Spokane Candidate Questionnaire Form (Responses)
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TimestampFirst and Last NameOffice Sought1.) Do you believe that global warming is happening?Is there anything additional you would like the voters to know regarding your thoughts on global warming?2.) Do you believe that global warming is caused mostly by human activities? Is there anything additional you would like the voters to know regarding your thoughts on the causes of global warming?3.) Are you concerned about global warming?Is there anything additional you would like the voters to know regarding your thoughts on global warming?4.) Do you support the city of Spokane in pursuing the 2018 ordinance (C-35668), which establishes the goal of 100% renewable electricity by 2030? Is there anything additional you would like the to know regarding your position on the 100% renewable electricity by 2030 ordinance? 5.) Do you intend to appoint an official Sustainability Action Committee as a part of the Sustainability Action Plan of Spokane as required by the 2018 climate ordinance (C-35668)? Is there anything additional you would like the voters to know regarding your position on the appointment of an official Sustainability Action Commission?
6/3/2019 19:51:51Jonathan BignleMayorYesI believe that global warming is happening. I do not believe humans are the primary cause although we are contributing. And, our contribution is much smaller than many advocacy groups or climate models will suggest.NoYesIf you continue to voice your concerns and demand cleaner technology from power companies, they will listen and transition.No, not at this time.100% renewable energy is a wonderful goal and I agree with the idea but I believe that it will be incredibly damaging to the economy of Spokane and most detrimental to lower income families and communities.No, not at this time.I do plan on having committees specifically tasked with finding ways to be greener. As a devout Christian, I believe God made the Earth gave us the task of stewarding it. I believe that to be good stewards we should actively be looking for ways to be greener as a community and population.
6/3/2019 23:14:56Doug SalterCity council distrct 1YesYesYesNo, not at this time.No, not at this time.
6/4/2019 19:25:48Breean BeggsCity of Spokane Council PresidentYesI led the charge to adopt ordinances that set goals to reduce greenhouse gases, to require 100% renewability of the electricity grid and to create plans for climate action and sustainability.YesI compost my food and yard waste and often commute by bicycle.YesYes, I do.I am working very hard to implement it.Yes, I do.When the Mayor refused, I led the effort to set up one anyway and currently lead it.
6/4/2019 21:42:15Louis lefebvreSpokane City Council District 1YesI do believe global warming is happening. Seeing the changes in the environment within a days drive is dramatic. Glacier National Park is losing the exact things which gave it the name. The places my parents were able to enjoy are not the same when I visit just 30 years later. YesThe ways humans cause global warming is not singular. It is the cars we drive to the food we eat. It is the bags we do not reuse at a grocery store to the trash left behind from BBQs. Being able to recognize that each day a difference can made is important for each of us to strive for. YesThe changes seen in pictures from 100 years ago are tough to ignore. What happens in 100 more years? While that is not yet answerable we can try to improve on what was done before us. I would like more information on this issue.District 1 residents are more susceptible to a change in cost than most others. My concern is that a switch would make the cost too much for some residents to burden. While I would love for everyone to have their own solar panels, I also understand that is not a feasible plan right now. The panels are able to pay for themselves in a given amount of many years but with the other struggles my neighbors face I would be concerned of adding another one on top of that. Yes, I do.Good stewardship of nature can be tied to residents of a community. People want to live in a place that is beautiful and healthy. Being an advocate for clean air, water, and soil is important for Spokane as we live so close to the environment.
6/4/2019 23:24:57Christopher SavageCity Council District#3 Pos.2I would like more information at this timeIs it Global warming or climate change? I'm more for climate change, sorry if it's a bit pedantic.YesI think most of the pollutants are coming from developing economies with massive populations, such as India and China. YesCan see effects of climate change, from personal observation of smoke coming into Spokane during the summer. Which comes from the wildfires raging in Vancouver, California, and now Grant county. Never used to be this way when I was younger, have lived in Spokane for over 25 years.I would like more information on this issue.I am behind 100% renewable energy, but only through well planned/well thought out programs that have a high probably of success so as to not waste the taxpayers money. If built/maintained correctly it can be a driving force for others to follow.I would like more information on this issue.If Ben Stuckart is behind it no. If another mayoral candidate yes. Don't trust Ben in creating an efficient commission. Didn't do much on the Clean Air Agency Board, and dumped his position on Kate Burke. That's not what a leader does.
6/5/2019 1:48:02Anthony KiepeCity Council District 2NoYesNoNo, not at this time.I have solar panels on my house and love that they reduce my utility bill and are better for environment. I do not feel that the government should force citizens to go to strictly green energy. If officials are going to force going green then they should set an example like I have.No, not at this time.
6/5/2019 7:52:13Karen StrattonSpokane City Council, District 3YesAccording to scientists, evidence of global warming includes:
A significant rise in the planets surface temperature
Warming oceans
Shrinking ice sheets
Decrease in snow cover
Rise in sea level
Record high temperatures
Locally, we have experienced record high temperatures, a decrease in snow cover, changes in air quality. This is enough for me to believe global warming is happening.
Yes97% of the scientific community say humans are responsible for global warming via the burning of fossil fuels, vehicle emissions, deforestation, etc. YesThe City of Spokane has adopted some sustainable practices in the areas of energy savings, water conservation, emission reductions, green space preservation and waste reduction, to name a few. Every community should do their part to reduce their impact on the environment and create programs that encourage environmental sustainability.Yes, I do.I voted in support of this ordinance which included setting up a sustainability action committee that will develop policies, make recommendations and define goals.Yes, I do.We have appointed an official Sustainability Action Committee. I participated in the selection process for membership.
6/5/2019 15:39:56Lori KinnearSpokane City Council District TwoYesWe need to act locally as well as nationally to address the problem. Small changes that we make can add up to benefits for our community. I co-sponsored the City's Sustainability Ordinance, Protection of Public Lands and Parks Ordinance and an Urban Forestry Ordinance update all designed to combat climate change.YesConserving one of are most precious resources, water, and encouraging multi modal transportation can go a long way to helping reduce our carbon footprint.YesWe are seeing the effects of climate change right now. It should be obvious to everyone that we need to act now.Yes, I do.I was one of the cosponsors of the ordinanceYes, I do.We have a coordinator in place and individuals who have signed up to participate. It is advisory, however, I believe this Council will rely heavily on the advice of this commission.
6/12/2019 19:31:00Ben StuckartMayor SpokaneYesHere are the issues I have led the effort and passed in the last 7+ years:
Led effort to ban City from purchasing products with PCB’s.
Led effort to ban City use of neonicitnoids.
Sponsored law to create a City purchasing preference for recycled products and materials.
Sponsored ordinance to waive City permit fees for solar energy systems and electric vehicle charging stations.
Sponsored the ordinance to divest City of Spokane funds from fossil fuel companies.
Led effort to ensure that each new vehicle the City purchases has better gas mileage than the vehicle it replaces.
Led effort to pass Urban Farming initiatives. More locally grown food helps the economy and increases community.
Sponsored the ordinance to create the City of Spokane’s Carbon Emissions Reduction Goals.
Led the passage of cottage housing laws to increase housing options and density in the City’s core.
Led the formation of the Spokane Food Policy Council.
Sponsored the ordinance to require all new and major renovations of City of Spokane buildings become LEED Certified.
YesYesMy belief in the scientific fact is why I have worked so hard the last 7 years on legislation above.Yes, I do.I sponsored the ordinanceYes, I do.The sustainability director will be a cabinet level position on day one
6/12/2019 23:05:56Naghmana SheraziSpokane City Council, District 1, Position 1YesThere is urgency and the need to act NOW, if we are to make changes that might perhaps begin to mitigate effects of global warming in our lifetime. Voters need to educate themselves on these issues, and also have the responsibility to elect officials who take these matters seriously - in recognizing the issues, agreeing on solutions and electing candidates who stay away from monetary contributions from big oil and corporations that support use of fossil fuel, for instance.YesExploitation and general disregard for sustainable harvesting is depleting resources at an alarming rate. Unless we take measures individually, within our homes and communities, on the national level, as well as with global alliances, and start working on effecting changes, we will hand over a planet to our children they would be unable to find solutions and fixes for. Single use plastics alone are wreaking havoc in our seas - we MUST look at our everyday habits and start from small measures. Things like recycling cans, bottles and plastic containers, using a re-usable metal straw, bringing grocery bags from home, composting and whenever possible, buying produce from local farmers' market etc. YesGlobal warming is happening right now. Our glaciers are melting, and our seas are warming. The increase of even a degree is devastating to the ecology - we are already seeing la-nina and el-nino phenomenon on a global scale. Severe weather is becoming a norm in areas we never heard about before, weather patterns are changing... there was research warning us about all these things, but we are living in these conditions today. I'm very concerned about the hottest summer predicted for this year in Alaska, for instance. This is going to be a huge concern for wildlife etc. Yes, I do.I am very pleased that Spokane (and the State of WA) is well on the way to being fossil fuel free energy consumer. AVISTA jumping on board in compliance of this law also bodes well for our proposed 2030 date for completion of conversion. We do however, have to keep the cost down, and budgeting will need to be looked at, so that the elderly and those with fixed/low incomes are not impacted negatively.Yes, I do.I believe we already have a committee, and I would like to be part of it to perpetuate and support its goals.
6/15/2019 14:57:42Doug SalterSpokane city council dist 1YesLook around the world temperature are changingYesThis has been going on for decadesYesIf we stay on this path it's only get worseNo, not at this time.
People in around spokane can't afford it but it would be a good thing
I would like more information on this issue.
I would like to get in to more read up on it