UC Berkeley for this underfunded and often invisible undergraduate and graduate student population.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$3,500.00
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-58 Expanding Electronics Education Physically and VirtuallyBerkeley Engineers and Mentors (BEAM)Berkeley Engineers and Mentors teaches hands-on science and engineering lessons to eighteen K-8 schools in the East Bay, reaching over 300 kids per week. We propose to invest in high-tech electronic materials so kids can understand the inner workings of the technology around them. In order to make these electronics-focused lessons available to the general public, we will use part of the funds to purchase equipment that allows us to broadcast high-quality educational material online.
Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-60 UCBMUN Technology CommitteeUC Berkeley Model United NationsUCB Model United Nation Conference plans to become the first conference to heavily introduce technology, perhaps beginning a tech revolution on the circuit. Traditionally, delegates use paper to write directives, resolutions, and notes to each other and to "crisis" staff. For this reason, large MUN conferences can waste thousands of sheets of paper over one weekend. Instead, by sending notes online, and by projecting resolutions on a screen, we can reduce waste and increase efficiency.Hardware & Technology Acquisition$4,784.70
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-62 Printing Support for Student ParentsStudent Parent CenterAn exponential increase in participation at the SPC has illuminated the significant need for access to printing/scanning/faxing resources in a child-friendly space. This project will provide a high-yield professional-grade multifunction printer for the Student Parent Center. Increasing accessibility to reliable technology in an inclusive environment provides a holistic support model improving retention and achievement for this grossly underfunded and often invisible student population.
Applications & Software Development, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Technology Events
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-63 Blockchain research and developmentBlockchain at BerkeleyWhile still in its infancy and often misunderstood, blockchain offers the potential for massive disruption in many industries. Blockchain at Berkeley strives to place Berkeley at the forefront of development in this space and become a hub of knowledge and education for students and the international community. With the help of over one-hundred UC Berkeley students, we are developing ten unique blockchain projects this semester, and many of them require specialized hardware to be completed.
Investigation and Planning Projects, Training, Support, and Access to Technology Programs
Spring 2017 Fast Track
17S-FT-64 Berkeley Underground Scholars Increased Visibility Project Berkeley Underground ScholarsBerkeley Underground Scholars Increased Visibility Project (BUSIVP) needs to purchase video camera equipment and a high production laptop. This will help increase visibility of our organization—for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students—by being able to record meetings, conduct interviews, and record events for historical documentation on a planned YouTube channel. We will be able to record quality videos to show online and during presentations in order to share our work with a larger audience.
Commercial Software Licensing, Hardware & Technology Acquisition, Investigation and Planning Projects