CRMF FAQ (Responses)
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9/8/2017Could I please get information about your 2018 festival?Information will be published here on, and is emailed to music directors who have participated in previous festivals.
10/18/2017How many pieces does a concert band have to play?Concert Bands should perform 3 contrasting pieces. One is required to be from the MusicFest Canada Syllabus, 2 are your own choice
11/2/2017What is the criteria for jazz combos?It's the same as Musicfest Nationals ( Rules and Regulations)
11/28/2017Form to send with Cheque? I did it online but don't have a printed form or email.Just send a cheque and we will match up
12/15/2017Where is the location of CRMF this year?Concert Band Weekend is located at Hillcrest High School and Jazz Band Weekend is located at Longfield Davidson Heights SS
1/2/2018Je veux assister aux performances (écouter comme spectateur) durant le festival. Où se déroule les activités? Where is located the festival? I want to assist, as a spectator, and listen to the music. In your website, I haven't seen any address.Concert Band Weekend is located at Hillcrest High School and Jazz Band Weekend is located at Longfield Davidson Heights SS
1/8/2018I am new to Ottawa and have just started an LTO. I was really wanting to register my Grade 8 concert band. Is there any possible way to register them? I am unsure of who to ask or contact. My email is shelby.wilton@ocdsb.caContact or our registrars for more information on registration
How many scores do I need to buy?All Concert Bands/Orchestras must provide three Conductor Scores of each non­syllabus performance selection; list piece scores will be provided. All Chamber Ensembles and Jazz Division groups must provide one score of each piece to be played. These are to be handed in at the Registration Desk at check in. PHOTOCOPIED SCORES WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY FESTIVAL STAFF, unless accompanied by a letter of permission from the publisher.
11/12/2018When is the first and last start time for each of the concert band days?Feb 20th - 23rd 2019
11/13/2018I would like to apply to the Teacher developpment program. Where is the registration form?A handy link to that information can be found on the front page of this website
12/17/2018Question: what are the times?Look for the SCHEDULE links on the front page of this website
2/5/2019 15:46:04How many bands are participating this year?
2/7/2019 19:14:34
If you are unable to attend the volunteer meeting, is it still possible to volunteer?
2/16/2019 16:27:58
Si je veux asssister comme spectatrice, dois-je me procurer des billets? Si oui, comment et à quel prix? Merci beaucoup!
2/21/2019 12:27:52
We attended the concert band event and I noticed it was being recorded. Will the video be posted somewhere so we can share with relatives that live far away?
3/6/2019 8:38:25We purchased a photo for Connor deLaplante but never received?