Top 100 Romances by Dear Author
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BookJanineJennieJayneJoan/Sarah F.JiaJanet/RobinJaneJan
To Have and to Hold by Patricia GaffneyHands down my favorite romance ever. Blew my mind.One of my all-time favorites.Have never read it and doubt I ever will.Adore this book. Amazing character arcs.NRPart of my Romance conversion package. One of the few books with sexual force I adore.I was a late and reluctant reader of this book but it is powerful and moving.Great book, but so uncomfortable I can't read it again
For My Lady's Heart by Laura KinsaleAmazing. One of Kinsale's best.Fantastic book, but I felt less of an emotional connection to the characters than in some of Kinsale's other books.Wonderful book. The characterization is great and period detail delights me.My absolute favorite Kinsale. Ruck is my ideal hero. Only medieval I'll ever read.NROne of my favorite Kinsale's. Love Ruck's sense of honor and Melanthe's strength.This isn't my favorite Kinsale but it's a great medievalAmazing writing and characters. One of the all-time best.
Black Silk by Judith IvoryIvory's writing is stunning here. But it's slow and cerebral.My favorite by this author and one of my favorites of all time.I loathe this book with a passion. Hate, hate, hate it.NR. CanNOT figure out the Ivory/Cuevas love, no matter how I try. This is on my TBR, though. NRPossibly my favorite Romance ever.One of my favorite Ivory books but I didn't truly enjoy it until I read it late in my romance reading years.Very subdued, but moving and lovely.
Naked in Death by J.D RobbLoved some Roberts books but not this one.NR (only ever read one Roberts - it was okay).Never readMeh. Wasn't impressed enough to read #2.It was okay but it didn't make me want to read other books in the series.Not my favorite In Death but essential to the series.I think the JD Robb series was groundbreaking in the romance genre.The beginning of a groundbreaking series, and introduction of one of romances greatest couples
My Reckless Heart by Jo GoodmanNRNRAnother author I need to try.NRNRDefensive hero and heroine; great historical coverage; adore it.I love Goodman and her Thorne brother series is a favorite of mine.NR
The Dream Hunter by Laura KinsaleKinsale's most cinematic work. Great heroine redemption.Possibly my fave Kinsale? In my top five romances.NRNowhere near top of my personal list for Kinsale books.NRLove Zenia's journey to trust and healthy love.Decent but not a favorite.I liked the first half way more than the over the top melodrama of the second half
Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta ChaseLiked but didn't love it. Prefer Chase's Carsington series.Liked but didn't love it on first reading. Liked it better on second reading, but still don't think I quite get all the fuss.Great story, greater characters. One of my favs.I adore Dain and love Jessica. Deservedly ranks so high on so many listsOne of my favorite romances. Love the way it pokes fun at many well-known, well-worn tropes.Haven't ever been able to get through this one.This was another ground breaking genre romance, in my opinion. It showcases Chase at her best. The wit is in full display.Chase's best. And the best written sexual tension I've ever read
The Windflower by Laura London/Tom and Sharon CurtisDNF b/c felt Merry too young for Devon. Would rather Merry w/Cat. Prefer Sunshine and Shadow.Loved, though a steady diet of this type of heroine would drive me nuts.Once I got past the heroine's intial presentation, I loved it. The hero can be a putz at times. I wish Cat had his own story.NR but TBRNRLove, love, love it. Emotional depth; abundant literary allusions; jaded but noble hero.It's epic.Started but couldn't finish, too bodice ripper for me
Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer CrusieLoved it. Possibly my favorite of the humorous straight contemporary romance genre.Liked very much.Love a lot of her books but haven't read this one. Took me 3 tries to read this. Liked it okay.NRVery likable book; love the "soundtrack" effect.Definitely a favorite of mine. I've re-read it multiple times.Very funny, a great look at small towns as well as an unconventional romance
Delicious by Sherry ThomasLove, love, love this book. So sophisticated and magical.Love this book. Awesome.Good solid book for me.NRIt's somewhere in the TBR pile.Have not yet read it, but I own it.I think Janine's description of the work being sophisticated is spot on.NR
Forbidden by Susan JohnsonHaven't read it. It's in my TBR pile.Favorite Johnson by far.NRLoved Daisy. Hero forgettable.NRNobody does difficult, tumultuous love and lust like Johnson used to.Loved Daisy. Thought it was an epic and different romance. Read a long time ago and remember it being a lot better than I expected
The Shadow and the Star by Laura KinsaleSo poignant and moving. One of my favorite romances in creation.Or maybe *this* is my favorite Kinsale. Sigh. Gorgeous.Lovely book. Probably my second favorite Kinsale.Meh, not my favorite Kinsale either.DNFTook me three times through to love it; Tess one of my favorite Kinsale women.Like Jayne, probably my second favorite Kinsale.I think this is her most poetic romance
Wild at Heart by Patricia GaffneyMy second favorite Gaffney. Unique hero, filled with humanity.Very good (Gaffney pretty much always is, at least her historicals).NRThink I've read it but don't remember details.NRLoved this book, but have never been compelled to re-read it.NRI found this book ro be wildly romantic, in a good way
Beast by Judith IvoryMy fave Ivory. Deliciously dark and ironic.Second or third favorite Ivory - damn good book.Good story. It's been too long since I read it to add much more.Read but never been able to get into Ivory/Cuevas worship.NRI just don't like most of her fairy-tale riffs, including this one.Liked it but didn't love it. Ivory was better for me when she wrote as Cuevas.Incredible characterizations. An amazing read.
False Colors by Alex BeecroftNRNR Haven't read this one yet but I really, really want to soon.My review says it all, I think. Sublime book.NRHaven't yet read it, but I own it.NRStarted but wasn't interested enough to finish
Mistress of the Art of Death by Ariana Franklin NRRead last year - very good. I have the sequel tbr.Love this series. Love this book. Love this author. NROn my "Read someday" list.Have not ever read Franklin but would like to.NRNR
The Changeling Bride by Lisa CachNR. Loved Cach's Dream of Me.NRI adore this book. The heroine is wonderful, the hero is fantastic and the TT aspects are great.NRNRHaven't read this one, but I like Cach's 'no shame in sex' approach.It's one of the few TT books I've enjoyed.Read and enjoyed, but don't recall much else about it.
Dance by Judy CuevasMy 3rd fave Ivory. Loved the stuffy hero/free spirited heroine pairing.Very good but not among my favorites by Ivory. A touch melancholy, maybe?NRNRNRAdored the treatment of art and film and the difficult love between Sebastien and Marie.One of my favorite. Very unusual romance in setting and characters.The first time I read this I disliked it. The second time, I realized what I'd missed. The dance between the h/h is a perfect expression of a romantic relationship
Heart Of The West by Penelope WilliamsonNRException to my anti-Western prejudice. Unbelievably awesome book.NRNRNRHave not yet read it, but I own it.NRWell-written and engaging, but the h/h spend too much time apart for me.
Practice to Deceive by Patricia VeryanNR but it's TBR.NRAgain, this is one of my favorite authors and I love this series to pieces. It's rare that a series with 6 books are all wonderful but this one manages it.NRNRHave not yet read it, but Jayne's recommendations have it TBB for me.NRRead this and thought the series was good, but don't remember much else
Reforming Lord Ragsdale by Carla KellyLiked but didn't love this one. Prefer One Good Turn and Miss Whittier.NRThe first CK book I ever read and it's still a favorite.NRNRHave not read it.I think I read this but I don't have a memory of it.I enjoy all of Kelly's books. This isn't my favorite, but it's up there.
Tatiana And Alexander by Paulina SimonsNR. Tried The Bronze Horseman but didn't get far -- the length intimidated me.Incredibly emotional and better than the sum of its parts (writing and plot can both be rather melodramatic).I thought about trying this but the length and depressing aspects turned me off. NRNRHave not read it.I thought the Bronze Horseman was the better book.I loved the first book but this one was too much melodrama for me.
The Bride Fair by Cheryl ReavisNRNRI love this book. I've probably read it 5 times by now and still haven't tired of it.NRNRHave not read it.Again, I've read this but I don't have a memory of it.NR
The Outsider by Penelope WilliamsonNR (It's TBR)Great Williamson, though not my favorite by her.NRA perfectly written book. Heart-wrenching.NRHave not read it.NRA really wonderful and moving romance, beautifully written
Uneven by Anah CrowNRNRNRIncredible exploration of sadomasochistic relationship.NRHave not read it.NRNR
Bad Girl by Michelle JaffeNRNRNRNRNRHave not read it.I'm obviously responsible for this book's appearance on the list but it remains my go to recommendation for new readers of RS and is my favorite RS bookNR
Archangel by Sharon ShinnWonderful fantasy romance. On my keeper shelf.Good, but not my favorite in the series.Great opening to a wonderful series. It grabbed my attention and never let go.NRI'm positive I've read this book but for the life of me, I can't remember what I thought about it.I so loved the treatment of music and faith in this book. Lyrical yet rawly powerful.Loved it but the secret kind of ruined my affection for the series.One of the best sfRoms out there.
The Smoke Thief by Shana AbeLoved this and reviewed it for DA.Very good. Great start to this series.Good book and I need to read further in the series. NRNRRead this four times back to back. Loved the blend of history and fantasy. Found Kit and Rue a perfect match.Loved the alpha female/alpha male pairing. None of the others lived up to this book for me.Lovely, lovely prose. Thanks Janine!
As You Desire by Connie BrockwayEgypt felt inauthentic. Prefer My Dearest Enemy or ATTN.Liked but didn't love.It's been a while since I read it. I remember liking the parts in England better.NRDNFI enjoyed this, but have not been blown away by Brockway's books.Loved it. I'm not a historical scholar and so the story made everything work for me.This was Hollywood romance from the 40s for me. Like Casablanca, Egypt didn't need to be real. It was very fun.
Night in Eden by Candice ProctorTerrific book. Australia comes alive.Loved but suspect it might not hold up on reread now. Still, very emotional, sexy book.Have read and liked other books by Proctor but haven't read this one.Used this book in my first academic article! :) Enjoyed it.NRLoved it; the landscape was a visceral presence.NRNR
Fallen from Grace by Laura LeoneLoved hero & plot conflict. Heroine was meh.Very different, well written, moving. Had a few problems but well worth the read.Looking back now, I think the hero was too angsty but overall it's a good book.Enjoyed it. Loved that hero was really a prostitute.NRAppreciated that Leone doesn't pretty up hero's profession. Made his journey more powerful.Unusual and gritty.Really enjoyed the reality of the situation and how the h/h dealt with it. It felt like true romance.
Seize the Fire by Laura KinsaleBrilliant but bleak. Amazing hero but book is gutwrenching.Probably my favorite Kinsale hero? (Unless that's Samuel from TS&TS). I cried buckets over Olympia's letter to Sherry late in the book.NRAdore this book. Sherry is another ideal hero. PTSD brilliantly done.NRMy favorite Kinsale. Heartbreaking journey for Olympia and Sheridan. Hope they're happy in Vienna.I liked it but didn't love it.A very powerful book, Her treatment of PTSD was deep and true, something many romance writers fail at.
Anyone But You by Jennifer CrusieLiked but didn't love it.Can't remember if I read?Very good book for me."Typical" Crusie, but surprisingly, loved hero.NRLoved the older heroine and the surprising depth of the hero. Probably my favorite Crusie.This shows how good category length books can truly be.Very cute, just a perfect little book.
Crooked Hearts by Patricia GaffneyVery fond of this, but it pales in comaprison to THATH or WAH.Cute and funny, but lacks the emotional impact of my favorite Gaffneys.Nice book. It's the first of her's I read.Lots of fun!NROne of my favorite Gaffney books. Love the California settings and the Twainesque flavor. NRNot my favorite of hers but OK
Bound by Your Touch by Meredith DuranBeautifully written twist on rake and spinster book.Fantastic.NRNRNRThe family dynamics in this book are brilliantly done.Thought it was an amazing book.NR
Private Arrangements by Sherry ThomasLoved it from the first witty, wry word.Another great book from this author.Liked it very much.NRIt's somewhere in the TBR pile.Loved the modern setting. Great debut novel.Not my favorite Thomas but was an excellent story.Startlingly good. I didn't think they published romances like this anymore.
The Duke's Wager by Edith LaytonThe prose is dense but the story is brilliant.I didn't care for this one. Writing style annoyed me.Fantastic. Mind blowingly good.NRNRHave not read this.I read it but don't remember it. She writes in an old-fashioned style, but the story and characters blew me away
Dream Man by Linda HowardOnce I loved it. Now it doesn't work for me. :( Prefer Kell Sabin!Silly but pretty damn readable (and hot!).Hated the hero but then I don't like Howard's books at all.LOVED Dane. Stubborn man extraordinaire.NRLiked Marlie, hated Dane, especially his impatient seduction techniques. Love this book. Scared me so much I was afraid of my closet for weeks.I hate this book. Hate hate hate.One of two books I've ever burnt.
Ember by Bettie SharpeTerrific. A subversive fairy tale for adults.Very good. Loved the heroine.NRSo smart, so good. So free!A good read with a nice voice but a bit predictable and not subversive enough for my tastes. Not thrilled with the ending, but loved the first two-thirds.I probably liked Evie Byrne's assassin bad ass heroine in Damned by Blood better than Sharpe's character. Felt like she didn't push the envelope far enough.NR
Mirrors and Mistakes by Kathleen Gilles SeidelLove this author. Wholly absorbing story of two loners who find love.Manipulative and slightly unbelievable, but in a good way. My favorite of the four Seidels I've read.How many NR's is this for me now?NRNRA one-book argument for the nuanced, multi-layered potential in category length Romance.I am always amazed at the understanding that Gilles Seidel evinces of her characters. She truly gets into their skin.NR, but I should since I love her books
The Dream Thief by Shana AbeDark, seductive jewel of a story. Love Abe's prose.Beautiful prose; great story.NRNRNRPowerful use of myth and fantasy, but didn't love it as much as The Smoke Thief.Had problems with this.More lovely prose. I read this one first, and prefer it so ST
It Had To Be You by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsNR. My favorite SEP is Ain't She Sweet.I don't think I've ever properly read this, though I've skimmed it quite a bit.One of my favorite SEP books too.My favorite SEP. Uncharacteristically, I adore hero AND heroine.NRI hate this book. My favorite SEP book. Feel like the tropes in this book have been often imitated but never as successful as SEP.All her books tend to run together for me. Is this the one with the Lucky Charms? That was cute
Bet Me by Jennifer CrusieLiked it a lot but didn't love it like WTT.Favorite Crusie. Smart and funny.NRMy favorite Crusie. So smart. Love h/h.NRI admire the craft and enjoyed it, but still prefer her categories.Actually one of my least favorite Crusie books.Almost as good as WTT
Morning Glory by LaVyrle SpencerLiked it very much. Spencer often conversative toward women but writes so well.Very good but I don't know that Spencer is for me.Love this book. Quiet hero and heroine and a lovely story.A WW2 romance that works. Love unconventionally lower-class h/h.NRHave I read this one? If so, cannot recall it.Wonderful. Spencer was a great contemporary voice. Think her works still hold up today.Unconventional setting, plot, h/h/h, absolutely well handled
Spring Fancy by LaVyrle SpencerLiked very much but prefer Family Blessings and Years.NRlove the wedding descriptions but heroine dithered.Adore this book. Love depiction of heroine.NRFabulous book! Working class hero, career-minded heroine, heroine infidelity. Groundbreaking.Agree with Robin that this was a groundbreaking book with really unusual tropes.I tend to love or hate her books. This one falls on the negative side because the heroine was so annoying
A Christmas Promise by Mary BaloghPossibly my favorite Balogh. Goes from heartwrenching to joyous.I don't remember which one this is but I think I liked it?have read loads of Balogh books but not this one.Don't think I've read it even though I thought I'd read most Balogh.NRHave not read, I don't think.Have read this but can't remember the plot.I confuse all her Christmas books. I rated it 3/10 but said it was a keeper. wtf
Again by Kathleen Gilles SeidelMy favorite Seidel so far. Love the heroine esp.Eh. It was okay. Didn't really like heroine.Wonderful. Love both hero and heroine. Very funny too.NRNRHave not yet read.Loved this one. It's hard to pick a favorite Seidel but the story within a story is creative. Plus, it's about soap operas!My favorite Seidel. I liked the construction of the plot, and loved the heroine
Almost Heaven by Judith McNaughtSo-so for me. I prefer Something Wonderful.Good but only in the middle of the pack for me, McNaught-wise.NRNRNRHave not read.Totally my favorite McNaught. Love the melodrama and the way I was brought low and high and low again to the heartwrenching ending. Ah Ian and Elizabeth. Among those I love of McNaught's. They're all very close in ratings. She translates emotions to the reader so well.
Company of Swans by Eva IbbotsonNot Ibbotson's strongest IMO, but still beautifully writtenFavorite Ibbotson! Love the heroine, the hero, the setting...My first Ibbotson. Lovely characters and details.NRNRSo lushly written, so passionately told. Loved it.NRNot my favorite, but very good. I loved the unconventional setting and the way she brought it to life
His Lordship's Mistress by Joan WolfSimple but powerful story. Liked it a lot.Very good - 2nd favorite by Wolf (after Margarita).NRNRNRHave not yet read.Maybe not my favorite Wolf but right up there. An excellent Regency. I like the way she approaches the period with realism but doesn't lose the romance.
One Good Turn by Carla KellyBeautiful -- heartbreaking and healing both.Favorite Kelly - very emotional and beautifully written.One of her best. It moved me to tears without overdoing the melodrama.A book that deals with devastation of Badajoz. Loved it!NRI think I have read this book, but am not sure.It was one of the first books I read that portrayed the negative side of being a soldier.I was disappointed in this, because I love LLM so much. I felt it played the emotions more tritely than I was used to from her
Shattered Rainbows by Mary Jo PutneySwooningly romantic. One of Putney's best.Good MJP. I like but don't love most of her books that I've read.Totally blah. I think Putney is vastly overrated.Never able to get into Putney either.NRHaven't read it.Not my favorite Putney but I did enjoy Michael and Catherine's storyOne of her best, deservedly a top romance.
The Duke and I by Julia QuinnDidn't do much for me. I prefer When He Was Wicked.NR Loved the heroine, loved the love story but the hero's reasoning makes no sense.To me, Quinn is enjoyable but never brilliant. Tone too modern for historicals. Enjoyed this one.NRHaven't been able to keep the Quinn kool-aid down.This is a groundbreaking book, in my opinion. Like SEP, it's often imitated.Very fun. This book always lifts my spirits.
Dragonflight by Anne McCaffreyTwo great alpha characters in unforgettable pairing.NRNRF'lar and Lessa! And dragons! And time-travel! Yay!It was all right. The Pern books tend to blur together in my head. Other animal companion books left more of an impression on me during my formative reading years, I think.Haven't yet read it.Read it but don't really find it a romanceThe sfr classic before all the others. Unlike many other iconic tales, it still stands up today.
Lady's Choice by Jayne Ann KrentzNRNRNR, NR, NR...Starts with sex scene! Love scene when she stands on his car.NRHaven't yet read it.This is a great category book with a really proactive heroine.Pretty far down on my list of JAKs
Flowers from the Storm by Laura KinsaleAwesome book. So memorable.Pretty much the perfect romance.Good, I think it helps to know a little about the plot before you start.Adore this book. Love Jerveaux. Love intrigue and politics and Maddy.DNF. I think Kinsale is one of those authors everyone loves whose books I just can't get into.Loved the way Maddie's frugality and Jervaux's excessiveness are so powerfully complementary.This book takes a lot of work to read and it's really well written but it's not one that I could re-read.Don't like this as much as I used to, maybe because it no longer lives up to the hype in my head, but still very well written
Natural Law by Joey HillNR. Really want to read it.NRNRBrilliant, perfect femdom book w/ alpha submissive hero.I keep meaning to read this.Great on the complexities of gender, sex, and power.Groundbreaking. Makes you believe in the utter sexiness of a submissive alpha male.NR
Not Quite a Husband by Sherry ThomasGorgeous and full of emotion.Another great one by Thomas - maybe my favorite? I can't choose!NRNRLoved the voice and character dynamics. Didn't much care for the actual story.Have not yet read.Enjoyed the story but again, not my favorite Thomas.NR
Out of the Blue by Sally MandelNRNRLove it. Here's an author who can take a story about a horrible disease and make me believe in a love story featuring it.NRNRHave not read.Gorgeous story about how true love knows no physical boundary. Jayne turned me onto this book.NR
The Passions of Emma by Penelope WilliamsonLiked it but more for the women's friendship than for the romance.One of my all time favorites - romantic and sad and beautiful.NRNRNRHave not read.NRI don't usually like tearjerkers, but this one wrung them from me and still left me wanting more
Written on Your Skin by Meredith DuranOh so good. My favorite Duran. Love the characters, love the prose.Great, great book.NRNRNRUnique characters but felt a little too frantic and contrived in parts.NRGot bored and couldn't finish it. Yes, like Janet said, because it felt contrived
A Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaughtThe medieval setting didn't feel authentic to me. Prefer Something Wonderful.Another good but not favorite McNaught.This author does nothing for me.Never been able to get into McNaught either.NRHave not read.Didn't like this one. I felt Jennifer was too stupid to live. The way she hits a readers emotions determines how much they love or hate a book of hers I think. I loved this one.
A Man to Slay Dragons by Meagan McKinneyOne of my favorite romantic suspense books ever. Great hero and heroine.Very good, though kind of gruesome.At this point, I'm laughing at the number of books I haven't read on this list.NRNRHaven't read it, but I own it.It was okay. Powerful writing, but I don't think I could read it again
Beloved Lord by Mallory BurgessLiked it but didn't love it. Prefer The Suitor (Sandy Hingston name)I loved all four of her "Beloved" books, but this was my favorite.Good solid medieval. NRNRHave not read.NRNR
Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre KnightReally enjoyed this exploration of grief and love.NRNRAshamed to say, still haven't read, but is TBR.On my list of books to read.Haven't finished it yet.Amazing story that really challenged my belief system about love and sexuality.NR
Dearly Beloved by Mary Jo PutneyUsed to love, but now find HEA unconvincing. My favorite MJP is Uncommon Vows!Very readable but problematic in places.NRNRNRI have many, many problems with this book.Read it but thought it was fairly weak in places.I thought the way she portrayed the heroine's mind, as a rape victim, was stunningly accurate.
Devonshire by Lynne ConnollyNRNRThis is another series that doesn't miss. All the books (so far) have been excellent.NRNRHave not yet read it.Love the series. I wouldn't be able to state which one is better though.I love how she works within the conventions of the time, and allows her h/h to break them, but with consequences
Don't Forget to Smile by Kathleen Gilles SeidelWonderfully satisfying book. I reviewed it here.Really good; appealing h/h and a lot of realism.NRNRNRHave not yet read it.One of my favorite KGS books about former beauty queen.NR
Dream A Little Dream by Susan Elizabeth PhillipsCouldn't suspend disbelief in premise so DNF. Prefer Ain't She Sweet.Liked very much but didn't love.Okay but not great.Love both relationships in book. Love God voices in Ethan's head.NRMy favorite SEP. Adored Rachel & found Gabe's grief powerful. Still hate Cal & wish ending weren't so pregnant.It was decent, but not my favorite SEP.Read but don't remember
Dreaming of You by Lisa KleypasLoved it but haven't reread in years.Liked but not my favorite Kleypas.NRHeroine annoying. I enjoy Kleypas but find her books forgettable.NRLoved it when I read it, but now prefer Kleypas's contemporaries.Enjoyed it, but like Janet think that Kleypas resonates better in contemporaries.Loved the h/h. I don't think she's topped this
Duke of Shadows by Meredith DuranVery good IMO. Loved the hero.Beautiful debut.tried to read. failed to read past 1/3 mark.NRNRSome wonderful scenes and elements, but not a favorite in genre or by Duran.Thought the book was weak particularly compared to her later efforts.The writing and characters in this blew me away
Fireflower by Edith LaytonCouldn't finish; h/h power imbalance too great.Unusual - not entirely romantic but very compelling and felt realistic.NRNRNRLove this book; still feels unusual to me.NRRead but don't recall
George and the Virgin by Lisa CachNRNRFunny, funny book. It's rare that a Cach book doesn't work for me.NRNROh, I love this book. It's just so deliciously tongue and cheek but still touching.Agree that this is very funny and poked a lot of fun at romance tropes.Very funny, though in my analness I couldn't get past some big plot holes
Jovah's Angel by Sharon ShinnBeautiful, quiet, sweet fantasy romance.Great entry in the series.Good but not my favorite.NRNRHave not yet read.Liked it but not as much as Archangel. Liked it but not as much as the first
Lady Gallant by Suzanne RobinsonFull of plot holes and poetry speech. Didn't work for me.Manipulative but I loved it when I read it.Asshole hero who has to work for his redemption. And it works for me. NRNRHave not read.Read it but cannot remember the plot.Read a long time ago and remember it as better than expected, but expected Cassie Edwards
Lily by Patricia GaffneyMelodramatic. Doesn't hold a candle to THATH.Deliciously melodramatic - not as sophisticated as Gaffney's later works but so moving to me.isn't this the door mat heroine?Sometimes I like this more than THATH.NRCracktastic; a veritable encyclopedia of bad things that can happen to a Romance heroine.NRHated it. Textbook abusive relationship. No convincing change of character.
Lion's Bride by Iris JohansonReally, really liked it but haven't read in years.Liked it pretty well. All of those older Johansons seem the same to me, and they aren't perfect but they are pretty entertaining.I love this book. Just love it.NRNRHave not read.Definitely my favorite Iris Johansen book and one early romance regarding the Templars.NR
Mr. Impossible by Loretta ChaseLoved Rupert. Egypt didn't feel authentic to me. But I loved Rupert!Liked it, though I don't really remember it.My favorite from this whole series.Adore Rupert! NRMy second favorite in this series. Love how brilliant Daphne can't read Rupert & love how open but still interesting Rupert is. Totally fun book. A delightful read
Outlander by Diana GabaldonRead 700 pages and then DNF. Had problems with Claire's narration.Starting me reading romance. Holds a special place in my heart.I like it but wasn't inspired enough to continue the series.Adore Jamie, of course! Wish she'd stopped at one.DNFHave not read and the hype continues to discourage me.Listened to it on audio. Sucked me right into the time and place. Loved the heroine. Wish the series had stopped at one book
Over the Edge by Suzanne BrockmannNRNRNRBrockmann always on my favorites list. One of her best.NRMay have read; Brockmann's books blur together for me.The best Brockmann book. Not sure. Stopped reading her Seal books at some point because they acted contrary to common sense and what I knew of the military
Pure Sin by Susan JohnsonHot! But prefer Wicked.Eh.Is this the one TRR describes as "bucket of sin?"Read it but don't remember it.NRProbably my favorite Johnson. Native American issues well-handled & I loved Adam and Flora. Very sexy, too.Not sure which is my favorite Johnson but I adore the scene when Adam confesses he loves FloraNR
Scandal by Amanda QuickMy favorite Quick! Great comfort read.NR (I think? I don't get this author's appeal at all)I liked it when I read it but remember nothing of it now.Revenge! Dragons! Quick at her best.NRHave not read.My favorite Quick too.I like Quick but all her stories run together for me.
Scandal by Carolyn JewelOne of this year's best books. Oh so good.Just great.NRNRNRHave not yet read.Really good. Hope Jewel writes historicals for a long time.NR
The Dominant Blonde by Alisa KwitneyGreat chick lit. Love Liam.Funny - great h/h.Good. Very funny story and I love the hero.NRNRReally enjoyed this. Wish there were more positively portrayed non-Christian characters in genre as a whole.Read it but don't think it's one of the best contemporary romances.I really didn't 'get' the attraction of this book
The Slightest Provocation by Pam RosenthalLoved this nonlinear story of how a marriage is repaired.Total package - great story, characters, writing.NRNRNRLoved the literary feel to Rosenthal's latest two novels.NRNR
To Love a Dark Lord by Anne StuartDidn't work for me at all. Sorry Jan! OTOH, I loved Black Ice.Really loved it when I read it.NRNRNRHave not read.NRMy favorite redemption romance. I didn't expect to find it convincing, but did.
Untie My Heart by Judith IvoryLiked but didn't love it. Not a fave Ivory.Not my favorite Ivory, but even so-so Ivory is pretty good.good but not great.NRNROh, I love this book. Proud and stubborn Emma, proud and stubborn Stuart. I fell in love with Stuart and his coat instantly.I liked it but didn't love it. Not a big fan of the cons.Some great prose here and there, but a big come down from what she'd done before.
Warprize by Elizabeth VaughanOkay, but didn't compel me to read #2.NR (again, I think)Great story, interesting characters and world building. NRDNFWas surprised at how much I enjoyed this book. A thoughtful narrative of captivity and cultural exchange.This reminded me a lot of Julie Garwood. I liked it a lot and wish there were more of these in the genre.Thought this was really overrated (sorry Jayne)
Wild Sweet Ecstasy by Jo GoodmanNR -- Have in TBR.NRNRNRNRMy sentimental favorite of the Goodman oeuvre. And it's a Western!Not my favorite Dennehey book. I liked the one with the former nun.NR
Wildest Hearts by Jayne Ann KrentzNRNRNRJAK is mostly fun but blurs together for me.NRHave not yet read.Not my favorite Krentz long contemporary. That might be Family Man.I like all of JAKs books from this period. This had all her trademarks, finding family, forgiveness, trust, and love
The Reluctant Heiress/Magic Flutes by Eva Ibbotson One of my favorite Ibbotsons. Only Madensky Square better.Another great, charming Ibbotson.NRNRNRHave not yet read.NRWhat Janine said
"A House East of Regent Street" by Pam Rosenthal (novella in the anthology Strangers in the Night)On my keeper shelf. My favorite Rosenthal. Love that h/h are commoners.Very good novella.NRNRNRThe ending blew the whole thing for me.NRSensual, nicely crafted story and characters
A Place to Call Home by Deborah SmithNRNRNRNRNRHave not read. Loved Alice at Heart, though.My favorite Smith book. I've read it a ton of times. Almost more of a family saga. She hits all the right notes though, from childhood friendship with an alienated boy, to working out their love as adults
Devil's Bride by Stephanie LaurensNRHated it!!!!!Couldn't get past chapter 1.NRNRHave not yet read.Groundbreaking. Hero in pursuit.A classic hot alpha male.
Heart Throb by Suzanne BrockmannNRDon't get the fuss over this one.have read lots of her category books but few single title.My favorite Brockmann, bar none.NRWas this a TDD book? Liked those better than the Troubleshooters.Didn't really like this one.My favorite book of hers. Heartwrenching at times
If Wishes Were Horses by Curtiss Ann MatlockNRNRAnother book I read early in my return to romance reading. Modern western with compelling characters and storyline.NRNRHave not read.NRMatlock is so underrated. I love the places and people she writes about, salt of the earth, just like us. The stories always touch me.
Lady Elizabeth's Comet by Sheila SimonsonNRNROne of my favorite romances. See my review.NRNRHave not read.NRThanks Jayne for this one. Slow moving and touching
Rejar by Dara JoyNRNROkay but nothing great.NRMeh.Another campy, cracktastic favorite of mine.Eh, I never understood the affection for Joy's work.This and Mine to Take are guilty pleasures. Cracktastic indeed
Weaver Takes a Wife by Sheri Cobb SouthNot bad but not a keeper for me.NRAnother author I adore. This starts the "Weaver" series with a commoner hero and his aristocratic lady wife.NRNRHave not yet read.NRSuch understated writing, but so loaded. I love her deft hand at characterization