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ICODate ReviewedDescriptionHard Cap ($)Hype ScoreTeam ScoreToken Economics ScoreOpinionUpdateStrengths WeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats
AergoJUN 26 2018Aergo wants to create a blockchain infrastructure for enterprise clients that offers 1 million transactions per second via sidechainsTBA88TBACash CowHype and Team score updated from 7.5 to 8. No MVP is available yet.The Aergo’s parent company, Blocko, has over 30 enterprise clients including Samsung, Hyundai and Credit Suisse.Coinstack/Blocko is meant to have a sound business model and yet the project still requires funding. Aergo has garnered significant awareness with crypto influencers in the market and shows signs of unmet demandOverzealous roadmap when compared to the competition. However, the speed of its delivery could be its success.
ChromaWayAUG 8 2018See Latest Video$15,000,000*TBATBATBATBA*Hard cap and Token Economics not confirmed
NOSMAY 2 2018
Seeks to create an Operating System for the NEO blockchain
TBA88TBACash CowUpdated from Bullish to Cash Cow - very high levels of unmet demandthe project has significant awareness in the market with lots of perceived value, unmet demand and community supportOutside of tokens and trading, no killer apps have been deployed on top of blockchain technology.The team are made up of City of Zion developers with a track record in building working applications NOS is Tied to a single blockchain and reliant of NEO’s success
NEXJAN 29 2018Decentralized exchange, payment service and wallet for NEO-based tokens$25,000,0001089Cash CowData for Hype score updatedFounded by the creators of the Neon Wallet. Each member has direct blockchain experianceDates, KYC and investor communication are lacking with some parts of the documentation contradicting other parts of the documentation Demand for a NEP-5 trading platform is becoming greater by the dayAs a first mover, rivals will be watching NEX's iteration closely to see what they can include, in their own systems, and improve upon
MultiVACJUL 30 2018See Latest VideoTBATBATBATBANeutral
QuarkChainAPR 20 2018wants to create a bifurcated or two-layer blockchain that focuses on scalability and security$20,000,000107.55Cash CowHype was 6/10 at time of recording. Increased to 10/10 - same level as EOS was at ICO stageQuarkChain’s testnet is operational and running ahead of schedule - Not a white paper ICOThere are no partnerships or business agreements -you're paying for Tulips so speculate accordinglyQuarkChain will support smart contracts via the Ethereum Virtual Machine Could follow the path of GoNetwork and postponed/cancelled its ICO
MetaHashJUL 04 2018 Synchronized network for decentralized applications, no value proposition and vague idea$36,000,0007.521NegativeIan Balina's 100x advisory firm is working with the projectClear sounding, two syllable name. NB: Inflated Telegram Channel due to airdrop. 12% of tokens distributed to the ICO Dynamic hard cap tied to market conditions - this is a red flag.CEO and CTO are connected to AdSniper which has a low Alexa rank Prolonged crowdsale signifies lack of potential investors
OceanExJUL 24 2018See Latest VideoTBATBATBATBATBA
DX ChainJUL 08 2018Uses big data and machine learning on a "chains-on-chain" archetecture to create a blockchain that solves multiple problems simultaneously36,000 ETH57TBABullishDX Chain’s value proposition taps into prevalent ideas about privacy and data ownershipThe project’s consensus mechanism, “Proof of Spacetime” uses an untested algorithm to guard against a 51% attack from bad actors. DX Chain has a bright future if it can gain the support of Trustlook’s clientele which include Huawei, Oppo and Qualcomm among othersCore team members are overly diversified in other projects, the co-founder Allen Zhang is still working at Trustlook
BlockCloudJUL 04 2018BlockCloud aims to create incentive-driven protocol for IoT services by using a Service-Centric Networking (SCN) architecture. $15,000,000885BullishBlockCloud's parent company, Oudmon, has over 30 signed partnership agreements in the IoT industryWeak roadmap: the testnet won’t be available until Q2 2019 - why are they holding the crowdsale so early?CloudBlock's parent company specialises in IoT devices and has generated approximately $15 million in annual revenueBlockCloud's 20% circulating supply is below average and raises concerns over price dumping
ViteJUN 30 2018high throughput, decentralized application platform using Direct Acyclic Graph (DAG) technologyTBA67TBANeutralBitmain, the mining consortium and ASIC mining chips maker is partnered with the project
JuraJUN 30 2018Blockchain ICO which uses Sharding, "Proof of Utility", AI and a novel "DAG-Lattice FUSUS Data Structure" as its value proposition.TBA76TBANeutralAdmin’s on their Telegram Group work for MW Partners, a successful private investment consortium The project’s white paper uses lots of buzzwords and acronyms to capture the investor’s imaginationOperates in the blockchain ICO category. This niche typically offers the greatest ROIUnconfirmed reports that the project's CEO is a well known scammer in China - However I could not verify this
OrigoJUN 30 2018privacy-centered platform for decentralised applications. Uses a “Zero Knowledge Proof System” which gives users on the Origo Network the option of concealing their transactions.TBA57.5TBABullishOrigo’s Testnet won’t be available until December 2018. Their Main won’t launch until Sept. 2019Appeals to financial institutions that want to hide important personal information - this is a boon for investorsRoadmap could be overtaken by more agile rivals and the team need to move faster if they are to compete in a saturated market.
PerlinJUN 26 2018 marketplace that accesses the under-utilized computing power of user’s devices which are then quantified and commodified by a “Proof of Computer Availability” mechanismTBA8.58TBABullishWas recently reviewed by the Crypto Briefing website which rated the project highly causing interest in the project to spikePerlin wants to disrupt the Cloud Computing market but its success, ultimately, hinges on user adoption by miners.
Celer NetworkJUN 26 2018 Off-chain scaling solution for blockchains. It is not a standalone blockchain but a generic networked system running on top of existing and future blockchainsTBA7.57TBANeutralthe investor community does not favour ICOs operating in the blockchain service niche when the market’s in a downtrend Transactions are processed privately, off-chain by only those involved which, to many, maybe tantamount to centralization
AnkRMAY 29 2018Wants to create a distributed cloud computing platform on its own blockchain. Tokens can be earned or mined by contributing computing power. $16,000,00077.57.5BullishToken Economics were not available/reviewed until after the video recordingAnkR is supported by NEO Global Capital, a successful blockchain investment fundAnkR use Software Guard Extensions. This limits hardware adoption to a specific set on Intel processors AnkR has organic awareness. Investors are noticing it without the need for kickbacks, airdrops, bounties or shillersAnkR’s vision doesn’t seem very unique. How are they going to provide mass adoption?
PhantasmaMAY 11 2018Wants to create a privacy centered content distribution system that protects content creators from centralized 3rd parties and unknown power brokers$10,000,0007.589Bullish1) Has backward compatibility with legacy technologies such as email. 2) strong City of Zion teamIncongruios branding:virtual machines, video streaming, digital commerce. But logo and marketing suggest email encryptionStrong roadmap with clear, definable goalsThe company's business model is too broad and wants to achieve too many things - just do one thing!
FantomMAY 1 2018open-source and permissionless DAG smart contract platform that supports 300k TPS$40,000,0008.565BullishToken Economics & Hype score updated since video due to change in metrics the Fantom platform are executed asynchronously with instant confirmation.No MVP - white paper idea, too much competitionFantom wants to improve the confirmation times of existing blockchain technologies using Direct Acyclic Graph smart contractsThe project is still in its infancy - their mainnet will not launch until Q3 2019
EdenChainMAR 11 2018Korean ICO that wants to create a full blockchain that uses IoT with an emphasis on p2p finance and loans$24,000,000477BullishNo MVP is a concern
MetronomeMAR 11 2018Cross-blockchain cryptocurrency that allows multiple payments to be sent in one settlement with payment subscriptions AUCTION795Bullish
EssentiaMAY 19 2018Connects centralized and decentralized applications into one workspace, with Google Cloud-like functionality. Users control their data with on-chain capabilities.$30,000,0007.56.55.5TBA*Too many tokens given to presale investors Has master nodes which guard against price dumping and decrease the platform’s circulating supplyThe majority tokens were sold at the presale, and the team have yet to announce the bonus metrics in full - what gives?Essentia is not reliant on legacy tech (phone numbers emails, centralized apps, etc). This gives it an edge over its rivalsEssentia’s CTO is anonymous. For a project that wants to be on everyone's lips, this is very odd.
ArWeaveMAY 19 2018data storage blockchain that uses a novel consensus mechanism for permanent on-chain information access, and retrieval. $8,7,000,000765*TBA*Token score downgraded from 7 to 5. Unlocked bonuses in private sale could cause price dumpArWeave has an MVP and their testnet has been operational for 7 months. The projects mainnet launch on June 8th. 1) Skewed token metrics - too many tokens have given to presale investors, 2) Bounty program - inflated Telegram numbers?APIs for ArWeave-based projects can be built in any programing languageYoung, academic team with zero business experience
Hero NodeMAY 11 2018Wants to create a platform service that integrates public blockchains into an ecosystem for Dapps using the power of fog computing31,000 ETH777*Bullishtoken metrics give in vieo were incorrect, hard cap is 31,000 ETH not $15mTheir Github activity shows progress reaching back to late 2016 with core repositories being updated frequently Fog computing has lots of applicability in fields that need advanced analytics - examples on their website where lackingHero Node has well known institutional investors on board such as FenBushi Capital, QTum, and StarWin Capitalinvestors can't tell the differece between fog computing and cloud computing: education should be part of their marketing
AkropolisMAY 11 2018Wants to create a platform for decentralized pensions on the blockchain using smart contracts$25,000,00047.54NeutralOffers a gateway for pension (asset) tokenization on-chainSaving for retirement does not fit into the the lambo paradigmpension plans are outdated and managed by separate entities which work against individuals who frequently switch jobs.Why would people use this service when they could pay a premium to VanGuard or Fidelity for peace of mind?
SparksterMAY 19 2018SaaS platform were smart contracts and Dapps are built without the use of coding skills. $30,000,0007.56.54.5NeutralIncreased hype score from 6 to 7.5 - token score modified from 3.5 to 4.5. Sparkster changed their presale metrics after videoClaims to have faster transaction speeds than Ethereum, Zilliqa and NEOToo much marketing in a very short timeframe - The Sparkster project wants to grow speculatively and not organicallyBeing shilled by people that have influence over the market. Hype grown significatly since video...According to their roadmap Sparkster has been in the making since 2014. However, their website and social media accounts contradict this.
NKNMAR 21 2018Internet protocol on the blockchain that functions independently from centralized data transmissions$9,600,000688.5NeutralData for Hype and Token score updated. No MVP is a concern
Block ColliderMAR 29 2018Multi-chain protocol that interconnects with different blockchains and merges them into one ecosystem$7,000,000668Neutral$7m hard cap points to lots of upward price movementweak MVP with WanChain, Icon, Fusion, OneLedger and Quant Network for rivalsTransaction mining is used to remove the centralizing effects of ASIC hardwarescam allegations relationg to their old SDK project - these claims have not been verified
MainframeMAR 11 2018Censorship resistant messaging network$21,500,000877Neutral
MerculetAPR 6 2018Wants to tokenize the attention of internet users - rewards users to share their data, driving adoption of the businesses' platform$14,700,000*597NeutralExcellent fundamentals, dislike the idea howeverWorld Class advisors and strong token economicslacklustre idea with a skewed business modelpartnered with MagicWindowTencent, Alibaba, Facebook
DMLMAR 29 2018machine learning protocol that harnesses the idle processing power of users’ devices for AI training and modelling$13,000,00047.57.5BullishThe team have collaborated and worked on MetaMask and DFinityTheir business model means little if they can't garner a strategy for app downlaodsGoes beyond its non-blockchain competitor by offering real time data to train algorithms Data harvesting scandal involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica
Open PlatformMAR 21 2018Wants to create an agnostic payment solution to intergrate cryptocurrencies into existing applications$30,000,0007.564NeutralHard cap is too high relative to the team's strengths
AtonomiMAR 21 2018Security protocol for devices connected to the internet - $25,000,0006.575NeutralWorking business model but weak on the marketing front
UniBrightAPR 4 2018Agnostic blockchain paltform for Small and Medium-Sized businesses$13,500,00056.58BullishDataDash has said he is working as a paid advisor - he shilled Substratum which did wellExisting German company with over 20 years experiance Their business model is designed to make enterprises re-buy tokensonchain MVP with a clientbase for onboarding existing smart contractsWants to grow in conjuction with new blockchains instead of engaging directly with them
PChainAPR 1 2018Wants to bridge Ethereum smart contract functionality with Bitcoin to provide greater scalability and throughput$25,000,000575NeutralNo MVP is a concernCEO is co-founder of ChinaLedgerTestnet not online for at least 7 monthspossible sidechain, cross-chain and sharding intergrationPChain is a fork of EtherMint. Is the code modified?
DAOStackAPR 15 2018Wants to create a framework that facilitates decentralized coordination$30,000,000474NeutralHard cap too highDoes for blockchain what Wordpress has done for the webThere is no evidence to confirm their partnerships with Endor, Gnosis or CULT.URDAOStack's acephalous business model will attract hipsters and those not in the know Why would Berkshire Hathaway or McDonald's adopt the benefits of the DAO? If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Libra CreditAPR 14 2018Medium of exchange for lending and borrowing - Users leverage their holdings as collateral for cash loans. $26,400,000384NeutralReached out to Scott Thompson, their advisor, on Twitter to confirm his role - took him 3 weeks to get back to me!On paper, the team have sufficent experiance in the requite industriesCould not confirm all team members - red flag?targeting institutional investors that want to rebalance their portfolios could be a win-winICOs in the financial category where the second worst performing of 2018
Quant NetworkAPR 14 2018Meta-protocol that facilitates the development of applications for communication between different blockchains57,000 ETH36.54NeutralUnsold tokens not mintedHas no working product or Testnet only "research" and "filed patents"enterprise and middleware applications are a boon for investors on the quest for the next unicornTeam have worked on Trudera - Trudera has a limited web presence so it is difficult to gauge what success the ICO may have
TracetoAPR 1 2018Wants to create a decentralized identity verification system for streamlining KYC procedures.$30,000,000485BullishHard cap too high buy token burn opens investment possibilityTraceto's parent company already offers Kyber Network and ICON KYC and AML proceduresSaturated market niche - Traceto needs the correct marketing to stand out from its rivalsGovernment regulation will increase demand for stricter KYC - Actions likely to bolster Traceto's product offeringGovernment oversight & regulation could void any niche advatages Traceto would have
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