Kinder Question Stems
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Kilgo's Kindergarten Question Stems
Aligned with Reading Comprehension Skills
K.4 (A)*What happened when __ did __?
*Why did __ go to __?
*Why is __ important?
K.4 (B)*What is one thing you know about __ (character)?
*When did _ do _?
K.5 (A)*What does this word tell you?
*What does this word tell you to do? (directions or actions)
*What does this word mean?
K.5 (B)*Can you find two shorter words in this word?
*Can we make a new word by putting these two shorter words together?
K.5 (C)*How are the objects in these two pictures alike?
*What do these two objects have in common?
*Which picture of an object belongs with this picture of an object?
K.5 (D)*Find the picture that shows this word.
K.6 (A)*Where did this story take place?
*Who was a character in this story?
*What happened when __?
K.6 (B)*Have you had an experience like __ in this story?
*What did we learn from reading this story?
*How can the lesson in this story help you?
K.6 (C)*How did you know what __was feeling?
*Which part of this story made you feel happy?
*Which part of this story made you feel sad?
*Was there any part of this story that made you wish you were there?
K.6 (D)*Why do you think the authors of these stories always begin with “Once upon a time"?
*What do the authors mean by “they lived happily ever after” in these two fairy tales?
K.7 (A)*Listen to the first two lines in this poem and tell me two words that rhyme.
*What two words do you hear rhyming?
**Teacher: Let’s find the rhythm in this poem by listening to me clap the rhythm as I read the poem.
K.8 (A)*What happened before __ did __?
*After __ did __ what happened?
*List the 3 major events in the order in which they happened.
K.8 (B)*How does __ feel about __?
*Why do you think __ did __?
*Which word best describes __?
*Why did __ want to _?
K.9 (A)*What was the topic of this article?
*The topic of this information is –
K.10 (A)*What is __ according to this information?
*Which words tell you how long it takes to__?
*When you look at this picture, can you tell where __ is?
*How do you know __?
K.10 (B)*Tell one thing you learned from this article. (read aloud to students)
*What was important in this information?
K.10 (C)*How did the author tell you about __?
*Did the author tell you more than one thing about __?
K.10 (D)*Let’s read the title and decide what we think this information is about.
*Look at the picture and predict what the article is about?
K.11 (A)*What are the ingredients in this recipe?
*What equipment do we need for this science experiment?
*What is the first step in the directions for making __?
K.11 (B)*What does this ask a person to do?
*How would you follow the directions on this sign?
*What should you do if you see this sign?
K.12 (A)*How did __ advertise his/her program?
*Locate advertisements in this newspaper.
*Name different ways businesses can advertise.
K.12 (B)*How is music used in an advertisement?
*Identify the movements in the advertisement.
K RCS (A)*Why do you think we read __?
*How did this story make you feel?
*What do you like best in __?
*What did you learn from listening to me read __?
K RCS (B)*Where did the story take place?
*Who was __’s mother?
*What did __ do in the story?
*What happened in the story?
*When was this article written?
K RCS (C)*Listen carefully as I reread this story and find out why __ was important.
*I will reread this information. Tell me what you learned that you did not learn the first time I read this information.
K RCS (D)*What can you tell about this story from the title?
*Why is paragraph __ important in this story?
*You can tell from this picture that –
*What can you tell about this book from its cover?
K RCS (E)*Retell the three most important events in this story in the order in which these events happened. (sorting important from not important)
*What happened after __?
*What happened before __?
*What happened when __?
K RCS (F)*How are your experiences like those of the character in the story?
*Have you read about this information before in a different article?
*What information in this article reminded you of our community?
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